Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook?

If you haven’t, you should. Why? Because understanding why people enjoy doing these things will help you generate more Facebook traffic.

So, if you want to get more Facebook traffic, first you need to understand what motivates people to use Facebook. I’ve created this infographic to help you gain that understanding:

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


When it comes to generating traffic from Facebook, I’ve seen firsthand that writing blog posts that are interesting, important, timely, and funny usually does the trick.

By leveraging the data in the infographic above, you should start seeing more social traffic.

How else can you get more Facebook traffic?

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  1. Hi Neil great post again Thanks

    I just want to shout out I am looking for a partner for my website startupinstructions.com actually because of lack of time I am focusing nd I want it to be best the Co founder guy whoever joins will just need to update content nd check out nd reply social media queries any new thing I will handle please help me I will send the purpose of the blog thanks

    • Sam, I am sure someone on here will be interested 😉

      Let me know if you need any help along the way.

  2. WOW … Neil .. Another Awesome Infographic. I love Facebook coz in my niche (Personal Development) this is the best medium. And my FB traffic is much higher than any other source. And thanks to you for keep posting super insights about FB.

    I love the point where you mentioned why we love the Comments more than the likes. Honestly, I interact much more with readers who comment on a post than those who likes. Coz its not always possible to see who all like it when you get 100s of likes but an amazing comment always stand out.

    Thanks agin Neil.

  3. wow interesting study!

  4. Justin Temple :

    Facebook taps into peoples pleasure center? Wow. Thats crazy to hear for the first time. Awesome post and information. Thank you Neil. Appreciate the value.

  5. Nicci Bateman :

    Another great post Neil, I always try to create content based on questions we get asked here at Carrwood Park. As a B2B company I struggle with posting entertaining content that doesn’t affect our professional image and this means that all our content is useful and helpful to the viewer but not really entertaining. Carrwood Park provides office and meeting room space so we have a wide target ad need to retain our professional image. I know that corporates are people too and they find things amusing but i am struggling.
    What would you suggest?

    • Nicci, I understand your concerns. However, I feel making things entertaining won’t hurt you — remember that corporations are comprised of individuals that are normal people — they like entertaining things 😉

      • Nicci Bateman :

        Hi Neil,

        Thanks for responding. I am going to feed in some more entertaining blogs to the current blog schedule and then test and analyse them. Wish me luck 🙂

  6. Another fantastic post Neil. Some great information in there. Tell me, what do you use to create your infographics?


  7. Awesome stuff dude………thanx

  8. Ann Clark McFarland :

    Why do we do the things we do? This always fascinates me!:) Why does it fascinate me? Cause we are all so different and have different perspectives, but we are still A LOT alike in many ways. It’s amazing to be created in ways that are both different and alike. Don’t you think?

  9. Ayodeji Onibalusi :

    Brilliant info on social interraction, Neil. I’m very certain a knowledge of what motivates sharing or liking on social media will help content marketers to not only improve on how much interractions they generate on social media, but will also help improve the quality of content they produce.

    PS. The infographic is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Ayodeji Onibalusi

  10. One More grear post Neil. Really best information and Infographic about Facebook..

    Normally all people love fb like and Comments. I work together a great deal with reader who comments on a post than those who likes about FB post


  11. Yagnesh Darji :

    Awsome data i found on facebook marketing till now. it will help lots of new marketers to get study.

  12. Just curious, shouldn’t the embed code for infographics have a nofollow at this point?

  13. Ashwin Reddy :

    Awesome Neil Sir, The infographic is Cool

  14. Joginder Gujela :

    In my very little experience as SEO i observed that the frequency by which someone post on fb indicates there behaviour. These people indicate the attention seeker type. These people are more easy to sell. So keeping a tab on someone’s social activity can be benifical ( not in a creey way though ). What do you think Neil ?

    • Joginder, I think that’s a good observation. Some people like sharing more — some like sharing less.

  15. Keith Breseé :

    Hey Neil!

    I ‘like’ this post! 😉

    Seriously though, this info is great cause it really causes us to think about the type of emotional content we should be creating.

    Be awesome!
    Keith Breseé

  16. Grayson Ervin :

    When coming up with blog title posts I think it’s important to start referencing the section “Why we share?”. If your post can hit a few of those key points it should result in tons of organic shares. Thanks for the infographic Neil. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. vinton Samms :

    Hi Neil,
    I like this post. I believe it can help a lot of us to understand why we do the things we do on Facebook. I also believe that when education is done in this manner, we will end up making better choices and act in a manner in accordance with our business objectives.


  18. Neil,you are so great so I make sure that I put it on my website at reverbnation(http://www.reverbnation.com/frankien);I will also tweet it as you asked at (https://twitter.com/frankienash54)

  19. Mary Collings :

    Hi Neil,

    The infographic certainly shows the power of Facebook as a marketing tool.

