The $100,000 Challenge: August Update

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We just wrapped up the fifth month of the $100,000-a-month challenge, and traffic-wise, it was a great month. In August, we had 40,870 visitors with 13,431 coming from search.

I know this is an August update, but from the beginning of September, we’ve already been averaging over 800 visitors a day from Google, which means September should be a big month for from a traffic perspective.

August showed an over 54% traffic increase compared to the previous month. Here’s what happened…

SEO takes time

I’m not a patient person, but SEO takes time, and there isn’t much you can do about it. It doesn’t matter how much content you write or how many links you build, search engines don’t just open the floodgates to your site.

They make sure that you are continually improving and that all the signals look good. If they do, you’ll see more search traffic. It’s been like this for years. Typically, every time I start a new blog, it usually takes 6 to 7 months for search traffic to really kick in. Within this period of time, you should see reach over 100,000 monthly visitors.

How can you increase your search traffic?

There is a formula I use with all my blogs to grow my search traffic. Here is the Excel Sheet I use for There are a few things to keep in mind when going over the spreadsheet:

  1. It was originally created by Louder Online years ago. I took it with their permission and have been using it for my own projects ever since. That’s why you see their branding everywhere.
  2. Within the document, you will have to replace “nutrition” or other random keywords with those relevant to your blog. The sheet will pre-populate results based on that.
  3. The spreadsheet is a Google Doc and can only be viewed, not edited. To be able to modify it, you’ll have to create a duplicate by clicking on the navigation option “file” and then “make a copy.” Now, you can modify the spreadsheet.
  4. If you need more customized help, you can always hire Louder Online.
  5. Keep in mind that my version isn’t the neatest as I already know a lot about content marketing. That means you are looking at a very minimalistic version that isn’t as filled out as it should be.

Now that you have the sheet, there are a few things you need to know…

The content strategy document we use on Nutrition Secrets, along with a toolset, outlines a number of key elements that Mike follows to ensure consistency in his blogging. It also provides some amazing ways of being able to rapidly generate ideas for posts that have a high likelihood of being successful.

The strategy document includes the following sections:

  • Style guide
  • Strategic plan
  • Visitor personas and journey template
  • Idea generation tools
  • Headline generation tools
  • Idea scratch pad & validation
  • Editorial planner
  • Editorial calendar

Here is further explanation of the sections I listed above.

Style guide

This document records everything that should be followed from a style perspective to ensure a consistent feel to all of your created content. It covers elements such as:

  • Tone
  • Style
  • Voice
  • Language used
  • Formatting
  • Common categories
  • Meta data rules

Strategic plan

This spread sheet is put together directly from this chapter of the Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. It contains the following sections:

  • Channel plan
  • Core and secondary messaging
  • Business objectives
  • Competitive analysis
  • Differentiator

Visitor personas and journey template

This template provides the opportunity to outline a few of the key personas within your targeted traffic. It allows you to answer many questions that help define those personas so that when you create the content, each piece is written with the goal of targeting a specific persona or a specific stage in the visitor’s journey.

A number of sections in this template are pulled directly from this post on HubSpot by Aaron Agius.

Idea generation tools

This is where a lot of the magic happens for the blog. This is a suite of tools put together to pull in questions related to your topic from around the web.

The idea here is that if you are answering people’s questions and solving problems in your industry through great content, you will put yourself in a position of authority within the industry.

The tools developed here pull questions from the following websites:

In addition to developing a strategy around answering common questions and addressing problems people in your niche have, you can also benefit from staying on top of current trends, known as “newsjacking.” The content strategy sheet allows for a search to be performed on an entered keyword, which pulls relevant information from the following sources:

The combination of these two powerful sets of tools allows for endless high quality content ideas to be pulled into one central document. You can use the document to help you choose the topics you are most comfortable writing about and then build out those ideas.

Headline generation tools

Jon Morrow put together a fantastic document called Headline Hacks. It is a cheat sheet on how to write headlines that help posts go viral.

By combining this cheat sheet with Portent’s Idea Generator tool and HubSpot’s Topic Generator, you can produce a large number of possible headlines for each content idea you create with help of the above Idea Generation Tools.

Idea scratch pad & validation

This is a template that allows you to write down the ideas you have come up with using the idea and headline generation tools. The most important function of this section is to validate the ideas that have been generated to ensure they meet at least some the following criteria:

  • Topic has a high search volume
  • Similar topics have seen success on competitor sites
  • Topic is trending positively over time
  • Topic is an ego-bait piece for influencers within the industry

Editorial planner

This is a work sheet that allows you to create a more detailed outline of each post before you set out to write it. This editorial planner allows for specific language, tone, style, and content length variations to be indicated if they are needed for any particular piece.

Here are some of the items:

  • Status
  • Due date
  • Author (for a multi-author blog)
  • Content idea
  • Further description
  • Draft URL (for Google Docs)
  • Specific style notes
  • Content length
  • Must include items
  • Must exclude items
  • Reference links
  • Specific comments
  • Estimated hours for completion

Editorial calendar

An editorial calendar helps ensure the proper scheduling of content at the correct times. This includes incorporating changes to the schedule based on seasonal requirements, holidays, or anything else that requires content to be written or published on specific dates.

Now that you know our content strategy, let’s dive into Amazon.

How we will generate revenue

We will be monetizing the site through e-books and a course we are going to sell. We haven’t started creating any of those yet, but we eventually will.

The strategy will be somewhat similar to the one I use on Maybe we’ll start with the homepage, which will have an opt-in for a webinar. Next, we will give you hours of useful information free, and eventually, we’ll pitch you a paid product.

