22 Gmail Plugins That All Content Marketers Need to Know About


When email first came out, each time I got a new message, I loved it!

Now? I get hundreds per day—it’s not quite as special anymore.

But while the entertainment value of email has declined, its role in business has remained important.

Of all the email options out there, I’m a big fan of Gmail. It’s a free service and one of the most popular email services on the web:


But here’s the thing: just using Gmail isn’t enough if you want to achieve great results in your business. You have to use it the right way.

Did you know that being interrupted by email costs the average worker an hour of lost time each day? Think about how much work could be done in that extra hour. 

Part of the problem is that we develop bad habits over the years. Radicati found that the typical employee checks their email an amazing 36 times per hour. They also send and receive 105 emails during the day.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this level of distraction is not conducive to productivity and that this volume of email for an average worker is kind of scary. It’s almost inevitable that you would lose emails and forget to do important things.

Managers are supposed to be pretty good at…well…managing things, right? But even they can’t manage inboxes well. In fact, 59% of middle managers miss at least one important piece of information from email every day because they can’t find it. Sometimes, they never see it in the first place.

As marketers, we deal with many people who have these habits every day. Heck, maybe we ourselves are guilty of some bad habits as well.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to turn your Gmail inbox into a machine, where junk is ruthlessly eliminated and valuable emails are always acted upon.

To do so, you’re going to need plugins, and lots of them.

That’s why I’ve hand-picked 22 of the best Gmail plugins that will help you clean up your inbox (and keep it clean), send emails that get opened more, and increase your email productivity.

You won’t and shouldn’t install them all, but I bet you can find at least a few that will make a significant difference in the results of your emailing efforts.

Streamline and automate sending emails

Two things always grow as you become more successful: income and emails.

Not only do you receive more email but you also send more emails—out of necessity, of course. Readers, employees, partners, and your regular friends all need your attention.

If you’re not careful, you’ll spend half your day checking and writing emails.

TNS found that workers spend the most time every week checking email:


Luckily, there are some great Gmail plugins that will help you clear out your inbox faster without missing anything important.

1. Boomerang. Use it to schedule emails or remind you to send an email at a specific time.

Boomerang solves all sorts of common problems for content marketers.

Do you ever want to respond to an email, but not right away? For example, maybe you need to send an invoice in a week.

Boomerang lets you schedule when your email needs to go out. Here’s how you do it:

Once you send the email, you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it later, and it doesn’t clutter up your inbox.

One other great reason to use the scheduling feature is for your link outreach campaigns. Emailing someone at 2 AM is a surefire way to get your email buried under the rest of someone’s morning email.

MailChimp found that the highest email open rates occur between 8 AM and 5 PM.


When sending emails to someone you don’t know well, schedule them to be sent during this window to maximize your chances of them being read.

While the plugin has a few other features, the next most useful one reflects why the plugin named Boomerang in the first place.

Sometimes, you can’t respond to an email right away even if you’d like to. You could be waiting for some results or for responses from other members of your team on a project.

So if someone, say a client, sends you an email asking for an update at the start of the day, you can “boomerang” the email to make it disappear from your inbox—for now—and show up at a later time marked “unread.”

This will prevent emails from being buried and forgotten. Here’s how simple it is:

2. Clientele.io. This plugin was created for marketers who want to maximize their follow-up email response rates.

If you’re dealing with busy clients but need their approval or feedback, you likely find yourself waiting for them to get back to you.

What Clientele does is it tracks the results of your normal email activity and over time determines which times are best to send emails to a certain person. You want emails not just to get opened but also replied to.


Like we discussed before, many people get bogged down by piles of email. Even if they mean to respond to you, it’s possible that they just forget.

Not only will this plugin help you send the first email at the optimal time but it will also help you time a follow-up email.

3. FollowupCC. Sometimes we mean to follow up with someone, but forget to. This plugin gives you the choice to set a follow-up date when you are sending/replying to an email.

If you haven’t heard back from your recipient, you’ll get a new email in that thread reminding you to follow up.


There’s another feature that made it hard to categorize this plugin. When you send emails, you have the option of tracking who’s looking at the email. The results can be seen in a sidebar as shown below:


When it comes to sales, only 2% of sales actually occur on the first contact. Eighty percent occur after the fifth contact.

