The $100,000 Challenge: July Update


I just wrapped up the fourth month of the $100,000 a month challenge. In July, received a total of 26,370 visitors, 6,931 of which came from search engine traffic.

Although the overall traffic has dipped from 33,562 visitors in June, the site is still progressing in a positive way.

Here’s what happened in the month of July, and here is how I am going to start making money from the blog… 

Search traffic is up

The overall rankings for are up. We now rank for over 100 keywords in the top 20 positions in Google according to the data from Search Console.

In June, we received 3,675 search engine visitors. In July, this number increased by 93%. In the following few months, you should see this number climbing faster and faster. It’s because Mike has been doing manual outreach to grow the link count as well as publishing more content.

During July, he published one blog post a day—every day. As the links continually roll in from manual outreach, you’ll see the rankings for all of these content pieces increase.

I also tried to get Mike to write two blog posts a day, but I haven’t been successful as he hasn’t had enough time to pull it off. My goal was to get Mike to blog more frequently in July so we would have a backlog of content for August and hit the 2-a-day mark.

We may be able to do this during the month of September as he shifts his focus from link building to content creation, but we will find out in due time.

The overall search impressions are up as well. As that continually rises, you should start seeing the search traffic climbing at a much faster pace.


Traffic isn’t growing as fast as I would like it to so I will have to think outside the box to generate income.

The first revenue channel concept I came up with is to try to white-label existing supplement products.

If you had a tangible product, wouldn’t you kill to have your product in Walmart? Well, why wouldn’t you kill to have your product listed on Amazon? Amazon is still in its infancy, and it’s bigger than Walmart from a worth/financial perspective.

I am planning on leveraging the NutritionSecrets community to help drive reviews. We know that once a product hits 400 to 500 solid reviews, it becomes easy to generate $70,000 to $150,000 a month in revenue, assuming you are picking products in a popular vertical.

From doing some searches on Google trends, using Google’s traffic estimator for keyword research, and browsing Amazon, I was able to figure out that product categories listed below are popular but aren’t very competitive:

  • CLA (weight loss product)
  • Ubiquinol
  • Vitamin D3
  • Probiotic
  • Biotin
  • Omega
  • Turmeric
  • 5-HTP
  • Colon care/cleanse
  • Fish oil
  • Psyllium husk caps
  • Glucosamine
  • Caffeine

Hopefully, I can find a great product to white-label. The key with Amazon is to make sure you invest heavily in a good product (or finding a good product to white-label) as products that have over 500 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars tend to generate a lot of sales.


The blog is generating a steady stream of comments. If you go there, you’ll notice that there are some posts that aren’t getting comments now, while in July every post received a comment, at least from what I can tell.

Why is this happening?

With blogging, comments are typically generated by email subscribers. And we haven’t been doing a good job of collecting emails. So what Mike did was browse the web and look for popular nutrition-related e-books that are selling like hotcakes on sites such as Clickbank.

Our plan is to release a popular e-book—that competitors are selling—free. This should help bring more industry-related traffic and emails, which will help future posts when it comes to generating comments.


As time goes on, you should see an update on traffic, but hopefully I will have updates on the Amazon process for you by next month’s update.

Overall, the traffic isn’t growing as fast as I want as Mike is having a hard time coming up with attractive headlines. I will have to help him craft better headlines that generate more clicks, and that should help the traffic.

Expenses update: expenses in July went up by $29 because of Aweber. So, the total now is $2,918.74 dollars.

What do you think about the progress so far?


  1. This blog is down from 2 days.But good to see you’re blog is generating good Income in less traffic would like to do same with my blog
    Let’s see how far I go with affiliate. 🙂

    • Deepak, can you clarify what you mean by the blog is down for 2 days?

      Looking forward to your progress. Keep me posted.

  2. I’d love to hear more about how you find a great white label supplement to market. I’m in the brain health niche and there are a ton of CRAP supplements most of which I would be ashamed to promote on my site.

    You are a tough boss, Neil, asking Mike to write 2 post per day! I’m not sure if that’s humanly possible — it sure wouldn’t be for me!

    • Deane, stay tuned and I’ll share my strategies in the next post.

      As for Mike — he is self motivated and works just as hard as me luckily 😉

    • Check out for supplement white lable and drop ship options. Tony is one of the best.

  3. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    It’s great to read this. Thanks for mentioning things like 100 keywords and link improvements. Any normal person would think that a drop in traffic means the month was bad and nothing else.

    I wouldn’t say I’m “keeping up”, as Mike is posting SO much, but in my 2 months so far, I’ve been posting twice a week, one post and one infographic that I design through Canva myself, and the results are good. Traffic went from 7K to 18K, with a 4K to 10K Viewer improvement!

    A lot of it has to do with guest blogging and having a big FB page share 2 of my articles, but it’s going better than I thought.

    My list is at 506 subscribers too! 🙂

    Please keep it up cause it helps me tons!

    • Eduardo, sounds like you are on the right track. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself — keep up the great work and keep me posted on progress!

  4. Wish you best of luck. Thanks for update. Looking forward to more updates.

  5. It was so interesting to read this series of blogs. Nice work and thanks for sharing everything in such a great detail.

  6. Hey Neil,

    This is a fun undertaking to watch you tackle. Best of luck with the project.


  7. Xavier Major :

    I am working on a challenge of my own to grow my email list to 100,000. I prefer to create video content for my blog, how should I take advantage of SEO if my post don’t have high work counts as it’s usually a summary for the video with some key details?

    • Xavier, you can always transcribe what is in the video and use that as text — I did that for a while.

  8. Hey Neil,

    Just want to ask you, I used to read your blog by normal internet browser and now after using, I seldom visit your blog but reading directly from Feedly. Its good for branding however what about your website traffic? does by reading on Feedly affecting your traffic. Will Feedly give your more value for your or not.


    • Indera, it still counts as traffic when people read my stuff via feedly 🙂

      Thanks for the great question.

  9. Best Mobiles :

    Neil sir..i gets over 200,000+ pageviews per month but i earn less income from adsense.. i dont use affiliate because they dont give me good money.

    Now tell me what to do for more conversions?

    Plzz reply thanks a lot.

    • Have you thought about selling your own products? I don’t really know what industry you are in so its a bit tough.

  10. Hey Neil,

    You said in this article that you want release a popular e-book (that competitors are selling) for free. Do you mean you want to create an e-book on a popular subject and hope it drives additional traffic OR publish an already existent e-book that costs money for free? Because the latter most definitely sounds like copyright infringement. Just want to clarify this so that people don’t get the wrong idea – like taking something someone is selling and republish it for free.

