A Step-by-Step Guide to Driving 10,000 Visitors a Month Through Pinterest


Social media can be a great traffic source for almost any online business.

But which network is right for you?

For most businesses, it makes sense to start with the largest networks. No matter how narrow your audience is, it’s very likely you’ll find members of that audience active on these networks.

This means that most businesses should start with one of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Although they are all huge, they are very different networks.

The best one for you will depend on your customers, your niche, and your marketing preferences. 

Pinterest is the second biggest driver of referral traffic by a large margin.


Despite that, it doesn’t get as much attention as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This is mainly because it’s a unique network. Every single post on it is an image (with a short optional description).

Pinterest can be an amazing traffic source as long as you can create some sort of visual content in your niche.

And although it takes some time to learn how to use Pinterest effectively, it’s pretty simple once you understand it.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can drive thousands of visitors a month to your website with Pinterest.

2 reasons why Pinterest is an amazing traffic source

The unique aspects of Pinterest are the reasons why Pinterest can be a great option for those businesses whose past social media marketing failed.

In particular, you need to understand two main reasons for using Pinterest to determine if it’s the right platform for you.

Reason #1 – Pins have great longevity: One of the problems with most social networks is that whatever you post stays visible only for a short period of time: anywhere from an hour to a few days at the most.

So even though you’re continually creating content on the network, you don’t benefit from it after you’ve initially posted it.

Seems like a waste, doesn’t it?

But Pinterest is different.

You can make a “pin” (share an image) that will continue to get views and shares over time.

It might not have the level of consistency that good search engine rankings have, but it’s much closer to achieving that kind of impact than any other social network.

If you’re active on Pinterest for a long time, the traffic will really add up.

For example, the food blog Pinch of Yum shared that they get about 500,000 visitors per month from Pinterest.


Even if they stopped being active on the network, they would still get a large portion of that referral traffic for the foreseeable future.

Compare that to other networks, like Facebook and Twitter, where your traffic would take a nosedive shortly after you stop posting.

Reason #2 – Pinterest was designed for sharing: One of the reasons why pins live for so long is that users are always looking for more things to share.

This is what a typical Pinterest dashboard looks like when a user logs in:


If a user likes a pin, they either “like” it or “repin” (share) it.

Good pictures can get hundreds or even thousands of repins.

Unlike other social networks, Pinterest isn’t about posting status updates about what happened during the day. It’s about sharing and consuming images and, by extension, content they link to.

Creating an account that attracts followers (3 key areas)

The first practical thing you need to know is how Pinterest works.

At first, it might seem a bit complex, but I promise that it’s fairly simple.

You start by creating an account, just like you would on any other social network.

When other users visit your profile, they’ll see something like this:


Your profile is composed of 5 main areas:

  1. Your logo – If your logo is very plain, you might want to create a custom image instead.
  2. Your brand name – It should reflect your business, but you could also use a personal account with your name.
  3. Your website URL
  4. A description – A one- or two-line description that explains what you do.
  5. Boards – These boards act as silos for the content you share on Pinterest (your pins are kept inside, depending on how you tag them). You should create a board for each category of images you plan to share (you can do this later).

Setting up your account: To start with, go to Pinterest, and sign up for a new account. You’ll want to select “continue as a business” on the first screen (after you enter your email):


Then, fill out the fields as usual:


If at any point you want to change your profile, you can do so by navigating to your profile and clicking “Edit Profile” in the top right corner:


Using Pinterest is simple: Like I mentioned before, there is only one type of content on Pinterest – “pins.”

A pin always consists of an image. It also typically has a description, which can also include hashtags.


It’s a good idea to include keywords in your description so that you show up when people use the search bar on Pinterest (which they do quite often).

As you can see in the pin above, you can either “pin it” to share it or you can “like it.”

Users see a variety of pins all at once as small versions. They can click on those to see their full versions.


Users can find pins using the search bar or looking through their feed.

Their feed consists of pins that the users they are following have posted (more on this later).

And that’s really all there is to using Pinterest at a basic level.

How to drive insane referral traffic with pins

Because of how Pinterest is set up, driving traffic back to your website isn’t difficult.

Here’s the basic idea:

  1. Pin attractive images from your blog content (or product pages)
  2. Put URL of the blog post as the link
  3. Get as many likes and repins on Pinterest as possible (more views)
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again
  5. Watch referral traffic grow exponentially

There’re obviously a few finer details in each of the steps, but that’s what the rest of this post covers.

Creating a pin the right way: The one part of using Pinterest that we haven’t covered yet is actually making a pin.

Depending on the popularity of your blog, you might find that your readers are already creating tons of pins for you.

You can check by going to:


Replace “quicksprout” with your domain name.

On top of those pins, you’ll want to regularly make pins of your own to add to your boards.

Unlike with most networks, you can get away, for the most part, with posting only your own content, but it’s still a good idea to repin content from other Pinterest users as well.

To make your own pin, look at the top left of any of your boards. You’ll see a grey “add a pin” button in the top left.

Click it, and either upload a picture or enter a link to an image.

If you only put in a picture, your pin will look very plain, like this:


If you click the pin (anywhere on the thumbnail), it will bring up the full pin.

Click on the “edit” button at the top of the pin:


This will bring up a pop-up that allows you to edit the key information.

You can choose the board where the pin should live as well as enter a description plus the URL that it should point to:


I know it may be tempting to link to a sales page, but always link to the most relevant to the image page. That’s what a Pinterest user is looking for if they click through to the URL.

After you’ve set the website address, users viewing your pin will have two different links that will point to that address:


Now that you know how to create a pin, you need to learn one more important thing about them: how to pick images that users love to share.

