The $100,000 Challenge: November Update

nov stats

We just wrapped up the eighth month of the Nutrition Secrets’ $100,000 challenge. Not only did we start generating revenue (kind of), but we also generated good traffic numbers because of the continual increase of our search traffic.

Traffic went up to 58,260 visitors, which is a nice increase from the 42,822 visitors in the previous month. That’s pretty good, considering that content production has slowed down. Mike currently blogs only two to three times a week instead of seven.

The main reason for this is to give him the chance to focus on promoting our fish oil supplement, which I’ll get into in a bit.

But first, let’s go over our traffic numbers.

November traffic stats

As I mentioned above, the traffic grew to 58,260 visitors. Of those visitors, 36,288 came from search engines (mainly Google).

search traffic

Over time, that number should keep rising as the content continues to rank higher and we build more links. We have built a few EDU links and GOV links by just doing backlink checks on our competitors using Ahrefs and then begging those people to link to our site.

The model works, and over time, our search traffic should continually rise.

Overall, I am happy with our search traffic and growth, given the fact that Mike isn’t very creative when coming up with headlines. That really is the key to growing both your social and search traffic.

Just look at Quick Sprout. The reason it does so well is because I’m able to come up with headlines that hit hard. For example, when I blog on Quick Sprout or, I run a headline through an analyzer that estimates how well a headline will do…


One day, we’ll be releasing this free of charge to all the people who sign up to the Quick Sprout tool. But Mike didn’t have it, so it’s a bit harder for him to create headlines that do well.

Nonetheless, the numbers are good, and they keep rising (most months).


We started selling fish oil supplements on Amazon like I discussed in my previous update.

fish oil

As you can see from the screenshot above, we are starting to get more reviews and feedback from people. We collected most of the reviews by going to Amazon’s top reviewers and offering them the product at a discounted rate (break even) or free. When you do that, the reviewers will then place an honest review, which will help skyrocket your positioning on Amazon.

When you hit up the top reviewers, you’ll find that most will ignore you unless you give them the product for free. Our supplier provided a small batch that we were able to give away, but we can’t do that in quantity, or else we will lose money.

When you offer a discount, you’ll find that not as many top reviewers will accept your offer. So, you’ll have to go down the list and avoid hitting up anyone in the top 100. The lower you go on the list, the more likely you are to get people to accept your product at a discounted price.

When doing this, you’ll quickly learn that giving away your product or offering it at a discount doesn’t guarantee a review. But it’s a numbers game.


As you can see from the screenshot above, there is revenue, but the numbers are deceiving. Most of the sales are for the product at a discounted price, so you can’t really count that as “revenue.” Or at least I’m not counting that as revenue.

It’s a bit difficult to figure out whether a sale was at a full price, discounted, or a giveaway as Amazon’s backend is a bit archaic.

Over the next month or two, the number of discounted or free bottles will decrease as the product gets more popular and generates more organic sales.


Even though the product is doing well, we’ve encountered a few negative reviews.

bad review

Although we have a good deal with the company supplying us the fish oil, we need to make sure quality control is high. The current labels are arriving to customers a bit smeared, which has been hurting our reviews.

The design of the label isn’t very appealing either, which makes our product hard to stand out. Over the next month, I will be working on fixing this with the supplier.

Email list

The email list is continually growing, and we started to market the product to a small portion of the list. We are offering our fish oil to these subscribers at a reduced cost. So far, 61 people from the Nutrition Secrets blog redeemed the coupon for a discounted product.

This should help generate reviews, and in the long run, it should help boost the revenue numbers.


The other thing that will be adjusted as we generate more traction is our listing on Amazon. Making the headline more descriptive and answering more objections in the copy of the listing should help generate more sales.

One simple thing that we will be implementing over the next 30 days is answering general questions in the listing. For example, we will answer questions such as “Is the fish from Japan?” or “How is the oil being filtered?”

Answering these questions, as well as others, will help put our customers’ minds at ease and help increase sales.

Think of it as copywriting. If you can persuade people through text, which most people don’t do on Amazon, you should be able to increase your sales.


I’m happy with the progress so far. As we fine-tune the Amazon listing, we will be aggressively using the email list to generate more sales.

In addition to that, you’ll start seeing ads for the fish oil all over the blog. As the blog traffic grows, it should be easier to generate more and more sales.

Once the revenue starts kicking in, we will have more cash to spend on ads to grow the sales faster as we currently have a bit more than 40% margins.

