The $100,000 Challenge: December Update

december traffic

We just wrapped up our ninth month of the $100,000 challenge. December was a decent month, considering that the holidays slowed down our sales and traffic.

In the month of December, traffic grew to 69,813 visitors. That’s not too shabby, taking into account that a large part of December was slow due to the holiday. The overall traffic grew by 19.8% over the previous month.

As for revenue, sales in December hit $22,702 dollars. The real number, however, is actually lower than that, which I will go into in a bit. But first, let’s discuss the traffic and what’s coming up.


In December, the blog had 69,813 visitors, and 60,155 of those visitors were unique. Although the blog is receiving a decent number of visitors, the returning visitor count is low.


As you can see from the image above, only 16.2% of the visitors are returning. There are a few reasons for this…

The first reason is poor collection of emails. Typically, you will generate more returning visitors by sending out an email blast every time you write a new blog post. And to collect those emails, you have to leverage pop-ups and opt-ins.

The pop-up on the blog is an exit pop-up, but it doesn’t get triggered on mobile devices, which make up 66.8% of the total traffic.


In addition to that, the blog isn’t optimized for email collection. The offer isn’t very strong, so in the next week or so, it will be updated.

The homepage won’t be the blog; instead, it will be an email collection offer. In addition to that, the posts will have an email opt-in offer at the top. It will be something similar to what I use on


As for January, traffic should be much better as we make these design changes. Plus, January is a hot time for health and nutrition. I’m already estimating that the blog will generate over 100,000 visitors for that month as the stats show that the blog is generating in excess of 4,000 visitors a day.

Content production

If you look at the content production, it’s slowed down. Mike went from posting 7 times a week to 3 times a week. He has been working on increasing the production back up to 7 posts a week, which you’ll see at some point in January.

If you look at the previous months, traffic grew faster, but we were also producing more content. It just goes to show that the higher quality content you create, the more search traffic you will receive.

As we generate more income, you’ll also see new types of content on the blog, e.g., infographics. They do really well in most spaces, but it costs money to create them.


December was a decent month for fish oil sales. On Amazon, we generated $22,702 in sales.


Now, although that figure looks great, a lot of those sales came from coupons (we slowed down providing them now). Nonetheless, $11,516.16 came from sales that didn’t use the coupon code.

The overall number of sales should start going up in the upcoming months as we promote the product more aggressively to our email list as well as on the site.

In addition to that, you’ll see direct sales taking place on the site as we are adding e-commerce functionality and will start running paid ads. This should help boost the revenue. My overall goal for January is to hit at least $46,064 in sales…which is 4 times the amount of the previous month.

One of the things that should help with the sales is the bottle design. Now that we are generating income, I was able to use $500 of it for new designs.


Once the copy for the Amazon page is fine-tuned, it should also help boost the sales numbers.

Here is a list of our expenses:

  • Fish oil – $6,924.59 (including Amazon fees and shipping to Amazon for prime)
  • Aweber – $69
  • Designer – $500 (better bottle design)
  • Hosting – $249 (just switched to a bigger server to handle January’s growth)
  • Mike – free (Mike doesn’t get paid, but he owns a percentage of the blog for putting in time as I discussed earlier. I did this because you didn’t want me to use my name for the challenge, so I found someone else to be the face of the blog.)
  • Accounting – $185 (to help out with the books—we are now paying a bookkeeper)

Total expenses for the month were 7,927.59. Which means the total profit was $3,588.57.


The big focus over the next 30 days is going to be fine-tuning the site to be more like Quick Sprout and when it comes to optimizing for conversions and email collection.

It will take some time to run A/B tests, but I’m fairly confident that the numbers for January (on all fronts) will be improved because January is the most lucrative month of the year in the health and fitness space.

I know I could be doing more with and I am not following most of my own advice that I use on my personal blogs, but you have to keep in mind that I focus all my energy on my software companies as that’s what generates my income.

Mike is a newbie to the marketing world, so it takes some time to get him up to speed…especially with my hectic schedule. But overall, the progress isn’t too bad.

What do you think of the progress so far?

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  1. Superb Neil, I like how you manage it out with your hectic schedule. People will like to hear what happen after the site get the revenue.

    Same also from me..! I always like this challenge.

  2. Hey Neil,

    $27k. WOW! It is a nice amount of money for a website this new. I am really happy to see the results so far and I am sure this website will reach 100k in next couple of months.

    I am also trying to build a website but not targeting that high. May be couple of thousand… lol

    Anyway, thanks for update and keep inspiring up. 🙂

    • I know we’ll get there soon enough, thanks for coming along with me on this journey. And remember to think big Brian!

  3. Pradeep Singh :

    Impressive progress with both website and product, Neil!

    The new bottle design looks really good and will surely increase the sales.

    Look forward to see the changes you make to the homepage of the blog and how it impacts overall traffic in terms collecting emails and increasing returning visitors.

  4. Hey Neil,

    I don’t understand how you generate $22,702? Is it form Amazon affiliate? Or are you selling product via amazon?

    • This Amazon buyers come from nutritionsecrets site and redirected to amazon? If not then this earnings are not yet from this site?

      • Good point there. The challenge wasn’t how to make money drop-shipping from Amazon (even though it’s interesting also). What’s the actual part of customers coming from the site?

        • However, if you take the site away, then the traffic goes away and there are not that many sales. So the money IS made from the site , it’s just bringing in the traffic and pointing it in the right direction!

