The $100,000 Challenge: June Update

june traffic

I just wrapped up the third month of Nutrition Secrets, and I have to say, it turned out to be a great month.

When you look at the traffic stats of 33,562 visitors, however, you may think things are not progressing as the traffic only grew by 1,297 visitors. But all signals are pointing in the right direction.

Here’s what happened in the month of June… 

Started to focus more on search traffic

Our search traffic hasn’t climbed by much, but the blog is only 3-months old. Technically speaking, you can even say it is 2-months old as the domain name was switched after the first month.

For the month of June, Nutrition Secrets received 3,675 search engine visitors, which is a 106% increase over the previous month.

Typically, whenever you start a new blog, you have to wait 5 to 6 months before you start seeing good growth in search traffic. Why? Because search engines don’t just look at on-page code and links. They look at factors such as bounce rate, time on site, etc.

As your metrics hold steady or improve, they reward you over time. This prevents new sites from popping up and spamming their way to the top of Google.

Big drop in Facebook traffic

On June 20th, all of my blogs had a drop in traffic from my Facebook fan pages. Nutrition Secret saw something similar, and I ended up taking a big hit as the majority of the traffic was coming from the social web.

In addition to that, the post titles and topics focused more on targeting SEO and not social media. For example, topics such as “13 Fatty Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy” did really well on Facebook because they were on unique topics that evoked curiosity.

But when you look at the search volume for these phrases, you’ll notice that the volume is really low. So instead, I had Mike shift his focus toward writing on topics that were more mainstream and would pick up more search traffic in the long run.

keyword traffic

I even created an Excel spreadsheet for him that helps him generate topic ideas based on search volume and popularity on the social web. (I’ll share it with you next month so you can use it for your own blog.)

Content production is up

If you look at the month of June, you’ll notice that we posted roughly 5 times a week. I taught Mike the exact process I have been using on Quick Sprout to write content at a rapid pace.

I even broke down the process on Quick Sprout in these 2 blog posts for you:

Mike is now able to write a blog post within 1.5 to 2 hours. Over the course of the next 30 days, I want him to be able to write a blog post in less than 1.5 hours so I can get him to write 2 posts a day. Sure, the content may be a bit shorter, but it should be doable since he isn’t writing 5,000-word posts like I am on Quick Sprout.

In the long run, this will help the site generate more comments, search traffic, and social shares.

Comments come from email

If you look at the comments on the Nutrition Secrets blog, you’ll notice that a lot of them are from the same people. Why? Because those people are subscribed to our email list.

Roughly 81% of all the comments on the blog are from people who are subscribed to the email list. Currently, the email list is only growing by a few subscribers a day, and every once in a while, we see a spike in opt-ins if a post does well on Facebook, but generally it’s not growing fast enough.

The traffic is there, but the opt-in offer isn’t too appealing. I will have Mike create some sort of a 30-day nutrition course, which we will use as an opt-in bribe. This should help increase the number of opt-ins to a few thousand a month.

Fixing mobile issues

The interesting thing about Nutrition Secrets is that over 54.4% of our traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices. But if you look at our mobile load time, you’ll see it could be improved.


I will have Mike focus on improving it. WordPress plugins that compress image sizes and cache the blog will help. As those metrics improve, search traffic will also start increasing at a faster rate.

Link building

The majority of the links we acquired are from other resource pages.

Here is how we get them. Mike searches the web with queries such as “nutrition resources” to find pages and sites that should be linking to our blog.

A good portion of the people we reached out to in June haven’t linked back, but that is mainly because we are going after EDU sites. It’s summer, which means most colleges are not in session.

So we are shifting our focus to building links from resource pages that aren’t on EDU sites.

In addition to that, we found that a couple of spammy sites linked to us. Here is one of the links. As you can see, the site isn’t the highest in quality, but there isn’t much we can do.

This happens to all websites, and you could disavow the link through Webmaster Tools, but there is no point if it’s only a small portion of your links.

Google is smart, and it knows it’s inevitable for you to have a few bad links. Because of that, it typically doesn’t penalize sites when this happens.

Mike’s also been building relationships with authors on sites like GQ, Vogue, and other magazine sites that have our ideal audience. We haven’t received any links from them yet, but we should once we start asking.

Currently, Mike is following these steps before he asks these people for a link. We’ll see how it goes in the next 30 days.

The one big issue we have been running into when building links is that people are removing links because they think Mike isn’t certified. His certification allows him to give advice on nutrition and fitness. I told him to update his bio to include this and create an about page to talk about the purpose of the blog as well as showcase his certifications.

Once he does this, we should be able to generate more links and hopefully keep them longer. In the meantime, he’s been emailing people who are removing the links and sending them a screenshot of his certificate. The only issue is, not everyone reads all of their emails, which means we are still losing links.

Strong signals

Although the traffic on the nutrition blog isn’t growing as fast as I would like it to, all the signals are pointing in the right direction. The content is great; people are commenting; and the rankings are climbing fast.

For example, the blog ranks on page 5 for the keyword “nutrition.” I know it is a vague search term and getting on page 1 will be hard…but we aren’t even trying to rank for that term.


We are also starting to rank for terms such as “lose lower belly fat.” We aren’t seeing a huge increase in traffic yet because moving up from page 4 to page 3 doesn’t do much. But once the site starts ranking on page 1, our search traffic will skyrocket.

Currently, we aren’t trying to rank for any specific term, and we aren’t building rich anchor text links. Instead, we are trying to write good educational content in hopes that people will want to link to us when we show them how great Nutrition Secrets is.


I still haven’t focused on monetizing the blog yet, but I will start within the next few months. The revenue will largely come from the email list, so I need to focus on growing it first, which will happen in July.

As for expenses, they have stayed more or less flat. Total expenses, since the start of the project, have been $2,889.74 dollars. In June, I spent $219, which went towards Aweber and hand-drawn images for Facebook.

What do you think about the progress so far? Do you think I’ll be able to generate $100,000 a month in income within 12 months?


  1. Chinonso Anyaehie :

    Really impressive. really need to follow up, lost track!! Thumbs up neil

    • Chinonso, thanks for the support. Let me know if you need help with anything.

      • Nice update. However I believe you will on page 1 too soon.

      • George from Lagos :

        Yes I need help ranking this blog Neil.

      • Chinonso Anyaehie :

        Seriously Neil, Have being battling with my Nutrition blog for over 2 years now, it just amazes me that you can pull this up within 3 months.. Boy am I motivated and discouraged the same time

        • Get a more trustworthy domain. I hate to say it but spelling pharmacy with an “F” makes me think that you are illiterate.

          As mentioned above, the case study site is losing links because mikes author bio doesn’t sat that he is certified.

          This tiny detail is über important in the health industry where building trust is super important.

          Spelling mistakes in your domain unfortunately blows that trust before I even think to click through.

          Perhaps someone here knows of a resource to move your domain without losing link juice that you could follow. Anyone?

          Also as mentioned above consider purchasing an aged domain over a new one.

          Best of luck!

          • Deane Alban :

            I doubt the name is a problem. gets over 2 million visitors a month and has almost 500 million Facebook likes.

          • Crystal Foth :

            I see the “farm” part as his play on nutrition as in real food from a farm – rather than “pharmacy”. I think it’s clever and I agree with the comment above.

      • Neil can you please post a link to all the previous updates here so i can start to follow step by step
        thank you so much

        • I agree

          Neil is supposed to be the blog guru and yet the organisation of this blog is terrible.
          How hard would it be to tag each of these posts “nutrition secrets”?