How do you think the project is going so far?


  1. Tailor Made Diet :

    Hi Neil,
    I’m following your progress since the beginning and it looks very good. When do you expect to get to $100k? What’s your deadline?

    Thanks and keep rolling!

    • Tailor, looking to hit the mark sometime in early 2016 — March/April would be a year.

      Thanks for all the support!

      • Eduardo Cornejo :

        Hey Neil!

        3 hours ago I finally launched my online personal training plan…AND I JUST GOT MY FIRST CLIENT/FIRST SALE OF MY BLOGGING LIFE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Other than my parents which were around, you’re the first person I’m telling! Haha. Thank you so much for this project. Other than my hard work, I really owe my 6 months of progress to you.

        Thank for everything, and hopefully I can catch up to you on this challenge!

        To everyone else…YES, Neil’s stuff WORKS. 😉

        • Eduardo, that’s awesome to hear!

          You have been one of my star students and I am glad to see you are seeing such great results. If you need any other help along the way please let me know.

        • Eduardo, I love your website. What theme are you using? Thanks, Nala

          • Eduardo Cornejo :

            Thanks again, Neil.

            Nala, thanks! I use Newspaper by TagDiv as the theme, though the homepage/sales page was created with Thrive Landing Pages, and my Opt-Ins with Thrive Leads. 🙂

  2. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for updating the details about this challenge every month.

    Bounce rate is very high ( according to screenshot in this post). Is there any reason for it?

  3. This is one of my favorite SEO series to follow. Thanks for the transparency. It’s a lot of fun watching the site progress.

  4. Hi Neil

    Nice results!

    I think you need to focus on quality as you mentioned and maybe start selling second product or start selling this one on an additional channel (e.g. eBay).

    • Sharif, it’s all on the table — we just want to get one viable product launched before we do anything else 🙂

  5. Good progress. For Amazon, You can see the total earnings under “payment summary”. I noticed you are only sharing your blog posts in the social media. But you could create image contents using snippets from the content and re-share those gradually. This would add more variation and make the page more engaging. I can increase your CTR to blog as well. You can also recommend some Clickbank products to your subscribers (may be).

    Anyway, seeing the progress so far, do you think you’d be able to hit 100k mark by the end of 12 months?

    • Anisul, right now we don’t want to do any of that — we are staying away from clickbank for the time being and just focusing on amazon.

      I think we can definitely hit the mark by years end — that’s the challenge 😉

  6. I love the headline analyzer.

    And, really, I am impressed with the sales (discount, or not!).

    Truly, this has been my favorite project to watch for 2015.

    • L.L. , thanks for all the support.

      If you need help with anything else please let me know. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  7. Hi Neil,

    I am happy to see the numbers in traffic growing – and I am excited by your Amazon strategy!

    Just a quick question: How many units (bottles, I think) of Fish Oil do you have to sell per month in order to get to the $ 100,000 mark?

    Keep up the good work!

  8. It’s awesome to see this progress Neil. Have you thought about creating a subscription based service for customers so that they get a new bottle every month? It would really kick up the revenue month after month (Maybe you mentioned this before and I may have missed it)

    • Chris, it’s definitely something I have considered. I am just trying to get the product as much exposure right now then everything else will be considered.

  9. Good journey. I’m following. Keep up the good work Neil

  10. I totally missed this case study. Neil can you please use tags on your blog so that new people like me can find you all previous update related to this topic?

    Or can you help me how can I find your challenge from very start.

    Thanks in advance

    • Barry, let me see what I can do. Was thinking about updating the nav bar to incorporate the challenge — will keep you posted 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply Neil.

        I really wonder how you mange to get a time to write such a long posts, manage your billion dollar businesses, reply to every comment on blog and facebook also. You must be having more than 2 hands and time machine to slow the time 😛


  11. The visitors increased much and looks great that you started selling the product.
    Any idea about selling another product??

    • Somesh, thanks for all the support — we are going to hold off until we get more sold. We want to have a strategy that is sound before we start selling anything else 🙂

  12. Irfan Siddiqui :

    Hello Neil,

    Ever since you have started writing on the challenge you took on health niche. I have been eagerly reading each of these articles on the series. Great!

  13. Nausheen Siddiqui :

    What an awesome series it was – from accepting challenge to building a blog that actually pays millions. Great!

