How to Generate $1,000,000 from Your Blog

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Have you been wondering how I will monetize the nutrition blog? Getting to $100,000 a month is a difficult task. Surely, I have something up my sleeve, right?

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have no clue how I am going to make money from the blog.

That doesn’t mean I won’t hit my target as I am pretty confident that I will. But monetizing a blog, or any business for that matter, doesn’t work the way most people think.

Here’s what I’ve learned about monetizing blogs over the last ten years…

You can’t make money without the traffic

When I first started blogging about nine years ago, I tried to make money right away. There’s nothing wrong with that… but I quickly learned that it just doesn’t work.


Because if no one is coming to your blog, you won’t have any traffic to monetize.

So the first step in trying to achieve a large revenue stream is to build up your traffic. In the B2B niche, where blogs appeal to other businesses, kind of like Quick Sprout and Backlinko, you can make $80,000 to $100,000 a month for every 100,000 unique visitors you have every month.

You won’t see those revenue numbers right away as it typically takes a year of hitting those traffic numbers to see your revenue climb that high. Why? Because you don’t make money from people visiting your blog.

You make money only when someone visits your blog, provides you with their email, and then buys something from you through email.

The bigger your email list gets, the easier it is to make money. If you are generating 100,000 visitors a month, you can usually collect 5,000 plus emails. As long as you offer bonus content through plugins such as Thrive and add email collection methods through bars, popups, sliders, and takeovers, you should be able to hit a 5% visitor to email subscriber conversion rate.

In the B2C niche, with blogs similar to the nutrition blog, you’ll have to generate more traffic to generate that kind of revenue. Consumers typically don’t have the same buying power as businesses. They are much more price sensitive.

In most consumer niches, you need to generate roughly 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 visitors a month to start seeing numbers like $100,000 a month in income. This is at least what I’ve seen by working with dozens of blogs in the consumer niche over the years.

Unlike from B2B blogs, you can make money from consumer blogs by just pushing people directly to a product or a service that they can purchase. Sure, collecting emails is still very effective, and you can sell to people on your email list, but assuming your price points are low enough, you can also do a straight sell by pointing people directly to a product landing page.

Why do you need all those visitors?

What most people don’t realize about monetizing blogs is that if you have 100,000 visitors coming to your site each month, you can’t expect 1% or even 0.5% of those people to buy.

What you need to look at is the number of people who are visiting the landing page that contains your offer. If you are lucky, 1% to 4% of those visitors will purchase.

In some cases, you can get that percentage up to 6% or even 8%, but that usually means your offer on the front is irresistibly attractive and very affordable. In that case, you won’t be generating much profit from that specific offer, but you can add in upsells and downsells, which is where you will make the majority of your income.

Do upsells and downsells really work?

You will never maximize your income unless you have good upsells and downsells. I’ve mentioned this in the past… Unleash Your Thin was able to double its average order size by adding 3 upsells after its main product offer.

Let’s assume that the main product you are selling is $97. Here is a formula you can use to grow your revenue:

  • Upsell 1: Offer a speedy upsell for roughly 3 times the price of the original product. The speedy upsell has to help the customer achieve the results and benefits of the original product they bought. If the original product was sold for $97, the first upsell would be sold for around $297.
  • Upsell 2: Whether the customer purchases the first upsell or not, the second one should also be related to the product. The cost for the product should be about 2/3 of the value of the original purchase. In this case, the second upsell would be priced around $67.
  • Upsell 3: The last upsell should also be one that complements the original product. I would make it roughly 150% of the price of the original product. In this example, it would be priced at about $147. Again, this upsell would be offered whether the customer purchased or declined the previous upells.

Beach Body, the creator of P90X and Insanity, has also done well by adding in upsells. It currently does a billion dollars a year in revenue. If it didn’t add 7 upsells at the end of each product purchase, its  front end revenue would be cut in half.

If you don’t have products to upsell or downsell, that’s fine. You can upsell other people’s products just like GoDaddy does. Whenever you check out on GoDaddy, you see offers such as website creation services or SEO, which are not always provided by GoDaddy but rather by a third party.

What about ads?

Ads are typically the worst way you can monetize your traffic. If someone is willing to advertise on your website over the long haul, it means they are making money from you.

Just think about it. If you bought an ad on someone’s blog for $1,000 a month, you’d better be making way more than $1,000, right?

Don’t get me wrong—you can still make money by placing ads on your blog, but it isn’t the best way to generate income. From what I have seen in the B2B niche, if you have 100,000 visitors a month, you’ll be lucky to generate $5,000 a month in ad revenue.

In the B2C niche, if you have over 1,000,000 visitors a month, you will be lucky to generate $20,000 a month in income.

If you really want to hit 6 figures a month in income, you have to sell your own product or service. Or you have to white-label someone else’s products or services and sell those.

So what’s the plan with the nutrition blog?

To be frank, I don’t know the exact method I am going to use to achieve $100,000 a month in income. But I do have a rough idea about what I’m not going to do and what I am going to test out.

Let’s start off with the methods I don’t think will work well:

  • Affiliate products – a portion of the site’s revenue may come from affiliate offers every once in a while, but I don’t see it as the main source of income. The main reason for that is that if you white-labeled a product or created your own, you would make more money than if you took in an affiliate rake.
  • Ads – at the beginning, you may see some income coming from ads to help pay for other content types such as infographics, but it won’t be the main source of income. Why? Because you need way too much traffic to generate $100,000 a month in ad revenue, and I don’t think I can get the blog to that traffic level in 12 months.

Now, let’s go over some of the methods I think will help me hit $100,000 in income:

  • Digital products – ebooks are a great source of revenue. I’ve sold ebooks on Quick Sprout before, and it isn’t hard to generate $100,000 a month in income if you have enough traffic. Quick Sprout is in the B2B vertical, so it is easier to charge more money for an ebook compared to the nutrition space. Nonetheless, Mike will eventually create ebooks for the nutrition blog.
  • Subscription services – in any business, it’s easier to keep your customers than it is to acquire new ones. For that reason, we will be coming up with subscription services where people can pay a monthly fee for something. I don’t know if that “something” will be a tangible product or a digital product, but there will be a subscription revenue model if I can help it.
  • Physical products – from what I have seen in the health space, your conversion rates go up by 300% to 700% when you sell products that get mailed to people. Due to cost, we won’t be able to produce our own products at first. But what we can do is work out a deal with someone else and white-label their products. Eventually, we can create our own once we have cash in the bank.

In addition to those 3 ways of monetizing, there will be upsells and downsells added to each product line. Without that, I don’t see the blog hitting $100,000 in income within 12 months.


When you start your business, your original idea about how you will make money usually isn’t the one that generates you the cash. Over time, things change, and you learn more… that’s when you have to pivot and keep adapting.

As for the nutrition blog, I have a few ideas, as discussed above, about how income will be generated. But I am not 100% sure about my path as things can change. I may learn something new as I have never created a B2C company.

One thing I know for certain is that you can’t generate income without traffic. For that reason, I will be focusing purely on traffic generation over the next three months. Sure, I may throw ads on the nutrition blog during that time to help generate some income, but I don’t see the ad revenue taking the blog to $100,000 a month in revenue.

So, how do you monetize your blog and website?

P.S. Some of you want me to blog about the nutrition blog challenge so you can continually learn from it, while others want me to blog about it only after the 12 months are up so that I wouldn’t be able to leverage Quick Sprout to grow it. 

As middle ground, I’ve decided to blog about this topic throughout the challenge so you can learn as I learn, but I won’t be linking to it from Quick Sprout to avoid skewing the traffic, at least to some degree.


  1. manish kumar :

    This is true lines and new for me 🙂 : Just think about it. If you bought an ad on someone’s blog for $1,000 a month, you’d better be making way more than $1,000, right?

    Thank You so much

    • Manish, it’s just an observation that I have noticed to hold true over the years. The real money is made in selling your own goods and services or reaching out to those who do.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Kousar Batool :

        Well said. It’s lot of hardwork creating & selling your own products but it is worth it.

        Nice post. Luv it.

      • Do you really advise sending people directly to a sells page instead of grabbing their email address first in the B2C space?

      • David Throop :

        Would you suggest building a product to sell before a new blog has built up much traffic?
        Or would it be more worthwhile to invest that time into finding and getting traffic first?

    • I am keenly following this project, and hope to learn heaps from it. Since I too have started a new blog, I can easily identify with the itch to earn money from it.

      Your point that you will spend 3 month concentrating on only building traffic for your blog, has set me on right path. My blog is a mere month old and I need to shift my focus from revenue generation to traffic generation.

      Hope my blog journey mirrors yours and I too can generate some sizeable income from my blog 🙂

      Thanks for choosing to write about this blogging journey, because its a goldmine of information for me, and helps keep me motivated to keep working on my blog.

    • This Post is Very nice And grate Idea Thanks You So Much For this Post

      • Glad I could help

      • i started a blog 28 days ago on 28th of august, now having 82,000 viewers till day. It’s all about ranking rich keywords. I just ranked 14 keywords for only 10 blogpost at 1st rank on google just in 28 days having 82,000 uniques on it. some of those 1st ranked keywords are “worldwide suicide contagion”, “silent sacrifice feast”, “top of list pcs, css” and etc. For all these three keyphrases google ranked me for 1st, as for
        We provided logins for guest blogging, so that if any of female blogger wants to have back links can write there. mail me for rich backlinks.
        btw Neil Patel u might don’t know but you are my only teacher for this. Respect sir

  2. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    This is gold! I’ve been waiting for this information! 🙂

    I figured it’s all about email and traffic for now. That’s the point of blogging. This what I will be focusing on, and I don’t know how I did it (given that I only have one article posted so far), but I convinced the major site in my niche to have me guest-post for him.

    What do you recommend? Should I blog on his site every week?



    • Eduardo, I definitely recommend that. The more exposure you can get the better. Sounds like he trusts you to do so — so keep it up!

      • Eduardo Cornejo :

        Okay, awesome. Will do.

        By the way, I’m in the health & fitness niche and I plan to do online coaching and meal plans.

        Providing specifically-made meal plans for fat loss, muscle gain, candida diet, getting rid of psoriasis diet, etc., should go quite well for your nutrition blog I’d say.

        Just some more ideas. 🙂

    • I just created a new website and was wondering if I should place ads on it – thanks for answering that question. For now I will focus my efforts on generating traffic as you suggest. It makes total sense.

  3. William Zimmerman :


    Hope your week is off to an good start.

    Love the line “When you start your business, your original idea about how you will make money usually isn’t the one that generates you the cash.”

    As I am starting my business, I will keep this in mind. Should be launching in a few months here.

    Love the post!

    Awesome stuff!

    All the Best,
    Bill Zimmerman

  4. Hi Neil,
    Thanks fr updating me on this as long as I am following your steps so please if you can email what you are going to do I will highly appreciate it.
    Also I am posting about successful Entrepreneurs and I want to blog about you too please visit my website nd guide me more.

