4 Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Link Building

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Link building is still as important as ever to business owners even though it’s a bit different today than it was in the recent past.

You used to be able to build any type of link and get an SEO benefit from them.

But now, with all the changes over the years, only the very best links have any real benefit to them.

These links are given a lot of weight by Google, and they also usually send traffic directly to your site.

The problem is that these links are much harder to get than the junk links that used to pass as “good link building.”

Because of that, conversion rates are much lower.

You might try to get 100 links and only end up getting a few of these high quality links.

At first, this seems like a bad thing, but I believe it is good for marketers (well, the smart ones anyway…).

Marketers who just want to spam junk links usually try this type of link building but give up when they see that they only get a few links from the same effort that used to bring them dozens.

Additionally, because it’s more difficult, the best marketers who optimize their promotional strategies are able to double or triple their conversion rates compared to average marketers.

In this post, I want to show you a few ways in which you can start optimizing your link building for better conversion rates.

I’m confident that you’ll walk away with at least one tactic that will significantly increase the number of links you get from your link building campaigns. 

The 2 main parts of a link building campaign

Before we can dive into the different ways you can boost your conversion rates, it’s important that you understand the different aspects of a campaign.

While every campaign is different, it generally has two main parts: your content and your promotion.

Improving either of these can lead to higher conversion rates even though most of the ways in this article focus on the promotional side.

Part #1 – Your content: Any type of content can be used in a link building campaign. Blog posts, tools, image galleries—you name it…

Basically, if it has some value and you want to get links to it, you can use it.

The reason why most conversion rate optimization tactics don’t focus on the content side of things is because the answer is usually to just “make it better.”

The more impressive your content is, the easier it is to convince people to link to it.

Part #2 – Promotion (email outreach): The other part of link building is your offsite work.

There are two types of links.

The links that anyone can build (think blog comments and web 2.0 sites). These links are okay at best.

The really great links are the ones you get from contacting people.

And while you can contact people through many channels, most of the tactics I’m going to touch upon involve email outreach, which is by far the most common.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Way #1 – Save the link for later

Can you write a good outreach email?

Let’s say you just wrote an absolutely epic blog post and you’re trying to get links to it by emailing other bloggers in your niche.

Can you:

  • Be polite?
  • Not come on too strong?
  • At least try to make it seem like you don’t just want a link?

These are three important parts of a good outreach email.

A few years ago, this was enough. If you politely and with good grammar asked for a link, you could get upwards of 10-20 links per 100 emails you sent out.

But now? It’s much lower. If you got 10 today with the same type of email, you’d be thrilled.

What happened?

Well, marketers started sharing the templates they used for their email outreach campaigns. Here’s an example from Backlinko:


The intent of sharing those emails is good because it helps marketers learn what good emails look like.

The problem is that too many marketers are lazy, and those lazy ones hurt the rest of us.

All of those marketers started copying, almost word for word, those different templates.

The end result is that bloggers and journalists today receive several (popular ones get hundreds) of similar emails a day asking for a link.

Most of these go straight into the recycle bin.

The signs of a bad outreach email: The bloggers or staff manning those busy inboxes look for a few telltale signs of templated fluff that make it obvious that it’s just a link request.

For example, they will look to see if there is any personalization.

If the first line of the email is:

I love reading your blog

That seems really fishy. Compare that to something like:

I loved your blog post on Facebook advertising. I finally got my first profitable campaign thanks to it!

It’s obvious that the email was written for that specific blogger.

The other main sign of a bad link request email is…a link:


If someone includes a link in an email to you (or a blogger), they usually want something from you.

People don’t like feeling used, rightfully, and will often delete any emails with a link in them if they have any suspicion at all.

The solution? Be different: If most marketers are sending their emails with links like that, do the opposite: don’t include any links in your first email.

The one reason you might be hesitant is that now you need to get a response first before you can even ask for a link.

Trust me, though, if you have something worth linking to, you’re going to get a reply.

Additionally, if someone won’t even reply to an email, do you think they’re going to go through the trouble of giving you a link? Rarely.