4 types of images that Pinterest users love

I’m a huge fan of using beautiful images to produce better content.

The typical Internet user prefers to get information via a picture rather than a long passage of text.

People also process images about 60,000 times faster than words, which means that images are a more efficient way to communicate certain types of information as well.

In general, there are 4 types of images that get the most likes and pins on Pinterest. You can choose any one or combination of them when finding or creating images to share on Pinterest.

Type #1 – Beautiful background + clear text overlay: You’ve probably seen this type of picture often as the featured picture for a blog post.

The left pin in the picture below is an example of one:


If you break the picture apart, it’s really simple to make.

First, you need a background image. Any high quality picture that’s vaguely related to your blog post will work, but remember that vertical pictures are best for Pinterest.

Then, you just need to put a slightly transparent box on top somewhere and add the title of your post.

I’ll admit that these types of pictures do look great, even if they’re simple to make.

If you’re not sure how to create this yourself, use my tutorial on creating your own custom images. I promise that you can make them in under 5 minutes once you learn how.

Ideally, create one for every single blog post you publish, and then pin it as well.

Type #2 – Infographics (or parts of them): Another type of image that you can use in many ways beyond Pinterest is infographics.

There’s no better way to summarize a lot of complex information in one image than an infographic.

A well-made infographic will drive traffic from Pinterest for years as it will continue to get repins and likes over time.


On top of the standard type of infographic, step-by-step instructions are also popular on Pinterest.

Take a procedure to do something, and create an image for each step of the process:


One big benefit of infographics on Pinterest beyond the fact that they are extremely shareable is that most users will click through to your site to see if there’s more background information on the image.

Here’s my guide to creating great infographics.

Type #3 – We all relate to other people: You’ll see a lot of well-made pictures in your feed.

One type of picture that always stands out from those is pictures of real people. Our eyes are naturally drawn to other people:


If you’re not shy on camera, you can take pictures of yourself for certain blog posts and then pin those images.

Alternatively, you can just customize stock pictures of models—although original pictures are always best.

Type #4 – Custom images always stand out: In one of my early updates about the nutrition case study site, I noted that custom-drawn images were producing great results on Facebook.

These types of images do well on most social networks, but they do especially well on Pinterest.

Pinterest users appreciate images with lots of useful information, but they also appreciate a great design.

So something like this, despite just being a custom image for a blog post, can get repinned over 8,000 times:


The downside of these images is that they’re going to cost more than the other types of images.

Unless you have the talent yourself, you’ll have to hire a freelancer from a site like Upwork. Depending on the quality you’re looking for, each image can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $100.

Get hundreds (or thousands) of followers with Pinterest contests

By now, you understand the basics of the network.

One key component of getting a lot of repins and likes is having a large following.

Your followers will see your pins in their home feed and will have the ability to repin them, which will show your pins to all of their followers (and so on).

If you have a really amazing picture, it can go viral even if you have a small following. But in most cases, it won’t happen.

If you have thousands of followers, I can virtually guarantee that you can get a few dozen of repins on any of your pins very quickly, which will expose your content to a new audience, leading to more views, repins, and followers.

In short: getting followers is important if you want to succeed on Pinterest.

I’m going to show you a few different strategies you can use to gain followers and get exposure for your content.

We’ll start with Pinterest contests.

The basic idea is to offer a prize for pinning something relevant to your brand, with the winner chosen at random. If the prize is great, the contest can spread to a wide audience, and you can pick up a lot of followers.

Unfortunately, these aren’t as effective as they used to be because Pinterest started to enforce some strict rules.

For example, you cannot ask users to follow you, repin, or share your images in order to get extra entries into the contest.

If you’re looking to get a lot of followers quickly, this is your best bet (but make the prize attractive).

Step #1 – Come up with a simple idea and prize: Ideally, the main details about the contest should be captured in an attractive image that you can pin.


And although you can’t tell users to do certain things, you can link the image to the Rules page on your own website (which is a good idea).

A lot of the success of your contest will be based on the prize. It has to be something that your target audience would be willing to create an image, or repin one of your existing pins, for.

On top of the prize, you will need to give the contest participants a specific task to do to gain an entry into the contest.

A common one is to take a picture with your product and add a specific hashtag that you create.

Or you can ask them to follow you and repin a picture from one of your boards.


Step #2 – Set up your landing page: It can be hard to quantify the value of a follower on Pinterest. Furthermore, we know that email subscribers are even more valuable.

So although you can use your contest to get new followers, you should also try to use it to get more email subscribers on your site.

When a Pinterest user clicks on your contest pin, it should take them to a landing page with the rules of the contest.

One of the rules could be that they must submit an email address in order to be contacted if they win.


Even if they don’t win, you could still offer them a consolation prize, like a discount, to try to encourage a sale.

Important note on contests: A successful contest needs to be seen by a lot of people. There’s no sense giving away a thousand dollars or a product worth that much if only 20 people enter the contest.

This is why you should wait until you start getting regular repins and engagement on your pins naturally, before you launch a contest.

You can also promote your contest on other social media channels.

The more followers you already have, the more repins you will get, which will lead to exposure to your target audience that you want.

The other benefit of this is that a contest will help convert existing followers on Pinterest into email subscribers, which is a better channel for marketing.

So, how else can you get more followers? Here’s an option you can use if you are starting from scratch…

Have spare time? How to get thousands of followers naturally

Social media is all about connecting to other people and brands.

And although Pinterest is a fairly unique network, it’s no different in regards to this aspect.

In order to get people to follow you, you need to make some sort of connection with them.

It could be through commenting on their pins or sharing their pins, but the simplest and most scalable option is to follow other users.

When you follow another user, they get a notification. Most of the time, they will check out your profile.