    • Sam, I am glad I could help. Just follow along on this blog I am providing tons of insights on how you can achieve better results and monetize.

  5. Good Morning Neil,
    If you’re interested in selling supplements on your blog without having overhead cost you can send me an email-

    Not sure if you received my previous email?

  6. Neil,

    Another great post. I am in the nutrition industry as well. Finding ways to monetize can be tricky at times. I am working on my digital product right now. Hopefully I can get some sales!


  7. Gael Breton :

    Hey Neil,

    Good list of monetisation opportunities. How do you go about finding white label partners generally? How do you ensure the quality of the product (do you pay a lab to test it?)

    • Gael, That is to be determined. I am definitely going to do a lot of quality control to make sure the products are the right fit. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

      • Thanks for the reply, I personally find it very hard to find trustable partners in the space so I’m looking forward to watch and learn :).

  8. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, Great blog post on How to Generate $1,000,000 from Your Blog

    I like the way you layout the 3 Upsells recommendations.

    My key point on this blog post “Ads are typically the worst way you can monetize your traffic.”

    Neil Q: So, how do you monetize your blog and website?

    Steve A: Offer consulting on the specific blog topic.

    Have a great day!

    • Steve, that’s a great suggestion. I do have a website where I offer some high end consultation and it has worked well. For the nutrition blog I still have to find the right fit.

  9. I’ve almost always monetized my sites via affiliate ads and advertising revenue from programs like Adsense. In most niches, I’ve lucky to make a penny a month per visitor. The 5 cents per visitor figure that you quoted is the high end of what’s possible, and I’ve seen that, too.

    But that kind of income only came in VERY competitive niches.

    This has changed my perspective on a project I’m working on. I used to own a movie related website, and the best month I ever had there, I made $2000 via Adsense. (I made a little money from Amazon’s affiliate program and via Netflix’s affiliate program, too.)

    To make that $2000, I had to get that movie site up to 600,000 visitors per month.

    Revenue per visitor?

    1/3 of a penny.

    I’m planning to focus on a new movie site over the next 12 months, and I hope to increase what I’m able to earn significantly. Offering my own products is something I’ve never really considered before, other than the consulting and SEO services I sell via my other business.

    • Randy, thanks for sharing your insights. It’s great to see empirical evidence showing that you can’t make much money on ad revenue. The bread and butter is selling your own products and services.

      May I suggest you create an e-book or join up with some partners in the same industry to monetize?

      • E-books are the plan moving forward, for sure. Thanks for the insight.

        Movies are my passion, but it’s hard as hell to monetize that niche via advertising.

  10. Traffic is indeed king (and content must be queen, or vice versa) as without it we’re all just preaching to an empty room and that is never good for sales.

    Glad that you will continue posting updates here along the way, I don’t think anyone could stand waiting a year to find out what you are doing with it!

    • Rob, thanks for all the support. Most people want weekly updates which is why I try to do my best to accommodate them. Let me know if you need any other help along the way.

  11. I’m enjoying this series and the continual updates. I’m growing my first blog (and things are going well). It’s nice to have you thoughts / successes / failures to compare myself too.

    • Tim, glad I can help. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Let me know if you have any insights or feedback along the way.

  12. Mark @ HowToCreateAWebsite :

    Really awesome to see that you have a plan of action and I’m quiet confident that things will change along the way…kind have been at that point myself. I was really rooting for you to build a tech company when you announced the challenge that you were planning for yourself but so far, I’ve been equally happy to hear about you venture into the B2C niche.

    Best of luck and I look forward to all the interesting stuff you’re going to post in future…who knows, you might end up leaving the B2B vertical for the B2C altogether!?

    • Mark, it’s not inconceivable. Thanks for the all the support. I look forward to hearing much more from you as this progresses. If you have any questions let me know.

  13. Neil,

    Brilliant post, once again!

    Thanks for debunking the myth that a blog can make a ton of money only with ads. So many people think they can slap on ads on a blog and expect to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

    The techniques you mentioned are great, and I’m confident you’ll meet your revenue goals for your nutrition blog.

    I’m cheering for you,

    • Gabby, thanks for all the support. I am sure I will achieve great results — I just need to find the right fit. That’s often a challenge but I am sure I’ll get there.

  14. Very grateful and overawed with this info – thank you, Neil.

    As always; logical, experienced and with integrity.

    I won’t witter on – respect you and your tribe too much for that.

    Looking forward to the next tranche of gold.


    • Zarayna, thanks for all the support. I respect you as well so please share your thoughts whether they be long or short 😉

  15. It seems that the best way to make money, is by helping other people make money!

  16. Suresh Singh :

    Hey, my site gets 200,000 hits a month but only 500$ a month only because of social media. I use adsense.

    Need your help… Please tell how to make more money

    • Suresh, the article outlines some steps on how to convert your visitors into paid customers. Do you have a product or service to sell?

  17. Michelle Janosi :

    You mentioned you “have no clue how you’re going to make money from the blog” but in reality you do (digital products, subscriptions, etc.) and I think these will definitely get you to your $1,000,000 goal. Your health blog is already generating a bunch of traffic and your niche is perfect for digital products and such. You’ll be hitting that mark in no time, IMO.

    • Michelle, thanks for all the support and feedback. I look forward to hearing much more from you along the way.

      I think I will hit that goal too — just need to find the right formula.

  18. Trent McCloskey :

    Hey Neil great post!

    I find this challenge very helpful because I am in the fitness niche. I had just came across your site just weeks ago and already learned so much!

    My website is under very much needed renovations because of it! 🙂

    But my main question is, what are the main traffic strategies you will be focusing on over the next 3 months?

    Thank you so much! You are a true inspiration!

    • Trent, there are a number of things I have in mind — I am still trying to figure out the right strategy though. Stay tuned and I’ll share more in the coming weeks.

  19. Hi Neil,

    Interesting post! How about generate income from direct advertisers?

  20. Hello Neil Thank You for this awasome article.

    Someday I want to be like you, now i’m building a blog and just getting 250 a mouth here in Brazil.

    Just affiliate marketing and traffic from social media.

    Thanks again

    • Mario, glad you find it helpful. I am sure you’ll get to that point. Just keep up the great work.

      250 visitors a month is a good start and I am sure that number will increase.

  21. Rafael D' Jesus :

    Hello Neil, This is my first time that i leave a comment in your blog, I read your article everyday to learn more, you always create good content, about your question: How Do I Monetize My Website? Right now, I’m using Affiliate Products and Google Adsense

    (Always Building My List and Then Promote the Affiliate Products)

    I Hope that you archive you goals of $100,000 a month in your new blog.

    God Bless!!

    • Rafael, that’s great. Sounds like you have a solid strategy going there. Just keep working on those affiliate angles I am sure they provide a bit more money in your pocket in the long run.

  22. Christopher Corbett :


    Again, I am in your debt for sharing so graciously. Our site is a membership site that has flirted with some of the monetization techniques you discuss and would affirm your assertions. Advertising and affiliate income has been a tiny sliver of our results and at an unfavorable ROI. We are just below 100k per month in visitors and I can share that the revenue projections you share are proportionally accurate on the B to C side. Love your tips on upsells, we will experiment next year and get back with you on results. Your post confirmed our direction, and brought us some valuable ideas to increase revenue while enhancing customer development. Thanks again so much. Let me know if we can ever help you in any way.

    • Christopher, Glad I could help. I checked out your site and it looks awesome. I am sure there are a ton of affiliate angles you can work out because of how big the basketball niche is.

      • Christopher Corbett :


        Are you encouraging us to set up an affiliate program or are you saying we should reconsider selling affiliate products? And thanks for taking the time to look at our site!!


  23. Hey Neil,

    Great Post mate…

    How does this apply to a SaaS business trying to sell through content marketing on their blog? I figured you would be the best to answer.

    Let me elaborate:

    a) Typically SaaS business can only upsell to a higher package. So there are not many upsells you can offer. Also you would not want to offer too many upsells that the customer just cancels the service you miss out on the future recurring revenue. So do you just go with the long game, don’t do many upsells in the front end offer and wait for recurring revenue to build up?

    b) What is the typical conversion rate of your list buying your software?

    c) On a Saas blog, would you expect to generate more or less than $100k/month per 100k visitors?



    • Hammad, great questions:

      a. That is correct. You don’t want to overwhelm them and lose them in the long run. So providing value along with customer service is key. You want to personalize the experience before you upsell.
      b. I would have to look at that — it depends on the software and product
      c. Again, it all depends on the type of service. But those results are possible.

      Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

      • Thanks Neil,

        I am speaking with Nate very soon to discuss. Will be in touch 🙂

        Btw do you plan to do similar with as you did with QuickSprout? I.e Upsell to QuickSprout university (Which I actually bought for my team ages ago) and lead gen for consulting gigs.

  24. Harshit Sharma :

    Hey Neil,

    As you are not focusing on ads. I want to know more about generating revenue from ads. My question is how much revenue one can earn from from 30K or less visitors in one month with Google Adsense ads.


    • Harshit, it all depends on your ad copy and the niche you are selling to. There should be a calculator within Adsense to help you with that.

      • Harshit Sharma :

        Neil, you can take an example of a digital media blog that publishes latest news about technology, social media, gadgets, etc. Similar to Mashable but only 30K traffic. I want to know the minimum amount. Because I am suffering from this.

    • Scott Renwick :

      I know your question was directed at Neil but I’ve been making money from Adsense for 4 years now and what I can tell you is that it all depends on the type of traffic you have. You could have two websites with 30k per month, both with the exact same Adsense implementation and they could achieve completely different results depending on their content and keywords.

      Also, Adsense can be unpredictable, one month you can be earning an RPM of $10, the next month with the exact same traffic your RPM could be down to 1 dollar.

      Do yourself a favour and do not depend solely on Adsense for your revenue, let it be on your site as a nice bonus.

  25. Scott Renwick :

    This is inspiring stuff. I’ve being trying to monetize my blog for the past four years, I’ve got the traffic, about 350k a month, but I just can’t monetize it to meet my expectations.

    If you want to be a good samaritan and take a look at my blog and offer some feedback I would really appreciate it.

    Ps, Seen you in Tel aviv the other week, thanks for coming over.

  26. Fairaz Raja :

    hey Neil, great post! Been wanting to blog for awhile but been constantly told it won’t work. I am finally going to give it a go. Thanks for the post.

  27. Money Sparkle :

    This is just co-incident that I decided to become full time blogger and you started writing about monetizing blog from scratch.

    I am following your advice on setting up blog and driving traffic through social media marketing.

    Please keep writing regular posts on facebook, twitter and SEO. Love to see some posts on tools you are using for all marketing activities.

    Your last post on social media productivity was very useful. I have tried all the tools you suggested. Still learning how to use those tools to get maximum benefit.

    How much money we should spend on social media tools in beginning ? (3-4 months)

    • Glad I could help. I honestly don’t spend anything on social media besides FB ads (sometimes) If you have any other specific questions I would be glad to help.