I do this on the site, and on a bad day, at least 1% of all webinar registrants sign up for a $6,000 course. Which isn’t too bad… Eventually, I should be able to get it to 2% or 3%. And when you have 100,000 monthly visitors, you can typically collect 5,000 to 6,000 emails assuming you are leveraging pop-ups and content upgrades.

When it comes to Amazon, we’ve done a lot of research, but we haven’t found a company that will let us white-label a “fish oil” product (it’s going to be our first product) on our terms. We’d like to be able to get paid on every sale without having to pay upfront.

It’s kind of like an affiliate model, but the physical product will have a Nutrition Secrets label on it and will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer’s office.

The profit margins won’t be high, but at least I won’t have to put up any cash. I’ll then use the Nutrition Secrets audience to generate reviews for the product on Amazon.

It will take some time, but in general, the fish oil market is big enough to allow me to sell at least $50,000 worth of fish oil capsules each month if I hit 4.5 stars or higher with 500 plus reviews.

The key with Amazon is a high rating, large number of reviews, prime shipping, and offering more than the competition at a competitive price. It may sound like it might be hard to offer all this, but it really isn’t. You just can’t be greedy and have to be okay with lower margins.

We haven’t done much with Amazon yet as I have been traveling overseas a bit too much, but hopefully we get something up and running in the next 30 days.


Overall, it’s been a good month. Traffic shall continue to rise assuming we push out more high quality content and continue to build links. It’s just going to take time and patience.

In an ideal world, Mike would be producing two pieces of content each day, but with manual link-building outreach, he just doesn’t have the time. Hopefully, that will change in the next month or two.

What do you think of the progress so far?

P.S. I wanted to give special thanks to Louder Online for letting me publish their content marketing spreadsheet. If you like what you see, you should hit up Aaron as their online marketing services are really good.


  1. Awesome work, Neil Bro 🙂
    I’m very pleased to know that nutrition now start getting some good organic traffic, which is a green signal.
    Your client’s blog is growing & I hope he must be enjoying writing.
    Well, My blog is 1 month & 23 days old & I’m getting around 200 traffic per day.
    I’m learning from you & from some other bloggers.Mainly I focus on quality article.But at the same I try to build some link whenever possible.

    • Deepak, It really has been a great couple of months — and the trajectory is extremely positive.

      Sounds like your blog is doing exceptionally well too — keep up the great work.

      • Hello Neil,

        It was great to see your information. But most effective part of your style is that you love to promote others. That’s why I love your work. Best wishes to you.

    • spammer deepak.. get lost from here

    • Makes me to wonder how your Alexa rank is 131k… With 200 unique visitors perday, mean while I have a site with close to 1k visitors perday but dropped from 200k to 900k now…Anyway, nice blog there…

    • Yes,

      I must admit I do not have the patience for SEO.

      It’s been two months since I launched my site

      and I’m just squeaking out 150 visitors per month.

      Neil, I would be ecstatic with 20K


  2. Amazing Neil, I am about to start a health niche blog and have got some buyer keywords for that blog. What you prefer? – Writing only review article of products or writing articles which actually solves problems and in those articles link to those product?

    Thanks in advance!!! 🙂 Keep going
    Nitin Singh

    • Nitin, I prefer articles the solve problems and inform people — there is a way to merge the two interests though. That’s the art of true content marketing 😉

    • Hi Nitin,

      I know you are asking Neil, but just my 2 cents.

      As I’m learning from Neil, who has been doing content marketing for years, it is advisable that you solve your readers problems first.

      You give value and more value first, and build an email list through free content. Your readers will trust you and this will reduce the percentage of objections when you start selling. But, you have to make sure that what you are selling is in line with what your readers want or need.

      Writing a product review might increase your sales, especially if you have used the product and your review has a personal touch, that reveals what you liked and disliked about the product.

      Thanks for reading…



  3. Vishal Kataria :

    Great work Neil. Are you using more than guest posting and blogger outreach to gain backlinks? Would love to get some insights as I’m struggling in this for a client who has a school for special children.

    Also, would you mind sharing the reasons for the spike in traffic in the 1st 1 1/2 week of August?

    • Vishal, the content during that week did exceptionally well — it resonated very well with the community which accounts for the spike.

      I am only using contextual linking and blogger outreach to acquire links. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Wow! You have made a fantastic progress Neil and your team.

    It will certainly pay off.

    I am learning a lot about a business model and strategy.

    As they say, “Start with the end in mind.”

    Do you have an exit strategy already?

    Thank you for the template!


    • Magz, thanks for all the support. We do not have an exit strategy as this is our passion — We will continue growing and see where it takes us.

  5. Awesome work Neil sir 🙂

    I’m following you since long and trying to implement your strategy and guide that you shared on your site.

  6. Phenomenal Post – thanks Neil!

  7. Wow what a great update Neil!

    I really like the spreadsheet. It makes coming up with content ideas so much easier.

    I’ve just launched my challenge here as well but the goal is 10x lower 😛

    Here’s the link in case you want to check it out

    Would love to get your feedback as well.

    Keep being awesome Neil!

    • Tung, I’ve always found that spreadsheets really do the trick.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences — the end goal isn’t as important as reaching what you set out to do. I think you’re doing a great job — I would spend a little more time on the content and design.

  8. Nice post. Thanks for sharing good information about $100,000 Challenge and for the August updates. Thanks for the Excel sheet of Louder Online.

  9. Its great no doubt! But you sharing this with all of your existing followers. Doesn’t that already give nutritionsecrets an advantage? It would have been absolutely fabulous if you did not tell your existing email subscribers about the experiment. And disclosed it after 6 months to show the follower growth for a new blog.

