7 Huge Sites for Traffic That Marketers Don’t Take Advantage Of

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Do you want to know why everybody focuses on SEO and social media marketing?

Because everyone wants traffic for their websites, and both of these sources are huge.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all in the top 20 traffic sites in the world.

Whether you’re a plumber, SaaS marketer, or recipe blogger, you can find your target audience through one or both of these sources.

Or if you sell physical products, you likely sell them on the e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay—same concept really as you can sell virtually anything on them due to their size.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on getting traffic from these well known sites.

However, it’s a shame that more marketers don’t realize that social media and SEO are just the surface of web traffic.

They are the obvious ones that every marketer tries to get traffic from, which leads to stiff competition.

But there are opportunities elsewhere if you know where to look.

There are so many other sites from which you can get traffic to your website that the majority of marketers never even take a second look at them unless one of them explodes.

Take Reddit, for example. I’ve written about how to effectively market on Reddit a while back.

Since then, I’ve seen more and more articles about marketing on Reddit as the site becomes more popular and marketers see others succeeding on it.

So, what sites in particular am I talking about here?

I’m going to give you seven specific examples of sites with tons of traffic that you can potentially drive back to your site.

Then, I’m going to show you an easy way to find even more sites that are virtually untapped.

Sounds interesting? Read on… 

Site #1: IMDb

IMDb is the movie site.

It has insane levels of traffic, all focused on movies and TV.

The first step in deciding whether a site could be good to market on is to determine whether your audience uses it.

Since we’re not looking at the biggest sites (search engines and social media), only certain audiences will be found on each site.

If your audience isn’t on IMDb, I promise that they are on some other large sites.

Since IMDb has a very specific focus, it’s really only good if you sell products related to movies and TV.

But if you do, it could be an opportunity.

I say could be because you won’t be able to drive traffic from every site that your target audience uses back to yours.

You have to look for a way to drive that traffic back.

In this case, there is one chance, and it comes from the active forum community on IMDb:


You can tell from the frequency of posts that it’s really active, and that’s just one section of the forum.

Then, you’ll need to become a part of the community and find a way to give value—but do so in a way that requires members of the forum to click through to your website.

Here are 3 resources that will help you do just that if you’re not experienced with forum posting:

Site #2: Etsy

Etsy is another up and comer that will eventually be saturated by marketers. But it’s not at that point yet.

If you sell any sort of high quality jewelry, crafts, home decor, or clothing, it’s a fantastic e-commerce marketplace.

Why compete against so many businesses on Amazon for customers looking for the cheapest option, when there is a ton of traffic comprised of people who care a lot about those things and will pay a fair price for them?


There are no tricks to increasing your sales on Etsy.

If you have a product that is actually great, people will see it, and you will make sales.

You can certainly use conversion rate optimization and copywriting tactics to sell more, but marketing isn’t tough when there isn’t much competition.

Site #3: BuzzFeed

No doubt you’ve heard of BuzzFeed, but have you ever considered it as a traffic source?

If you have a younger demographic in a social niche (like entertainment, home decor, food, etc.), it could be a great source.

BuzzFeed not only has a ton of traffic but also allows you to contribute your own content to it.


To start, create an account, click on the icon beside the arrow above, and click “new post.”

That’ll bring you to a standard text editor, and you can post whatever you’d like.


If that post gets some traction early on, BuzzFeed will actually help you by promoting it on the site.


Crafting the right kind of post isn’t easy, but if you do, you’ll get tens of thousands of views on your post.

Then, you can link from your post (when appropriate) back to your site.

Matthew Barby has created a great guide to getting on the front page of BuzzFeed. He was able to do so multiple times himself and drove a lot of traffic to his recipe site:


Site #4: Forbes

Forbes is a magazine site for all topics related to business.

And while it’s possible to be invited to contribute, you can also drive traffic back to your site with a much simpler method: comments.

Blog commenting back in the day used to be extremely popular. Eventually, people realized that it didn’t always produce results.

The main reason for that is because they commented on blogs that had barely any traffic to begin with.

Any post on the main page of Forbes will get tens of thousands of views. Even if a small portion of those people read your comment, that’s at least a few hundred eyeballs.

From there, a great comment can drive anywhere from 25-50% of that traffic back to your site.

That’s a decent use of your time, especially if you’re struggling with traffic.

Every Forbes post has the “comment on this story” option at the bottom of the last page:


According to their rules, you can have up to two links to other sites in the comments:


Really, you only need one.

The hard part is leaving a comment that will impress people enough to drive traffic back to your site. Here are some great resources that will show you how to do that:

Site #5: Business Insider

Business Insider is another site similar to Forbes, with slightly different topics:


Even though it has a slightly higher Alexa rank, it still has an insane amount of traffic.

As an added bonus, you can add your website’s URL to your username as you leave comments:


Again, this is just blog commenting at its core, so use the same strategy as I showed you above with Forbes.

Site #6: Allrecipes

If you have a food blog, there are many opportunities to get creative and draw traffic back to your own site.

Although Allrecipes is a tough one, it’s still possible to make it work.