Even if you’re not directly involved in the sales process, you likely use email to build relationships and work with people. If you don’t ever follow up, chances are that you’ve lost a lot of business (and profit) because your emails were simply forgotten or buried.

Considering how little it takes to send a follow-up (especially with a plugin), the results are definitely worth your effort.

Give it a try—start following up regularly when you don’t hear back from a contact. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results over time.

4. Yet Another Mail Merge. Mail merges may have fallen out of fashion over the years, but in some situations they are still handy.

A mail merge, for those of you not familiar with the term, allows you to input contact information such as name, email address, and anything else you’d like into a spreadsheet. You can then send an email to all these addresses at the same time, complete with personalization.

Here’s how Yet Another Mail Merge works using a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) and your Gmail account:

5. WiseStamp: Create an email signature that stands out. If you’ve ever emailed me, you know that I have a pretty unique signature at the end of all my emails:


A good email signature is a great personal branding opportunity. It’s a chance to stand out while also communicating important information without any extra effort.

If you have a really high volume of emails, adding a line like mine to your signature will significantly cut down on the number of emails people send you. In addition, it saves you from people thinking that you’re rude because of your short replies due to time constraints.

WiseStamp allows you to create a custom signature for your emails. You can include a picture, links to social profiles or websites, phone numbers, and any message you want—the sky’s the limit.


Spying on prospects (a.k.a. tracking email open rate)

Where does your email go when you click “send”?

It seems as if it just poofs into the ether of the Internet.

Of course, it doesn’t disappear. You just can’t see it going into your recipient’s mailbox.

If you’re like me, you’d feel that it sucks. I want to know that my emails are ending up in inboxes and being read, not being filtered into junk or promotional tabs.

If you’re emailing someone influential, it could be days or weeks before you hear back…or never.

James Altucher once shared that he had 105,591 unread emails in his inbox. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if he had at least opened an email you sent? You bet. Then you could follow up or try to get in touch through different means.

This is where the following plugins come in handy. They allow you to see when emails you send are opened and how often. You can use this information to improve your email open rate over time.

6. Yesware. When you send an email, all you need to do is check the box beside “Track” at the bottom. Yesware will track all future actions your recipient takes with your email.


You have two types of ways to view the results of tracking. There’s a limited collapsible panel above your inbox that you can use to view the most recent email data, or you can dig into detailed reports on the Yesware website.


In the detailed reports, you can analyze your results for all the major metrics such as clicks and opens.

If you’re running an email outreach campaign, chances are you’ll be emailing hundreds of people with similar subject lines.

By creating a few variations of your subject line, you can split test which one gets the most opens and positive responses. Take the winner as your new default, and then begin a new test during your next campaign.

Finally, Yesware also lets you create and save email templates. If you find yourself sending a lot of similar emails, just create a template and insert it into your next blank email. This feature can save you a lot of time during email outreach campaigns.

7. BananaTag. This plugin is very similar to Yesware. Just click the tag option at the bottom of any email, and you will be able to see exactly when and who is opening it later on.

The analytics are also very solid, allowing you to examine your email open rate over time and improve it through experimentation.


One final note: they’ve also released a beta tool that allows you to schedule sending emails, which may eliminate the need for an extra plugin.

8. ToutApp. This plugin is a little more robust and meant for a team use. It features similar tracking capabilities as the other plugins in this section, e.g., email opens, interactions (clicks/downloads), and replies.

ToutApp also features easy to save and use templates, which can speed up any repetitive outreach efforts.

I’d say the biggest difference between ToutApp and the other plugins in this category is that ToutApp focuses on tracking by the person rather than the email. This is a major benefit if you communicate with certain people over and over again and really want to learn which emails they respond to best.


Finally, note that ToutApp is exclusively a paid one. While they offer a 14-day free trial, there is no free level. It’s meant more for teams and professional marketers rather than those that are relatively new to the field.

9. Sidekick. This plugin was developed for Gmail by HubSpot and released as a free version (paid plan available). Just like the other plugins in this category, it tells you when and who opened your email.

