Who Wants to Become Business Partners with Neil Patel?

business partners

Have you ever wondered how I’ve been able to build multiple successful businesses? KISSmetrics receives over a million visitors a month, and the business raised over 15 million dollars in funding.

Crazy Egg, although it isn’t talked about much these days, does well too. It’s actually larger than KISSmetrics from a financial standpoint… it generates more profit each year than KISSmetrics does in revenue. And Hellobar, which is owned by Crazy Egg, is growing at a rapid pace. The bar is seen millions of times each and every day. 

And those are just the businesses people know me for. I have a handful of other businesses that do well too that no one hears about. For example, I’ve made millions of dollars in profit from real estate over the last few years…simply by buying distressed properties, fixing them, and then flipping them.

I’m not here to brag because the reality is I’m not that smart or even lucky. I’m where I am today because I’ve surrounded myself with people who are smarter than me. And I make sure I always take care of those people who do well for me…

In essence, my team members are like my family members. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am.

So what’s the purpose of today’s blog post? I am actually looking for more team members—family members—ones that I can work with for life.

Now, before you apply to any of these positions, make sure you read them all, and pick the one that’s the best fit for you. 

Basic skills

No matter what position you are applying for, I’m looking for people who have the following qualities:

  • You are a natural hustler.
  • You communicate professionally.
  • English must be your native language or you have native fluency.
  • You have a constant and reliable computer and Internet access.
  • You are intelligent, self-motivated, and hardworking.
  • You are looking for a long-term partnership because once I find someone I enjoy working with, I want to work with them for life (seriously).
  • You have to be willing to work 40 hours a week.
  • You need to have good time-management skills (you can work remotely).

If you have these qualities and skills, you may be a good fit for ONE of the openings below.

There are multiple job openings/partnership opportunities, apply to each of the ones that you feel you are a good fit for.

Opportunity #1: My new book

Over the years, many of you have told me that I should write a book. And I am actually now. It’s been in the works for more than six months, and it will come out next year. I’ll be announcing more details of the book in January.

The book is going to be co-authored with two of my long-time friends: Patrick Vlaskovits, who is a New York Times best-selling author, and Jonas Koffler, who is responsible for a lot of The New York Times best-selling books you’ve read.

If you are interested in joining our book team, here are the three positions we are looking for:

  1. Digital Marketer/Growth Hacker – you will be responsible for top-of-the-funnel marketing. You should have experience with SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and anything else that could be used to drive sales.
  2. Content Marketer – you will be responsible for the editorial content and calendar, supporting this project, and will help identify and target sites with large audiences receptive to our messages as well as craft and create blog posts for A-list blogs and media outlets. You will also help schedule podcasts and AMAs. Being detail- and deadline-oriented is a must, and we’ll need our person to be extremely well-organized and have a passion for putting together insanely great content with a deep knowledge of outlets. Oh, and design skills are a plus.
  3. Research Assistant – you will work with us to track down great stories and data. You love getting to the heart of the matter, and you know how to find gems in unexpected places. You’re fearless and committed to new and big ideas while able to gather materials quickly. You will be an integral part of the content team, helping us dig up inspirational and exciting content for the project.

If you are interested in working on the book project with me, here’s how you can apply:

  1. Shoot an email to: neilpatelprojects@gmail.com
  2. The subject line must be: “Book Project for NAME OF POSITION” (This is not a trick question. Include the actual name of the position you are applying for.)
  3. In the email, note the following three things:
    1. Your full name
    2. Where you live
    3. The name of the city and name of the venue that the Beatles performed in for an entire year before they became globally famous.
  4. Attach a picture of a slice of pepperoni pizza. It has to be in the .png format and cannot be greater than 1 MB.
  5. Do only those tasks.

For the book project, you’ll be going through three rounds of interviewing before we choose the three lucky individuals. The tasks above will get you through round 1, after which we will give you the next set of tasks you will need to complete.

The deadline to apply for the openings for the book project is October 6th by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Opportunity #2: My new software company

I’m looking for an engineer who can help create an ad management software. I already have the customer base and clientele for this business.