          • Jodie, presumably this is true to some / a large degree. But Amazon also acts as a search engine, and people can find the fish oil without first going to Nutrition Secrets.

            Having said that, my guess is that MOST sales are coming from Nutrition Secrets, because even typing in the exact name of the product, it comes in at the bottom of page 2 on Amazon, which most people won’t bother to reach.

            • Neil,

              Great sales numbers BUT those sales are being generated directly from Amazon’s website and not from Nutrition Secrets blog.

              Are you offering your email list a coupon code which sends them to Amazon? Curious to hear how you are generating sales.

              I’m certain a percentage is from your list and another percentage is organic Amazon traffic. It would be more insightful to separate the revenue numbers by traffic type. (i.e. your email list vs Amazon organic traffic vs Paid traffic).

              Overall, great progress. I noticed your supplement is on the 2nd page of organic results on search results.

              Thanks for posting!


              • In few months site will have much more traffic and more subscribers that will redirect to product on amazon or sell it directly on the site… but for now nutritionsecretes dont make money through website? It is just matter of time when will be making a tons of money directly on site cuz Neil is genius! and has absolutely amazing stuff to read…and on top of that he has time to give me advice on email!incredible guy!

              • I am an affillate and the traffic purchasing the products is coming from the blog

              • Dylan, the sales come from people who subscribe to the newsletter who then get presented with offer. We’ll talk about the amazon rankings in one of the upcoming updates 🙂

                • Interesting. I am a subscriber to the Nutrition Secrets blog and did not receive that offer for the fish oil. ???? Did you segment your list for the promo offer? Anyway great job on the blog. Learning a lot from you.

          • We need to maneuver the traffic form one site to the other.

        • Selling the amazon products is just one of the ways we are monetizing

  5. Daath Boucher :

    For a new website, making 27K the first month.

    Or even just 11K after the coupon…

    It’s really good.

    And also, it’s in a crowded space….How many fish oil brand there is: A LOT

    Awesome work and awesome work to Mike also.

    • Daath, yes, it’s highly competitive. There are tons and tons of fish oil supplements out there, but fortunately our strategy is working.

  6. 27k is awesome. Nutrition secrets is on the next level now.

    Super anxious to see the rapid progress coming in 2016.

    All the Best Neil and Thanks for sharing the journey.

  7. Hey Neil, awesome figures man. Just wanted to ask one thing. Are you drop shipping or have you invested money beforehand and bought a particular quantity of stock ?

    • We partnered with a private label and are drop shipping Saubhagya.

      • Alrighty. Gotta try that out. Keep up the awesome work Neil.

      • Hey Neil, I would really like to hear more specific details on how you and Mike sourced the fish oil private labeler and negotiated the drop ship agreement. I suspect that some of the info will be too sensitive to be overly specific, but from my perspective, the supply agreement is one of the more critical steps of how you are meeting the revenue challenge.

        Thanks in advance, and love the blog…


        • All he did was contact a lot of Amazon sellers and find out how they make their products. If it is in house/outsourced, etc. Most didn’t tell him anything, but a few did. That combined with Google searches help him come up with supplier options.

          As for drop ship, technically they ship the product to Amazon and with our agreement they “own” the rights to each bottle until we sell it.

  8. Hello Neil,
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and its always exciting to be reading your blog.
    Let me congratulate you on your success with nutritionsecrets 🙂
    I would like to ask you one question. Your input will help me and other fellow readers.
    As you said – the exit intent popups doesnt work on mobile devices. I think exit intent popups are quite effective in collecting e mails. Is there any way we can collect emails on mobile devices which is as effective as exit intent popup.

    • Aadil, I would use a popup that’s optimized for the mobile screen. Most lead capture solutions today should offer that feature.

  9. Huge improvement on product design! Very happy about the transparency here Neil. One of a kind series….

  10. Amazing progress. I am really impressed by seeing your challenge going really well. Keep us inspired

  11. Hi neil, congratz for the sales, hope nutritionsecret will reach the next target of $50,000 sales/month .

    Would you mind to share which hosting you’ve moved on to ?

    Thanks .

  12. Hey Neil,

    Looks like you’re almost there! Really enjoy following this challenge and can’t wait to see what happens in January. I’ve been using some of the insights for my hockey website. Amazed at how fast you can get a project off the ground. Best of luck to you and Mike—although I’m sure you don’t need it 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing your findings. I’m going through your whole series from the beginning and learning a lot. It helps me to “stay the course” as I see the growth in traffic and revenue that is being made over time with your new site.

  14. Hi Neil,

    Congrats on the new achievements and thanks for sharing the details.

    But you keep saying Mike a newbie at online marketing. If it’s Mike Kamo you’re referring to (which the emails come from), isn’t he QuickSprout’s CMO?

    I’m not connecting the dots here and would appreciate you letting me know what I’m missing out here.


  15. Moshiur Rahman :

    Hi Neil,

    From couple of i will follow your blog & update. I am happy to see your blog increasing of sales day by day.

    I like your time management schedule.I also have this kind of challenge for 2016.But my challenge is few thousand of $$$$.

    Hope you will reach your 100k$ target asap.I will be waiting for your next update.


  16. Hephzy Asaolu :

    That is a great progress. I have a question though. You did mention that the more “the higher quality content you create, the more search traffic you will receive”. How many articles per day is required? Can one post two articles per day?