On the free plan, the reporting is pretty basic and isn’t quite up to par with the other options. It’s not as easy to see overall clicks and opens over time.

The one neat feature of this plugin is customer insights. When you send an email, the Sidekick sidebar will emerge on the right of the screen and attempt to pull up relevant social media information of your contact.


Unfortunately, I found this to be really hit or miss, and often the plugin couldn’t find any information on a contact.

Boost sales with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plugin

Despite purchasing a CRM startup a while back, I don’t write much about CRM on Quick Sprout or the NeilPatel.com blog.

That’s because CRM is for sales, not marketing. CRM tools help you track your relationships with leads and nurture them down your sales funnel.

That being said, I know that some of you are involved in both marketing and sales. Since there are some great Gmail CRM plugins, I wanted to give you a few options.

These are all fairly comprehensive tools, so the best I can do is highlight the main benefits for choosing each, and you can read up on them on your own if interested.

10. Streak. Unlike most other CRM tools, Streak is specifically designed for Gmail, which gives it an advantage over many of the best-known CRM companies.

It features a lightweight dashboard that’s built right into Gmail. You can color-code prospects as they move through each stage in your funnel.


The big reason a CRM like this is helpful is that it takes a complex set of data and puts it on an easy to see chart/spreadsheet. Even with several leads at different stages in your funnel, you won’t forget to follow up with anyone.

And while this is typically meant for sales, there’s no reason why you can’t use a similar process for building relationships with influencers.

In addition to having standard CRM features, Streak also gives you other basic business tools that you might be interested in such as:

  • email support (customer service)
  • project development
  • fundraising
  • bug tracking


11. WORKetc CRM. This is another highly rated CRM plugin for Gmail. It’s not as pretty as its competitors, but it performs well.

This CRM plugin is designed for teams, and it excels in that area. In addition, it has great built-in features for project management and billing, which is a huge asset for certain businesses.

Instead of being built right into Gmail, it syncs with Gmail. Sometimes this is inconvenient, but it can be beneficial if you’re working with outside docs and calendars that you want to sync up.

Here’s a more in-depth video of its features:

12. ProsperWorks (formerly Strideapp). Recognize the handsome guy on the homepage? That’s the startup I was talking about earlier. It’s another Google App designed for Gmail users (rather than a poor adaptation of an app).

It is simpler than some of the alternatives, but that’s also a good thing for anyone looking for a lightweight CRM. It is a CRM tool, and it does CRM well. And while it syncs with your Google calendar, contacts, etc., it doesn’t try to handle billing or project development.


Obviously, I’m biased, so let me instead copy part of a review from a user:

“[Where] The extension really SHINES are the task management features. There are so many situations where several of us are involved in working on different activities for one prospect that are all tied together. It eliminated ugly spreadsheet pipelines, strings of forwarded emails, and hours spent searching/coordinating things.”

You’ll get a standard sidebar when in Gmail, showing you your contact history and profile:


Learn everything about the person you’re emailing

Even though sales is typically thought of as separate from marketing, there is some overlap.

You might have noticed that the sidebar in the screenshot of ProsperWorks has a ton of contact information on the person the email is being sent to. This has obvious benefits. No more forgetting what you’ve covered or asking embarrassing questions.

The plugins in this section are dedicated to this one important function. In addition, they can help you find contact information if needed.

Can you imagine sending an email to someone and being able to say, “I saw your tweet yesterday about X—it was great,” or something along those lines?

Or asking about a family member or a hobby your contact brought up months or years ago? Who isn’t going to appreciate that?

And these plugins can help you do that without you having to go out of your way. Most have a way to add important notes or check recent social media activity of your contacts.

13. RapportiveAbout five years ago, Rapportive was the king in this area. It was pretty much the first plugin to do this sort of function right, which quickly led to its rise in popularity.

But since it was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, Rapportive has lost its stranglehold on the niche. Many of its original features were stripped away to emphasize LinkedIn, and some performance bugs led to the rapid creation of alternative plugins.

The Rapportive sidebar today is fairly solid and draws its information directly from LinkedIn. This is a good thing if your contact uses LinkedIn, but it’s not very useful if they don’t.


