The $100,000 Challenge: October Update

search traffic

The seventh month of the $100,000 challenge has wrapped up. In October, overall traffic on Nutrition Secrets was 42,822 visitors, down from 66,743 in the previous month.

The traffic drop was mainly due to social media. The blog posts didn’t do very well on Facebook in October compared to September. But the overall search traffic is continually rising. For example, October’s search traffic of 25,086 surpassed September’s number of 19,595.

The interesting aspect of October’s activities is that we finally started to monetize our product in hopes to bring in revenue.

Here’s how things are looking…


As you already know, social media traffic is a bit unpredictable compared to search traffic. Although traffic from Facebook is down overall, the number of search engine visitors keeps increasing month over month.


Because Mike adds content each day. As long as he blogs once a day, there is more content, which increases our likelihood of being found in the search results.

The issue with the content he is writing is that a lot of it is basic. For example, he is writing posts such as “The health benefits of bananas.” Well, everyone already knows bananas are good for you, so posts like that (which are the majority) aren’t generating much traffic.

On the flip side, posts like “What happens to your body when you quit eating sugar” are unique, and those are the ones that are generating the majority of the search and social traffic.

I’ve been trying to teach Mike to blog only on unique topics instead of those that are beaten to death, but he is still struggling with it. Over time, he should get better at it, and I am sure our results a year from now will be great.


We finally started to make money with Nutrition Secrets. We are now selling fish oil on Amazon (I’m not linking to the product as I am trying to avoiding cheating: I don’t want Quick Sprout readers to buy the product to help reach the revenue goal).

fish oil

The key to generating sales on Amazon is reviews. The more you get, the better off you are. We are only at three reviews, and we need over 1,000 to see a real impact.

The tricky part is you can’t pay for reviews as that breaks Amazon’s terms of service. Nor do we have the financial ability to pay for reviews as we are trying to do this whole project on a budget.

So, what we are doing is giving away the bottles at cost. Mike is handing out coupons to anyone who is interested in fish oil supplements. They get a good price, and we potentially get a review (you can’t force people to write a review).

We were also given 28 bottles free when we did the white-labeling deal—selling someone else’s product under our label. So, Mike is also giving away 28 coupons for a free bottle…but that won’t last long.

We don’t know what percentage of the people who purchase a bottle at cost will leave a review, but we will know more in the next 30 days or so.

Once we get to 500-1,000 reviews, Mike and I will sit down and focus on adjusting the pitch (copy) on the fish oil supplement page to make it more attractive. If you look at most Amazon product pages, they aren’t written to be persuasive. We think that is a good competitive edge for us, and it should help drive sales in the long run.

Here is our game plan for the Amazon fish oil product:

  1. Analyze the competition to figure out what the ideal price point for this product should be. It’s currently too high.
  2. Focus on acquiring more positive reviews while following Amazon’s terms of service.
  3. Adjust the copy on the product page in order to maximize sales.
  4. Once the product generates more sales, focus on creating a more attractive label design.


Over the next 30 days, you’ll see us maintaining the current content levels and handing out more coupons to generate more Amazon sales.

Now, every time we hand out a coupon, we don’t make any money as we are just breaking even…so, of course, we still have a long way to go to hit the $100,000 a month income goal.

After a few months of doing this and fine-tuning the Amazon product listing page, we should start seeing natural sales, which will help with the $100,000 monthly goal.

The goal by the end of November is to generate 30 reviews. By the end of December, we want to have 300 reviews. And by the end of January, we want to have 600 reviews for our product on our Amazon page. If we can hit those numbers, there should be enough traction for the product to generate close to $100,000 in monthly sales.

So, what do you think of the progress so far?


  1. Your posts about your health Blog is giving us inspiration that hard work and consistency will help to grow Revenue. Thanks Neil Ji.

    • Are you also planning on other income sources or is this going to be the only one.

      It’s interesting to follow you along on your journey since I also started a health blog, but I won’t be able to sell a physical product like this since we’re not so much into supplementation but natural and real foods instead.

      We’re having a tough time figuring out a (digital) product product idea that’s somewhat unique beyond all those 30-day challenges / meal plans etc etc.

      • Hi Lars,

        You have plenty options to monetize the site down the road. Even with physical products!

        you could whitelabel a maca powder product for example.


      • Likewise. To an extent, I think that audience building is the easy part. It just takes time and commitment to putting out (and promoting) good content.

        The challenge, especially in the health space, is finding a product that sells.

        Do you think that affiliate marketing is a better opportunity? There’s no shortage of good Amazon products in Health & Beauty that you could recommend to your audience.

        • Zach, it’s definitely tough in the fitness and health space — but not impossible.

          I would hold off on the affiliates until you have completely exhausted your other resources and ideas. Not to say affiliates won’t provide results — ideally you want to find a standalone product.

      • Lars, I think you should stick with your strategy. Physical products do not work for everyone. I think it’s much easier at times to go about it the way you do. You can scale a lot easier without having to distribute and ship products. Keep testing our your digital product and the results will become apparent.

    • Sandeep, glad to help. Let me know how I can help you along your journey.

      • Neil,

        I’ve been following your nutrition blog from day 1 (actually before even it’s launched). They are tremendous results you are getting in terms of both traffic and sales.

        Great going buddy!

    • Agreeing with this. I actually didn’t think I’d enjoy your health blog but ended up reading following since Day 1. Awesome, thorough job as always. best of luck, Niel! I have a feeling you’re not too far away from 1000 reviews 😀

  2. Really inspiring Neil – keep it up! 🙂

    I am especially looking forward to following your monetisation efforts, as “converting traffic into profit” seems to be something most (including myself) struggle with a lot.

    Regards, Rune

  3. (Sorry for accidently replying to a previous comment, my comment was actually directed towards Neal)

  4. Keep it up Neil bro 🙂

  5. Were you always sure you’d launch a product on Amazon or did you consider other monetization options as well?

  6. And for the bloggers, Neil please let me recommend a very good WordPress Theme that’ll help them with their online venture:

    Thanks Neil for inspiring project.

  7. Great Job there Neil You are doing pretty well and I believe it’s just a matter of time and hard work. Thanks for keeping us upto date with the progress. Keep it up.

  8. Awesome… I have been doing the

    • Sorry big fingers sent the post mid typing… lol

      Thank you Neil, I have been doing this with you from day one and really appreciate all the amazing info I’m learning.

      I did a Zombie fan site and I’m having a little trouble with the monetization.

      Off hand, do any ideas come to your mind. I’m doing affiliate as the traffic grows. Ideas on a sellable product?

      Thank you again,

      • I’m not Neil but I can still help. When you have a site like yours, one that’s about zombies, look to the demographic and not the niche. What other things would they buy that are somewhat related?

        … Would they buy a certain kind of video game?
        … Certain kinds of graphic tee-shirts?
        … What genres of books would they buy?

        Immerse yourself in their world for a bit. Then look to see what they buy. Sometimes folks get too “narrow” when they think niche. And they don’t realize that there’s a lot more options than they’d think if they stayed so narrow.

        And of course, it all comes down to testing.

        Tests, when they are true tests and not just exercise to confirm what we think we already know, can be eye-opening. I helped someone expand their options with a niche site in which we actually didn’t sell much of anything directly related to the niche.