  14. Neil,

    Those are some fantastic sales numbers! If you are generating that much revenue especially when the product is being sold at a discounted price, you’re sure to hit 100K within the next six months, once Amazon’s algorithm ranks the product higher. And driving traffic from the blog is sure to help.

    As mentioned in previous comments, this is one of the best SEO case studies I have seen. Kudos to you and Mike for your hard work!

    • Viral, that definitely is the plan and we are optimistic that our results will reflect all the hard work and effort we have put in.

      Glad to help and if you have any specific questions along the way please let me know.

  15. this case study is becomming interesting day by day…i am learning many things on every new update…going to implement some of these points to boost my blog revenue as well.

  16. Thank you for the progress report, Neil.

    It’s like watching a child develop and gain recognition in the world – very moving and quite a responsibility!

    Thanks to Mike as well. Hope he can put his feet up at Christmas.

    Kindest regards.

    • Zarayna, that is a pretty apt analogy — the evolution of this challenge has been really rewarding. It’s like our child haha.

  17. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    Sounds like a lot of progress! I know you need 500+, but 100+ is not bad considering how long you’ve been selling the pills.

    I am definitely going to be improving my sales page like you said, and will also add some more pictures of me training and all, but man, I’d love to see $18,000 at the end of the month, even if it didn’t actually mean that much! Haha.

    Well good luck to you! My plan is to become your #1 overall student out of this project! Let’s see how my first month monetizing works out…


    • Eduardo, so far based on your updates and everything you have shared you are definitely in contention for number one.

      Thanks for all the support and as always if you need specific help along the way let us know.

  18. Hi Neil,

    I’m really enjoying this series so thanks for doing it. I’ve picked up some great tips from it and learned a lot.

    As one of the other commenters suggested, setting up a subscription service is a great way to get repeat business.

    • Jess, thanks for all the support and positive feedback. The subscription is definitely something that is being considered. Hoping to hear much more from you!

  19. I stumbled across your website yesterday and read all your previous monthly articles on your 0 to 100k challenge. Do you have any in-depth articles on how you white-labeled your fish oil product and how to go about contacting suppliers to sell items on Amazon?

    • I don’t. That’s a good post idea though.

    • I would second Mike’s suggestion… it would be interesting to get a post on both (a) White Labeling process, and (b) Selling on Amazon (application, approval, requirements, etc.). If possible, how these two fit together in this case.

      Thanks again for this awesome case study, it is great to follow along and watch it develop month by month, step by step.

  20. Taking any steps in improving the bounce rate and session duration?

  21. DIYEssentialOils :


    Thanks for the November update. I really like your income strategy. I am currently trying to follow that with an Amazon product of my own.

    I have a product that I want to sell on Amazon through Alibaba, but I have to purchase a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 3000 units (1 pallet to be shipped to Amazon Warehouse in Seattle). So, purchase + shipping = over $12,000. Of which I can afford about $200.00…lol

    Would you have any advice on the best way to go about this?

    Also, did you interact with any of the negative customer reviewers?

    Thanks, you are #TotallyAwesome

    • Take a look at Steve’s site at He’s more into smaller niche’s than health but he details how to get smaller MOQ deals with suppliers.

      Also, drop shipping might be a better way to start on a budget. The margins aren’t as good but you can get started that way and move toward FBA later.

      I highly recommend his course. Good luck!

    • It just comes down to negotiation. For example with ours I have a contract saying i won’t use anyone else for the fish oil, but our terms are pretty favorable.

  22. I feel so sorry for Mike the blogger….you are one tough taskmaster !!

  23. Awesome! Could you please share the link begging emails you sent?

    • Tomas, they are customized to our strategy. Why don’t you send me a template for link requests and I’ll modify it 🙂

  24. Hi, Neil,

    First of all, thank you for some great things I’ve learned from you.

    It’s very interesting what you do on Amazon, but it’s not fair for the case study. You sell almost nothing through your website. You don’t even need a website to have a business like this on Amazon. I hoped to see some cool ways to make $100.000 from the website’s visitors.

    Also, 2000 visitors/month is pretty low, considering that an expert on topic is working full-time on this, and a famous internet marketer is helping him. I made a website wit 15000 visitors/month after an year, and I’m not Neil Patel 🙂

    All the best,

    • I mean /day, not /month, obviously 🙂

    • Yes the traffic is lower than I want, but it is very relevant traffic. I am not going just after random key terms with volume, I am going after terms that I feel will convert into sales.

