How to Leverage Q&A Sites to Generate Traffic


There are many types of sites with which you can generate traffic.

But there’s one in particular that is great for small, and even some medium, sized sites:

question and answer sites (Q&A).

These sites consist solely of users asking questions and other users answering those questions.

Because they are “natural” questions, they contain long tail keywords in most cases.

Because of that, these sites quickly amass search engine traffic in addition to their regular user base traffic.

There are hundreds of Q&A sites out there, but for this post, I’m going to focus on two of the biggest: Quora and Stack Exchange

Yahoo Answers is also large, but it’s not friendly to marketers (links often get deleted), and I find that the quality of the questions and answers is low.

You’ve probably at least heard of or seen Quora by now. It’s about the 140th biggest site in the world:


It covers just about every topic imaginable.

Stack Exchange, on the other hand, has separate mini-Q&A sites for many different topics (mainly related to technology and education).

Like with every traffic generation method, you need a strategy when using these sites.

That’s what I’ll be giving you here: a step-by-step plan to capitalizing on these question and answer sites.

While I’m going to focus on those two here, this strategy will work for just about any Q&A site. So, if you can find a niche-specific Q&A site, you’re set.

Which businesses should drive traffic from Q&A sites? Before we get started, you need to figure out whether these types of sites can work for you.

While you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website (thousands a month), you’ll be hard-pressed to ever generate truly huge amounts of traffic.

That means that this strategy is best for sites that only get a few thousand visitors a month. To them, this new traffic source will make a big difference.

If that sounds like you, let’s get started.

Step 1: Identify topics, categories, and search phrases

First, know that you won’t be answering the first questions you see—that would be a waste of your time.

Everything you do on these Q&A sites should be to maximize your visitors/time spent ratio.

If you’re answering questions no one cares about, you won’t get many visitors, and that ratio is going to suck.

The ideal questions to answer have a few common factors:

  • They’re not very old – on Quora, the best questions aren’t more than a few hours old. The older the question is, the more other answers you will be competing against.
  • They have a relatively high number of views – if they get more views than other questions, many people must be interested.
  • They have a low number of other answers – the more answers there are, the more likely your answer will get buried at the bottom.

There’s one attribute that ties the 2nd and 3rd factors together.

If many people are interested in a question, why aren’t there many answers?

Because the question is difficult to answer.

It’s important to understand this because you will be tempted to dodge these questions, thinking it’s easier to do a quick answer to a simple question.

But simple questions get tons of answers.

Expect to put some serious work into your answers to these difficult questions. It might take you 15-30 minutes sometimes to answer them, but if you get a few hundred visitors (or thousand), it can be worth it.

I’ll walk you through the steps of finding these questions on both sites.

Finding great questions on Quora: To start, go to your profile. There will be a section called “knows about,” where you can describe your areas of expertise.

In the text area, start typing major keywords (e.g., “marketing”, “SEO”, “jewelry”, etc.) that reflect your niche.


Quora will suggest relevant and popular topics. Choose them, and press “add.”

The more topics you add, the more potential questions there will be to answer, but keep the topics relevant.

Once you’ve done that, click the “Answer” link on the top toolbar.


That generates a list of questions that fit the topics you just chose.

The annoying part about Quora is that you can’t sort the questions.

By default (the only option), the questions are sorted based on an algorithm that considers the posting date and the number of other comments and views.


Your only real option is to scroll through them.

Take a look at the above picture to see what information is available for each question.

As you can see, it’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. For each question, we can determine:

  • the number of answers
  • when the question was asked
  • the number of people following

You can find more useful data inside each question. If you click on any of those titles to go to the question page (with all the answers), you’ll see a “Question Stats” box in the right sidebar.


That box will show you the most important stat we’re looking for: views.

Typically, the views will correspond to the number of followers, but not always, so you should check both.

Now that you know what we’re looking for and where to find it, you just need an efficient process to identify which questions are good.

Here’s a good start:

  • screen out questions that were asked over a day ago
  • screen out questions that have zero followers or fewer than 100 views (this does not apply to very recent questions, of course)
  • screen out questions that already have over 10 answers (you could go lower)

This will leave you with a few good questions to answer. These questions will:

  • be recent
  • have a good amount of interest
  • have little competition (more on this later)

Most Q&A sites are similar: Some Q&A sites, like Stack Exchange, are easier to use for this purpose.

Like I said before, Stack Exchange consists of a ton of mini-Q&A sites divided by topic.

You can find one that’s relevant to your niche using the dropdown menu at the top:


All sites on Stack Exchange can be sorted by tags.


If you click on a tag, you’ll get a list of questions that have been marked with that tag.

That’s not very different from the process we used above. However, you now have the ability to sort these questions by a few different filters:


You can see the filters on the top menu above.