    • I think 2 posts per day may make it difficult to consistently create new content. Start with a few times a week and get up to daily

  17. Great job… Thanks for the updates and keep inspiring us.

    I believe there is a mistake in the text?: “If you look at the content production, it’s slowed down. Mike went from posting 7 times a week to 3 times a week. He has been working on increasing the production back up to 7 posts a day, which you’ll see at some point in January.”

    Will you start posting 7 times a DAY or a WEEK?


  18. Nice work!

    I’m curious about your content creation methods. How do you find headlines or topics to write about 3-7 days per week that continue to be high quality? Seems quality would tail off with volume. I’m interested in the creative/brainstorming/whatever process to come up with the high quality titles/content.

    Thanks in advance! And thanks for such a unique and amazingly helpful series for everyone.

    • It comes with experience. The more you do it, the more you learn, the more effective you will become. Practice will allow you to generate new topics and headlines with ease. I recommend you subscribe to a lot of different blogs and pick apart the stuff you like.

  19. Always motivating!! May I ask how much was your spend this month in content writing, promotion, paid search , outreach etc and in terms of time how much aggregated hours out by entire team, as this is huge success for 95% of your reader base I think.

    I have no fear to say I am adopting some of your techniques for my new site but my numbers are very disturbing 🙂 compare to yours but you always motivate me.

    All the best.

    • It’s okay if you’re numbers aren’t as high yet, you’ll get there with time and practice. Mike writes the content and does most of the promotion and outreach.

  20. Hello Neil, your posts are always so well structured and honest that anyone would read them till the end. Great work! Learning a lot!! Thank you. Regards, Mamata,

    • I like to break everything down so its deconstructed and allows you to understand the steps

      • Mamata Awarade :

        Hello Neil,

        I feel that it is the start-ups that suffer the most in this rat- race. I feel that having a good following, an already established blogger and/or website has the power to drive traffic to any website they choose. It does come from experience though I admit. But doing the best things as told v/s what you learn is the best according to your business, is a big question. Not all SEO experts are able to get all websites on top. I fail to understand why even after different strategies are used for different websites. Any comments?

        Best Regards,

        Mamata Awarade,

  21. Hi Niel,
    First of congratulations for your achievements and new progress. Since last 3 months regularly I am reading your nutritions blog post series and learning from it.

    Thank you

  22. Awesome work Neil, loving the story (there is a reason my saved links in Facebook are 80% your posts 🙂 )

  23. Thanks Neil,

    Been following this series and building along side you. This has been really great. I’m almost ready to monetize. Hopefully by next post I will be sharing my results with you.

    Thanks again,

  24. Hello Neil,

    Thank you – always heartening to see someone who knows what they are doing, doing things successfully!

    Respect to Mike as well. His articles are always worth reading – we’ll all be healthier and some of us wealthier as we progress.

    As always, you lead – we’ll follow.


  25. Neil,

    Thank for giving the financial breakdown.
    I was wondering what those details looked like.

    What are the Amazon fees and shipping costs?

    Looks great and inspiring.

  26. Good going Neil and Mike.

    I went over the to Nutrition secrets website for the first time just now and here’s what struck me:

    1. The email sign up copy on the right of the blog — Want to Learn How You Can Eat Your Way to a Lean Body?

    When my eyes move over the copy, it registers these words more than the others;

    ‘eat your lean body’.

    Those words may cause less people to sign up; it causes a cannibalisation visual in the mind!

    And the ‘learn’ part; that may conjur up heavy lifting to be done.

    Possibly something like – ‘Eat, Get Lean, Here’s How’ may create a different result.

    2. On the pink header bar, why not do away with the question — Want the best nutritional Content in Your Inbox? (they can either answer yes or no). Instead, how about;

    Get The Best Nutritional Secrets in the World
    Get The Best Nutritional Secrets in the World, Now.

    3. Under the Nutrition Secrets header, there’s the words; Real Research, Credible Resources; are there any logos/brands/icons/images that can be put there also, to tie those visuals to the words?

    Be curious to know if you test any of the above. And if you do, what your findings are.



    • Those are very helpful tips Raja, I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. We have many a/b tests planned and will be sharing results on one of the future posts. Yes, I agree that we need to add more logo that will enhance the sites’s credibility and trust.

  27. Chidubem ezinne : blog uses the same CTA for their email list…

    “From “aha” to “oh shit”, we’re sharing everything on our journey to $500k in monthly revenue.”

  28. Unless I am missing something your net profit is not adding up for me. Are the coupon codes for a free bottle of your fish oil supplements? Otherwise your net profit after expenses should be higher.

    • I was given some bottles from the supplier for free to give away. I gave almost all of those away. We got some reviews for those.

      As for coupons, we run a ton of coupons at cost. I have exclude those numbers from the revenue. Cost including fees for Amazon… This is why I report 2 revenue numbers in the post.

  29. Healthy habit buying should be a great boost in January.

    Question: What special marketing is being done to turn buyers into repeat buyers?

    I love the focus on the top of the funnel. Just seems like there’s enough volume now to really juice up sales with a great emphasis on customers who have already purchased.

  30. Wow, I’m absolutely blown away. Congratulations, Neil. Now you need a vacation in some warm tropical resort – you deserve it.

  31. Neil,

    Thanks for the post. Great info.

    I’ve noticed you are not using SSL on your

    It seems that today many marketers preaching HTTPS importance for high Google ranking. What is your opinion?



