How to Get More Sales From Your Mobile Visitors

Over the next few years, most of your traffic growth will come from mobile devices. Mobile is becoming so important that Google is making algorithm changes based on mobile device usage.

But what you’ll notice as your traffic increases from mobile is that your conversions and sales won’t increase as fast. Why? Because your website isn’t set up for mobile conversions.

In order to help you grow, I’ve created an infographic that will teach you how to get more sales from your mobile visitors.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Get More Sales From Your Mobile Visitors

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Increasing your mobile conversions isn’t difficult. From making your phone number clickable to speeding up your load time and adding a call to action above the fold, it’s the little things that will impact your sales.

How else can you improve your mobile sales?

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  1. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    A vanity number, I did not know the name of them. That sounds very useful!

    And thanks for the code for a clickable number!

    P.S. I just like sharing the things I do with you and the readers, and I seem to get conversations going. Well, I basically just posted my first guest-post ever! – Haha, it felt really awesome.

    If you could check it out it’d be amazing! I also used the Instagram strategy I mentioned to you earlier, and have contacted the Instagram user to see if he shares the post (outbound link through pictures). I hope he answers! 🙂

    Thanks for teaching me everything (literally).

    • Laura ~ RYG :

      Wow! Another post knocked out of the park. Need to make that T-shirt that says I agree with Neil!!!! In fact, I was talking to a customer with their own website and referenced you~ They never heard of you and are so excited to come onto your blog!!!! How fun is that? Now about those watermelon and mint skewers.

    • Eduardo, sounds like you have taught yourself a lot of things — and you’re doing a great job.

      The guest post looks great. Keep up the great work and please keep me up to date on progress.

  2. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, clean infographic design!

    Interesting fact about vanity phone numbers is 33% more likely to drive clicks in mobile ads.

    Neil Q: How else can you improve your mobile sales?
    Steve A: SMS Marketing.

    Thank You for creating an infographic that teach us how to get more sales from your mobile visitors.

    Have a great Day!

    • Steve, vanity numbers really do make a difference. I may have to write a post on SMS marketing soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. William Zimmerman :


    Great post here!!!

    Will have a clickable mobile phone number, vanity number and of course as always, a call to action.

    Do you recommend grasshopper for a vanity number? Are there any other services that offer vanity numbers?

    Thanks very much!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    All the Best,
    Bill Zimmerman

    P.S. You giving yourself a break by taking off on Monday? I know you work very hard and are on record about not being big on vacations. Just wondering.

    • Definitely not taking a break on Monday 😉

      It’s a day to catch up. As for the phone number service grasshopper is a good one — I’d go with them.

  4. For some of my properties, I’ve noticed the up trend in mobile for sometime. So, when I saw this post, I had to read it. Great summary and actionable items.

    How does the smaller device actually affect browsing, info gathering, and actionable items is really great info to know.

    I can see people filling out far fewer forms via mobile and be far more willing to just make the phone call. I wouldn’t do that, personally, but what I wouldn’t do doesn’t mean I won’t offer it.

    Thanks again, Neil.

    Really great info.


    • Jeff, you’d be surprised. Sometimes in specific niches the numbers skew for conversions towards mobile devices. However, you’re right it’s much easier to fill out forms — and people are more inclined to read further — on a desktop.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Ahh! Fantastic stuff. Using a clickable mobile number is a great strategy for small business blogs to increase their trust and sales.

        Mobile search traffic is increasing day by day and most people are now using mobiles to browse and buy products online. It’d be a great idea if we focus more on retaining mobile visitors.

  5. Adarsh Sojitra :

    That’s a great infographic sir, I liked it a lot and will also add it in my blog.
    Any brand will find this very much helpful those who have higher visits from mobile but don’t have much sales. Thanks for this infographic sir…
    I changed the look of my site. Please you can check and tell me how is it?

    • Adarsh, glad you found it helpful. Keep up the great work and always test new designs for your site — the current one looks good.