    I’ve had clients who just don’t get Social Media so this will be very useful on my Freelance Writing site to show them why it is so important.

    I can yap on about Millennials until I’m blue in the face and they’re still sceptical but that simple illustrations shows it so well.

    Your Designer is a gem.

    Thanks Neil 🙂

  20. Hi Neil!

    Another great infographic – like usually 🙂
    I think people like and want to receive attention, and Facebook is a place from where you can have it instantly.

    P.S. I was happy to see you in Romania, at GPeC event. Congrats for the speach!
    Good luck with everything!


  21. Jasper Oldersom :

    Hi Neil,

    This infographic makes me want to be more active on Facebook. I actually prefer Twitter, it’s my ‘comfort zone’. But honestly, Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool that can’t be ignored.

    Your infographics are very recognizable by the way, even if the logo wasn’t included on the bottom i could see that it is a Quicksprout infographic!


  22. John Weidner :

    A company called TechJOYnT that helps out our future entrepreneurs needs help today qualifying for a grant. They need 89 more people to go to https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/35425 and vote for them. Please help them out and get someone else to help too. It’s really a great cause.

  23. Jeevan Padiyar :

    Great infographic, BUT, one misleading statement: You mention that posting relieves lonliness, but the data you show indicates that the difference between control and intervention is not significant, p=0.67. Is there another data set you are referring to?

  24. David Throop :

    Excellent infographic about some really interesting reasons behind our actions online.

    It confirms that online social interaction is/has become one of the major ways we interact with each other and is really interesting to think about.

    I really like the part that reaffirms why we comment and how it’s received. I’ve always been more a fan of comments than likes per se, but either is nice when online and equipped with this knowledge, we can all better serve our audiences.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. WoW

    The obvious sequel of this post should be kind of content to be shared on facebook 🙂

  26. Neil, this is awesome stuff! I’m currently building a web app which allows users to put their giveaway content (lead magnets) on the Facebook Open Graph as Custom Objects with Custom Actions (20 of these object/action pairs have already been approved by the Facebook Review Team!)…So when visitors take action on your lead magnet (think ‘download a free report’, the app posts that Custom Story (complete with full Open Graph tags) to their Facebook Newsfeed! I’d love for you to take a look at the concept and see if it’s something that you or your audience would like to use. I look forward to your feedback!

  27. Julian Adorney :

    I love the new in-depth posts!

  28. Hi Neil,
    Your infographics are awesome as always. They provide so much information to your readers as your 2 or 3k blog post does. Well, I would like to ask how much time does it take for you to create an infographic like this one?

    MS Qureshi

  29. Daniel "Likes This" Dou :

    “Posting relieves loneliness. When students updated their Facebook statuses more often, they reported lower levels of loneliness.”

    Oh, how sad we’ve become as humans! :O

    • Daniel, I agree — it’s just the name of the game. I am sure it helps a lot of introverted people though.

  30. A little scary how accurate they can predicate race, age, gender & even political persuasion just from your ‘likes’!

    Great post, thanks Neil.


  31. Lewis LaLanne :

    I wonder if with seeing the stats on “Comment abandonment” if they’ll ever come up with a form of “Drafts” like we have with our email accounts.

    One of the primary reasons I abandon a comment is if I’m pressed for time and I’m not saying what I want to with the time I have. It would be cool if there was an option I could select that would let me file this away till later that day and come back to right I where I left off and complete my thought.

    Yeah, I could I could copy and paste what I’ve written into a Notepad app but I have to REALLY care about something to do that. Anyone who objected to having a drafts folder for your emails must have had this as one of the reasons why it was a “dumb idea”. But nevertheless, drafts exist in our email accounts. Why not for Facebook?

    I imagine they could get a lot more re-engagement, thus people spending more quality time (time where awesome emotions are being generated among users vs. people just lurking, scrolling and liking) on their site, if they made something like this possible.

    • Lewis, that’s a great question. If you have any insights on that I would love to hear. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Looking forward to hearing mcuh more from you.

  32. Excellent infographic!! Thank you so much Neil

  33. I was about to comment your post Neil but finally I deleted my comment, but for the purpose of the stats I’ll post that.

  34. This is true Neil. My new site got an article http://w3zip.com/backlinksfree.html that had not been indexed yet go viral on Google Plus.

  35. Neil, this is amazing information. Didn’t realize that Facebook has that much to say but I will definitely be thinking about this information the next time I start liking on Facebook.

  36. Madhuri Thakur :

    Hi Neil, I am constantly amazed by the way you present your articles. The infographs made are just Awesome. I was also trying make one the other day. Could you suggest which Infograph making site should i opt for? Which one do you use?