If you test this, you’ll find that your reply and overall link rate goes up significantly.

How do you actually do this?

It’s simple. If your normal outreach emails include a line like:

I just published a great guide on washing cats, here’s the link: (link)

Replace it with something like:

I know that you’re always writing about cats, and I did a little research on washing cats properly (I actually found a lesser-known technique that’s amazing).

Would you mind if I sent you a link to it and got your thoughts on it?

One big thing is that this forces you to frame it in terms of the benefits to the person you’re emailing.

And since your emails aren’t automatically being thrown in the trash, you’ll get a lot of responses that say “sure, send it over.”

That doesn’t guarantee a link, but if your content is great, you’ll get a very good conversion rate.

One final note is that you don’t even have to mention your content in the first email as long as you open a dialogue. Building a long-term relationship should be your goal here, not just getting one link.

Way #2 – Make it shorter

I told you about the marketers who basically copy templates.

Now I want to talk about the marketers who despise that and do everything they can to go the extra mile. You might be one of them.

I love this type of marketer, but they make a few common mistakes.

One is that they make their emails way too long.

If you’re emailing someone who gets hundreds of emails a day, they do not have time to spend 10 minutes reading a 2,000-word email. After all that work, your email will end up in the trash.

If you’re trying to cram in personal stories in order to “make a connection,” stop.

Instead, include only the most important point. If it’s really interesting, you’ll get a reply with an invitation to expand on it.

A good email should be under 200 words long. You’re looking for 4-6 sentences in most cases.

Way #3 – Stop asking for too much work

If someone comes up to you on the street and asks you to take a picture of them, most of the time you’ll probably agree to.

But if they asked you to do a full photoshoot for them for an hour, of course you’d never say yes.

The point here is that the more you ask for, the less likely you are to get it.

At some point in your conversation, you’ll have to ask for a link. But there are many different ways to do that.

Unfortunately, many link requests go like this:

Here’s the link to my content: (link).

I’d really appreciate it if you linked to it from anywhere on your site.

Do you see why this is really bad?

It’s asking for a lot of work.

First, the blogger needs to look at your content. There’s no way around that.

Next, they need to look up their old posts and find one that’s relevant to your topic.

Then, they need to find an appropriate space for your link in that post.

Unless you’re a really good friend, why would anyone say yes to this? That’s one reason why your conversion rate stinks.

Make it easy: You can instantly make your conversion rate go up by making it easier to link to you.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Provide a specific page on the blogger’s website, where a link to your content fits really well. Write any text that is needed so that their content still makes sense.
  2. If you’re promoting an infographic, offer to send them an embed code.
  3. Give them future post ideas that they can use (make them great) that would naturally include a link to your content.
  4. Offer to edit and improve an old post they wrote if they’ll allow you to include a link. Send them the finished HTML code so that they can just copy and paste it into the post.

These are just a few ways. If you think of any other ways to make their lives easier, do it.

Way #4 – Targeting is crucial for conversion rates

There’s one easy way to ensure that your conversion rate is 0%…

Send emails to the wrong people.

If you wrote about cat washing but tried to get links from home improvement bloggers, you’d, of course, get no links. But that’s obvious.

Most marketers make subtle mistakes with their targeting.

For example, common advice is to find bloggers to contact using tools such as BuzzSumo.

It’s not bad advice, but you need to keep your targeting in mind.

Let’s say you wrote a guide on social media marketing.

If you just type in “marketing,” you’ll get SEO bloggers, paid advertising bloggers, sales bloggers, and many more that aren’t social media marketing bloggers.


If you sent emails to 500 of these, you’d definitely get some responses and links.

However, most of them will simply delete your email because it’s clear that you don’t even know what they write about.

There are some exceptions where you might want to ask for a link from a blogger from a non-directly related niche, but you’ll need to be very clear explaining your reasoning to them.

If you want high conversion rates, you need a highly targeted list of people who can actually link to you.

Filter out the irrelevant contacts in your list—it’ll save you time and won’t make an impact on the number of links you get.


Unless you already have a site with tons of traffic, you’ll need to conduct ongoing link building campaigns.