14. Discoverly. One of the first major competitors to Rapportive was Discoverly. It has a lot of features similar to the original Rapportive.

You’ll see the sidebar widget on the right side as usual, and it contains links to the displayed contact’s profiles on popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as information about connections (friends) and some recent activity.

It’s fairly simple, but that’s the appeal.


15. Full Contact. This is one of the latest rising competitors to the now crowded space of contact profiling widgets.


It also features a fairly simple but very attractive design. On the main panel, the social activity is downplayed in favor of other information. While there are links to social networks (small logos), there is a lot of space dedicated to allowing you to add tags or notes to a contact.

In addition, it clearly displays your contact’s location and time zone, which can be very handy when scheduling emails. If you want to see recent social activity, you simply click on the social tab at the bottom of the widget.

The most important thing is that it seems to be one of the most reliable plugins currently when it comes to finding contact information, which is the biggest challenge for plugins in this area.

Waste less time in your email inbox with productivity plugins

As a marketer, you know that your most limited resource is your time. And if you’re spending half of your day in your email inbox, you likely aren’t using it effectively.

Email, like social media, is both a tool and a recreational outlet. It’s easy to confuse value-creating work with fun.

That’s why I recommend using Gmail plugins to maximize your productivity.

Everyone has their own productivity kryptonite, which is why I’ve included plugins that address a wide variety of productivity issues.

16. Unroll.me. How many emails from other marketers do you end up deleting 90% of the time after glancing at them for a few seconds?

It’s normal to sign up for email lists. You might do it because you’re actually a fan of someone’s work or you just want to see what they’re up to. But over time, you’re likely to find yourself on a lot of lists that end up overwhelming you and your inbox.

The point of Unroll.me is to consolidate all the messages that you do want to read into one easy-to-read email per day.

You can also easily go down the list of your current subscriptions and unsubscribe from any lists you don’t want to be on with one click. Sure, this will take you a few minutes now, but it’ll save you hours over the long run.


17. Assistant.to. Ever get sick of trying to find a meeting time that works for both you and the other party? To help you with this task, this plugin is the best free plugin out there for you.

This plugin integrates with your Google Calendar to let you easily select free time in the upcoming days that you could use for meetings.

In the actual email you’re sending, you enter the length of time required for the meeting, then click on the free time in your calendar. The plugin formats the different time options so that your recipient can just click on a time that works for them, and the meeting will be automatically set.


18. ActiveInbox. While some of us are better or worse than others, most people procrastinate until a deadline comes up. This plugin was created to deal with that problem.

You can go through a large batch of emails and assign them both a priority and a due date. They will be arranged in a logical order so that you can deal with them most efficiently.


One caveat: There’s a free trial, but after that, it’s a paid tool (a few dollars a month). You should know by the end of the trial if the tool is worth paying for.

19. AwayFind. Put your hand up if you’re constantly checking your email throughout the day. Almost everyone does.

It’s obviously a huge waste of time and distracts you from doing actual work that produces value.

This plugin was created so that you could stop checking your inbox without worrying about missing anything important.

You create filters with it so that if a certain person sends you a message within a certain time frame, you will get a phone call or text to your cell phone with the text of the email.


This way, you’ll still get emails you want to read immediately within the time frame you want, but the less important stuff will wait for you until later.

20. Send & Archive. This plugin is actually built right into Gmail. It’s designed to help you get rid of all those long email threads.

When you reply to an email thread, it stays in your inbox unless you move it. With Send & Archive, as you might have guessed, the email automatically gets archived (you can still retrieve it later if needed).

To enable Send & Archive, click on the gear near the top right of your inbox, then click on “Settings.”


Next, click the radio button beside “show ‘Send & Archive’ button in reply” to turn it on.


Now, when you reply to an email, you’ll see a second “send” button. The one with the box with a down arrow will automatically archive the email after you send it.


21. The Email Game. Who said answering emails can’t be fun? This plugin isn’t for everyone, but if you find that it takes you a long time to slog through your emails every day, it might help you.

Once started, the plugin will give you a time limit to respond to each email. As you answer each email, the progress bar fills up until you finish answering all emails.

Obviously, this plugin isn’t good if most of your emails require carefully thought-out responses.