    Good luck and looking forward to read about your progress!

    • I would like clarification of this as well..and also a breakdown of the expenses would be nice too.

    • I am going to publish a popular topic that people are willing to pay for for free. So if you sold a SEO ebook and everyone paid for it and loved it, I would then take that ebook, create a better version, and release it for free.

      • Just to clarify because I suspect some will still get the wrong idea….

        You cannot “take that ebook, create a better version, and release it.” What you’ve just described is a derivative work. It’s still copyright infringement. Only the copyright holder has the authority to create or approve the creation of a derivative work.

        You can identify a hot niche topic and create an ebook that’s entirely your own. You can’t rewrite or reword someone else’s. And you can’t create what could be a new “version” or adaptation of someone else’s without the owner’s permission.

        Given that content is such a big part of your business, I sincerely hope you know this already and just communicated your plan poorly. I’d hate to see your readers end up in hot water because they think that form of content theft is OK.

  11. Josue Valles :

    Hey Neil, you’re very smart. The idea of using Amazon is great. Looking forward to seeing how much money you make.

    Have a nice day!

  12. Why do you think comments are important for this nutrition site?

  13. Great work Neil.

    Maybe traffic and comments are dipping for want of more engaging content. Something more on the lines of the ‘what to do when you have a hangover post’. Maybe people are looking for information which can help them right now, like your QS and personal site blog posts.

    Of course, you are the expert and have definitely researched far more than I can imagine. Just weighing in with my 2¢.

    • Vishal, that’s a good assumption. I also think it takes time to get a lot of comments. It took me years for QS. I think time will tell.

  14. Alex Whitfield :

    Have you thought about any other avenues for revenue?

    I didn’t expect you to turn to white labeling, was kind of expecting revenue to fully come from the site, whether it’s advertising, or an ebook or creating an ecommerce site on itself, rather than effectively building up a brand and turning to Amazon for sales where traffic is guaranteed?

    Either way good luck, still a bloody hard task! Albeit a little easier now?

    • Alex, I wouldn’t say it’s easier — it’s still a challenge and gamble. I haven’t thought of any other valid avenues at this point — if something comes up I’ll keep you posted.

      • Alex Whitfield :

        I completely agree it’s still a hell of a challenge. I really want you / Mike to succeed in reaching the final goal.

        I’ve been looking to test white labeling for a while. A friend of mine is currently enjoying great success from it, and extremely good figures, from a single product. Hopefully when you set it up, a step by step might appear on this blog? 😀

        Best of luck!

  15. Hi Neil
    It’s great you are so clear in your steps we can learn a lot but do you think the same amount of traffic can be generate in the same niche but in different language site because I have site I can say I am following your steps in building the site but in Italian language the site has couple of months and able to generate a 2000 visitors but I can’t post daily as I work a day your opinion

  16. Less than 3k after four months? I’d call that disappointing. I make more than that in affiliate sales off a fresh site in a month. Why would you bother white labeling someone’s supplements. Surely pushing some sort of information product would be a far more straightforward way to go

  17. Hi Neil,

    just left a comment on your “June update” today, said that I can’t wait for the update, then I received your email for this “July update”, LOL.

    Just a quick question regarding email outreach:

    Since Mike is doing email outreach manually, is him outreaching to the same bloggers over and over again? Would that be annoying to some bloggers and hence lower down the response rate?


    Does Mike group different bloggers into categories and reaching out to one group at a time?

    Thanks for your expert thought 🙂

    P.S: Keep up the good job, Neil!

  18. Sandeep Kumar :

    Respected Neil Ji,
    First of all I would Like to congratulate you for your earning and traffic.

    I have started to read your blog from post one posted on 16th April 2007
    Name was ” 5 Ways to Increase Your Fame”.

    I am reading your blog from post 1 and this was started in april 2015.
    Now I am on page 75 and that was on page 136.
    I like it and Implementing it on my blog.

    Thanks Neil Bro.

  19. Thanks for posting this update, Neil.

    It’s like following a journey and receiving regular postcards from interesting stop-overs.

    I admire both Mike and yourself for being so dedicated – I shall keep an eye on Mike’s picture. Please don’t let me see him wasting away through work exhaustion or rebelling and stoking up on junk food.

    Although I have altered my direction and am focusing on fiction writing, I am finding this whole adventure most absorbing. Thank you again and please accept my wishes for much success.

    • Zarayna, thanks for being one of our biggest supporters. I always see you in the comment section of NS. It’s much appreciated 🙂

  20. Joshua Myers :

    Neil, Thanks for continuing to share regular updates on the new nutrition blog. It’s a very smart strategy to make your way on Amazon FBA with a private label product! It’s something I aspire to do once I’ve built up some capital through my fitness nutrition site, which just launched a couple of months ago, which also helps fund the cost of training and travel for my competitions as a Paralympic athlete in training! Keep up the inspiring work, my friend! – JM

    • JM, I am sure you’ll get there sooner than you think. Thanks for the support and I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  21. Neil,

    Thanks again for the update. I always look forward to reading them as I am particularly interested in following this challenge.

    Is it a better strategy to focus on traffic first and then develop a product to generate income from or have a product first and then develop traffic?

    I ask because it seems to me that it would be harder to capture emails w/o a great lead magnet.


    • Dade, honestly you can do it either way so long as you have a cohesive plan. It’s all about being able to get things started asap when the time is ripe.

  22. Thanks for the update, Neil.
    I’m trying to keep up with your techniques but posting once a week at the moment so progress isn’t as quick as I’d like.
    Pageviews are up 14.18%
    Pages / Session are up 15.32%
    Avg. Session Duration up to 558.65%
    Keep going – you’re spurring me on!

  23. Hi Neil

    Thanks for this awesome series – I am following and learning from it in a huge way. You launched this project just a short while after I launched my business, which is a weight-loss system for overweight women. ( so a very similar industry as you.

    The key thing that I have learnt and have also struggled with, was putting out regular content diligently. And because my content also involves videos for YouTube, it takes a lot of time and preparation to do a video as well as the related blog post and promotion. I forced myself to schedule the time to produce three valuable pieces of content each week and that is starting to work and pay off.

    It is super tough to get traction in the beginning, so watching you slowly go through the same growing pains is comforting and inspires me to keep at it.