        Instead, we looked at the demographic and found offers that far surpassed any of the narrow niche options they had tried.

        • Hi Bryan,

          Thank you very much for the ideas, that’s a great help. Zombie fans will indeed have other likes and needs it doesn’t always need to have a Zombie on it!

          That really opens up the doors!

      • Kirk, how about a comic book or something along those lines?

        Maybe an informational guide on the history of zombies?

        The digital product ideas are endless 😉

        • Thanks Neil,

          I guess it’s a matter of testing too. To see what digital product fans will spend money on.

          Thank you again,

          • Pflege für Männer :

            Kirk, you could take Neils idea of a ” guide on the history of zombies” and use it as an incentive to get email subscribers. Build list and sell them affiliate products via the autoresponder sequence and also broadcast them about new posts on your blog (maybe a weekly summary).
            Good luck

  9. I’ve been following this since the beginning, very interesting!

    I’m wondering, how do you get people to visit your Amazon product page? I did a quick search on the blog and found no link to the product. I checked on the Facebook page and couldn’t find anything either.

    But then, maybe I’m just blind lol

    • Hugo, I am still working on that angle. You’ll have to stay tuned to find more out 😉

      If you have any specific questions on anything else please let me know.

  10. Why is the product not advertised on

  11. I noticed that some articles have way more links than others. How do you choose which articles should get links? Do you check which articles are ranking without links in the top x or do you choose the articles with soft keywords or the ones that perform best on Facebook?

    • Ulf, honestly it’s all contextual. We look at what works within the framework of an article and go from there. Simple as that — no link or keyword stuffing… ever.

  12. Hi Neil, although overall traffic looks reduced, but its continuously rising in search traffic. and it will be definitely helpful for long run.
    This $100,000 challenge inspired me a lot. Thanks. 🙂

    • Anant, glad you found it helpful.

      Let me know if there are any other things I can do to help. Looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  13. Hi Neil,

    If you weren’t constrained by budget, would your approach be to set up a funnel, complete with upsells/downsells, and then market this fish oil product through paid ads on Facebook or Google?

    Or is the margin too low to run paid ads and break even on the front end?


    • Yep, I would do it totally differently. I would setup a whole funnel and do most of the sales through emails. I would do bundling, generate emails through ads like FB and make people watch educational videos that sell them on the product. I would even offer higher end products for a few hundred dollars, but those products cost thousands to build.

      • Hi Neil,

        Following on from your comments in reply to James, would you also do blogging / content marketing at the same time if you had the budget, or would you mainly on paid traffic?

        In the nutrition space would your high ticket products of a few hundred dollars be information products or physical products in this scenario?

        Thanks, David

        • If I had the budget I would do content marketing, but I would focus on high quality infographics as they tend to perform the best.

          With the backlinks and traffic, I would tend spend $30,000 to $50,000 creating an info product. And another $20,000 to $30,000 on sales copy/drip emails to convince people to buy the product.

          That is the route I would take if I had cash…

          • Just out of curiosity, can you go into what you would spend the money on? That seems like an insane amount of money to spend on a product. I guess the actual creation, I can see you spend that much if it is more than a PDF. I guess you are paying people to make HQ videos from experts? On the actual sales copy, you would spend 20k for a video opt in and emails convincing people to buy it? That’s crazy.

            • It would mainly be on sales copy. To have a coprwriter come up with a sales video/letter as well as an email sequence.

              The big expense is paying someone to do the whole process and plug it into infusionsoft and make sure that they can convert email subscribers into customers.

  14. Neil have you shared your costs, pricing and margins on your fish oil product, and how they will change (improve) over time as you source and sell more? That’s an important part of understanding how you’ll reach you 100k goal. TKS.

    • RK, that is something I plan on doing as the numbers start trickling in. Stay tuned and I’ll share these data points in future posts.

  15. Sorry but this whole “project” is a sham. You are making money because of you – your name, reputation, experience etc.

    You really want to do something special? You really want to make an impact? Work with someone who has no name and reputation.

    You won’t though. This is the part that is most interesting.

    • Rob, sorry you feel that way. I addressed a lot of these concerns in the earlier posts I did with this challenge. Which is one of the main reasons Mike is running the show now.

      There will be many more challenges coming up though — so stay tuned.

      • Neil, I’m a huge fan of yours and have been for a long time, but I must agree with Rob — although I’m not sure I would use the word “sham”, which is much too strong.

        Here’s the thing: In order to be a truly scientific / journalistically worthy project — you would need to do the whole experiment *without blogging on it* simultaneously. You would need to tell the story via a series of blog posts *in arrears*, after it’s all over.

        You could still roll out the story over a series of great blog posts, over the course of a year. But to be scientifically valid, the experiment must already have been completed, and the goal must already have been met without undue influence from your readers.

        Just because you’re not directly linking from this article, doesn’t mean loads of readers aren’t popping over to Amazon as a result of this post, and leaving a review. It’s entirely possible, and entirely *likely* that 100% of the reviews on Amazon are a result of Nutrition Secrets relationship with you and your blog.

        You’re kind of pretending to ‘not’ be influencing the results, but the reality is that if you’re blogging on the subject then you *are* influencing the results, whether you intend to or not.

        Still, I find this whole topic super interesting and I’m a loyal, regular reader. But I’m forced to take all the results with a serious grain of salt.

        • Obio, sorry you feel that way.

          I tried to disassociate myself from the challenge as much as possible and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I think the biggest indicator of success is if other people can replicate the results — which they already have 🙂

          Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  16. Neil,
    Where is the link to original post on this series? Hoping to review all your efforts and progress.


    • Steven, this is one of the earlier posts:

  17. Huge fan, Neil!

    I have a couple friends hooked on this experiment. We are currently developing our own site concept and researching various products to sell on Amazon. The key element here is that it’s easy to lose faith in the process and then give up for fear of wasting time. Your experiment provides a path that I can feel confident following knowing that my efforts will pay off.

    Thank you!

    • Jonathan, thanks for the support. I think patience is something a lot of entrepreneurs overlook — it is what differentiates the good from the great.

      Keep me posted on your results along the way!

  18. Hi Neil,

    Great post, I’ve been watching the journey so far.
    I still don’t see how the Nutrition Secret blog helps the product on Amazon. ?? I’m on the mailing list of the Nutrition Secret blog and I haven’t received any offerings for a “coupon” ? so I’m not understanding how the two (Nutrition Secret Blog post) & the Amazon Fish Oil Product tie in together ? The Fish Oil Product seems like it could be sold “independent” of the Nutrition Secret Blog.


    • Jackie, we are still in the process of integration — meaning we are going to start promoting the products on the blog as well. Stay tuned and you’ll get more information including the coupon soon 😉

  19. That’s good that you finally made a product and started earning. Hope you do well with Nutrition Secrets Neil!

    I also wanted to thank you for all the efforts you put in to make such great and inspiring posts. I have been reading yours and Brian’s( blog for website traffic and lead generation, SEO etc. And I have seen a huge traffic spike after reading your(many) posts.
    I actually got 7000 plus % Traffic spike many times, followed by +2K and +3K% + in November only. when compared with the stats of previous 3 months combined(When I started blogging, July 1)

    I am very much thankful to you Neil, You saved me a lot of time I think 🙂
    Hope you read it and tell Brian also that I wanted to thank him 😛

    Hardeep Singh, Regular reader of QS!