22. Taskforce. Taskforce is a really handy to-do list that you can edit on the fly in Gmail.

This saves you from having to record things that you need to do in another spreadsheet or text file. In the case that you don’t write down tasks in the first place, this saves you from continually having to search for and open emails.

Additionally, you can add people to specific tasks. When you finish the task, they’ll get an email update.



I really hope that you were able to identify areas where you could become more effective and/or efficient when it comes to emailing and found a plugin in this list that could help you improve in those areas.

Remember that Gmail is a tool (a good one), and you need to adapt it to your needs to make the most of it.

With the plugins in this article, you should be able to:

  • get higher open and response rates
  • spend less time checking email
  • maintain a cleaner email box
  • miss fewer important emails
  • stress less about your inbox
  • integrate Gmail into your marketing efforts for more profit
  • make answering email less of a chore

I’ve given you 22 great plugins, but there are hundreds more out there. If you want more options or find a new problem, don’t be afraid to look around.

If there’s a particular plugin that you love that didn’t make this list, let me know in the comments below.


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    As a content marketer, I use the majority of these tools but there are a few I haven’t heard of.

    In what cases have you found using a CRM for personal use effective?


  32. Great one Neil. But a lot of this features are already in Inbox (developed by the gmail team), you should check it out if you haven’t already.

  33. I love the resource type post Neil. If you don’t mind me adding lately I have been using a plugin called Giphy for Gmail.

    I first heard about it from Sam Parr from HustleCon to get his VIP presenters to commit. I tried this as well and it work incredibly.

    1. Just add a GIF that you created from http://makeagif.com/

    2. Upload it to Giphy or you can keep it for yourself.

    3. Send it out to your prosepective coffee guest.

    People really appreciate you going the extra mile for them. They will more than likely enjoy your e-mail.

    *Neil I’m still waiting on you to tell your audience about IFTT

    Smell Ya Later,

    • Deandre, I like that process — sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

      You can go ahead and tell my audience about IFTT 😉

  34. Oh… really. I did not even know that there are plugins for gmail on the internet. I usually see your article titles in my inbox and postpone to read them after a week, but this one I read it on the moment I saw the title. Really great and useful one.

    Thanks, Neil!

  35. Harjeet Kaur :

    It was awesome article and so much informational. Thanks. Great Work!

  36. Lucy Barber :

    Hey Neal,

    Thanks for this list of plugins. I enjoyed looking through all of them.

    Note sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I went through to try and sign up for clientele.io & yesware but both are broken in the sign up flow. If I try to sign up for the free version of yesware I just get flooded with error messages and clientele.io seems to be defunct. Anyway, if anyone does have success with those two options, let me know how you got it to work!


    • Lucy, Let me look into it. Hopefully someone else has insights as well.

      • Joshua Robbs :

        Same here, Neil. I even sent them some referrals. It shows the referrals and the reward, but there isn’t any explanation of how to get in.

        Thanks for the great post. I’m already loving Streak.

  37. Jack Dawson :

    Hey Neil, Thanks for the list but of my 15+ e-mail addresses only one is gmail. I use Thunderbird for my e-mail client and pull all of my e-mails into one inbox. So what kind of plugins do you suggest for me?
    Also, why are you such a big fan of G-mail? I have a real problem with google spying on me so I do not conduct business using a gmail or other free email service. G-mail is reserved for newsletters and such while anything important is done thru emails at my domains.

    • Jack, I am definitely a big fan of Gmail — use it everyday.

      In regards to plugins I think the post goes over some great ones.

  38. i just thought about, how the new Inbox by google impact our lifestyle and the productive way of using the new Inbox

    Maybe Neil can come out of this the idea of new inbox.

  39. Great list. I’m also using something called Sanebox, which filters your inbox to only show important messages. It learns over time. It has made life a lot easier!

  40. John Asbury :

    Hi Neil, great list as always! Thanks.

    I’d be really interested to find a way to clear out old emails, I’ve got so many since Gmail tabs that it makes searching for old emails almost impossible!!


