How I Generated $332,640 in 3 Months From Instagram


Who would have ever thought that you could get a direct ROI from social media? But hey, if there wasn’t potential…companies such as Facebook wouldn’t be worth 200 billion dollars.

So, what’s the key to making a lot of money from these social media sites? Well, over the last year, I’ve figured it out.

The trick I’ve learned is that you have to find popular social profiles that aren’t monetizing but are willing to promote your products and services for a quick buck. I know that sounds simple, but there is actually a bit more to it.

Let’s see how a few companies, including mine, are making money using this model and how you can do the same. 

Uwheels case study

One of my friends, Dan Fleyshman, co-founded a company called Uwheels. You may have seen it on Instagram:


Can you guess how much revenue they’ve generated by having popular Instagram models and celebrities post about their product?

If you guessed a few hundred thousand, you’re wrong. They’ve actually generated over a million dollars.


That’s no too shabby, considering that the company spent only $61,200. “How?” you may be wondering.

Here is how.

Dan’s girlfriend, Jessica Killings, was able to recruit a lot of famous rappers, singers, athletes, and Instagram models to promote the product. She worked out deals where they either received the Uwheels product in exchange for posting something about the product or they were paid money in exchange for posting about Uwheels.

In addition to that, she did a few other key things to make the campaign work:

  1. She got multiple accounts to post about Uwheels right when the product first came out. In essence, she created a “blitz” with everyone talking about the product at the same time.
  2. She knew the space was competitive as it wasn’t the only product of its kind, so she focused on the messaging to separate Uwheels from the crowd. The message she had everyone use was, “Got my @Uwheels with the alarm and the bluetooth speaker system. @Uwheels.” You can see an example of this post in the image below.
  3. She made sure people kept posting about Uwheels in the coming months after the launch of the product to help ensure that it continues to do well and stays at the top of people’s minds.
  4. In addition to Instagram, she leveraged Facebook pages of popular models, who were also her friends, and paid them a few cents for every click they drove to the Uwheels product, which is much cheaper than paying for ads. This worked extremely well as many of her friends have over a million Facebook fans with high engagement, and they aren’t currently monetizing their Facebook pages.

amber rose

Uwheels is not the only company making money using social media. Here’s how I replicated Jessica’s success using Jessica’s contacts…

How I generated $332,640 in 3 months from Instagram

I have a few landing pages that look like this on my personal site:

landing page

Here are the stats for the landing page I use just for Instagram traffic:

landing page stats

As you can see from the screenshot above, I generated 2,570 email opt-ins from Instagram.

Once people opt in, they receive an email about a webinar they need to watch if they want to convert more visitors into paying customers.

The webinar is 2.5 hours long and isn’t relevant to most of the people who see it, but it is still relevant to some business owners who are using Instagram. Within the webinar, people are pitched on a training package that costs $5,940 a year, but it is charged to them at a monthly rate of $495.

webinar revenue

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve generated 56 sales in less than 3 months. I’ve spent $75,000 on Instagram ads that typically stayed up for 3 hours.

I had Jessica help me with the campaign. She recruited people with large followings and paid them money to post about me and keep the posts up for 3 hours. After 3 hours, the posts got deleted.

I don’t mind the posts getting deleted as Instagram images usually get the most engagement within the first 2 hours and cost a lot less than the ads that stay up forever.

Typical posts that these power users would put up on their accounts would be images of me, like the one below, with the caption: “If you want to learn how to skyrocket your business, you have to follow my friend Neil Patel. He’s the smartest entrepreneur and marketer I know. Click on my bio link to learn more.”

Neil Patel

Sure, 56 signups from 2,570 emails doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t. It’s only a bit more than 2%, but when you consider that the audience isn’t 100% targeted and I’m spending significantly less than what I am generating, it’s pretty good.

I’ve also tested more professional messaging that included mentions of my awards from Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes, but it didn’t convert as well as the other ad because it didn’t feel as “organic.”

And when you consider that I’ve only been doing this for just under 3 months, it’s pretty good. I could have sold even more, but I had to suspend my advertising campaign for 3 weeks because my team couldn’t scale the fulfillment side fast enough.

The beautiful part about this model is that it works with a lot of sites.

How Firstslice scaled with this model

Over the last 30 days, Firstslice has been able to generate over 3 million visits and 20 million pageviews—all from Facebook traffic.


They used a similar model to what Uwheels and I used. Jessica helped them leverage popular Facebook profiles that have over a million organic fans and high engagement. She convinced people to post updates about Firstslice on a pay-per-click model, which is significantly cheaper than utilizing Facebook’s ad network.

From there, Firstslice ran an arbitrage play: they are getting paid more money from the ad networks to run ads on their site than what they are paying per visitor. The model has worked so well that they have generated over 150 million pageviews in less than 1 year.

traffic pageviews

How can you replicate this model?