    Thanks again.

    • Paolo,
      Glad we are working on the same project concurrently. I am sure you are going to see great success. Just have patience and the success will follow. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  24. Jade Campbell :

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you so much for your transparency, and most importantly to allow this site growth to be indicative of the normal, the ups and the downs a person may expect when starting a site in a new niche.

    Allowing others to follow in your footsteps without being overwhelmed or blinded by your brilliance.. excellent teaching process.

    With my utmost respect,

    Jade Campbell

    • Jade, I think transparency is key. I want to help others along on their journey and that’s the best way I can do so!

  25. Natural Exclusive :

    Hi Neil,

    We are trying to follow in your footsteps but are also finding posting regularly a challenge as well as ensuring each article has great pictures and over 2,000 words.

    On the revenue and email side that is the plan as well to generate most of the income from selling a related product and getting emails from a free e-book, guide or info-graphic. We have paused our FB ads campaign for now until we get enough content to begin the big push for email and of our e-book.

    Have you considered creating a video course like some areas of Quicksprout?


    Natural Exclusive

    • I definitely think you should have content before you try any paid promotions. Unique content that resonates with your community is best.

  26. Hi Neil,

    The site is going good I presume. But my question is, by just promoting Amazon products will be able to reach your target. ? Why don’t you start Ads like Google Adsense, etc.. which can make you good as the CPC for nutrition keyword is high. And then you can invest that money in your marketing stuff for that site. Isn’t that a good idea ? If no then why please tell 🙂 Bdw What other things you’re going to do to monetize your site. Also I see you made all your quicksprout U videos available for free .. I mean just why ?

  27. Neil – What about the expense of Mike / your time? How much time is he devoting to this per day?

  28. Great Update! I love how you plan to white label your own weight product. I recently read it’s better to promote your own product than become an affiliate. Because If you an affiliate you pretty much hurting your brand.


  29. Hi Neil, and thank you for the update. I always look forward to your next chapter!

    I have a few questions, if you don’t mind:

    – Mike has a new post every day (and you even want him to increase the number of posts to 2 a day!): but how can he promote them to your email subscribers? Even with one post a day you cannot write daily to your subscribers, or would you? And if he’s got so much content, how can he manually build links? Could you expand a bit more on the subject?

    – on Facebook Mike basically just shares a link to his new post every day. I think you said (somewhere) that on social media you should have a combination of useful content and your own content (something like 80-20, 70-30, etc.). Is it a problem of time available, or are you following a different strategy?

    – a couple of months ago you said that the bounce rate was too high (about 77%) and you were trying to reduce it: has that worked?

    Thank you very much once again for your useful tips.

    • 1. He writes a daily email. He would have to combine both posts into 1 daily email.

      2. He hasn’t had as much time due to link building, so he has only been writing 1 post a day.

      3. He doesn’t have much time, hence we aren’t doing well on Facebook.

      4. We are by improving load time, creating higher quality content, using better images, etc.

      • Thank you Neil.

        1) I thought that receiving 1 email per day was too much, but probably for loyal subscribers it is not.

        2) For link building is he following the strategy you described in this post, or can you suggest other posts of yours that could tell us more about his link building technique?

        3-4) Ok

        It’s amazing how you can always find the time to answer to all our queries, and I really appreciate your effort.

        Best wishes,

        • Hi Neil,

          scrolling the other answers I’ve probably found the answer to 2):


        • Filippo, thanks for sharing. If you look through the archive or type in quicksprout + link building you should come across a lot of articles via google search.

  30. Every month someone asks you where did the 100k Facebook likes come from.

    Everymonth you say I will explain in the next update.

    Every month there is no explanation.

    Where did the 100k Facebook likes come from?

  31. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and also being honest with us @Neil. I must say though the traffic might seem slow, it’s quit a great progress and am sure as time goes by, it’s surely going to increase. Currently the only issue am concerned with is trying to get more people from my country to visit my blog (

    What am doing now is writing content that will be relevant to them and i hope by October, i should rank better in my country (Ghana).

  32. What additional actions are you taking to optimize the blog posts? Headlines? PPC? RePosting on other blogs?

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Hi Neil,
    great post.

    My question is: what are the technicalities of giving away a free ebook from clickbank? “Our plan is to release a popular e-book—that competitors are selling—free” – as in, you buy it once and make it available for free, gated?

  34. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for the updates and great to see that you have had 60k visitors in just two months.

    I would die for that many. 🙁

    The thing that really concerns me about that is the small amount of revenue that you have received from it.

    Do you see that you need to increase that visitor count significantly higher to reach your $100k target or is it that you do not have a significant product as yet?

    Can someone make that $100k level of income with just affiliate advertising, or do they really need their own product – as in white label, eBook, courses, public engagements, etc?

    Is there any sort of “success formula” on this or is it still really just trial and error?

    I also saw Amazon as a good opportunity, but as soon as they found out that I have a membership site, they did not want to know me. – I could not even use their affiliate adverts on my public pages – let alone my member pages.

    So I would really love some input on the best ways of converting your site traffic to passive income – or is there really no such thing any more?

    Thank kindly
    – Neil

    BTW – I must be in a bad and grumpy mood lately (so sorry), but for what it is worth I really don’t like your full page Facebook request that comes up when you scroll down on this site.

    I tried this comment a couple of times and lost it due to that page coming up when I was trying to scroll down to add more.

    I have always loved your sites, but that is starting to decrease the user friendliness and positive experience.

    • 1. Will work on fixing the Facebook thing.

      2. Yes it won’t be possible to hit 100k with these traffic numbers, that is why I am looking at Amazon. Our numbers aren’t bing enough yet and the growth rate is too slow.

      • Hey Neil,

        From your previous posts you’ve mentioned there’s a difference between B2B and B2C in terms of traffic requirements to generate a fair income. How much traffic would you recommend for B2B in a tech niche?

  35. Hi Neil,

    Sorry to bother you with all these noob questions, but what is ‘white-labelling’?


  36. Hi Neil. I can’t remember which one of your brilliant SEO articles brought me to your site a few months ago, and caused me to take the rare step of giving my email. But I’m glad I did.

    I’ve been building my blog and website for a couple of years now. I probably spent way too much time diverted by social media, sans creating new blog content. Now I’m headed in a better direction.

    I’m not selling a product but still enjoy learning from your experiences. Heck, maybe you will convince me to switch from selling my service to a product when I hopefully retire early. 🙂

    Great work on everything!