Quite obviously, the better your conversion rate, the more traffic you’ll get as a result and the less time you’ll need to spend on your campaigns.

That’s why I shared these four ways of boosting your link building conversion rates.

If you implement all of them, it’s possible to achieve a conversion rate that is double or triple what the average marketer gets. That’s a huge difference in the short and long term.

I’d love to hear whether you’ve put any of these tactics into action and how they’ve worked for you. If you’ve had any problems, leave me a comment about those too, and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


  1. Lewis, DM Pilot Co-Founder :

    Great post Neil!

    I think ultimately it comes down to personalisation. If you send an email that is heavily targeted to the person you’re sending to then you can prove you put effort in and people, I find, will take you more seriously.

    • Hey,

      Another great post as always.

      I likw the emails outreach. Although I have not yet started email outreach. I am tried to contact influencers via twitter which works pretty awesome. I’ll try emails outreach in my next link building study.


    • The more clear you are, the easier everything else will be.

  2. Rintu Biswas :

    Neil, another helpful article.

    Thank you.

    How to build backlinks to a boring niche?

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  4. Chris Schwartze :

    So, I’ve tried a lot of these techniques and the backlinks are just not in my favor. Is this because other bloggers are afraid of other bloggers?

    • Hey Chris!

      I have been building white hat links for a couple years now and have sent thousands of emails trying to acquire links and I would be willing to bet that they aren’t afraid of other bloggers.

      From my experience, 100% of the time a link building outreach campaign fails its because:

      1) Your content sucks. This is the most common reason. Check out Neils post on creating awesome content: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing/

      2) Like Neil said, we targeted the wrong people in your outreach.

      3) Your first email was too spammy.

      4) The content you have is not relevant to the content you are trying to get a link from.

      Hope this helps dude! 🙂

      Be awesome!
      Keith Breseé

    • What do you mean they are not in your favor?

  5. This hit my email inbox at just the best time!

    I’d been checking out some other articles on outreach, including Brian Dean’s article you reference in the post.

    As with anything, it does come down to personalisation and not assuming that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will generate the links you want.

    Outreach is time consuming – VERY time consuming – but doing it right is what separates the top guys from the also-ran’s.

    Put in the time and you’ll reap the rewards.

    Thanks, Neil.

    • It is, but these relationships, like with anything in life, is what it all comes down to. Fortunately, the relationships you build can be utilized for other things, including future blog posts.

  6. Pedro Meneze :

    Great article. As always you are on the spot Neil. The outreach is changing and people have to adapt on this new world 🙂

  7. Aleric Stone :

    Targeting is definitely the best strategy. I have a very boring niche and have to think like the consumer and how and where they would look for information.

  8. Keith Breseé :

    Hey Neil!

    This is on spot with what we are getting with out link building campaigns.

    We save the link for the 2nd – 3rd email (sometimes later), and we offer to even mildly edit the content for them like you said.

    What are your thoughts on this line once we have shown them our content?….

    “If you wanted to add it to your site, I’d be happy to write a fitting paragraph to insert it inside this post: [Their link where we want a link]”?

    I havent looked at our precess in a month or so for targeting, so this post was a good reminder to make sure all our T’s are crossed. 🙂

    Thanks, Neil! =)

    Be awesome!

  9. Tauseef Alam :

    Hi Neil,

    That is awesome. I had never thought of reaching out to people this was for building links. I hope this will help me build some good quality links.

    Tauseef Alam

    • Keith Bresee :

      Hey Tauseef!

      Neil has a killer guide on link building here: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building/

      And here is an awesome post from Tim over at Ahrefs.com on making your emails more personal to help increase your conversions: https://ahrefs.com/blog/outreach/

      Hope this helps, dude! 🙂

      Be awesome!
      Keith Breseé

    • You’d be surprised at how well this actually works.

  10. Email outreach used to be good but these days most of the times it’s not the worth the money and time spent .

    But good points mentioned which might help in getting some good quality links..