A standard recipe page looks like this at the top:


Then you see instructions, and then reviews.


If your review is really helpful, it will be seen by almost everyone who views the page.

Then, you could place a link at the end of the comment. It’d be easy to make a natural transition.

For example:

I’ve tried 10 other gumbo recipes, but none have turned out as good as this one.

It was so good that I adapted the recipe just for my gluten-free friends. They LOVED it!

Here’s how I changed the recipe to make it gluten-free: (link)

I’m sure you could make the comment more valuable—I’m just not a cooking expert.

The point is, look for ways to add value with your comment while naturally incorporating a link into it. It won’t even look like you’re trying to drive traffic to your site. It’ll look like you are just trying to help people.

That’s your goal with any link: make it useful.

Site #7: Quora

Quora is the 141st most popular website in the United States.

It’s a question and answer site that even I use. It has the same concept as Yahoo Answers, but the quality is much higher.

The site is continually getting more popular, and many (but not all) marketers have realized its potential.

The simple strategy is to leave really great answers to questions posted in the community.

Great answers will be upvoted to the top and seen by most people.

Then, include links in your answers as appropriate, and that will drive traffic wherever you’d like:


To get started, start typing a topic in the search bar. It will suggest a bunch of related topics, and when you see what you’re looking for, click it:


You can then follow that topic and answer questions that you feel you can do justice to.

There’s no trickery here: you have to provide value.

Yes, it’s a lot of work per answer, but the rewards can be big as well.

You can get millions of views on your answers over time if you stick with it:


While not all those reading your answer will end up visiting your site, even a small chunk is a significant number.

In addition, you will likely end up attracting additional business from people impressed with your answers. Even without the traffic, it’s worth it.

How to find as many of these low competition sites as you need

Maybe more than one of these sites are perfect for your marketing.

Maybe none are.

That’s the point of going to sites that are smaller than the Googles and Facebooks of the world—but large enough to be potential sources of traffic.

They don’t have every audience you might want, so I can’t give everybody specific sites to market on.

However, you can find plenty more that are right for you with a simple process that I’m about to show you.

This will work for everyone.

First, head over to Alexa, and browse sites by category.


By sorting by category rather than rank (which is what I did for the seven sites in this post), you ensure that you find sites relevant to your business.

From there, you have the option to choose a subcategory, or you can start with the broad sites.


Either method works, but be careful not to narrow down the sites too far and be left with those that don’t have much traffic.

While a site’s Alexa Rank isn’t perfect by any means, it does generally correspond to traffic levels.


Try to stick to sites with an Alexa Rank no higher than 20,000.

That still leaves you with a ton of options.

At this point, you’re staring at a list of domains.

You need to go to each of those sites individually and answer the same two questions I’ve been mentioning all along:

  1. Does your audience visit this site?
  2. Is there a way to get that traffic back to your site?

The second step is the hardest at first, but you’ll get more proficient at it as you go. In general, you want to look for things like:

  • a forum
  • comment section (that allows links)
  • guest posts/editorials that you can submit
  • a way to post your products directly (if the site is a store)

After you go through 100-200 sites, you’ll have a list of at least 5-10 sites you could effectively use as traffic sources.

The final thing to mention here is that when you’re marketing on a brand new site, you need to take the time to figure out an effective strategy.

For social media sites and search engines, the work has been done for you by marketing bloggers. For most of these new sites, you’ll have to do the work yourself.

Try to understand the tactics used on social media and search engines, and then apply those tactics to these new sites.

Even if you don’t get them perfectly at first, you should still have some success because of the low competition.


Search engines and social media giants are fantastic sources of traffic for almost all businesses.

But…they are hard to capitalize on.

The best marketers win big, while a large portion of marketers struggle.

Unless you’re already getting a great ROI on them, you’re probably better off finding new traffic sources that marketers in your industry haven’t saturated yet.

I’ve given you seven specific examples of these sources, but more importantly, I’ve given you a simple framework you can use to find more of them. They might just turn out to be perfect for your business.

If you have patience and persevere through the tough parts in the beginning while you figure out the best marketing strategy on these new sites, you’ll find that you can get much more traffic with less effort (and cost).

One last thing: If you try this out, I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment letting me know if you were able to identify any sites that could work for your marketing plan.


  1. I have tried Yahoo and Quora for answering questions, But my method was not unique. after reading this guide, I believe I will not make mistakes. I noted down 4 of the website from your list. Including forbes to try commenting there and get some traffic. But I need to visit them before starting comment there.

    • Chris Pontine :

      Hey Rohan,

      It’s interesting isn’t it how you try to utilize a site like Yahoo yet your method doesn’t get the return your looking for.


      You take the time to keep researching and find great articles like this one with techniques that you can master.

      Just to ask, do any of these bad boys stand out to you?

      I’m going to try the Forbes one myself to get started.

      I look forward to your response 🙂


      Chris Pontine

    • Nice, yah that will make a big difference when you can follow this consistently, week after week. Keep me posted on this strategy and let me know if you come across any questions.