If they like your profile and like the content you post on your boards (which is why it’s important to be active), they’ll follow you back.

Depending on how good your profile is and how well you pick the people you follow, 1-10% of them will follow you back.

But there are limits. In order to prevent spammers, Pinterest imposed limits on the number of people you can follow within an hour. It’s currently at 300 people per hour.

If you go over this limit, you’ll risk getting your account suspended or banned.

It takes about 5-15 minutes to follow this many people, and it will get you anywhere from 3 to 30 new followers.

Although that sounds like a lot of work, imagine if you did that just twice a day. Even with mediocre results, let’s say 10 new followers, you’d pick up 600 new followers in a month, and 7,200 in a year.

That’s a pretty large following.

If you also consider that your following will grow from getting repins and likes, you can multiply that total by 2, 3, or more.

Yes, you’ll have to be dedicated, but this simple math shows that this strategy can work.

A lot of your success will be determined by whom you follow. If you run an account about home decorating but follow football fans, you’ll get a terrible follow-back rate.

To avoid this, use the following two different methods to find users to follow who are actually interested in your content.

Finding people to follow – method #1 (keywords): Pinterest has a pretty good search function. Type in your niche into the search bar, and press enter (it will divide it into separate words automatically):


This will bring up all pins relevant to those keywords.

Obviously, if someone pins or repins an image that is related to your keywords, they’re probably interested in the topic.


Next, you’ll have to click on the name of the sharer (at the bottom of each pin) one by one.

That will bring you to the board to which they pinned the image. Click their name and image once again on that page (on the top left) in order to see their main profile:


On their profile, click the “Follow” button on the top right in bright red:


Alternatively, instead of clicking on the sharer’s name, you can click the image of the original pin and scroll down to the bottom.

Just past the comments, you’ll see a section that says “saved by [Pinterest user]”, which has the “Follow” button right beside it for you to click:


This gets you some very targeted people to follow, but it is fairly time consuming. I’d recommend mixing this method with method #2.

Finding people to follow – method #2 (competitors): Instead of trying to find people who are probably interested in your niche, you can find people who are definitely interested in it.

How? By searching for your competitors.

For example, if I wanted to get more followers interested in social media marketing, I might search for “social media examiner” on Pinterest. If they have an account, it will come up in the suggestions bar under “pinners”:


Click their name, and it will take you to their profile.

Assuming they are a strong competitor, they should have thousands of followers, which you can see at the top of their profile.


Click the follower count in order to bring up a list of all their followers (from newest to oldest).


The nice thing about this option is that there is a follow button under all of the followers.

You’ll likely see that some followers have zero or very few pins or followers themselves. Or they might not have a display picture (just a red thumbtack).

These aren’t active users, so don’t waste your follow limit on following them.

What about automation? I understand that this is a pretty tedious task. But it’s also a very effective way to build your follower list with very little cost.

If you do look around on Google, you’ll find tools that allow you to automatically follow people using the above methods. You can set the limits to make sure the tool doesn’t follow too many people in a short time period.

Here’s the thing: If you get caught, your account will be banned. Any hard work that went into it will be erased in a second.

Bots can do strange things sometimes, or you might set the limits just a bit too high and set off triggers that get you into trouble.

I do not recommend using bots to get followers, but if you do, always err on the side of caution.

The better option, if you don’t want to do this yourself, is to hire a foreign freelancer to do it for you (you can find one on Elance, for example).

Create a quick video of what you want them to do, how many people they should follow in an hour, and how many hours you’d like them to do it in a day.

I would only do this at the beginning since there is a risk in giving someone else access to the account.

Ultimately, it’s a boring task but something that you should do yourself. Find a way to clear 20 minutes a day to do it, and get it done.

Hint: Make this change on your blog posts to amplify their reach

We’ve covered a ton already—just about everything you need to know about using Pinterest effectively for your business:

  • how to create an account
  • how to pin and repin images
  • what kinds of images work best
  • how to get followers

And if you do all that, you can be successful on Pinterest.

But there’s one really easy way to get even more out of your pins.

Since you’ll be creating most of your images for your blog posts first and then pinning them on Pinterest, why not let your other blog readers do that as well?

You can use a WordPress plugin to automatically add a “Pin it” button to all of your blog images, which will show up any time someone hovers over them with their mouse.


With the button, a reader can pin the image with just a few clicks.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to its settings to make sure everything is configured correctly:


The most important setting is the “Show Pin It Button On Image Hover” option along with the color and size of the button.

You want to pick a color that makes it stand out from most of your images and website.

Getting extra pins from your blog readers will help increase the longevity of your pins even more.

Every time an old picture gets pinned again, it will be shown to the pinner’s followers as well as at the top of any relevant searches.


Pinterest is a unique social network with a lot of aspects that make it a great marketing channel.

If you follow the steps in this post and stay consistent with the process, I guarantee that you will be driving thousands of visits to your website every month with minimal effort at that point.

Once you start driving a solid amount of traffic, you can work on increasing your email opt-in rate and eventually turning those subscribers into customers.

I know that learning an entire social network marketing strategy in one post can be a little overwhelming, so leave me any questions you have in the comments below.


  1. Well, Pinterest has enormous potential to drive customers and sales for broad range of businesses. I have noticed several smart marketers drive tons of qualified traffic to their blogs/online stores. You have done quite good again, Neil. Very useful read!

    • Petar, businesses that have figured out Pinterest do exceptionally well.

      It’s definitely a tool for people to use when they have limited resources to blog or want to supplement their blogging.

      Glad you found it helpful.

  2. Informative article.
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    • Al-Amin, glad you found it helpful.

      You are absolutely right about diversifying your channels — having a mult-channel approach yields the best results.