    • Hmmm, I think it’s the opposite. It use to be harder, but it’s becoming a lot easier and more effective 🙂

  11. Link building is not at all easy now a days, but its like the survival of the fittest. It will help to elliminated all those bad backlink builders from the league. Ultimately this will turn out as a job of professionals.

    • It’s not easy, but there is a simple process as I’ve mentioned above. It’s all part of the new Hustle

    • Michael Mcdonald :

      “survival of the fittest” is a misnomer, an inaccurate virus of the mind (vmeme). The species that survive is the one that adapts and copulates the most 🙂
      Adapt and “hustle” as Neil puts it.

      • Exactly. People think of survival of the fittest in the sense of stepping over others to get what you want, thats not it at all.

  12. Hi,

    Can you please explain how this approach (below) benefits the recipient? If I got this email, I would feel like the sender just wants to pick my brain.

    “I know that you’re always writing about cats, and I did a little research on washing cats properly (I actually found a lesser-known technique that’s amazing).

    Would you mind if I sent you a link to it and got your thoughts on it?”

    • You’re helping them update their content so it stays relevant. You connect all the dots for them so it’s a simple decision for them to switch out the link to yours.

      • Oh, I see. Or they could just add a link to your page, and not take out an old one. You’re giving them content to link to, not content to post on their site. I was totally confused, I think I’m getting it now–it’s not about guest posting. Thanks!

  13. Hi Neil patel sir,
    I am agree with your all these steps because getting link is important that time so we need to try mostly all ways one by one .
    I never thinked about it and today shocked to see this important method of getting links by asking or commenting and something extraordinary .

    waiting for next guide.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Most people just use the publish and pray method, but the promotion or (outreach) is what it mostly comes down to.

  14. very useful information Neil I am learning a lot from you hope I can get some great links from Authority site. Thanks Neil

    • Try it out and see for yourself Salman 🙂

      If you get stuck or need feedback on anything you’re doing, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  15. Great post, appreciate tip number 1 especially, since I always personalize my outreach, but my conversion rate is probably being hurt by not passing the “No Link” filter

  16. Hey neil, if we made better link building.,and get pushes to 7-8th page of google. Why this happens so.?is that heavy backlink from a single is bad?

    • Not 100% sure, but it could mean the links you’re building aren’t passing value. Are you building links with sites that have authority?

  17. Great. Amazing updates . Thanks for sharing neil.

  18. Whatever we gathered information from the blogs, we should implement that in practically then only we can understand that exact thing clearly,But one thing

    I want more information about the targeting is crucial for conversion rates?

  19. Hi Neil,

    Once again a great post. I have a situation for you. Suppose I provide solutions on WordPress for (say) hoteliers regarding development of website. But then what will be my niche? Is it other bloggers proving web solution or hotel owners who are looking to build or upgrade website?

    Awaiting your reply.


  20. Coming directly to the way#3 where you mention that provide a specific page where your content fits well what I want to ask you is if I wrote an article and contacting to the webmaster and telling them about there broken link and asking them to replace that link with my newly develop content what should we do in this case Neil can you please guide me in this what is the best way to get link from that broken link page……

    • Send him an email letting him know that his link his broken and provide him with your article as an updated resource. Look at the template I provided, you can just modify a version of that.

      Also check this out https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/08/19/a-step-by-step-guide-to-modern-broken-link-building/

      • Thanks Neil for the link of course I will definitely amend the template you provided as you also mention that many marketers use same outreach templates which don’t look good BTW did you got a chance to visit my newly develop website and share your thoughts on it or any suggestion from your side as its right now not live and I am still working on it on different aspects like page speed, CDN, SSL and some other important factors before it goes live so your words really matter for any new marketer in the industry.

        • I did, I think it looks great. How is it performing?

          • Thanks to checking it right now its not live I set nofollow noindex tags as I mention I want to implement SSL and CDN after that I will live this website so according to you its look great I am happy to hear this from you and I am also making content marketing strategy for this blog as I don’t have much budget for it so I opt Brian strategy of posting One piece of content in a month but that will be in depth and well research content and put most of the time in promotion what do you say on this is it right for a website which is new in the marketing industry and competing some big players on Google top spots.