    • Nandita, this was a concern a lot of people had. I have transitioned everything over to Mike who doesn’t utilize Quick Sprout at all to grow traffic — it’s a standalone site that I only talk about during the monthly updates.

  10. I am just a fan of yours, I am writing content for last 4 months, i try to write more interesting and engaging content, My blog is growing but very slowly. I believe in In-depth articles.
    Neil, can you please write on a topic about how to write a detailed in-depth article that rank.
    Best Wishes for your blog.

  11. Neil,
    Thanks for the updates!
    Beyond publishing content on your blog, are you guys also sharing it in different groups/forums? Lots of SEO experts say you can’t just “publish and pray” for traffic.

  12. Storage Warrior :

    Neil, your transparency is so generous; thanks to you and Louder Online for access to this spreadsheet; I can’t wait to dive in!

    I’m looking for ways to bring opt-ins to a new site I’m starting that’s all about storage auctioning (like Storage Wars, but without all the production BS – this is how it’s really done), treasure hunting, and finding smart ways to invest the extra cash you can make from these activities.

    I haven’t actually launched the site yet – I just have a Facebook page, and I’m driving those visitors to an opt-in page. Do you think this is a viable method? Or do I need to get that blog up and running asap? Would a lot of your strategies work if I just want to drive traffic to the Facebook page for the time being?

    • I think you need to ideally create a website. Facebook traffic is great and all but if you want really great sustained traffic you need a site. Ranking for keywords and getting traffic from search is the name of the game.

  13. Natural Exclusive :


    Great post and your monetization strategy is very interesting and unique. We have opted for a referral monetization technique with a page that helps other Start a Food Blog The hope is as our traffic grows hopefully this will too and each month when we start to generate revenue we will post to readers on how much we made, traffic, costs etc so we have a lot of transparency to help others start as you have done with these posts.

    Good luck with the rest of it you are killing it with traffic and links and we were delighted to link to you for the lemon article you produced on our lemon article!

    Natural Exclusive

    • Thanks for all the support. We may need to take you up on that offer. Let me know if you need help along the way as well.

    • I feel like one of Neil’s primary tenets is that you should be providing massive value with your own unique content and voice. Your “How to start a food blog” is a nearly word-for-word duplication of the Pinch of Yum version of the same thing (

      I’m not affiliated with Pinch of Yum, but I’m a huge fan of what they’ve done as leaders in the space.

      Set yourself apart. Be a leader. Make that page your own.

  14. Nice sheet. I’m more impressed by the number of visitors you got from other channels then search. I am trying to use your social media techniques to drive more visitors via Facebook & Twitter.

  15. kenneth ifeanyi :

    Did you just say does average $6k a day ? Wow. What’s the monthly traffic ? Daily webinar registrants if I may ask.

  16. This is a great case study, you are however getting these results because of the way you started it by leveraging your brand and user base. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise and we can certainly take away a lot of useful, actionable items to implement on our own sites but thinking the average user will get these results is not realistic.

    • Jeff, I think it’s realistic if they follow the same techniques and have the same drive to write articles often. I think there are a million excuses why it cant be done — but I have a few people who have already exceeded expectations (and they started from scratch)

      • What does that mean ‘they exceeded expectations” are they getting upwards of 1000 unique visits a day from organic traffic and not paid in the same time frame you did it in, are they making 100k a month?

        I am sure there is a small percent of people that “make it” I just see a problem industry wide with unrealistic expectations in general.

        • A negative energy is a virus. What we need is a positive energy.

          Even if do not clock 100k, i am sure with Neil’s model and steps you can make this a sustainable office.
          Sincerely help people, (better if its your passion) and they will be loyal to you and buy whatever you recommend.

          Yes Neil: 100K is realistic and i’m in.


        • Jeff, I mean to say that everyone is going at the same pace — I have a few people who have gotten 50k visitors by utilizing the techniques I’ve laid out in this challenge and others who have seem moderate gains.

          I see this as an educational resource when I can show people how to grow their web presence.

  17. First learned about this at Los’s event (is that the proper possessive of Los?) I love what you are doing here.
    Are you all planning on using video as a content dev strategy?
    If so, do you plan on self hosting/youtube or combined ?

    My agency, authenticWEB, focuses on video production and SEO as a content strategy. We focus on professional services (mainly attorneys) so our monetization model is different, but I am always looking to glean from guys like you.

    • Video, is not in the cards right now — however, if we change our mind I’ll reach out to you guys. Thanks for the feedback.

      p.s. I think it’s Los’ lol

  18. The Drive doc doesn’t have the File Menu so I can’t File > Make A Copy as you suggested?

  19. Hi Neil,

    Thank you so much for sharing the excel spreadsheet and a big thank you to Louder Online for letting you do so.. It is insanely helpful – and officially my new favorite toy.

    Your numbers make me want to weep BUT they are also hugely inspiring and a testament that it can be done.

    My other takeaway is that I need to be posting a lot more content – so I must get back to work.

    Just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  20. Arina Nikitina :

    wow, the spreadsheet is just gold! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  21. Hey Neil,

    quick question:

    Where is the “Visitor personas and journey template” tab you talked about?
    I can’t find anything about how you described the target audience for nutritionsecrets.

  22. Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin :

    Hey Neil!

    Awesome post as usual. This challenge has been transparent and helpful so far. I needed to hear the patience factor as a key element of the SEO game – again. It’s really hard to wait but Google just won’t trust a site enough overnight.

    Thanks also for sharing that Excel sheet. It’s really practical and foolproof 🙂 Aaron is a great internet marketer and the sheet once again proves that 🙂

    • Muhammed, glad you found the post helpful.