      As for website sales, you will see it soon enough.

  25. Awesome!
    I’m following. Keep up the good work Neil

  26. So Mr niel patel what are you trying to prove out if this that you are great??

    When some people are struggling to make money when I say money it’s hardly 5$ a day that’s it and you show off 100 k$

    I do not want to use bad term, if you really earn that much plz help orphans


    Sorry if I’m or my words are negative

    • Ankit, your sentiment and intentions are right. I actually donate a lot to charity.

      This challenge is not to brag — it’s to teach others how to follow my footsteps. My intentions are to teach people to be great entrepreneurs online so that they can replicate the results, make money and help others.

  27. Hollow, empty challenge.

    Of course you can do it. This is your business. You have the name, resources and skills.

    If you really want a challenge, work with someone else. But you won’t


    • Rob, I have addressed these concerns in past posts on this topic.

      I have actually deferred most of the work to someone who doesn’t have as much skill and know-how as I do.

      This traffic doesn’t come from my existing resources and network

  28. How were you able to contact the Amazon reviewers? I can’t seem to find any contact info for them.

    Also, do you set up a coupon code within your Amazon seller account and then just sent them the code via email?

    This is great stuff, thanks for sharing!

    • Yep, you can setup the coupon code within your account and send it to them.

      As for the reviewers, some list their email address.

  29. Neil,

    Your transparency and your integrity w.r.t. reporting all the facts, the highs and the setbacks is so fresh and welcomed in an industry( biz opp / IM ), thats riddled with huge marketing and advertising pollution.

    I know that most of the heavy lifting is done. Desigining the labels and having them printed to look like high-end is a much easier fix.

    Having background in selling supplements in the past, one of the lines that I used was, “We use our money to put good quality inside the bottle as opposed to spending that money outside the bottle (read as paying millions for endorsements from some athelete who has not used the supplement for more than 30 consecutive days).”

    Wishing you much success in 2016.

    • Somil, thanks for all the support. I think transparency and the willingness to health others is key. Along my decade long journey I have had countless people help me — so I feel the personal obligation to return the favor.

      Here’s to your continued success as well. Looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  30. Neil, how are you going to manage the reviews negative sides, like the fact that the label is cheap and the ink goes off or smudges all around, and the fact that there is no expiration date ?

  31. I do not follow many blogs or series…but this one is by for the most informative in terms of “real-life” business lessons. I think I missed it, but what was the rationale for selling a product versus a service?

    • Alex, it is just more in line with the culture and spirit of the blog — I think it’s much more challenging to sell a product which is why I took on the opportunity.

  32. Hey Neil

    How about putting a coupon for “50% off your next purchase” in the box? Then have a short link to a page that hosts a landing page to capture email addresses. Then upsell them to a quarterly subscription of the pills.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Jeff, could be a good strategy — I’ll consider it.

      Thanks for the feedback and keep me posted on your results as you follow along on this journey too 🙂

  33. It’s going great indeed.

  34. Neil,

    You’re rocking on this case study, I’ve read every post and always look forward to updates.

    I’m surprised at a lot of the negative comments! The fact you’re breaking everything down and not using your own brand is awesome.

    I’m launching a new blog next year and am collating everything you’ve mentioned to help its launch.

    Thanks Neil and Mike!


    • Sam, There will always be naysayers and I welcome them because they push you to do better and address their concerns 🙂

  35. Neil,

    In honor of the challenge, I have decided to not visit nutrition secrets website through this whole experiment. However after this report I wanted to take a quick peak. I noticed on the blog a lot of the posts have women in the main picture. Are you guys seeing more engagement and sales from the female demographic of visitors? Just wondering as I thought that was interesting.

    • Blake, not necessarily — we just find that photos of women on nutrition sites just convert better. I am not going to make assumptions on the rationale — that’s just what we see so we go with it 🙂

  36. You r doing great! Really awosome as well as inspired. One question.. Have u got any negative SEO Attack ?

  37. Hello Neil,

    I am watching you man. Hope, you will hit the 100K$ as you mentioned above the deadline is something like May/April 🙂 And Congrats in advance. Because, I know, you are going to hit it !

  38. Your all revenue is from Amazon. You said that you are getting roughly 20% sales from the subscribers that you got from the blog. If you are generating 80% revenue from the Amazon then why you are trying to increase the traffic of the blog? why not you focus on your Amazon account And putt all your efforts on Amazon account And increase your revenue.