Fair warning: it’s not as easy as it may seem. You need a good product, service, or viral content for this model to work. In addition, you have to optimize your page for conversions.

For example, the webinar on the homepage is well optimized for conversions, and if you take the time to watch the whole webinar, you’ll see why.

And Firstslice is optimized for maximum ad revenue.

Plus, you have to give it time and effort. You can’t just pay someone like Jessica and expect amazing results. You have to:

  • Be patient – you typically won’t get great results within the first 30 days. But once you tweak and test, the results will get better.
  • Be willing to test – from Instagram copy updates to testing which posts and pages perform the best on Facebook, it is all about testing. From headlines to images, certain captions will perform better than others. Without testing, you won’t get great results.
  • Be okay with small errors – Jessica and the people she has access to aren’t entrepreneurs or marketers. They don’t deal with people like you and me. They don’t always move as fast as we do or communicate as well, and sometimes they may make small errors that you wouldn’t make. But because the cost is so low versus the results, it is worth it.
  • Be analytical – if you aren’t measuring every little thing, you can lose your money. You have to watch your ad dollars like a hawk and continually tweak your landing pages.
  • Be ready – don’t just dive into a campaign because you see people like me making money. I’ve spent months fine-tuning sales funnels and getting video sales letters ready.


There is a huge opportunity right now in the social media landscape to make money. You just have to think outside the box.

When you think about leveraging social profiles, you usually think about spending money on Facebook or Twitter ads. Although there isn’t anything wrong with that, you are better off taking creative approaches, similar to how I found someone who can get me access to popular social profiles.

The model works so well that I’ve been scaling it out, and I now have 3 full-time people who continually build relationships with social media power users who have thousands, if not millions, of followers with high engagement.

So, what do you think of the model?


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    • Deepak, thanks for the support. You are a great marketer as well — I always enjoy reading the posts you share.

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  2. Good tips. What I’d like to hear though is how did Jessica developed her lists. It’s easier to make money when you have friends with celebrity friends who help make money. But how did she curate her lists of reliable celebrities? Inquiring minds wanna know what that effort looked like.

  3. Neil pours out so much. I cant thrive my web-enterprise without his website.

    • Ola, thanks for the support. Keep up the great work and let me know how I can help you. Also, keep me updated on the progress of your business.

  4. Hey Neil.

    What a timely post and quote.

    I asked you the ONE quote that inspires you yesterday, and BOOM you’ve used it here: “Make your own luck” 🙂

    • Rahul, I think the concept is simple yet so powerful. Ultimately, you are the gatekeeper to your own future success. Put yourself in the right places at the right times & the rest will follow.

  5. How can we best set up a company Instagram account when it’s asking for a personal cell phone number? We don’t want to use our personal cell accounts. Any way around that?

    • Ronnie, to my knowledge you have to use a phone number so that Instagram can associate the account with a real person and not a bot. Have you tried using your companies direct number? Maybe that’s a way around it?

      • Ss far as we can tell, there’s still no way to use Instagram other than as a phone app. (From 7/20/15 “Users still can’t create content using Instagram’s desktop service, though. Editing and posting pictures are done only on mobile.”)

        As far as those two scheduling apps, Schedugram is a paying service (granted, they have a 7-day free trial), and Latergram seems to be getting under fire (see this article: ). Instagram doesn’t take kindly to third-party apps tampering with their API.

  6. Hi, Neil

    thank you for the wonderful post!

    My website ( – it is a website about health and nutrition for Portuguese speakers) just started posting more often on Instagram, and we are getting more followers.

    Our goal was only to drive more traffic to the website, but it seems almost unbelievable that Social Media could have a direct sales result.

    You just blew my mind for the day!

    Thank you again for the amazing content!
    Best regards,

    • Guilherme — social media is a powerful tool and we are seeing more and more use cases where integration with sales funnels achieve great results.

      Glad you are finding it all helpful. Keep up the great work and let me know if you need any specific help with anything.

  7. Another great post. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Manpreet, glad I could help. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Let me know how these tips helped you out in regards to your marketing efforts.

  8. Hey Neil,

    It’s really strange but your posts are always perfect timing for me.

    I was thinking of buying a course today about instagram. I think I am going to save my money and try first what you teach in this post.


    • Jonathan, skip the course. All the resources you need are online and are for free. Here are some quick tips:
      1. share great content
      2. High quality images always do best
      3. Have compelling headlines

      • Great response Neil! Having an impactful image, with a great headline will consistently draw attention! Great read as well! Thanks!

  9. A friend of mine once told me about this model but i did not paid much attention. But if you think about it, it really makes sense, the felebs and twelebs do have the influence to take your product to your targeted clients because people love or believe in them. Patel it always refreshing reading your posts

    • Praise, glad you found the post helpful.