  41. Thanks for the wonderful article Neil. Never heard of some of the plugins mentioned here. Will give them a try…

  42. Waqar Ahmed :

    Emm for now I don’t have so much emails to respond. As you said, emails are directly proportional to the success. For now that is a remote thing for me.
    Anyways, for future! 🙂
    Great Work!

  43. Neil, you are the man, This is so in-depth! I already use some of the the tools you have mentioned here and definitely going to try the ones I don’t currently.

    My fav is rapportive, not only it shows me who I am emailing with its a good way to figure out People’s email addresses (with trial and error). So if you are trying to guess someone’s email (lets say a very important person who’s email isn’t available to the public) – you can simply guess his email firstname.lastname[at]company.com and put it in gmail’s To: Field. If the email is correct and the person is say using that email in any of the social profiles (linkedin, twitter) – rapportive card will kick in. You can pretty much add all different variation of your guesses and mouse over on each to figure out which one is correct. This works 90% of the times.

  44. Rubina Cohen :

    Neil, love all of these tools! Does anyone else have an issue of clunking said or had these plug-ins bog down their gmail? I can’t use steak because it comely bogs down gmail…so slow. I also had issues with assisatnt.to loading correctly. Also task force bogs things down too. Anyone seen experiencing this? Either way, I love this article! Thank you for all of the thought and tell it took to put this info together. Really appreciate it Neil!

  45. Ahsan Nadeem :

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  46. Gmail is a kind of lifeline for most of the online users, Millions of people use Gmail on daily basis. Not many are aware about these plug-in. This list is such a useful one for all the users of Gmail. I am aware about some of the plug-in and some are new for me.
    I will try to use them and how they help me in daily work.

  47. Deepak Kanakaraju :

    I use mail merge by Yesware. Many people don’t know that Yesware has an excellent mail merge feature.

    I have written a review of just the Yesware mail merge feature which you will find interesting: http://digitaldeepak.com/yesware-com-mail-merge-feature-review/

  48. Susant Srichandan :

    Thanks for sharing, Neil..! This is another awesome information as I always found on your blog. Therefore, I’m a big fan of your.

    From the above, some plugins are new for me and some plugins I have been using for marketing purpose (i.e. Yet Another Mail Merge, Yesware ) and they are working awesome.

    But today I’m going to use this tool “Streak” and hope it help me a lot.

    Have a great time…!



  49. Pranay Oswal :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for sharing these excellent Gmail Plug ins.

    Made life easy.

    Glad you compiled it.

    Thanks again.

    -Pranay Oswal
    Founder & MD
    I Qube

  50. Ugh, why do I feel like I’m back on the Warrior Forum when I read the copy to this article? It’s cheesy sales talk and doesn’t sound genuine at all.

    Sentences that are the biggest offenders:

    “But here’s the thing: just using Gmail isn’t enough if you want to achieve great results in your business. You have to use it the right way.”

    “Did you know that being interrupted by email costs the average worker an hour of lost time each day? Think about how much work could be done in that extra hour.”

    “That’s why I’m going to show you how to turn your Gmail inbox into a machine, where junk is ruthlessly eliminated and valuable emails are always acted upon.”

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    Omg, What a post. I never used any Gmail plugin before & I don’t know why. Very thankful for sharing.

    And 1 question. Is there any plugin or tool something to send same email to different people at same time?


  54. Interesting: “MailChimp found that the highest email open rates occur between 8 AM and 5 PM.”

  55. Hi Neil

    Sorry to ask an unrelated question!

    Do you have a blog post on using surveys and survey providers? I have tried to use the search field in the sidebar, but I have had no luck.

    • Henriette — this may help: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/10/03/7-simple-things-you-can-do-to-fix-your-marketing/

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  57. Great Information most of them are new for me. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  58. Hi Neil

    No Doubt, its a well researched article

    But, is it safe to allow these apps to access your inbox?

    I have tried boomerang in the past too, but removed it just for the fear of privacy. Can you put more light into it?

  59. Joe H Bunting :

    Good post Neil! You’re missing Gmail Meter though (http://gmailmeter.com/). Measures how many emails you receive/send per month. Great for tracking your productivity and seeing which emails are wasting the most time.