            • Nice, make sure you spend a good portion of your time promoting the content as that will determine how far your reach will truly go.

  21. Richard Kearsey :

    Hello Neil,

    Great Tips to learn about something new as I’ve not tried outreach before not because I’m opposed to it but I don’t know how to do it.As we know after penguin 2.0 the way of link building become more tougher.Thanks for the article great work sharing with people by your killer strategy.

    • Tougher yes, but the focus is on quality. Ultimately they’re doing things that reduce spam, so instead of resisting, we can focus on creating better content 🙂

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  23. Manidipa Bhaumik :

    Hey Neil,

    No doubt, Link building is and always will be one of the most important aspect of SEO. And to maximize the conversions through links, it is indeed an essential part to prepare a great outreach mail. Though we may always prepare some good linkable content but until and unless we convince the blog owners to link it, the effort is actually half done.

    Thank you so much for the actionable tips. Take care and have a great day ahead 🙂

  24. Very useful information Neil I am learning a lot from you hope I can get some great links from Authority site. Thanks Neil , Keep doing the awesome job!

  25. No doubt, Link building is and always will be one of the most important aspect of SEO. And to maximize the conversions through links, it is indeed an essential part to prepare a great outreach mail. Though we may always prepare some good linkable content but until and unless we convince the blog owners to link it, the effort is actually half done.

    Thank you so much for the actionable tips. Take care and have a great day ahead 🙂

    • Well said softalien. There are many components to that strategy that can be tested an optimized in efforts to produce the results you want.

  26. Hi Neil,

    Informative post indeed, You have shared some best methods to boost the conversion rates of link building. I hope the ways you have mentioned will help me out to build some quality links.

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    Hi Neil
    Thank you for sharing your best ides to boost the conversion of link building. It is known that Link building is a continuous process of SEO. Therefore, natural links are juice to boost your page ranking on search engine.

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    • It happens automatically. But I wouldn’t worry about that, focus on creating a quality blog that provides people with value

  29. In past, Link building was quite different. We were easily able to find dofollow blogs. But now, the era has changed. It is quite difficult now but yes, if you are innovative, its still easy. Thanks for sharing the email outreach way.

    • Survival of the fittest… must adapt to the changes. When you do, it’ll actually become easier for you to get results

  30. Hey Neil–I saw a slideshare by Anum Hussain. It mentioned the 10x video by Rand Fishkin…On slide 20 she states “We found that the more links we included on a page pointing to related, external content, the higher we ranked.”…

    I know this is true, because sometimes you have as much as 1,000 links to other leaders like moz and backlinko in one single post 😀 (Ok maybe 10-20)…So I know it as fact because you do it that way.

    Here´s the question I hope you can answer:

    ¿When my visitor clics on that related external link, reads there a bit, then comes back–Does that whole time still count towards “avg. session duration” as long as he doesn´t clic the X? I´m thinking yes, but you know us inferiors (to you), we need validation 🙂

  31. Hemang Rindani :

    Link building is one of the best way to get reference traffic, however it is important to identify right sources to submit the links. Make sure you go through the SEO criteria before submitting the links. If your company is using enterprise web content management services like Sitefinity CMS, WordPress or Similar solutions, you can ensure that your On-page activities are sufficiently deployed. Website act as landing page to the links submitted and thus it is important to have an attractive and user friendly websites.
    Targeting right set of audience is the key to content marketing / link building, and thus make sure that the sites you select has the required audience.

    • The more targeted your marketing efforts are, the better results you’ll get. Too many people try to go after everything and wind up with nothing. Focus your efforts and stick with it.

  32. Great stuff, Neil. I’ll be trying your method soon. Thank you for sharing with all of us 🙂

  33. Abhishek Kalra :

    WOW! Great pos. Link Building will always remain the unbeatable way to generate organic traffic. All the tips you shared regarding sending emails to bloggers will surely help in increasing conversion rates of link building strategies. I learned a lot from this post.
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    • It’s one of THE most important factors. Just remember that not all links are equal. Pay attention to authority, anchor text, and the number of links that are pointed to your site

  34. Transport George :

    Thanks for sharing this tip. Building quality backlinks take time but worth all the effort.