    Thank you

  39. Hi Neil,

    Are you tracking exactly from where your sales are coming?? Are you planning to start an affiliate system to boost up the sales numbers ??

  40. Neil, its great to see that you are inspiring so many people to take action and helping them in coming out of victimhood and take charge of their lives.

    I got a question, a bit confused actually.
    I went through the nutrition secrets website and i couldn’t see any links to your amazon page.

    Seems like you are not driving any traffic to the amazon page from the blog. Is it true?? If yes then is there any reason which we should learn?

    And also are all the sales so far from offering discounts only??

    Saurabh Vij

    • Saurabh,

      The reason behind not linking to nutrition blog and/or amazon account is: not to contaminate this study.
      It is much easier to start a business if you have big blog linking to you. The challenge is to start new business without unfair help from big business.

      • Agreed, But he started the Nutrition secrets blog for this purpose only and linking to his amazon page would have been the most obvious next step towards monetisation but he is not doing it right now and that’s what i want to understand as why he is not doing it.

        @Neil, Please enlighten

    • Yep, I don’t want to mess up the results. That way people can’t say Quick Sprout drove the sales/traffic.

  41. Kimberly Coleman :

    Thank you so much for sharing your process along the way. I intend on going back over all of your updates so that I can come up with a strong plan for my WAHM blog for 2016. (I’m not sure that an Amazon product can get me to my goals, but I’m sure the principles that you have been teaching along the way will!)

  42. Looking great indeed. I’m sure once you move to other shopping platforms like Google Shopping and other comparison shopping sites you’ll do even more sales.

    Curious how you’re displaying Tweet Shares here on your posts. Is it the plugin (if so which) or are you doing something different?

    Great update and congrats. ~ Mike

  43. Hi Neil,

    I am following along with my own site and seeing great results. I notice your bounce rate is high and time on site is low – almost identical to mine.

    Are these standard numbers? I was getting pretty discouraged with the low time on site.


  44. Hey Neil,

    Great to see you’re using the Amazon Top Reviewers to get reviews. I hope you’re not manually going through Amazon to get the email addresses, though, since you can scrape all that with AmaSuite, but it in an excel sheet, filter for the right reviewers for your product, then do a mail merge to automate it 😉

    Are you using an email follow up with your customers on Amazon?

    Also, do you have Amazon Sponsored Ads running? Even just a little seems to help Amazon SEO.

    With your background in SEO and link building, I’d recommend building links to your sales page, since Amazon is such a powerful domain it’s easier to start ranking it in Google.

    Best of luck!


    • Yes, there are tools that can help. 🙂

      We are starting to follow up with people to make sure they are happy.

      As for ads, we aren’t using them yet, but will start soon.

      As for the rankings and links, I will do that soon enough…

    • Hello Casey,

      You asked Neil to build links to this sales page to rank, but how amazon’s domain will be useful in ranking it in Google. Can you elaborate that?

  45. Hi Neil, Thanks for the transparency on this blog series – it’s been great to read.

    I’d love to see more about your backlinking strategy in future posts, as that’s an area I’d like to start working on for my site. And while I don’t have plans for a physical product yet, I’d also love to see more about how to find, source, label, dropship, etc.

    Also just wondering – I haven’t seen anything about costs for Mike or others who you may be using to help. Will those costs be incorporated into the bottom line for the challenge?

    P.S. – I love the idea of the Headline Analyzer. I don’t spend as much time on my headlines as I should.


    • Dylin,

      I think it’s important to provide honest updates and be transparent.

      I will provide more on back linking in the next few updates — stay tuned 😉

      I will also provide more on overall costs in the next few updates.

      Thanks for all the support!

  46. Wow what a awesome journey! The article heading idea that’s great 😀 I will apply this in my blog for sure. Hope you get to your target of $100,00 🙂


  47. Neil,

    Always look forward to reading the monthly updates! Thank you for sharing.

    Two questions:

    1) How did you ungate the Health and Personal Care categories on Amazon?

    2) Did you purchase liability insurance that is required by Amazon?

    Keep up the great work!

  48. Venancio Gonzalez :

    Hi Neil,

    I have been following your challenge since the beginning and always looking forward for these updates I have learned a lot from it. The numbers look encouraging and I am positive you will meet your target on time or pretty close to it.