  2. Great post Neil. But just wanted to let you know that Quora have started using rel=”noreferrer nofollow”.

    This way, you won’t be able to track the performance of Quora links. But yes, you can still earn a good amount of traffic on your website 🙂

  3. Rohit Shitole :

    Good to find the method that you used to find these amazing websites to drive traffic to website. I will implement your alexa method to find more website, and I will let you know my progress in case it works for me.

    • That sounds great Rohit! I’m excited to hear about how it goes

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Hey Neil,

        Wow, great share.

        Absolutely unheard of most of the things you mentioned here.

        Definitely going to give a try to both Buzzfeed and Forbes. Will be leaving comments and leverage their traffic with my links.

        Your posts always focus on giving real time solutions for bloggers and marketers. That’s why they always gather a lot of buzz online.

        • That’s great Anil, I’m glad your excited about this strategy. Let me know how Buzzfeed and Forbes work out.

  4. Great list neil but you forgot to mention Quicksprout. It is also a good source of traffic via commenting.

    But your comment should add real, unparalleled value for people to click on your name etc.

    Thanks again.

    • Chris Pontine :

      Hey Buzzings <—— Is that your real name? 🙂

      Your right, the goal of commenting is adding value and sparking communication I feel.

      I use to just write "great post" and leave it at that.

      Don't get me wrong:

      It was a great post, but I could have taken the time to mention a actionable step I tried and share something with the publisher or as well the community of readers.


      Chris Pontine

    • 🙂

  5. Denis González :

    I like the compilation. Sometimes we don’t value the opportunities to get traffic from those sources. And I think it’s also related to market our sites in social media, which is another kind of monster, but the same principles apply.

  6. I want to come back on one point in the post:

    “The second step is the hardest at first, but you’ll get more proficient at it as you go. In general, you want to look for things like:”

    I would add also this option:

    * Link on Profile page

    Depending on the targeted site, some rules may apply on this particular link. Some sites want you to get enough “reputation”, other may want you to do some special activity etc.

    Just check the site rules to see how to get the link on your profile and also how to grab users of the site to your profile.

  7. Neil, great suggestions – again.

    Defenitely a framework to follow and see if you can increase the backlinks profiles and overall links. Think Youtube is an other one people are just not leveraging enough.

    Got some work to do.


    • That’s true, even though there are a lot of people on there, there is still an abundance of space available for anyone to benefit from it.

  8. Great tips neil,I really love the idea of using Buzzfeed. I will try my luck for that.

  9. Noticing a huge downside to Forbes. While they do allow you to post a relevant link in your comment, the link isn’t clickable. Which means that it’s not easily visible as a link and people need to copy/paste the link in order to access it.

    • Ah, well if you can provide enough value with the comment, I think you will attract people to your site one way or another.

  10. Great post Neil, I will definitely try my luck on Forbes , Business Insider & Quora.
    as my site ( pfGuru.com ) is in finance niche, these big sites surely help me to get some targeted traffic.

  11. Sidney Blank :

    I’m a partner at a branding agency called MBLM and we publish quite a bit of content to promote our thinking and our work. It is always a challenge to self promote without being self promotional so we experiment widely with publishing content to different channels like LinkedIn, Medium, our own site etc. In looking at the referral stats I noticed that some of the highest traffic sources were from comment I made on Medium, Harvard Business Review and Forbes. I was amazed that it was so significant. We’re only talking about 100s of visits here but still worth my time. What we haven’t done is systematized the process of searching out good places to comment and actively driving traffic that way on a regular basis. It’s more one-offs. This post makes a powerful case for getting more serious about this approach and I will certainly commit to it.

    • That’s not bad Sidney, in fact if you could systematize it, you may find yourself attracting a solid, consistent stream of traffic.

  12. Johnson Emmanuel :

    Neil, I did not know about this strategy at all. I do know that commenting on blogs drives traffic but I have always avioded entertainment blogs.

    Here’s’ my assignment this weekend. Comment on 10 high traffic sites (of course provide value) and I will watch and see what happens.

    Whatever be the case, I will revert with my result,good or bad.

    Thanks for this eye opener.

  13. Thank you so much for this post; it’s a challenge day in and day out trying to win the traffic game! I definitely learned some traffic tricks that I thought I knew but wasn’t using the right way….can’t wait to get to work 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing, i’m newbie in marketing, this post helps me a lot. Looking forward to see more post like this.

    Thanks Neil.

  15. Majid Bukhari :

    Is a link from comment not a SPAMY link?


    • Only if it’s from a spammy site.

    • Craig Atkins :

      Well, that’s certainly what Google would like you to think. “Every link you build yourself is SPAM! DUN DUN DUN!”

      But that’s not true of course – that’s just classic Matt Cutts SEO scare tactics.

      And even if it was true, who cares? If the links are driving traffic to your site, why should we care what Google thinks about them? It’s not like Google would deindex you for having a few blog comment links.

  16. Rachel Blackmon :

    Thank you for an incredibly helpful post full of specific ideas. While a lot of these don’t fit my industry, it gives me ideas that I can use with different websites and media sources.