    • Tina, thanks for all the support. Looking forward to hearing much more from you. Let me know if you need anything else.

  37. Hi Neil,

    My best wishes to you.

    Thanks & regards

    Sunil Suri

  38. Tomek Jordan :

    Neil, Your email subscription form is broken.
    I visited your site month ago, and its still not working… probaly you lost a lot of subscribers…..

    Best Regards

  39. Hi Neil

    Awesome update as always…
    And the insight on how much reviews you need on amazon to generate X$ amount is KILLER

    However, I’m trying everything you said in your previous post about generating traffic from my facebook page, and I’m having a lot of difficulties to have any interections…

    I bought cheap followers, then bought followers from USA
    I share popular articles everyday
    but it just seem like people do not like, and my reaching is still low.
    Can you check and tell me if you see a big stupid error that I didn’t spot…

    thank you again for your advice

    • Daath, nothing looks that bad. I think engagement can be a lot better based on your follower count — I would just start creating great content and see where that takes you.

  40. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for all the useful posts!

    What do you recommend as the ideal lengthe for a free ebook vs an ebook you charge people for?


  41. whenever i read your any of the articles, i get soo much relevant information, it always helps me to get huge and massive good results.

  42. Good luck Neil!

    We’ve been following along on the challenge since you announced and we have created a lot of content for our law firm website.

    While our Search Console says we rank for 350 keywords in the top 20 results, we have less organic traffic than you do–Do you think that is most likely because more people search for nutrition-related topics than you think search for legal topics?

    Thanks for these posts–it’s fun to share the journey with someone 😉

  43. May i know more details about the outreach process Mike has done? How he did it? Thanks

  44. Interesting progress, would be nice to know how many came from

    Also, do you wish to increase the money on advertisements with time or no?

  45. Thank you for your transparency, sir! I learn more from your free blog posts than I do from 99% of paid products!

    One question – what is the ebook you’re giving away that others are selling? How are you doing that? Is it a PLR book?

    These may help with the headlines:

  46. I’ve been following this project since you began. I really didn’t believe it was going to work at first, but it’s amazing that you’re making it happen. It’s inspiring. I’ve decided to give this a try as well. Is the cost of purchasing a premium domain with high PR worth it, over starting a new domain and building?

    Also, how do you find domain names that are for sale? Are you using Flippa/Sedo, or is there some other guerrilla tactic for finding domains for sale that can be negotiated down?

    • Starting over is almost just as easy. It doesn’t provide a big advantage.

      I just Google domains for sale and check out dozens of sites.

      • Thanks for responding. I also wonder if the seasons affect traffic in an industry like nutrition that you might not have anticipated.

  47. This $100,000 challenge is a great motivator for me. I wonder if there are any people out there that are following this are also trying to accomplish the, “challenge”, in the same year? If so, I wonder how many people will be pushed to that $100,000 mo. mark, because of they are following and learning from your progress?

  48. Hi Neil,

    I have been quietly following all your posts on “$100,000 Challenge” but after reading this post I need to ask you a question.

    Do you have any article / post on “manual link building”. I need to be clear on this before doing anything.


    Anis Ansari

    • Its possible you already know about this source since you’ve been following sll of Neil’s posts, but just in case you don’t, try He goes into detail for building backlinks.

    • Anis, try this:

  49. Neil,
    Can u breakdown that 2k+ expenses?

  50. Charles Anderson :

    Hello Neil,

    I always learn something new and get great inspiration each time I read your posts. Looking forward to the next post and gaining insight from studying your white label strategy.

  51. Stephen Fiser :

    I really like the tactic of looking at what ebooks your competition is selling, and then giving something similar away for free. That’s a great idea. I’m going to make a note of that and try it out!

    Best wishes,

  52. I was just referred to this article by a friend. Very interesting stuff, I really appreciate your transparency and examples. I’ll be going back over the weekend to read the previous updates and apply your advice as I grow my own site.


  53. Hi Neil,

    thanks for updates on the journey, you help us so much!

    Can you break down how you get the strongest of your backlinks, please?


  54. Jeremy Ellens :

    Neil I’m loving this series! Thank you for taking the time to share. It inspired me to create our own challenge… Grow your email list by 100k people in 1 year. (At only $.13-.$.50/lead). Saw you weren’t doing a good job with this yet and wanted to share our strategy:

    Hope this helps brother!!

  55. Hey Neil,

    if you’re looking to make the dive into Amazon, I’d highly suggest checking out Scott Voelker over at The Amazing Seller, his material will get you up to speed faster than just about anything else out there, when it come to private label and FBA products.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a business relationship with him, but I’d would absolutely suggest his stuff anyway. He’s an out and out great person and his (free) material will help you and Mike greatly, if FBA is the route you decide to go.

  56. Aaditya Niikam :

    Hi Neil

    Awesome update as always !

    Neil, there are lots of fake supplements are available in the market, How you will find the original one or say effective ??

  57. I’m a little confused, will you sell the supplements on Amazon and use your traffic to get reviews or sell them directly through your site?

  58. Neil, it’s really interesting. It’s not easy to bring keywords in top 10 positions. But, you got 100 keywords in the top 20 positions in Google. Good to read.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful information.

  59. DevilsAdvocate :

    Hi Neil,

    I thoroughly enjoy this project and I also intend to learn from it. I am self-employed and earn a living on the web in various ways. This is rich material for my future projects. I want you to succeed. If you do, so will I.

    While I understand that you want to report expenses as only your actual out-of-pocket costs, I do think that you are playing a little bit of monty with the real cost of this project, in the form of unaccounted deferred and/or displaced compensation.

    As we all know, time is the most valuable asset. The time that you and Mike spend on this is not being considered here as a cost. Both of you can make money in other ways, so the time you both spend on this project now is really displaced compensation. In fact, the displaced compensation here is a huge and growing number, from my estimate.

    In my current circumstances, if I displaced income at this rate, my wife would probably divorce me. 🙂 Having run personal web projects that have been both successful and my share of failures, I am now very leery of embarking on the latter.

    I do understand that the deferred compensation here is a choice that you and Mike make with eyes wide open. But it is, in fact a real cost, especially if the project does not yield th e intended results.

    Again, I am pulling for you, and I appreciate the insights enormously. This is some of the best content on the web, regarding self-employment/private investment.

    • Thanks for all the support. Appreciate the time you took and your insights. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  60. Hey Neil,

    any reason as to why you’re pushing Mike to write so much?