      Marketing on the social level works just the same as marketing in Hollywood. Celebrities are recognizable and their actions and interests extend to their fans.

      Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  10. Such a great work you are doing for needed people.
    You are awesome to explain your words to over the world. Thanks Neil Patel.

    • Bilal, I am glad I can help. At the end of the day I want people to be able to replicate the results I have achieved over the years.

  11. Cool model, though at first glance it seems more suited to businesses that can outlay quite a lot of dollars to get results. Is there a stepping stone method you’d recommend? In other words, let’s say there was only $500 available for spending. What would you do with the $500 in the framework of this model? Would it be worth it, in your opinion?

    • I wouldn’t do it with $500 as you can lose it all really fast. You need a bigger budget to start off with. Not sure how much, but I would play around with less than $3000 to $5000.

      • Thanks for this straightforward answer. So the $3k to $5k means making room for some failures within the spectrum of what’s being done.

  12. Thanks as always my man.

  13. Thanks again for such a value filled blog post Neil. I had read that Instagram does require people to disclose if they were paid to promote it – would that make this less effective?

    I think the biggest takeaway for me was that even though I may not have access to big celebrities and models, I can still try to reach out to influencers in my niche and see how we can work together.

    • Great post, I’m also curious about disclosures, especially if the influencer is paid or compensated with products. Can the company or influencer get in trouble with the FTC if they’re not careful about disclosing?

      • Rosemary ONeill :

        Short answer, yes they can get in trouble. Here are the guidelines: If you have a material connection to the product you are posting about, and you don’t disclose, you are exposing yourself to potential fines.

      • Yes they can. You should try to always stay on the safe side.

    • I have tested that as well. It still works. Keep in mind that people know these posts are paid as it is somewhat obvious. Maybe not as much for Uwheels, but it is when they promote my content.

  14. John F Schuster :

    How are you tracking clicks from each individual social account. UTM? How did you handle payouts?
    Awesome stuff! Thanks Neil.

  15. Great post Neil! , Any tips on how or where find social media power users available to ? Thanks

    • Alex, I would first start off with the simple step of using hashtags to see who the most popular individuals are. Next, I would reach out to them via instagram message so you can convey your specific wants or opportunities for them.

  16. UTM?

  17. How can you use social media efficiently for a business that is located in one place (not online, hence services aren’t available to everyone)?

    • Bob, you can do geotargeting via hashtags and checking in to places when you post. You’d be surprised as to how many people use hashtags and “places” search to find content.

  18. Rick Corbett Jr. :

    As usual, you have given me new insights and ideas that we can and will use in our upcoming product launch. Thanks a million!!!!

    • Rick, glad I could help. If you need help with anything else at all please let me know.

      Keep me posted on your product launch as well.

  19. Seriously, thank you for this. I think that you’ve found the knack for capturing ALL the traffic! 🙂 Thank you for your tireless creation of great content, too!

    • Emily, thanks for the support. It’s all about testing new ways to extract and gain value from your marketing efforts. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  20. Not just image;
    we can use 15-second video which can do the wonder 🙂

  21. in Indonesia this strategy is called “endorse” their owners ask the artist or selebgram promote of their products by post on his account.

    and this is proven to work well. increase sales in a short time. thanks for posting Neil

    • Gege, the same principles apply almost everywhere. Endorse is used by Instagram to create ad revenue and demographically target certain accounts with valuable content — it’s a great way to increase sales if you know your audience.

  22. Great post, Neil. I always enjoy reading your real life case study posts. I was wondering how much money you were making from the advanced funnels/customer acquisition training. The webinar landing page as the homepage is a killer idea. I also like how you’ve been automatically updating the webinar post publish date. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Well, this kind of strategy is only good for businesses that have high marketing budget. For those that don’t have any, then better set aside a different strategy but good strategy though Neil.

    I’m mostly seeing this strategy to news and entertainment website. For a Tier 3 fan page, they will typically ask for $500 – $800 a month for 1 post/share link a day. In their term this is a rental.

    This depends on your target market though.

    • John, it definitely is something that is scalable at an amazing level for accounts with higher budgets. However, to scale the same principles can apply to smaller businesses. You just have to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

      I have seen a lot of small businesses grow exponentially via some of the methods I shared in the post.

      • Hi Neil,

        Thank you. I actually I wanted to try this approach in smaller scale. My only problem though is
        1) Budget – if I’ll be picking up fan pages or other accounts with high following, they’ll surely ask for a high price tag.

        2) No guarantee – If we’re doing this in a limited promotion, their’s no guarantee of we’ll get or earn a profit during the promotion.

        We can u say about it Neil?

  24. Always amazing information! Now to find the time to work on it.
    This is exactly what I need. Although my Instagram is going pretty well I am not generating enough ROI. This will help for sure.

    • Mary, I look forward to seeing how these tactics work out for you. I am sure you will find great value in a lot of the strategies I outlined. Keep me updated on progress!