      Let me know if you have any other feedback. Love hearing what you guys think!

  23. Neil,

    Awesome article! I’m going to use this strategy to develop solid content on a new website I’m just launching.

    I checked out the Louder Online spreadsheet and don’t see a way to duplicate it into my Google Docs account. Any chance a setting was changed so that the spreadsheet is only in view only without the ability for someone to copy it? I’d love to be able to use it.


    • Tom, let me discuss with some internal sources and see if there is a solution.

      Thanks for the support and feedback.

      • Joseph de Souza :

        Lots of very useful information, some of which which we can implement on our own website. I found the spreadsheet particularly useful and also managed to download a copy. For those who have not figured it out, here is the link if you want to download it:

    • I tried downloading as an excel doc but the formulas stopped working.

      Here’s what worked for me:
      Open the file here:

      Click on “File” > “Make a Copy”

      Then you’ll have your own copy that you can edit as you please.

  24. Hi Neil,

    You said it right. SEO takes time. As per my experience you start seeing results in 4-8 months time. Low competitive keywords may rank early but average competitive keywords takes up to 8 months to rank. I’m quite sure that in Oct-Nov you’ll cross 150,000 visitors on your blog.

    Tauseef Alam

  25. Hey! Neil

    This is really a great goal for your blog and we are following your this journey.
    This is giving us great information to grow our blogs.

    I just want to ask one questions I created 6 months ago and i am getting 3000 Monthly visitors but bounce rate is 88%. I have tried many ways to decrease it but don’t why its not reducing.

    Can you please give me suggestions for that.

  26. Hello Neil,

    It’s been lovely watching Mike’s progress and I am genuinely interested in the subject matter as well as the business side.

    I thank you both and wish you well.

    (I’m still beavering away with my fictional stuff but I stick my head up at regular intervals to observe the real world).


    • Vishal Kataria :

      Hey Zarayna… Is there some place where we can read your work on fiction?

      • Hi Vishal,
        How kind of you to take an interest. I have three volumes of short stories on Amazon – Guilty Pleasures at the Karmic Café and all badly marketed but cheap. They are under my Z.Y.G. Deyn name. However, as you will know, you can read the first few pages of each to see if they are your cup of tea.
        What I am really excited about are my crime-thriller books – works in progress. My hero is like so many people I know, innocent and nice but dreadful things happen to him – he tries to survive whilst keeping to his core values. Hence, these tales are amusing (I hope!)
        Thank you again.
        Kindest regards.

        • Thanks Zarayna. Will check ’em out. Let me know when your thriller is published. I’ll buy it 🙂

          You’ll find me here and on Mike’s blog. And of course, on Facebook and Twitter 😉

          All the best!

    • Hello, Zarayna (x
      Its great to see you here too, I see your comment on everyone blog post of mike and i do comment too 🙂 good to see you here 🙂 Have a nice day ^^

      • Hello Aryan,

        How nice to have a nutritious friend!

        I think Mike is doing a terrific job and as such needs as much encouragement as he can get and has time to read. I know this is a business but I do wish to support an ethical adventure – am sure you are doing this too.

        If nothing else, both of us will be very healthy and hopefully Mike and Neil will be very rich. A win win all round!

        Have a good weekend. See you soon!

      • Aryan, great to see you here as well – We appreciate your comments on the nutrition blog!

  27. “In August, we had 40,870 visitors”

    Based on your screenshot, the site had 40,870 *sessions*. Minor difference, but should be noted none-the-less.

  28. Impressive progress! I’m loving this content. I followed instructions above on how to download and edit the excel spreadsheet, however it won’t copy anything. I am going to “File” in my browser but there is no option to copy (there is in the “edit” section, but that doesn’t work). Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • I’m assuming that you mean it has to be in Google Drive, however I have google drive open, but this will not open up there. It’s in the browser only. Any suggestions on pulling it into Drive? Thank you!

  29. Thanks for the update. In ur last update, u had mentioned u would break down your monthly marketing expenses for this update. When can we see that or can u just tell it here?

  30. Hi Neil,

    Your original post piqued my interest in the “world of blogging” and I’ve chosen to go with something I’m more familiar with – trading – since I’m rubbish at nutrition 😉

    I’ve got nowhere near your traffic yet, but my site’s only a two weeks old, got to start somewhere, right?

    Thank you for starting me on this journey!

    All the best!

  31. Thanks very much Neil sir, You are an inspiration to many online marketers like me.Presently I am making 100$ a day from Adsense and Learned a lot from ur articles and videos. Check out my site:

  32. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    This article is priceless. I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of your office, listening to the details of your business strategies.

    Thank you for the download, and monetization sounds great as well. I figured it would end up being eBooks. I’m glad I understand how the Webinar strategy works, and what you aim to do for NS.

    My own site just completed it’s 3rd month, and the progress has been great. Monthly visitors were 8,000, with 17,000 views, while publishing 2 articles per week. I’m counting on that 6+ month increase in search traffic, as for me it’s all mainly Facebook.

    You’re literally my mentor. Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

  33. Have you ever thought of pairing up with other companies (ex/ Nutrition) and working with them?

  34. You can view and copy the document using this link instead:

    The original link was in HTML view.

    • Hey Matt, this was a question I had because I couldn’t figure it out. The link you provided is going to an HTML version as well. Any idea how to get it into google drive? Thanks!

      • Yeah I havent been able to use it either, same issue. Tried a few things I found via Google search but it didnt work, if anyone has an answer, I would appreciate it!

      • Jess, try this link out:

    • Jess, I had the same problem with clicking Matt’s link.