  28. Great posts! I love receiving your emails with all this info! Keep it up and good luck!

  29. Neil, how many hours do you spend working. How do you have time to work on all these websites, and projects and ebooks? I have 3 websites and bearly make it!

    • Phil, I work ALOT haha. It’s a passion for me though so it feels like more of a hobby.

      • I feel you. I love what I do, and how often does it happen for people to do what they love right 🙂 Well keep up the good work. Have learned a lot from you and keep learning. At the moment I am reading your guides.

  30. sonu choudhary :

    nice post, i always monetize site content via affiliate links and google adsense but in case of new blogger it can’t easy to build traffic without write skill and googles mobo friendly search.

  31. Paul@NetLearningCourses :

    Thanks Neil for this new post.
    I agree ads are not always the best way to go, but what I have found over the years is that YouTube Adsense works very well.

    I also agree about creating your own product and with nutrition you have a lot of options.

    Look forward to your next post.

    • Paul, Youtube adsense can definitely work well in some markets. It’s all about finding the right avenue to get maximum traffic.

  32. Hi Neil,

    I am following your path in this health blog that you’re making… I have a weight loss blog and i’m trying to figure out a way how to monetize it. I will try to learn a lot from you so i can have success in this journey. Thanks for all Neil

    • Rolando, awesome! Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses. Keep me updated.

      • Hi Neil,

        This is my site…. I want to know what do you think. What is the quickest way to get traffic to my website…I don’t really know how to do back-links and if you think is a good idea. I’m trying to use some affiliate offers to begin to earn some money and then invest in other sources.

  33. Hi Neal

    First I’d like to say that I love your site.
    Do you have experience in other countries e.g. in Europe? Are there cultural differences in what works in the US and what works in Europe?


    • Oliver, I do have experience in other countries. I’d say the same principles apply. I do think a lot of European marketers are very well informed. It may be that the niche is a lot smaller — who knows.

  34. Rico Figliolini :

    Neil, again another great post. I used adsense and direct web ads too and realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. Not that I have the traffic that you’re talking about.

    I’ve had a website going that I setup, but haven’t kept it up in regular posts. It’s truly a competitive space, that I’m not sure is worth the investment of time. From reading everything you’ve put down I realize a less competitive space not being handled well by others would suite my ambitions better.

    So I’m going to try another space using your techniques and see how that works. I’ve had that site name and hosting for a year with sporadic postings. But, after reading your post today I know this would be a great space to work.

    You just keep opening my eyes. Thank you!!

    • Rico, keep up the great work. I am sure you’ll get the results you desire soon enough. Just keep testing on different channels until you get your desired results. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  35. Awesome, thanks for the update Neil. Any chance you could elaborate further in your upcoming posts how to go about whitelabeling products, how to find them, etc?

    Is it pure outreach and pitching product owners?


    • Alex, I will definitely share the techniques as they become more apparent. Still working on that angle 😉

  36. Ananth Vitlani :

    Neil, I am into SEO and I follow your blog regularly. By revealing the domain name of you blog, you already have diverted most of QuickSprout’s traffic to your nutrition blog. It is huge and I don’t think it’s fair. What do you say?

    • Ananth, I have addressed these concerns in past posts. My goal is to help people. With that being said how can I help you achieve better results?

      • Chris Phelps :

        I had the same thoughts and concerns early on, but honestly, I looked at his new blog ONCE. While I care about my health, I know that Neil is not an expert in this field, and this is a new project for him. I don’t normally visit this type of blog, but if I did, I wouldn’t choose Neils (yet), and I definitely will not purchase from him. So, his site got 1 visit from me and I’m sure it will get a few more as time goes on so I can see his sales tactics, but honestly I don’t even plan to give him my email address. I would expect that he will get about 1-2 visits from MOST of his QuickSprout and NeilPatel visitors, but after that most will not bother to keep checking the site, we’re just watching for these posts on this blog. I encourage everyone on QuickSprout to NOT sign up for his email list on the health blog and visit it as little as possible, UNLESS you are into that type of thing and would have given him your email address even if you didn’t know about this challenge. We are in control of skewing the numbers, or NOT.

        Neil, you could (and should) notice over time that the day of and day after a post like this, your site will get a traffic spike. You could account for that when sharing information. But also, maybe there is a way to give us a fake way to sign up for your newsletter, promotions, etc…so we can see how you do things, but without skewing your traffic counts, etc. If someone want’s to purchase your products, let them go for it with their own email address, but if we want to just see how you do things, maybe we have a custom (shared) email address or something like that.

        • Tigran Arzumanov :

          Agree. Quicksprout crowd won’t translate into revenue. The goal of the experiment is to help us all (eventually) and Neil can’t do that if we don’t see the site.

  37. Jenny Sansouci :

    Thanks for doing this, Neil! I really do appreciate you sharing your insights from this challenge. I’m definitely in the camp of wanting you to share along the way, rather than waiting until the end to share.

    I’ve been running ads and affiliates on my nutrition blog for 5 years and you’re right – while it generates revenue, it’s not scalable or sustainable the way it would be if I had my own products.

    My challenge has been shifting my habits to actually sit down and create products – it’s quite different for me after so many years of focusing on income streams where I don’t have create anything — like ads and affiliates. But I have to believe that more hard work now = more passive income in the future and a much better business.

    • Jenny, it’s definitely a tough challenge. I think if you find the right product to market you can see tremendous results. The challenge is finding that product. Affiliate marketing works well here too — have you tried that?

  38. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for detailed insights.

    One Question.
    You did not throw any light on use Adsense in early stage. For example, a blog with US/UK traffic and an Ad CTR of 3-5% can easily make around $3000/month if its getting 1,00,000 visitors per month. Please correct me if I am wrong with these facts.

    So isn’t it a good idea to go with Adsense in early stages of a B2C blog. It can help a blogger in moving forward.

    Looking forward for an expert advice from you.


    • Fahad, that may be true for certain niches. It isn’t always true across the board. My goal is to ensure that I can get replicable results across the board for everyone which is why I am sharing other strategies.

  39. Uttam Kalita :

    Hi Neil, I have like 100,000 daily impressions from my android apps (3 millions monthly). Now I am just monetizing with Google Admob(Adsense for mobile apps). Any suggestion please!

  40. Great article again Neil,

    yep, why would I spent $1000 a month in advertising if it doesn’t get me more than that in revenue……

    really how does that work? 😉

    (and why are people spending sooooo muuuch in google adwords,… are they measuring at all?).


    • Rene, great questions I think a lot of people should ask when running a marketing campaign. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  41. Neil,

    Thanks again for logging your journey. You are both an inspiration and valuable asset to the blogging community.

    As I have just started my new nutrition site diyessentialoils and I am following your steps.

    I am very intrigued with your membership approach. I would like to hear more about your thoughts on paid membership.

    What will you offer as opposed to what will be seen for for free?

    What statistics point to this as being the right approach to take in the nutrition market?

    • Dade, thanks for following along and I look forward to your continued insights. I will be sharing some more specifics as they become clear in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  42. Hi Neil, thanks for the comparison between b2c and b2b. That was very valuable. At 60000 visitors per month right now and climbing!

  43. Hay Neil,

    You are great inspiration for blogger and other entrepreneurs. Have gone through your earlier post regarding fitness and i am very much inspired. Started home remedies blog, your ideas and guidance are really helpful.

    • Puja, glad I could help. I look forward to hearing much more from you. Let me know if you need help along the way.

  44. Saurabh Shukla :

    Hi Neil, nice article, I recently started promotion for affiliates as suggested by you. But learned here much more which I need to be care about. thanks.


  45. Amna Masood :

    Great reminder Neil! I am in the education niche and getting pretty decent traffic but still did not get it up to setting up subscriptions and selling my own stuff.

    On my way to do that now 🙂

  46. Vincent Cuibus :

    I can’t wait to get back to this and read it.

  47. Priyankar Mukherjee :

    Awesome post Neil… I loved the idea of upselling….

  48. Oh, If I could make $5.000/mo, for me that would be fantastic. Sure I like the idea of making $100.000/mo.

    Thanks for showing me the reality.

    Neil you said that infographics help generate backlink.I’m not a graphic designer, and probably I need to pay someone to do it. I wonder where can you find the guy/ a service to do it and how much do you pay him on average.
    And how the process goes between you and the guy?

    • Juan — I work with a designer. The costs fluctuates. Agood free alternative is Canva — try it out.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else.

  49. Hello Neil,
    Thanks for the great insight. Still in the process of identifying affiliates in my Niche as I am working on the traffic generation aspect. Eventually the two go hand in hand I reckon.

    • Rajveer, they definitely do. Let me know if you need any help. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  50. Neil,

    You should definitely blog about the challenge. We can’t wait 12 months to learn those stuff. Your blog posts are amazing and offer priceless knowledge.

    On the future posts I would like to hear more about how you will grow your traffic to that numbers.

    keep it up,

  51. james taylor :

    hey Neil,

    great blog once again! going to get your team to look at a new site im building / getting investment in soon….music based!

    anyway so i was thinking of doing somthing like this with (never started it!) i was going to use subscription based monitization. starting with webinars (spreecast) then leading to video learning center. the key ingrediant was a buddypress social network. the idea is that everyone hates those people that post about their gym stuff on facebook.

    that way they have a place to learn, socialise collaborate. my “only” missing step was the content writing. which looks like you have sorted out!

    anyway what do you think?

    • James, I think that’s a great strategy that is definitely very scalable. Let me know how it progresses and if you have any insights.

  52. Walter Hawkes :

    Great post as usual, Neil. I really like the posts that have numbers…how much you spent, what the return was, etc.

    Keep up the good work,

  53. Girish Naker :

    Great Post. A lot of sound advice about upsell-downsell and your take on physical vs. digital products. It would be really interesting to hear you on your take on subscribed members – as that pays a way for continuous income but at the cost of finding regularly engaging material. I suppose that may be possible for some niches?

    • Girish — it definitely works for most niches. Adsense is something that can provide some decent income but nothing on the level of selling your own products or working with affiliates.

  54. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing how you’re going about creating a new blog in a new industry. I find the health and weight loss industry to be very competitive, but I think if you have the right strategy you can succeed.

    I’m looking forward to your traffic generation tactics. I have a SaaS platform for nonprofits and having a hard time getting some traction. Any tips will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot! Wish you all the best in this new venture!

    • Richard, have you catered your content to that niche. I think creating an e-book would be a great start. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  55. Brian Syuki :

    I was actually researching on monthly subscription yesterday. I like the ideas, they are applicable and doable. Is your traffic consistent now?

    • Brian, I think it’s sustainable and easy to grow through a paid subscription model. Still working on traffic 😉

  56. That’s awesome..!! I defiantly agree with your words. As last three years of experience one main thing I have learnt, If you have user base (traffic) generating revenue is not much difficult.