  25. Priyankar Mukherjee :

    I have a graphic design business and one of our services is designing INFOGRAPHIC CVs. It really helps job seekers to cut through the clutter. After reading your post I instantly have an idea of trying instragram to market our services. What do you think?

    • Priyankar, I think your idea has a lot of weight to it and you should try it out. You just have to target your audience specifically and you’ll get the best results. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you gain any insights that are valuable to everyone here.

      • Priyankar Mukherjee :

        Thanks a lot for your response Neil. I really appreciate it. I shall definitely try it out and let you know the outcome. I would like to add that your posts are really awesome and useful. Its really good actionable info that you provide. I believe it helps all your blog readers.

  26. Francisco Rodríguez :

    Hi Neil!

    This post comes in a great moment for all of us marketing lovers.

    Personally I’m focussing more on Instagram than other platforms. Mainly
    because Instagram lets you reach 100% of your audience, while Facebook
    has reduced the organic reach of our posts.

    The problem i have found with this technique is segmentation. Do you have any advise
    on that?

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Francisco, glad you found the article timely.

      I think you run into a bit of a catch 22. Your reach is larger therefore it’s harder to segment. I think the best way to do so would be to use hashtags and to check into places so that similarly minded people can see what’s going on.

      I think those are the only work arounds. Let me know what you come up with though!

  27. I’ve done a similar thing, trying to grow an instagram account from scratch.

    Although I don’t really have any contact with the accounts on your level, this model works very well.

    When I did this, I was able to quickly grow to around 5k followers in just over 3 months, wich for me is a lot :p

    I used S4S always trying to get shoutouts from accounts with just a few thousand followers above me, worked pretty great.

    Although, just reaching out and trading tips or info led to some shout outs from a few accounts with a few hundred thousand followers.

    Your tips are great Neil, I read every one of your blog posts! Thank you for sharing everything.

    /Felix from Sweden.

    • Felix, you sound like an instagram pro! Really found these tips interesting and it sounds like you have seen a tremendous amount of success. Have these strategies helped you increase your sales? I would love to hear more. Thanks for sharing.

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  35. I have been thinking about a strategy similar to this. I am so much more motivated to pursue it now after reading this info. Thanks Neil!

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    About email marketing tools… in one of your post you wrote Aweber is the industry standard and then i read your excellent comments about getresponse on their site.. i was also considering icontact.. i’m confused.. i’m going to start a content marketing blog and i am going to take it to the next level with targeted email marketing.. Someone help me make a choice..

  37. Hey Neil,

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    We help automate the type of system that you described with UWheels with over 200 e-commerce companies using us right now to connect with 150,000+ Instagram and YouTube creators.

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  38. So a large part of Dan’s success can be contributed to paid celebrity endorsements and a girlfriend who designed and implement a sophisticated and comprehensive marketing strategy. I suppose you could say Dan created his own luck.

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  44. Great ideas here (as always), Neil – thanks!

    I’m a singer/songwriter focused on driving signups for my email list – subscribers get free instant downloads (or Spotify playlists) of my best songs and are first in line for new music as well.

    Do you have any data/info, anecdotal or otherwise, regarding how your model works in the music/entertainment space? I’d gladly pay an artist with music similar to mine to tweet or Facebook post about my stuff, if the price was right…

    • I would test it out. People can promote video clips (with audio/music) in their facebook and instagram updates. From there they can point people to your email list or tell people to buy your song.

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    • Theodore, glad you found the post helpful. ROI is what speaks to people at the end of the day — If you need any help you know where to find me 😉

  54. This is an awesome article. I have seen these little wheeled inventions. I’ve even seen the people falling, from trying it out for the first time, and those that go by a different name. The thing that will be hard for me. Is acquiring the friends, models, celebrities, etc. Myself nor my company are connected like that. I will have to work twice as hard to do something like this. Worth a try though. I wouldn’t have really paid attention to the technique, if it wasn’t for this article. Thanks Neil. Fabulous work, as always. Met my goal today as well. “To learn one new thing every day”.

    • Stephen, don’t try to pack your plate with too many items. My suggestion would be to make friends and meet the people who know the influencers and have them do the heavy lifting.

      That way you can focus on your core competencies and be more efficient. It’s all about leveraging so you can achieve more.

  55. What an amazing post! The craziest thing is that so many people I know, myself included, have thought paying someone $300 that has 300,000+ engaged Instagram followers in a very profitable niche is a high amount of risk & money…

    When the likely reality is that $300 for the potentially amazing results from a social-proof advertisement like that could generate thousands of dollars!

    I think I am going to finally take the plunge and do this..

    • Tyrel, the ROI is pretty tremendous if you reach out to the right people. It’s all about testing different approaches to see which one sticks. Best of luck and definitely keep me in on the loop !