  37. Siva Thirulojan :

    Seems you have conducted very deep research to execute this infographic. Amazed by the info. God bless!

  38. Wonderful post I really appreciate your efforts for bringing this awesome post. Indeed facebook is really great platform to get real traffic


  39. Jahanzeb malik :

    Damn ! Nice Info-graphic i am gonna share it on my blog 🙂

  40. I. C. Daniel :

    So bad that Facebook don’t show facebook page news to all friends. They want us to pay to reach the audience. YouTube is better than Facebook in most of the marketing strategies. It is a long journey with Youtube to get popular but is worth it, you agree Neil?

  41. Raho online :

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Through Facebook many people earning money in big amount. Like share comment these all matters a lot.
    Amazing infographics, thanks for sharing this informative article with us. This is truly awesome blog with superb infographics.

  42. Filip Van Houte :

    Hey Neil!

    Great stuff as always .. But there is something weird. It just shows the infographic until
    Reason 2

    Then it’s just white space …

    Is it just me or my browser?

    Keep up the good work !

    • Filip, may be your browser — can you double check and let me know?

      • Filip Van Houte :

        I checked it at another PC now. Seems to be ok now Neil !

        PS: I see other people their name in replies is blue … how come mine is black? Do I have to make an avatar?

        Keep up the good work !

  43. Another Good Looking, Full of information and Interesting Infographic. I really like these kinds of post on your blog.

  44. Oh goody – a Psych piece!

    The infographic is a little shallow – I assume that’s because of the limited nature of the research format.

    It all boils down to motivations, which are emotion based – and justifications, which are intellectually based.

    Social Approval.
    This would be Facebooks Like, Googles +1, even votes on comment systems etc.
    Tehy are generic, non-informative indicators … and are incredibly noisy!
    There are literally tons of reasons why a post/comment may receive Social Approval.
    The list would include things like Agreement, Empathy, Sympathy, Support, Encouragement, Shared experience, Shared views or simple Appreciation. You then have a different category of motivations, which would include things like butt-kissing and back-scratching, giving a Like simply because of who posted it in the first place.
    People may give a Like for simply making them laugh, or because they feel like it is well deserved, or because they feel sorry for you.
    As you can see – there are lots of different reasons for Social Approval.

    This set of motivators is easily divided into two distinct groups – Personal and Professional.
    Personal shares are often based on altruistic motivations. People will share things that are funny, or helpful, or of interest to someone they know.
    Professional shares on the other hand are usually more selfish. People will share for the prestige of showing others something important, or being (one of) the first to do so, or to gain favour with the original poster (or previous sharer).
    Though the divide is not always like that – you can often see those motivations in most cases.

    This is a blend of the previous too, with the same divide as Sharing.
    You will often find that comments are divided further by type of comment.
    You have a whole plethora of shallow comments – the “loved it”, “great”, “brilliant as always”. These comments are there as either genuine appreciation, or general butt-kissing with the hope of garnering favour.
    You then have the constructive comments. These contribute to the original piece, furthering aspects, raising questions, providing more insight, responding to other questions etc. These comments may be based on altruistic reasons, such as being helpful, a sense of belonging, participation etc. – or they may be attempts to steal thunder, draw attention, flex industry knowledge muscles etc.
    Then there are the destructive comments. These can range from trolling and flaming, general insults through to ripping a piece apart. The motivators there are usually personal, based on insecurities, immaturities, the need for attention, personal dislike of the original poster (or comment makers) etc.

    As you can see, through all of that, there are no shortage of reasons for a given action, (trust me, there’s at least 5x more than those listed).
    Can you see why Google is so shy of using Social Signals as a ranking factor?
    The resources it would take to identify the type of post and then decide what the Social Approvals could mean?
    A picture of a cat gets 500 shares and 20K likes – should that be a massive ranking influence, compared to the informative health and safety post that gets 460 likes and 3K shares, including those by industry leaders?
    (Before anyone clever chips it in – Yes – they could slice the quantity and allocate based on % 😀 But that would still be enormously wrong in many cases, so they would have to define Post Type and Audience Type to be more accurate.)

    The trick is to understand People (more specifically your audience).
    Know who they are, and what makes them tick.
    Get that right, and you can get the likes, shares and comments – and get them for the right reasons too!

    • Rogerson, thanks for sharing your insights. It’s always great to hear your analysis. I am going off empirical data to come up with this so the results wont always be the same across every vertical.

      • The motivations were looked at by Google years ago (There was even a list somewhere?).
        There’s studies done by various psych/socio/communication/media groups for inter/intra-communications between tight/loose social groups etc.

        The motivations and justifications are pretty much present across the board.
        The figures of course vary, but the general themed-motives (such as “personal gain” or “consideration of others”) are fairly consistent.