    • Hardeep, glad I could help.

      At a first glance your numbers look great. Keep up the great work!

      If you need any other help along the way please let me know. I’ll also make sure to relay the message to Brian 😉

  20. Hi Niel,

    These blogposts are a great driving force for me to get inspired and blog. I believe getting 20k + search traffic within few months of a highly competitive niche is something to brag about. I bet Mike being a trainer and novice blogger (not now though) must be appreciated.. Anyway keep inspiring us lot with these episodes and don’t stop providing blogging tips on
    Thanks ))

    • Debarshi, I don’t like to brag ever — but if I did I’d hold off until I met my numbers 😉

      Mike really has grown a lot since the time he first started. He went from novice blogger to pro. The results have been great 🙂

  21. Good plan, I wish if I can also make a product like this in future? How you contact them to make a product for you to get profit? Do I have to go USA to talk them to get make my site label to sell it on amazon to hit 100k $ monthly goal like you?

    • Sachi, I am sure you can — just work towards it. I just reached out, it wasn’t that hard when I provided a value proposition. You don’t have to go anywhere honestly — you can just email a provider and if they like your pitch you are sold.

  22. Hi,

    My Question is that can a website which has Enough Traffic. Can it earn $100,000 monthly with Adsense? If yes can you tell any strategy & can you write a case study on mashable about how they get traffic, their sources, their monetization strategy, Email marketing techniques.

    & BTW All the best for your $100,000 challenge.

    Aatish Kamble

    • Aatish, as I mentioned in an earlier post your adsense revenue could only hit those numbers if your blog traffic was out of control. Even with my broad network and huge numbers I don’t think I could hit that number — it takes a lot of time to build out Adsense which is why it’s important to focus on other ways to generate income.

  23. I find it hard to believe that after 6+ months this “authority” site has made no money and does not give newbies much hope at all.

    “Because Mike adds content each day. As long as he blogs once a day, there is more content, which increases our likelihood of being found in the search results.”

    And you are always preaching about Brian Dean’s advice but yet not following it with regards content creation.

    Optin boxes are very basic with no real call to action. “Want more content like this?” doesn’t cut it. Your posts are very long but the sidebar disappears when scrolling which is taking away an optin opportunity.

    The post optin box should be relevant, something that Brian Dean has proven works well with the content upgrade.

    Overall this site hasn’t been a success so far and with that amount of traffic I’m suprised. Surely even some adsense ads should be tested to make some money? Cover the cost of content and outreach etc?

    Sell ad space? Something to show that the authority model works.

    • Yes we need to do a lot of those things. But the tricky part with this whole campaign is that the Quick Sprout readers wanted someone other than me to do all of the work.

      I can go in and just do it all, but then a lot of the readers would say I am cheating. 🙁

      I have to get Mike to implement all of those things. Which I am of course working on.

      As for AdSense or monetizing that way, it won’t add up to $100,000 a month, which is why I haven’t focused on it yet. I need big wins to hit $100,000 a month… small money making opportunities won’t help.

      • I’m disappointed Neil.

        Content marketing is your strong points. But list building is not?

        Driving traffic is your strong points but making money is not?

        I’m not a specialist. But I think if money is the end goal. I don’t see any sales funnel anywhere?

        You are top notch when it comes to content and research. But you not giving people what they want.

        Content is great but if you don’t salivate their problem you don’t get paid.

        Test different freebies or lead magnet. Plant several tripwire and hook it up to a core products or a 30 / 60 /90 days membership.

        Facebook is dead to fanpage but not groups. Start a Facebook group related to it.

        BTW. I’m trying to get a great story teller to write content for my niche like swimming and decision making.

        Can you recommend someone? Don’t ask me fiverr or elance.

        • David, sorry you feel that way.

          We have set up a number of conversion and sales funnels — we just have not shared the data and will not do so until we have a solid strategy – We want to provide the most accurate and correct methodology.

          I would write the stories yourself — if you want the best results.

          • My sincere apologies. I jump to conclusions.

            Overall it was very noble of you to be this modest. It is also very transparent of you to direct.

            I do not know what to say but awesomeness takes luck and copy. Maybe can emulate your competition and see what they do?

  24. I like where you are going with this Neil. However, I think you should explore other ways to monetize your blog. Perhaps consulting from Mike, or a nutrition course. What do you think?

  25. Andre Hospidales :

    What about adsense Neil? Personally, I don’t believe anyone can get rich from adsense anymore, but with 40K users per month, that should generate an income, shouldn’t it?

  26. Love this blog Neil…but this project is a Lean Startup nightmare 🙂

    “The key to generating sales on Amazon is reviews.”

    Instead of the above, why aren’t you focusing on sending your current “leads” to Amazon? You have over a 100,000 FB fans, an e-mail list and site traffic…these are theoretically people who know, like and trust you. Can’t you get reviews from them?

    I understand you want to get your Amazon store cleaned up, but why haven’t you started working on campaigns, funnels, and even links to leverage your existing traffic?

    • We are working on that. 😉 That’s how we will generate a lot of the reviews… hence we have a blog. 🙂

      No point in building an email list unless we are going to leverage it.

  27. thanks for posting this wonderful article…..

  28. Wow, very impress with what you do Neil.

    As i just wonder, why you use Amazon to sell it..? Why don’t you just sell through your own nutrition secret blog?

    Can you share?

    • Amazon has a ton of volume. If you do well on Amazon, they too will drive you a ton of sales. This product alone should be able to generate $100,000 just from Amazon.

  29. Keep it up your struggle as you inspire us …

  30. Rajkaran Singh :

    Hi Neil
    Great to read the progress.

  31. Finally an update is here. Had been waiting for this for a while now.. Good to see that you have started the monetization process.

    Great job Neil

    Looking forward to see the other monetization plans too.


    • Amin, sorry for the delay just wanted to squeeze as much current information into the post as possible.

      Thanks for the support.

  32. How you manage so many Blog ? Wonder ?

  33. Hey Neil,

    Love what you’re doing here.

    I’m really curious to know how much link building you guys have done so far… I know you guys did a bit near the beginning. Have you been building links still or is your focus on content only right now?

    This is very inspiring and I’ve learned so much from following it. Thanks for doing this.


  34. Good work Neil & Mike!

    One question though.

    How do you find the people you give the coupons to?

    Mike could probably reach out ti friends and relatives but that could only be a few reviews. You can’t reach 300 or 600 that way.

    • Damian, we are still working that strategy out — stay tuned to find out 😉

      If you need any help with anything else please let me know.

      • Looking forward to see what you are up to. I have some experience with amazon. The info below may be useful for you and Mike. So:

        You could check out Tomoson & Snagshout to reach out to more people for reviews.

        Tomoson allows for conencting with Influencers/Bloggers who will review your product. It’s great way to get your first 20-30 reviews.

        With Snagshout you offer your product at a promotional price and buyers AGREE to give a honest review. So you know that you’ve capture a review every time someone gets your product with Snagshout.

        Lastly, you could check FeedbackFive. It reminds your buyers to leave a review and makes it easy to prevent bad ones.