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    • Anthony, glad you found the post valuable.

      I am going to continue to write on the topic and provide more pointers — is there anything I can help with in the meantime? Specific questions?

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  61. Uwheels are currently purchasing all their boards from a knockoff supplier and flipping it for an insane margin. Good for them, but they will face warranty issues. The boards they are currently purchasing are NOT from the patent owner – they are simply reverse engineered by cheap Chinese suppliers. It’s a shame many people aren’t educated about the truth behind the new “hoverboard” craze. It’s even more shameful seeing social media influences attaching themselves to the brand..

    Chic-Robot is the original manufacturer and current patent hold in China. These are not my opinion, these are facts.

    • Ryan, thanks for sharing these facts. I am not speaking to the legitimacy of the boards or their authenticity – I am speaking more of clever ways people are marketing items on instagram. If the original manufacture used these methods they could blow everything else out of the water marketing wise. As it stands there is an open market for these items because they are so popular — and people are looking for cheaper alternatives.

    • Oh, there’s a bit or irony in that statement isn’t there. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of the Cheap Chinese Manufacturers reverse engineering products with a blatant disregard to patents.

      It’s now expected behaviour.

  62. Hey Neil!

    I’ve found your other posts on how to blog, how to use FB and how to use Linkedin to be a little more in depth. I didn’t see a single screenshot from Instagram here! 🙁

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    • Dhruv, I will continue to write on the topic — I just wanted to share this case study so I can get the ball rolling.

      Stay tuned 😉

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    • Cosmin, I am glad I can help. If you have any suggestions on other topics you’d like to learn about please let me know.

  66. Its great idea if we have money to pay celebrities and models. They have large active database which easily turns into sale. You have given a great idea and i will try in future.

    • Yogendra, you’ll find that celebrities and microbloggers have a huge following — so why not leverage them? Let me know how it works out.

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  68. Interesting concept. I think I will have to wait until I grow a bit more in the internet world and have more connections.
    It does seem to have massive amounts of potential though! Definitely keeping this post in mind for future references!

    • Esteban, you can start off small now — just scale accordingly as your presence grows.

      Let me know what you come up with when/if you start 🙂

      • Do you think I should use my personal instagram account or create a new one solely for my online business?
        Thanks for the quick reply by the way!

        • Esteban, that’s a question you’ll have to determine. Do you want to personally brand yourself and personalize the product or just promote the product?

  69. Steven van der Peijl :

    I think the real winner here is Jessica, she seems to have a solid business on her hands and with some automation creating a simple first version for a tertiary ad serving platform based on the concept of famous influencers I see an easy 6-figure business..

    If Jessica needs any help on the development (tech) side of this, feel free to reach out I’d be happy to help.

    • Steven, she definitely has a carved out a very valuable niche in the industry. Having the celebrities and personalities to leverage is key. I am sure she has someone on the job already but wouldn’t hurt to reach out to her if you want to provide some assistance.

  70. Ashirwad Rastogi :

    Your Articles are great, I use to learn about blogs from you.

  71. Wow, very out of the box thinking which I hadn’t considered before. JV’s are super powerful!

    Will keep this in mind and try when the time is right!

  72. Neil , I have a question does this work with a newbie in Instagram. Like opening a Account today ?

  73. This article is really very helpful for beginners like me, thanks a lot neil for sharing this article…

  74. Hello Neil,

    Who would have thought that instagram had revenue generating capabilities like this?

    Its is surprising how many companies ignore instatgram, although I’m embarrassed to say I’m one of them. But not anymore. I will put your advice to good use.

    thanks for sharing

  75. Fantastic post, as always and amazing results!

    Neil what’s the best way to first approach these power users? A DM on Instagram or by email? Also do you have a template message/email that you can share?


    • Marica, just send them a message (whichever method is most likely to elicit a response) and be honest. Tell them that you want to provide value and that your product or service will resonate with their audience.

  76. Also, what would you say is a good fee to pay for 1 mention on Instagram? I know it depends on the individual and on the amount of followers they have, plus you need to negotiate and such but what is, say the minimum amount that you can expect to pay for 1 mention?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Marica, in my experience the minimum is around $300 . However, that may be different for people across various spectrums. Try to find the best deal and be patient.

  77. Great timing! I was struggling lately with how to use massively Instagram and there you offer me the path. Thanks for the amazing info! I can´t wait to apply it!

  78. I saw people endorse a product in Indonesia but endorsing people?? You give me the inspiration neil. Worth to try

  79. And people thought Insta can’t be monetised.

  80. This idea is pure genius! I’ll think of something for myself tonight. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  81. Hi Neil,

    I can see the $75k you made in one 3 hour session but was the rest of the $332k derived from that one effort, or did you have a few less impressive attempts over the 3 months.

    It would be cool if that one initial campaign had a flow on for 3 months.