  60. did not know you can do so much with email

  61. I knew that gmail is the best free email service provider out there, but I never knew its power can be compounded with plugin like these. Neil, thanks a ton for sharing it with your readers. Keep it coming.

  62. As other have said, epic list indeed!

    But a must have plugin for me is Gmail Pause!

    Allow me to shamelessly plug in our post here on that:

  63. Thanks Patel, I have downloaded almost all of them. I learn something new everytime you put up a post 😉

  64. Mailtrack.io is a great free tool to see when people open your emails.

  65. Vicky Choksi :

    Hi Neil,

    As usual once again you have come with awesome info. I will try this Gmail plugin for my content marketing campaigns.


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    Thanks for helping me .

  67. Al-Amin Kabir :

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  68. Gaurav Khurana :

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    THanks for the information

  69. Harshit Bhootra :

    A great list, will definitely try some. Really useful info 🙂

  70. Philip Verghese Ariel :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks a lot for the notification about his wonderful post,
    A much needed and timely one to all especially people like me and you, I mean the bloggers! 🙂

    Hey Neil, i read this and thought a much needed one for my fellow bloggers at kingged.com and i shared it with a following note, hope you don’t mind. I am bookmarking this for my further use. Thanks. May you have a great and profitable week of sharing and caring! 🙂
    ~ Philip

    Hi All Kinggers,

    Greetings from India. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good to be here again with someone else post! 🙂

    An amazing post written by non other than Neil Patel the famous pro. blogger.

    In this post he presented 22 different valuable plugins a blogger or a web author should make note of.

    Yes, these days our in boxes are jammed up with mails, how to sort out and save our time.

    Yes, Neil, says: “Waste less time in your email inbox with productivity plugins”

    I am glad I found this and shared here, hope it will be a great help to the kinggers here. Have a look at it and use it for your benefit. 🙂

    Wish you all here a profitable and joyous weekend.

    Philips of Philipscom

  71. Hi Neil

    First of all, I want to say I love all of posts and I can’t wait to use some of these Gmail plugins… I just have a small request… which I think most people would appreciate… can u please give a way to scroll all the way to the top of the post by pushing a button or something?

    I love all of your mile long posts but it’s kinda pain in the butt scroll all the way up.

    Anyhow… keep up the good work …. Oh… how is your health site going???

  72. Thanks Neil. I was able to spot some gaps which I will be filling with some of these plugings. I particularly like what WiseStamp allows you to do.

  73. Prasad Sistla :

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    Thanks for awesome post, these plugins are going to help me a lot.. thx buddy….. keep rocking.

    Prasad Sistla

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  75. Hi Neil, nice article and great info. Thanks for sharing. I would like to add a recommendation on the last item for managing TASK LISTS .. I use WUNDERLIST and it is really amazing. They keep enhancing the free version and works across platforms so your List is available from you cell, Tablet and PC. It has a Plugin to Chrome so you can add Tasks directly. @Wunderlist Check them out. I highly recommend them. Wunderlist.com


  76. nehakalraseo :

    It is one of the reason every Indian is more enthusiastic in knowing about the updated news from wherever they are even across the globe. Now it has become very easy to all gossips and news updated from the circle of India and through various websites.

  77. You have a quite long round up of Gmail Plugins.

    I can personally say that these are very useful.

    WiseStamp, is what I really like the most. We have a problem in our company’s email signature and the logo of our company sometimes does not show. We have to try it through copy pasting, inserting the logo to the email draft we have and it takes time to finish since we have to do the trial and error process.

    I might ask them to try this so we can focus more on our email marketing.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  78. Barry Phillips :

    Great article Neil. I have never heard of several plugins that you mentioned above. The Assistant.to plugin looks fabulous, definitely implementing that ASAP! BTW your posts have taught me a lot. Thank you.

  79. Hi Neil,

    Had bookmarked this article,to read later.

    Have had a lot of unread emails in the past.

    Really helpful in getting organised for gmail users.

    Thanks for the awesome info.



  80. I added Boomerang and Yesware to my gmail. Guess I will have to decide between the two.

    Also, replaced Rapportive with Full Contact. Used Rapportive for years, but did not realize the LinkedIn cannibalism issue, Rapportive is weak when just based on LinkedIn. See myself sticking with Full Contact for a while it is great.