I’m not just looking for an engineer. I’m looking for someone who wants to become business partners and help start a new venture.

Here’s some of the skills I’m looking for:

  • Proficient coder – someone who writes clean code and can code extremely fast.
  • API knowledge – you either need to have the knowledge or to be a quick learner as you’ll be tapping into the Facebook ad API and the Google AdWords API.
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services – the product will be hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Ability to create a product that scales – keep in mind that there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of users going through the product each and every day. There will also be a lot of data passing through the application that needs to be analyzed and computed.

If you are interested in becoming partners in the software company, please go here to apply.

Opportunity #3: Copywriters and funnel experts

I am doing a lot of stuff in the conversion optimization space right now. Here’s what I am looking for:

  1. You need to read Quick Sprout. Make sure you read the guides and posts on Quick Sprout as I am looking for someone who already knows the conversion optimization basics.
  2. You have to be passionate about online marketing. If you don’t love what you are working on, you’ll eventually quit. That’s why you need to have a passion for marketing.
  3. You need to understand copywriting, sales funnels, and email marketing. You don’t have to be the best at any of these tasks, but having a basic understanding of them is a huge plus. My team and I can help you become an expert on these topics.

If you are interested in the marketing position, please go here to apply.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you applied for a past job and didn’t get selected, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply for any of these openings.

Last time, we had an applicant who was very persistent. His name is Jared Mitchell. He kept emailing and calling and even got a meeting with me. He proved his value and did so well in the first few months that over the next six months he will make $150,000 to $200,000 just from my network.

And Jared isn’t the only case. Jonathan Rozek continually bugged me to show me how he can improve my conversions through copy changes. He showed me the results, and he is on track to make a similar to Jared’s income over the next 12 months.

I look forward to bringing you into my family so that we can become team members and help each other grow and prosper.

P.S. Don’t forget to apply to one of the positions above.

Update: As of 11/4/2015, the application process for the book team is over and we have sent formal invitations to those selected to join our team.

If you have dropped out of the process or if you haven’t already received a formal invitation from us, we regret to inform you that we have opted for other applicants.

Please know that the competition for these spots was face-meltingly competitive, and takes nothing away from the quality of your work, your passion and your conviction.

Keep on keepin’ on, you’ve earned our respect, we thank you for your energy and your consideration.

We hope to have an opportunity to collaborate sometime in the not-so-distant future.


  1. Congratulations on the book. I look forward to reading.

    (and I always promote something I like, so you’ll get me for free 😉

    • L.L. Thanks for the support. I’ll keep everyone posted on progress. Looking forward to your feedback and insights.

      Let me know if you need any help along the way.

      • lia orchangon :

        Actually Mr. Patel .I have seen your attitude, how you impress me a bit with your knowledge in sale’ s infrastructure marketing with invitation plug sprout and adventurer in data post computer traffic. And there is idea I got with your strategy honestly. But I’m the person not smart about electronic. But quit skill in detail business sale distributor ship capitalism in warehousing and put new label trade mark, UPC, bar code branded generic brand.

        • Lia, respond to the email in the post and we can discuss further.

          I look forward to hearing from you. Sounds interesting.

  2. I like this Neil. I am definately in.

  3. Very interesting opportunity, I bet your email CTR will skyrocket for this post 🙂

    Good luck to appliciants 😀

    • Vlada — I am sure it will. But my main goal is to find the right people. I am sure I’ll find a lot of great candidates to fit the bill.

  4. Jonathan Wilhelm :

    Hello Neil,

    I have wanted to get into the real estate flip market for a while. Did you have a mentor in this field? How did you get started? Any great books or education resources you would recommend?

    Would love to shadow you on a deal and give some free help along the way. Have my real estate license and applied to take the Brokers test (Currently sudying for that and running TOPTENnewhomes.com among other things.)

    Feel free to reach out to me via the email provided.



    • I’ve just learned on my own. No real books or anything like that… just number crunching instead.

      Will let you know when I do my next deal.

  5. Hey Neil,

    I’m based in the UK, are any of these jobs available on a remote basis?