    • You may be surprised at how these can help, regardless of your industry. Think and allow your self to be creative with this.

  17. Neil,

    Really happy to see you with an useful post again. I’m quicksprout university’s member for a long time. U n Brian Dean is doing a great job on posting useful content. I’ll add these tips in my promotional strategies kit..

  18. Hamid Roshaan :

    Thanks for sharing these sites Neil, I am testing out waters with quora these days, never knew that I can get Links from BI, I’ll make sure to try that out.

  19. Thank Neil. I’ve tried this and it works. Especially with businessinsider. This even works when you provide useful comments in Facebook and Instagram comments. The best strategy I’ve used in this regard is to answer commenters who the admin has not answers. People love getting value. Business is an exchange of value. Simple as that.

  20. Dixit Chopra :

    This is awesome. Thanks for your post. I will definitely try on Forbes and Business Insider. I look after marketing of truggo.com. Looking forward to see more post like this.

  21. Great tips again, but i see that these websites are only for the business and web niches, what about someone in the apparel niche ?


    • I would imagine if you can come up with a creative spin, you can get many of these sites to work with the apparel niche.

  22. Hi,

    Nice compilations of getting huge traffic,

    My query remains, doesnt client or rather potential clients will degrade brand ?

    For eg. If i write my URL www.expertmile.com on this page, people might feel my product is not good and my marketing strategy is cheapo… ?

    • Johnson Emmanuel :

      Nikesh, I think on the contrary, if you provide value with your comments, they will not see you as been cheap.

      It’s good to comment on blog but commenting should not be for the sake of getting traffic alone.

    • Only if you are creating value with your comments. If you can post high quality comments, you’ll enhance their brand.

  23. Aleric Stone :

    Neil, like always great tips. I am definitely going to try Buzzfeed, since I tend to visit that website everyday.

  24. While these are wonderful suggestions, I wonder how valuable they are to those of us who offer a service (not a product) in a limited area. In other words, you mentioned “plumber” at the top of the article. Yes it’s true that Forbes and others get insane amounts of traffic, but if you are a plumber the chances of a Forbes mention or comment yielding another plumbing customer are miniscule at best. As you yourself said: “Maybe none are.” I (and others like me) search for previously-undiscovered ways to tap into our respective local markets beyond the usual Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • Well it starts with what’s listed and then comes down to where you take it. While taking action on one of these, whether it’s researching or preparing a strategy, you’ll find yourself learning a lot, making creative connections.

  25. I was under the impression that Google treats back links from forums and blog comments as low quality links which may have a negative impact on SEO. This is a major reason why we have chosen to ignore these altogether.

    Is this a valid concern at all?

  26. Great article! I had no idea I could submit content to BuzzFeed.

  27. As always, great article Neil. I would love to hear some tips on how to market music and entertainment online. Any recommendations for great blogs to be commenting on? Any recommendations generally?


    • Create and shoot videos. Write, produce, direct and perform in videos that tell a story and intertwine them with the content from the songs

  28. Izhari Ishak Aksa :

    I have tried Quora and it really works. Have some answers on social bookmarking topic and yes it drives traffic to my social bookmarking website Kancyl.com.

    Not sure about Buzzfeed, if the post doesn’t viral, does it still get traffic?

  29. You should also mentioned codeprojector. Its also a nice site with more active person and high traffic. Anyway thanks

  30. Jennee Rasavong :

    Hi Neil,

    I have to be honest here – I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment!

    Every post I have read so far has always turned on the lightbulb for me.

    I like how you explained your method to come up with this list so that we know not only what other sites to check but how to find our own list. You’re educating AND empowering us newbie marketers!

    Thanks for this post.

  31. Great read, Neil! Shame on me for not thinking of these sources. I do leverage Medium, Reddit, Inbound.org, GrowthHackers.com and other communities. Mostly by engaging with the writers. I do my best not to spam 🙂

    Anyways. Thank you so much. A lot of tips to get started right away 🙂

    • No shame at all Raul, now you have a complete strategy to produce massive results. Keep me posted on how this works for you.

  32. I needed this article today. Thanks Neil. Forbes has actually been a Client of mine. And I follow them and Business Insider. I’ve been meaning to try BuzzFeed. I’m going to act on your ideas. Looking at Alexa categories! I had no idea! When I think ‘traffic’ I’m still stuck thinking Google, LinkedIn, Twitter. We’re a niche agency I should be thinking niche marketplace too. I hate to think of prospective customers as ‘traffic.’ I close a silly percentage of people who contact us. Over 50%. My traffic volume is so low. If I figure this out we can really make some things happen.

    • It sounds like you’re doing pretty well Erik, congrats on all your success! I hope these strategies and insights can help you take your business up a notch.

  33. thanks Neil for the great article, I have tried maybe all of them but quora they are deleting my link saying that I can not promote. I did first post my link in a question and second in the answer , both deleted I think I need to change my profile to get approved for that again

    • Yah try doing it again, but wait on putting your link till you grow your reputation more. Self promotion is an subtle art.