      When my new tab would load, it’d actually show:

      I started playing with the URL and removed “/htmlview?sle=true#gid=705263791” and it actually loaded into the edit mode. I pasted the URL into a new tab to double-check if this was actually working 100%… and it failed.

      I then just kept refreshing the link from Matt and eventually it would load the edit version so I could go ahead and make a copy.

      • I just tried this and got it to work too. I pasted the link ( ) into about 20 tabs and 1 of them opened up in standard format so I could copy it.

    • thx a lot!

  35. looks overwhelming for a newbie like me, posting 2 articles a day for instance is impossible for a one man operation blog. But the techniques mentioned is worth emulating.

  36. Awesome article! And great progress too!

    By the way, what is the cost this month? I am particularly curious about your hosting cost. You mentioned in previous articles that the hosting is shared with other websites. It would be great if you can provide some details about what kind hosting cost is reasonable for a website like the Nutrition Secrets.


  37. Thanks Neil. The spreadsheet looks great but I can’t seem to make a copy of it.

    Please help.

    • Hi Zunaid, when you follow the link, just under the word ‘Nutrition’ click on the ‘File’ menu option, then click on ‘Make a copy’.


    • Zunaid: try this —

  38. Neil,

    Another excellent update. Thanks so much.

    I too am looking into offering something from Amazon. I think it will be a great move marketing wise for the nutrition niche.

    Is the manufacturer in the US or something international?

    I am searching within Alibaba to find a product that I can white label with drop shipping as well.

    What is your opinion about Alibaba?

    Thanks again,


  39. How did you get your post published on

  40. This has been such a fascinating study to feel a part of. I enjoy reading Mike posts and it is apparent that there is a lot of research & planning involved. I think progress is good and evident by stats, nice to see organic search traffic rising. Looking forward to and Anticipating how the monetization will go into effect.

  41. Love these posts! Super fun to read.

  42. Fantastic post!
    However, I really can’t manage to copy the spreadsheet even through the comments help.

    If anyone succeeded in this, please let me know:)

    • Joseph de Souza :

      Quite a few have succeeded: You can try these two links:

    • Glad you liked it.

      Try this link out:

  43. Thanks for sharing neil. however i am unable to save the spreasheet to my local PC

  44. Not able to make copy. The file menu is hidden 🙁

  45. 800 visits a day from organic seems like a lot after such a short time. It really shot up.

    The one thing we haven’t done a good job of yet as we follow along is the social media–haven’t built up a facebook following.

    Are social signals that strong with google to make that big of a difference?

    I know I’m also in a less searched for industry, but I can’t help but think I’m missing something.

    • Jacob, it’s the multi channel approach that provides the best results. Social signals in conjunction with other search efforts will really push the needle.

  46. Hi Neil,

    You have a lot of very strong backlinks and I am sure you got them with your name.

    For example:

    Is that true?

    • Neil gets asked since months about these type of backlinks. I think he will reveal it in the next post, so stay tuned 🙂

    • Nope, just using the strategy I blogged about in the past with building connections. Mike just repeated the process… it doesn’t always work though. It failed when we tried to get links from GQ and sites like Vogue.

  47. These posts have been incredibly helpful to me, thanks. I can tell you put a LOT of hard work into them.

    And I’d like to make my own copy of the spreadsheet, but I don’t see any option to “create a duplicate by clicking on the navigation option ‘file’ and then ‘make a copy'” as you mentioned in the article.

    I’m on Chrome, signed in to Google Docs, but don’t see the customary nav options. Would be grateful for any help.

  48. Once again, it looks so easy. And, with you on the roads, it must be easy. Still, so difficult to replicate on other blogs.

  49. If you intend to white label fish oil, shouldn’t there be fish oil articles published in regular intervals in anticipation of your offering?

    One reason why you may have had difficulty white labeling a fish oil product is regulatory hassle. Instead of white labeling a fish oil product, have you considered endorsing a product of someone else like an affiliate for a commission?

    • Yes and there will be more articles in the future on it.

      Thanks for the heads up. Yes we are looking to do an affiliate deal, but we want to control the design/labeling of the product.

  50. Hi Neil

    Fantastic Article! I am impressed how you are traffic with google. This really helps me understand organic traffic. So I will be implementing this for my blog. Still struggling with content and being patient 🙂 and finding what people really want to read. Much Success

  51. Love your Blog Neil, so informative! I tell all my Startup clients to read this blog religiously. I wish we could clone you and put you to work for us at Dating Headshots. Looking at the spreadsheet I saw the section on Competitive content audit which you did not mention in your blog. I would think this is VERY important. Why did you skip this section?

    • Gordon it is very important I just didn’t have enough space to discuss everything in detail — I’ll get into it in a later post.

  52. I wonder why you don’t use a post rating plugin. I guess you know that the ratings will show up in the SERPs and make your result bigger and ideally increase the CTR. So why did you decide against it?

  53. hi neil ,

    Congratulation for such amazing growth and thanks for such excel file. Your blog is really
    helpful for blogger like me. Neil here I want advice from you about my blog like generally I post some jokes and funny images but not articles then how can I manages keywords etc. And does it make sense to continues such kind of blog. Adsense ads are running on my site and I have planned to sell some jokes books and fact books from my blog.

    • Diwaker, as long as you are getting sustained traffic and you have a monetization strategy in place keep it up. I think you’re onto something.

  54. The idea with Amazon is awesome. I feel dumb for not thinking of it. Let me get this straight to make sure I understand though… You’ll find a fish oil manufacturer that you like and get them to make your own custom labels for you, and you’ll sell it on eBay and have them ship it themselves? Kind of like produce on demand? Am I getting this right? This update is where I stay getting more interested… I own a travel and scuba blog. It already have about 130k visits a month and a good social following. But it’s not monetized at all. I need to find my own dive product that I can put my brand name on and sell? Seems like an awesome idea if I’m understandin right. I’m just at te stages of needing to monetize.