        The one group kind of missed is reviews – and the data shows people are far more inclined to be negative than positive. Research showed that the reasoning is based on expectations.
        People expect good things – so aren’t so inclined to mention when they occur.
        (So you have to be exceptional, remarkable and also prompt (prompting massively increases the positive review rate).

  45. Anthony | MyInflatablePoly.com :

    Really great sharing! I must apply it in my content. I’m just a beginner in this area, but I will improve myself. Thanks, Neil!

  46. I found this post on FB very interesting Neil, thanks. Have shared it.

  47. Peter Frisch :

    Great post Niel!

    Brands and marketers should pay close attention to this post. In a world where organic reach is being heavily throttled, the only way to get your stuff seen is by posting content people engage with, and the only content people will engage with is stuff they actually care about.

    In my industry, I often see major brands throwing tons of money at Facebook follower/like ads. They build these massive audiences as then post boring content that no one will ever see.

    • Peter, great point. It’s important to constantly test and see what your niche audience is interested in. If you aren’t doing that then you are wasting valuable time.

  48. Really a mind boggling post….will like, comment as well as share on Facebook.

  49. Hello Neil,

    It is very very Interesting and Informative Study Great Points and Amazing Post Thanks a lot Again ,
    Have a Great Sunday,

  50. Always loving your infographics.Do your infographics (the image itself) get shared quite often, or do people just link to the actual blog post? Thanks.

  51. Saachi Silo :

    Hi neil,

    Hope you are doing well! This is awesome infographic and I love it, insightful and helping.

    One question! how you manage to write a post 2-3 blogs + work for you clients + some other stuffs that you update your posts every 2-3 days? how is it possible? writing a post no matter how fast are you takes minimum 3-6 hours right!? so how?

    Thank you 🙂

  52. Vicky Choksi :

    Amazed by the info. Great data research. Keep it up man.

  53. Yasin Rishad :

    HI Neil,

    Brilliant post as always. I clearly understand from here why people give like, comment and share. Your infographics impressively describe why people Like, Comment and Share on FB. This tips also help me to drive more traffic from facebook.

    Many thanks for your fruitful tips.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  54. Hello,
    thats really a great post
    understood why people are falling on like, comments and sharing on facebook
    thanks for the share

  55. Excellent information Neil!
    However, I’m finding it very hard to get interaction within our page. It’s hard to get people talking about Medical Equipment, unless they are really needing. Do you know what I mean?

    Then when people aren’t engaging, it makes me lose my motivation to post. What is your input on getting more involvement within my posts?

    Thanks for any and all advice.

    Jodie Wood

    • Jodie, I think you are doing a lot of things right. I would continue to blog and create unique content — that’s the surest way to success.

  56. Great Post! There were so many great take aways from this article!

  57. Udari Alwis :

    Hi Neil ,

    Great post its really interesting . 🙂

  58. James thomas :

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information……………..

  59. Thanks for sharing this info…found it helpful.

  60. Hi,

    Recently, I have created Facebook Pages one month ago and implement the strategies from your blog. The following is what I have done:

    1. Everyday post 1 photo in my profile and another photo to communities
    2. Post link of website in Facebook once a week (so that it is not spamming)

    So far I have not done any Fb Ads.

    I have implemented this strategies for one month but usually I get 1 or 2 likes and most of the time do not have any engagement.

    Am I using the wrong strategies and looking forward for your advice.

    Thank you.

  61. Perfectly spot on when it comes to liking/commenting/sharing. However I would like to add on the point that not everyone will comment/share. Most people are just passive on Facebook and the most they do is like because they’re worried about how others judge them if e.g. they shared a particular status (because it’s shown on the user’s profile while a like or comment just appears in newsfeed

  62. Mina Demian :

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to get a link to the research referenced by this infographic? I’m particularly interested in the findings about Reason 2, affirming something about ourselves?



  63. Not really an eye opener since we pretty much already know all this stuff, but interesting to read none the less!

  64. Harish Sharma :

    Amazing post as usual. Someone suggested your blog to read and once I started following you I have become a huge fan of yours. Believe me I bookmark your posts and do check whenever and wherever I get time. THANKS A TON for posting such insightful information and I just LOVED to read and understand it.

  65. Hi Neil,
    marvelous work! I want to translate infographic to Czech Language. Please write me an email so we can talk about it a little.

    Thank you very much,

  66. Great research…Thank you very much for the wonderful info graphics Really appreciate it.
    Looking forward to more interesting and effective things we could do on Facebook to keep engaged the visitors.

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  70. many people are motivated through Facebook because they enjoy commenting, and sharing on Facebook. especially now that we are living in a digital world. Thanks for sharing.

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    • WordPress is a good start. And let the content lead the site not the design of the template.

      Also be very specific in who your audience are and what you want to do to help them.

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