  61. You’re killing it thus far. Thanks for sharing all of this. I’d love to have your process laid out step by step. You’ve given SO much in this and your other posts, but I often get so overwhelmed with knowing what to do next.

  62. 1. Did you get your strong backlinks without your name from major sites like inc, business etc.? I don’t believe that.
    2. You have a lot of subscribers and the email I just got linked to nutrition secrets, how many visits do you get from this?
    3. You end up reaching your goal with selling a product on amazon??

    For me it just seems like its not working at all how you expected and you have to invest a lot more than you tell us here..

    • 1. Yes we did. Hence we had a bad month of getting new authority links. Mike is still networking and working on it though.

      2. Less than 5000 a month.

      3. I am being transparent… not sure what to tell you here.

  63. Neil,
    If Mike can’t keep up with producing 2 posts per day why aren’t you teaching him how to do content curation? He could just zip right along…


  64. Hey Neil!
    Actually this is the first time I’m commenting and first of all I want to say thanks for letting us know something that is really important for bloggers.
    When you first started to post these updates for your $100k goal I thought you were going to monetize your content with AdSense ads. Wanted to know, what do you think of AdSense and will you monetize it anytime?

  65. Hey Neil,

    How do you plan on leveraging your traffic to get Amazon reviews? I have a similar situation. I want to create my own ukulele brand and drive sales through my newsletter.

  66. sandeep kumar :

    Hi Neil , great case study . i am big fan of your marketing skills. it really inspire me .

  67. Chantelle Simoes :

    Hi Neil, Thank you for your transparency. Learning a lot over here!

    I have a few questions and would love your input…

    1. You mentioned “manual outreach to grow the link count” in your post. What does Mike do specifically?

    2. I’m in the mobile app business and would love to know if you are aware of App Store listings positively affecting SEO rankings. Our technology has a social media feature which makes it easy for app users to share blog and social media content to their own networks. This likely does have a positive effect, but I’m curious about apps in general.

    If you and Mike are open to it, I would love to test this with you. I can provide Mike a free iOS/Android app and in return I would be able to discover if the app has positively affected SEO rankings, social shares, and the like. My hope is this would benefit everyone involved.

    Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

    • 1. He hits up sites that link to competing blogs and begs for links.

      2. I haven’t seen any correlation yet.

  68. Are you worried about any of the legal ramifications that can come with white labeling a product that is ingested? What if you white label a weight loss supplement…how do you know that it is safe for consumption?

  69. Neil,

    Thanks for the update. Although your search traffic isn’t very good, I did get some good information from today’s post. Look forward to next month!

  70. Good stuff Neil! I saw you’re expenses and I was curious on how much you spent in the beginning but I couldn’t find the initial post in the series. Do you have a page with all the posts on this topic?

  71. Hello Neil,

    first of all, great post men!

    I am following your steps with a similar nutrition/recipes blog and i have a question: Why you dont add similar topic youtube videos to the post you created on the blog?
    You can increase time on site and also approach to the youtubers you posted that also have blogs or webs asking a link in return.

    I hope you enlighten me on this!


  72. Hey Patel… Interesting! I have a weight loss product for lead generation i can give you. If I’m not wrong i have sold it for as much as $49 using 2CO. Currently I sell it for $9.99 and $19.99. Its an ebook and video workout. We can see if we can come to an agreement. Shot me an email if interested.

  73. Mary Jaksch |WritetoDone :

    Most online marketers focus on building an email list. I think your strategy of focusing on traffic is fascinating Neil.

    What is your reasoning for creating traffic first, and not focusing on building your list?

  74. very nice progress.Strategies and ideas you are using for this blog amazing and that too with small investment .waiting for next update with result.

  75. Wow! This is one in the series of posts I like the most on this blog. I am curious to see and to learn more about the white-label-product plan, and I would love to learn a little bit more how to search for great less competitive products on Amazon.
    thanks for sharing

  76. Jordan Manchev :

    I really like your whole idea Neil, but from my point of “no expert in CRO” view, the nutrition site has lots of weak spots. First one is the red color – ok, it is a call to action you want your visitors to take, but is also an aggressive one that keeps them pressured, when the green color is associated with health, nature and healing. Next one is segmentation. Your title says: Nutrition, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Facts – why not divide those into categories too? This will add some semantic to your content and the same time will give options to the visitors to take. Another one is the “category” in the links (you are seeking to rank well for this keyword? 🙂 ). At the end of each post, there is an italicized call to action “what do you think?…”, which I find too weak. Get more attention to if for better exposure (red question icon or something else to grab the attention of the reader). Looking forward for your great experiment 😛

  77. Hi Neil,

    I’ve been following the progress religiously and have to say your strategies are spot on.
    Mike is doing a great job with content and outreach, would 2 posts a day be overkill anyway?

    Keep up the good work!

  78. Neil, you don’t actually mention what income the site is generating so far. Or am I missing something, staring a number in the face but reading it as something else. This is an important value to compare with expenses. Can you share?

    FYI: Personally, I would pick Vitamin D (helps with depression) and probiotic products.

  79. Hello,
    I guess I’m missing something here. Where did it all start? Didn’t follow the update.

    Also I came across a form with the question “do you want more traffic?” What is it all about please?

    • Naijaetech,

  80. Hi Neil,

    maybe you should try with some “content locker” plugins. That should generate more share and visits.

    p.s. Great advices and info insights (and more important- your “problem-solving” thinking)
    One of the most popular is

  81. Hardeep Singh :

    Hey Neil,
    Good work till now.
    Hope for the best for and $100,000 challenge.
    All the best 🙂

  82. Hey Neil,

    I’m a long time reader, but first time commenter. I just wanted to let you know that I am so inspired by this project! Love that you have shared all the good, the bad and the ugly. Honestly, it makes this following this story more interesting, human and believable. Something that seems to be harder and harder to find online nowadays.

    I’ve been following your progress since the start and wish you nothing but great success! Can’t wait to see how this ends!

    Thanks again for all the inspiration to go after our dreams!

  83. Hi!!

    sorry, what was “manual outreach”?

    “It’s because Mike has been doing manual outreach “

  84. Neil, You’re really the God of Internet marketing who easily understand the psychology of the visitor.
    hats off to you Man.