      Keep me posted on progress and let me know how it goes.

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    • Mani, that’s great — sounds like you’ve found a pocket within your niche that uses Pinterest.

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    • Manpreet, glad you found the post helpful.

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    • L.L. it’s not for everyone. However, there are a lot of brands that think it’s not for them and don’t even try — that’s a big no no. You have to see what channels work for you.

      • Oh, we definitely do Pinterest, especially since we curate such striking photography for our posts. And, actually, we do most every social media site at least in a baseline way, for a variety of reasons. I was curious if, to your knowledge, there’s a tipping point follower figure for driving traffic from Pinterest.

        And of course I know this continues to change (for instance, we used to easily get 5 times the traffic we now get from Facebook, so our 32,000+ fan base would have also needed to grow by at least 5 times if we wanted to get the same amount of traffic from the platform now. Because we weren’t willing to put in 5 times the work and resources and have found better traffic drivers for less work and $, we now do Facebook in just a steady, non-intensive way.)

        Btw, I went in and did some keywording on Pinterest. Looking forward to seeing if there’s an upsurge 🙂

        • L.L.

          There really isn’t a tipping point. You’ll know when you’re doing things right though 😉 It should be very apparent.

          It’s great to hear that you optimized your strategy and saw great results!

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    • Greg, glad you liked them.

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    • Rohit, Pinterest is all about quality. Low quality images and products on Pinterest get weeded out pretty quickly — so great points.

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  26. Actually the results of Pinterest vary a lot. I have hundreds of pictures there and the referrals can be counted on finger monthly! This is because of quite bitchy way Pinterest works – you have to click full res image and then click again on the picture to visit the source. Of course, only few ppl do that. So it is a good idea to put link into the description itself.

    Then there is the nature of pictures – you need vertical pictures and in best case infographics. These work very well.

    Btw. FB is my best traffic source, followed by Reddit. But compared to the number of published links, Reddit is by far the best traffic source and doesnt nosedive like FB or TW. Sometimes even hundred links on FB are not as powerful as one good link on Reddit. TW is extremely poor, lot of followers but no traffic, just retweets and likes.

    • Zbynek,

      They definitely vary and are very reliant on the niche and products you are promoting.

      I agree with the vertical pictures and have found they do tremendously well.

      Everyone will have their go to sources. Thanks for sharing yours. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  27. Pinterest is kind of amazing to me always. I started sharing on pinterest years ago and I am getting a decent amount of uncharted traffic from there. I can’t always be sure I will get them but the sudden referrals from pinterest appears helpful.

    I have a site on entertainment niche and people love those photos and memes :). Great explanation here by you. Gracious.

    • Delwar, glad you found the post helpful and the tips valuable.

      Let me know how they work out for you. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  28. wow ! great post, before yesterday i pin 1 or 2 image but i learn now how effective is pinterest and how it drive traffic to my website. i am working on an ecommerce website and this post helps to me.
    can you suggest me a post which can drive more traffic to my ecommece website.

    and keep it up. you helps thousands people……..thank you

    • Krishna, just start sharing your products on Pinterest. As an e-commerce site you have a leg up over everyone else.

  29. Rajkaran Singh :

    Hi Neil
    This is quite an exciting stuff. I opened account on Pinterest but then ignored it as I could not figure out how to use this. But now I am quite hopeful and shall take this seriously. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Syed Moeen Uddin :

    Assalm O Alikum Neil,

    I am really convinced with this information. as far i have researched on pinterest has shown remarkable result for Niche sites. if you are doing a business in a real way and want visitors particularly from Western territory, then pinterest is the Hub of Western traffic.

    • Syed, Greetings to you as well 🙂

      Glad you found it helpful. You have to try everything possible to reach the right audience.

  31. Hey Neil,

    This was probably one of the best marketing blog posts I’ve ever read.

    You are right up there with Ryan Deiss in my opinion… SUPER QUALITY STUFF!!!

  32. Nice post Neil Patel,
    I also believe that pins have great longevity. Your post is very informative and worth reading and helped me in improving my knowledge about how to increase traffic from social media sites.

    • Abhishek, glad to help. A great pin can definitely stand the test of time. If you need help with anything else please let me know.

  33. Jacqueline Schaalje :

    Thanks for the very helpful post!
    I had followed your strategy from a previous post of pinning on community boards and just pin a lot. But following other pinners works better.
    I started yesterday and already have a lot more followers. In a few days I guess I will have a better view about the growth rate.
    By the way, about what you said about the limit that Pinterest imposes on how many pinners you can follow per hour, I got a very polite popup message that I had exhausted my option to follow people: it had been blocked due to a fear of spam. 🙂 It was before the 300. I had clicked on 280 pinners.

    • Jacqueline,

      That’s great to hear. If you follow others they will be more inclined to follow you back and interact with your page.

      I think the rough number is 300 — it may also depend on your ratio. Keep me updated on progress.

      • Jacqueline Schaalje :

        It works! Very happy. Went from just 100 pinners to 200 in one day! And just by clicking for a few minutes on 600 profiles. So that’s better than 10%. At this rate I’ll be in the thousands soon.
        Now I’d be interested in tips where you can find the most dedicated pinners. I’m lucky to have a huge niche (learning English, which is almost as big as marketing..). I’ve been targeting teaching communities and their followers. When you go through some profiles, there seem to be large entourages of bots though. Those are eerie pinners with a white pin on a red background for a head and zero pins, yet they have 8 followers. Beware of those.