Additionally, Stack Exchange sites show you the number of views right on this page.

You should mainly use the “votes,” “newest,” and “unanswered” filters.


The “votes” filter will sort all posts with your tags according to the number of votes those posts received (indicating interest).

If you see a post with thousands of views but very few answers, you may want to add one. Even if a post is old, it’s likely still getting views from search traffic if it’s this popular.

You’ll want to spend most of your time sorting by “newest.”

You can either jump on questions with no answers yet that you think might get more popular or stick to questions that are a few hours old that already have a good number of views.

It depends on how much time you have available to answer questions.

Step 2: Here’s how to structure answers for maximum effectiveness

Now that you know how to find good questions to answer, the hard work begins.

On most Q&A sites, including Quora and Stack Exchange, answers are ordered by the number of “upvotes” you get.

In theory, the best answer should rise to the top.

This means that your answers have to be the best.

However, you also want to be able to drive traffic to your website.

There are three main methods to do this, but they all hinge on one key criterion of question selection:

Only answer questions related to content you’ve already written about.

Otherwise, there won’t be a natural way to drive traffic back to your site.

Method 1 – A brief answer with a link to a post: Once in awhile, you’ll get lucky and come across a question that you’ve addressed almost perfectly in a past post.

For example, when someone on Quora asked whether content marketing was effective and whether it was worth spending time on over SEO, I had to answer it.

I already had a post that answered this question exactly.


That made my answer simple but credible.

I did provide a brief answer, but I was able to point the person asking the question to a more detailed answer.

In cases like these, your link will fit the situation perfectly, and it won’t seem like you’re trying to jam it in there.

Method 2 – Reference posts in your answer: Most of the time, questions will be on related to your past content issues.

In this case, you’ll have to provide a detailed answer on Quora itself.

It takes a lot more work, but if it gets you a few thousand views, it’s worth it.

As far as the linking goes, just put in 1-3 links to your closely related content whenever it makes sense. You won’t get an amazing click-through rate, but you’ll still drive a good amount of traffic.

Here’s an example of an answer by Eli Rubel, where he cleverly slipped in a link to a blog post about measuring results:


Method 3 – Recommend your product directly: You need to be careful not to spam these sites with promotional links and answers, but if you sell a product, you’ll occasionally get the chance to recommend it directly.

The key is to do it in a transparent and authentic way.

Start with a disclaimer saying who you are. Here’s an example answer:


The key thing to keep in mind is that your answer still has to be valuable if you want it to get upvoted.

So, if someone asks for a product that lets them do “x, y, z,” make sure you explain in great detail all the ways your product helps them accomplish those tasks.

Point out honestly where your product is strong as well as where it’s weak because readers will appreciate it.

While these questions don’t typically get as many views as others, they can lead directly to sales, which makes them much more valuable.

Step 3: Track and modify your approach

The final thing you need to do is track your results to determine whether answering questions is worth your time.

Overall, this is a simple 2-step process.

Fair warning: your first 5-10 answers probably won’t do very well. You’ll quickly learn what does and doesn’t work on the Q&A site you chose to start with.

Track (1) the time you spend on each answer and (2) the number of visitors you get from that time (even better—conversions).

You can track views directly on the Q&A site, but views to your actual website are more important.

In Google Analytics, go to “Acquisition > Overview > All Traffic > Referrals” in the left side bar:


You’ll get a list of all the different sites that referred visitors to your site, hopefully including your Q&A site:


Next, you can click on that site in particular, and you’ll see a list of the pages that it sent traffic to:


Give each post at least a week to see what kind of traffic it is driving (both immediately and on a consistent basis).

Once you have a sample size of at least 20-30 questions, you have enough information to determine whether using Q&A sites is an effective traffic generation strategy for your business.

It usually will be if you’re good at picking questions and getting top answers, but in some industries it will be harder than others. That’s why you need to measure and evaluate your results.


Q&A sites present a huge opportunity for marketers looking to grow smaller sites—even if using them isn’t scalable.

I’ve shown you a simple but effective 3-step process that works on almost any Q&A site.

If you’re still with me at this point, chances are that one (or more) Q&A site might be a great traffic driver for your business.

Start by using this process to answer at least 20 questions, and adjust the process from there if needed.

If you still have questions about how to drive traffic using Q&A sites, now is the time to ask. Leave your questions below in a comment, and I’ll try to answer them.


  1. Analida's Ethnic Spoon :

    Hi Neil, I recently started leaving answers to ethnic food related with questions on Quora and I am seeing some traffic. Example: What is sofrito and how do I make it? What are ingredients in Latin foods? Great post!

  2. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for your email. I just got your email and came on here. I never miss your emails. Its a great thing and i appreciate your work.

    You are right about Yahoo answers this is why i never do this. I use Quora but i never used Stock exchange.