          I can only think he is not doing this deliberately for some reason.

  2. Chirag Dodiya :

    Hello Neil,

    This is great, amazing progress so far. Looking at that your blog is just 3 months (okay, 2 months) is doing great. I am sure that you can definitely win the challenge.

    I am looking forward to more information on how you decide to monetize the blog. That seems very interesting since it’s not really your niche. But Mike is getting to the expert level.

    Good luck Neil, Cheers.

    • Chirag, the progress has been pretty stellar. Looking forward to hearing much more from you as the challenge progresses.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Really really impressive stuff from you Neil! You’ve been doing an amazing job on inspiring others with this challenge. Eagerly waiting for you to hit your ultimate goal.

  3. Chinonso Anyaehie :

    It still amazes me how this page grew so rapidly, the Facebook is a whooping 102k.. I really, really need to follow up. Hope its not too late

  4. Good going Neil.

    The site seems to grow at a high pace. I checked the alexa rank and it is 10,000 for India and 55,000 worldwide.

    Would you start monetizing with direct advertising in the beginning?

    Good Luck.

  5. Shefali Vaidya :

    You definitely can Neil. I too have started my health blog 6 months back and I am getting 1500 hits a day from Google alone.
    If I can, you surely can. I have always wanted to get started with a health blog and I am happy to see this type of response.
    You can check my blog out, I hope you like it and I count on to your views on it as well. Cya!

    • Shefali, it really is great to see the types or results we have achieved thus far. I look forward to checking out your blog — what’s the URL?

      • Adam george :

        Shefali great blog looks very good. Congrats on your work.

        Shefali health blog is

        Neil the results are incredible looking forward to seeing how you will moneytize your email list.

        All the best

  6. Really want to see $100,000 a month in income within 12 months. I am following this..

  7. Chris Makara :

    I always look forward to this update Neil. I can say that I am interested in the Excel spreadsheet you mention as I use various different Excel sheets to help out with my efforts.

    Also, do you plan on sharing the conversion rates of acquiring links from resource pages? Like out of 100 attempts, about how many people actually link to you?

    • Chris, I think tracking is essential for any and everything you do.

      I’ll share more info next month — stay tuned!

  8. Hi Neil,

    Great blog post as per usual.

    I’m curious why on June 20th your blogs had a drop in traffic? Is this because of the time of year or was there a Facebook update?

    All the best!

    • Reid, it could have been a number of reasons — or both of the reasons you mentioned. Let me look into it.

  9. Thanks Neil for the post

    Keep the updates goes on every month please …

    How about targeting other social medias ? Twitter – Pinterest … ?

    • Hamza, haven’t really started utilizing those as much — will leverage them much more in the coming months though.

  10. Really great progress Neil! I am really impressed with how far you have progressed in no time with the blog. Is it possible you could share the name of the wordpress plugin to help cache and compress image to improve load time with us? I will be very grateful. Thanks

    • Mike is still doing research on which ones we should be using. He reached out to our hosting company for recommendations…

  11. Your search engine traffic is disappointing to be honest.

  12. Danyel Chermon :

    awesome job! I’m using many of your tips on a new website I’m building –

    keep us updated!

    Danyel 🙂

  13. Will Thompson :

    Hi Neil,

    I’ve really enjoyed following along on this project.

    One question for you. I tried to look back but didn’t see an answer to this.

    What kind of deal did you set up with your writer, who is certified in the industry, to get him interested enough to spend the time writing for you?

    Can’t wait to see you start monetizing the blog!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here.

    • Mike keeps 20%

  14. I understand the importance of Mike being “certified” and I see him mention it on the home page: “One of my biggest passions in life is nutrition, and after being certified, I wanted to create a site where I could help readers live a healthy and nutritious life.”

    But: he is certified as what? It should be clearer what his certification is in (and why that is important) to cement his credibility.

    • Rich, he is a certified nutritionist — it’s important to be an expert and have the qualifications if you are going to advise on health and wellness.

  15. Natural Exclusive :

    Hi Neil,

    Glad the Nutrition site is going well it has been a while since the last update.

    We are having an issue getting people to sign up to our emails as well as converting our Facebook likes to traffic for our articles. How many email subscribers do you have from your social media sites and do you have any advice on converting more?

    We also use the Hello Bar you have as well as we now have a pop-up.


    Natural Exclusive

    • We are under 1000 or so. It’s mainly from offering courses and ebooks. You just have to come up with a good one.

      • Natural Exclusive :

        Hi Neil,

        That is the exact angle we were going to go for and will let you know how we get on.

        Out of interest how much did you spend in total on Facebook likes as you mentioned you paid approx $100 to get the first 3k likes. Getting to 102k we would have thought should have added another $3,400 to that initial $100?


        Natural Exclusive

        • I would like to know too.

          A handful of comments on each post, under 1000 email subscribers and yet 102,000 FB likes?

          How much did you pay for the likes?

        • Natural, it was a mix of organic and paid after that point. The content will speaks for itself.

  16. Great update Neil! Looking forward to seeing what is to come of the site in the next few months.

  17. And a question: he seems to be using categories/tags in a not very useful way. Every article on the home page is tagged to Nutrition, Health — not very fine-grained or specific, and not used as a TOC or entry point elsewhere on the site (ie, category headers or tag cloud).

    Is categorization/sub-categories not important for reader navigation or SEO?

    • Rich, it is and we are continually optimizing along the way. His focus has been on writing and in the next month or so we are going to go back and optimize.

  18. Gaurav Khurana :

    Good to hear the whole story from scratch… it would be great idea if you start jolting some major points and hurdles in your path.. Its really motivating and good to know some basic points like for first 3-4 months it takes time even for marketing expert like you

    • Gaurav, I will surely share some in the next post and coming months — thanks for the support.

  19. Hello Neil,

    You sure is and will reach to your target!

    The stats are looking good despite the site is relatively new. Tell Mike keep on doing that and the hoards of traffic will start pouring in real soon.

    FB is a bet game, not really sure what can work for it and what can’t but sometimes it does and results are far better than anything.

    Keep it up!!

    ~ Adeel

    • Adeel, thanks for the support. We anticipate some great results to come — looking forward to hearing more from you.

  20. Hi,
    Neil sir
    This was a good report of your blog but i don’t think Facebook is good way to gain traffic because to build a brand on Facebook you have to work hard also invest because people reach is less as compared to Twitter .
    would have been glad if you shared your twitter stats of nutrition secret.
    PS : in the last post i commented you said me to focus on my blog’s design can you please help me to design my blog please its request .
    follow me on twitter @NehemiahStephen so that we can chat :).

    • Stephen, I don’t do as much individual consulting so I cant be as hands on. If you have any specific questions I can help with those.

      As for your comment on Twitter — we are definitely focusing on that in the coming months.

  21. Hi Neil

    As soon as your updates come through I can’t wait to open it. I’m implementing your teachings as you update us and getting some successes, not quite a good as yours but definitely growing.

    Thanks for keeping us posted!


  22. Breakfast Criminals :

    As a digital marketing consultant and a food blogger, I love following the progress and tips that come along the way. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    Would love to work together with Mike in some way – perhaps linking and guest posting? Let me know if you’re keen.


    • Ksenia, currently we aren’t doing guest posting on the blog but that may change. Check back soon and thanks for all the support.