  35. Email Outreach is getting more popularity. Will try my hands on it. Between, Found BuzzSumo quite promising.

  36. Manish yadav :

    Hi Neil this is really an awesome piece of content, well to be frank i never copied the email templates i knew that many marketers use the same template again and again. But today i learned one most important thing is to keep it short and interesting. My email’s are too big i ll try to make it short. One question Neil i have send around 100 broken link emails in my niche but only 2 responded. Link building is really tough

    • Yes, it is, that’s why most people quit. Getting 2 out of 100 isn’t bad, it just means you need to work on optimizing your outreach email.

      Test out a few different variations… maybe create 4 variations for every 25 emails you send out. Measure, refine, optimize.

  37. Getting backlinks has been my weakest link. Some of my websites and software products just bellied up because of this.
    I will be taking your advise and apply it.
    Also wanted to let you know that, I have just started a blog taking inspiration from industry leaders like you. And I’m sharing “Aha! to Oh shit!” of making it 🙂
    Thanks Neil. Keep us enlightened.

    • It’s like that for most people Steve, but that’s because they aren’t aware of the proper strategies and techniques.

      That’s great! Keep me posted on your progress

  38. Jaydip Parikh :

    Best part of this blog post is that you have mention point email outreach and very next point is keep it short. 🙂 It’s really epic. It’s very much required a thing to do as well. One more great post from Neil. Loved this.

  39. Like always fresh interesting topic… I respect the way you cover a topic which your blog lovers waiting for… Email outreach is really gonna very effective just need to do it in the right way because due to some mistake we do not get any revert but now all those are highlighted by you, so next time we do not repeat it again !!! hope it will work great :))

    Anyway, Thankyou Neil 🙂 keep Rocking…

    • It’s definitely one of the most under utilized methods for link building out there, but can bring fantastic results.

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    • Perfect, glad to hear it. This should help double if not triple your productivity and effectiveness. Keep me posted!

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    Please note that we have tried to get such link through outreach e-mails, but didn’t get much success. However, we will try to get it 🙂

    • It’s hard at first, but keep going and optimize your emails based on the responses (or no responses) you get.

  44. Great Article Master Neil!

    Conversion also depends on nature of services and products. Your post helps us a lot.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  45. I’ve stuck to broken link building over the past six months. Including links in the initial email IF done right.

    In my first email, I go straight to the point. I tell them the link that doesn’t work, where it can be found AND if they want to include my resource, they can.

    I actually do quite well with this.. about 7-8% conversion rate.

    Of course, like you said, you have to make sure you target and have a good resource. I get so many emails that want me to email to some 300 word piece of crap guide or better yet, the other day, I had a “fake” doctor asking if I could link to their medical website with Adsense plastered all over it.

    • Wow, those are great rates!

      Yah it just takes effort, but once you find your rhythm, you’ll be building links in no time.

  46. Hi Neil

    I am the regular reader of your blog as well i read all your courses impressed.
    your blog is really informative and useful

    i just want to know how much backlinks i have to make in a day?

    Ashish kumar

  47. Neil,
    First, I apologize for my newbie questions on email outreach. I have done in the past ‘a bit’ sporadically with 0% conversion.

    My questions are:
    1. Who should I contact? If I contact blog of same domain, wouldn’t it be like contacting a competition?
    2. What should be an appropriate subject line?
    3. What is the value add the linker would get by linking to my content. Basically, why would they do that, except just being nice?

    • Steve, read this article first https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/

      Then let me know what questions you still have 🙂

      • Awesome! Thank you so much for responding to my questions.
        I have downloaded the worksheet. Great info. However, I think ahrefs in the reference seems not to have free trial, may be I need to check opensiteexplorer.

        Once again, thanks a bunch.

  48. Hello Neil Patel Building Link is the Hardest Job, even anyone have more experience in link-building then also it requires hardwork, smart work. it’s not easy to get link building.