    If you can suggest me on how to get quality traffic for IT companies website then that would be great support.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Have a nice day Neil 🙂


    • I think those 2 will be your best bet for IT companies, especially stack exchange. Let me know how these techniques work out.

  3. Alan O'Rourke :

    I love this tactic and it is a required part of my promotion for every piece of content I write.
    I always try to answer the questions as fully as possible in Quora but highlight that my answer is part of a bigger article or resource back on my site.
    I have an answer on Stack Exchange from 4 years ago that still features in my top referrers for one of my websites.


  4. Pankaj Dhawan :

    Hi Neil,

    I recently joined Quora because it is mentioned in many websites for SEO purposes that we can leverage its traffic but I wasn’t sure how to do it in effective way. Your post is eye-opener really. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

    • It just comes to show you that just a little bit of time spent everyday can lead to big results 30, 60, 90 days and more from now.

  5. You read in my mind, Neil. I just started doing this few weeks ago, and I’m glad that I’ve been on the right track. I’ve been doing it on Quora, which is a great platform. I didn’t know about StackExchange. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Nice, have you been noticing any improvements and gains in traffic?

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Quora is undoubtedly one of the best sources online.

        I’m an active user on Quora, it not only helps me connect with the influencers in all fields but also hone my writing skills.

        Great share Neil!

        • Nice! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Lots of great benefits and it doesn’t have to take up much time to develop.

      • Maureen Shepherd :

        Thanks Neil your advice on using Q&A sites was really useful.I been answering questions on Quora for the past month and have had 371 views as well as getting requests by viewers to answer their questions. Thanks for some good sound advice that will help me in starting my blog.

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  7. Hi Neil, Great post again! I have used Quora before and it was great to use it. But did not give a shot to Stack Exchange yet,

    I have to check it out then I will share my experience with you.


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    I ignored potential of Quara and stackexchange but now, will start it again by following these tips

    btw, I have also started QA section on my small Finance blog 🙂

    let me know your views. 🙂

    • Hopefully this inspires you to go at it again 😉

      Nice, how has your QA section been working out for you so far?

  9. Hi Neil,

    great post as always. I was actually thinking of this strategy the other day and my challenge is that our product is a new category so we need to create awareness of the issue. Do you have any hints how to engage people that are likely to be interested but are not really looking for a solution?

    Thanks a ton.


    • I just looked at your website and it seems like there are plenty of areas you can focus on. Each one of those apps, ex. mailchimp has tons of questions about billing and costs.

  10. As you suggest in this post, a key aspect of producing results on Quora is time management. Here’s an example: The last time I was on the site, I wasted 15 minutes responding to a question that basically said, “Why do most countries require kids to go to school until a certain age, but they don’t make it mandatory for adults to work?” It was a thought-provoking question and I couldn’t resist offering my opinion, but obviously it has nothing to do with the theme of my blog, which is self employment ideas. So, for Q&A sites to be a productive traffic generating method, you have to stay focused and not allow yourself to be sidetracked!

    • Yes, good point lol

      Focus on your intent to accomplish a goal that you give yourself.

      ex. I will answer 5 questions about xyz

  11. Rohit Shitole :

    Great article Neil.
    I tried this tactic on yahoo answers, but using quora will be better option.
    I thought about this a week ago, you wrote this article at perfect time 😉 hehe
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    I’m using Quora and other blog site for question and answer but they don’t benefit me much. Last time, someone in comment mentioned that Quora has removed referal codes from there codes, so our analytic wont tell us about the traffic that come from Quora. But good to see it here, it will help me to find more better section in Quora to use it correct and take benefits.

  13. Do you know whether it has a cumulative effect as well? I’ve noticed that you can become a “most viewed writer” for different categories. Have you noticed whether that impacts any of the Quora stuff you mentioned?

    • Usually it would be mean that you’re getting a consistent flow of traffic to your site, assuming you’re promoting one.

  14. Jack Houweling :

    Thanks Neil, I never know where to start but this will help for beginners like me.

  15. Hello, Neil, we are thinking in the same direction, I just published a guide how to use Quora last Friday – and today received an update basically on the same topic from you, and in my editorial plan I have also scheduled a post about Stackexchange.
    Also I see that you’ve used Cara Tarbaj GA screenshots and her approach to track Quora, I love how Wishpond is using Quora and also linked to her article in my post.

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  17. Hi Neil,
    You had one on Reddit earlier, and I was waiting for this . A week back I started on Quora, and I tried multiple things (long form, short form, links, no links, media etc.) with the first 14 questions posted till now, and have decided to have a mixed strategy – target some new questions and some very old (and popular, of course). In the first 14 questions, I tried 500+ word answers with useful links, media etc. in old questions with 50+ answers, and could rank right at the top. Advantage with old, popular questions is that they attract lot of views.