    • Sam,
      Yep — if you look under basic skills it’s the last one (you can work remotely)

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the positions.I have been an avid reader and follower of your blog:Quicksprout and I have passion for Digital Marketing though I have no experience yet whatsoever.I would want to ask if you can be benevolent enough to afford me an entry opportunity to partner with you in whatever capacity.I am so inspired by all that you stand for in this Digital Space as you are one of my influencers.

    I look forward to hearing favorably from you soonest.


    • John, I am going to go through all applicants in a thorough manner. If you follow the directions in the post then you definitely have a shot. I want to give everyone an equal chance.

      I have no doubt you’ll work hard to achieve great results.

      Also, thanks for all the support — it’s humbling 🙂

  7. This is a great chance in a lifetime…Is it opened to somebody from Africa?

    • Felix, yep — It’s open to anyone who can manage their time well. Look at the last point on the basic skills portion 😉

  8. Damn. I have all the basic skills plus a gazillion more. I’m just not a coder/researcher/copywriter type. 🙁

  9. Hi Neil,

    You are amazing man, How do you manage so much by yourself? and most importantly how do you manage to write jumbo articles here on quicksprout? you are great inspiration for many of us, thanks for sharing your success.


    • Javin, I have a passion for writing and it is reflected in the quality of the work I produce.

      As for getting other things done — I have a great team around me. Which is why I want to expand the team 😉

      • I most definitely second Javin’s comments. Thank you for everything that you do, Neil.

        I don’t really think that I fill your requirements, but you can still count on an application from me.

  10. Thank you for this great opportunities ! I would love to be part of your team , however did not completely understand this part? :
    The name of the city and name of the venue that the Beatles performed in for an entire year before they became globally famous.
    Would appreciate if you explain that ! Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Glad to offer them — I am looking for great people to work with.

      I can’t give that part about the Beatles away as that is part of the assessment and I am looking for people to provide the answers in the email.

      If you have any other questions I’d be glad to answer.

  11. Neil,

    I would like to work with you but not on this, on a project I am kicking off. Will you take an email?


    • JP, sure shoot me an email — If you send it to the same email listed above I’ll be able to check it out. Looking forward to it.

  12. Abbas Sarfraz :

    Picture of Pepperoni Pizza – that’s Epic 😛 .

    I hope this will separate the horses you want from the donkeys you don’t want.

    • Abbas, I would never use those terms — I don’t suggest anyone else do that either.

      I just want to make sure people are detail oriented and this is a good way to test for that.

  13. Akahome pascal :

    Hello Neil, I have been an ardent reader of your work.
    I want to write content for you at no cost.
    Do get back to me if interested for a sample of my work.

    • Akahome, Thanks for the offer. I think a better solution is just to apply — who knows you get more than bargained for and get an opportunity.

      As always please let me know if you need help with anything.

  14. Do you accept companies?


    • John, I prefer individuals. As long as someone/an entity fits the basic skills I have outlined above they are qualified though…

      I think a company would have a hard time fitting that bit because a lot of them are specific to a person.

  15. oh! My bad luck! English neither my native nor I am fluent!!! Hopefully in future might be able to work with you as a coder. (Learning it right now!)

    • Mahendra, not to worry. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you wherever you may be. Best of luck!

  16. Neil,
    I would love to be a tester for your Ad Management software. I run a PPC management firm that manages 100+ accounts that are constantly evolving and have tried out pretty much all of the solutions on the market now. Would even be up for chatting about the theory of the system before its completely built out.

    • Nick,

      Shoot an email to the address provided in the post.

      If you are interested in the position don’t forget to fill out the the email with the specific guidelines mentioned above.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  17. Danielle Brown :

    Hi Neil

    I would like to work with you on copywriting and funnels. Thanks

    • Danielle,

      Great! Please look at the post above and follow the directions for applying. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  18. Hi Neil.

    You surprise me all the while. Looking forward to this months nutritionsecrets update. Planning for something much simpler.

    Great work Neil.

  19. Hi Neil,

    Is there a deadline for applying for the software engineer role?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Although — it’s not clearly stated below the description assume it’s the same as for the book project.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      btw good question. I like your attention to detail.

  20. Sports Barker :

    As an avid Quicksprout “consumer,” I look forward to reading your new book. Can’t wait!