        If you need any other assistance with amazon like optimizing your listings or writing the copy I would be glad to help!

        • Damian, thanks for the tips. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Right now we are pretty heads down trying to figure out the next steps — stay tuned next month 🙂

  35. Hey Neil, Your four game plan really seems well and worthy in order to increase sales of any health product.
    But I would like to ask a question, will it be more beneficial, if I provide more information about product and let people decide what suit them best. As I want to share my work,

    • Shahil, the more information you provide the better your results will be… always.

      I think you have done a pretty good job thus far, keep it up.

  36. Hey Neil,

    I am always super excited about your $100,000 updates (as well as your other blog posts)! Thank you for sharing so many secrets with everybody!
    I have a specific question: Can you post updates about the Nutrition Secrets’ subscriber list size or will that be kept “private”?

    Thank you!


    • Chris, the list is pretty private.

      What specifically do you want to know?

      • You mentioned in some status updates before, that the list is a great tool to bind visitors to the blog and make them come back. Just wondering if there are some indicators for a successfull product launch in conjunction with the list’s size resp. “emotional” connection from the subscribers to the project (and its products) as a whole.


  37. Neil,

    By the way I would love to help you optimize your Amazon listing. There are are many tactics and items missing from your posted Amazon Details page that would improve sales and your conversion. PM if you are interested.

    – Steven

  38. Thanks Neil – a quick question: I think it is a good point that we should always post more “unique” content – however, how to define the “uniqueness”? I see a lot of “common” and “beaten-up” topics from some of the best websites in the digital marketing world: even Hubspot, Social Media Examiner … are posting some of the most common topics and many of them are not that in-depth, but they are performing pretty well;
    So if it is the rule of being “unique” as much as possible for new blogger only? And when it comes to the established domains, it is not that important of being “unique”?

    THANK YOU! Really enjoyed what you’ve been sharing so far! Much appreciated!

    • Lynn, it definitely is important to have unique topics. I think sometimes even big brands get lazy — and come up with run of the mill content. I think if you want to stay atop the game you have to provide consistent unique articles — once you do that the rest will follow.

      Great question!

  39. StevenI'm surprised that its :

    I’m surprised that its taken 7 months and only now you are starting the monetisation.
    Even though you have so much experience, you are behaving here like a newbie – making al sorts of basic mistakes – taking forever to make money – testing traffic sources etc.

    Thank you for being so transparent and I do want to say that I think this is a great idea.

    • Steven, even the master makes mistakes. I think it’s a natural process if you want to have sustainable growth. Thanks for the support 🙂

      • Actually 7 months to get to the traffic levels, sales levels and positive reviews you have is really impressive. Newbies expect everything to happen overnight. It’s usually a lot more work than that.

  40. Hi Neil

    Thanks again for the update. Curious how are you using the blog to generate sales? Looks now like you have 2 separate businesses.

  41. Hi Neil,

    Always look forward to your updates – thank you.

    I try to comment every day but don’t know if I am helping or hindering Mike. Your advice would be appreciated. As I am a veggie I’m uncomfortable commenting on those posts which espouse meat eating although I am always battling my tendency towards intolerance!

    I do think Mike is doing valiant work – it’s extraordinary difficult producing work daily which is both well researched and authoritative and fresh for the consumer. Big pat on the back for Mike.

    Monetizing bewilders me, however clearly you explain things. I think I am doomed to have a frugal mind-set!

    Thanks again. Kindest.

    • Zarayna, we both want to thank you for your continued support. You are always commenting and providing valuable feedback on the nutrition blog and it does not go unnoticed.

      We are going to lay out a monetization plan that is simple — so don’t worry 😉

  42. Keep it up, Neil!

  43. Aloysius Aucoin :

    Neil, there’s a HUGE difference between $100,000 monthly SALES and monthly INCOME 🙂

    [In response to: “If we can hit those numbers, there should be enough traction for the product to generate close to $100,000 in monthly sales.”]

    As there’s a little margin in Fish Oil, so you would get max $3-5 profit per sale and you have to sell at-least 20,000 units to reach $100,000 monthly income goal.

    Sorry to say, but you have to change your strategy and the niche as well.

    • What do you think about Neil Sir, If you search in google then you’ll get result like “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” 🙂 100k $/month is possible,

      Probably he can not achieve his goal before 1 year but in nutrition niche, his website will get near 1million visitors a month in coming years.

      And nutrition secrets will get more than 3$ per sales on amazon,

      They are not selling amazon referral, they have contact to the product seller and they are giving them more benefits on per sale (this is just my assumption according to his last post-September update)

    • Aloysius, totally understand the distinction but don’t think we’ll need to change the niche or anything — I’ll hit that target 😉

  44. Neil,
    You have created a very authoritative blog on nutrition, congrats. The results are gradually getting better, all thanks to good planning and consistency.

    As far as the supplement goes, I assume you are allowed to passively encourage a review from readers? Nothing major, of course; simply something among the lines of, “Feel free to leave a review and tell us what you think of our product.”

    Great work.

    • Elvis, make your review process as subtle as possible — don’t sell too hard.

      Thanks for the support — if you need any help along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  45. Thanks for your updating on this your progress, because it really inspired me on my own project too.

    Please Neil Patel, I will need your help in one of my niche project on Hair Loss ” ” . I started the niche site project months ago, but I was unable to move the site pass 50 daily visitor ever-since then..

    I will need Quick Sprout community readers and also you Neil to help me analyzed the site, on what i need to do to in order to move the site in front of potentials readers that will convert to money .. Tips like getting traffic to it and many others…


    Koya Olayinka

    • Koya, I like the site and the concept. Here are some suggestions:

      1. more in-depth content
      2. Higher quality images
      3. Work on your calls to action — provide value.

  46. Hi Neil,

    On a previous post you wrote it took 8 hours for Mike to write a full article. Did he make such progress in his writing that he is now able to post daily?


  47. This challenge series is really awesome and it gives a real time experience. We are now aware of the challenges we are going to face in a blog.

  48. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the update on the challenge series.
    Are you expecting to bring in all that $100,000 in monthly sales with a single product?
    I was expecting to see you building a diverse range of income stream for the blog.

  49. Hi Neil,
    am loving the updates… i also like your plan for getting more reviews that will help in selling more supplements.

    Anyway, Blogging has not gotten a good shape yet in Kenya but personally am trying with your help; your posts have been of so much help in growing my blog (

    Continue doing your best, thumb’s up.

    • Josey, you can be an innovator and trend setter with the right guidance. Let me know if you need any help along the way. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  50. Very very interesting. The 100.000 challenge are my favourite posts of your blog. But why you are always late!?!?! Today is 23 November! Ahahha 😀

    Big Neil 😉

  51. Hey Neil,

    Glad to see you got the product live on Amazon.

    The Fish Oil is going to be highly competitive, so I hope you guys can work that out. I’m seeing that at least 3 results for your primary keywords have 1,000 to 2,000 reviews… that’ll be tough to beat.

    It’s looking like the top results are doing over $100K a month, though, so if you are able to rank, that’s good.