    I’ll update you how this strategy goes. Thanks for a great post, as always.

    • Sounds like an interesting strategy. Was it working at all?

      Let me know how it works out and keep me posted on your progress.

      • It has worked in my experiment of answering 14 questions, playing with different variables. Out of these, I’ve responded to two old, popular questions (20+ and 50+ answers), and in both my answer is right at the top. After testing different ways (for example, starting with stories) now I’ll scale this up. I’ll update you about this once I do sizable no. of questions.

        I’m also analyzing popular answers and could see few common themes. Will update you.

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    I have always used Quora. I really did not have a clear picture of what I was doing with it but with this post, I think I can not leavrage it to drive consistent traffic to my site. Thanks for this post,Neil. Always on top of your game. I’ll love to be like you when I grow up.

  19. Brendan Martin @ Gravitii :

    Quora’s inability to sort questions is quite annoying, but I have seen some good traffic come from a few questions.

    Having already written blog posts to reference in the answer is a great way to go.

    You could even use Quora to come up with blog post ideas. Just find the ones with the most views and followers, write the “answer” as a blog post on your site, then go back to the question and summarize what you just wrote, leaving a nice backlink to your in depth post.

    • Good point Brendan. There is a ton of opportunity for content ideas within quora. By interlinking the comments, answers, and supporting blog posts, you ultimately strengthening your foundation and online presence.

  20. Hi Neil,

    First of all I would like to thank you for such valuable content. This is my first visit on your site and I found it so great.
    It seems you have read my mind. I want to know whether or not we can get consistent traffic on our website from Quora if we ask some questions that are very relevant and trending among people with some links? Actually I have been using this strategy since past one year and getting traffic also but not that amount.
    My only query is to know how much we can depend on Q/A sites?

    Thanks in Advance

    • You don’t want to depend on Q/A sites alone, consider them each to be a traffic source, a pathway from one environment to yours. You’re guiding people into your world

  21. Hello Neil

    yes Quora (Question and answers) is the best and very famous website to share your views and get perfect answers to your query . I solved many issues and Quora users solve my queries very easily.

  22. Thanks Neil for the post! I also use Quora and saw some success with it.

    • Nice, will be continue using it? If you have any questions or ever get stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    depend on the questions, sometimes I could get a decent amount of traffic, and sales on the same time.

    Great article as always, thank you Neil

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    nice information but how to generate traffic with the use of forum posting

  25. Hi Neil, just wanted to say that yes Quora is an underrated source of traffic. But it can also be a huge one specially when your answers to Quora Digest. And thank you for some of those tips too 🙂

    • It’s true, for most marketers, getting traffic from a q&a site doesn’t even come to mind. It’s not as sexy, but it works!

  26. AMIT N PATEL :

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for this post. Like all your other posts you provide very detailed information on all the subject you write about. One thing I am learning from you is focus 90% on content and 10% on link building.

    When I first started building my website, I focused my energies on Quora. And I had stumbled across this site through a google search. I was trying to find out what are the questions people have. It was very exciting to answer and also get some traffic. But I stopped doing it as I felt it was a lot of work.

    What I have come to realise though is that we need to make each small bit a part of our strategy. Instead of focusing on building link on one platform think of spreading out.

    So I am again adding Quora and the likes to my strategy of link building.

    Thank you again for your post and all you are doing to help us in generating good traffic to our websites.

    Amit Patel

    • You also want to set aside time (a lot) for marketing and promotion. This will tie in with your linking build methods at the same time. The better, resourceful content you produce, it easier it’ll be for you to get links from high authority sites.

      Let me know how Quora works out for you.

  27. Leonid S. Knyshov :

    This post could benefit from a link to

    Answers must be helpful and few people know what that means until Quora moderators take action. Quora is a _heavily_ moderated site that explicitly permits properly disclosed commercial content, as defined in the affiliation disclosure policy, but will delete unhelpful answers. I personally know some of its moderators and I also know when they take action against misguided content marketers. You used the word “disclaimer”, but it really should be “disclosure”. Please make a note of that for your future posts and consider correcting this one.

    Lastly, Quora prefers that answers containing links linking to your own off-site content should summarize that off-site content in the answer. This is important and wasn’t mentioned in your post. Source: (Marc’s word is policy)

    Quora questions routinely get merged. I would not recommend relying on views, age, and number of answers as a metric. What matters is writing helpful “evergreen” answers. Having written more than 5000 answers and attained more than 5000 followers, I never consider any of that. My monthly pageviews excluding off-the-charts viral content are stable at about 250,000 pageviews.

    • I appreciate the insights and thank you for setting me straight. I have played a lot with Quora, but not enough where I would notice things like merging.

      You are totally right on the evergreen content.