    How often could you run these campaigns? Do you think your own brand contributed to the result?

    Any chance you can do an anonymous campaign to see how different the results would be as I think that would help your audience greatly and improve your insights.


    • It took me a lot of time and testing to get the strategy right. I run these campaigns pretty often and now only do them if I know the results are profitable. That’s the benefit of a/b testing past efforts. I think my brain had minimal influence — I am not as popular on instagram.

  82. Very cool Neil. Congrats on your success too!

    I have been cold on IG recently because I’ve left the tropics. Trip to Nicaragua next week; I’ll be blogging from paradise again so I’ll fire up the tablet to spread the word once more. Patience sticks out in my mind. Most successful strategies rest on patiently waiting and testing to find the right formula. Get that down and you’re golden.

    Thanks for sharing dude!


    • Ryan, definitely. I think patience is something a lot people overlook. To achieve the best results you have to take the time to cultivate success.

      Add me on instagram and I’ll do the same. Looking forward to seeing your photos from Insta.

  83. Another well researched case study, You are really awesome Neil… 🙂

  84. Sir, its really productive information which you have provided above. Firstly I am implementing all this and then I will definitely tell you about my performance at Instagram. I will also let you know if I will get any problem.Till then thanks and have a good day ahead. You work is really great. Appreciating ! Thanks to share this.

    • Sweety, great to hear. Let me know how it works out. I think with the right strategy you can definitely make your instagram a traffic generating portal.

  85. Hello Neil,

    Great post! I’ve been observing these famous personalities on Instagram for quite some time, It’s really interesting to see how they have grown their fan base and the way they promote other brands and products.

    I think startup blogs can also add this to their marketing strategy, this will help kick start the traffic on their site, some initial promotion will lead them to a massive audience and a fan base much larger for a newly started blog.

    • Danish, I agree. However, a lot of these strategies can only work if you leverage the right people to give you that exposure. It is different for every niche so finding that powerful influencer is essential. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  86. Pushpendra singh :

    The only problem with Instagram is that it can only be started from the mobile, otherwise it will get spammed as others get.

    Perhaps A very well written and researched case study Neil, you are such awesome.

    • I see that not as a problem but as a benefit. Only valuable content gets exposure and there is no way to game the system through scheduling.. etc..

  87. Hey Neil

    Love reading your blog posts mate – it’s actually the reason why I started my own Instagram marketing business!

    I’m currently targeting models and celebrities with the premise of boosting their reach. I’ve had some success but I’m not really sure where to go from here??

    Any adviec?



  88. great case Patel!

    So how I can do like this on Fitness marketing?


  89. Great testimonial! Thanks for sharing!! I am a a believer in IG marketing for sure!

    The only thing is all these celebs and influencers are violating FTCs rules which require disclosure when they receive money or product in exchange for a testimonial or when one is based on getting something of value.

    • JJ, I definitely think that’s a murky area of the law. I am sure their lawyers have provided feedback on how to best proceed. Also, a lot of these people are microbloggers so it gets even more gray in that area.

  90. Really Good Post. It just gave me an idea for an online business and use Instagram to promote the product.
    Thank You!

  91. Peterson Teixeira :

    Hey Neil!

    I must say I am doing this strategy for a few clients and for a few months already. And I just read your post. Seems like we think alike my friend haha.

    By the way, did you try this around Twitter? I’m curious about that since I read that the best conversion rate ever for download and landing page links lies on twitter.

    That’s my next test.

    Best regards man
    Peterson Teixeira

    • Peterson, great minds think alike. Glad to see you are having such great success with the strategy.

      In regards to Twitter it’s harder. People are talking on Twitter but it’s hard to get them to listen.

  92. Essence Kickstarter :

    Instagram has over 400 million users now and this is a great article to figure out what works best to generate revenue and new clients I feel like.

  93. Great article Neil,
    Thanks for sharing.
    This sounds like a great idea to try and seems more effective than Facebook ads.
    Quick question, is there any way to check the conversion, let’s say to see which percent of clicks actually brought the product.

  94. Wow i know some of the pages of the FB pages of India which post engaging content about the youth and they have more than 1 million fans. after reading your post i am thinking to create a page like them or contact them for traffic.



    • Suraj, do it! I am sure they would be open to working with you if you provide great content. It’s all about finding a mutual benefit and going from there.

  95. Piotr Wolniewicz :

    I just wondering if you consider making similiar action on SnapChat? Don’t you think it might be even better?

  96. Neil, Its great to read your contents, i am happy to be in the list to read it. I never miss your posts.

    Carry on!!

    One Advice to You, Don’t bother about Advice you nailed it!!

  97. Nice post. Keep up the good work.

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  99. Muhammad Jibrin :

    A nice concept. I will give it a try when I get the chance

  100. Mohammad Umair :

    I’m sorry but I simply did not expect this from you Neil. Getting traffic by asking for blatant favours. Simply not done and pathetic.