  21. Hi Neil,
    Been reading your blog on and off. I love what I read here and that keeps me coming back.
    I currently lead Analytics initiatives with a Media group and work closely with marketing agencies.

    Some sort of serendipity, I finalized my last day at work today. Quitting to work full time on something in Marketing/Ads space. I am between two ideas, need some more brainstorming may be.

    Engineer by education but eventually moved to face the business. Let’s connect if you commonalities. More when we talk.

    MK Shah

    • MK,

      Thanks for the support. Sounds like a great crossroads to be at professionally. Best of luck on your next step in the journey.

      Shoot an email to the address I provided in this post — and lets see if there is a commonality or opportunity there.

  22. Neil this is so great. I will be applying to one of these positions. I’m beyond excited that you’d give us the opportunity to earn a position next to you and learn from one of the GREATS! Love it. Thanks Neil!


    • Ashley, glad to support and encourage all the readers here. I look forward to hearing much more from you and seeing your application. Remember to follow the detailed instructions!

  23. Working with you Would be a dream for me, sadly my english is not very good but if you decide to develop a project in spanish, i’m here for you

    • Asael, who knows there may be a project in Spanish at some point. Best of luck and let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  24. Danielle Brown :

    Hi Neil

    How long is the Book Project?

    • Danielle, that is not determined yet. Like I said if it’s a good fit this can be a very long term position for those who qualify.

  25. Hi Neil,

    I feel like we would work well together. I’m a hard worker, fast learner and overall ambitious guy. I’d be willing to work with you on any of your projects.

    Yes, I did read the post in full and see the application process. But, this section in particular resonated with me and so I thought I’d answer right here in the comments;

    You are a natural hustler.
    I have multiple projects on the go including a small SEO business, freelance web design, blog consulting and my own blogs – as well as working a full time job.

    You communicate professionally.
    I believe my use of the English language is fairly professional; and I have the grammar to match.

    English must be your native language or you have native fluency.
    I was born and raised in England. However, since moving to Canada 2 years ago, my writing has picked up some americanisms – you can decide which “English Language” you prefer.

    You have a constant and reliable
    computer and Internet access.
    I’m at a computer all day, monitor tasks and respond to messages on my phone and have a PC and MacBook for home use.

    You are intelligent, self-motivated, and hardworking.
    I think my other current endeavours show that I match all 3 of these criteria.

    You are looking for a long-term partnership because once I find someone I enjoy working with, I want to work with them for life (seriously).
    I want the same. I’ve had flakey business partners in the past that have left me with the desire to only go solo in the future – I would expect the exact same from you.

    You have to be willing to work 40 hours a week.
    I’m currently working over 80 hours per week, would happily rearrange/change my schedule to fit other work in.

    You need to have good time-management skills (you can work remotely).
    I think you have to have good time management skills to work the hours I do and fitting it around a full time job, don’t you?

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    • Tom, Love it! I will be sure to remember that you went the extra mile here.

      However, I do still require you to fill out the application process and follow the instructions as they are outlined. I have no doubt you’ll do well.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  26. Mohammed Anzil :

    Hi Neil…..

    I would like to apply for Research Assistant. Thanks for the opportunity…

  27. Jeffrey Lloyd Stapleton :

    Great opportunity, I’m taking you up on your challenge and looking forward to round two and three.

  28. Muhammad Asfand Yar :

    Hi Neil, very good to see some new opportunities.
    I have a question though.
    Since you said you’re starting a new Software company, can you tell me on which platform/programming languages, that company will work?
    Can a C++/Java coder, like me, apply for it?


    • Asfand, that is all to be determined.

      Right now I am just looking to get interviews going so please fill out the application to the best of your ability. Good question though…

  29. Awesome opportunity! Will gladly apply. Do you consider people from canada or is it US only?

    • Francis, As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection and can work during US hours you’re good.

  30. John Beauprez :

    You’ve been a hero of mine for years. It’s an honor to apply!

  31. Looking forward for your Book. Neil ATB for that

  32. Jelena Milosevic :

    Hi Neil,
    This is amazing opportunity for many and I think you will have really heavy work to choose just few of them. But, this is also challenge you love to have.