    I saw a comment earlier that said to look into Tomoson and Snagshout. I agree with that. You’ll want to get a lot of sales traction going. It’s a really competitive product, to where the top results are selling 100+ units a day… so you’ll have to compete with that to rank for keywords.

    I’d recommend also hitting the PPC hard at the start. You’ll lose money at first, but can discover some hidden kw’s to go after. I do a combo of Amazon Auto kw’s and a campaign of my personal kw research set to broad match. After 2 weeks, I go in and evaluate and start to optimize.

    I’d also check out Salesbacker for email follow up. I use it and it works really well for customer follow up to get reviews. Also, product inserts work pretty well to for getting customer emails & more sales. You just include a card that says “Get your next purchase X% off” and have them go to a email opt in landing page to claim a coupon code.

    Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more about Amazon. Thanks for the updates. It’s been fun to follow along.

    • Hi Casey

      Great comment.

      Two questions.
      1 when you talk PPC are you talking google ads back to Amazon or a website? and have you used Amazon sponsored listings.

      2 I thought when you sent an order item out from Amazon you were not allowed to add marketing material or is the discount to be used inside of Amazon?



      • Hey Rob,

        1. I should have been more specific. I was referring to Amazon Sponsored Ads. It’s hard to track Adwords to your Amazon listing. However, it can be worth it to shoot for Adwords for keywords like “Buy [Product]” or “Buy [Product] on Amazon”

        2. You can include package inserts w/ your product and offer them a discount.


    • Casey, love the tips — they are actionable and helpful.

      That’s how I like to write my content. I am sure if you ran a similar challenge you’d see a ton of success.

      Stay tuned and you’ll see some innovative ways we attack these challenges head on 😉

      • Thanks Neil.

        I appreciate the compliment. It’s actually kind of funny you say that, but I also run a nutrition site, specifically for soccer, that is doing pretty well… maybe I should share that on my blog as a challenge. I think I could do a $100K a month on that site within the next year.

        But that’s separate from the Amazon business. Looking forward to hearing about how you tackle such a competitive product! I’m always looking to learn more 🙂

  52. Hi Neil,

    Quick question, are alt tags in contextual links still important for SEO? I know they are for images, but what about links? Thanks

  53. There are so many ways to monetize your site. Funny enough most people rely solely on adsense. This your post is a source of inspiration to me.

  54. 100k seems like a huge goal. But I love how that doesn’t intimidate you but motivates you to just keep chipping away at it, even if progress is modest!

  55. Jakarta Famili Tehnik :


    Love your updates on the challenge!

    Anyway, can you also do some updates on your search engine traffic?

    That would be very useful!

    Thanks a lot Neil 🙂

  56. HI Neil, You mentioned in the last month update that you would take about the process in a subsequent blog post. Is that still to come, or did I miss it?

  57. Hi Neil, I’m just curious. You said Mike continuously pumping content each day, so does that mean he doesn’t spend much time into marketing and promotion?

  58. Hi Neil, thanks for the update!

    With Mike becoming a “content machine” 🙂 , have you ever considered to add a “News” section on the blog and try to get in Google News.
    That should be equal to a ton of traffic. Maybe not highly converting, but free…

    Good luck

    • Robert, we’ve definitely thought of it — but we are going for bigger apples. That’s a great long term strategy.

  59. I really liked your strategy of giving away your product for a review. Also, when the website is making some decent money you can re-invest the income into Youtube video ads. I think it will work well for a product like this.

  60. Wow. You have your work cut out for you. Is fish oil in fact a high-demand product? I’m not mocking; just recalling how much people my age and older hated fish oil. There were even pop culture references to fish oil in kids poetry, etc., and having to swallow it because it’s good for you, and so on. Is there some new demand for it this product which led you to choose fish oil? Do you plan to have other products as well?

    • i have to echo the sentiment that someone else had. I’m very impressed with your approach and determination. I would have been scared off and chosen something like Vitamin D, which also has many benefits but is much more palatable and thus easier to get people to respond positively.

    • Raj, there is just science to back it’s efficacy. If this works we’ll work on other products that are similar. Thanks for the great question.

  61. Hello Neil,

    Love the updates but what I am really curious about is paid vs organic vs referral. How much are you paying for your traffic and what percentage does that equate monthly in the overall session activity screenshots? As well as what percentage is truly organic and what percentage does that equate as well? As I’ve seen stats through the years where paid through traditional channels wasn’t too much, and organic didn’t fill in the gaps either BUT looking at referral data filled in the missing traffic percentages often via paid referral sources (email lists, etc.). I also mean nothing negative, just trying to get a clearer picture about what’s happening.


    • None of it is paid traffic…

      Organic makes up 58.6%
      Direct is 26.6%
      Social is 11.6%
      Referral is 3.1%
      Other is the remaining.

  62. Hi Neil,
    This project seems like a very challenging task especially considering how much traffic that will have to convert to buyers. Why not sell higher priced items? Sure it’s harder to sell higher priced items but it’s not proportionally harder which would in fact change the entire economics of your project(which I’m sure you’re aware of that).
    I’m actually working on a $100,000 challenge myself, for my blog on business growth strategies that I’m just getting started. It sure would be awesome if you could give my blog a shout out on your blog. What’s in it for you? Well, if you play it right, and given your current traffic, I bet you could profit $100k to $500k off a single blog post–how’s that for a challenge? Let’s think bigger together Neil 🙂

    To the Top,

    • Micah, we currently don’t do shoutouts but if you email he may has some other options or reconsider.

  63. Just a quick question – how selling at Amazon is linked to the blog, as I could not find anything on the blog to take the visitors to Amazon!!

  64. This is interesting.
    Keep RockKkkkkiiiiiing Neil 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for share 🙂

  65. Finally the October update, had been waiting for this post of yours Neil so patiently, I thought you had forgotten about it.

    We basically started an entire health niche website completely based off your strategies. Thinking if Niel can why can’t we. So just want to thank you for for putting out all your strategies out there, and making working in a health niche look not so difficult.

    • Nimit, sorry for the delay — I have been cranking away and working hard to make things work.

      Sounds like you’ve seen some success with your health site — keep it up!

  66. Congratulations to you and Mike on the beginning of monetization, Neil.

    Quick question: Are there any ‘hacks’ to motivate people to write more? Say, a person wants to write but says that he doesn’t have time. How can I motivate a person like this because when he writes, the content is fabulous. He has already carved out somewhat of niche. But we’re plateauing now. He’s also a dedicated dad and full time business person.

    Will deeply appreciate your help and suggestions…

    • Vishal, you’ll have to incentivize that person. Money always does the trick 😉

      Thanks for the support and feedback as well. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  67. The thing I like the best about this project as a whole is Neil can always backtrack own ideas and intentions. I have been starting multiple very different websites / niches recently and I got to see I’d soon get lost. It made me feel like a teen girl but I actually got a paper journal and started to document everything.

    Really really recommend it to everyone to document as much as you can.

  68. “The tricky part is you can’t pay for reviews as that breaks Amazon’s terms of service. Nor do we have the financial ability to pay for reviews as we are trying to do this whole project on a budget.”

    Would you do it if you had the financial ability or if you where allowed by Amazon to do it?

    It seems so unenthical. But perhaps I am just too naive.