  23. Hello @Neil impressive report
    but please do not target facebook only, use Pinterest as well

  24. Hey Neil!

    Is twitter and Instagram on your horizon? It seems like you’re killing in on Facebook, but I think to really pick up steam you guys could put some time there. Email me for some volunteer work! 🙂

    Also, are you doing anything else other than resource page outreach for backlinks?

    • Patrick, we have some plans for the coming months for outreach — stay tuned.

      As for the volunteer help, will let you know.

  25. Thanks Neil. I’m still following along with my travel blog but at a slower pace. You’re like a magical content marketing unicorn. I just can’t compete with the speed you’re growing nutrition secrets. Good luck and keep the updates coming.

  26. I wait for these updates like a kid for candy:) The resources you share are incredibly helpful even though I don’t primarily blog.

    One comment on the opt in course- I have signed up for 30 day courses before and found them to be too long- I would get bored or would drop off quickly. Is there a psychology behind 30 days?

    And yes- I definitely think you will be able to get 100k in 12 months. You have superpowers man! 🙂

    Thanks for always sharing such valuable content.


    • Jasna, I have just done a ton of testing and 30 seems to be the magic number.

      Thanks for all the support and let me know if you need help with anything else.

  27. Hello Neil,

    I am finding the whole project fascinating and hope you and Mike are actually enjoying the process as much as I am in reading and trying to contribute when I can.

    Although I like to see qualifications, whether on nutrition or whatever, there should be a warning that not all qualifications bring authority, particularly those regarding health.

    The healthiest people in the world don’t have any qualifications, they haven’t been led up or down a garden path which sometimes is funded by biased individuals and corporations.

    Kindest, Zara.

    • Zarayna, great points. We just want to make sure we have all angles covered — that’s why we have focused on the certs.

  28. Thanks for sharing your progress and your practical actionable ideas. I am learning a lot and you are giving me the confidence to get off the ledge and launch the blog that I have been planning. Curious – why are you targeting the edu links? What is the value and are these different – and require different strategy?

    • Glad you find the updates helpful. Edu links tend to have more authority and get you further which is why we have focused on them.

  29. Mike Kawula :

    Super impressive and love the progress with such little capital invested thus far.

    Super impressive to see he’ll be cranking out 2 pieces of content per day. Do you consolidate emailing subscribers to 1 email every few days with a collection of the posts vs. individual email updates?

    Will be interesting to see the spike in volume after 4-6 months of doing this consistently.

  30. Harshit Bhootra :

    Good going Neil !
    The Alexa ranks are really impressive.
    Here I have a question for you 🙂
    Should we give links to our compititors (who actually have something relavent and good info) ? Cause sometimes the selfish mind does not allow Many of us to do so 😀

    • Harshit, sometimes your competitors are your greatest source of success — so I wouldn’t discount it.

  31. Awesome Sir Neil!

  32. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing. I saw Mike said he spends around 5+ hours per day writing. This is a challenge for those of us who have a full time job and are also trying to get a blog off the ground. How do you account for the cost of spending all this time writing? I have similar challenges on my blog which has been around for 5 years – yet we are not close to your traffic or commenting levels, despite interviews we’ve done with top social influencers. I definitely see the difference in what you are doing, but it presents challenges when you’re a solopreneur trying to do it all. Any thoughts?


    • Anthony, It’s definitely tough and requires a lot of will power. I would suggest starting off small and not overwhelming yourself — then going from there.

  33. Thanks for the valuable information. SEO is definitely the way to go but it takes some time. Are you going to use Google Adwords to get more traffic? What would be your daily/monthly budget then?

  34. So we are seeing a lot of success in ranking on the first page of search results with our content–I think the reason is that law and legal service providers aren’t exactly known to be tech savvy so we aren’t encountering a ton of content marketing competition.

    We’re still building traffic and trying to figure out how to appeal through social media–our topics are boring to most people unless they need the kind of help we’re offering. Still trying to crack that nut, but we do have a plan to raise social awareness. Immigration is our core practice area and we’re aware that people are interested in the topic…

    But it’s hard to figure out how to monetize this to a large segment of people.

    Also, I’m trying to figure out what kind of subscription product we could create, but having trouble with that–I know you mentioned a subscription product being very important for what you plan to do to meet your goal.

    For now we’ve created an ebook and drip content for a 30 day email course in preparing a marriage & fiance visa. Hoping that will bring results once we have the “exit-intent” popups working.

    Please keep posting these–very cool for me to see how it’s working for you and compare even though we’re in different industries.


    • Jacob, sounds like you are on the right track with everything you are doing. You’ve outlined a pretty good strategy — let me know if you need any other help along the way.

  35. hey Neil. thanks for the update. i’ve been reading some of the articles Mike has written that have headlines of interest. might i suggest, Mike also looks into doing some science research about his topics?
    he might find that he’ll be able to engage people more due to writing controversial stuff.

    example, (and i don’t want to start an argument here about nutrition, merely pointing some things out), there is a lot of controversy about wheatgrass. it might have beneficial properties on paper, but if you look at the science, it has been proven that our bodies cannot digest most of that nutrition, we’re not cows…
    same goes for the vegetarian article. science has proven that vegetarianism is in fact not beneficial at all to the majority of people.

    i’m mentioning these things, because it might just lead to some more controversial headlines and getting more people to read the articles specifically to comment about it and possibly share it on social media. it might also be the reason some of the links back to your site was removed as people do not agree with him.

    • Bjorn, thanks for the tips. We are still working on creating great content and I do agree that having more controversial topics helps out.

      • And as if he can read minds, yesterdays article he published, spot on! I see I even got a mention in it due to a previous comment I made. Happy days 🙂

        Just out of interest, is there a reason you do not let your commenting system send notifications of replies? Won’t it bring more people back to your articles?

  36. Hi Neil,
    it is with a lot of enthusiasm I rode post of your challenge every time I can. It is my first comment on your blog, just to advise Webmasters tool is now “search console”.
    I wish you the best in your experience and would like really learn…work daily with an expert like you.
    French greetings from Spain.

  37. Nilantha Jayawardhana :

    Great post. Thanks Neil.

    Is buying traffic useful? is my blog and I use affiliate marketing to make money from my blog.

    What is the best paid or free method to get more traffic and revenue?

    • Nilantha, I would say that buying traffic is never a good idea in the traditional sense. You can leverage your budget to help you get more traffic though. It depends on your niche.

  38. You mentioned the opt-in rate was low (and have written previous articles about adding more opt-in opportunities on the page to increase that)…

    Which specific opt-in would you include/modify/add/change on Nutrition Secrets?

    Sidebar? Hellobar? “Banner ads”?

    Which one gains the most opt-ins on sites like Neilpatel or Quicksprout?


    • Quick Sprout gains the most… by far. But it also has a lot more traffic.

      I would modify NS by adding an ebook. It would help a lot.

  39. Great post to read Neil. Mike’s topics have become more relevant with time… Nutritions Secrets is headed for amazing success

    I’ve made this post, the previous one and the ‘What to Do the day after you publish’ my bible… working on something similar for a client.

    Wish me luck 🙂

  40. Neil,

    Great post as always. You mentioned that once you create the 30-day course, you expect emails to be a few thousand a month. Is that with the current traffic you’re getting?

    • Assuming traffic grows by 40 to 50% in 30 days.

      • When you start posting twice a day, how often will be sending our the newsletter? (I assume doing it twice a day or just once a day will be a bit too much).