    Good luck with selection of many good professionals who will apply to become your new partners, on this interesting projects.


    • Jelena, thanks for all the support — you are one of the most loyal and tenured commenters on this blog. Always great to hear from you.

      You can also apply 😉

  33. N. Patel, wao! You must be an workaholic. Take it easy! But at the same time congratulations! I’ll be looking forward to read your book! Best of lucks with it!

    • Aida, I am a self proclaimed workaholic — but I definitely make time for the good things in life. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  34. Sometimes I wonder How can you manage so many projects at the same time without having some decrease in the quality of your work.

    Eager to read your book.

    You should go on Tim Ferriss podcast or James Altucher podcast to promote your book


    • Daath, I just have a regular routine that I rarely deviate from. That’s the trick and how you get things done.

      Thanks for the support and I look forward to hearing more from you.

  35. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    Real estate? Maybe you ‘re interested in the real estate market in my country, Romania.
    Have a look, maybe you’ll find something to interest you. 🙂

  36. I’m glad to see that all the work you’ve put in has been paying off. Lord knows I’ve learned so much since I started following you. Congrats on your success and looking forward to reading your book as well!


  37. Hope I got through 😉

  38. Hi Neil,

    What a great offer, would love to join your team. However, I can spare only around 15 to 20 hours a week including weekends.

    I’m sure you will get the best brains out there for your projects.

    Wish you all the Best.

    Once again thanks for all the brilliant articles. Always looking forward to reading them and applying the underlying principles.



    • Heston, glad you find all the content helpful and valuable.

      I am sure I’ll find some great candidates — sorry you can’t apply 🙁

  39. I love your experiments! I hope this one achieve success too!

  40. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for putting these opportunities out there!

    I have a question. The post states, “Now, before you apply to any of these positions, make sure you read them all, and pick the one that’s the best fit for you.”

    A little further down, this is reiterated with the following statement: “If you have these qualities and skills, you may be a good fit for ONE of the openings below.”

    However, just below that, we’re encouraged to apply for multiple positions as we see fit, as shown with this statement: “There are multiple job openings/partnership opportunities, apply to each of the ones that you feel you are a good fit for.”

    Could you please clarify this? I see multiple positions I’d like to apply for, but I’ll stick with one if that’s what you’d prefer.


    • Kevin, sorry for the confusion.

      I encourage everyone to apply for as many positions as they are qualified for. Typically people are better at one type of job over another but in some rare cases some individuals will have skill sets that fill all three job types.

      By all means if you think you are a good fit for any of the three jobs apply to multiple positions. Looking forward to hearing from you and great question!

  41. Vishal Kataria :

    Applied Neil… yet again 🙂

    Hope I make it this time…

  42. Hi Neil,

    I am a blogger and quite a naive at it but I have big dreams and to realize those, I read QS everyday. I have bookmarked 50s of your posts and I go through them often to learn more about online (and content) marketing. Thankfully, my blog is now picking up.

    I am keenly interested in applying to one of the positions above but I have a question. Do I have to click the picture of the pizza or can I copy it from elsewhere? Please let me know.

    Also while I understand that one can work remotely, I hope being based in India (and having more than 12 hrs of time gap) is not much of a problem as long as I am able to deliver. Isn’t it?

    • Surabhi,

      Thanks for all your support and I am glad you found the article helpful.

      As for the pizza question — I can’t answer that as it’s part of the challenge 😉 I am sure you will figure it out!

      Not a problem at all. You just need a reliable internet connection and you need to deliver results. That’s all that matters to me in the end.

  43. Neil,

    As I am sure you know, I am a true fan.

    I have applied for position #3 several times. Also, I am current working with Vignesh to help a client go through the NP Advanced Consultation.

    I love the line of work …. Marketing that makes a difference.

    Thanks for the opportunity to apply again here!

    • Rob, awesome! You are doing great work 🙂

      Looking forward to your application — stay tuned and I am sure you’ll hear back soon.