  34. Thank you so much for this article. I go on some of these sights daily and I had never thought about using them. I will definitely let you know how it goes. I guess I need to think out of the box more.

  35. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for this great post. I have recently started reading all your works. And you can easily guess why? For Traffic.

    Beyond learning the techniques and strategies for traffic generation, I am also learning the way you construct each post and make it 10x times valuable. So keep writing great articles that serve the dual purpose, traffic generation and copy writing.

    I have one question though, How much time does it take after you publish the post and then take actions for traffic for the post to start getting search engine traffic? I am looking for days or weeks or months.

    Amit Patel

    • It varies Amit, because quicksprout has been around for so long and has developed high authority, it moves pretty fast days to weeks. For most blogs however, it can be weeks to months.

  36. BloggerTalks :

    Impressive article ! thanks Neil for the valuable information. I’m a fan of Business Insider and I didn’t know that it could be helpful to drive traffic to my blog.

  37. Neil,

    Quora is certainly a good place to promote yourself and your content. As a Quoran myself, I’ve stumbled across a dozen of answers that’s based on a blog post by the answerer.

    And the great thing about it is that you are actually adding value to the site, and exposing yourself to a targeted group of people instead of simply interrupting them to advertise your content.

    My favourite is an answer from Russ Ruffino to the question “How can one make money starting a blog?” at http://qr.ae/Ra27A5. After going through the question in great details with statistics and visual charts. He added “This Quora answer is a modified version of a guest post I originally wrote for Inc.”

    Since he wasn’t pushy and I enjoyed his insights, I was eager to click-through to learn more about the guy.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • That’s a great example Anh. You need to focus your efforts on creating value with your comment so that people feel your sense of giving them something with out wanting anything in return.

      If people want to find you badly enough, they will when you provide them with value.

  38. Another trick I’ve found is to visit similarweb.com … input the name of the website, you will see the trafic it gets per month and there is an option to see “related websites” from the website you input, so you can take note of them and visit them 🙂

  39. Vishwajeet Kumar :

    Very nice and informative article Neil. You have always come up with new ideas and suggestion. I really like that. Thanks again for sharing this awesome tips.

    • I am happy I could help Vishwajeet! If you get stuck or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  40. That was really helpful Neil. Thanks again.
    I’ve never tried BuzzFeed. It seems interesting to me. Will surely give it a shot.

  41. Awesome post Neil. I’ll definitely be trying out some of those platforms. I’m also kinda surprised you didn’t mention Reddit.

    • I think most marketers are familiar with reddit, so I didn’t include it in this post.

      Here’s something on reddit I wrote last year https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/06/18/how-to-get-your-slice-of-reddits-150-million-pageviews/

  42. Bhuboy Villanueva :

    I have been reading business insider for some time now but never thought to use it as traffic source, thanks for this, and thanks for not just giving us the fish but also showing us how to find the fish ourselves

  43. The Dollar Business :

    Really Awesome post Neil. I will use for my website to drive huge traffic thank you very much 🙂

  44. Great Article. You always write great articles.
    I never thought about these sites for traffic generation.
    Thank you Sir.

  45. Sandeep Dahiya :

    Great Post Neil.
    I stopped commenting on blogs a long time ago but that’s because all I meant was backlinks from those blogs (Yeah, I was stupid :p). Have started again and I can see a few visitors to my blog already. Will try experimenting more and keep exploring.

    • It’s not the SEO value that matters in this case or in general, but the value can lead to guiding visitors form one website environment into yours.

  46. Thanks Neil Patel. I never thought about Imdb or Buzzfeed. Every time I read your posts my Content Marketing IQ goes up a bit. I will try the sites and keep you posted on my progress.

  47. Is there a way to target teachers ?

  48. There are no tricks to increasing your sales on Etsy. If you have a product that is actually great, people will see it, and you will make sales. -> it is true.

  49. Hi Neil!

    I been using Quora (because of your past recommendations of course) for a few weeks now. Not only have I been able to drive hundreds of visitors to my blog, the traffic originating from the site is also very high-quality bringing in conversions and very low bounce rates.

    Further more, just yesterday I got over 500 daily views on my answers and was told I’m a ‘Most Viewed’ author in one of my topics (very relevant topic to my audience I might add)… Not bad for a couple weeks work I’d say! So yea, would certainly recommend marketers to take the time and answer some questions there… Just try to be as useful as possible when answering, it really works!

    Not sure I there are nay marketers in the gaming industry here, but if you want a good recommendation for a site that allows you to publish content (and has an extremely active blog) for gamers in Europe check out: http://www.gamereactor.eu/

    After registering you can start posting reviews, articles, commenting and participating in the blog (in pretty much any European language your audience uses) 🙂

    Thank you for the other reccomendations in the blog post Neil, I’ll be sure to try them out in the upcoming weeks.

    • Wow, it sounds like you’re getting some great results! I wonder what would happen if you you continue to do this over the next couple months 🙂

      I like what you said, “just try to be as useful as possible”. It’s true, it really is as simple as that.