  41. Eric Prawit :

    You still did NOT start this “from scratch” as in not using your name or brand(s), as you stated in the beginning.
    You DID use your name and established and successful web presence, and that was at least for a good part the reason why this grew so fast.
    You LATER switched things over to having someone else’s name on there, etc.
    Still impressive stats and all, don’t get me wrong, just not what I had looked for.
    Just not what you claimed you were going to do.
    As impressive as this is (and while we’re at this: nothing wrong with using a reputable and already successful platform to boost a new project), at the end of the day you failed to show how you create a new business from scratch without using your name/brand.
    If (or rather when, because I am confident that this also will be successful) this does reach the deadline of making 100,000 a month after 12 months, either way there will always be that little cloud of doubt hovering over it, be that the case or not.
    What I am trying to say is, that you messed up the credibility of this experiment or rather the outcome.
    Impressive numbers regardless, just saying I’m a little disappointed, because I was really REALLY interested in the original idea.
    Not saying that there is nothing to be learned from this, but it teaches me something different than expected, namely how to benefit from already established success and reputation.

    • Eric, totally understand your concerns and I addressed them all in a few blog posts prior to this one. With that being said moving forward we are doing everything by the books and as noted — coincidentally we are finding the best traffic comes from other channels (not the ones I have used in the past)

      • Neil, I have to agree with Eric.

        Your post series about this blog project is totally helpful, informative and priceless for everyone who wants to start a blog (and monetize it).

        Still the fact that you started this whole thing with your own name skews the outcome. Even after switching it over to Mike’s name, people still know and talk about your project and your everything but an unknown or an underdog in the field. I bet there will be (I bet there already are…) a lot of requests for cooperations with that came from people that know and read your blogs. This is far from starting from scratch.

        In the end this will not be “How to Make $100,000 a Month Within 1 Year”, but “How to Make $100,000 a Month Within 1 Year (if you have the exposure and the resources like Neil Patel)”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what you’re doing, but your kind of mislabeling the whole thing.

        How about starting a similar project completely in secret and only report on it after your challenge was successfull (or not)? You do your thing, you write your blog posts and then after 6 or 12 months you start publishing those posts on here. So everyone can see what you did and how you did it, but at the same time it would be a real “start from scratch” effort.

  42. suprity bhattacharya :

    Dear Neil,
    I am finding your project ,you are genius and your idea is superb .. I want to earn eagerly $100,000 per month so I am following with you …
    Many Many Thanks to you

  43. Maybe he didn’t start it from scratch, nonetheless there are a lot of lessons to be learned if you pay attention.

  44. Yeah, when you reach page 1 you should see a difference, I think. And I guess it’s normal since everybody want to be there.

  45. Neil,
    I love reading about this journey.

    Question, what format do you plan to use for the course? Like video, ebook, live training, email.

    I started mine at

    Any pointers?

    Thanks Neil, you are #TotallyAwesome

    • 1. Content needs to be more in-depth.
      2. Use better quality images.
      3. Wrap up each post with a conclusion.
      4. Consider writing in a conversational tone. Use the words “you” and “I” more.

  46. Vishal Pawar :

    Yeah that’s right Neil,

    I am ranking at number 4 on the keyword which is “90s dance music Classics”. Which is giving me 10 searches a day. But when I was at number 3 it was giving 25-30 visitors a day. I am also ranking for the keyword “90s dance music”. Search volume for this keyword is 8800 per month and I am on first page at number 9. I am also ranking for other keywords but I am on second page ranking at number 5. “Pop music sites” it is a keyword that searched by more than 90000 people a month and that’s huge. I am ranking for this keyword at number 15 position in Google. My website is 8 month old. First 6 months Google didn’t give me good ranking but after that my site is climbing, I am out ranking those authority sites such as billboard, rolling stones and all music.

    I am doing this because I learnt a lot from quicksprout. I am your reader from Last 5 months. And it helped me a lot. Thanks for the incredible posts.

    • Vishal, that’s great to hear. Keep up the great work and please let us know if you have any other tips.

  47. Hi Neil,

    I think you have done an impressive work with Mike, over 30,000 visits in 3 months? I think that’s remarkable.

    How about leveraging Infographics? I know it’s one good way to build backlinks at scale as most people love to embed and share them.

    At this rate, I honestly think you should be able to do a $100,000/month within a year; yeah I think so.

    You know Neil, I’ve been wondering how you manage to write these massive posts as regularly as you, I was even going to send you an email to ask, but luckily I saw the 2 links you dropped in this post where you wrote about it.

    I’m believing I’ll be able to learn after you and churn out this kind of massive posts consistently; my most recent blog post is a 4000+ post and I must confess I almost passed out when I was done (LOL).

    So you can understand how it looks to me like magic that you are able to write this kind of posts week in and week out.

    Keep the good job up Neil and know that you are changing lives; atleast you have changed mine and I’m eternally grateful bro.


    • Dan, thanks for all the positive feedback. At the end of the day it is all about hard work and just having the will to write often. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

      • You will Neil… I;m a regular reader here but just doesn’t comment.

        But I’ve decided to quit being selfish and be a regular commenter here (LOL)

  48. Of course you’ll get it!! You’re the best, Nick … I’ve been following you and trying to practice what you say … Hope things come better for me …

  49. Neil “The revenue will largely come from the email list” made me so wonder. I have just only known a blog can get revenue from banner, adsense, or advertising a product. Hope to hear you describle soon.

  50. Great update Neil (and Mike). Although at first glance it doesn’t look like huge progress was made in the last month, it all starts to make sense when you share your vision and longer term plan. All the building blocks are being put into place.

    A couple of questions:

    1) You mentioned that Mike’s goal is to write posts in under 1.5 hours. What’s the target word length for these posts? Is he still targeting over 2000 words per post?

    2) This comment was really interesting:

    “The one big issue we have been running into when building links is that people are removing links because they think Mike isn’t certified. His certification allows him to give advice on nutrition and fitness. I told him to update his bio to include this and create an about page to talk about the purpose of the blog as well as showcase his certifications.”

    What would you have done if you hadn’t brought on Mike and were still the face of the site. Would this have been a show stopper?


  51. Hi Neil,
    As an avid follower, your progress blows me away! I am trying so hard to follow and although I can get keywords to rank they are the ones that bring little or no revenue! Maybe I need to try harder. 4 mths in for me, but sales are starting to go up, so really it’s all good. Keep up the Blog it helps to educate me,

  52. So do you have any advice, or a link to an article you have, on getting from Google result of page 2 or 3 to page 1? I have tons of those and need the extra boost. Is it just link building? Any article you have to recomend would be great

    • Justin, if you scan through the posts I have here on QS you’ll find a ton of resources. Do you have any specific questions I can help with?

  53. Hi Neil,

    As always, thank you for your generosity.

    For your new blog, are you saying- create a blog (and content) & they will come? I have read so much recently about the warnings of blogging to nobody and the importance of building offline connections before starting a blog. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    • Dave, I think you can do both concurrently. Grow and inform as you grow — you have to build it before they come.

  54. Damian Pros :


    When you say that mike writes a post in 1.5-2 hours do you include everything in that time period? I have read your article on how to write faster and applied some of the tips but It takes me much longer than that. For example a 3000 word article took me 4 hours with some breaks so let’s say I could do that in 3.5 hours. But it was ready for being published including: keyword research, find images, find sites worth linking to as well as proofreading and editing.

    Do you and mike do all these things in 2 hours or less?