  34. This is a great post on Pinterest marketing key techniques using strategic tips. I did the same topic relevant to you, but I missed some points do find here in your resourceful article. In my view point, Pinterest is a sustainable source for quality traffic for the marketers or bloggers who could generate pin-worthy image relevant to their blogs. Thanks for the precious share.

    • Swapan,

      Glad you found it helpful. It’s all about finding quality content to share — that’s where you will see the most value. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  35. Neil, the Pinterest guide you suggested sounds great. Never thought of using Pinterest seriously. This post is very timely for me! I like the idea one which “GET THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS NATURALLY”. These tips are great and set a goal of 100 followers by the end of this month and started working that way.

    Thanks for sharing these. I appreciate the step-by-step guidance.

    • Naresh, glad you found it helpful. It’s a channel most people overlook.

      Let me know how it works out. It’s always great to set goals.

  36. I am also working on social media but after reading your article i have awesome ideas to manage my Pinterest very easily because you have described it very nicely with complete explanations. Thanks keep it up and guide us to good path.

    • Bilal, glad to help and provide guidance. Let me know how the tips work out for you. It’s all about quality content on Pinterest.

  37. Neil, I have one small doubt. Does the traffic we’re getting from Pinterest can be get converted to leads or sales? As these users are not pre-qualified users, so is it worth to spend too much time for working on the strategy of generating huge traffic from Pinterest?

    • Ryan, it depends on the types of business you are promoting. E-commerce sites can get a ton of sales because they are product based. If you are in b2b you’ll have to be a little more inventive with your strategy.

  38. jeff the blogster :

    Dude this is just what i was waiting for… gonna get my profile a bit optimized now..that you mention it..

    Thanks for this useful post

    Jj from www.start-a-website.info

  39. Rightly said.But it takes a bit more time to actually get the results.Neil if I want to use Pinterest ads from India is it available to me now?Currently I seem they put us on waiting list.

    • Soumik, I am not sure how the ads work in India. Maybe you can provide some insights so I can share with others who have the same questions.

  40. I’m not kidding when I said that this post is something I’ve been looking for for two weeks now.

    Working to launch something and I just know that I needed to get very acquainted with Pinterest, since it’s a place where I imagine my IC hangs out a lot.

    Thank you so much for this!

    • Elias,

      Glad I could help. It’s a great channel to promote quality content and get shares. Let me know how these tips work out for you.

  41. Thank you a lot Neil! I was looking for a step-by-step guide for Pinterest from a long time already. I usually find only some good contents but that doesn’t cover all the points the same way you do it. Thank you a lot!
    You already made a great explanation for how to leverage and use wisely Facebook, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Instagram and now Pinterest. I am really looking forward to the step-by-step guide for Twitter. He is the third one in the graph that you shared at the beginning of this post, so I think it deserves a guide too.

    Keep doing the great work Neil, you are amazing! I wish you a lot of luck!

    • Oussama,

      Glad we could connect. I should have a lot more guides coming out on number of channels. Just stay tuned.

      Thanks for all the support. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  42. Hi Neil,
    The great post as your other posts are.
    I’m no active poster, but I always read your articles/posts because you’re riding the tide.
    Could you please advise me how many boards/pins I may submit before I’ll start looking for followers?
    I sell X-mas ornaments and different collectibles. No big business really. I thought probable pinterest would work better than FB for me.
    Thank you.

  43. My wife has a personal Pinterest account and one of the boards is pretty popular. Which brings me to my question: What about small or accidental businesses, should I create a whole new Pinterest account for that popular board and split it off from her personal Pinterest account to a separate account?

    This is probably an age-old question but I hate the thought of managing two accounts. Not making too much money off the accidental business so we really can’t afford to have someone else manage it. We work during the day at “normal” jobs and she does her Pinterest thing at night. Any thoughts? Thanks. Great article/ideas by the way.

    • Bill,

      That might be a good idea. Because you have found out which board provides the most value you can now segment and create a new board to try to pinpoint and expand on that traffic source.

      In regards to time — start off slow. Just make sure you posting a few times a day on that new account (and only high quality posts). Keep me posted on progress.

  44. Great post Neil, I just posted a new infographic that should get me lots of free website traffic. Thanks again for great post 🙂

    • Bill, great to hear. Let me know if you need help with anything else. Also, feel free to share your infographic.

      • Bill Portnova :

        Hey Neil, here is my first info-graphic that I have every made. Let me know what you think 🙂

        • Bill, looks great — keep up the great work. The topics and images will make all the difference.

          • Bill Portnova :

            Thanks Neil, I was wondering if I could get you to review my new WordPress plugin?

            • Sure — feel free to share!

              • Bill Portnova :

                Thanks Neil, We are in Beta Testing. My New WordPress Plugin is called WP Content Discovery. It Helps Online Marketers Get More Free Website Traffic To Their WordPress Blog. We Have Almost 400 WordPress Blogs Using The Plugin. Let Me Know What You Think 🙂 https://www.wpcontentdiscovery.com

  45. @Neil, How do you get ideas to write such unique articles every month?? I am really going to be big fan of yours!

  46. Sometimes people need to hear it from somebody they believe in to successed.

    This post is the answer to that need.

    Amazing post Neil.

  47. Just learn something new. I never know that Pinterest can drive so much traffic.

  48. Muhammad Hassaan Zeb :

    Hey Neil. I have been working on it since two weeks. Thanks to this article i understood everything in no time. So well explained. Thank you soo much.

  49. Amazing post man, I love. My main source of traffic is Twitter when it comes to social media (i think most rappers run with that) but I’m sure I will find Pinterest just as useful. I just need to figure out how 😀 thanks again Neil you have the dopest tips all around the Net!

    • Phami, glad you found it helpful. Sounds like you have a pretty good strategy. Keep up the great work and keep sharing your talents on Twitter.