  28. I started getting quite a lot of traffic for my answers fairly quickly on Quora but infinitely small conversions if any to my site. Ive been using it for about a month. Havent had time to be more quantitative and specific in my testing. Just been dabbling around. Heard about it through Jon Morrow’s blog.
    I’ll take a look at using your methods.

    • It will take some time… As you hone in on your skills at answering questions and provide real value, you’ll start to see opportunities for you to optimize the funnel. This will help you adjust and modify your efforts.

  29. Mark "Elmo" Ellis :

    Great post again, Neil.

    To be honest with you I’ve been posting on Quora for quite some time now without actually knowing how powerful a resource it is.

    It has honestly been my experience so far that you can spend an awful lot of time answering questions on Quora and not get much of a return on the time you spend.

    I have written quite a few very long and detailed answers only to see simpler one or two sentence answers that barely answers the questions get “up-voted”.

    The problem with Quora, is the same as posting on the Warrior Forum, you can write a great answer only to watch it drop off the face of the earth into cyberspace.

    Unless a lot of people are actively involved in making replies and answering questions, you will be writing incessantly, trying to create content that won’t be around for very long.

    Once again, Neil, another great post.

    God Bless,


    • It’s not a quick traffic generation strategy, but going after long tail responses keeps the traffic steady as Quora ranks really well on Google.

  30. Hey Neil, another good post. For couple of months I am at Quora. As you mentioned CTR is less that’s true, but visibility is good if any one will work for brand visibility. I believe you have missed one good thing in Quora that you can create a question for answer which can drive attention of many and request popular people(who frequently answers in your niche) to get best answer and visibility.

    I have not tried at Stack exchange, will look into soon. One more very good site for Q&A is Stack Overflow but it is only for programmers.

    • That’s a good point Dilip, questions are also ways for you to attract others, create a discussion, and get yourself known with other influencers.

      Let me know how to stack exchange works out for you.

  31. Robert J Kroon :

    Hi Neil,

    I found a couple of other things useful on Quora.

    One tactic is to edit the categories. Most questions only hit a few categories. If your answer could appeal to a broader audience, adding categories increases views.

    Another tactic is to write great questions. Sometimes I ask a question anonymously, then answer my own question. It means you can be in control of the first answer. I note also, Quora is giving merit badges (or something) for great questions.

    I’ve even gone so far as to Ask a Question, Answer it myself and include a blog link which contains the longer and more detailed answer, or adds another perspective. Then I post an “infomercial” for all of it on LinkedIn.

    You can also tweet your answers.

    Keep up the good work. I like your posts.


  32. Quora is the bet resource to generate the traffic as well as backlink.

    • Its doesn’t take much effort to do the work, but you do need to work on how you can most effectively add value.

  33. Suresh Patel :

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    • That’s great, so you can probably see how this will help you? Being aware of it is enough to start playing around with the strategy to see what methods works and what doesn’t.

  36. One more thing i would like to add. If you don’t have relevant blog previously written on the topic or if you don’t find any thing to add upon. Just read the comments on the relevant blog posts (To that question or Topic) & you will get amazing content to raise a query or add some thing more (interesting) on the content (answers) already being answered.

    Moreover, also try to keep frequently answer the same topics. This will help you win the badges of Most Viewed Writer.

  37. Nirmalya Ghosh :

    Hi Neil, Thanks for the post on techniques for generating traffic from Q & A website. I have been using Quora for a while. At first, I was just used it for knowledge gaining purpose. but suddenly I realized the enormous potential of generating traffic for my blog from Quora.

    I search for the questions related to the posts of my blog and then answer it along with my blog post link which can be very useful to the readers. That really works for me as my answers are generating on an average 5K -6K views and traffic also come to my blog from Quora.

  38. I have been using Quora for quite some time but never realized that I can even get good amount of traffic by answering questions related to my niche. It is one of the best resources to to generate the traffic as well as backlink.

    • Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is right under your nose! Keep me posted on your progress, I’m curious to know how things change for you with this strategy.

  39. Thanks Neil for suggesting better idea for Q and A on Quora.
    I wll try to generate traffic from Quora with your tips and views.

    • Glad I could help Bharat. If you get stuck or have any questions I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  40. Hi Neil,

    This is a perfect article to complete questions I had about what questions to look for in Quora. I’ve gone on there before and just answered questions I thought were interesting and got carried away – it can actually be a little addictive. But this article gives me some good tidbits on what to focus on to get some results that make better use of my time. I appreciate that you laid it out very clearly and went through and explained how to go about it. I certainly like the idea of giving help + getting promotion without seeming spammy. I guess a good way to look at it would be to realize you’re helping people but also benefiting yourself in some way, so there is a give and take there.

    Much appreciated!