    One you missed that I loved when I used it was Sanebox. It auto-sorts and learns from your own sorting where to send things. So, you can send all your leads to a a folder and the next time you get an email, say from your CRM, it will send it to that folder.

  81. Hi Neil,

    It is really imagine. I never know this about Gmail before read your post.
    Want to try them 🙂

  82. Hi Phillip/Neil,
    Thanks for this share. Its always exciting learning of apps and tools that can make business become productive and profitable. These plugins for gmail are new to me and I am glad to have stumbled upon this post.

    As a content marketer, I think using one or two of these tools can help increase conversion for me!

    However, I am surprised that there is no plugin that has taken the place of Google Talk which alerts users of new mails on the desktop!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com where this post was found!

  83. Thanks for this share. Its always exciting learning of apps and tools that can make business become productive and profitable. These plugins for gmail are new to me and I am glad to have stumbled upon this post.

  84. This is amazing article. Thank you for this information.
    Keep it up… 🙂

  85. Great list – I’ve tried many and use a couple regularly (like WiseStamp).

    But…the holy grail is email follow-up. I find it extremely difficult to keep on top of “who is emailing me back?”, “when did we schedule that meeting for next week?”, or “how long has it been since I sent Ted that last emall”?

    With the volume of email we all get, follow-up is critical…but it seems to be sorely lacking with plugins, etc. If you find tools that help with this, I would love to know.

    • Hockeymom, let me look into it — at the top of my head I don’t have anything.

      • Thanks for the response, Neil. It think it’s a critical “missing link” for so many people. ActiveInbox seems to be the closest, but it, too, isn’t as easy to use as it could be.

  86. Amazing post Neil.
    If you ever come to Hungary, let me know! 😉

  87. Great post neil, I only know few of them but really going to add more in my pocket.

  88. Great article! Can’t believe there are some many plugins now for Gmail. Thought I would add ours to your list, instead of just knowing when someone has opened your email we tell you when and for how long they read your attachments. Great for sales when you need to know which prospects are really interested in your product/service.


  89. Matt McCormick :

    I’m the founder of https://touchingbase.io which is another follow up system for Gmail. The difference with ours is that we focus on the long game – personal, relationship building. Our follow up reminders work on an ongoing basis and we include a full year’s worth of email analysis that you can use to identify who in your network is in danger of falling out of touch. It’s a great way to reconnect with those people from the past that may have future opportunities.

  90. Hi Neil,

    The Gmail plugins you mentioned was really cool. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try all of them. I’m sure this will help me to manage my inbox in a better and efficient way. Expecting more such useful and relevant posts from you.

    • You’re going to be glad you did this Ash. It’s a great feeling when plugins can help your life become easier 😉

  91. Great Share Neil! Many plugins are new to me and seem like very useful. I like Toutapp for email tracking. But sales team needs other features like document sharing and live meeting to increase sales productivity. I would like to add SalesHandy (offers Gmail plugin for email tracking and document link sharing), to this


  92. Alberto Rodriguez :

    I found one plugin that seems missing from your list: http://www.mailroof.com. I stumbled up on it and I loved it because it showed me a list of all the customers I had lost touch with… it’s pretty handy, I think.

  93. Azaadi Ka Din :

    yes..MailRoof is a very good plugin and I guess it should be in the list. Thanks.

  94. Hi Neil,
    Great article! Another great Gmail extension which is brand new is Lingviny.com. It helps you write emails in 40+ languages without leaving your inbox. All you need to do is write an email in your native language, hit the Lingviny button in your Gmail compose window. Then with the help of professional translators your email is translated and sent directly to the recipient. Super useful for businesses and individual users who want to make sure that their message is understood.

  95. Thanks for this share. Its always exciting learning of apps and tools that can make business become productive and profitable. These plugins for gmail are new to me and I am glad to have stumbled upon this post.

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    It’s an remarkable paragraph in support of all the web viewers; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  97. Hi, Neil. Thanks for the great article, I’ve found some really great apps I’ve never heard about.
    Also, do you mind checking out Deskun https://deskun.com/ ?
    It’s a good free alternative to Boomerang.

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