  50. Hi Neil,

    thanks so much for this article – perfect timing, I just created a Pinterest account for our website a few weeks ago and was looking for great ways to improve my strategy/work there.

    I like most of your tips and cannot wait to try them for myself! Still, I would like to add 2 thoughts to your article.

    1. Following people who have very little pins or follower themselves might not be very effective – but following accounts that have over 1k followers themselves isn’t the best choice either since most of them will never notice you’ve followed them. Just too much going on there. I usually opt for a 3 figure followship.

    2. Outsourcing the process of following around 200 people every other hour will save some time for sure (I like doing it myself during cool down time when I cannot be bothered to research or write anymore). But from what I’ve heard (sorry, no proof), Pinterest recognizes when people from different parts of the world log into your account – meaning when you sometimes log in from the US/Europe to pin your stuff and the guy you hired to follow people logs in from Asia, there’s an abnormality and it could be punished, aka your account gets blocked or worse. Is this true?

    I’m so grateful for all the articles and guides you put out, it was immensly helpful for our little business – we ususally read at least 1-2 of your articles daily and take notes. It’s a very exciting topic and should always be taken into account when having an online business.

    All the best, have a great week

    • Alena, thanks for sharing these great points.

      1. I think that is a pretty solid strategy. Sometimes those with less followers will be more inclined to engage, follow back and share your stuff.

      2. I am not sure how they track and monitor this or punish people for that matter. I wouldn’t worry too much.

      Glad you find the guides and everything helpful. If you need any specific help I am always here to ask 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for the reply!
        Yes I do have another questions, for that matter. It’s kind of unrelated though.

        What kind of pictures am I allowed to use for my social media accounts? Do they have to be license free or bought stock photos? I see so many businesses on Facebook uploading pictures from other people, sometimes just food, sometimes infographics or just quotes. Even big and successful businesses in the health scene do this – is it legal? I’ve uploaded all kinds of pictures so far but we’re rather small yet. What should I do?

        • Alena, it isn’t illegal but one should definitely try to find content that is their own.

          So far I haven’t heard of any case of someone getting in trouble for sharing photos on social that weren’t theirs.

  51. Ali Haider Shah :

    Hey Neil what an excellent article you read, thanks for a lot of information, now the only question rising in my mind is that: If there are high re-pins, then our board will be on the first page?

  52. Thanks for the step-by-step, Neil. I just signed up for Pinterest this week and was about to research the best way to use it.

    You mention vertical images as the best. What image size works best for Pinterest?

    • Heather, I just know that vertical does best because it tends to look better when you scroll down on mobile. As for the specific size I’d have to crunch some numbers.

  53. Hi Neil,
    Do you think Pinterest works for all types of business? Would it work for the business that doesn’t have many relevant photo content ?

    • Arpine, definitely. You can always focus on others types of content like infographics — just find your niche and a good strategy to grow it.

  54. Thanks, Neil. This is going to get pinned on my private board for business strategies (another way to use Pinterest). I think part of the reason I (and apparently a lot of people here) haven’t considered Pinterest is because we haven’t had a clear picture of where our audience “hangs out” and goes to for ideas and resources. Also, I find google searches for resources are now pointing to Pinterest pages over private websites. Thanks for ideas! -Neela

    • Neela, do the research, create the content and then share. You’l see some great results! Let me know if you need help with anything else along the way.

  55. Hello Neil, really Pinterest is one of the biggest site, (i mean bookmarking site). Its perfect for marketing and visitors.

  56. Hi Neil! Great post as always. I liked the idea of increasing your follower count and that too in your niche. I have seen some remarkable traffic from Pinterest in the past for some of my clients. Clearly that requires you stay active and and pin regularly. And yes, like you said the popularity of your blog does matter.

    Neil, I request you to do an infographic for this one as well.

    Ajay Prasad

    • Ajay, let me see what I can do in regards to an infographic.

      Pinterest, like any other channel is full of savvy people who know what they want. Once you tap into their psychology the sky is the limit. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  57. Insightful thoughts as usual Neil. I really don’t know that pinterest has a potential of driving huge number of traffic until I read your article. Glad I found it. Thanks.

    • Robin, glad to help. If you find the right strategy Pinterest can drive a ton of traffic and create immense value.

  58. Claire Greenhow @ Professional CV Writer :

    I have to admit I am a little bit addicted to Pinterest! Whilst I love pinning, it’s not the biggest driver of traffic to my site (at the moment). Perhaps because my business is service-based, rather than product-based? To get around this, I have started creating visuals about CV, resume and Linkedin profile writing, offering advice and top tips with links to my website. This seems to be helping and it’s fun too!

    • Claire, that’s awesome. It sounds like you’ve found a smart niche in your industry. People think that Pinterest is only useful for images and art. It’s a misconception — B2B companies have found great success using infographics and other types of content.

  59. Rihanna Bello :

    I love pinterest from my blogging day1…but ive got enough traffic from there.

    nice for droping this good post, hope it will give positive results….

  60. Hi Neil,

    Great article, but i tried pinterest in Indonesia but didn’t work, probably because pinterest users in indonesia not big enough?


    • Rita, that can definitely be it. Why not try an international audience?

    • Hi, I have some blogs specific to Indonesian audience. Almost nobody is using my Pinterest button, while there are many people using my Facebook & Twitter button. Even Linkedin shares are more than Pinterest shares here in Indonesia.

  61. Hi Neil,

    Pinterest is such a platform where you can make your website a brand and get a lot of visitors if you do it in the right way. Also Pinterest has emerged as a big brand where you must have an account for your site.

    Great piece of information I would say and would utilise the above points given in the right way to boost my traffic. Cheers!