  69. Thanks! I’ve been following your process and learning a lot.
    Not sure I understand your content strategy. Why is a post about health benefits of bananas not unique? Just for example: according to chinese medicine bananas can increase mucus in the body, which is a problem, especially during winter also they are high in sugar. So a post about bananas can raise an interesting debate. And why posts like “What happens to your body when you quit eating sugar” unique? There are plenty of similar posts about the harmful effects of sugar

    • Ronit — it all depends on the audience and I’ve found that the audience we reach out to doesn’t find banana articles that are generic helpful. We’ll keep trying though 🙂

  70. Pushpendra singh :

    Hey, Neil its been great to see the results and desperately waiting for your tips on monetization. I also have a blog in automobile nichewith 1K daily traffic but feeling difficulties in monetization. Your suggestion would be appreciated.
    ??? ????????? ????? ????? ?????

  71. Metodi Chukovski :

    I can’t believe seven months have passed since the beginning of the challenge. I like this project a lot and can’t wait for more updates. What I really want to see in the following monthly updates are some calculations if possible – MAUs, DAUs, your traffic costs/budget, conversion & churn rates, revenue so far, ROI, etc. Also I hope you have big plans for the upcoming holidays (not only coupons but also promotions, better price point-cause compared to the competition atm it’s definitely not optimized, different sales channels and others). Wish you huge growth in the upcoming months. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Metodi, it’s been a fun last couple of months — and very challenging.

      We have learned a lot and provide some valuable feedback to readers. We’ll have more data in the coming months — stay tuned.

  72. Very cool, Neil! It’s inspiring to see how you’re making this happen. Thank you!

  73. !!!!!!URGENT!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!URGENT!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Neil,

    I think you’re on the wrong track?

    You seem to be taking all of this project in Neil mode rather than normal skint blogger mode. Obviously you are trying to get to your objective of $100,000 but you are letting the normal blogger down with your approach.

    Here’s why.

    One man or woman cannot afford to spend 8 or more hours every day on content creation for seven months and not earn a single penny from their blog. And there are at least two of you working on this!
    You could say that 8 hours is doable for a part timer and you’d be right, but what about all the rest of the work? Figuring out markets and products, seo, web design and everything else. This makes this thing a full time job, but unpaid for 7 months.

    I find the non monetization stance you take staggering. How can you say it’s not worth earning adsense dollars and then moan that you have a restricted budget?
    Any normal blogger coming at this thinks your crazy, you’re obviously not but you are missing the point of your reader and giving them no value other than a quaint story of what might happen.

    You seem to of lost sight of the problems of the common blogger and what’s worse you are following none of your own advice you post in your blog posts. Why not walk the walk?

    I understand this is called the $100,000 challenge but I dare bet no reader of this has made a cent following this process yet?
    If they implemented their own good monetization tactics they would be way ahead of where you are now. So how do you plan to make this project relevant again and how do you feel about leading people into seven months of bread and water?

    I would like to see you putting more time in on this project. Start covering adsense and building revenues on a new site, product creation and the amazon selling process, and make some posts that are targeted at the questions asked in these message threads. How are these problems solved….That’s what we want to hear. We don’t care about the rest or even how it’s doing? SHOW US THE MONEY !

    I like the posts you make in the blog in general but they are getting a bit generic aren’t they. You can get the advice on any site but you just do longer content and it’s not always better, sometimes I just get plain bored of reading your blog posts.

    Why not actually answer your readers questions in your upcoming posts and give us an idea of how this works rather than sending boring updates out each month…… Or more like every six weeks, the next monthly update is now due in two weeks!

    Also, I sell online and have been doing so for many years and your numbers for a fish oil supplement look fanciful.

    Come on bro lets get back on track and start engaging with with your readership on the topics that matter to them and make a difference to their lives.


    • Sid, I am sorry you feel that way. I read through your suggestions and I think I am providing value — I already have a number of people who have seen success using my strategy.

      What specifically do you want to see moving forward? What do you suggest?

      I like to stay engaged and listen to all feedback. Also, as a heads up for future comments avoid the “urgent urgent” in all caps lol — it may be caught in the spam filter when you write like that.

      Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Neil,

        The original title for this project was “How to Generate $100,000 a Month from a Brand New Blog”
        Up until now you’re seven months in and a few thousand dollars down. You have failed to put a single ad on the website or even promote your own product on the site?
        ALL new bloggers will go the adsense route and you have failed to realise that because your a big deal.

        If you want to help people then put adsense on there and start telling people how to use it properly from day one. Show some examples of real revenue going up with traffic. Explain what you do, link to old articles and stay in the conversation but most of all encourage people with real numbers.

        That is real value!
        Results and numbers are the name of the game and showing that encourages people to work harder.
        All I see from this project is lots of work and lots of people mumbling about the fact you haven’t turned a penny despite having opportunities to do so.
        Do you always leave money on the table?

        The title of the above states ” brand new blog”
        That likely means brand new blogger too, and you seem to of lost sight of that. Some of your readers are starting to doubt you, so ask yourself if your missing the spot for these people.

        You say you want to generate $100,000 revenue, I assume you mean turnover? On that turnover/revenue what would be your profit?

        You are splitting all profits with the guy who writes the posts so what will that look like when come to year end?
        What costs are you incurring?
        What do your financial projections look like?
        How much does amazon take?
        How much tax will you pay on that final profit?

        When you key in these financials do the numbers work out versus the time put in. Or put another way, does Joe flippin burgers at Micky D’s and earn more than this system for working less hours?

        On the practical side…

        How do you personally use adsense or adwords.
        How do you sell on Amazon?
        What are the best ways to find a product?
        This list could go on forever but the point is this……

        Show us! Don’t tell us?

        Don’t roll another million word boring post out, show us.

        Are you going to make a profit?
        For example, I could put an affiliate ad on my site for a Rolls Royce and turnover $400,000 but not make a cent if I don’t get credited with a commission.

        Time for a reality check and to start giving people the information and level of commitment to this project they expected to see from you on day one.
        You are 23 days late with this months update, that makes this NOVEMBERS update!

        You keep telling us your this super tight businessman but many of us also run businesses and blogs can see your not as good as you think you are.
        Bottom line is that this is sloppy and we see you slippin!

        Quicksprout? Hopeful slow burner more like.

  74. Hi,

    Could you provide links to the old $100,000 challenge updates in the upcoming updates or an area of the site where all this info is stored because the old $100,000 posts just get lost in the blog.

    We need continuity and a plan for bloggers to make money and sustain their efforts. If were going to be spending so much time here we need better links to the information or no one will make a cent.

    • Sid, what do you mean?

      You want the specific places we linked to? I am not sure I follow the question…

      • Andrés berger :

        What sid is trying to tell is that he doesn’t understand very well how each step is taken. I’m following this challenge, but i’m having a very hard time getting traffic to my articles. Basically i’m spamming google plus, linkedin and facebook like crazy.

        Even i want to pay for traffic, but don’t know where to do it in a profitable way. Adwords is extremely expensive, facebook ads attract poor quality traffic, so i write good articles (5,000 10,000 words, even 15,000 words) and spam social media like crazy. This is working, but is very slow.