      Thanks for recommendation for the gamer site.

  50. Hello Neil,

    Thank you for such an insightful post. Helps a lot. However, not all of sales and/or marketing teams can depend on commenting to get revenue. Targets are getting harder and harder to achieve with the kind of competition around who offer same services. We at Varchasva Corporation (www.varchasvacorp.com) only have a small team to handle traffic building and only a few who understand the intricacies that go into this kind of work. Is there anything specific one needs to do to stand out from the crowd? Would appreciate your comment on this!

    Best Regards,


    Varchasva Corporation

    • When they get harder with the traditional outlets, thats when it’s important for the company to start being innovative with their campaigns. Even if you had to hire marketing people or use up 30-60 minutes of your existing team, your comments can go a long way.

  51. Hey Neil,

    Great list, loved it, actually I have tried Quora and Yahoo answers and they were amazing for traffic and more.

    What about APSense, don’t you think in should be knocked if you’re targeting online marketers?


  52. Hi Neil , i tried with quora
    last night and the response on quora was great, that is those who read my answers within a short while. I was so impressed.They are not coming to my site yet but they read my answers which will eventually convert if i stick to it.
    Thanks for the good work.

    • That’s great Brilly. Now you can begin to see as an area you can track and measure your efforts, then optimizing your results.

  53. Hey Neil,
    Interesting post. Quora is something that I have tried.
    With a product like https://bugclipper.com that is directed towards the mobile app developers, what other websites would you suggest ?

  54. This is amazing article Neil. Thank you for this information.
    Keep it up… 🙂

  55. Pavankumar Karnati :

    Must read article for people struggling to get traffic, though I use half of the tools mentioned above and they work as expected.

  56. Great post. thanks for sharing. Wondering if in case of getting featured on the front page of buzzfeed isn’t going to make the site crashed.

  57. Totally blown away by this post. Just the other day somebody told me I’d have to folk out $ 2, 000 to guest blog on Forbes and I was wondering how I was going to do that considering that I just stated my business last month and I still can’t afford that much. It’s great to know that there is a way to get traffic from there absolutely free of charge.

    I get tonnes of emails but I always click on the ones from Neil Patel cause the advice I get from this blog just revolutionizes the way I think. Totally appreciate you taking time to write these posts.

    • You shouldn’t ever have to pay someone to guest blog. Once you work with a few blogs and get some guest blog experience under your belt, you can leverage your articles on smaller sites as your “resume” to the editors of Forbes and other caliber magazines.

  58. I knew about these sites but didn’t know that the can be such a great source for traffic. Must read article for beginners struggling to get traffic.

  59. Manoj Bhatia :

    Great Information Neil, I’m have been using Quora for long time to promote my website ‘www.stunningAlways.com’, Now I have got more new ideas & social networks to promote my articles and website more aggressively from this article.

    Thanks for this great Information.

  60. Neeraj Jivani :

    This is real helpful. The best part about you Neil is that you are always encouraging fellow people! Thanks for your awesome posts!

    • I’m glad this was helpful Neeraj. If you get stuck or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  61. Neil,

    I see most of your focus is always on free traffic sources. But in truth, if you’re always relying on free you have no business. Because free is always changing – such as google’s new 4 ad top placement in the search engines (which you have not mentioned in any post)

    Paid traffic (and paid advertising in general) is the most reliable way to create, predict, and grow business revenue (and profits). It always has been. Always will be.

    What’s the bottom line? Pretty simple.. You cannot scale free traffic.

    • I’ve been fortunate to have success with both, so I think it’s important to understand how to generate from both organic and paid sources.

  62. Many don’t know how to make use of it

  63. I am going to try BuzzFeed & Business Insider for getting some traffic. I have been using Quora for a while now..works great.

    • Great! So keep doing Quora and add 1 more site to your routine. Stay consistent and you’ll eventually have multiple traffic sources stacking up visitors at the same time.

  64. Will try commenting on Business Insider and Forbes. Hopefully, this does well for bringing traffic into my website. I have been using quora for a while but have not really shared any of my websites’ links in the answers I provide. Should probably try that out as well.

  65. Hello Neil,
    Thanks for this informative article for more traffic, I was using Quora till now, it’s time to try others too. I think it is also very good for the branding and marketing of any blog.

    • Most people who have been using Quora have been getting very positive results. Let me know how the others works out for you.

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    That’s a great article!! Some of the sites we are already using.

    But how could we found the websites under Alexa 20k on a similar niche to our website.

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  68. Great resource here.
    I must says that forums are always one of the best sources of backlink traffic however I really never had though about IMDb for this.
    Also, if Forbes is enough for that, trust me, quicksprout too it then. 🙂
    Great stuff!

    • And what’s great with IMDB is that you can target the specific interest in movies of your ideal clients and customers

  69. Mike Allison :

    Hi Neil,
    Great article here. Really appreciate all of the effort you put into preparing these for us. Have a great week!

  70. This is a great list! Never thought of IMDb so thanks Neil!
    PS: when is your $100.000 challenge february update coming? 🙂

    • It’s a unique way of going after your target audience by their interest in movies and celebrity role models.