      • Adarsh Sojitra :

        Yes, sir thanks… I am glad you liked site design! I am following your footprints and getting good results…

  6. Great info again Neil.
    I’ve got a mobile friendly site but after reading this article I thought I’d take a closer look at it. On the main site the phone number appears loud and clear but on the mobile site you have to jump through a load of hoops just to find it so I’ll be making changes to this today.
    Also I’ll look into the UK equivalent of vanity numbers.
    Taking action thanks to this article will probably see an increase in customer contacts for me and hopefully lead to an increase in sales.
    Thanks Neil

    • Paul, let me know how it all works out. Would love to know how this all works in the UK as well — with services and numbers being a bit different.

  7. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for another great post what do you think about my website like if I request you to blog on my website under your name would you?

    • Sam, I wish I could I just don’t have the time right now. How about you set up an interview series — people would be more inclined to join in that way.

      • Thanks Neil for replying Neil I am ready to do more experience but I will need your guidanxe how could I do that?

  8. Hi Neil,

    Any thoughts/insights on the importance of the checkout process for mobile visitors?

    Shopify have recently launched a new responsive checkout and Google Wallet is making things a lot easier too.



    • Dan, I definitely think making the checkout process seamless is important. With that being said I would constantly test.

  9. Thank you Niel! You give do much value, I appreciate you.

  10. Randy Kauffman :

    Good infographic. I like the part about making # clickable. We are going to utilize this on all of our sites.


  11. Neil an awesome post.Learnt analytics,infographics and a lot of stuff from reading your posts.Did try and post a link in a infographic,however didn’t find a plugin that would make it clickable once posted on my blog.With mob devices getting bigger and smarter,a time will come when you will no longer have to open up your laptop.

  12. Deane Alban :

    I’ve made sure my website is mobile responsive but am dismayed that many of the affiliate products I promote haven’t done the same. Some of companies are pretty big players too. I’m puzzled why they haven’t yet optimized their sites for mobile traffic. 🙁

  13. Hello Neil. My name is Dan. Many thanks for the brilliant article and awesome infographic. Surely, mobile device popularity and influence is getting bigger and bigger and we have to take them into consideration. And your post information is right on target and I find it very helpful. Cheers.
    Founder of

  14. mobile is the future, we personally find better conversion on mobile traffic than desktop one.

  15. thanks again neil,

    …and that’s exactly why we have
    1-800-660-4542 in our website header. People can just click and call when they want a longboard 😉

    keep them coming Neil.


  16. Another post that will make the best of blogger out their grim with envy. You are half human, half amazing Neil.

    For me who is a Nigeria, do you advice I only add my business line alone and make it clickable?

    Thanks for the wonderful post time and time again. I have never been addicted to a blig before but yours is so much of an addiction.

    Always waiting for the next post because I know I am going to learn something new that I can act upon.

    Going to start my own blog too and follow your exact model of generating quality leads.

    • Gbenga, thanks for the kind words of support and reading.

      You should provide a number that you are reached at the most — that way you can get a better response rate.

  17. Vincent Cuibus :

    According to rescuetime, today i’ve spent more than 5h on learning new stuff about content marketing from you and Brian Dean. My eyes hurt. Thanks for the infographic!

  18. Awesome tips Neil.

    MS Qureshi

  19. Awesome post, thanks Neil!

  20. Waqar Ahmed :

    Very informative post, sir.
    Sir, I have another question that how to manage comments? I mean I am getting a lot comments on my posts that are irrelevant. They write their website name in “Name” Section and they sound like they are advertising about their own website or product. How do they find me?
    I think a post on how to manage comments would be of great help for the new comers like me.

    • Waqar, there really is no way to automate that process. You can download some spam plugins but ultimately you are going to have to sift through the comments and make sure that the spam comments are being dumped in one pile and that you are responding to real comments.

  21. Patel excuse me to change to topic but I have fill your form “Free Course: “Double Your Traffic
    in 30 Days” + Secret Bonus
    (Valued at $300) ” many times and never get your Course. is there a technical issue or am I doing something wrong?