    The one thing that it is very interesting me is how focused you are on one product and one venue channel only when you could be trying may others. Can you share the logic for this decision?

    Thank you for the willingness to share your knowledge and help others.

    • Because I am doing this on a budget, I am unable to release a lot of products.

      As for the venue I will be adding more soon.

  49. Thanks for the update, hope to see you get to 100k goal.

    Are you planning to build like a nutrition online store.

  50. Congratulations Neil,

    Have been following your progress since the beginning and just have to state the obvious: you always leave the real steps and what really works outside these reports.

    Since the FB fans you got 100K fans (with probably a big investment on your part, but left it out the reports). You got crucial backlinks from press, that landed by magic since you never mentioned how you got those.

    And now you get Amazon reviews out of nowhere as well.

    This is a successful project for you and you’ll get business thanks to these claims, but no one will learn much with the whole thing.

    Anyway thank you for confirming once again the goal here is to create future business and not to help anyone.

    Don’t want to sound too negative but these reports look like smoke and mirrors to me.

    Anyway, still wish you the best. What I don’t get in education I’m getting en entertainment.

    • Eduardo, thanks for all the support.

      They are definitely not smoke and mirrors 🙂 If you want to see them email me.

      I’ll have more updates to come to stay tuned 😉

    • Exactly, Eduardo.

      That’s why I’ve always said, that if you want to learn how to make money from the IM ‘gurus’, do what they do, NOT what they teach!

  51. Thanks for another great update Neil. I love that you’re going into detail on the whole business model, not just what you do to promote the website.

    I can relate to some of the issues you’ve had with Mike.

    I’m also bringing someone onto my team to take some stuff off my plate. But as you write, it’s hard for them to focus on the same things (writing great headlines for example). On one hand I know I have to let them make their own mistakes, but on the other hand I want to use as much of my experience to speed their learning up as much as I can.

    It would be great to hear some of your thoughts when it comes to coaching other people. I’m confident that would be another great post 😉

    • Dennis, I honestly don’t have to coach Mike as much. He is pretty self motivated — that’s the key: find people who are self motivated and passionate about the subject matter and they will ask all the right questions.

      He is constantly asking questions to see how he can do better 🙂

  52. Thank Neil Sir,
    Always look forward to reading
    the monthly updates! Thank you
    for sharing.

  53. Great day with great result … congrats neil for your challenging results, and interesting part is that ” Earning part is coming” heheh keep it up big bro

  54. After $100,000 whats your next target 😛

  55. Thomas McCallum :

    Always look forward to reading about the projects progress. It’s a real eye opener, and things are really starting to pick up with the fish oil sales. I can imagine when you get some of the kinks fixed with the supplier you’ll be flying.

  56. Hi Neil,

    I always look forward to your updates. Great to see you scale up with the Fish oil product.
    Also the Headline Lab seems to be a real cool tool to crank out great Headlines.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  57. Hi Neil

    Just wanted to thank you for this really insightful challenge you ve been running for the last few months. You have motivated to start couple of exiting projects. One of them is to sell beauty products. My sister has accumulated close to 36k followers on her instagram and we want to start selling eyelashes. I was wondering how much does it cost for Amazon to handle the delivery and packaging. Also how much fees do you have to pay for each item sold. Finally, how do you make sure you are selling at a competitive yet profitable price? You also said that amazon forbids to ask for reviews? Is that asking reviews on amazon or just generally? Does that apply if I build a list and ask them via email?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

    • I believe they charge a flat fee of 15% per transaction. As for the fees it depends how long it takes you to move the inventory if you want them to ship.

      You’ll have to look at what others charge and make sure your pricing is similar, assuming the margins are good.

      As for reviews, it is just on Amazon.

  58. Inspiring stuff Neil, can’t wait to get my hands on the headline analyzer.

    Since I starting using the CoSchedule Analyzer my CTR has increased significantly so would recommend that to all the Quicksprout readers 🙂


  59. Hi Neil, your progress is really great!

    Given the number of reviews you have achieved, I think you will reach your reviews goal of 300 reviews by the end of December or maybe far ahead. There will be always negative reviews as it is extremely hard to please everyone, but some these few negative ones are the feedback, I liked how you deal with them in your fine-tuning.

    Can’t wait to read the next update.


    • Hussain, I like negative feedback because it helps me learn and also creates healthy engagement: things that everyone should strive for.