  32. Hello Neil,
    $27k is a big success, It is not difficult to do so. You have a hectic schedule but you do do tricky thing that is why you are able to generate big even by giving small time to it.

  33. Hi Neil
    Thank you for sharing this. Here’s an idea in reaction to your label, your new one above and the one you had on Amazon. Maybe get a better more clear logo for your brand-name: “Nutrition Secrets” – a logo that is more clear in font and that will impress, brand more upon the you viewer’s mind. Get behind the psychology of your logo so that it visually emotionally imprints.
    Make sure your Nutrition Secrets website takes on an identity, a theme – has a cause with conviction. So as you build your brand out more, people will want to follow it more and take up it’s cause more. Therefore they may be more loyal and have more conviction themselves to buying your supplement products. So therefore once the brand is established stronger in the minds and hearts of your followers you can keep adding on new supplement products up there on Amazon one by one and then – presto.

  34. Michael Meyers :

    Really inspiring to see your progress Neil. Not sure if you ever covered this but, can you explain how you found a company to white label their product?

  35. On the desktop design once you scroll down the right column is empty. You could also leverage this space to collect emails with a fixed element and that wouldn’t interrupt the reader’s experience.

    Nice work with the challenge. I’m enjoying the progress.

  36. Gives us all hope Neil, Thanks, Was wondering what is the monetary value of Mike’s effort? How much would you have paid him if he was a contractor/employee? How is he able to devout time without compensation? Is he employed currently.

  37. Hey Neil,

    Are you guys getting most of that traffic from Facebook? How have you gotten most of your traffic from the start!

    • Most of the traffic is coming from organic search. We are researching the best keywords to target and writing high quality content

  38. Really Happy to hear the victory and earnings Neil. But Sadness is You Haven’t updated the copyright year in the NutritionSecrets Blog.

    Chk Screenshot :

    I thought It could help. 🙂

  39. love, as always 🙂

    What hosting service did you move Nutrition Secrets to? And what hosting service do you use here at QuickSprout?

    We’re currently researching a change. Thanks.

  40. Hey Neil,
    Loved the new design of the product, I agree with you that it will boost the sales.

  41. I don’t get why everyone’s hooked on the $22K gross? It’s a vanity metric, you see how he’s showing the profit is only $3,500?

    That’s all that matters.

  42. Thanks for the update Neil, I started a new website in November selling air and water filters and your emphasis on content and email collection reminds me where my focus should be.
    Keep up the great work this project is very inspiring.
    Best Regards,

  43. Oh, and knowing you, this is already on your mind. But if you put all these $100,000 posts into a simple e-book and sell it for $9.99, I’d certainly buy it here or on Amazon 🙂

  44. Priyankar Mukherjee :

    Hi Neil,

    I have a question.

    You said that some of your sales came via distribution of coupons. I would like to know how you distributed coupons? Which channels you used? How have you driven traffic to your amazon product page?

    If you discuss these strategies it would be helpful as well.


  45. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    You’re just amazing, lol. So awesome to see that you’re starting to get some pretty neat growth now, be it in traffic or revenue.

    I am pretty bumbed out lately…I launched my online coaching about a month and have 12 clients right now, but they are pretty much all in their 40’s, while my demographic is like 90% male teens-25ish…I just know that if I can explode that age group, my client numbers will improve significantly, but I don’t know what to do.

    I am definitely starting videos now, which will allow them to finally see my face and have me talk to them and “train” with them, which should help, since I am 21 and in this demographic. I am also going to focus on creating headlines targetted towards them, so hopefully that works.

    Other than this, I am pretty stuck on improving the sales part, and any help would be awesome, haha. Traffic is going up steady. 🙂

    • Have you tried networking on Linkedin? There are many groups you can join that have the demographic you are targeted. Once you find that group, start giving value and you’ll notice more people interested in your services.

  46. Hey Neil,

    Are you impressed with the results so far? Is this a typical conversion rate? It’s around 1-1.25% or so based on the units ordered and the overall traffic. Just wondering what is to be expected with such traffic, thanks!

    • I think it’s okay and a fairly average conversion rate, but there is definitely a lot of improvement that can be made. I expect to see that number increase as we introduce and implement more tests.

  47. BabsTheBlogger :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for filling us in on your $100k challenge… This is one fantastic growth I must say.

    I’m impressed…

    Your speculations on the blog growth this month looks promising.. I’ll look more into creating more content on my blog as that’s the key takeaway for me on this update and not the figures.

    Mike slowed down on posting traffic slew down as well… Sounds familiar.

    Thanks for writing.

    • That’s why consistency is important, because you can leverage that momentum to keep traffic increasing. High quality content is key though, more important than churning out bad posts.

  48. Great Progress for it not being your main focus.

    • Thanks Brian. Even though it is not my “main” focus, I makes sure I give it the attention it needs to become successful.

  49. Neil,

    do you/mike do any marketing for the blog or do you just publish the articles and wait to get ranked? I saw that you previously did a Social Media Outreach for Backlinks. Do you still do it? Are you doing any other marketing ?

    • We do tactics like blogger outreach with influence when applicable, but get a lot of action by marketing through social channels like facebook.

  50. Hi Neil,

    amazing progress.

    Why don’t you promote the fish oil from the blog instead of only by the newsletter?

    Any chance to know how much of the sales were coming from your website users and how many through Amazon search and reviews?