    • Yep you pretty much got it right. It’s like white labeling a product and only paying every time you receive a sale.

  55. What’s your opinion on using PLR for content writing and Mike to utilize.

  56. Michael Kawula :

    This is amazing growth in such a small amount of time and I’m sure once you find a solution for the Fish Oil vitamins monetization will spike.

    In my previous Drop Shipping businesses I always found it easier to attend tradeshows and/or conferences to find suppliers or contacting manufacture reps who get compensated on the sale side and will sometimes help push you through. Good luck and look forward to next months report.

  57. I have been looking for inspiration for a little more than a couple of days, and the content marketing spreadsheet is what just made my day, Just downloaded it and bookmarked this page for later referral.
    thanks Neil

  58. Following Neil’s example, I have finally taken a bold step to start my own challenge. I have determined to build a blog with a more modest goal of making $10,000 per month. (because I don’t want to compare myself with Neil). The blog focuses on Windows 10, and I hope to begin to give updates on my progress as time goes on

  59. Neil, thanks for being so forthcoming with your thoughts and strategies. In your previous report, you hinted that you might share more about your thought process in choosing products to target at Amazon. At that time, you said this, “From doing some searches on Google trends, using Google’s traffic estimator for keyword research, and browsing Amazon, I was able to figure out that product categories listed below are popular but aren’t very competitive:”

    Are you willing to share anymore? I’m taking it you looked for trends and traffic estimates in your category. How did you determine competitiveness at Amazon? Were you looking for categories with few highly rated products?

    Thanks for all that you’re sharing and anything you’re willing to add.

  60. Hi Neil,

    First of all: Well done. It is really an interesting (to me even entertaining) journey to see you work your way from scratch with the blog.

    Just one quick question though… Since you talk about SEO, and the fact that SEO will probably – like all other sites – be generating an essential part of your traffic, when are you going to give the blog the final onsite optimisation? Is there a reason you are waiting (timing wise), or is it because it simply doesn’t matter much until you have gained more authority from links & content?

    I am no onsite-guru, but I am simply asking because I noticed some odds things – such as multiple tags on pages, missing (or very short) META descriptions, empty heading tags etc. Not that I am discrediting anything, but I am simply just a bit curious as to whether these things matter as much as others say, or if there is a reason you haven’t gone into detail with the onsite optimisation yet.

    Keep up the good work! I am really looking forward to the next post. 🙂

    • It doesn’t matter that much from an onpage optimization stand point. It’s easier to focus on content generation and link building. The ROI on those efforts are way better.

      Eventually we will fix them though, just need to give it a few months.

  61. Re: Jeff | Unrealistic

    A negative energy is a virus. What we need is a positive energy.

    Even if do not clock 100k, i am sure with Neil’s model and steps you can make this a sustainable office.
    Sincerely help people, (better if its your passion) and they will be loyal to you and buy whatever you recommend.

    Yes Neil: 100K is realistic and i’m in.


  62. Gjivan Shrestha :

    Hmmm, long enough to read but interesting article. Thankx for this post Neil. I just gone through your site and did a basic analysis of it. Well, the theme and voice is very exact and intact to the point which this niche market wants. The domain is quite old 15+ years which i think will also play an important role in SEO perspective.
    Keep us updated about the improvements on this project which is really inspiring for new bloggers and internet marketers!!

  63. Hi Neil, Congrats for the Progress. Thanks for sharing Louder Online’s Content marketing Blueprint. It is solid and informative.

  64. Hey Neil, nice post!

    Inspired by you we started a blog on weight loss – a very crowded and competitive niche ( We are pushing some exciting content but the progress seems to be real slow as of now as I have not done any link building etc. Does not seem like my forte 🙁 .Hope to do that soon based on your suggestions.


  65. Great post Neil!

    Love that you’re so open about what you’ve been doing and sharing resources for everyone else to learn and get better.

    You focused a lot on content on this post. I was wondering if you could share what link building strategies you and Mike have been doing?

    Would really be interested in learning about those.


  66. I would like to ask about the links from sites like, and Did you get them naturally or did you reach the authors? Thanks.

  67. Theodore Nwangene :

    This is so cool Neil,
    You’re really making a very tremendous move with that site and I’m indeed impressed. Over 40k visitors a month for a 5 months old site is really not a child play.

    Good luck sir.

    Thanks a lot for this useful tool, it will indeed be very handy.

  68. Thanks for the heads up about the Louder Online tool Neil. That Quora scraper tool is something that’ll help myself and others massively – the tool I never knew existed, and never realised how much I needed!

    I love how laser-focused you are with these things; rather than hitting up as many avenues of revenue possible, you’ve concentrated on white-labelling a product you know sells. I’d be interested to hear what research went into identifying that one and what other strategies you binned.

    Anyways, looking forward to the Sept update,

  69. Awesome work Sir, i am learning lot of things from your bolg, You write very amazing and informational blogs. Thanks for sharing this.

  70. Hai Neil,
    Its My First comment here, i would like to share my experience with you, in august, my blog earned 49.5K views, that is only because of one post.
    i’ve posted whatsapp dare message collection 2015(, and am top on google search, now in one day am getting 2000+ views.
    But the problem i’m facing is , my adsense revenue is very low.(0.08 to 0.3$ per day). am running my blog with google blogger and can you suggest me a way to overcome this situation???
    Please take a look at my blog here

  71. Steven van der Peijl :

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you very much for the document, what a great resource.. However the link you used points to the ‘view html’ version so you can’t save it

    If anybody has trouble saving the doc to their account for editing use this link:

    Also @Neil & team
    This ‘speak your mind’ comment form doesn’t work in latest IE version (looks like a CSS issue), you might wanna check that out.