    • Damian, it definitely takes longer than 2 hours for everything, but the writing gets done pretty rapidly.

  55. Hi Neil,

    I’ve been learning SO much as a new reader of your blog.

    One question that I keep wondering is — will a website URL that’s someone’s name have a more difficult time gaining attention versus a name that defines what the site is about?

    Example: if “” was named “” would other sites be more resistant to link to him?

    Hay House’s Reid Tracey tells future author/bloggers to always use their name as their URL, but I’m wondering if sometimes that’s just not a best practice.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Also, is it a bad idea to ever dump one website’s URL for a new one if you’ve been using the previous URL for a few years, but gaining little traffic? I’m thinking about doing that myself. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Jo, unless you have a personal brand attached to your name it will definitely be a lot tougher. You have to do all the right things when it comes to growth — if your old URL isn’t doing well it may be a good idea to dump it?

  56. Samar pahwa :

    I have started my health blog with you…In 3 months, I have been getting 9K Search engine visitors a month !

    And from Social Media and other referral sources getting 26K visitors a month…!

    But monetization is hard because my mainly traffic is from INDIA.

    Do you have some suggestion for me ?


    • Samar, have you thought about using FB ads to target an American market or European?

      • Samar Pahwa :

        Yes, I am thinking too, but what kind of products will work. I am not sure about. I have placed some Amazon and Sellhealth Affiliate Banners, but response is not very prompt.

        Right now, I am going to write some product reviews. I am also focusing on working on small niche blogs.


  57. Hi Neil!
    Really cool progress so far.
    I’m enjoying it and loving all the info and tips this challenge is giving us.

    I have a question about your content strategy, though, which has also been on my mind lately. What’s the best angle for a new blog:
    1. Post regularly but with shorter posts (Mike is posting 5 times a week and you’re are asking him for more);
    2. Post less frequently (once a week) but with longer posts (3,000 to 5,000 words).

    My question relates to one of your previous posts “How Long Should Each Blog Post Be? A Data Driven Answer” where you concluded that longer is usually better.

    Keep it up,

    • Louie, it depends on your audience. I would test it out to see whether they like short form or long form. Traditionally I have found that my audience and a number of other audience’s like long form.

  58. Hello Neil,

    I think owing a old domain name is also helping you to get higher ranking in the the search engine as it is 15 years something old (November 28, 1999) accoding to 🙂

    Anyway keep up the good work because I have been learning a lot from you.


  59. Vaibhav Mule :

    When I scan your post I thought it just $100k dollor a year but then I read, it is $100k dollor a month.

    For sure, It is good challenge. You have done siginificant progress in traffic. I feel if you monetize (excute) well. It is possible to generate $100k dollor a month.

    Best of luck…

  60. Swadhin Agrawal :

    Hi Neil,
    I think this is the best secret to build links. We read so much about building links but when it comes to actionable tips I think relationship building and turning them to links works the best.
    Again, Guest Posts and resources pages are what one should try to get links from . Thanks I am charged up to build some for me 🙂

    • Swadhin, awesome! Let me know if you need any help along the way. Looking forward to seeing you succeed.

  61. Great update and I am following this success story. If I may asked, do you used any promotion such as adword?

  62. Andrea Allen :

    I’ve been following your career for a number of years now Neil, and I think this blog series is one of the most interesting pieces of work you’ve cooked up in the last 24 months. Love it.

    I’m particularly interested in any techniques you might be using in the future to penetrate both the LinkedIn and Pinterest markets.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  63. Shashank Shekhar :

    I’m happy for you Neil and I hope you’ll be able to do what you said.
    However, unfortunately some of your strategies don’t do well for magazine or viral / trending news websites.
    I know I can get to rank 1 in search results if I write lengthy blog posts with quality content, but I can’t do that with a magazine!
    Any way out to rank such websites?
    Here’s the related site, Amuzly:
    Thanks 😉

    • Shashank, thanks for all the support. Will definitely check out the related site you sent me!

    • Peter Evans :

      Theres nothing at Neil please check links before allowing people to post.

      • Shashank Shekhar :

        What does “nothing” mean?

        • Naman Nepal :

          Hi Shashank!

          Amuzly looks perfect with the layout. Yes, News websites don’t do well in terms of long blog posts. If you’ve been writing for quite a while, you might see that your posts are getting indexed faster.

          I ran a similar website in the past. I pushed 10-15 articles daily on the news site with contents that were around 300-400 words long. In two months, Google crawled my website every once in a while and the posts were indexed within seconds or minutes.

          Also, you can try applying for the Google News section that lists ‘News’ on top of search results. That’ll be driving a lot of traffic if you get accepted. But make sure that the post frequency is high and you’ve everything in the right order.

          Good luck!

          • Shashank Shekhar :

            Yep, currently my articles are not getting indexed that fast but this isn’t an issue. As the site gets older, Google and other search engines will know and act.

            Talking about Google News, I was rejected one time and since then I haven’t reapplied. Would you want to suggest “what things to have in order?”

            Thanks for making a comment. 😉

            • Naman Nepal :

              Here are the basic things to consider (as per my experience on getting rejected twice and being accepted on third try).

              1. Regular post frequency (minimum of five)
              2. Privacy Policy page, TOS page
              3. Author page
              4. Contact Us page (with proper email and address details mentioned)

              This should do I guess.

              Let me know your result after you apply. Good luck!

  64. Eddie Olivas :

    Good point about most of the comments coming from subscribers. Look here I’m posting a comment and I have before. Why? I’m subscribed to your email list! Looks likes you’re making great progress Neil. Thanks for the inspiration!

  65. Really awesome stats Neil. Thanks for sharing the updates…

  66. Hi Neil,

    I certainly liked the way you’re moving with your Nutrition site but I really don’t get it why you aren’t Monetizing the site from the beginning ? For 1st month it was okay not to show ads because it will be look bad definitely.. but now you have enough traffic that can generate few 100s of dollars a month which will help you to invest on the site.. isn’t that a good idea ? Because you won’t be investing your own money from your pocket and that will be good for longer run just in case if you don’t achieve your goal (in demoralising you) but you need to think practically too right ?

    Also my second question is How you’re planning to Monetize your this Nutrition site because your goal is to earn $100,000 a month after 12 month from the site is live.. because simple Google Adsense Ads or any other ad network is not going to give you that much.. So I’m confused how you’ve planned to monetize .. because you might have planned something right as your target is really big .. and that too from the Hard topic niche of blogging..

    Looking forward to hear your answer..

    Ryan Consulting, LLP

    • Ryan, great questions. I started off with Facebook because that would definitely be a big performer for me. I am still planning on some other strategies. I dont think Adwords is in the plans because it hasn’t yielded great results traditionally — we’ll see though.

  67. Neil,
    I am following your email & post since 6 months. Now I am 101% sure you can achieve this $100,000 Challenge 🙂

    I hope i can also some things


  68. Hi Niel,

    Thanks and great to see the positive vibes towards success. As you mentioned that you’re mainly going to monetize through email, which means the affiliate product. Do you think only email income can generate $100k. Will love to know.


    • I think a number of other things can generate similar income — that’s just a main focus right now.

  69. Amazing, Neil!

    I have no doubt you will be able to achieve your goals, given the care and attention to detail that you put into everything you do.

    I will continue to follow your progress and cheer for you!

    Thank you for the great content.

    Greets from Brazil!