  57. I own an entertainment blog and my major source of revenue is Google ads. Based on what you have thought and my experience, i want to make more money. But selling a product in my niche is so difficult? because all i provide is information to my customers. Please Neil, what will you recommend.

    I will be so glad if you reply.

    • Toyosi, try an e-book that aggregates all of the major information that you provide on your website. Incentivize you readers by adding exclusive content they can’t find on your site.

  58. Hey ,am a big follower from kenya,Africa
    .I am currently working on a site to help artists from slums sell their art !I am currently selling a good number of the art pieces through a Facebook page where i post the items and someone interested sends money through pay pal or western union and I use dhl to deliver! wanted your insight on the same!

    • Dennis, that sounds like a good strategy. Why don’t you also creat a website with the same products on it. You can start ranking for certain keywords faster that way.

  59. Hi Neil,

    This might be a little bit out of topic, but do you have a blogpost on how to create a really “High Quality Content”? I mean what are your criterias to make a high quality article? How much time do you spend writing? How much research do you make? etc.

    I really want to follow this challenge, and I’ve already find a niche(B2C). I understand that it takes a lot of traffic to monetize it, however that’s not my concern right now, my concern is that, how am I able to write a really high quality content?

    Thanks in advance for you answer Neil. 🙂

    • Jazzel, this article should help 🙂

  60. Hi Neil

    I’m glad that you’re going to continue to allow us to share in your experience here, it’s very interesting and most of us I’m sure are learning a great deal. It’s certainly interesting to hear you talk of a digital product as it’s been said so many times that this route to making money is dead – probably due to piracy once your product is in public domain.
    Watching with interest.
    BTW as you are so busy with many businesses Neil – is this really you answering these comments or one of your interns?? 😉

    Cheers and good luck

    • Mark, it’s really me. I spend time everyday to reply to comments and catch up with emails.

      Let me know if you need help with anything at all.

  61. Thanks for the reality check Neil! I launched my blog about 8 months ago as an experiment/hobby and it is in the B2C space. The goal was to generate income off the blog to fund our vacations. Reading blogs like yours and other influencers in content marketing/blogging, I knew that trying to make a living off the blog would be impossible in this niche. But, seeing the true numbers I would need to get any sort of income and the conversion rates in this article was mind blowing. Considering we get about 200-250 unique visits a day, and when we had google Adsense on the site we would maybe get a few cents, I knew ads were not the way to go. Focusing on traffic and brand awareness is what we are doing now with the hopes of within another 6 months we could do an ebook or some other digital product. Looking forward to following your progress with the nutrition blog.

    • Don, let me know if you need any help along the way. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

    • Don — thanks for the feedback and I wish you the best. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  62. Hi Neil,
    You have said that you will sell some Physical Products. But to see health related product you may require some Govt. Licences. As at my place we can’t sell any health related products either online or offline. It requires licence and strict compliance.

    • Minesh, consider an affiliate program then. You can host your site and others can leverage your traffic.

  63. Hey Neil,

    That was an amazing article. But one thing I am wondering is that there are not many affiliate products in relationship niche. How does one monetize there?


  64. Great post Neil. Looking forward to seeing all the ways you acquire traffic for the blog.

  65. Hi Neil,

    I think you one of the best SEO advisers ever I have not ha dtime to really apply your techniques systematically, I am systems oriantated as I am trained business systems analyst, mobile software developer and I am als a digital product developer in South Africa.

    I developed a new concept of search engine where humans collect certain niche information for a certain market, in South Africa my target market has certain challenges with regard to human computer interaction, at first I charged for this information literally on a subscription model and used text messaging to alert them daily, for some reason I stopped this service and change the human popwered seatch engine to free and have Google ads, I make enough traffic to make enough here to maintain the service.

    I am currently trying different ways to increase recevue, one way it developing a mobile app (i have mobile and PC site) and use PUSH to alert people and drive traffic for their utility news info.

    Finally best way to make money is developing your own product, I am experienced in subscription based digital services, so I have some plenty of ideas I catalogued over the years, I catalogue ideas on my bookmarks, so have plenty.

    • Paul, sounds like an interesting and lucrative concept. Keep me updated on your progress. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  66. Isaiah Jackson :

    Great post Neil.

    Esp. with the adding of upsells and downsells.

    It will help you make money back from any ads you place online, which could later turn into profit.

    Very helpful,

    Isaiah Jackson

  67. Cody Lettau :

    Neil – great article! It’s interesting to see how you approach monetization of the blog.

    In regards to offering a subscription-based service, I’m just about to launch a SaaS solution that may fit perfectly as you can white-label it as your own. Feel free to contact me if interested.

  68. A lot of blog experts and marketing gurus don’t talk about the difference in generating income for B2B niches and B2C niches. I’ve always wondered if it works the same way. Thank you for shedding more light on how to generate income for B2C niches

    • January, glad I could help. There definitely is a distinct difference in how you market and monetize. Let me know if you need any help with anything else.

  69. Love this blog challenge and all of the information it is bringing to the table. Thanks

  70. Saulo Segurado :

    In my experience, ads only worth it (for real) for viral content websites (like viralnova).

    • Saulo, as I mentioned above ads are sometimes worth it — it depends on your niche. For most people though having another strategy to monetize is more worthwhile.

  71. Do you really advise sending people directly to a sells page instead of grabbing their email address first in the B2C space?

    • Quentin, you can actually do both — there really isn’t a choice between one or the other if you do it right.

  72. Aaditya Niikam :

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve been waiting for this information. Truly inspiring. Great post once again.

    Currently I am working for the same industry Starting a new firm with Mr. Suhas Khamkar. Your blog offers priceless knowledge. Learning many things from you.

    Thanks !

  73. Great post Neil. I have a question. I was modeling your nutrition blog. I am in a completely different niche but I decided to take all of the ads and sales stuff off of my blog recently. I don’t have a ton of traffic and In Mike Stelzner’s book, “Launch” he talks about ads slowing down a blogs growth.

    I do have a couple of opt in boxes on my blog and I am not trying to sell anything until people receive the third email from me.

    Do you think this is a good strategy for growing my blog’s traffic?

    • Ben, I think it’s a good strategy — you want to inform people about your products and make a soft sell before you make a harder sale. That is often a good tactic for B2B. It’s a good strategy if you don’t want to scare people away.

  74. Vincent Cuibus :

    I was recently watching a interview with you where you said that a good footprint to follow if you want to be an entrepreneur is to consult different businesses to see what is working and what not.

    I totally agree with that. In fact, that’s where I am right now. I’m struggling to find clients in the SEO space and get more involved into their businesses so I can learn from them.

    In this article, you wrote that you might even learn something new because you haven’t done any b2c before. I’m excited about this, i’m looking forward to see your progress.

    By the way, I don’t know if you are the type of guy who likes books very much, but it would be awesome for everyone if you could implement a new tab in your website and just provide the links to the articles you found helpful about business, marketing or anything. Just like a book club, except it will be for articles & guides.
    I’m writing this as a suggestion because you’ve said to me a few days ago that you want Quicksprout to be a community. I guess this method here could totally work.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong on something.

    Have a nice day Neil !

    – Vincent

    • Vincent, that’s a great suggestion. Let me see what I can do. I currently house all my content on the site and find that it’s helpful to link people to it when they ask.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else.

  75. Love this blog challenge and all of the information it is bringing to the table. Thanks

    • Glad I can help. As a tip: make sure you use an actual name on the comments section so you don’t get marked as spam.

  76. This article comes at the right time. I’m having problems monetizing and looking for better ways than affiliates and ads. You are absolutely right that everyone’s #1 concern should be building traffic. Thank you for the slap in the face. Now I know for sure that I should think of other ways to monetize.

    • Raul, I think people often overlook the how and why when they are trying to monetize. It’s all about getting traffic to your site first then worrying about how you will make money.

  77. Hi Neil

    I firstly would like to thank you dearly for the insight and wisdom you share in all your posts. I believe that I bumped into your blog at the best time in my online marketing career as one of my sites is really starting to take off and your advise has become a priceless asset to me and my team.

    Secondly I would like to ask you how much would one charge if they opted to sell ebooks on their site. Or better yet how much do you charge in regards to price range on your ebooks?

    Much Appreciated


    • Louis, glad we could connect. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

      In regards to your pricing question — start off at a reasonable price. If you have a recognizable name you can obviously charge more. I would start off low and see how it goes from there.

  78. Neil,

    Thanks for this post. I think for most people, the struggle is that they correlate “blog” to mean “easy”. What you’re showing is that it’s a business every step of the way and it should be treated as such.

    I really like how you’re able to break down to the “1’s” and “0’s” on where the success happens. It’s meticulous.


    • John, glad I can help. It definitely isn’t an easy journey. One must find all the right angles and the right approach when they are considering monetizing.

  79. Hi Neil,
    Great article, and I have two questions:
    1. Once you do decide to monetise does that mean any images used have to be removed and licensed? Ideally I want to avoid having to edit everything so if you have a solution or a source of good images that work for commercial blogs I’d love to know.

    2. We are setting up an online news magazine so there is not really much that can be sold – the only things I have thought of is early access to articles (though this is not ideal as it is a news and so is quickly redundant) and access to archives and other features (like a personal library of favourites etc). Is there any other way of monetising blogs that are literally no more than the blog?


    • Sam, good questions:
      1. You should use stock images. They don’t cost much and can provide great results when they are marketing correctly.
      2. Try aggregating all your blog content into an e-book then providing exclusive content that one cannot find on the blog.

  80. will you share how you will create the traffic? what’s the plan for creating the traffic?

    thank you for what you do

  81. Shell Harris :

    I own a website called and the traffic to the site is around 1.5 million visitors per month. Revenue from multiple advertising sources is about $15k per month. So, some simple math shows the site makes about .01 per visit. Hope this helps your readers understand how hard it is just making money from ad brokers.

  82. Wonderful article as always. Liked how you compared B2C and B2B businesses. Also about email marketing, there are many rumors that it don’t work nowadays, I don’t understand those who say so 🙂 Good luck with your route and keep us informed!

    • Dan, glad I could clear up the air with those types of distinctions. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

  83. Anthony Yeung :

    Love watching the progress, Neil!

  84. Great post Neil.

    I get about 70 000+ organic visitors from my blog each month and always avoided list building. However, the last couple of months I constantly get requests from my visitors to add them to my mailing list so I guess there is a potential. I am not in the nutrition niche but the “online marketing one” and do not have my own digital product or the time to create one.

    Could you recommend a platform that sell good quality PLR ebooks/pdf’s? There are hundreds of websites that sell these but, it is over used or bad quality. I hired Ghost writers in the past but the quality of the content was not up to standard.

    • Christene, I would avoid using ghostwriters as you mentioned.

      I would actually go on e-lance and find someone who specializes in the process. It’s better when you have a dedicated person rather than a company.