    The guys at UWheels did it because they may or may not be good at online marketing and hence get benefit of doubt. But when you too indulge in asking for contacts of your contact to promote that is not befitting an expert.

    You are really good at what you do, so why do you need to to that? This would have been awesome if you had worked by yourself to make this successful and not ask favours.

    • Not sure how I am asking for favors… marketing is also about networking and structuring deals. It isn’t just about coding…

      The purpose of this post was to educate. I didn’t make an extra dollar by writing this post…

  101. Hey Neil, where does that law stand on paying people to publish a tweet or Instagram image without them acknowledging that it’s been paid for? I know in affiliate marketing websites have to be very clear that they may earn commission if you click a particular link. Just wondering if these is a legal grey area?

    • Peter, I believe the law is a lil murky when it comes to social media. Social media is a new frontier and there are a lot of things that fall through the seems legally speaking. I would consult with your counsel to get the clearest answer as it relates to your product/service.

  102. @nielpatel you might want to read this

    This type of thing is now illegal

  103. Absolutely blown away by this post Neil. You and Gary Vaynerchuk are two of the only people I know who truly get it.

    I understand the landscape fairly well and I’m amazed at what you’ve done. I wouldn’t have thought Instagram had enough people in the business market to serve despite knowing this was possible. I think, to add on, Youtube sponsorships are probably the biggest opportunity if you can do some digging.

    It’s awesome you are responding to comments too, knowing you are a busy man.
    Loved your video with Tai Lopez as well.

    I know you’re a busy man but if you ever have time, can we have a quick chat on the phone or for coffee so I can pick your brain?

    From a young fan,

  104. A couple technical questions I can’t resist asking. I understand if you’re too busy to respond:
    -Some of those people with the monthly membership are bound to cancel before a year is up. There is a chance you can lose money if enough cancel really early. Thoughts?
    -Is it really the best idea to pitch cold Instagram traffic such a pricey product? Wouldn’t it be better to capture more customers initially with a lower offer?

    • Not really as my costs aren’t too high. My guess is members will stay at least 6 to 10 months… hopefully they stay for a year.

      You are correct, but I don’t have a lower offer.

  105. Article Motivational Neil. This makes many of us think that there is not only Facebook Ads, Adwords, among others to bill.

  106. Hey Neil,

    Really interesting post, I’m in the process of doing something like this at the moment, but it was great to get your insight, as I started small and got success just by giving a way free products for a post, but I am currently looking to scale. I just have a few questions and it would be great if you could answer.

    1. What sort of traffic should I expect from these posts? I know obviously depends on the site, but how much would you expect to see per 1,000 followers or 1,000 likes on the post etc.?

    2. What should I aim to pay? Again per like 1,000 followers etc. My product only makes me £15 profit on average (e-commerce), but has a conversion rate of 3% (would be much more with good influencers I’m sure), so I need to make this profitable.

    3. How long would you expect it to take to make the sale? In the past I have gotten the feeling that some people follow us and then purchase say 1-2 weeks later, is this normal?

    It would be great to get your feedback as you have much more experience than me and although it’s going to be a risk I would like it to be as calculated as possible.


    • 1. It ranges a lot… I’ve noticed that you see more when everyone pushes you on the same day. More so because the branding really kicks in…

      2. There is no set fee. It’s like the wild wild west… just get the price down low enough where you are happy.

      3. Try to look for instant sales, but one to two weeks later is ok. Typically someone usually buys within the first few days of hitting your site.

  107. I thank Neil for posting the article.

    I would encourage anyone seriously thinking about doing this to talk with Jessica. After speaking with her I learned a lot about the fees/investments that you have to make to get Instagram Endorsements.

    There has been debates on valuing a “shoutout” with many models.
    * CPM,
    * Pay Per Post,
    * Commission, and
    * Cost per Click

    In the end Instagram is a evergreen market/channel. The more sharing and comparisons we can get the better we can all market on it.

    • Steven, glad you took the time to speak with her. She is savvy in business and results speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  108. Thank you so much for the words above. Reading your post immediately makes me feel like I am the one making that money. I think its possible well as getting started is the problem. Worth trying your way.

    • Glad to help. Early on I followed my mentors which lead to some great success. Let me know if you need any help along the way!

  109. Hey Neil do you suggest using instagram bot like instagress for these purposes

  110. Okay so I was wondering how do you generate money from your Instagram account if you have a 40k plus followers? I’m just curious 🙂

  111. OK, tbh I didn’t knew that we can make money through Instagram. I am really going to try this method. Thanks for sharing.

  112. I am visualizing silent side of this article. You always motivated freshers willing to join blogging community as a career. I strongly believe one should start blogging with interest, dedication, and obviously have intention to give something resourceful to the relevant community, then only we can succeeded. Thanks Neil.