  44. Hi Neil,

    I just wanted to say we really appreciate your insights and clever observations so much. We look forward to your articles every week and learn so much from them. Always a wealth of actionable information. Our only issue is how do we implement everything with our small little team :).

    • Nick, glad I can provide value. Take your time and I am sure you’ll be able to implement everything in time.

      Keep me posted on how it goes and let me know if you need help with anything.

  45. Hi Neil,

    Sent you application on the given email id, had apply in earlier vacancies but there was no response. I know you might have tons of applications experts than me. But still crossing my fingers and being optimistic for the position. As described in your post, me also looking for the venture where I can work till the life. 🙂

    Big fan of yours, believe me.

    Akram Pathan

    • Akram, the post was just published yesterday. I’ll need some time to go through all the applications.

      Thanks for the application and stay tuned 😉

  46. neil, i love your sense of humor that you have in the vibe of your writing lol

  47. @ Neil all the best for your new book and ad management software. Looking forward to read your book and use the software. Also some day meet you.

    • Jayanth, thanks for the support. Looking forward to meeting you as well. It’s always a joy to put a face to the name.

  48. Cesar Gonzalez :

    Hi Neil,

    I have been following you for over 3 years. I have over 9 years of experience in digital marketing. I consider myself a jack of all trades when it comes to marketing a service or product online. I am AdWords certified and manage over 10,000 monthly budget. I understand WordPress and Magento really well. I have great sense for design and work very well with Photoshop and Illustrator. I am Infusionosft Certified Partner and have launched dozens of email marketing campaigns. I fully understand the product launch formula by Jeff Walker that can be implemented for your book launch among other product launches. I understand SEO and have a proven track record of sites I’ve been able to drive to the top of Google search results. I am self taught and only hot through high school just you, man! I live in Ventura County about 2 hours north of your home town in OC. I am natural hustler and willing to work over 40 hours per week. I have experience managing big projects and have really good attention to detail. Anyways just thought I would comment here before applying for a job position. Thanks and looking forward for the opportunity of a lifetime.

    • Cesar, thanks for sharing all this additional information — it definitely shows your determination which is a HUGE plus.

      Go ahead and apply and I look forward to seeing what you’re all about. Thanks for the support.

  49. It will be great opportunity for anyone if get to work with You.

  50. Hi Neil,

    What a great offer you have here. Although I could apply for Content Marketing but I would just skip this vacancy for another time. Maybe.

    I would like to learn a little bit about it, more I prefer.

    Well, Thanks for this post.

    It would make lot of bloggers a little bit serious. Lol

    • Aderemi, I really want to find the best candidates and give them a valuable experience that is mutually beneficial.

      When you are ready, I look forward to seeing your application.

  51. Neil what price to give for salary )Copywriters and funnel expert) If I know something is 2000$/ a month too much?

    Please let me know

  52. Hi Neil,

    You would be interested in a Spanish partner?

    • Nicolas, not at this time. I need some who can work and operate in the English language. If things change I’ll make sure everyone knows.

  53. Hey Neil,

    I have experience managing, marketing and growing two SAAS companies in entirely different industries. One that broke even in the first six months of operation and hit the $5MM sales hurdle at the end of year one and another that has grown to 10,000 users in 7 months without a list or prior industry experience. Not sure if this background could be of any use, but I’d love to talk if so. I also manage AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns for SMBs as a Google Partner agency, which seems relevant to your second idea and I have experience with AdStage and AdAlysis. 🙂

  54. Many COngratulations for your book sir. I will for sure read it, i really like your blog design

  55. Theodore Nwangene :

    This is really a very lovely idea Neil,
    Thanks a lot for letting us know the job positions and i will be looking forward to know those that will be the lucky ones.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Theodore, glad you found it helpful.

      You should apply! I always see you on here and you always provide valuable insights.

  56. Thanks for the opportunity. please let me know if i can apply for job 🙂

    i am really serious to work with you. its a lifetime golden opportunity, thanks a lot for this 🙂

    • Yogesh, glad I can provide that opportunity.

      Just apply — and make sure you follow all the directions 😉

  57. Hi Neil,

    When will you let us know the results?

  58. Hey Neil,

    I hope I get to speak to you soon! Have a wonderful week!