  85. when you talk about upsells…

    I understand that they work but I have never understood why would I rather hide them and only offer then after purchasing the main product?

    you know, creating additional products of more than 500% value of the main product (as in your example) seems pretty hard…

    wouldn’t it be more profitable to sell them on their own ?

    Or doing both, but when upselling make one time offer of cheaper price?


    • Marek — The psychology would make sense the way you said it, however, actual practice shows otherwise.

      • Nice question Mark.

        Neil, are you sure the option below doesnt work better? And do you know why not?

        “Or doing both, but when upselling make one time offer of cheaper price?”

        Thanks in advantage!

  86. Hi Neil,
    I completely agree with your point stating that traffic makes money and before monetizing the blog increasing the traffic is important. But point to consider that most of the newbie bloggers like me wanna monetize the blog as soon as possible they get at least a hundred views or even less to overcome the money issues as many of the newbie bloggers are still students. I would like to know your view on this.

    MS Qureshi

    • MS, that’s the wrong way to go about it. If you get too impatient you aren’t going to make money in the long run.

      • Hi Neil,
        Thanks for giving your view on this. I agree with the fact that it is not good for the long run. But, I think a making something in the beginning kick starts his/her career.

        MS Qureshi

  87. This is the best blog post I’ve ever read on how to make money blogging.

    Amazing insight that I would have been happy to pay for.

    Thanks very much!

  88. Tonmoy Parves :

    Hello Neil, Thanks for your this cause Study. Really Good one. And good to hear about that you started your blogging journey 9 years ago. And I started my Blogging journey only 1 month ago and i am now only 16 years old. I wanna ask you one more questions, How old you were when you started your Blogging journey? Would you please like to share with me? as well i am following you as one of my “Guru” “Teacher” So, i am using your every methods and i will also follow these one. But i have my dream to meet with you when i will be the same position like as you 🙂

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End . Really Love you Neil

    • Tonmoy, that’s great that you are only 16 years old. Keep up the great work.

      I was 17 when I first started blogging. I am sure I will see you soon enough. Let me know if you need help with anything.

  89. Kevin Burke :


    I LOVE your series on tracking your progress on the blog challenge, but I was wondering if you had a better way to track it. Do you tag your posts with categories or tags that we could use to find it? Is there a link you could publish that would give us a list of all posts related to that challenge? This would help those of us that can’t read on a regular basis, or that may want to go back and look at other related posts for future reference.

    Just a thought!


    • Kevin, good suggestion. If you google the challenge along with the name quicksprout all the related articles will show up.

  90. I have been monetizing my blog just using adsense. I tried to put some affiliate products. Now I am going to do it because I want my earning grows up.

    Thank you Neil for this cool stuff. Keep doing great work!


  91. casey walker :

    Good stuff. Thank you.

    Quick question…

    I’ve been particularly interested in watching your methods for link building. I noticed you recently got a killer editorial link from Huff Post. Any outreach (or contact) to achieve that or was it completely random?

    That’s pretty strong.

    • Casey, at first I did outreach but now I actually get a lot of people linking from large publications. It just happens when you get enough traffic.

  92. Neil, I am wondering what strategy you would implement when it becomes hard to write articles. I have to be honest, it is something I do not enjoy doing yet I do not want to hire people to write just to write. And, still, people who want to write want a cut of the revenue whenever that happens. I do not want a dead blog but I do not want to become a writer. Or, maybe, I can? I admit I like to write if I have nothing else I need to take care of. In a nut shell, I think it would be a great challenge to make a blog a GREAT blog for people to come, learn, and also help generate income that will gear our focus to make the blog a great place to visit.

    • E.L. I wish there was a solution but one has to create and write their own content to see great results. It’s really hard to allow others to do all the work because — as you mentioned — your margins will diminish when you pay people to write for you.

  93. Abdul Rehman :

    What a great idea, i was thinking about this niche but i didn’t know that it has lot of potential.
    Thank you sir Neil…
    GOD bless you

  94. Hey Neil,

    I monetize my sites by subscriptions as well as electronic and physical products. I also have clients that do quite well selling advertising, but you are right that if you don’t have a lot of traffic, you will struggle to make money.

    Thanks for your continued presence.


    • Vi, glad I could help. You have to find the traffic angle before anything else. Then you can move forward with monetization from there.

  95. Tirupradyumna :

    I have a suggestion regarding selling physical products. What can’t you create a set of dozen Sticky quotes which can be placed on office tables or kitchens. If they mention the significance of healthy practices, your website may get reverse promoted which may end up increasing the overall traffic too.

  96. Shahid Mahmood :

    If by selling physical products, conversion rates can go up by 300% to 700% then I am sure you can start with a dropship program. There must be good companies who will be happy to offer the dropship service. Did you consider this option?

  97. Hey, Neil! Just curious, do you have some affilates working for you? It could be interesting to know how affiliate marketing could work for your niche.

  98. just getting 2 visitors a day would be a good start for me…

  99. This is amazing information, especially about upselling since we have a product based business.

    Thanks for always sharing such awesome insight!


  100. Niel… Great Content as always… I would rather you blog about the process and avoid the middle ground altogether however; keep the great information coming…

    Forget what people say about leveraging… The process is exciting and inspiring…

    Cheers Matey

    • Will, that’s what I am planning on doing once things start kicking off — Let me know if you need help with anything else.

  101. hamza zoubir :

    I’ve been waiting for this information! thanks a lot

    I’m a newbie, but I will do my best to make my first dollar from the internet

  102. I monetize my blog 3 ways: ads, affiliate sales, and digital products. I run a website that teaches people who to take care of their pools and spas. After reading this article, though, I have some thinking to do.

    1. I’m getting about 1.5% email conversion rate and I’m generating over 150,000 uniques a month. Sounds like I need to start testing some copy to get people to give me their email address. Or create a better email offer.

    2. I make most of my money through affiliate links and ads. White labeling products is possible, but I don’t want to run a shipping company or have to worry about drop shipping either. The good news is, the affiliate products are fairly large so the commissions are good. I want to increase my efforts on selling ads. I sell my ads direct, and since my site is so niche, I have customers willing to pay over 10k a year for a spot. Not a ton, but enough for just me.

    3. My digital products are a tough area. After reading this post, I think I may be charging too much for my guides. I come from a long line of being taught that you should price your products high. Problem is, I’ve been hearing that rhetoric from guys like Pat Flynn who are essentially selling to people who’s end goal is making more money, not keeping their swimming pool clear.

    I would love some thoughts on my situation, Neil. I also plan on starting a new branch of my site that is B2B so I can create more products and sponsors that I can charge a lot more for.

    Thanks for doing this series. It’s been really helpful to get inside your mind as you start this project from scratch.

    • Matt, glad I could help. Let me know if you need help with anything moving forward. I look forward to hearing more of your insights.

      • Thanks, Neil.

        I wanted to let you know that your last two automated emails ended up in my spam folder in Gmail. Not sure why, but I thought you should know. But knowing you, you probably already do 🙂

  103. Danyel Chermon Registered Dietitan :

    Hi Neil,

    I’ve built where I’m selling personalized diet plans made by me.

    After people fill their details, I’m offering 2 packages – :
    1) ‘Do it your self’ where you get a customized diet plan for $29.
    2) ‘Successful Package’ where you get a customized diet plan + unlimited support by email or whatsapp during 3 month for $87.

    I’d love to hear your feedback


    • Danyel, sounds like you have the process down. Do you have any specific questions I can help out with?

      • Danyel Chermon Registered Dietitan :

        YES! 🙂 How would you start driving traffic to my website:

        1) Create FB Like campaign
        2) Create FB Sponsored Ads
        3) Google adwords
        4) Create a blog section and boost them on FB

        Which of the 4 options sounds more feasible?

        Many thanks!

        • Danyel, I would focus on FB first then see if Adwords is an option later.

          • Danyel Chermon Registered Dietitan :

            Thanks a lot!! As a Registered Dietitian I will be happy to write some guest post for your blog 🙂

  104. Rohan Bhardwaj :

    You are fantastic Neil.

    Keep posting it. The way you think about the challenge ahead is great. I am trying to follow and replicate the success, if may I can.


  105. Kyle Healey :

    Great post Neil, probably the best one yet. I used to be in the diet niche, so have been following this one closely. You’re right about owning the product, there is no better way to passive income.

  106. :

    thanks for this neil it was great

  107. Thanks for great info Neil!

    I’ve been looking on your site for extensive guide about how to market brand new blog and couldn’t find it. You obviously know a lot about it :). Do you have such guide?


  108. Thank you for these blog posts. I find them extremely helpful, and I appreciate the honesty and your willingness to divulge all the numbers.

    I have a question about white-labeling someone else’s product, however… Does that mean you are labeling and promoting it as yours, or do you simply mean working out a deal so you promote their products in exchange for a commission?

    • Gaby, You can do it either way. Typically a partnership is something that works well and legitimizes both brands.

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    OMg This is very Informative Make Earn Money ideas Backlinko Owner Brian is Great Webmaster , Neil Amazing Generate Points For Make Money Step by Step Thank You very very Much For Sharing me
    Have a Wonderful Day

  110. Hey Neil, great article

    I just have a question…

    I run a site called which deals primarily with licensing/franchising other people’s products

    When you say ‘white-label’ what does that mean exactly?

  111. Thanks for the valuable insights, Neil. I have read this article twice, and am going to read it again right after posting this comment.

    Do you have any experiences monetizing websites in “niche” languages, for instance Cambodian or Vietnamese? I have one (~50,000 unique visitors/month with 150,000 pageviews/month), and it’s very difficult for me to monetize. Great if you can teach me some ideas. Thank Neil.

    • Johny, I unfortunately have not worked in other languages. I believe the same rules would apply. Find people who can link to your blog and affiliates withint the same niche.

  112. Hi Neil,

    I’m following along on this project, and learning a lot. Thanks for all of the great information Neil. How do you draw the line in giving away great free content and giving away too much so they don’t need to buy your paid product / service? Do you have any tips or ideas so that you don’t reduce your sales / conversions?

    • David, lots of testing goes into it. I had to lose quite a few dollars along the way. Once you find the right formula — you’ll know it.

  113. Hi Neil,

    What about content rich blogs.?
    I am talking about blogs just living on content to get followers to read it. Having no products or services to sell.
    Will ads be only source of revenue?

  114. Good work Neil im watching this blog for updates and learning some good stuff. Keep it up 🙂

  115. Dear Neil,

    I have been maintaining from the last 1 year. The aim of this blog is to educate young investors with various investment products available in the market. So far I did not concentrate on the web traffic and after reading your articles, now I wanted to increase my web traffic. Please advise me.

    • Ravi, have you focused on creating quality content with the aim of growing your user base? I think that’s the best strategy moving forward.

  116. energy enthusiast :

    honestly i also have no idea .i stated a niche (renewable energy blog ) few months ago and still haven’t thought about how to generate an income from it , I’ve thought about selling some products via click-bank affiliate and host ads via ad-sense other than that i dont know what to do o_O , got any idea neil ?