    • The products don’t convert as well they do in the newsletter environment. Once someone subscribes, we have the opportunity to build a relationship with them. This allows them to feel comfortable and trust the products we are recommending for them to buy

  51. I would expect January to have higher sales anyway, simply because when people spend money in January, they are usually spending it on health and fitness. Given that you’re going to start paid ads in January, I predict quite a large boost in sales, and a slower growth rate in February. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  52. Michael Mackay :

    Neil, great stuff. Could you comment on how you handled potential liability/legal action that could arise while you sell a supplement? I was considering starting a supplement line a few years ago but could not stomach the potential liability issues that I could face.

    • I am not too sure on this as we are just getting into this. Hopefully we are safe… lawyers will be digging in soon enough.

  53. Maqsood Memon :

    Great post man! Good luck for your journey!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  54. Hi Neal,

    Where can I see ALL of the articles relating to this project in one place? It’s a bit hard to find everything from beginning to end.

  55. Hi Neil,

    You challenge update is inspiration for Beginner’s. Keep it up

  56. I am curious about how liability works when one gets involved with private labeling. For example, if a bottle of fish oil pills is sold to a customer with the nutrition secrets label and the customer’s child chokes on a pill who is liable?

  57. Hey Neil,
    I really enjoy every bit of content you produce.
    i learn a lot from you something that am so much proud of… Congrats to Nutrition Secrets progress, wise way to educate your readers while your traffic grows rapidly (win – win situation) has grown because of you and will soon be contesting for the BAKE Awards here in Kenya.
    So much Thanks to you again and again…
    Best regards, God bless.

  58. Awesome Stuff Neil.
    I’m eagerly looking for these posts as this series is my favorite.
    I’m following a quality versus quantity strategy for my posts like Backlinko as I want to use Skyscraper and because my quality goes downhill if I up production.
    I really want to go for ‘timeless wisdom pillar posts’ instead.

  59. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the great job you are doing keeping us up to date on your progress and it is impressive watching you build a whole new business from scratch!

    I’ve been following the progress of your Amazon offering closely and have a question about the reviews you are getting for it. The number of reviews has been rising incredibly quickly and you’ve been very straightforward in explaining how you get them. But I noticed that two days ago the total number of reviews fell from 597 to 570 or so. I believe it fell in two separate stages, but I may be wrong. My question is this: did Amazon take out some of your reviews or did you do it yourself? If Amazon did this, which reviews did they target for removal? If we knew which reviews they don’t like, we would know what not to do.

    • There may have been some unhelpful reviews that Amazon automatically deleted. I didn’t remove them, so that would be my assumption.

  60. Impressive progress with both website and product, Neil!
    Anyway, thanks for update and keep inspiring up. 🙂

  61. Superb results in terms of simplicity and effectiveness of your approach, Neil!

  62. This is amazing Neil, in a year you helped out a blog to make $22k. Wow I’ve never seen anything like this, in a year I was only able to make $500 from my blog. This really inspires me to work harder, better, stronger. Thanks for being transparent with us Neil, a lot of people really like to see the monthly stats of blog’s journey so that we can learn from it. Cheers!

  63. Awesome statistic for this month Patel. Thank you for sharing. Numbers like these inspire me to do better with my blog, especially looking at how young your site is.

  64. Sebastian Muenda :

    Thank’s so much Neil for taking us on this ride with you…This project inspired me to start my own health blog (as a side project), plus I have 16 years experience in the field too..

    I’ve followed most of what you’ve suggest plus I’ve added strategies I’ve learned from the guys at digital marketer too…

    Just entering my 4th month and a few of pins went kinda viral causing one of my post to be shared over 30K times. And I’ve gotten over 80k visitors in 10 days… I know that your guidance was partly responsible for that. So Thank You Neil!!!

    p.s. As a lead magnet I would suggest a health challenge of sorts…I added a 7 day clean eating challenge and i’m averaging about 500 opt-ins a day…

    ….and if Mike ever wants out let me know;)

    • Congrats, that’s a lot of optins. What are you doing with those emails after they subscribe?

      • Sebastian Muenda :


        On the thank you page I have an affiliate offer to a Paleo recipe book…It’s not converting too great. The book is $37. I feel like that might be too much for an initial offer…

        At the moment I am finishing up a 21 Day workout challenge that I plan to replace with that offer and sell it for $7. Then on the upsell offer some other paleo recipe book after that purchase.

        Also working on a recipe book and beginners nutrition course as well..

  65. Hey, great update! Just curious about design on nutrition secrets. First of all, the theme is really clean and nice, mind sharing which theme you use? Secondly, why there isn’t any menu bar on the site?

    • Shaun, thank you, it was a custom theme. We are keeping the options limited to direct them towards the conversion path.

  66. Excellent progress, it really shows it is not easy to get the traffic. But it is not impossible either.

  67. Nice. Good luck with that!

  68. We are trying to use the same methods as this on our site and we really like following this month to month, even though sometimes they are a little late on the month 😛 keeps me loading without it being there I guess.

    • Hityah, which methods are you finding results with so far?

      • Hey Neil, I have been following you for years now I was an active member on your forum back in the day, But on this particular article I have been doing content marketing pushing out a lot of it and it’s really having a big impact; however I have followed your backlinking guides as well.