  22. Harekrishna :

    Making phone number clickable is helping to increase mobile conversions, this little thing can positively impact on sales that is truly significant. The study of what mobile users feel or react when they can’t call directly, is showing the importance of direct call.

  23. AB Associates :

    As mobile visitors increases day by day and they effect on sales also. Nice post with superb information about mobile sales through mobile visitors. Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Hi Neil,
    I’m wondering what happen with University section. I have paid to have access to videos, it looks like it’s open now for everyone and the content is not updated. The contact form doesn’t work, could you provide some information please?
    Best regards,

  25. Hi Neil,

    +1 like. Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing !

  26. Hey Neil, this is exactly what I was looking for.
    Two thumbs up for Neil Patel 🙂 🙂

  27. You are right, it’s mandatory to help conversions on small devices such and mobile phones and tablets. With growing traffic through these devices, I’m pretty sure online shops will react and adapt.

  28. Pashminu Mansukhani :

    Great post! I do not have words to express my gratitude towards helping others in increasing their business from mobiles. I will implement the same ASAP on my website 🙂

    Thanks again.

  29. Neil, it’s amazing. Now I have the idea to dramatically increase sales by mobile users.

  30. Tonmoy Parves :

    Hello Neil, thanks for your share this article with us. Really Good one. And Honestly now i am getting only 5000+ Traffic as well i am newbie and started my blogging career only 2 months ago. And my mostly readers come from Mobile And this is really helpful and important for me ..

  31. Dr. Muddassir Ahmed :

    Another great blog Neil!

  32. Thanks Neil, making mobile display flat design is the way that I did and visitors are very happy.

  33. Wayne Zoeller :

    Thanks for sharing, the rapid rise in mobile use for online purchases is a tough one to corner. I have seen a lot of sites that have been built and then the mobile aspect is just an afterthought – ie add a plugin and it’ll be alright… but in really the structure and make up of the site should be created with mobile users in mind. That’s why i like the truly customisable themes that provide different content depending on the visitor type. You ave some top advice provided here..

    • Wayne, thanks for the feedback. I think customizable themes (like WordPress ones) do a great job.

  34. Great information for leads, but I’m also wondering how to get mobile users to buy digital products, like an ebook. It seems they are willing to click on an ad, but much less inclined to buy (almost zero in fact, compared to above 4% I’m getting from Desktop users).
    Now, I know some of these may view a product on mobile and then buy on their desktop later when they get home, but it’s easy to be forgotten in between that time. Would be much more profitable I believe to get them to Buy Now. lol.

    • Mike, it’s all about the value proposition you are offering them. If you captivate your audience and provide value then the rest will follow. You just have to test and see what works best.

  35. Allinfopark :

    Another Great post Neil.. !!!

  36. Hey Neil

    That’s a great post, not to mention the infographic. I still don’t understand what’s a vanity number is.
    Kindly elaborate on it..



  37. Hey. Good infographic. I like the part about making # clickable. We are going to utilize this on all of our sites.With mob devices getting bigger and smarter,a time will come when you will no longer have to open up your laptop.Surely, mobile device popularity and influence is getting bigger and bigger and we have to take them into consideration. And your post information is right on target and I find it very helpful. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

    • Sneha, mobile is definitely the wave of the future which is why Google has placed such an emphasis on mobile friendly websites.

  38. Bilal Tahir :

    Hey Neil.
    Superb infographic very helpful learn new thing
    Thanks for shairng.keep up it.

  39. Sharita Taz :

    Great infographic Neil, one picture illustrates many things. I earlier lost my search ranking for not optimizing site for mobile devices. But I overcame it and after reading your post, now I feel that it is the time to think more seriously to increase conversion from mobile visitors.

  40. Ketan Jawale :

    Hiee Neil,

    I like that information gathering & tips for increasing mobile lead part,Infographic conveying some important points.