  59. Leonel Di Camillo :

    Hi Neil,

    I have been planning, executing and iterating on digital marketing campaigns in American, Latin American and European markets for the last 6 years, consistently delivering 20-40x above industry average ROIs. I’d love to be a member of your book team; I can help you out with your top-of-the-funnel launch campaign!

    It would be an honor to work in such project with you, one of the top-tier global authorities in digital marketing.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



    • Leonel, thanks for reaching out here — it really shows your drive.

      However, you’ll have to apply via the specific directions I provided. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your application . Best of luck!

      • Leonel Di Camillo :

        Hi Neil,

        Thanks for your kind reply!

        I sent my application before the deadline, all instructions followed, no pizzas were harmed 😉
        I just wanted to reach out to give you a better idea of the value I could provide.

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



  60. Please let me know when the book is ready. I do lots of reading and would love your book.

    A book is somebody’s brain on paper, so your book should be in my top ten list.

    Ps. message me on Twitter or email me and I’ll put your book on the right side of my website for a week free of charge Neil.

    Thank you.

    • Marc, thanks for all the support. I will definitely take you up on that offer when it’s live.

      Looking forward to your continued feedback!

  61. Hello Sir

    I Ready to Work With You..The Skills which You Have Posted I Thing i Have All Of Them

    It Will Be Pleasure Working With You

    Thank you

  62. Hey Neil,

    Everything you did till now were very passionate to any one. I am one of the those that inspired with you.I want to get in touch with you. Is these job available for India as well?

  63. Hi Neil,

    I firstly want to congratulate you on your success thus far, and for all the work you’re doing. You’re truly an inspiration

    I secondly wanted to enquire about the possibilities of you Mentoring me. I believe I would become a great Asset to you and I’m extremely confident that you will be shocked as to how much I’ll have to offer to you.
    Like Jared and Jonathan I will continue to be persistent until my efforts are recognised

    Best Regards,

    • Victroy, thanks for all the support 🙂

      I am not taking any mentors on right now but you should definitely apply to the position — it’s paid and you’ll learn a lot of valuable things along the way if you make the cut.

      If you have any specific questions on marketing I am always here to help as well — so don’t feel like you’re left out ever.

  64. Hey Neil,

    Benson Sung here. Been following you for awhile now and I know this is going to be amazing opportunity to learn from you and I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I personally learned a lot about SEO, Conversion, and Digital Marketing as a whole from your personal website and quicksprout.

    I’ve applied to both your marketing funnel expert and your new book. Looking forward to hearing from you. Quick question when will we hear back from your team that’s pre-screening us?

    Thanks and to your Continued Success,

    Benson Sung

    • Benson, thanks for applying. I am still going through all the applications — it may take a few weeks. Just sit tight and we’ll get back to everyone 🙂

      Best of luck!

      • Neil, Thanks for getting back and I should be the one thanking you for sharing this opportunity on your blog if I didn’t check in every week on my weekly routine to take action on your posts I would never have seen this 🙂

        Looking forward to your response.


        Benson Sung

      • Jeffrey Lloyd Stapleton :

        Neil a few weeks…how about you hire me now and before tackling the book marketing I’ll help sort through all the applications 😉

  65. Heya Neil,

    I guess applications are now closed?



    • Adam — Yeah unfortunately. You can still try submitting an application though — if it’s good enough we wont turn anyone down.

  66. Hi Neil,

    I hope all is well I just wanted to know. When will we find out if we’ve made it through to the third round

    Best Regards,

  67. Rachel Pregunta :

    Hi Neil,

    I haven’t received any feedback from the last round, too. Excited to know how we can move forward 🙂

  68. Hi Neil,

    Congratulations on the book. I look forward to reading it. This is a great chance in a lifetime. Is there any possibility to open company in India?

  69. Hi Neil,

    I hope all is well I just wanted to find out if you’re still providing the opportunity for people to work with you. I still haven’t received any feedback for my round 2 tasks

    Best regards,

  70. I really missed this chance. Please inform next time. I am willing to join your team no matter how long it takes to learn. I just want to be special person in your team.

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