  70. Neil
    Your published reports are a blueprint strategy for many of us……well at least me:)

    However, I have a question from a “strategy plan” perspective. Based on your report it would seem that you have to finance the project for at least the first 4 months. ie approx $9,000 before the revenue starts to kick-in (hopefully). Is this correct, and if so, is this the average ‘start-up’ capital required?

    My 2nd question is from a “financial reporting” perspective. When starting or running any business I constantly hear that there are three important documents that a business owner must have: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash flow Statement. Would these documents not also apply to any online business, even if its a blog?

    In closing, I’d like to say that you are one of the few bloggers out here that really break down the nuts and bolts for a business online.

    Thank you

    • 1. 9k seems high for the first 4 months… I don’t see myself spending anywhere near there.

      2. Yes, financial reporting is important for all businesses.

  71. Hi Neil
    I have every faith that you will reach your target. I find it fascinating to see the way you go about it, and find great inspiration in your processes and techniques. I would like to see more regular updates about the project, perhaps a couple of times a month

    • Warren, I do it monthly because I like to provide feedback that is lengthy and integrated with all of the efforts for the month. If you have specific questions as we go along you can ask me.

  72. Hi Neil,

    Great post -as always-.
    I see that you are doing quite well with the challenge.
    I have one little question: In the newsletter that you send to your subscribers, to the nutrition site subscribers, do you put in it only the blog posts, or it’s a must to have an exclusive content for the subscribers?
    Good luck for July!

    • Oussama, I put it in as many places as possible to get the maximum amount of exposure.

      • Neil, I am sorry, I meant what do you send in the newsletter? Is it only the blog posts that are written in the blog? Or is there any exclusive content in it?
        Sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t formulate my phrase well.

        • Oussama, typically just the blog post.

          • Thank you a lot Neil for your time. I will try to start my newsletter soon then.

            P.S: I forgot to mention that, but I really appreciate your style in writing. It’s clear that you have the experience of years (7 and still counting, as you said). It’s so simple and easy to read that each post feel like a relaxing break. You should publish some books man!

            Thank you again and have a nice day!

  73. Hi Neil,

    Awesome update, great to hear the blog is starting to kick off in an updwards direction!

    With regards to search engine traffic, do you feel the age of the domain has a fairly large impact as well? I remember you mentioned using an aged domain gives you an advantage, up to seven fold.

    If you had registered a brand new domain in April, I’m assuming you’d still have to wait at least a few months before seeing traction in the search engines?


    • Viral, it does take some time to gain traction but with some effort and great content the results are achievable.

  74. Paul@NetLearningCourses :

    Just wondering Neil if you did any keyword research along the way.
    If so can you please point me in the direction of that article because I may have missed it.

    Thanks for the updates Neil

  75. Ritoban Chakrabarti :

    Hey Neil, I’m amazed with the progress. I would recommend a few changes to make the user experience better.
    1) The ‘flares’ sharing widget cuts off a bit towards the left. Shifting that a little to the right by a few pixels will make it fully visible
    2) I couldn’t see ‘privacy’ or ‘about’ page links on the homepage or internal pages. Links to those pages (in the footer) and the about link in the ‘about mike kamo’ widget should help.
    3) When you scroll down, the logo gets cut off with the subscribe bar at the top.
    4) EWWW Optimizer plugin helps compress images (both current and future)

    All the best 🙂

    • Ritoban, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Something we will definitely look into improving.

  76. Hey Neil,

    Does it take 1.5-2 hours for Mike to research + write full post or just research and make an outline for the writer?


  77. Akshay Joshi :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m also working on a Health Blog. I’d love to see if you accept any guest posts on yours.

  78. I noticed this link in your link profile:

    Can you share wow you got a WHO director to recommend your website, please?

  79. Hassan Ud-deen :

    Hey Neil,

    Really loving the challenge. It’s great to see someone actually implement the strategies they talk about.

    1 question:

    I currently write around 1000 words in 2 hours and it takes me another hour to edit.
    I’d be on cloud nine if I could write as fast as mike (1 full post in 2 hours).

    Did you teach him that simply from your advice in the two posts you mentioned? How would you teach someone to build up to that?

    As always, you a badass bruh.

    • Hassan, yeah I basically taught him the strategies and told him the amount of time to allocate and he did the rest.

  80. Excellent post with some great comments. Very impressive engagement level. I was wondering the same thing as @Anthony regarding accounting for the writing costs (i.e. Mike’s time as a certified nutrition, fitness subject matter expert). That to me would seem to dwarf the other costs you mention.

    Thanks for sharing the data about subscribers and their correlation to comments. I am a subscriber and now commenting 🙂 Also, I like your analysis about where were opportunities to enhance organic ranking are along with proposed solutions.

    Perhaps even more powerful than .edu links are the coveted .gov links. Are you looking at going after any of those? I am sure that the success rate is low but the ones that are earned could be worth their weight in SEO gold.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your continued successes.

    • Rick, thanks for the feedback. I haven’t thought of .gov links as of yet. Will let you know if we do. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  81. Emmanuel E. Sulai :

    Hi Neill,

    I’m so dumbfounded about the rapid progress of this site you are working on. Nice job!

    I also wanted you to please, check out my blog and pin-point any mistake(s) I am making (in terms of SEO, monetization, community, etc) and if you may still help me with the possible solutions I can apply to such.


  82. Hi Neil,

    I’ve been following this exercise to the “T” with fingers crossed everyday waiting for your emails… lol. I started my Zombie blog the same time as you to the day and it’s kicking ass already. Great thing you’re doing here!

    Anyone can read online how to make money from a blog and 99% of it is crap, helping everyone like this is amazing for you to do!

    Thanks again,

  83. Hey Neil

    I’m an avid reader of your blogs and find them very useful, they are all truly excellent work and very very useful.

    However I am also an accountant by profession and I read somewhere that you were paying Mike 20% of future income (is this $100,000/month) to work for free today.

    So to be fair the cost of Mike should be included in your monthly costs now. Not all of us have the ability to get people to work for a future promise and would simply need to pay up now. So to make comparisons you should really be including this cost today.



    • You won’t get a reply to your question because Neil is ignoring inconvenient facts like the one you have pointed out.

    • Charles, that’s fair. But if you can promise future earnings and have a solid product then people will be inclined to join in.

  84. Neil,

    Would really appreciate it if you created a “table of contents” for all of the blog posts in this series at the end of these articles. These are a gold mine, and I want to make sure I haven’t missed any.


  85. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing the info, I am curious about one thing though, you have shared a link calling it spam, what criteria do you use to classify a link a spam, as I can see that particular website has a good DA and PR. So what is the basis?

  86. Hi Niel,

    who writes such an awesome and visitor engaging content for your blog? If you can provide some references that will be great.


  87. Inspired. This is a great project,.. from an SEO guru like yourself the transparency is needed for our own growth. Loving the steps, and the honest path to success!! looking forward to what comes next!!!

  88. Hi Neil,

    The hardwork that you put for all the the blog posts is really appreciable. Need one suggestion though. I was wondering whether blog posts that starts with numbers get more traffic? Can u please suggest how to pick headlines for blog posts? Thanks for sharing such high quality content being backed up with analytics and numbers every time. Always look forward to your next posts. Keep sharing them and and educating amateurs like us.

    • Ambari, headlines really do matter — I just concept and test them out based on the content. Numbered blog posts are easy to digest which is why people like them.

  89. V K Rajagopalan :

    Hi Neil,

    3675 search engine traffic in June is amazing considering that the site is just around 2 months old.