  69. I like the progress Neil and the fact that you have kept your word from the time you started the challenge till now.
    For me I would say that content actually brings in lots of search traffic.
    I have filled my new e-commerce website with enough relevant content for my audience.
    I get 90% of traffic from Google and that is good.

    Another way to drive in sales on your blog would be to make use of an online chat widget where you get to chat with web visitors and convert them to paying customers.

    All in all, you are an inspiration to me and keep on. All the best

    • Sounds like you have successful site, keep up the good work. The chat widget is a great idea and something I’d like to add in the near future too.

  70. I am fairly new to your site, but I like the business model of your nutrition site, to build traffic and sell your own product to that traffic. I am planning to do that on my pet site also. thanks for the idea and the teachings your site is giving us

  71. Hello Sir.. How r u .. Sir You r my role model.. u inspire me lot to become a digital marketer..
    sir i want to know how many people are working in your staff 🙂

  72. not sure why you guys blow this guys cock so much. “Total expenses for the month were 7,927.59. Which means the total profit was $3,588.57.”

    that’s not really so impressive, is it?

    • Prime example of a delusional mind here.
      3.5k profit and it hasn’t even been a year. I’m sure you are making millions every month right?

      That being said, I do agree that a lot of the folks that comment here only see the big numbers and not seem to understand the difference between revenue and profit.

      All in all, great job and but not I am not really sure how you are planning on making $100k in profit per month in the end.

  73. Great update Neil!
    Congrats on the profits for dec!
    Just curious, How does the blog maintain /grow the number of visitors to the site ? Is it purely through email? through social media or are some of the articles ranking on Google? Also, should the bounce rate be considered an important metric?

    Thanks in advance!

  74. Hey Neil,

    I am following this project right from the beginning, Great progress and Thanks for sharing.

    After you have the buyer on your site, Why risk losing the buyers by redirecting them to Amazon?

    Imran khan

    • Imran, we get the visitors to give us their email first and then market the product through email autoresponders. That way we still have their contact info and can keep marketing to them if they didn’t buy.

  75. I’d really really like to see (even if it requires large degree of awkward honesty on your part Neil) what percentage of the sales come from Amazon without the site being involved at all. If it is 99% of them that’s fine, I still think your 1-year demo of how to make money online is very valid, I’d just really like to know, at the moment, whether or not the site makes any difference to sales numbers — and more important, by how much exactly?

    • Brin, the offer is presented to them after they subscribe to our eamil autoresponders. They go from our site, to email list, and then to amazon.

  76. I’ve been following this since the beginning, it’s fascinating to watch how it’s growing, and I’m trying to follow your advice when it pertains to my own business.

    I wanted to especially say thank you for putting the hard numbers of revenue and expenses in there. It’s such a detailed account of what’s going on and I really appreciate that.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  77. Interesting post like as always

  78. Great Stats thanks for updates, its really amazing

  79. Liquidweb Coupons :

    Thanks for a real-time case study. I will follow 100000 challenge seriously. Thanks

  80. Every update you do always has some knock on Mike. I think he’s doing an incredible job with 7 posts a week. You won’t find a single person reading your blog that’s put out that much content in such a short amount of time. Props to Mike…

  81. It’s going really well. But it’s already a 9th month. You would have to make 5 times more to meet 100k target in 12 months. Anyway I think it’s doable for person like Neil Patel 😀 All the best!

  82. Hi Neil,

    Great as always. You are inspiring new bloggers like me. Congrats on such earnings!

  83. Stefan Joubert :

    Thank you so much for sharing Neil. Wonderful to see a live example and a big success in the making! You are helping a lot of people!

  84. Neil, you haven’t answered people question here. How much percentage of sales from amazon are from the site traffic as opposed to direct Amazon traffic?

    This answer would help a lot of people to get an understanding.

  85. Is there a way to read all of the $100,000 posts in one place?

  86. Great strategy will definitely work on this. And moreover, I enjoyed what was written here, super epic content as always. Heads up Neil

  87. Neil, I expected income report of Quicksprout which will be more impressive for readers of Quicksprout, but here i could see only for NutritionSecrets and amazon sales.
    is there any reason for that not to post report of Quicksprout? I’m curious about to know that. 😉

  88. I’ve been following this journey for sometime, very inspirational, and thank you for sharing.

    As I am going through a similar journey, I have found Youtube, and Instagram have helped me.

    I’m curious to know why you haven’t used these channels?

    Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  89. Hi Neil, Congrats on having such great achievements.

    Amazaon is one of the best affiliate program and it can be proved very useful on a niche website.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Thats a great post.

    Regards: Duryab Aziz

  90. Hi Neil,

    Its so inspiring to see the sales figure. However I have few questions as much as others have.

    I guess you track the sales from the blog, so how many of these have been made from the blog traffic and how many of those are from Amazon searches ?

    Also, you have mentioned the number but did not explain the sales funnel and selling tips.

    I look forward for detailed explanation. I am so much excited with this challenge from the very beginning and I see this is really a great sprint for progress.

    • Dipendra, all these are from the blog traffic after they go through the sales funnel. I’ll provide more information about the backend funnel in some of the upcoming posts.

  91. Amazing Neil. Congratulations… you are such an inspiration.

  92. Saurabh Deswal :

    Hey Neil!
    You always share such an important information. Your posts are worth reading. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations for your success. 🙂

  93. Saurabh Deswal :

    Thanks! For sharing Neil! Keep it up.