  85. Rahul Varshneya :

    I was looking forward to the Excel spreadsheet that helps to generate topic ideas based on search volume and popularity on the social web, which you mentioned in the last post, would be shared this month! 🙂

  86. Hey Neil,
    This will sound weird but I really couldn’t hold curiosity. I saw the and the font in which the title (Nutrition Secrets) was written was amazing. Do u mind telling me which font was it?


  87. Theodore Nwangene :

    This is great Neil,
    If things continue going like this, you’ll be heading for lots of profits soon. Its really a very good start.

    I don’t really understand the concept of white labelling a product, can you please shade more light on it?

    Finally, In your last update, you promised to your share your steps and checklist with us and I was expecting it but you didn’t. Hope you’ll still share it with us?

    Thanks for sharing and have a cool weekend.

    • Theodore, Let me see what I can do in the meantime to share that info.

      White labling is essentially hosting other people’s products on your site.

  88. Gjivan Shrestha :

    Feeling really great to study this update. However, it seems to be a challenge to yield 100k a month very soon. Keep on updating us the progress!!
    Good luck Neil!!

  89. Neil,

    Would love your help with my site We are just getting started and just ramping up to get to the next level!


  90. Enstine Muki :

    I’m really impressed with your strategy Neil

  91. Dear Neil,

    Earning through amazing is ok.. But I like the idea to earn through some big software like you have and through conducting online courses like Seth Godin does. He charges $2000 per candidate for altMBA. Ramit Sethi is also doing a good job, charging almost the same amount.
    But it needs a reputation, hardwork and a lot of loyal fans to earn like them.

  92. Hi Neil,
    Nice Work.. 🙂
    Hope for the best for NutritionSecrets and $100k challenge. 😀

  93. Not a big improvement on month over month but I’m sure you’ll reach your objective. You’re still at the beginning with it and still a long road ahead.

  94. Juliet du Preez :

    Hi Neil,
    How much time (perhaps average hours per day) has been spent and is being spent on link-building?

  95. Hi Neil,

    In June’s update blog you said, You will share a excel spreadsheet that helps to generate topic ideas based on search volume and popularity on the social web. Did you share that list?


  96. Scott McDonough :

    Hi Neil,
    Another very honest update about you new blog mate.I’m looking forward to seeing what solutions you find for monetizing the site in the next update so I can get some ideas. is a great looking site with excellent images and clean layout which makes it appealing to readers.Keep up the good work and thank for the update,

  97. Nice ideas on white labeling supplements and making your own ebook. Would really love to see how you go about doing this as most of us don’t know how.

    I noticed that Mike has been publishing more content lately. I hope you can shed some light on the process of finding the topic/keywords to write on.

    The titles/topics have been quite interesting so I’m wondering:
    1. how you go about searching for/finding them?
    2. what criteria and filters do you use to say this keyword/title we’ll use and which ones we don’t write about?


    • Larry, we just read a lot on the topic and go from there. It’s important to stay ahead of prevailing trends.

  98. Bodhi Clifford :

    Thanks for sharing the monetization ideas. Quite insightful I have to admit 🙂
    Love those monthly updates, Neil. Keep ’em coming!

  99. Kurt Kummerer :

    Hey, Neil,

    Great progress thus far. Keep Mike’s nose to the grind stone and the numbers will pick up for sure.

    I love the white label idea as if you get a good product you’ll sell it by the truck load on Amazon. I’ll be interested to learn what product or products you choose.

    Look forward to seeing your update in August. Thanks for sharing Neil.


  100. Darren Walker :

    great post. i am a regular reader and i like the amazon idea. Amazon is best for selling products.

  101. Kawser Ahmed :

    I have a question for Neil. You use huge number of references in your post. In the same way, Mike is also referring huge no. of references in his post in the Nutrition site. How do you do that? It needs huge research to quote from different sources. Would you please shade some light on this topic in your one blog post?
    Thanks and regards
    Kawser Ahmed

  102. Neil,

    I messaged you on LinkedIn with an idea of how I think you could grow your traffic and income faster with this site. I wanted to make sure I got the idea in front of you so I thought I’d comment here as well. Would love to further the discussion.


  103. Hi Neil,
    If the site is in your hands, definitely it will win! 🙂 Pls help me with this query:

    ” Is it okay for to have hyperlinks of other site in a blog content wrt internet marketing? Is google adsense okay with it?”

    This is urgetnt, pls help asap.

  104. Awesome!! I hope you will reach your goal soon 🙂

  105. Progress sure is good.

  106. Neil, so far no mentioning of “google+” in leveraging traffic to the blog. I have a serious traffic followers on google+ I just don’t know how to convert them to my blog then to my customers…can you help?

  107. Bearded Colonel :

    Great and inspiring as usual Neil. We set ourselves not a $100k but a £100k challenge – going more than well so far 😉

  108. C.J. Carlsen :

    Hey Neil,

    Another great post. I love seeing the progress being made on this project. This really helps me get a behind the scenes look at the process of building a successful blog in today’s day and age.

    I think monitizing with Amazon is great! This is something I have been looking into recently. I recommend checking out Ryan Moran at Freedom Fastlane for more info about selling on Amazon. I heard him on Pat Flynn’s podcast a few months ago and he is killing it on Amazon!

    I absolutely love what you are doing here. I’m going to share this on Twitter asap!

  109. Again Great post. We get some good information from this post. I have 1 problem in my website. I got lots of keyword ranking in 1st page but not getting inquery. Have you any suggestion about it..

  110. Hi Neil, I saw your email about this project just sitting in my inbox for a while. I’m glad I took the time to open it and read your July update. I admire your transparency. Your $100,000/month challenge is inspiring me. I would love to challenge myself to do even $10,000/month. That would be great for me and I am working my way to achieve it. Thanks for your guidance. I am learning a lot from your articles. I’m excited to read your next update.

  111. Great post. I also want to earn with my blog –

  112. Awesome Neil Sir, You are really an inspiration for me.Always believe hardwork pays off and hope you acheive more such Targets in Future. Thanks for your Update 🙂

  113. Great progress Neil. I like the strategy of email collection. I also have not been getting much comments since my mail list is too small, but will also come up with the plan of encouraging my site visitors to leave their emails. NutritionSecrets receives explosive search engine traffic, I like that! I also read a lot from NutritionSecrets too, and I am also a subscriber since the blog is very intellect. Thanks for an update Neil.

  114. Hey Neil – How do you arrive at your statement “We know that once a product hits 400 to 500 solid reviews, it becomes easy to generate $70,000 to $150,000 a month in revenue, assuming you are picking products in a popular vertical.”? Do you mind elaborating?