    But it is so important for internet marketers to build user interactive mobile websites,easy to navigate & attractive in nature.

    In the end, what we actually want is, user should spend his quality time surfing our website & we should help them to get real value for their money.

    Anyways,Thanks you so much for sharing your knowledge once again.

    God Bless 🙂

    • Ketan, great points. It’s all about providing the best experience for your users. Thanks for reading and providing valuable feedback.

  41. Hey Neil, Nice post.
    As mobile visitors increases day by day as comparison to desktop visitors, they effects sales also.
    Very informative post with great infographics, thanks for sharing this with us.

  42. Good morning Neil , how are you doing ? Neil I just had my blog set up and is ready to start blogging.

    My question to you is , how do I have an effective blog and attract a targeted audience in my nieche , without having to do VIDEO MARKETING on every post ?

    I notice you don’t do video marketing and you have a great following . Your expertise advise will be greatly appreciated.

    • Ron, great question — just focus on informing your audience in the best way possible. Provide value where they can’t find it elsewhere.

  43. Neil-

    As usual, great IG. I love the art and design behind all of them. I have a question regarding a domain, my partners and I have developed, over the last year. We are a group of surgeons, and we have created a domain, which has a few conversion goals. One of them (conventionally) is calling us. We have one number for our practice. So, is there a way we can track “phone number” clicks from our site, without changing the number?


    • Jeff, have you tried heating tracking software — Crazy Egg does a good job of tracking how clicks.

  44. Read full post today..Another good post..Thanks for sharing info graphics.

  45. Hii…Nice Post.

    You looks like young Mahatma Gandhi…:)

  46. Kavinder Bisht :

    Thank you Neil for sharing great article with us It was very useful for me.

  47. Junaid khan :

    Hello neil this is junaid here thanks a ton for sharing this post i am really impressed with your post the way you have clarified everything is just amazing.

  48. Thank you neil for posting a new information providing article.

  49. While this is very informative (as always) I really don’t see the difference between having a clickable vanity number and having a clickable regular number. Is there one?

  50. Wow, i just realized that is such a genius way of potential backlinks there at the end with the “embed this picture” option. Again hat off to you ser Niel. You are an SEO guru. I can totally imagine some webdesigners hanging your picture instead of jesus’s.

  51. Jeanne Landau :

    With the fact that 61% of phone calls are for the purpose of making a purchase, it is incredibly important to make sure your contact information is on your mobile website! One note, on the vanity numbers though. Vanity numbers are fantastic, especially if a person isn’t able to “click and call” right at that second – so it’s easy enough to remember to dial at another time. However, some vanity numbers are shared among companies in different geographic areas, so you need to make sure you only use vanity numbers for your geo-targeted mobile advertisements.

    • Jeanne — great points thanks for sharing. It’s all about providing value over fluff at the end of the day.

  52. is it possible to increase the mobile visitor and performance through it

  53. Soumik Ghosh :

    What about maintaining a social media calender?You once suggested it is a handy trick.

  54. Hanumanchalisayantra :

    GREAT ! You convey the impression as if you have an implausible knowledge on it and its your gratefulness for giving out and imparting your knowledge and blog with others.
    THANXS for affixing !

  55. It’s just wild that some e-commerce stores still as I write this in Nov 2015 haven’t created a mobile version for their website. Every time I come to a website, especially a store website, that requires zooming in and moving around just to read the descriptions I get so mad and just leave.

    Also those numbers on phone calls during the buying process really surprised me. I have literally never called a business from my phone for the reason of researching a purchase from their website. Great stats!!!

    • Decker, glad you found them helpful.

      It’s smart to be creative and find innovative ways to reach a potential buyer 😉

  56. I find that I am about 60% mobile these days as it comes to incoming traffic. It tends to convert better than desktop as well.

    • Good for you Justin. If you’re on top of it, mobile is huge and it’s only getting bigger. The better your site is optimized for a the mobile experience, the faster you’ll grow.

  57. Very Useful Post .

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