  94. Neil – Great progress on your $100,000 challenge. I follow your blog since I met you at NASSCOM Event in Bangalore.

    Have you considered using Browser push notifications to engage with all of your websites users. We have found on our sites that this has 4 to 5x higher ROI than Email.

    Hence we built – a browser notification platform for websites, including a WP Plugin. We will be happy to offer a free lifetime subscription, given we are fan of your sites.

    Whether you use our tool or others tools, do check out Browser Push Notifications.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Ravi, we actually happen to be working on adding something like that. I appreciate your offer 🙂

  95. I don’t understand how you got so many visitors in such short time.
    Is just just producing content with long tail keywords and proper SEO?
    My traffic grows but incredibly slower than this project.
    Maybe I need to refine my Keywords or something.
    Nevertheless, I love watching the growth and I learn a lot from each post!
    Great effort,

  96. Has anyone here gotten a coupon code?

    I’m on the newsletter list since day 1 and I wasn’t offered a coupon code…
    A bit irritated to be honest…

    • Not everyone gets coupons. We don’t have enough inventory to give away coupons to all readers. It’s been segmented.

    • I got a coupon, but I was a bit disappointed. The bottle packaging started to come off. I don’t think they have proper quality control set in place.

      According to the last Nutrition Secrets challenge post it looks like they will be fixing this. Hopefully I get another coupon so I can repurchase the new version.

      • Lauren, I’m sorry you were disappointed, please email support and they will make sure this gets taken care of.

  97. Rochelle Turner :

    Hi Neil,

    Taking the time to do this whole project is amazing. I would like to replicate this whole project myself. I would like to launch my own skin care line with skin care supplements. The FDA explained to me I can make and sell my own supplements. Skin care is a small niche, and I thought to myself I can not just have a website just on skin care issues alone. Could you please recommend what additional topics I could target to get readers on my website. I want the readers who care about their skin, who care about what they put in their body. I am not a nutritionist nor do I have any medical background. Please help??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  98. Great work Neil, I’ve been following this for a while now. How much does the domain name come into play with ranking & appearance? Also was this domain purchased?


    • The domain definitely plays with he ranking and appearance. Yes this one was purchased, but I negotiated a lower price for it 😉

  99. I have absolutely NO IDEA how you get all this done in a day! Every time I think I’m moving ahead in life. I read this blog and realize… I’m a turtle.

  100. Hi Neil,

    Congratulations on your and Mike’s success. It’s going really well.

    What are the breakdown of the 60k unique visitors? Are they all from the search engines, or is some facebook etc?
    How much time does Mike spend on this website per week?
    Is Mike focused much on backlinking or is it just content creation and publishing the content?

    Thanks for the great info.


    David T

    • Mike is focusing the majority of his time on content creation and backlinks at the moment.

      74% came from search. 19% came from direct (which includes emails), and the rest came from social and referrals.

  101. It is a great achievement and i want to congratulate you for your unbelievable success.

    I’ve followed most of what you’ve suggest plus I’ve added strategies I’ve learned from the guys at digital marketer too.

  102. HI NEIL

    Getting this many new visitors is great success to u r blog “congrats” for that can you suggest how did u get this…………..

  103. Great achievement Neil. And its coming in December month which used to be really slow month for these niches.

  104. Hi Neil
    Thanks for sharing this case study. I did actually find some motivating stuff here in for myself. So you started with 7 posts per week, that really big.

    I am making a new website and writing about 1 article each week, thinking that I am doing enough. But now I will also try to publish that many number of articles each week, to reach my traffic goals.

    Can you also share something about the link building strategy used for that site.

  105. Nithin H Mallesh gowda :

    Great achievement brother .but I have some Questions Regarding product labeling.

    I am curious about how liability works when one gets involved with private labeling. example, if a bottle of fish oil pills is sold to a customer with the nutrition secrets brand. Bychance due to quality issues the customer’s child chokes on a pill who is Responsible ?

    1 .How to handle this situation?
    2. How to choose the dropshipping vendors & same how to manage the quality ,compliance & risk issues.?

  106. Nithin H Mallesh gowda :

    Thank you for your earliest reply, along with asking sample to dropshipping vendor we need to take few more precautions for avoiding upcoming headaches.

    Below mentioned small checklists Might be helpfull to us.

    1.Before going to ask sample we should check & ensure whether the product manufacturing company approved from FDA ?

    2.we should check product manufacturing plant is GMP certified or not?

    3.we should check product manufacturing company following all FDA Regulations or not?

    Examples:- quality in ingredients, colors, chemical usage percent age..etc

    4.we should check product vendor ready to share COA(certificate of analysis) with us.

  107. Neil,

    A couple questions that are more generic in nature:

    1) Does Mike optimize each post on WordPress with Yoast before publishing?
    2) If each of your posts are garnering shares and gaining search traffic – how does it affect the main domain showing up for generic terms like “nutrition resources”? I mean, at the end of the day I’m guessing you want to show the main website for most of the nutrition keywords. Right?

    Thanks and I spent the last few hours going through all the updates, this is amazing!

    • 1. Yes, each post goes through a checklist
      2. I focus on long tail traffic mark. With a proper internal linking strategy, the main page pass the value through the entire site.

  108. Its interesting reading this your updates on nutrient secrets website for the first time, its making me a little curious in knowing when you started and the strategy you used to get to this point.
    Great job Neil

  109. Hi Neil!

    Why isn’t your fish oil setup for Prime on Amazon?