    • Why don’t you try an e-book or an affiliate model. Let people who are big players in the renewables business host their products and services on your blog.

  117. Deane Alban :

    I have a health niche blog — The focus is helping people with brain-related issues such as brain fog, anxiety, memory loss, etc.
    We get 150,000 visitors per month mainly from search engine traffic.
    We get about 1/3 of our income from Adsense and the rest from affiliate product sales.
    We created our own info product which never sold well. People in this niche aren’t looking for information products as much as they are looking for brain supplements.
    There are so many crappy brain supplements out there it’s been a challenge to find ones sold by a company I feel good about that also has a decent payout. The ones that are marketed well are junk and the ones that would do people the most good lack pizzazz and don’t sell well. It’s been a quandry. I’m not willing to sully my reputation selling supplements I wouldn’t take myself or recommend to my mom. 🙂
    I eagerly await seeing how your health blog pans out for you and what you learn along the way!

    • Deane, thanks for sharing your strategy — it sounds solid.

      I am still molding my monetization strategy and all of this really helps.

  118. I completely agree that you can’t make a $100,000 or $1,000,000 a from your blog by showing advertisements and promoting products as an affiliate.

    You need to have your own product to generate a 6-figure income. And I am so excited to see how you are gonna hit that mark with your nutrition blog and what strategies you are going to use.

    Looking forward to your future posts.

  119. krishna kant :

    how can i make money with a newspaper website ????
    pls tell me ………

  120. Neil, I read many blogs like these make money from your blog in previous. By reading your article motivated me a lot to earn money from blog.

    Thanks for sharing another inspirational post with us.

  121. Karsten Fink :

    Yes the ideas are in flux. Your Posts are always enlightning. I learnt one important Thing from you Neil: to think in Systems. Thx so much.

  122. Harekrishna :

    The number $1,000,000 is really big to generate from the blog. It is true to make money, traffic is mandatory. The Upsells and Downsells business strategy is excellent. I learn many things from your nutrition blog challenges.

  123. Great informations, Neil!

    Do You know a tool that works like Thrive, that don’t need WordPress or other framework?

    So, I need a bonus-providing / list-building tool that I can implement somehow to a pure html site.

  124. Hi Neil,

    Fantastic post!

    You are right to focus on traffic first as this ensures that people are coming to the blog for the content and not for the offer or product which makes it a sustainable business model.

    I do have a plan to monetize my site with a membership site so I am glad to hear that my idea is inline with yours.

    Question: You made reference to ‘white label products’ can you elaborate on this please.

    Thanks always for your contribution to the business world!



    • Toye, glad you found the article helpful. It’s all about driving traffic to your site then working with those numbers.

      White labeling is essentially the process of working with people who have a certain level of expertise in a skill you need to grow your site or business.

  125. Thank you Neil! Very informative article! Keep it up!

  126. vijender singh :

    Nice Post Neil,

    Today I learned lots of new things and how to monetize a blog correctly to earn from blogging and I also consider many of the bloggers doing wrong to monetize blog through Google Adsense and any other affiliate programs because they earn less from google and advertisers.

    Thanks of the Tip

    vijender singh

    • Vijender — it’s not wrong in 100% of the cases. There are just alternative ways to grow that many people don’t realize.

  127. Umer Iftikhar :

    Wonderful and helpful. I am really inspired from your idea to monetize the blog with products and ebooks and you are also right. People make money from our blog and we get less than what we deserve.

  128. Humayun kabir :

    Hi Neil,
    Your write a good article.I have learned a lot from this articles and now i’m realizing that more traffic is the vital important to generate online money.


  129. Hi Neil,

    It’s hard to resist to your blog even when I’m traveling, I’m reading your blog over the phone and I’m thrilled by yet another great one!

    I always thought ad was the way to go. But according to many it is to be the least effective one. It took the least effort for a reason. I’ll focus on traffic and explore some other ways to monitize.

    Thank you again!

  130. Hey Neil,
    I am very happy you are updating us as you learn. I am currently trying to get more traffic to my website, a blog on natural living. I started it when I had no clue what I was doing and I am finally at the stage of moving in the right direction. Lots to do. Your blogs help me stay focused and motivated, so thank you and keep em coming!

  131. Becky Blackburn :

    So when you say 100,000 visitors are you talking about 100,000 unique visitors a month? Or are you just adding up the number of visitors per day?

  132. Oh man Neil, this post is a nail in the coffin and it relates to our problem.

    We get about 700K visitors per month and about 1 Million page views per month. Our niche is Android. We earn around $6,000 per month – $3,000 from Adsense and another $3,000 from Amazon affiliate and other eCPM ads.

    We tried putting up Amazon affiliate banners to see if we can drive most of the traffic to Amazon where they buy product and get commission, but that banner conversion sucked. We were only able to get affiliate sales using in-content natural looking links.

    Getting products and services is what I think would elevate our site’s revenue. But we are stuck how to do it or how to implement that without creating a lot of noise with our visitors. To be honest we hate ads too. Adv inside the blog post is poor experience. I would be very keen to see how you proceed with implementing this selling strategy in your nutrition blog and follow your path along the way in our site.

    Appreciate your openness and your ability to help people.


    • Sam – I am learning along the way too. We’ll prob bounce a lot of ideas of each other along the way 😉

  133. Neil,

    Awesome post.

    This is out of topic, but I need your help. I am actually looking for an agency which can help me in linkbuilding for my site. Unfortunately, most of the gigs found online are low quality. Can you actually recommend something that’s good…? is Audience Bloom Worth it?

    Thanks again.

  134. Neil,

    I need to lose a pound or two. If you come up with some sort of lose-weight type subscription service, count me in 🙂

  135. Most of the new bloggers prefer to use Adsense to earn money and I don’t think they can earn this much from any kind of blog. I myself have a gaming blog but I find it hard to get direct advertisers on the blog.

    • Raheel, I think you should consider some alternative means of monetization. Have you considered e-books and affiliate marketing.

      • E-books and affiliate for gaming niche? I don’t know if any e-books can be sold on gaming website but affiliates might be a good idea.

  136. This is just the post I’ve been looking for. I have a new film and movie blog. I make all my money (pocket change right now) through adsense. I know there is money in affiliate marketing but I don’t know what I can do given my niche. When I look at my competitors, the big boys, like cinemablend, /film, and others they seem to just run straight ads and hit them with a sledgehammer if traffic.

    Unless I’m missing something I feel like this is all I can do. Just keep growing my low traffic numbers in hopes of growing bigger and bigger each month. I’m a snowball rolling downhill is what I tell myself each day. At least I hope.

    Any advice? Anybody?

    • Camx, I think a good takeaway from this post is to realize that there are alternative options like affiliate marketing and selling your own products. Try e-books or promos?

  137. Hey Neil

    Been following this experiment through all the updates. I am looking forward to seeing the results after one year. I have started a blog in the health niche myself, using the new .fit domain. Some people have said that due to the extension, the blog will not succeed, but I think a take away from your experiment is that it is all about the content:

    Even if you have no clue (like you say you dont have) about a niche, if you stick to creating great content, people will want to read your writing. Therefore, I am hoping that some people will read my writing, and that I can help the blog being read through applying your techniques for content marketing. I dont have a desire to go for the 100k/m, just readers following my road to going from out of shape to fit and having fun in life.

    For instance I am currently doing a slim down and really losing a lot of body fat. That way, when I stop losing weight, I wont have to worry about getting chubby again, as long as I stick to my diet. I will post about my current fitness-status very soon, so check it out if you want:

    Anywho, I think it would be great to get a more precise goal for the challenge, for instance the 100k, is that pure profit? Will you have 100k in your hands every month or will you make a blog that will make transactions for 100k?

    Also, you wrote in a previous post about you wasting time on this and losing money even if you actually achieve the 100k/m. To that I would like to say that you should not worry about that. If (or as I would put it: “When”) you achieve your 100k/m goal, you will have proven to everyone that your methods are bulletproof, and that is very marketable after it ending. So the ROI is not only 100k/m for you. However, something tells me that this already crossed your mind 😉

    Keep us updated!
    Best regards

    • Adam, thanks for providing such an insightful comment — you are right on the money. Stay tuned for future posts they are going to validate a lot of what you said.

  138. This is really awesome, let’s see how it can be implemented.

  139. I have placed Ads on my blog because I thought it is the only way I can monetize my blog. After reading this post and your posts about affiliate marketing, I learned about Affiliate Marketing. Then I placed some affiliate offers on my blog. Thank You again for providing such a useful information.

  140. Neil,

    You’ve said running ads was the worst/least reliable way to earn income from a website and in the main I agree. But, news/info sites – such as mine – are pretty much left with no choice. You need huge page views to really make money on ads.

    While I do some merchandising related to my subject matter (I have an Amazon Astore and printed schwag via CafePress), I have found the merchandising to be even less reliable than running the ads.

    My site right now is a money loser – which because I’m doing it for a cause, I’ve accepted. But what can news/info sites that are not engaged in e-commerce do to at least break even and start earning a profit?

    • Ron, you bring up some honest and true concerns. Have you considered running an affiliate campaign?

      • Neil,

        Good afternoon. Do you mean creating my own affiliate campaign? Or joining someone elses? Or ramping up the two affiliates I have now (Amazon AStore and CafePress)?

        • Ron, it may mean ramping up and testing out different ways to promote.

          • Neil,

            It may make most sense to use my existing Amazon Affiliates account. I made a nice commission one month when a reader bought a backup generator. Not the type of thing I was expecting to sell on a political news site, but I made the sale.

            Amazon has the most promise compared to peddling T Shirts and schwag. Amazon has a huge array of products and tools to integrate selling into a site – like one that puts products on a widget based on keywords in your posts as one example. I’m not sure that a sidebar-based widget is the way to go – sidebars don’t usually generate lots of clicks.

            My other concern with these widgets is that they’re javascripts and they slow the site down.

            I would have to re-design the A-Store or just do a new one, as the one I have now is very limited. It may be worth it to do that.

            I do have to be careful that it doesn’t appear that I’m using the subject of my support for commercial gain. My site is principally a political news / support site.

            It may be wise to promote and SEO the revised A Store separately and integrate contextual links into the site.

  141. Something I was thinking about recently was an easy way to consume green juice. I don’t know a lot about nutrition but I know that green juice was something trending and I don’t think it reached his peak. Because for people like me who don’t go crazy about nutrition but would like to eat healthy, green juice seem one of the easiest option to add to my daily routine. But here’s the problem : it’s a pain in the ass to always have all the vegetables and fruits to juice on a daily basis. I know that’s kind of lazy but I was really commited to drink green juice everyday but because of this I am not. That’s a problem that i’m sure a lot of people deal with. Finding a solution to overcome this problem could be a gold mine. I was thinking about maybe having frozen vegetables and fruits bag ready to blend might be an option.