    Is this Google organic search engine traffic? How was it possible to acquire so much organic SE traffic in such a short time? Would you please give me some gyan on this?


  90. Hi Neil, If we check alexa of 18% of visitor came from quicksprout.

  91. Tonmoy Parves :

    Hello Neil,

    Thanks for sharing your update with us 🙂 Really Good to see your update story. BTW, I’m also thinking to build up a niche blog and want to do 3 months mission 🙂 I’ll follow your every methods that you have already shared 🙂

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week end

  92. Manoj Kumar Sethi :

    Very interesting points pointed out Neil. I am getting many topics for this and will cover my blog. Really very helpful for bloggers like me. Thanks lot 🙂

  93. Hi Neil,

    I’m interested as to why you didn’t ‘no-follow’ the link to the ‘spammy’ site you mentioned that was linking to Nutrition Secrets?

    Could you explain your reasoning for not ‘no-following’ the link?


  94. Naomi Dinsmore :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the update. I do think that you will hit your target. Or if not, you won’t be far away from it.

    Unexpectedly I’m a big fan of Nutrition Secrets. I’m on the list. I recently became a vegan so many of the posts are really informative. I recently learned that I could be lacking in the B12 vitamin and I can replace it with a supplement.

    Do you mind me asking… How much time is Mike investing in all this? Is he working on this like his full time job in addition to his current job?

    5 hours? 8 hours? 12 hours a day?



    • Naomi, he is putting a lot of time into this. He is basically working a full time job. Glad you find it helpful.

  95. Hi Neil,

    You’ve said:

    “In addition to that, the post titles and topics focused more on targeting SEO and not social media. For example, topics such as “13 Fatty Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy” did really well on Facebook because they were on unique topics that evoked curiosity.

    But when you look at the search volume for these phrases, you’ll notice that the volume is really low. So instead, I had Mike shift his focus toward writing on topics that were more mainstream and would pick up more search traffic in the long run.”

    Could you maybe give an example of the difference in topics/titles for social media and seo traffic purposes?


    • I don’t want to link to the site because I told people I would, but look for the Chia Seed example. That one works well for both.

      • Hi Neil,

        Awesome you’ve replied to me. Thank you very much!

        Will look at it immediately.


  96. Hi Neil

    I always find it worthwhile to read your blog posts, especially this series. No many internet gurus show you how to make money from A-Z. This is why I follow you because all the others charge you for the same stuff you that you’re covering on your blog. Thanks Neil, really appreciate your guidance.

    P.S. could you please let me know the link of the nutrition blog you are using for the challenge

    Download my free eBook: The Web Design Blueprint for Building Marketing Sites That Convert

  97. How much did the 102,000 Facebook page likes cost?

  98. Mohit Chauhan :

    Just another impressive month for you ..i guess!!!

  99. James Broderick :


    Will you be putting the articles related to the challenge into a single area on your site? You know, so that it’s easier to reference?

  100. Hey Neil,

    Really impressive and appreciate your thoughts !!! May be now i am on the right track.

    Thumbs Up!!

  101. Hi Neil,

    Really interesting read. I would really like to know if there is a way to see how each month has gone from the beginning of your case study.



  102. Rohit Singh :

    Congrats Neil and your progress is awesome and best of luck, one of my fitness blog is also doing well and the ranking for my main keyword jumped from page 5 to page 2 and I am excited to see it on first page! Keep us informed about your progress and all the very best! Neil

  103. Hi Neil,

    Nice update. I’m glad to see things are progressing for you. I am still following along the best I can, and even though my progress is much less, I’m learning a lot. I have found a way to start monetizing my site and will be very interested to see what route you decide.

    Best of luck and happy blogging,

  104. Hi thanks I am learning a lot not progressing as well as you but will get there

  105. Can you give us a basic overview and numbers regarding your Facebook growth?

    You started with ~3k fans from emerging markets, then you started trading, and now you have 100k.

    How many trades did you need?
    What was your most successful trade?
    How to reverse engineer your strategy 🙂

  106. Neil,

    Great job. I’m curious. Have you defined some kind of persona to the blog reader? If you have, who he/she is? And how was your process to define it?

  107. Moumita Ghosh :

    Hello Neil,

    Thanks so much for sharing the performance. I am running some tech blogs, but don’t get confidence to start a different niche blog. For last 3 months I read your blog posts that how you get success from a Nutrition Blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Please keep sharing so that we will be motivated.


    Moumita Ghosh

  108. Dennis Seymour :

    Love the experiment and I also love how you are adapting to things.

    Looking forward to the next month!

  109. Rahul Sharma :

    Hey Neil,

    Hope you doing well, i also have checked my Facebook search graph. it showing same like you have append in this blog. but my organic search increased in the Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Great experiment your have shared through this blog. i love adapting new technologies and looking forward for your next post.

    Good Luck

    Have a Nice Day!


  110. I am confident that the $100,000 goal in 12 months is possible, I cant wait to see how things go when you start implementing the monetization steps. I am really impressed the way you have made plan for the growth of this site. Very informative.

  111. Paul Anderson :

    Nice Post Neil. I am still confused that how you are going to make $100000 goal in 12 months. are you going to sell advertising, white label products or something else.

  112. Ashley Fiddes :

    Nice updates and insights on the same. Looking at the progress level you will accomplish the challenge.

  113. Ranjan Mehta :

    Hi Neil,
    Its sad that you lost social media traffic! But ‘Forewarned is forearmed’
    Its good to rely on multiple traffic source then only just FB!

    Good luck ahead!

  114. Jigar Patel :

    Hi Neil,

    Great achievement and progress within short time. As you have said that you mainly focused more on search traffic, as its good to be rely on search traffic which is a natural way. I am constantly following your posts as i am also working to increase my visits month by month. You blog post really helps me focus on the core areas where i am missing. Thanks for sharing such great post.

  115. What a great idea! You have been so generous with the information you have given us, it’s fantastic to see you apply it step by step. Your comment about SEO results taking 5-6 months to appear is, ahem, very reassuring!

  116. David Smethie :

    Thank you for sharing your progress Neil. You mentioned that you’re struggling building your email list and that your opt-in bribe isn’t strong. You mention that Mike will design some kind of 30 day weight loss course.

    Ryan Deiss always talks about how lead magnets that are ultra-specific and deliver a small win work best. Perhaps something along these lines that can quickly be consumed would work better than the 30 day course. Plus it would take a lot less time for you to create.

    This strategy of course assumes that you’re going to be driving leads through a funnel with a low-end offer, core offer, etc, which I know you don’t have in place yet. Perhaps the 30 day course would work well as your core offer and you could splinter off sections to use as your lead magnet and low-end offer. Just my 2 cents. Again, thank you for sharing your results and being so transparent with this whole process!

  117. The e-mail marketing thing can be challenging at times especially when your list is small. Taking time to create “lots and lots of content,” in addition to retaining interest of your readers can and will increase readership. The only thing is having patience, continue the journey of content creation and hoping for the best.

  118. Almost 20 percent traffic is from quicksprout.Then how can it be a genuine traffic

  119. Do you have a reason for the drop in traffic from Facebook?

  120. On June 20th, all of my blogs had a drop in traffic from my Facebook fan pages. Nutrition Secret saw something similar, and I ended up taking a big hit as the majority of the traffic was coming from the social web.

    What is the reason? Is it something obvious that I am missing out on?

    Great Going…..