  115. Thanks for this update !
    But I still don’t understand why the most popular blog post on Nutrutionsecrets side bar is still the old ones , these are from the very beginning stage of the blog. It should be update

  116. Hi Neil,

    Awesome work! I congratulate you for maintaining such professionalism in the nutrition blog project and I am also a great fan of who you are so workaholic and you are able to maintain the posting schedule (either it’s you for and or it’s mike for NutritionSecrets). I would love to know how you manage to go through all the unplanned events that might influence your mood and emotions and make normal people unable to write anything?

    Another question: How do you find a good white-label product? I would love to know more about it.

    Good luck for the rest!

  117. Neil, I noticed that you do not use Tags on your blog. Is there a particular reason for not doing so?

    The reason I ask, I just found out about your $100k/month Challenge and am very interested in following along. However, there is no way for me to view only the posts talking about your Challenge. 🙁

    Are you going to make a resource page for this? If I were a gambling man, I would be that your other readers would also find this invaluable 🙂

  118. Hey Neil,

    I have a question that isn’t directly related to this project. But I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do.

    Should I start blogging about my passion? (Car scene)

    Should I blog about SEO / Copy-writing?

    What should I blog about?

    I’m kinda confused about this all. I have been interested for several years in creating a entrepreneurial lifestyle but yet haven’t figured out what I’m going to do.

    Once again, Love reading your blog posts and wish you and Mike the best!

    Kind regards,


    • Enzo, you should definitely write about your passion. It’s up to you to figure what topics to write on.

      • Neil,

        Thanks for replying!

        I can write about cars, but how I “help” them fix a problem? It’s this part I am concerned about. I’m not a good car mechanic so I would write more about different cars but this wouldn’t be about fixing a “problem”.

        I know this is way out of your knowledge base but if you could hint me some pointers.

        Kind Regards,


  119. I’ve been a long time fan and watching this project unfold is great to see. I currently have a few websites mostly in fitness related niches and I’m having trouble monetizing. I fear I’ve given away so much for free that there’s no way they will buy anything. I’m looking to write a book or two to see if I can makes some sales that way.

    Keep up the great work!

  120. Cameron Hooper :

    Hey Neil,

    This post got me thinking quite a bit.

    I have a blog / health coaching website and seem to be focusing more on the blog than the health coaching aspect.

    The problem is in the name: Holistic Beginnings Health Coaching

    I love to blog on alternative medicine but I fear that my name is detrimental to my blog’s potential.

    I would hate to have to create a new website and build it up from scratch again to only be blogging about the same thing.

    Any tips or thoughts on this? Anyone else is free to put in their thoughts as well.


    • Cameron, I don’t see anything wrong with the name — if you do then you can rebrand and be transparent with your audience and tell them why you made the change.

  121. Hi Neil,

    Is the goal $100,000 per month in revenue or $100,000 per month in profit?

    Are you planning to sell the website at the end of 12 months? What would be the difference in valuing a information business (blog, e-book, membership site) versus a physical product business (blog and physical product/ supplements)?


  122. Hi Neil,
    Congrats and Best of luck for great progress in project. I am fallowing this case study from
    the beginning. Your success is always inspiring people like me who are following your footsteps. All the best.

  123. Hi Neil Sir,
    I’m new in the world of blogging. I’m trying my level best to attract more and more traffic on my blog !! But output is zero !!
    Can you tell me what should I do ?

  124. I don’t think selling products on Amazon is a bad idea (I recently started selling on Amazon myself and have had good results so far) but if the purpose of this case study is to prove that a blog can make money I don’t think this approach really proves anything. Sure, as you mentioned, you can leverage the community for reviews, and that will help with sales. But you could just as easily build a successful Amazon business without the blog. There are plenty of other ways to get reviews that require much less time and effort than maintaining an active blog. Even if you reach 100k per month in sales on Amazon it is more likely more of a result of Amazon’s huge audience than anything to do with the blog. Unless you are tracking how many sales are generated from the blog through an Amazon affiliate link I don’t see how selling on Amazon will prove the success of the blog. The majority of people buying your product will never see the blog or even know that it exists.

    Also, if 100k per month in revenue from Amazon sales amounts to reaching the goal, that is much different than reaching 100k per month through more typical blog monetization approaches like selling digital products, memberships, or ad sales. The profit from selling on Amazon would probably be 20% – 40% after factoring in the costs of inventory and all other costs of doing business. With digital products it would likely be higher.

    Again, I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell on Amazon, I actually think that is a good idea. But I don’t think it proves anything for the purpose of this case study.

    • Marc, thanks for the insights. What would you suggest then to drive sales? Would love to hear your insights.

  125. Neil, this post was great. I was wondering if you are using private label nutritional company or did you find a current product to sell. I saw a nutrition shop that opened up and they carry a few name brand supplements but most are a private label brand. The hook they used for this brick and mortar store was a free nutritional workup. I have seen some great articles on Might be worth while to reach out to some of he authors if needed. BTW started out of his garage in 1999 and now a 500 million dollar company. They have doubled every year for the past five years and they think they are on track to do a billion in a couple of years. Thanks for the info sir. Also if you haven’t been to the big nutrition show in L.A. you might want to reach out to the distributors who will also private label for you .
    Working at for a short time really showed the power of internet marketing. Have a great week

  126. As far as generating the most sales, Amazon makes sense. But if the goal is to see how many sales are generated as a result of the blog it seems like the best way would be to process sales directly at your site or use a setup like WooCommerce with Amazon checkout so you could see how many sales were coming from the blog.

    I’m sure you would make more money focusing on Amazon, so I’m not trying to say that any other approach would be better. I just don’t think that having a successful product on Amazon would really prove the success of a blog since that could be done without the blog and since most sales likely won’t be generated by the blog. Just my opinion.

    Either way, I’m very interested to continue following this project.

  127. Sertaç Yak?n :

    Hello Neil.

    It’s really great that you are sharing this information with us.

    How did you figure out that “We now rank for over 100 keywords in the top 20 positions in Google according to the data from Search Console”?

    On Search Console > Google Index > Content Keywords
    On Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Queries


    And how do you interpret the result as “We now rank for over 100 keywords in the top 20 positions”?

    Thank you. Best wishes.

  128. Hey Neil,

    I really like the challenge that you have taken up and it is a great inspiration for new bloggers like me.

    I have science based blog but these tips are extremely important to anyone trying to make a mark in the blogosphere!