  72. Neil,

    The spreadsheet from Louder Online is exactly what I’ve been wanting. I’ve always wondered how to scrape information from the web regarding my niche. I knew there must be an app or something that would make it simple to do so and generate content ideas, but didn’t get the chance to look for one yet. I also assumed they would be pretty expensive. You’ve saved me the time. Thanks! 😀


  73. Great post Neil!

    Just curious, was the increase in traffic due to the increase in the website’s content? Is there more traffic to the old content or the newer ones?

    If a new blogger has limited time, which would you say is more important, outreach for existing content or creation of new ones?

  74. Hey guys,

    Has anyone been able to get the research tools in the excel sheet to work?
    I tried changing the topic in the pink box but it crashed by excel
    On other tries, nothing happened… the data didn’t change.

    Hope someone can help.


  75. Hi Neil,

    This is the first time you see me to comment on your post but I am a long time reader of your blog. Your challenge to 100000 visitor per month in very competitive niche is very inspiring. I created in 2012 and after posting few article I really lost even though I have little bit experience in this field. After getting inspired by your challenge I have started to update my blog again. Thanks!


    • Dominic, glad I could provide that motivation — keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  76. Hallo Neil,
    really interesting post as always.
    I tried to use the spreadsheet you provided but it seems the Quora tool doesn’t work.
    Let me know if it just my problem or there is a way to correct the error since the tool is very valuable.


  77. The part about being impatient and doing SEO resonated with me. I feel like challenging the status quo of “seo takes a long time” every day.

    I’ve been following your posts for some time now, and I never grow tired of them, because there always seems to be SOMETHING i can take away from every post!

    Keep it up Neil…

  78. Nice post, will take a good look at the spreadsheet and see what I can use for my own website which I’m revamping.

  79. Hey Neil,

    Great stuff. You’re using plenty of images in every post – where do you get them from and how much does one image set per post cost on average?

  80. Neetesh Sharma :

    Hello Sir!

    I am a SEO professional in a private company. I have read your most of the Blog Posts.

    Aug was the month of Google Panda Update and it’s really hard to survive in the season of update in front of competitors.

    I am currently working on many projects. I want to know the answer of one question from you.

    How many posts should be required in one month to be inserted into my Blog to improve Organic Traffic from Google? It will be helpful me to increase my Organic Traffic during update as well as normal days.


    • Neetesh, there isn’t a specific number — just make sure you are providing value and doing the right things when it comes to content promotion.

  81. Hi Neill. I am really impressed about the way you provide us with high quality information and how you grow your business day by day. I would like to follow your path but I am short on money. It’s kind of hard to make money without spending money so I decided I will go for fiverr to make some start-up money. Do you think this is a good idea? I made a gig about article writing:

    I think this is really a great offer but noone bought my gig yet. Do you have any tips about making money on Fiverr?
    Best Regards, Paul.

    • Paul, I don’t really use fiverr because of the number of scams on there. I am sure you’ll do well if you avoid spammy optimization strategies.

  82. Hi Neil
    i still see that has a big hand in this traffic process and top referring sites.
    You still using quicksprout to give nutritionsecrets exposure.

  83. Hey Neil – can you quickly summarise what steps you take to obtain the contextual links? is it essentially reaching out to other blogs that talk about a similar topic and see if they can add a link to an existing blog?

    This is highly motivating mate!

    • Neil, just write with context and don’t focus too much on actual linking — your best writing and content comes out when you do that.

  84. Hi Neil, another great post. What price point is your nutrition course likely to be? Any idea on typical subscriber to webinar attendee? I think you quoted 1% of webinar attendees to course purchase, does that include re-targeting?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance, David.

  85. I have been following this challenge from the beginning and I think that you are a great expert! Seriously, I tried to follow the same steps even if I am not as good as you (for example I do try to write long content, but I am still unable to do it in a daily basis like you). I am grateful to you because we are learning a lot through this challenge.

    I just can’t wait to see how you proceed step by step for the Amazon plan you are going to do.(The while labeling process).

    Also, you said you find a Fish Oil product. Are you going to give us also details of how to find products to white label next month?

    Thank you a lot Neil, and keep the great work !

  86. I just couldn’t imagine to write a couple of pieces of well crafted posts a day.

    I did some good advances on one of my blogs by writing 3 times a week and ended up burned out, I guess my over-demanding day job is somewhat responsible when one finally lands home ready to drop the work boots and finding it hard to focus on working more.

    Great story and update Neil, I’ll keep tuned.


  87. Really like it

  88. Thanks a lot Neil. It was so wonderful and energetic read. I accept the challenge for our website for this August.

    Wish us best of luck.

  89. Hey Neil,

    thanks for sharing your now no-so-secret sauce. Good planning templates are always helpful.



  90. Reading this post has completely motivated me to update most of my projects. $100,000 challenge is a great goal and it sounds impossible for me to achieve. Thus, I’ll definitely be following your progress on this interesting project of yours.

  91. Good going, Neil. You have made significant progress!

    I launched a business news website ( ) a couple of months ago. So far we have been driving traffic to our website by promoting individual posts on Facebook.

    I’m a bit confused as to whether I should focus on building a large fan base on social media or keep promoting individual posts to drive traffic to the site. What would you say? Any help is highly appreciated.