    • Pride, I am not sure — can you give me more details?

      • Neil,

        That is a quote from this Post of yours.

        What do you think is the reason for the drop in Facebook traffic on June 20th?
        (That is what you have stated).


  121. Gabe Walker :

    I always find it very interesting when i see new blogs like the one you’ve created already have good traffic and a steady stream of people commenting and being interactive with it. I’ve had my website for around 7 to 8 months and i have to admit i jumped into headfirst without much knowledge, but in the past couple months I have been using some SEO practices to help my site gain more traffic.

    The results may not say much, but I feel as if it will help in the long run. The main problem I have is link building and building relationships with sites like mine. I may have to reach out to others and see where that takes me.

    But I think you’re definitely going to hit that 100k goal, guaranteed.

    • Gabe, thanks for all the words of support. I think it’s important to keep doing the things that will help generate traffic and provide tangible results. Thanks for the feedback.

  122. If you reach number 1 for such a broad term as “nutrition” I will be super impressed. Schocked even. But number 5 is also not bad for 3 months imo. Keep up the good work.

  123. John Schleg :

    Having an aversion to “junk mail” myself, I never really considered the upside potential of the email list my own business has captured. Eye-opening! Thanks so much…

  124. Do you base all your blog posts around the latest trending searches? Is the direction of the blog so far in line with what you originally had planned, content wise? It seems to target a primarily female audience.

    How do you plan to monetize the blog, I am curious?

  125. What’s better, short fresh, frequent, unique content… or long , more spread out content? You mentioned you posts 5 times per week even though the content might be thin.

  126. Neil, nice work so far – looking forward to seeing more progress.

    What is your return traffic vs. new traffic? What do you typically recommend is a good split?

  127. tejas gavhane :

    its been always great to here from Neil sir love you sir keep the good work up 🙂

  128. This is a really interesting live experiment, I love it!

    I started a skin care site early last year and now rank on the first page of Google for some search terms. But my site hasn’t gotten as many visitors as I’d hoped, so I’m thinking of adding a blog soon. It’s hard to get an expert to be my content writer when I can’t promise them lots of money from revenue-sharing though!

    Neil, would you mind checking out my site: and letting me know if you spot any obvious flaws / things I can be doing better? That would be wonderful!

    I’m really looking forward to your next posts on monetization!

    • Jay, your site looks great. I would suggest that you get into a little more detail with your blog posts.

      • Neil, I haven’t set up a blog yet, so I don’t have any blog posts.

        Do you mean that my ingredient pages, like are not detailed enough?

  129. Hey Heil!

    Your traffic stats don’t seem to be really fair. According to similarweb most of your traffic is from THIS blog. Here’s the screenshot >>

    As for me, this test would have been MORE fair if someone else would run blog, just folllowing your lead.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  130. Sorry, misspelled your name was typing in a hurry:)

  131. Hello Neil !

    You have progressed very well with your blog in very short time, hope that it will be on the top soon.. Keep working…

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing your experience..

    Regards: Duryab Aziz

  132. Neil,

    Another great post, I’ve been following your posts about this case study and summarizing things to implement on our main site (and future sites to come).

    I wish you all the best, but trying to think how to implement these methods with our site as it is more of a comparing prices site.

    Would appreciate your ideas if you find the time, clicking on my name will lead you to our site.

    Can’t wait for your next update, will summarize it as well as usual! 🙂

  133. Alex Sanders :

    What hosting do you use to support 33000 sessions a month to the blog?

  134. Alex Sanders :

    Also could you give some personal advice on how to gain traffic on a image only based website, which can be found at What mediums can I promote this site through?

  135. Thankyou Neil,

    I see that you mention the way of link-building here on your new site, i also looking on the progress of backlinks, where the links came from that doesn’t discussed here . like this one, is it auto natural links?? or you contact them to ask favor?

    thank again

  136. Great job Neil! I have total faith in your ability to achieve your goal!

    Can you take a look at the structure of my site? I started adding a few landing pages in my drop-down menu with an article on each. But should I put the articles on blog posts instead and have the menu items point to blog posts instead of separate pages?

    Thanks so much for your contributions to this community!

    • Daniel, overall I think your site is great. The UI is easy to navigate — I would suggest that you a/b test to get optimal results though.

      • Neil, wonderful of you to look at my site!

        I was actually asking whether there is any SEO benefit to putting articles in a blog vs. landing pages.

        Is a blog better for SEO than putting articles on separate landing pages in my site?

        Thanks for your nuggets of wisdom!

  137. Really enjoying following along. Thank you so much for keeping this case study so transparent!

    I’ve got 2 tool-related questions for you:
    1. How do you know that x% of your commenters are those from your email list
    2. There’s a cool “Click to tweet” with a pre-made quote in your posts (eg: ). What plugin / code do you use for that? And has it been driving traffic back to NS?

    Really looking forward to reading about your monetization strategy 🙂

    • Alex, stay tuned 😉

      • If you’re planning to talk about all 3 things (monetization, twitter tool, tracking tool), then it might be the best progress update post yet! Looking forward to it Neil

      • Actually that’s hard to say. I picked up a lot from all of these posts. But I have been really looking forward to finding out how you plan to monetize this project.

  138. Hey

    How do you drive visitors to your blog post or site from Facebook? Do you just post the link about the article on your Facebook page?

    Also do you pay Facebook to get more likes?

  139. How to find resource pages of .edu or higher PR sites to get the valuable backlink? any tips please mention, because its hard to get the backlink for nutrition and health sites.

  140. Neil,

    Thanks for this series. Very helpful.

    Would a blog loose credibility from an author with young age? I have started a small blog to share everything I learn in my marketing degree over the next few years.

  141. You had alot of Facebook likes in a short time, but there doesn’t seem to be alot of activity on the Facebook page. How come?

    And regarding Facebook, do you know if there have been any changes to their algorithm in the past 2 months or noticed anything?

    • Mario, there have been a number of updates. Just check regularly. We post daily blogs. To my knowledge there haven’t been any updates.

  142. Great advice Neil!

    Especially the part on not focusing on ranking for any terms, but to just fill it up with great content so that others will link to it.

    Would be great if you could share the plugins you use to speed up the website. Thanks!

    • Zubz, these may help:

  143. Kamal Thakur :

    Thanks for Heads up. I just wanna ask you a question, I have a Tech Niche website and i have 1k Views daily. Should I think on monetize it or should I wait for 2-3k daily viewers ?

  144. Hi Neil,

    I must say that I really enjoy your article, and I can’t wait for the next piece of challenge update you’re going to post! 😀

    Just a quick question if you don’t mind sharing: Can you share your facebook ad stats, like Geo, Sex, Interest, Demographic, etc… in details?

    I’m interested to learn how you are getting tons of likes with almost penny traffics.

    P.S: Enjoy learning from you. Keep up the great job!

  145. Neil – Where are the latest updates? I really enjoyed this and think it warrants an update good or bad.

  146. Great progress you’ve made so far Neil!

    Just wanted to drop a quick comment that because of this series I actually started my own project. Your monthly updated are always a great source of inspiration to try new things, but most of all, they keep me motivated more than anything.

    I’m slowly trying to learn the technical stuff is the easy part, putting in consistent time and discipline is the hard stuff 🙂

    I’m sure you don’t need it, but good luck on the project!

    • Enrique, thanks for the support. I like hearing feedback and the support definitely keeps me motivated to help others.

      If you need any specific help along the way please let me know. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

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