    • No it’s not easy, but it is a simple process. Success with link building is the sum of small habits (like outreach) repeated day in and day out.

  49. Joe from BrainHive.de :

    Hi Neil, thx for these insights. I’ve long been trying to train a VA for good outreach, all I really gotta do is collect your posts (shame you don’t seem to have like a sitemap type categorized overview of ALL the stuff you wrote in the what, like 5y you’ve been around) on a given topic.

    If you got any further intel for ol’ Joe here on how to automatize and reduce the pain of great outreach, let me know. I figure outreach can’t be a job more important, but really? it’s so. much. work!!

    Cheers & here’s to your continued success
    Joe from BrainHive.de

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    Please note that we have tried to get such link through outreach e-mails, but didn’t get much success. However, we will try to get it 🙂

    • Check out this post https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/ for some additional help

  51. link building create is very hard word. then 50-60 backlink every months so ur website pr ranking high then depend upone the backlink

    • Yes, it’s hard work, not easy. Depending on the authority level Jacob, it can be a lot less and more effective.

  52. Thanks for this post. I will try as much as possible to work on all these. I won’t give up on my blog’s, no matter how tough.

  53. Hi Neil,

    I love this part of blogging and glad it is all the rage nowadays, I am a chatterbox, people who know me probably wish I would shut up lol.

    I think as well as email outreach you can use Facebook, Twitter, and G+ as well, I have had success here.

    I used to always send the link but would never ask for anything in the first email, more just like I was sharing with people. I am however going to try now without the link and see responses.


    PS. I actually linked to you Neil in my most recent post 🙂

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    Amazing ways to boost conversion rates of link building. This is something new for all marketers.

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  56. Link building is still as important as ever to business owners even though it’s a bit different today than it was in the recent past.

  57. Great post! I’ve lost track of how many times you have helped me neil lol

  58. Definitely really hard for bigger bloggers to see the email, it would be great to send to the medium ones.

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    Very nice post.. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

  60. Totally agree with you, the conversion rate of outreach e-mails is getting lower each year. Glad I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂

    Interesting though, even if you try to offer something to the site owner (found broken links or hacked pages), the conversion rate is not much higher.

    • You’ll just need to come up with a more creative approach as it becomes more and more challenging

  61. You’re awesome sir. I just want to know that do sites like Ahrefs, seoprofiler, etc. are required to rank posts because many people are using it?

    • I think there are definitely a lot of people using these tool these days, but not as many as you’d think around the entire world.

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    Thanks for sharing this article!!

  63. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the post.

    Two questions:

    1. Do you use some tool to send mails or you send it manually – probably educated people you hired?

    2. What is the lowest acceptable conversion rate, good conversion rate and wonderful conversion rate?

    3. Which tools do you use to find an email? There are lots of sites without email address.


    • Actually three questions.

    • 1. I use marketing systems like awebber, infusionsoft, or ontraport.
      2. It really depends, obviously you want the highest rate possible, be even something low can be improved upon
      3. I use bounceexchange, but you can use tools like optinmonster.com

      • Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it. I sent about 35 emails yesterday and here are my results:

        – One link with Domain Authority 55 and Page Authority ~45 (I don’t remember the PA number exactly but it’s something between 40 and 50)
        – One website’s editor told me that he bookmarked my link so he’ll use it in the future post as a reference
        – One .edu webmaster told me he will link the page but still nothing so I’ll contact him again if he doesn’t link in the next 15 days

        I think this is a really good way to boost my ranking, we’ll see.

        However, I think you didn’t understand my third question. I mean – there are lots of blogs with a good DA and PA but it’s difficult to find contact information in order to contact the blogger. I tried with the tool called emailhunter.co, but I’m wondering if there is something better. Thanks.

        • That’s great Nedim! Yah it may take a few follow ups to motivate someone into action, but it sounds like you have momentum

  64. Really great email marketing tip to follow. I never use email marketing before.
    This article concludes me with short mail and no link in it for first mail and will be giving it a try to make backlinks for my blog.
    And meantime saved the mail template you wrote too 🙂

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