    • Glad to help. Pinterest is a channel that people often overlook. It provides a ton of value when you have the right content and find the right audience to promote and share your content.

  62. Ethel Paderes :

    I love Pinterest! I love pinning and I always refer to this platform whenever I’m looking for good inspiration for DIYs, craft, designs, gift ideas, and cool infographic inspiration (because I also create infographic for our blogs). What I noticed in Pinterest is that it really provides an SEO value to your niche. Your tips are detailed and very helpful. Thanks Neil!

    • Ethel, I am glad I can help. I think it’s important to find the most relevant content when it comes to Pinterest. People don’t have as much time to wade through a ton of okay content — they want the best content on Pinterest.

  63. Frederik Faarup :

    Great guide, Neil (and thanks for the Facebook answer earlier).

    I’d like to add a tactic of mine to this post. It works best if you’re doing a “Top” list (i.e: Top 22 wall lamps):

    Firstly, you collect emails of a few influencers in your niche (they must have a Pinterest with a good amount of followers, of course).

    Secondly, you ask them if they want to contribute to your next blogpost by finding an image to match the blogpost. You’ll credit their contribution in the post.

    Thirdly, you’ll reach out to them again when the post is done, and ask them to “pin” the image that they found (Use one of Neil’s outreach templates).

    This way the influencers can show their followers, that they have the ‘authority’ to contribute to other blogs – and they’ll therefore happily pin it.
    And if not, you’ll still have an awesome post with added authority (because influencers have contributed).

    • Frederik, that’s a great strategy. It’s a way to create a reciprocity between power influencers on social media and power influencers in the blogosphere.

      I’ll have to try it out. Feel free to provide some more insights on how this strategy has helped you (or your clients) grow the brand.

  64. Savanah Fahrney-Day :

    Great post. From my own experience, I’m found that when you only worry about pinning quality content, responding to comments on your pins, and interacting on other pins, your followers will naturally increase and so will your repins and traffic. Those that run contests usually find that it results in a lower repins per follower rate (so it’s more of a vanity number than helpful) while those that grow organically get more from each follower.

    Although, I did notice that you didn’t mention how helpful Rich Pins are & how easy it is to set up 🙂

    • Savanah, when you try to provide value and reciprocate pins you will definitely find the most value.

      Your point about contests really is true. Being honest and engaging with others on Pinterest really is the surest way to success.

  65. Interesting post again. I would like to know why conversion rate is so low? Only 9 conversions for 465,439 visits. Also, organic traffic isn’t doing well. Why is it’s so low? I expected at least 0.3%. Not sure how valuable are these visitors. Thanks.

    • I am not 100% sure as Yum isn’t my site. My guess is their landing page needs to be more fine tuned. That number should be way higher…

  66. Hi Neil.

    Thank you for the very detailed post. It’s always a fun time reading your blog posts, not to mention that after reading them I am so inspired to get to work!

    Quick question and I’m not trying to be rude, but the images being posted within your writings has the alt titles as “image06.png” etc… Does this matter when thinking about SEO so instead of “image06.png” shouldn’t it be “social-media-trends-2015.png”? Keep up the good work and thanks for your time!

    • Yes, they should be labeled better. I will have to tell my assistant who uploads the images for me.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  67. Hi Neil,
    Can we post on other people’s board? is it possible?
    If Yes,
    then How?
    Please help

  68. Great post, Mr. Neil these tips are really very useful. I read your post throughly, I struggled to get more followers to my blog, your post helps me this time. I followed this strategy and it works well, now getting increased on my Pinterest. Tell me how want to get more visitors to by blog? and say me How we should choose the best keyword to get top? please give some tips about it. Thank you so much for this Pinterest post, Neil!!

    • Chitra, glad to help.

      What specifically can I help with? That is a pretty broad question. Have you seen any other posts of mine. They are on a wide range of topics 😉

  69. Adeniyi Odetola :

    Thanks for sharing this guide, Neil. Working on it now.

  70. Hey Neil, at last someone explaining step by step the what and how of Pinterest! Thanks for this great post, you’re a living legend!
    Sorry if the questions already been asked but you get a LOT of feedback! Re Method 1 of following other Pinners: should I actually follow the person or is it okay to focus and simply follow the board or boards the Pinner generates that are relevant? If I follow the person I surely get all sorts of stuff in my feed that’s going to make it hard to see the forest for all the trees that are in the way?!
    Thanks again,

    • Andrew, glad to help.

      I think you should follow the pinner. By doing that you create a personal relationship that is engaging — that’s the whole point and how you get people to share your content as well.

      Let me know if you need any help along the way.

  71. Thanks Neil sir for the awesome article, tried using Pinterest from 2 days and my site is showing traffic from Pinterest ?

  72. Excellent guide Neil,

    Out of interest why do you not use the WordPress Pin It plugin for Quick Sprouts images?

    Also, have you have experimented with pin for pins on Pinterest? I know people have had success doing this on Instagram.


    • I am redesigning the whole blog as we speak…

      I have, but the success also depends on the space. Doesn’t work as well in the marketing niche.

  73. Great post and excellent examples with image.

  74. Soumyakanti Ray :

    The best article I have read on Pinterest. Thanks for this excellent article. Will implement all these tricks to increase my traffic from Pinterest.

  75. Perfect Guide Neil,

    I have just have one question.

    What is the best way to unfollow Accounts that didn´t follow back? I haven´t found an easy method. The best solutions i have found was a mobile app.

    Thanks in advance

    • Meinhard, I don’t know if there is an automated method — you’ll just have to go in and do it manually. Let me know how it works out and if you need any help along the way!