        I don’t understand how you get a lot of traffic to your posts. Tipically i only get 40 visits to each post and i have more than 600 posts scatterred in more than 100 blogger blogs. Each blog is focused to dominate 1 keyword. That was more than 4 years of hard work. Hope this will eventually be worth the effort….

        Maybe this strategy is wrong, but why you can’t build 100 little houses instead of building 1 huge house thinking that each blog is an asset?

  75. Hey Neil,

    This is really nice to follow. Very interesting how the development is going and your thought process. Looking forward to the next month!


    • What ? Nothings happened for three months?

      • What do you mean nothing has happened for three months?
        The traffic has increased by a staggering amount and is a ton higher than mine and I started my website 5 months ago…
        Maybe it’s because I’m still fairly new to IM but for me this is quite interesting.
        I wish I could have achieved that much in 3 months to be honest.
        Im sure this will reach $100k very soon.

        • And what did we learn?

          Write loads and loads of content and the search engines will pick it up.

          Facebook traffic is good until you stop pumping it.

          You make nothing for 7 months if you don’t monetize your site.

          If you get a product on amazon you might make some sales.
          Bullish attitudes about amazon become less bullish in time.
          Reviews are hard to come by, and can’t be relied upon to be good, or to even materialize.
          Giving stuff away makes people happy, but you don’t make any money.

          YAYYYYYY! Jam tomorrow!!!

          Oh and that Neil can’t keep time.

        • Esteban,

          The clue is in the title. “How to Generate $100,000 a Month from a Brand New Blog”

          That’s “How to” not “I’m sure Neil will make it, but us normal people won’t be able to get there.”

          Your numbers are proof that a novice will not get to the end goal with this system in it’s current form or by the way the process is currently being described.

          Neils reputation proceeds him and helps with his ranking/visitor count and he is clearly struggling big time.

          This could be the worst “how to” ever.

    • Esteban, glad you found it helpful. Looking forward to hearing your feedback then.

  76. Thank you very much for updating the information.

  77. Hannah Eisenberg :

    Awesome update. I love that you are honest about what worked last month and what did not. One thing that left me wondering about this post is, how does this tie into all the other months of building a website, blogging, building your social media channels, etc. Selling on Amazon is hard (much harder than many people realize) and reviews are really the key. But if I just read your post now (playing devil’s advocate here for a minute) I could just say, well, why bother with the 6 months. I will just open an Amazon shop, give away some coupons and ask people for reviews. 🙂
    Thanks, Hannah

    • It’s really tough as you know. The companies who have websites tend to do way better. For example my friend owns Muscle For Life, and they make well into the 6 figures each month selling on Amazon mainly because of their site.

      Amazon is competitive, without having a popular site, it becomes that much harder.

  78. Good going Neil

  79. Hey,
    Congratulations on your first product. Just wanted to ask why did you choose amazon to sell your products and didn’t integrate an e-commerce on your own site?

  80. Hi Neil, it’s great that you are starting Amazon private label selling. We just launched our product last week and are up to 12 reviews already. We have been studying a lot of the thought leaders in this area – there are lots of private label blogs and podcasts like Scott Voelker’s Amazing Seller and many others.

    One thing I have read a few places is that supplements are by far the hardest category to crack on Amazon. Many of the private label bloggers say to never try supplements, certainly not as your first product. They are exceptionally hard to differentiate, and hard to see the efficacy. Even your friends and family feel shady giving you a 5 star review for the Fish Oil they just started taking yesterday.

    The quintessential private label success story is a standard product with some minor customization – e.g. a yoga mat that’s 3″ longer than average, and includes a free carry strap.

    And you should definitely do Amazon keyword optimization. You can find lots of blog posts about it, but basically it’s all about keyword stuffing like the Internet in 2009 (maybe earlier.)

    Also, another cool tool you should know about is Jungle Scout. It’s a paid Chrome add-in that lets you estimate the sales volume of any product on Amazon. They do it based on the sales rank by category.

    Good luck!

  81. Hi Neil,
    Sorry to ask such a noob question. I was on Nutrition Secrets and saw that PR is 0.
    However, with so much traffic and people reading all these articles, and with quality articles you publish, shouldn’t the PR be higher?



  82. I am just thinking, for all the months before monetization takes place, how would you live if you didn’t have savings, take a loan or something. What I am learning from this whole process is how much time and money all of these things take. Neil, hasn’t to my knowledge revealed how much he is spending to keep this going: hosting, domain, product purchase, Amazon, salary etc. Those behind the scenes numbers are what I am interested in. I want to monetize my blog but I have bills to pay so for now the day job of Graphic Design is number one priority. Also, what does a typical day look like for the guy writing the content, posting to social media etc How does he conduct his research, when does he post, what tools help him to do his job. The real minutiae work behind the scenes, in terms of time, money and other resources is what I am interested in; I have read a lot about these kinds of things but most people write as if this is easy – it is not. A significant resource that is not even listed by Neil is his knowledge, He has an some idea what comes next. That is even more valuable than the monies he might be spending. That said, I am grateful for the learning so far.

    • Marlon, you’ll find that once you work in a field for a number of years you gain intuition. To the person who has knowledge it’s almost second nature. It’s definitely the case for me with all my marketing efforts.

      • Sometimes this does not apply. I had intuition in the pre-Penguin era, where I could make a site and get $400 a month from it without much effort, but now, I’m pretty “clueless” and I’m doing this since 2,002.

        Currently getting traffic is really complicated for me.

  83. Hi Neil, i know you’re probably tired of hearing about adsense but couldn’t u just put some ads up so we can see what the site can generate now with just things like adsense? Everyone isn’t going to go your route with white labeling amazon products. I would just love to see what the site could generate now with your traffic numbers even though it may not be much.

    • Tamara, I wish I could — but I want to do it the right way. If you want some adsense numbers from similar sites I can provide them…

  84. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the update and as always, it’s great to see that you are making progress on the organic traffic front. I have a feeling that come January, you will see a huge spike in organic traffic; I have studied the analytics graphs of numerous sites (and obviously you have as well 🙂 ) and one thing I have noticed is that once a site is at least 6 months old, there is a traffic jump in January.

    Also, it’s pleasing to see that you have the product listed on Amazon, let’s hope you can build up more reviews.

    As always, keep up the great work, you are a real inspiration!

    • Viral, I have seen a similar trend and hope it holds for the site — I am sure it will 😉

      I think the Amazon listing will do a lot to boost up traffic as well. Looking forward to hearing much more from you. Cheers!

  85. Hi,

    Again a great motivating post. My blog received 946 unique visitor, page-views 1783 and bounce rate 81.42%. I could not maintain a daily post. You are a great motivating factor for many people like me. Thanks!


  86. Hi Neil, Great progress so far i love this story! I’m trying to follow you selling a book I wrote and self published. The biggest challenge is definitely collecting reviews. I tried connecting a free offer of the eBook version to a welcome email in response to the download of my lead magnet. People did want the book and in exchange I kept asking reviews for a while but i haven’t got one! Most of them need time to read and i takes forever or they jus forget. I’m very intersted to know more about how you would collect reviews on Amazon becuase i do believe that would create the traction we are looking for.

    • Maurizo, Reviews are tough to come across because you want them to be genuine and honest. Make sure you have an honest conversation with people before giving the books away for free — it will help you get those much needed reviews 🙂

  87. Hi Neil,

    Keep the updates coming, i’m loving the amount of useful content you share. You inspire more people than your aware of.