  71. Again great great post Neil!!
    I thought Forum posting is one of the best processes to get good visitors. But, now it’s not worthwhile. So, my thought is to create a Facebook group or Linkeding group and increase traffic 🙂

    Thank you

    • That would be a great start Deb! As you build up each group, you can utilize those forms to recruit new members

  72. Remsun Debbarma :

    Nowadays I exploring BuzzFeed, I think it can make our blogs go viral in no time.
    Thank you for mentioning all the top sites with huge traffic potentials.

    • Anyone can reverse engineer viral. Content marketing is the name of the game.

      • Absolutely agree with that. Have been in the game for about 15 years and nothing boosts a site or sells a product like top quality content.

        Today we’re seeing tons of content out there but in many instances it’s low rent and frankly, it matters. I see a lot of companies creating it for no other reason than to sell a site. People notice. If there is no passion and nothing new under the sun..they know it and it doesn’t sell your site or build your reputation.

        Just content isn’t enough. there has to be some value in there. I think that’s where the viral comes from and where many people’s marketing mission goes awry.

        • It’s really easy to fall in that bucket too, most marketers do. It’s important to focus on the bigger picture, the why behind why you do what you do and think long term.

  73. This is well done and nicely written. Many of our clients haven’t clue what to do with the content that we write for them. They often send it out onto multiple sites, to places that used to be helpful, but honestly are no longer so.

    Buzzfeed is one that most don’t think of and IMDB is the same. Great tips for businesses of any size.

    • Thanks Robbi. I hope you found it useful and get a chance to take the techniques and experiement with your clients

  74. Ishaan Narang :

    HI Neil,
    Such a nice post you have posted. I think Quora can work for me but my field is different. Can you suggest a better forum which can help to drive traffic as my website is basically “Spreading Love”. Thanks for your mind blowing post.

    • I’m not familiar with what forums would fit that, but try searching for spirituality forums on google.

  75. Transport George :

    Thank you for reminding us that there are other authority sites where we can get juicy traffics aside from the popular sites and social media sites.

    • I’m glad to be bringing these to your awareness George. Let me know what you try and how it works out for you.

  76. Kurnia Wijaya Nur :

    that very informative article.. and that help me to raise the traffic…

  77. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for giving this tips. This really boosted my energy to plan strategy to get traffic to my site. I was really struggling to get relevant audiences.

    Planning to use BuzzFeed for my site. I hope it works for me…

  78. I liked the two questions that we must ask ourselves,

    Does your audience visit this site?
    Is there a way to get that traffic back to your site?

    I think these questions can help us in providing the right direction and have the power to keep us on right track every time.

    I agree with your take on blog commenting methods too. If it is done correctly, it can still generate traffic.


  79. I just checked and Business Insider does not have website field that will make the name into a link.

  80. Kaycee Chukwu :

    Hi Sir Neil.
    Over the years my greatest traffic source has been facebokk and Linkedin. I never knew some of these sites are also good traffic source. I’m going to take a big shot at Quora and see how it goes.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  81. Neil,

    Great post as always. I think people underestimate the importance of content marketing vs. just writing or posting great content. We setup on Quora after reading this to provide VALUE (in terms of our answers and subject matter expertise) for our memory foam mattress review site www.memoryfoamtalk.com and hope to see relevant traffic from our target demographic using your advice.

    Thanks again!


    • It’s true, people usually try to do what they think is the bare minimum. Value is where true success happens. Keep me posted on your results.

  82. Hey Neil

    I have been following your blog for some time now, lurking in the shadows 🙂

    As always, the way you come across in your articles and the amount of information you provide is phenomenal.

    Brilliant article!

    Always a fan!

    • Glad to see you come out from the darkness 😉

      Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  83. Web Design Nashville :

    Great list Neil. No wonder most of us here are unaware that such huge sites also helps in sending traffic and visitors. You really hit the right nail. Thanks once again for sharing your research.

  84. Thanks for the post Neil! I run a Movie Review blog myself! My experience tells me IMDb is the toughest place to drop a link in “Review” section of a movie page. But with your post, I think I’ll take up the tips.

    Quora is a far better place than people think these days. Although, you’ll not be able to get the “Link Count” for it as the links are “No-Follow”. But still, a great place to rack up some visitors and page views.

    • It’s not easy, but it’s free for the most part, you need to figure out what kind of value bombs you’re going to drop.

  85. Thanks Neil for this post but as I was trying to post coment on Forbes but I couldent put my link back to my site. So can you please tell me what can I do give my link ???

  86. Due to high competition getting traffic on the website is not so easy, sometimes we get frustrated when after good work we get not good results, At that time your blog is literally very helpful we near to know that what is beneficial for now after reading it, like I just heard about Forbes but not worked on it after finding Forbes in your blog today I try it and definitely keep using it on daily bases.

    • It can be challenging at first Brucode, but as you practice and develop your skills, you’ll have an easier time navigating through.

  87. My weight loss :

    I like the list you gave by are they really blog commenting sites or just profile sites ?