  76. Excellent list of blog posts, bookmarking it for future reference.

    Keep up the good work.

  77. Kristopher M. Rowe :

    As a wedding and portrait photographer one might think I have been all over Pinterest…but you’d be wrong!

    Thanks for this-it is the kick in the ass I needed to get going on Pinterest. I already have 100’s of photos that really represent the brand–I obviously need to watermark and get pinning!

    I know your content caters to bloggers for the most part, I am very excited to FINALLY be putting what I can from your posts in play to my photography website. I mean, content is content and visitors to the site is the only way I can grow—so I have to learn how to get more people to the site!

    • Kristopher, glad to provide assistance. If you have a ton of content already — it’s easy to leverage it with the right set of tools.

      Glad to provide the added boost 😉

      You’ll figure out the strategy as you keep applying new tactics.

  78. I already have started following your step by step guide and man I have accumulated some followers. This thing is really working. Hope I start to get likes, repins soon too. That would really be beneficial for my blog.

    Thanks again mate.

  79. Thanks for this guide! I am getting some traffic from pinterest but not the huge numbers of some other bloggers I know. Look forward to implementing your advice.

  80. Thanks Neil for useful info. I am at pinterest and repining other users pins. And I am following other people and they follow me back. Within weak my followers reached to 1300.
    But still I didn’t post my website links there. And I have question from you, that how much can we expect traffic if we have 10k followers?

    • Abdul, glad to help.

      That’s great to see that you achieved such great results. I can’t quantify how much traffic you’ll get — just focus on growth by following the right tactics!

  81. Hi Neil, thanks for the great article! Really useful tips!

    I was wondering, what do you think is a reasonable range of referral traffic for people to expect after 1 month of daily pinning? ie if they spend 15-30 minutes every day for a month, how many PVs could be expected? 500-1k? 1k-5k? 5k+? How about after 2 months?

    I know every case is different, but just looking for some rough estimates to decide what kind of effort is needed & what results we might get. Really hard to find this info!

    Thanks again!

    • I wouldn’t be able to tell you Ed, it depends on lots of different factors. The reality is you that you can potentially get 5k+, which will you’ll learn with trial and error.

  82. zodiak hari ini :

    it’s very nice i’m very like about your article
    Excellent list of blog posts, bookmarking yeah 😀

  83. Impressive Guide Neil, I have started taking more interest in Pinterest from the last month and It’s slowly have started generating visitors for my industry, I can admit that Pinterest is really cool but I feel like people with fashion, clothing or entertainment industries can take much more benefit from this network as compared to people from other industries, but still it’s great, thanks for such great post.

    • It’s true that they can Ali, but in reality it’s also an opportunity for you to create something new, and the opportunities are endless

  84. Chezarina Aquila :

    I finally found a way step by step to get promotion through pinterest a very easy way of practice. Here are described in detail How did the increasing traffic of our website. Very, very helpful at this article. Thanks Neil.

    • Pinterest is a huge network with tons of opportunity for marketers. I figured a “step by step” approach would be valuable and easy for anyone to implement.

  85. nice sharing bro…. i need this information. becoz the problem as a blogger how to driving trafic to their web.

  86. yea, i know that pinterest can do that. thanks fo share

    • There’s a ton of opportunity for business owners and marketers. I hope this guide helps, let me know how it works out for you.

  87. Thank you for the information
    I do not think pinterest get used to it

    • You’re welcome Aji, I’m glad it was useful. If you have any specific questions I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  88. Bhupendra Sharma :

    Wow. I had been using Pinterest for over 5 months, but never knew the tricks mentioned by you in this post. Neil, your knowledge level is amazing. Thanks for this post.

    PS: I implemented a few of the tricks and gained 15 followers in a matter of 10 minutes. Hope for many more in the future. Unbelievable. Sharing it with others.

    • Neil Patel :

      That’s incredible! Nice job Bhupendra 🙂

      Keep me posted with your progress, I’m curious to see how your pinterest grows

  89. Fashion Terbaru :

    Thanks for the step-by-step, Neil. I just signed up for Pinterest this week and was about to research the best way to use it.

  90. Pinterest is very good for gaining domain authority for websites. Pinterest is an extra traffic source my website. You have written all the details to drive traffic from pinterest. Thank you for sharing this knowledge

  91. Wow… so, Pinterest is powerfull isn’t it? Thank you for the step by step. I will create an account as soon as possible.

  92. Useful tips, Neil.

    A few points… You can use a Google Chrome extension called PinOnTop which sorts the pins on any page in order of likes or repins. If you repin the most popular pins relevant to your niche, it will improve engagement on your profile.

    Pingroupie is also a good website to search for relevant group boards in any niche. Pinning daily to these boards drives traffic and engagement.

    I applied your strategies to a pinterest account I started and gained around 1k followers in under a month with minimal effort (follow back rate was around 40-50%).

    Thanks for your insights once again 🙂

  93. Thank you for step by step this tutorial. 🙂

  94. Hello Neil
    Thanks for the wonderful articles that you provide here. I have started using pinterest and your method of gaining followers has worked well so far. I would like to know how many followers can be considered a big enough audience to generate about 1000 visits per month? And is scheduling pins as important as choosing the right time to post in Facebook?
    Thanks in advance.

  95. Ryan Biddulph :

    Here, I’d like to add the best tool for pinterest ever made.. http://PinPinterest.com
    I’m using it myself for more than 7 months now, and I’ve gained unparalleled results both in the form of followers and revenue. It lets me schedule as many Pins as I want, and it also intelligently pins only images related to my business. It learns this every time as I keep using it. PinPinterest is free to use, based on the cloud, has a mobile ready website, works on Intelligent algorithms and sets up quick.

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