    • Fred — sounds like a great strategy. I would expand on what is included in that green juice tho 😉

  142. Mulyadi Subali :

    Good read. I learn a lot as I’m also developing a b2c website. Thanks!

  143. Annu Thakur :

    I read the whole article it’s al about selling your services and products. Please Neil think about us too. We are small bloggers and I writes for the latest smartphones and their price in all major countries of world. Tell bloggers like me too to earn if not $1,000,000 then at least $1,000 per month so that bloggers like me who want to make a career in Blogging get motivated.

    • Annu, this strategy can be scaled at any level. Think about the big picture and scale accordingly. The results will follow.

  144. mukesh jangir :

    Hey neil,
    i m so pissed off man i mean it’s nearly an year anf i am not able to drive traffic to my site The motive of my stRting a blog is as same az for your nutrition blog to earn $100000 a month. I did a few things to make my blog but i m still struggling to generate traffic.till now i am just able to earn only $5 of grand total in my blogging journey.i post of around 15 posts a week still after that i wasnt able to earn traffic. I dont wamna sell money on fb ads.frankly speaking i dont have it.please help to earn my objective sir.where i am doing it all wrong. please help me
    Eagerly waiting to hear from you

  145. I am really thinking of trying this experiment myself. Im not a fast writer and writing is not my passion. But Im strong in marketing.

    Do you think it would work without having great writing skills? (Not English native)..

    Also, from reviewing quicksprout, I see you have around the 50k pages.. Undoubtedly, that is also a good reason why it receives a lot of traffic…

    How do you go and generate so many good quality pages if you are the only one writing?

    If I would start, I can see how I can do 50.. 100 pages.. but reaching tens of thousands?

    Really interested hearing what you have to say about this..

    • Esther, I think I am an exception to the rule because I truly enjoy writing which allows me to write so many articles. If you check out my latest article here: You’ll find some answers to your questions.

  146. Very interesting post.

    The only thing I’m not sure about; is it really that good to have 3 upsells?

    I remember once i bought a product and got an upsell. I was like ok i will buy it and then after that got 2 more upsells.

    First i felt positive and trustfull about the guy selling the product, like he was trying to help me with his product, but after 3 upsells i felt he was just trying his best to take As much money As possible from me and lost all my trust in him.

    Ofcourse, i would like to make more money by doing upsells, but im not sure if its smart regarding my own experience with this. What do you think?

    • Oh, almost forgot; would you be so kind to tell or email me the blog you’re working on? I saw somebody commenting you mentioned it before, but I missed it.

      Would love to see it, so i can understand the process better.

    • Jacco, if someone is upselling correctly you’d never feel like that. Sounds like they were a bit pushy — that’s one thing I suggest people avoid.

  147. Thank you Neil, I really like this quote:

    “If you really want to hit 6 figures a month in income, you have to sell your own product or service. Or you have to white-label someone else’s products or services and sell those.”

  148. Carti de vizita :

    Hy Neil! you are absolutely right abou making money from bloging. I learn from mistakes and after 4-5 years i started to making money. So it`s a long way of obstacles and learning things, but in finally, it`s worth it! thx for the article!

  149. This really got me rethinking my monetizing strategy, currently I’m only using Adsense, but I could be making so much more with other strategies. Although my main focus is getting traffic at the moment, I should really start planning how to handle things in the near future.

    • Jan, hopefully I provoked some of these questions and the thought process. It’s a great first step!

  150. moeen akhter :

    This is gold! I’ve been waiting for this information thanks

  151. Andre Hospidales :

    Neil, I find it difficult to believe that if you drive even 100,000 targeted users to your b2c site, that you won’t hit the targets you’ve set. These are people that are already interested in the subject matter. It will be very easy to convert those visitors to buyers as long as they like and trust you. I also think you’re underestimating affiliate marketing. if you are selling quality products by an established brand that is already getting great reviews, I dont’ see your why visitors will buy through your site. If you’re delivering quality content that is making a difference, people will want to reciprocate somehow. It is also worthwhile to sell products that people need rather than what they can do without.

    • Andre Hospidales :

      Noticed a couple of errors in my post, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.

    • Andre, great points. It’s all about providing value and reaching the right people — the rest will follow.

  152. David Anderson :

    Nice article, i learned many things and it inspired me the way how i can generate money from blogging… really great. thanx 🙂

  153. Julia Watson :

    Very interesting post I use your techenic in my blog. Thank You

  154. This is one post I have to Bookmark, it will be an inspiration and a challenge for me, I dream of making the $1000,000 through blogging. I have learned that it is not just about blogging but creativity and knowledge that will make this possible.

  155. Hi Neil I want to share my first blog can you please review that for me

  156. Thanks Neil for detailed article i know it’ll help me a lot in future effort. according to you i don’t have visitors more than 100m/m but i want to achieve 1000 /m i know its low but its enough for first efforts. hhahaha.. by the way you always give me boost and encourage to get success. thanks bro

  157. Hey Neil

    How you get 84k Page likes in this sort time ??

    please share this secrets with us.

  158. Sergey Steklov :

    Thanks Neil!
    Tips very useful! I will soon want to create their own book for bloggers. This will be my first product. In the future I plan to release their products. I hope I will be able to produce good products and good at this work.

    About Google Adsence, then we in the Russian Internet very frequently use such advertising. Unfortunately very little income from it. Good money only on sites with high traffic.
    So I do not use Google Adsence on your blog. Want to earn money on their products and services.
    Thanks Neil for the tips!!!!

  159. Neil – Sounds like an exciting new project. I am eager to follow the updates. Thanks,

  160. Jim Van Wyck :

    Hi Neil….

    Fascinating project….

    May I ask, what related post plugin are you using
    on the NutritionSecrets site?

    It’s really nice…

    ==>Jim Van Wyck

  161. Neil,

    Are you paying Mike to write these articles? If so, I think you should disclose that.

  162. It looks like a nice project with nice value-$100000 a month. It’s amazing. Would love to see how far it goes.

  163. Pruthvi Bardolia :

    I too have started a travel and lifestyle blog, after getting inspired from you. Let’s see how far it can get.

  164. hey Neil,
    I am a regular reader of your blog and i love it so much.
    Every time i read your blog post i learned something new which i can apply to my blog. Please keep posting these awesome post for us.
    thank you.

  165. Saying that you didn’t need affiliate products or ads was a real eye opener.

    I like the idea of a subscription services.

    This reminds me of how rapper, Tyler the Creator recently launched his app/zine GolfMedia ( Subscribers pay $5 to get access. Really I think he could of charged double or triple that price.

    • AI, sounds like a brilliant move. Do you have any other information or insights on his process?

  166. Ethan Sigmon :


    Awesome in sites! I have been following this series and I think it is a really cool experiment. I love subscription services and actually started one myself in the B2B field a few months ago. I was surprised how fast I got to a $1000 MRR using webinars like you did with Kissmetrics.

    Anyways I have a patent pending on a method in the nutritional supplement space that I am working on finalizing. It incorporates a couple products (that could be white labeled) and subscription plans. Not exactly sure if it would fit your blog perfectly (since I still have not found it) but I would love to tell you about it to see if it does. No one else is delivering in this way, I have validated it, and the patent would stop the big guys in that industry from being able to squash you.

    Can I have 5 minutes on the phone with you?


  167. I’ve just recently started blogging and trying to add some income. If I could make just $1k a month I’d be doing cartwheels.Thanks for the article. Good info and ideas for me to look into.

  168. As per your advice Neil, I’m follow your posts about the nutrition blog to help me with my own site. You talked a bit about B2B and B2C. What would you do with a business that didn’t have something to sell? Our niche is family travel and we are looking to make money from a magazine-style website. That being said, our visitors aren’t the ones who we would make money off of, it would be the sponsors looking to get their products and services noticed by our visitors. There’s no question that ads don’t work. (Mostly because no one wants to buy them.) Do you have any ideas that specifically help a site looking to monetize based on content not physical product?

    • Shauna, sponsors work the same way ads do. Ultimately if you want to make more money it would be helpful to have your own product or service that you are promoting. With that being said — with your current strategy you could set up specific landing pages that you drive people to via search marketing & facebook ads.

  169. Timo Fischer :

    Great Article ! I read it more and more often that you don’t need ads on your Blog no matter what niche you are in. That’s why I’m working on my own products now, so that I can place them on my Website. I could use affiliate products but I like to have a product of my own it’s also more personal for my readers than some product that somebody else created. Thanks for the tips and advice in this article I’ll definitely use them for my Blog.

  170. Awesome! welcome to the health niche neil, health isn’t that easy especially when it comes to convincing people to buy a product as I have been there and still there. I believe building an authority or brand name will go a long way in your nutrition blog. good luck to you.

    • Michael, thanks for the warm welcome — I want to distinguish myself in the market which is a challenge.

  171. Hi Neil,

    So at what point would you introduce an e-book? Or even if I thought about white labeling a product, when would you introduce? This is in regards to a new blog and I was wondering should I continue to write the contents to build my audience and then introduce my produce or e-book later.

    • Ty, try to get enough readership on your site before you start pushing out products like e-books.

      • I have a notebook full of notes from following you for many months. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  172. Abdul Haseeb :

    Hi Neil,
    This article is really nicely written. I have learned a lot of things from your blog. Now I am trying to make my blog as you have suggested in your articles.

  173. Good article sir. The scenario here is that you are teaching people how to sell a product and indirectly you are selling them your own product.I admire you.

  174. Dear Neil,
    this a very impressive blog post for me.

    And I have only one question: what is the name of your new nutrition blog?

  175. Nice info Neil ,good job. On Targeted Traffic… what’s the best source to get that For a new startup that wants to make his first $100,000 a month?
    thanks your time

    • James, that’s the challenge. I have a multi-channel approach, that way I can test to see which approach works best.

  176. Hi Neil,
    I’m glad this was your next topic because I feel I’m at the same stage of trying to figure out a revenue stream. Since your last update, I’ve streamlined my site’s layout – simple and clean. I am still struggling with getting many visitors and have zero sign-ups. My focus is around online business start-up advice for creatives that want something simple and easy to follow – the non-tech type of people with low budgets that want to sell art, digital products, jewelry…things like that. I post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ regularly and also promote my articles through those platforms. For a revenue stream, I have some affiliate links throughout my articles, want to stay away from ads, and am thinking about offering a service and eventually an ebook. But before I do either of those, I feel like I should have experienced some success. I am in the process of continually adding more content to my site to keep my readership increasing. I feel like I’m in a chicken and egg situation of which is to come first: my own success or a service/ebook guiding others in the same situation.
    Looking forward to more updates!

    • Christine, awesome! Keep updating with great content and the rest will follow. Please let me know if you need any help along the way. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  177. Matt Auckland :

    Hi Neil.

    Your quote “Ads are typically the worst way you can monetize your traffic” has got me thinking.

    I’m due to launch a project that doesn’t have a physical or digital product to sell. As a 24/7 broadcaster, the product is the content delivered via the stream. The music niche isn’t something that would be able to create and sell an eBook or product, so how could such a business generate revenue?