    • Self promotion is an art, something you must do in a subtle way. Focus on creating value and the rest is easy

  41. Hey Neil ,

    Recently I have started working on quora but after reading now I will work on stackexchange for better results and will let you know how its working .


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    • Fantastic Salman. Keep me posted on you progress and let me know how posting on Quora helps with traffic generation.

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  44. You are really rock man. I will try this method for my own site and will observe traffic.

    • Excellent! Let me know how this strategy works out for you Sidra

      • I search my niche related Question like I have pdf website I go to quora and search Urdu and related book topic and give the answer and leave my website link After some days I observe that huge number of traffic I gained. Neil, Please do not mind I have not an idea to speak English regularly. But I am trying to learn perfectly.

  45. After reading you previous posts about websites with huge traffic, we planned to give a try to Q/A strategy. I think that SEO is becoming more refined and is demanding pure perseverance. As Search Engines are aiming for Artificial intelligence to understand human behaviour, we the marketers have to come out more natural. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • It sure is! In order to be successful with SEO, aim to create high quality and valuable content. Something that serves a clearly defined purpose.

  46. Great post Neil, I just think one think how you come up with this ideas ?

    • I’m in the digital marketing world all day and just get inspired by the things I read, listen to and watch.

  47. Hi Neli , These many day i don’t have any idea about the Q&A website but after reading this blog , I just planned to spend some time on the Q&A website also. Thanks for the blog and can you suggest me some more Q&A website for me.

  48. Yes….Quora is the bet resource for the generating the traffic as well as backlink for our website keywords.

  49. Thanks for the wonderful post, google values it as a dofollow link?

    • No, you won’t get an SEO benefit directly, but the people who visit and become aware of your site could possibly link out to you.

  50. Same here. I also use Quora to drive traffic into my site.

  51. Its even better to build your professional brand along with traffic generation!!

  52. Thank you for posting, Neil.
    To be honest, Quora efforts seemed to be in vain for the past 6 months and I completely phased it out. After reading your post, I went to my profile and found tens of thousands of views for my responses. That’s an opportunity…I might re-visit this tactic and include some of your tips this time.

    Thank you!

    • Wow, that question must have been very popular. 10,000 views from responses is a great return on your time, even if it was for branding purposes. Sooner or later you’ll get people to associate your name with the value you provide

  53. Neil, I really enjoyed the information shared in this post. You mentioned that they are best utilized when you have a post that relates to the questions being asked. What if you are just starting out blogging/creating content? In order to drive traffic to your website, would you recommend finding questions that you feel you can provide a good piece of related content to, write up that blog post, then answer the question on Quora? Or could you just use Quora to identify good topics that you could then craft a data driven post about, and then hold onto it in your back pocket for the next time you see a similar question come about? Any thought on this concept?

    • If you are just starting out, use what you have or utilize your interaction with people in quora to inspire the things you want to blog and talk about. You don’t have to link them back to your blog, link to a site that best helps you answer that question and provide value.

  54. Thanks Neil. I am just getting started with Quora and was having difficulty finding relevant questions to answer. Good to know that the Answer tab isn’t sorted by date – that may be why I thought there weren’t many questions! I think I need to follow more topics as well to broaden my reach.

    • Yeah, play around with it and notice the feedback you get from your responses. If something doesn’t work, change and try a different approach.

  55. Neat trick there Neil, never thought so.

  56. Thanks Neil for the amazing guide. I have bn using quora for almost 1/2 month and it is amazing both the info it provides and as traffic or key word search source .agree that what works is reasonable and not just pass-by answers as you mentioned it might take up to 30 mins . for stack exchange thanks I will try it using your guide

    • Nice, glad it’s working for you. I think 30 minutes a day, and you do it for a few months, you’ll be happy about what you see

  57. I’ve been doing the same and yes it does help in getting traffic from Quora. Quora ranks pretty well on Google and it helps me in getting targeted traffic from the same. I have never tried Stackexchange but now I may try it. Thank you Neil for the detailed guide btw.

  58. Thanks: I answer on Quora, but Stack Exchange is new to me

  59. yes i agree Quora is the bet resource to generate the traffic as well as backlink

  60. Great post as always, i have been using quora and getting good amount of targeted traffic.

  61. Neil, thank you for your new post with a new thought. Though it’s an extension write-up from your old article. Still appreciate very much.

    My query is, the visitors from this site are effective in conversion?

  62. Arjun Sharma :

    Thanks neil patel for this article because I don’t use Quora before reading this article and now after that my site traffic increase 70% and my rank is also improved by the backlinks in my answers thanks again sir

  63. Neil, I have used Quora and it has given me amazing results at one point of time. The only trick was to answer a question with huge number of followers. On answering such a question, a new mail goes to every user and suddenly a lot of traffic comes on the website. I have tried this many other time but didn’t worked that well may be due to the appeal of a question. just sharing..