  60. Thanks for your great post. I love your content. I am learned many about content creation. This is the great challenge. I follow your 100000 Challenge. Thanks

  61. Great one neil and hope you hit 2M $ mark. Good going.

  62. Heads up my man (and my apologies if this was already reported above)…

    I signed up for the tools on the Quick Sprout homepage and it eventually led me here and never letting me complete the process:

    Hope that helps!

    Great post, though.. as always! 🙂

  63. how you white-labeled your
    fish oil product ???? please recoomened some article regarding this??!

  64. Great post, Neil! You keep raising the bar!

  65. Good to see that things are moving forward, but I can’t help wondering if the blog is really necessary.

    If you are asking people on Amazon to review the product in return for a free/discounted product, do you really need the blog for anything?


  66. Well done Neal.Although I doubt you will hit 100000$ it’s still a very good learning course from you. Looking forward to see how it goes next month

  67. Neil have you ever thought of taking advantage of the smeared labels and using those for a good “reason why” to sell at a discount, in order to get the reviews?

    It’ll sell better, plus you’ll take care of the negative reviews issue 🙂

    • Jeremy, I’d rather just sell a product that looks great 🙂

      I can always provide free bottles for those who had negative reviews.

  68. Naomi Dinsmore :

    Nearly $20,000 in 30 days, are you serious? For fish oil tablets! That’s unreal!

    Progress is amazing. As for the bad customer review… The tablets don’t seem larger than normal, but the label is not a detailed as your competition. I don’t think it’s bad, just basic.

    Thanks for the information about how you have been using Ahrefs.

    Will you tell us if and how you reinvest your profits please Neil.

    Great work Neil and Mike



  69. Hi Neil,
    I am really enjoying the progress of your $100,000 challenge.
    am learning a lot, always taking notes and i will be launching my new project come 2016 fully inspired by quick sprout.
    Thanks for great insights but i would prefer if you went a little deep into explaining the strategies and methods you use.

    otherwise, big up, God bless and continue doing what you do best.
    Cheers; to #bloggingsuccess on

    • Josey, glad to help.

      If you need help with anything else at all please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing much more from you!

  70. Neil,

    What’s your total invest on this blog so far?


  71. Hello Neil,

    All the best for your Biggest challenge ,I hope You can do it and win the challenge.

    For 30 days $20000 means what is the expenses for the blog per month. can u share with next case study.


  72. Jaspreet Singh :

    Thanks for spotting light on headline. Actually I never pay much attention to post’s headline in past.
    But the thing that amaze me is that you can sell fish oil (or any other product) on Amazon even if you don’t have blog. Why don’t you sell this product on your own blog?

    • Jaspreet, the integration will definitely be a part of the strategy in the coming month’s update — stay tuned 😉

  73. Vishwajeet Kumar :

    Hi, Neil, Its really very informative and also very inspirational as well. I have also dream to make such an amount, but after reading and seeing your progress, Its give me energy to reach that milestone. Thanks again for this wonderful article.

  74. You growing so fast! Numbers which you shared in this post are really amazing. Seems Neil, you are doing an awesome job with that website. Thanks for informative article 😉

  75. Neil,

    From what I see so far appears your building 2 different business models. The Amazon business model didn’t require you to have the blog and from what you mentioned above it doesn’t appear that you leveraged the blog to get your initial reviews. Can you explain why you’re putting in so many resources into the blog, when all the revenues are coming from Amazon? Why not just start directly with Amazon & avoid the blog?


    • It’s hard to do well on Amazon unless you have an audience. For that reason I need to build up the blog. In competitive spaces like supplements you can’t do well on Amazon unless you are willing to lose $100,000 in just promotions.

      By building a site with an audience, you can use it to generate consistent Amazon sales, which helps push your listing up to the top and cause more natural sales on Amazon.

  76. Hey Neil,

    This is a great journey! Could you explain how you came up with the product you sell on Amazon and how you found a supplier for it? I think it may be helpful for many of us to know how to develop a product with which to monetize our websites.

    • I looked into the supplement space and looked at all of the products on Amazon. I then took their names and typed them into Google Trends and looked for the ones that were searched a lot (which means more potential sales).

      From there I looked for products in which the leaders generally had 1000 or so reviews. A bit more is fine and less of course is better. Categories like multi-vitamins in some cases had 4000 reviews, so I of course excluded them as they were too competitive.

      Fish oil happened to be the least competitive of the popular supplements.