  113. Neil, I thought I had seen every trick in the book when it comes to Instagram strategy (it’s my favorite), but I had never heard of “influencer pay per click” campaigns. Nor them posting, and then deleting it from their profile in 3 hours (interesting)
    I’m still a little unsure how that works (do you give them a special url and when someone clicks on it they get their dime?).
    Either way, I will remember these strategies when it comes to connecting with influencers and using their networks.

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    Skype: namhoang1302

  115. JumpFailGrow :

    This is Fantastic article. I’m looking for ways to leverage social media in growing and scaling my business.

  116. Hello Neil!

    I heard you speak last year at Empower’s “Rise” event in Las Vegas. I was blown away at the amount of value that you gave us about blogging. So when I saw this article about Instagram and how you generated such a large result in only 3 months, I knew it was going to be bad ass!

    You didn’t disappoint me at all. I am in the final planning stages of my Instagram marketing strategy, and this post helped me out a bunch for sure. Thank you so much for giving us a look behind the scenes!


    • Awesome David! Glad you enjoyed the talk, I had a lot of fun giving it. I’m excited to hear about the results you get from your Instagram strategy. Please keep me posted.

  117. Vaughn Scriven :

    Hello Neil, I discovered your post after reading the sales page for this product:

    They are claiming credit for your success with Instagram but your article seem to contradict that assertion even though the strategy appear to be the same.

  118. HarryNipples :

    I’ve been seeing a lot of adult media buyers trying these tactics out. IG media buying is definitely still a thing. However, I think a lot of people are catching on to the game and creating profiles with boosted up stats.

    How do you weed out the real social influencers from the fake profiles with boosted stats?

  119. Hey Neil

    I wanted to ask you, wherever you did the shootouts with the instagram users, how much did you pay them on average and also how did you direct them to your landing page? Did you just have your landing page link in your bio and whoever checked your profile, signed up? Thanks

  120. Ed Brancheau :

    Another great article, Neil! It’s brilliant to read tips from experts.It’s really important to use social media to maximum advantage.

  121. uthman Saheed :

    Nice… I never imagine this could happened on Instagram. I thought its just all about pictures and like. I love your entrepreneurial drive. Its really helping me.

  122. First of all Neil you’re so handsome. thanks for this post just like the other guy said, I never though this could happen on Instagram so you popped my cherry on this one. Anyways, great work.

  123. Adorable! Sometimes, it ends up better that the easy way and you proved that!

  124. Glad you liked it Richard. Thanks for sharing

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  127. Selina Tsang :

    Hi Neil,

    I successfully ran a campaign of a product(women’s fashion) with Instagram influencer marketing, which brought the sale volume of a million dollars in 3 months, however when I used the same model to market the other products(For example, sport bra/pink, well-designed power bank), the results turned out really bad. No visits, no any sales, even I used the same influencers which have been proved they’re worth. I understand a good product can bring big sales with appropriate marketing, but I’m really confused why using the same method, there is no even one sale with regular products? Do you have any more cases for study?


    • Selina Tsang :

      I asked 10-15 influencers to help us post in their feeds, they took the photos of the samples that we sent to and write reviews in the captions of how they think our product is worth to buy, also I asked them to put the purchase link in their bios for an easier way to shop, I also post the item in each of our official social accounts to ensure they can check it out easier, together with a big banner at the first sight in our official site. The issue is NO one is interested in it, no one click it, no one even check our profile out. I know it might be the product that is not good enough, they’re not that kind of interested in it, but with the reach over thousands and hundreds , how can the results be almost ZERO? Not to mention I’ve proved the IG influencer marketing actually worked with our previous item. It’s really weird!!!

      • Testing different approaches is key, Selina. Try reaching out to influencers in different ways, using different language. The product might not be the problem. It could be the positioning. But obviously, if you think the product is subpar, you might have to rethink that, as well.

    • Hi Selina, it’s possible that your influencers’ audiences simply didn’t align well with your second campaign. Try testing with new influencers after conducting in-depth audience research.

  128. Excellent Guide , Will Definately Try On my cleints Site
    and Update you the details of how its going … Thanks Neil

  129. The flagging forums on Craigslist are worthless…… and their TOS are too vague and general….According to their TOS, I should not be getting flagged.

  130. sir what kind of website will be profitable for my affiliate marketing bussiness…. review website or content based website or something else?? please help me

  131. if i dont know much about my product so how can i write content or article about that particular product?? i mean from where can i get content idea?

  132. You are such a humble man responding to messages with your busy schedule, getting a response from you will be exciting. I am a young woman in business with an ecommerce beauty business in Africa and really entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. I stay up all the time trying to get information to improve my business. I really would love to know how the payment process works. Thank you so much again Neil.

    • Thanks so much Eliz! I’m not sure what you mean about the payment process. Could you clarify your question?

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