  88. hey neil i read your blog. Realy You write very nice can you tell me any improvement in my blog www.livastar.com/blog/

    Have A Good Day

    • I would add some kind of popup, lead capture so you can start marketing and get your audience engaged.

      • Balasubramanian R :

        No need to say your article is of top class (as-usual). I have few questions.
        1. Is using tools like Kontent machine and linksmanagement.com is good or bad?
        2. What are the plugins you use for this wordpress blog site?
        3. What are the best seo and wordpress tools to buy for this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
        Appreciate your suggestions

  89. Hi Neil,

    Please guide me how to get 1st position in google maps for keywords.

    • Star with this guide on online marketing https://www.quicksprout.com/the-beginners-guide-to-online-marketing/

  90. Quora is certainly an underutilized website. Marketers need to open their eyes and see the advantages of Quora.

    • It’s huge! It takes work and effort in the beginning, but the traffic begins to stack up and come to your site consistently.

  91. akshay rohida :

    What a great content, you are 200 times better than kontent machine. The quality of your content is A+++++++++, authority, HQ, these adjectives are not enough to describe your content quality

    • Thanks Akshay, glad you liked it. If you have any questions about what you learned, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  92. piastra per capelli professionale :

    Everyone would love this post especially us marketers. This idea adds up our knowledge on how to increase our sites traffic flow.

    • Awesome! That’s the plan 😉

      If you get stuck or have questions with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  93. Jennystewart :

    Thanks for the list. I have tried four of eight sites in the list and It’s really difficult.

  94. I just don’t seem able to crack Reddit. But then, not all platforms fit all businesses.

    Tried Buzzfeed (thanks for the excellent link to that post explaining how it works and what one might hope for).

    Here it is. http://www.buzzfeed.com/llbarkat/5-daring-ways-to-take-on-national-poetry-month-28q5r

    We’ll see! 🙂

  95. I think Quora is great for a number of reasons.
    I re-purpose blogs I’ve already written that cover the questions asked in my areas.
    I just paste all or part of them in with links back to the original.
    Quora is also a great place to find blog topics.
    If people are asking the question on Quora, there is a good chance that it is underdone in the blogosphere.
    On a number of occasions I have written blogs based on Quora questions and gotten great engagement both on and off Quora.
    The amazing thing is that sometimes both the blog and the Quora post get on the first page of the SERPs. Thankfully, the blog is always higher!

    • You’re welcome Eric. There’s just so many opportunities for web traffic with quora, more marketers need get on board.

  96. Ouch, yah it’s a difficult switch and just isn’t worth the hassle for most.

  97. Robert Locke :

    Thanks Neil – very useful

    I have started with Quora and am getting results

    My only problem is with Forbes – the URL I put in the comment is not clickable – I wonder why?

    With Business Insider, I have been unable to add my URL to my username as you showed in the example.

    Anyone know how to solve these problems?



    • Not 100% sure Robert, it use work before, they might have changed it because too many people started doing it/spammed it

  98. Its a great list Neil. I would definitely try out these. Hope it helps, anyways great post !

  99. Robbin Block :

    It’s always a great idea to look beyond the obvious when it comes to social media. Look for “niche social sites” for opportunities by geography (i.e., local blogs), affinity (i.e., bicycle enthusiasts), industry publications (i.e., Manufacturing Today) and more. Think about where your audience hangs out and participate in the social activities that exist on those sites (like this one, for example). I called this “Site Swag” in the book I wrote in 2010, “Social Persuasion.” There are unlimited possibilities and loads of opportunities for acquiring exposure for your business beyond the examples explained here.

    • Sounds like an interesting book, I’ll have to check it out, thanks for mentioning.

      The more you can put yourself into the shoes of the your idea prospect, the easier it’ll be for you to effectively market your products and services.

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    Neil, great suggestions – again.

    Definitely. a framework to follow and see if you can increase the backlinks profiles and overall links. Think Youtube is an other one people are just not leveraging enough.
    Keep the great work up!

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    • It’s 1 of the many things you can do, once you find something more effective, switch your efforts

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    Pleasant and extremely supportive post

  109. Cheers Neil! Heard of these of these techniques previously but never tried them….and yes thank you for explaining those in detail. 🙂 I am surely going to try for my clients !! Have a great day ahead.

  110. thanks Neil!,
    I also Heard about these techniques I am surely going to try for my new projects.

  111. I only want to say “WOW” what an idea Neil, I always learn new stuff from your posts. I never imagined that sites like IMDB and Esty can also send great traffic to my sites, I’ll surely try them. Thankyou

  112. Good Post. I tried buzfeed and getting good responses.

  113. I have driven hundreds if not thousands of views to some of my videos from Quora. Still want to start to take full advantage of Buzzfeed and Business Insider. Thanks for sharing!

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  121. Neil,

    Great post mate and good suggestions. But there’s one thing which I couldn’t figure out. How does one link back to the blog/website from comments on Forbes? I don’t see an option on the profile or account setting where url can be posted. Please advise.

  122. quora is really most traffic website.

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