  110. Great work! Who made the new design? Anyone i can use?

  111. Hi Neil,
    For me it is a grand challenge! But how it possible?

    • It took me over 10 years to acquire the skills to know how Ronit. Now I’m sharing so my readers can do in a fraction of the time.

  112. Hey Neil, can you tell me do you have your own manufacturing department for omega 3 or you just buy the licensing of it or any other thing .

  113. Where are you selling this product. It doesn’t seem to be on your site? How are you pushing traffic?

    With reviews, did you outreach by hand or use a tool like AMZtracker?

    Kind regards.


  114. John - Houston Security Guards :

    Hello ,

    I know keywords ranking is most important for generate sales. Can you give me some suggestion that what i do if my website not rank on 1st page. ?


  115. Thanks you Neil for your awesome content as usual.

    Where can we find the links of the previous updated?

  116. Frederik Faarup :

    Neil, I love following this journey – however, I have one simple question:

    – Why do you never categorize your blogpost and put categories in the menus of your sites?
    (on quicksprout, neilpatel, nutritionsecrets)

    PS: I admire your work ethic… pat yourself on the back and keep doing amazing things 😎

  117. I would VERY much like to see a list of the email marketing funnel you got going there… As far as I can see, that’s basically the heart of the sales.
    Content of the emails, at what moment each of them is sent on your campaigns, and what was the intent on each of them, at the time they were written.
    Oh, and of course, which of them is actually generating sales.
    Of course, this much information may the detrimental to the website after being shared, but then again you ARE sharing almost everything, aren’t you?
    Thanks for taking us with you!

  118. Hi Neil – great post series.

    I have question regarding the email marketing. If you collect the addresses and send an email out to promote an offer/product how often do you do this for the same product? How do you then make sure that the same offer isn’t being emailed to people who have already received an email off you and not taken the offer or make sure not to send to people who have actually already converted?

  119. ¡Amazing post Neil! 🙂

  120. blog uses the same CTA for their email list…

  121. Great work Neil,

    Looking forward to using a lot of the techniques I’ve learnt from your blog when I launch mine later this year.

    Any advice on the best courses/mentors I can work with?

    I have some experience in online marketing already.


  122. Thank you Neil! I’m a french guy and I follow this challenge since 6 months now, it’s so interesting! I really think I’m going to try it in France, you definitly inspire me! Thanks again 😉

  123. Thanks Neil!
    I have to say, this series has been (and still is) the most inspiring stuff I’ve read. This series finally got me to take action. I’ve only just started my journey – and hope to reach a similar goal to yours (i.e. $100,000 per month). One difference is that I cannot spend full time on mine, as I have a day job. The amount of time Mike spends generating content is unbelievable. I’m trying to track the actual time spent as well as money, so that makes interesting reading.
    I know there are many critics who says you’re not quite doing what you set out to do because you’re driving sales from Amazon, but to me this is just an example of thinking of more unconventional monetization techniques, which will surely pay off in the long run.
    Given the fact that I will have less traffic (because I can’t generate content full time), I will have to come up with some interesting monetization plans too. I’ll be watching with interest to see what else you plan to sell.
    I expect with your level of traffic you should easily hit your target.
    Best of luck – and thanks once again for this awesome series.

    • It sounds like you are on the right track Alex. Since you have a full time job, take advantage of any other free time you get to work on your skills. As you hustle on all your projects, you’ll begin to opportunities to experience bigger growth. At some point you’ll need to decide on taking the leap, but hopefully it’ll be an easy choice for you since you’ll have more freedom

  124. Hi Neil, little bit out of topic. I see the Facebook of Nutritional Secrets have 100k likes, but why the engagement so low? are they fake likes?

    I have a fan page that have 30k likes but have more engagements than that?

    Are you running fb ads currently?

    • There isn’t enough posting of good information. A lot of the posts should be graphics and quotes instead of just links to the site.

  125. This article is very helpful for anyone who is new in this field like me. I think the skills that you have listed in this article will be very effective. Thanks a ton!

  126. Marvin Francis :

    Very impressive…. Looks great

  127. Hi Neil!

    I have been followings your $100000 challenge since its beginning and it really inspires me alot. I am also running a blog in health/beauty niche and wish to sell health suplements like you do oj amazon. As I am from Pakistan and unfortunately the things are so hard for PakistanI bloggers. I have no idea how a Pakistani blogger can sell products on amazon while sitting sitting in his or her home country.

    I would be so glad if you can give me any idea of where and how to start while living outside USA.

    Thanx a ton Neil for sharing such practical case studies which I am sure are inspiring lot of people around the globe.

    • I would use a shopping platforms like shopify or even sites like etsy. I hope that helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

  128. That’s an amazing profit for a site this new

  129. Daniel Reed :

    Found out about this project today and it has inspired me to start selling online. Just need to find the right niche.

  130. Oh my god 100000 challenge. Its dream for a newbie blogger like me. Any ways all the best Neil.

  131. Tim McCarthy :

    Hey Niel, Amazing article. It stands as an inspiration for bloggers and Internet marketers around the world. This makes us work hard and get results with the help of your articles. The content you write is simply epic.

  132. I like the stats on the content promotion. Although I think spending time on quality content is a huge asset, when a site gets momentum and you can start pushing out some posts revolving around niche/long tail keywords you can definitely get some new and fresh traffic coming in. Just need to make sure you can capture that traffic one way or another.

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