    Nice post as always !!!

  64. Pawan Diwakar :

    Great Post,

    For few days I am using quora and putting my blog link into the answer, to my surprise I am getting enough targeted traffic ….

  65. Kalpana Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    A great article. I have tried Quora and I have been getting a huge response and good traffic from Quora.
    As I am running a Health & Beauty blog so I try to answer the question related to health & beauty only and I try my best to provide them the best. And you know, since I have started using Quora, my blog visitor numbers has increased.
    But Thank you for providing in-depth knowledge about Quora here.

  66. Dorothy Johnson :

    Quora is the bet resource to generate the traffic. Just make the best answers you will get more traffics to your website.

  67. kocaelibilgisayarservisi :

    I recently joined Quora because it is mentioned in many websites for SEO purposes that we can leverage its traffic but I wasn’t sure how to do it in effective way. Your post is eye-opener really. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

    • That’s wonderful! Now play around with some of the different techniques to see what works. Measure the results and make adjustments as you see.

  68. Local RankWatch :

    Hey Neil,

    Nice stuff!! Q&A sites are good resources to get quality backlinks and traffic. These Q&A sites help to improve rankings of long tail keywords but make sure your questions/answers are of good quality.

  69. Hi Neil,

    It’s great get traffic from and answering readers questions, which will help generate more traffic to site and more often of having to have more engage traffic coming to site. Thanks


  70. Ayd?n Tel Çit :

    You’re right, the more effective your answers are, the more qualified traffic will go to your site.

  71. I’ve even noticed that some people are actually building their brand using Quora, and I’ve always amazed by how Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever sees the opportunity on this Q&A niche and develop Quora. Thanks for the great share Neil.

    • It’s a smart branding strategy. You’re basically demonstrating your expertise to a potential audience of clients and customers.

  72. Dinesh Dhiman :

    Hello Neil

    Another piece of spectacular advise.

    Here is my test case: I picked up a category ‘Pregnancy/Relationships’ from Quora, answered a number of questions and 1. My following increased. 2. I am being notified by Quora when new questions are being asked in these categories.

    I am writing another post with common FAQs related with these categories and creating a new post. I will send a communique when it is done. I am pretty much excited about the same.


  73. android kiosk :

    Hello Neil,

    It is very difficult to generate traffic from Q&A sites. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. Hope this will definitely help me to generate traffic for my website.


  74. Neil,

    Thank you for the valuable post. I just have one question. As far as I know on Reddit only 10% of the content you publish can contain links to your site.

    How do Quora and Stack Exchange Work? Can all of my posts have links to my site or I might get banned like with Reddit?


    • No, not all the time. Focus on creating value and branding your name. Reference your site when appropriate.

  75. Jandee Smith - ContactDB :

    Hi Neil! Again, thank you for this very, very informative article… I have been in quora for few months now but I still didn’t get why it is in our SEO checklist. They just told me to answer questions I know…and i didn’t get the importance of “just answering questions”….

    Now, this made sense. I didn’t know that is what Quora is for SEO.. Thanks for enlightenment! 🙂


    • I’m glad this helped clarify things. In the future if you’re ever confused about why you’re doing something, please feel free to ask 🙂

  76. Thanks Neil, I never know where to start but this will help for beginners like me.

  77. Hi sir, Great article by you as usual.. Thank you for sharing with us.

  78. How one can drive traffic from these Q&A sites without moderators noticing that we have posted our own links?

  79. Great post as always Neil! This is such an interesting concept and not one I’d thought of, definitely one to give a go, thank you!

  80. Transport George :

    Thanks for sharing these ideas on how I can create more web traffics for my site with Q&A sites.

  81. piastra per capelli :

    i already register at quora and made some anwers. i do hope its working..

  82. Great article, Quora has generated immense traffic for us !!

  83. I have been on Quora for past 5 months. Infact, i am one of the most viewed writers on the topics of Home Decor and Interior Design. Being an architect and owner of a design blog answering the questions has helped me a lot in building a follower base, mostly among students but the traffic generated is negligible ( like 10-15 a month) even though i leave relevant links wherever possible.
    I am really clueless how to work this out 🙁

    • It might be the industry you’re in that doesn’t have enough action or you need to test the style of how you write your answers.

  84. Hi Neil, Very nice blog!
    I never thought that we can also drive traffic from Q&A websites.
    I have a question for you.
    Suppose i am getting good traffic from Quora by answering niche relevant question.
    Would that traffic help in improving my website’s ranking on SERP ?

    • It won’t help it directly, but over time and indirectly it can. Notice the amount of time people spend on the site

  85. Thanks for the excellent guide, Neil! Enjoy reading it.

    But I do have a question that I hope you can answer.