    Other than advertising on the website and/or the stream, plus affiliate links of course, I can’t see any other option for revenue from such a business.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Matt, I think an e-book would work if you find the right value add for your visitors. It’s all about positioning and finding out what they need. Maybe you do an informational e-book that goes in-depth into music and industry trends?

      • Matt Auckland :

        Thanks for the reply Neil.

        Good idea, but would the project being a consumer facing business, internet radio for a niche music genre, effect the chances of success?

  178. Wow, what a post, this is really inspiring. I like the discussion on quantity of visitors and the conversion rates you are likely to expect. I know that in my learnings online i have had to stop assuming things and test and test and test some more. Your advice is accurate, nothings easy but with hard work its possible!

  179. hi neil,

    it is very interesting the “traffic chapter”. You know, generally speaking about blogs nobody never mentioned the fact that when someone writes in english she got an audience of, i don’t know, let’s say between half a billion to one billion people word wide if not more (i think more actually). So, basically it is a “number game” and basically I am screwed 🙂 , like any other european country with fewer people around.

    So let’s make it simple,suppose u got half a billion english-can-read- people! According to your experience u got to hit 1000000 (suppose we are B2C) to get $100 000 @year; which means a conversion from the huge english audience base of 0.002 or 0.2%, which also means 1 dollar per year for every 10 followers. So if I got a niche language (let’s say 40 000 000 base audience) it would translate in 80 000 monthly visitor (0.2%) which is $8000 a year (assuming I am as good as Neil Patel 🙂 ).

    All this led to 2 questions: since I don’t have neither a huge “organic” audience nor a good enough english; in your experience, is there a way to create no-written-contents that potentially can generate such a return (this means that all the SEO stuff and so on do not apply)? for instance have u ever had no-blog example experience … for instance pics/albums/videos/instagram channel or anything that does’nt have to deal with the language barrier ?

    thanks Neil. what do u think?


    • Andrea, you bring up a great point and I definitely think that visual mediums can help in this regard. Infographics and promoting via channels like instagram can transcend the language barrier and allow you to reach out to many more people. Also, having a translation plugin or software on your site can do wonders 😉

  180. Hi Neil

    How you going to promote your affiliate products on the blog?
    Will you place banners around the page or post content with product links?


  181. Hi Neil,

    Will Quicksprout be the best way to keep up with the progress? I know you won’t be linking to it, but, will you be providing us with the blog so we can check it out for ourselves?


  182. Hello Neil,

    First off – really awesome content. Im really happy I found your website. Im really trying to get out of my deadendjob working endless hours for nothing and be successfull with OM to be able to be more free.

    I was wondering if there is some sort of Chronology where I can find every single post about the Nutrition Blog Challenge – also… is there any possibility to find out the link of it? I get it, that you dont want to make it accessible for the wide public, because then people would say you use your userbase to reach your goal, but I would be really interested to follow the progress of the website and see the different transitions and changes over time.

    Im pretty sure you are very busy, but I hope this post will still end up reaching you… somehow.

    Greets Paul

    • Paul — good suggestion. If you google the nutrition blog along with the word quicksprout all articles should come up in the first page. I get your point thought — I’l see if I can have a separate tab or sidebar.

      • Yes, I tried it this way now. Im not sure if I got every Blog post, but I think so. Looking forward to your next update :).

        Thanks for your fast answer.

  183. soft cybernet :

    Great article for the blog owners. Nutrition is very important for all the people Thanks for sharing.

  184. Thanks neil for sharing this article….. now i am going to start building a email list hopes that will work for me

  185. Stu Leventhal :

    Neil, This project of yours is quite ambitious! Bravo! I look forward to attempting to follow along.

    Like many in your audience I would like to try to and duplicate your moves but in a different niche…do you have any prerequisites, such as software or hardware suggestions we should acquire?

    Should we start on a specific blog platform? What type of blog will you create…wordpress, wix, tumblr, other? Do we need to create the same for ease of implementing your lessons? What hosting will you be using? Does the name of blog matter and how will you decide on yours?

    This is a great teaching style thus I am recommending to my restaurant clients, who could always use some more instruction and help with blogging to tune in.

    • Stu, just follow along the with the post and I am sure you’ll continue to grow your site. I have a new post coming out very soon.

  186. Andy Boslow :

    Great Blog Neil,
    Got a new and really profitable information from your blog. I completely agree with your saying about to hold as much as emails and sell our own digital products. It’s really a little bit effortless tactic than to do affiliate marketing or promotional activities on our blog.
    Thanks for such a wonderful information.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog and keep writing.

  187. Hey Niel,

    I love the content you’re writing. I’m going to definitely follow for more.

    But I’m curious, how can you increase traffic the most? Guest posts, commenting, give-aways, ads? I’m just starting out and have gotten more than my fair share of visitors, but I want to grow and am ready to hustle. Thoughts?

  188. “Over time, things change, and you learn more..”

    Precisely! A person should be just open-minded to be able to reach the goal he aims.

  189. Neil, how many visitors per month does it typically take to reach $1,000/month in ad revenue?

    Based on average PPC rates. Does 100,000 visitors /month sound right to you? Just a rough ballpark figure. I know it depends a lot on niche and several other variables that makes the estimation difficult. Thanks!

  190. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    If you were to ever make eBooks, is there a specific site or software you would use create them? Kimberly Snyder used to use “Fedora”, but now I don’t think she uses any at all.

    Any names would be appreciated!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Eduardo, I would try to get one launched without software. Try using great designers and having a great distribution process.

  191. Rahul Biswal :

    Hi Neil,

    I am also in opinion of not using Ads on my blog and i advocate this point in my article here

    I rarely use Adsense on my blog. But looking to provide my own services.


    • Rahul, what is your logic behind the non-use of ads?

      • Rahul Biswal :

        Neil, as you know most of the bloggers are dependent on adsense for bread & butter. But what will they do, if adsense go shutdown. That’s why I say no to ads on my blog and i also recommended to other.

        In fact I am not fully advocating it. They can use ads. Along with that, one should create their own product or service.

        I hope you got that Neil.


  192. Hi Neil, I am new to blogging. My question is that being located in India, shall I have affiliate program for or My viewership is more in US. Or is there any way that location specific ads will pop to user like google from one account only. Please suggest ….

    • Neha, I am not 100% familiar with the process but my inclination is to segment based on region — so go with .com

  193. Thanks for this post, This is awesome post or I want to say this is awesome blog I ever read in my like.
    Once again,

  194. Great ! You don’t have the clear idea about earning method, but you strongly believe that you will achieve the target. I think you can do that because you have strong beliefs.

  195. I just converted my site to a wordpress blog and my niche is self development and my bloggig experience so far.
    I currently monetize with adsense but after reading this post, I am seriously thinking of creating my own product.
    Though I will have to work on my traffic until it grows to a number that can make me money.
    Thanks for the this post.

    • Ejike, glad you found the post helpful.

      Create your own products — you’ll see that you can make a lot more money with that strategy in place .

      Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  196. ” Well said. It’s lot of hardwork creating & selling your own products but it is worth it…

  197. I think that own digital product is the best way to earn money from your blog.
    Thank you very much, Neil for your advices

  198. nice guide.. i will follow the guide from now on wards

  199. Hi Mr. Neil,I’m a big fan of your and your’s blog.I’m getting very informational news from your blog.Please inspire us with these things.Cheers

  200. well, neil i’ve been running different websites for a time being but driving such huge traffic is a hard task indeed. At first I thought it would be a simple process but no way it takes concentration, great out reach and a master plan to do things accordingly


    • It absolutely does. There’s so much that goes into this and will feel challenging along the way. However, it’s very much possible and it really just depends on your hustle.

  201. Great postI I really like it! Nowadays thanks to the Internet there are a million ways to make money without leaving the house, yes, it’s unusual and difficult, but it is actually very convenient and interesting. I will try
    Thank you!

  202. Abhishek Sagar :

    Hard work is the real magic my friend

  203. Hi sir,

    I’m a starter blogger and don’t know how to increase my website’s traffic. in

    other hand some of my website’s competitors have per day 50k plus per day

    visitors without spending any single penny on PPC or any other paid marketing. The main thing is this, those website are just about 6-8 months old..
    i don’t know the tricks..

    Please sir help me… i only depend on blogging.


  204. Awesome article Neil. Blogging is an awesome world and you can make a great money through it but if done in a correct way. And your advice always helps me in making the right decision.

  205. I’m trying to live blog over 5 years, I do not know where I am failing. One day I will have my financial independence through my blogs.

    Thank you for past information in this article.

  206. Dr. Peter Nguyen :

    Hello Neil,

    How to generate leads in particular region for specific business??

  207. Free Video Indexer :

    When some one searches for his required thing, so he/she needs to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

  208. Hi, Neil.
    Can you recommend some other blogs about digital marketing (exception quicksprout of course 🙂 )?

  209. Thanks neil but it won’t need SEO Right then? Because it will get $10000 now! At start as a new blog how to increase visitors? I tried major things but didn’t works. Tried Local & Global SEO Techniques too.

  210. This is an excellent article. I realized a costly mistake I am making from the last 6 months (Just depending on AdSense). With 6k unique visits, my blog revenue is not closer to 2 digits a month and I am completely ignorant about the methods described here to make reasonable income. Thank you.

  211. Well this guide is self explanatory, we just have to stick to the basics and blog will surely boom with more traffic

  212. Hello, my blog gets 300,000 hits a month but earn only 700$ a month only because of social media like fb, twitter. I use adsense.

    please tell how to make more money

  213. Hey Neil, How many days it take a tech blog to get huge traffic.

  214. Hello Neil, I’m starting a cookie blog and would like to know how long it takes until I can get many visitors to my site. Thank you and success

    • Paid or social media can take hours and an organic perspective from launch it is likely 3- 6 months depending on the quality of content.

  215. my talking tom apk :

    – Your website is so cool. I am impressed by the info that you have on this site. I will be wanting ahead for additional of your respective posts. Stick with it!

  216. This article probably very informative to those who are unaware about b. hack techniques people use to generate traffic.

  217. buthow to write a blog and on which topic..?

  218. But how to write a blog and on which topic..?

  219. Thanks Patel for your direct message through Facebook. nice post and blog you have here, thanks for educating us, keep it up. concerning traffic, i read alot about it. have paid for backlink on Backlinko but still didnt work out for me. have done all i can for ,what else you can do for me, thanks

  220. Just what I needed to grow my 1 year old fitness blog.
    Thank you Neil


  221. A great content, I know Neil from Brasil and I reallly wanna say, congratulations for your work man and for you, now I can put this tip in my business as well

  222. Thanks sir I am from India and I am proud to be an indian. I like you so much because your posts are most helpful for me and you are genuine. Now I am started a new blog yesterday ( i have old site ) But starting a new site with fresh ideas and with your guidelines. Thanks sir.
    This is my new site

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