      As for suppliers I just Googled for them and continually called dozens of suppliers and tried to negotiate with them. From there I pinned them up with each other and made them compete to give me the best product at the lowest price/best terms.

      • I was about to ask the same question but Joe has already asked.

        Thanks Neil for such a detailed answer.

      • Hey Neil,

        As Asif did, I wanted to thank you for the detailed answer. It was really helpful and following your step-by-step instructions I was able to select the product I would want to sell.

        Would you also share some light on what to expect when negotiating with the suppliers. I have already identified dozens of them, but have never worked on such a project before, so some guidance would be welcome and appreciated.

        In your case, how did you negotiate the minimum order quantity (MOQ)? Also, how do you get samples — is that something standard in such deals or does it vary by supplier? Specifically, what quantity did you get and at what price, relative to the sales price? Also, how are you going to improve the quality of the packaging — as you say, and as my research suggests, for many consumers the packaging is very important, or at least it is important enough to warrant a negative review?

  77. Hi,

    I just tried to find your product on amazon and it doesn’t exist?

    I tried exact matches for the title descriptions in the post and found no matches. I searched all 32 pages of fish oil products and found nothing.

    This product isn’t for sale on your website or advertised anywhere on your facebook page.

    You seriously think you can sell a $10.99 fish oil for $29.99! If we divide your figures above it suggests you’re selling the product for $29.99 or $30.10 if we go by the 30 day average…..Which is it?

    What a total load of *************

  78. Hi Neil!

    I´m impressed by the really high numbers of reviews you´ve got on Amazon. We are an Amazon seller in Germany and it´s highly forbidden from Amazon to give away samples for reviews for marketplace sellers. It can work sometimes, but if only one complains to Amazon they would close down our account. We couldn´t risk this, but are struggling with reviews. Only about one in hundred writes an review. It takes ages to get to a decent number so that it drives sales really.

    We would like more tipps on the “howto” get more reviews in a legal way. To give away product for free would be no problem for us, we produce it by ourselves.

    Greetings from Europe!


    • You can enforce reviews, nor do we really ask for them. But what we notice is top reviewers naturally give them, so that is who we focus on. It works well. 🙂

  79. Hey Neil,

    I’m just coming to this now, is there anywhere you link to the previous posts so I can catch up?


  80. Hey Neil,

    I know that in the end all that matters are conversions&revenue but I would be interested to see (if possible) what are the filters settings for blocking traffic from bots and the average time on page (in your screenshot it appears to be <1min).


  81. The Numbers does look great but if you were just to sell some product on Amazon than why to make a blog at first place ? you can do this without the help of your blog either way, all you need is more reviews.

    I don’t see any of your sales coming from website. It might come from email marketing but still you can get email directory and spam them but where’s the point in generating revenue from blog as you talked when you started ?

  82. Hey Neil,
    You are doing a great job. I know that you are busy enough in other projects. So, I wonder how much time do you spend on this project? May be 5-6 hours a day?

    Sorry, If you have mentioned it before.


    • Renat — I don’t really count but if I had to I’d say about that amount. It’s all passion for me at the end of the day 😉

  83. Hi Neil, are you actually promoting the Fish Oil on the website? I had a quick look but couldn’t see any mention of it. I just wondered why you wouldn’t be linking to the Amazon page from the site? Thanks

    • I promote it through the email list that I collect on the website. I am adding a store front within 30 days on the site.

  84. I have a very important question. I never really focused on SEO (big mistake I know) and just created content here and there and things like that. So as of right now have pages/posts/articles that are probably hurting my site. It is everything probably from the images, the titles, duplicated content, etc.

    I have a two part question: If I focus here on out and write amazing high quality content and do the things you talk about in your challenge, can I just start making great content and overtime things will get better?


    does having posts on your blog with bad seo hurt other pages on my blog with great SEO?

    Basically, I don’t know the proper steps to take. Do I fix everything (if so what) or can I just start writing great SEO articles and get searched for those over time. I know it’s easier said than done I am just trying to keep this simple so I know what steps to take.

    Thanks Neil!

    • Good questions — simply put it’s never too late to start blogging — blog often and make sure that you are informing your audience. I would go back and revise old posts if you suspect they are bad.

  85. Hey Neil! I am getting a lot of bot traffic, is there any upcoming update or plugin to protect from these.

  86. Hows that Headline analyzer coming along?

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