    Have you experiment with the blogs option on Quora? I am thinking if I can leverage that and generate traffic from there. Meaning to say let’s say I have a great content on my blog, I take a preview of it and post it on Quora.

    What do you think?

    • I’m not sure Tracy, it depends on the content you’re posting. It’s worth a shot, just be sure to measure and track your changes.

  86. Thanks Neil for the great guide. Ive got some idea..

  87. I also use Quora,it is an underrated source of traffic.
    It was a thought-provoking question and I couldn’t resist offering my opinion, but obviously it has nothing to do with the theme of my blog, which is self employment ideas.

  88. One of the biggest benefits that Q&A sites offer is the ability to generate a high amount of site traffic.
    1. People Google Questions, Not Just Keywords
    2. Questions Include Long Tail Keywords
    3. Provide Genuine, Relative and Authoritative Answers
    4. Boosts a Website’s SEO
    5. Builds Trust

    • Well put nandu. As you begin to think like how people search, you can see why Q&A sites can be so valuable as a traffic generation channel for your site.

  89. Thanks Neil for sharing this post its really very informative post.

  90. I love to read your post and its give me great startup for my blog. Thanks Neil for your hard work share with us.

  91. Sue J. Maselli :

    Nice Post

  92. Good post Nail , i think using alert services like google alert will help to leverage Q&A sites easily and you will be able to be in the right place at the right time .

  93. Neil,

    I was going through this post just like to point out where you said “On most Q&A sites, including Quora and Stack Exchange, answers are ordered by the number of “upvotes” you get.”

    I don’t know about Stack Exchange but Quora is not ordered by upvotes and there is no filter for that either, I’m still at a loss how they order their questions.


  94. Well, have never used Q and A before absolutely not yet, but the you just showed definitely going to attempt.

  95. Zohaib Jahan :

    Thanks Neil Patel.
    If you are recommending Quora then surely I will give it a try for newly born my blog! Then I will try to reply again with great blog stats 😀
    Wish me good luck!

  96. Thanks “Rock-star Neil”
    Thanks for sharing this information for SEO point of view also its a DAMN big Thing.

  97. Hi Neil,
    I am new to blogging so I have couple of newbie questions regarding the use of Q/A sites:

    Firstly, I have a blog in health & fitness niche. Can I regularly leave my post link in the answers to drive traffic? Can it be reported as spam if I refer to my blog in every answer that I am giving for the related questions?

    I have an affiliate website as well so can I use same account for both websites? or should I keep them seperate?.

    Also, do you use proxies for link building and to make accounts on such platforms or work from your local IP?

    Excuse me, if I have asked a naive question 🙂

    • Not naive at all Susan, actually they’re good questions ?

      I would be careful about posting links on q&a sites, it’s too close to self promotion which most people don’t like. I would just answer in depth and let the click thru traffic come from people liking your answer.

      I don’t use proxies, I just focus on creating good content and getting people to share it ?

  98. Hi Neil Sir, i am a big fan of you and your tutorials, as the topic is about generating traffic from QA sites, please tell me can i generate traffic from because i think it is a new QA site, waiting for your reviews, Thank you Sir for your sharing.. Take care

  99. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for such a thorough article on utilizing Qurora for traffic generation. I have used this platform for answering many questions but I don’t get much traffic from there. I am always confused that should I refer the readers to my website for further information when I write on any particular topic on qurora.

    Frequently posting the website link seems spamming to me so I just answer the question or otherwise pick the link of my detailed answer that I gave on a similar topic and paste it at the end of the answer where I ask the readers to read further on the topic at this XYZ link.

    Is this a safe approach? Though I didn’t see much response on this.

    • I would use these sites to build authority so you aren’t coming across as spammy.

      If you really give an in-depth helpful answer then the link will be worthwhile to the user.

  100. Hello Neil,
    Thanks for sharing the post with us. It is helpful in a realistic manner, and I will make the changes on my Quora profile. And also will adopt the ways to answer and find the questions next time when going through the Quora.

  101. Akhilesh Maurya :

    Hi Neil

    As usual great know how from you. Quora strategy is better on for small , but consistent traffic from you.

    Thanking You

  102. Akhilesh Maurya :

    Hi Neil

    As usual great know how from you. Quora strategy is better for small , but consistent traffic.

    Thanking You

  103. Hi Neil..

    Do you have any ideas on how I could get some backlinks for a mortgage company I work


    I’m just going to be blunt..I’m having the hardest time with this.. 🙁

    I have read so many articles and I still don’t understand how to do this..

    Is there a way to do this using these question/answer websites?.

    Thank you so much for your time..I know you are a very busy person..

  104. Hi Neil

    As always, great one, I haven’t done much work on Quora, seems like its good platform for getting more traffic. Glad to find this one.

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