    Shall look forward to your August update!

  129. Catalin Zorzini :

    Excellent article as usual. Best of luck with the new site Neil, I’m sure you’ll manage to get to 100k in less than 6 months from now!

  130. Hi Neil,

    It’s good to hear your new blog is continuing to grow. I just spoke to a group of artists this weekend about the importance of blogging, responding to comments, and capturing email addresses as a way to engage and connect with their audience rather than just waiting for people to visit their site regardless if they are selling a product they developed or a selling a painting. I love sharing what I learn, and a lot of what I have learned can be traced back to this site.

    As always, here’s my update:

    Kindest regards,

  131. Oyekunle Damola :

    Hi Neil,

    Huge fan. I spend as much time reading the comments as I do reading your articles :D. I found the $100,000 challenge like 2 months late, and I can only find three blog posts on it (via google) was wondering if you could reply with the links to all the articles related to the $100,000 challenge.

    P.S. I like that you picked a niche (nutrition) out of your comfort zone for this challenge.

    Also, could you please like add a search button to your sidebar? I usually have to google “quicksprout” + “keyword” to find articles you have written on and I am sure I would be missing others.

    Best Regards,

  132. Neil

    Terrific content and interest here in your blog and the valuable comments. Have a general “law blog” started almost decades ago, I spread the net too widely and monetising and building targeted traffic is only now something we’re focusing on more – but posting two major pieces a day is tough going – but the rewards are clearly there.
    Fascinating and insightful, as always.

    John Bowie

  133. Hey Neil,

    It looks like there are some schema markup issues with the site.

    Running through Google’s structured data testing tool ( shows that the posts are being posted as recipes.

    Would this cause a problem for SEO rankings?


  134. Danielle Brown :

    Hi Neil

    Great Post. When you are building a site that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about you should always partner with an expert?


  135. Hei Neil,

    i really like your idea of white labeling. Could u provide more informations on this topic?

    • Sergej, how can I help specifically?

      • Well, maybe how to approach manufacturers to white label.
        When you are selling on Amazon how to you manage the shipping.
        Are there any laws you have to be aware of, before selling etc.

  136. Naomi Dinsmore :

    Hi Neil,

    Loving the progress. I’m actually falling in love with blog too!

    Thanks for sharing the changes you plan to make and why. It’s all really helping me out. I’m desperately trying to increase my sign ups and the information you provided is great stuff.


    Looking forward to the next one.

    Naomi Dinsmore

  137. Neil,

    It seems like that every one of those products you listed already has a product that has more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. How are you planning to deal with that?

    Thank you for doing this.


  138. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    You’ve that once one hits 10K monthly viewers, that one should monetize. I get that you mean to make $100K/month, but do you think if you monetized now, that you’d be making some sort of descent income? If so, how much?

  139. Thanks for sharing with us your plan, your activities because it represent an idea of how can we do the right things, its very important to get the job done every day, and of course do it properly.
    I have to give a great review of your site to get more information and learn more


  140. Hello sir, congratulations on your success. I admit I really admire all your skills. When you look into those products be sure to check out the shelf life. Personally I use several including whey protein. Keep up the great work, Patti Hogey

  141. Thanks for the update!

    To be really, really honest: this is disappointing to hear.

    Because if you are going to get supplements and push it into the Amazon world, the blog isn’t required.

    It doesn’t serve any purpose at all.

    And I doubt it will be the reason to bring massive sales.

    Because I have friends successfully making lots of money by selling supplements via Amazon and other sites.

    And they don’t have a blog.

    So yes, this whole blog journey will be useful if you take that route.

    For generating reviews, blogger outreach and paid reviews will do.

    It is like you do so much of work for 4 years, then pivot into something else.

    Just being honest here.

    • It is required. You need a list and people to push people to leave reviews. That is the key to Amazon and without that you won’t get traction on Amazon…

      • In that case, I would love to see how many would leave a review.

        If you do what Ryan L did for his book Ask, then it’s an excellent way to do so.

        But then, what you really did is built a list.

        Which was, again, possible through other channels – as in PPC, and stuff.

        A blog is a waste. Unfortunately. (I am a blogger lol).

        I was very much interested in seeing this blog generate $100k on its own, via direct ads, etc.

        Wishing good luck and I really hope you won’t take the Amazon route (and still make lots of money using other proven methods).

  142. Hi Neil,

    Does it have to be like this?

    I meant, where we have to collaborate with certified person like you did?

    How much different compare with blogger who enthusiast with certain topic?

    And one more thing, putting image of Mike on sidebar compare with not, how much different?

    I know, all of this, its better. I just want to compare if its do not

  143. Inspired by Neil Patel, I have also bought a domain on nutrition sector.

    Fortunately I got the domain in regular price $10.69. Might be one day I will plan for blogging on Nutrition or I might sell it to anyone interested in nutrition sector.

  144. Hey Neil,

    I see how hard you work on this project. I thought maybe you need help. I already have a website that generates nearly half a million visitors,a fashion/beauty one. Let’s make this 100,000$ challenge work for it 🙂 ))

  145. I have two questions:

    In the latest update under income you talked about traffic but no actual info on income?. Is the site making any money yet?.

    My second question is about targeting a niche, do you look for a specific size market, income, etc. In other words as someone who would very much like to do a blog but I am unable to decide on a niche?. Can you give a list of guidelines or point me in the right direction to a previous post where you explain this in more detail.

    Good Luck with your $100,000 challenge!.

    • There is no income yet.

      As for market size I just look for a large one through Google trends. If an industry gets enough traffic usually there is revenue to be made.

      I would go to Google Trends and compared random spaces/verticals to “nutrition”. Look for a space that is large like “nutrition” that isn’t filled with marketers.

  146. Hi Neil

    This post is very inspiring, thanks for keeping us updated. I have 2 questions. When you talk about manuel outreach does that include building links outside of the website? When you say you have 100 keywords in the top results, were they your focus keyword?

  147. Trevor Freeman :

    Neil, I really enjoy your blog. I have been doing SEO for awhile and always enjoy seeing peoples case studies. If there is a will there is way, and even if it doesn’t work out – you ALWAYS learn something that will make the next project more likely to succeed.

    • Trevor, glad to help. I am always testing things out to see how to get optimal results. That’s the trick 😉

  148. Hi Neil, how do you go about finding a product to white label? Thanks

  149. If you’re looking for a private label supplement manufacturer, try New Horizon Nutraceuticals

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