  92. Neil 🙂 thanks again for all those good tips, tools & ideas.

    I got 1 question and it’s regarding the Google Drive file. How do you set up the research tool to import data from Reddit, Quora ect…?

    Thanks in advance

  93. Hello Neil excellent post look forward to these every month learning more and more every day. My only concern with my website it that i am receiving around 3-5000 visitors a month but i can’t seem to break this barrier website is, any ideas?

    Thanks Dan

  94. Hey Neil,

    Glad to hear things are coming along for your site.

    If you would like, I could share my product launch strategy with you for selling on Amazon. I’ve been working on systematizing it out, but could be helpful for your white-labeled supplement.

    It’s designed to get a good number of initial reviews (50-100), a boost in organic traffic, and a good start on Amazon Sponsored Ads. If this is your first time selling on Amazon, it could be useful.



    • Casey, sure — would love to hear it.

      • Hey Neil,

        Sorry, must of missed the notification of the reply to this.

        It’s all saved in SOP’s in Google Docs, so if you’d like me to share it, just send me an email and I’ll share it with you.



  95. Neil, loved the detail you put in here. Thanks for providing your strategy template too.

    Do you think you might talk about your manual outreach process?


  96. Keep up the good work Neil. It is awesome to watch it unfold before your eyes.

    I always saw successful people like yourself talk about how they got massive success from when they were a small blog, but not a lot of people talk about the beginnings of a blog like how to get traffic in the first place.

    Thanks for the content sheet by the way! Good resource. I use something similar to this but it is broken up into a bunch of other documents. Will have to start using this. Seems a lot easier.


  97. Neil, most supplement suppliers don’t like the drop-shipping relationship, so they profit a lot out of it from you. That’s probably why you’re saying your profit there is small.

    You can have bigger margins if you private-label and stock your own inventory on Amazon FBA. Then ask everyone to buy on Amazon instead on your website.

    I understand it takes money to stack inventory at Amazon warehouses and probably you’re trying to avoid this route by doing this as low cost as possible.

    But what you can do is start low cost the way you’re planning, take all your profits, invest all back into inventory for future orders and stop the drop-shipping relationship with the supplier (most of them don’t like that, so they profit a lot out of it).

    Keep up the great work! Congrats and thank you for this challenge!


    • Leonardo, great tips.

      I am taking a lot of things into consideration — cost being a big factor that comes into play. As you know I am big on ROI and staying lean so I am thinking of the best way possible to promote the supplement.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  98. Hi Neil,

    I really like how you are moving toward your goal of having 100,000 visitors on NS and overall progress on the website. I have been following this from very beginning.

    I also have a website and I have ~100,000 visitors and 60% of them come from search engines but Adsense is not making enough money (~$300).

    Can you suggest couple of options (except from Adsense) to monetize this website better. It’s really killing me.

    • Have you tried out ad networks? I know a ton of people who making a killing from Rev Content. Their payouts are flexible if you call them and negotiate a higher rate.

  99. Amazing Post Neil! Enormous advancement in such a brief time frame. Congrats!

    Your posts are genuinely inspirational, motivating and an abundance of learning , that I’m presently all set to take the dive, and begin my blog.

    I additionally love your structured approach – strategy template. Request a little clarity on the ‘Competitive Content Audit Sheet’. It’s about capturing Keyword #1,2 &3. I understand, about noting the main competitor keyword and analysis, however, not sure the purpose of keyword column #2 & 3.

    • Pearl, glad you find the posts helpful. I think having a structured approach is key — you really need to find ways to provide ultimate value. What specifically are you having issues/questions with on columns #2 & 3?

  100. Appreciate your kind gesture Neil. I’m wondering how to use the ‘‘Competitive Content Audit Sheet’. Keyword #1 (B15): I understand, is about the main keyword of the competitor post, and then going on to the other column’s capturing its FB likes, shares

    Keyword # 2 & 3 (B22 & 29): is this about capturing additional keywords of the same competitor post? Or does Keyword # 1,2 & 3 stand for three different competitor’s main keywords?

    Neil, please excuse my raw question, just trying to get the analysis right.

    • It can be either one. It’s however you want to set it up. I usually just put in main keywords in each of them for the same competitor.

  101. Don’t give up! continue with the work!

  102. Neil you will achieve it for sure 🙂 n keep enlightening us

  103. I just bookmarked this blog, for my planning December strategy. I think there is no improvement in my current strategy

    Thanks Neil

  104. Alicia Vikander :

    Awesome work Neil

    I’m following you since long and trying to implement your strategy and guide that you shared on your site.

  105. looks overwhelming for a newbie like me, posting 2 articles a day for instance is impossible for a one man operation blog. But the techniques mentioned is worth emulating.

  106. Thanks very much Neil sir, You are an inspiration to many online marketers like me.Presently I am making 100$ a day from Adsense and Learned a lot from ur articles and videos.

  107. Hey Neil!

    What plugin are you using for push notifications?

  108. Umair Qureshi :

    This is just another amazing post Neil! Thanks so much.

  109. Hello Neil !

    How do you pull content ideas from Quora,Reddit,Google News etc?

    Did you build the tool yourself or are there online services that do the same ?

  110. Hey Neil,
    I’m a huge fan of your content, and I always keep Evernote and Notepad open when I read your posts so that I can continue to compile a massive brain database of digital marketing knowledge.
    I have a complaint/question. Whenever you link out to something from your post, it always opens in the same window. Is there any reason that you don’t open a new page in a new window for link clicks? It’s just a drag opening your blog post, finding a link to something cool, and then having to make the choice between staying here or checking out the other, clicking [Back] a bunch of times like I just did with the spreadsheet marketing strategy.

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