    There are some very interesting tools on Amazon to drive sales. Most new products use Amazon ads to drive the sales and then reduce the reliance on this once they have the optimal flow of sales.

    – Feedback Five has been suggested above and could be a good leverage point to see how they handle the feedback process for more reviews.
    – Keyword Dominator can be great to seek out the Amazon long tail suggested words.
    – Amazon repricing tools will be worth a conversation to gleam some further insights. Feedvisor is a great resource and helps you understand the buy box metrics. Wiser is another which could be great to look over.
    – CamelCamelCamel is a very useful tool for insights on pricing, competition.
    – Tearpeak again is great for peaking behind the curtain as much as Amazon allow you.

    I’ll keep an eye on development, keep up the good work. It really is appreciated by so many.


    • Jim, thanks for the kind words of support and the great suggestion. They definitely help me and I am sure they will help everyone reading. It’s vital to provide value and I think you have done so in your comment. I am sure you are a great blogger — keep up the great work!

  88. Happy early Thanksgiving… hope all is well in the west coast, my mom actually just left Washington back to Cali, said it was beautiful up there right now…

    –> ANYHOO… without further adieu… About your statement on Mikes writing…

    Mike is actually not far off with his writing… he is just missing on very important piece (easy to change)

    He simply isn’t adding any Curiosity provoking, Newsy, Facts to his spin on an article…

    For Instance… Instead of saying “The health benefits of bananas.”

    He could spin it (examples):
    1. New Article Shows That You Can Use Bananas To Help Stop Emotional Eating
    -then talk about how to eat 2 bananas before dinner to curb hunger and keep you from eating to much

    2. Bananas Can Help You Lose 2 Pounds Per Week (If you are 20+ Pounds Overweight)
    -then talk about how eating 1-2 bananas before meals (because they are low calorie and filling) help you eat less during dinners and help you to cut 200-400 calories per meal, especially when eating out

    Applies to other foods as well

    3. New Study Shows That BEANS Can Help You Lose Weight
    -then talk about how eating a side serving of beans before at least two meals per day for a week, help you to fill more full, they are low calorie, and very high in fiber… so again you eat less, make better food decision and cut calories

    Then he can lead into the rest of the article “The health benefits of bananas.”… LOL
    -Or can even spin that… More specific… what benefit… “Guess What $.05 Food That Helps You Poop More Regular – Will Help You Live Longer, Get More Of The Nutrition Out Of Your Organics, And Lose Weight”

    -again, the headline is more curiosity provoking, but the content isn’t much different, except maybe the intro – the food is bananas, because they help you go to the bathroom, clean your digestive tract (life is in the gut), which also helps nutrient absorption, and weight loss.

    Anyhoo, I can go on and on, but you get my point… Just more Newsy, Curiosity Provoking, and some cool Facts.

    Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile and that this was a long comment… Actually hopefully you read it ROFL 😉


    talk to ya soon

    • Kenney,

      Wow! Thanks for all these suggestions. At first glance these are all legit titles that would definitely make me want to come back for more.

      I will definitely relay this message and hopefully we can continue with positive growth. You are spot on about piquing curiosity — it’s important. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing much more from you.

      Don’t be a stranger.

  89. Loved your SMART goals Neil, will wait to see the results of the next 30 days, especially the reviews conversion percentage.

  90. Every time I read the $100,000 Challenge, I get inspired to not give up and continue my hard journey to work from home and create an income from my websites.

    Thank You!

  91. That’s great Neil will be doing like this soon labeling of product .

  92. Hi Neil,

    Great job on the series; it’s very inspiring. Will you ever walk us through how you went about white labeling your product and provide questions to ask and things to look out for when finding a product to white label?

  93. Anurag shreshthi :

    First of all Best of luck Neil for your next target.

    Neil you and mike doing very well to achieve your $100,000/m challenge. After reading this challenging post, your hard work, tricks, and suggestions motivate me for doing the same. but problem is that i am lil bit confused to how to start. I am also thinking to start a small niches blog for short earning.

  94. Naomi Dinsmore :

    HI Neil,

    I love reading the $100,000 updates! I am actually a genuine, converted fan of Nutrition Secrets. I recently turned Vegan so some of the ‘recipe’ posts I found helpful, especially the Tofu one.

    I’m also really impressed with Mike’s daily posting at roughly the same time. I’m sure that’s not easy.

    I’m also not doing so great on FB and that’s where my community is. I would love if you could maybe link to any of your previous posts or in the next update discuss how you overcame is.

    Also, I was really looking forward to you speaking about how you’ve been link building. You said Mike was going to be focusing on this last month.

    Lastly, would you also mention how you guy’s promote your posts. I know your social media, but is there anything else you are doing?

    Keep up the great work. You really are doing an amazing job, considering it’s only been 7 months!



    • Naomi, thanks for all the support and glad you find the posts helpful.

      For link building a lot of what we do is contextual. We get a lot of organic links but have also cultivated a community of nutrition experts to link and get links from.

      I will see what I can do in regards to another post on Facebook about this topic.

      We typically focus on social media for promotion – we haven’t gone to many other channels yet — stay tuned though.

  95. Great Going Neil!

    Can you pls suggest some hacks for increasing organic searches for a blog, which only focuses on reviews.


  96. Congratulations Neil!

    Glad to see your first product go live on Amazon. I’m certain it will do well.

    Look forward to a walk through on white labeling process. Was there a MOQ requirement, since it’s under Amazon fulfillment, and charged only when you sell?

    • No, but our costs are much higher per unit than if we had a MOQ. The new versions we are working on will cost us $20 a bottle which is extremely high.

  97. Hi Neil,

    It’s always nice to read your updates. especially for 100,000 challenge.
    I am going to see what happen in November, since you have started the monetization.

    Keep it up!

  98. i am a regular reader of nutrition secrets and i must say, it is one of the best nutrition blog out there.
    In terms of traffic, your site is really improving at a good rate. and i think you would easily achieve your goal.

  99. This time, it’s me who were a little bit late to read it.

    I saw that it’s still going as you were planning. I wish you luck for the upcoming months they are definitely going to be decisive concerning the success of that challenge.

    The only one bad point about these monthly updates of the challenge is that you didn’t give many details about how you proceed to the white labeling? How did you find the best provider of the product? From where? How do you handle all the financial stuff of it?…Etc.

    Anyway, we are learning so much that I feel ashamed to say such remarks. Best of luck Neil for the rest!

  100. Is it possible to make $5000 a day from website with seo

  101. Adewale Adelani :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the time and effort in writing this monthly update on the100k challenge. I am enjoying it.

    Kindly, can the same PRINCIPLE OF MONETIZATION in the health niche/blog apply to a Destination Travel niche/blog?

    Keep it up.

  102. Thanks Neil, love what you do.

    My question is why not find the product and sell first and then follow up with a blog around the brand. From your view do you think one could get a white label product first.? I get very cloudy and just flat out frozen when I choose words to write.

    Any and all comments are invited.

    • Mike, you can go about it that way, however, when you start writing you can gain insights into your buyer personas. This lets you figure out how to pitch them and with what.

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