How Many Links Should You Build to Your Website?


What makes a great link?

One that’s natural, not rich in anchor text, comes from an authoritative site, and is relevant, right?

Well, you already knew that. It’s a topic that’s been beaten to death. Heck, I even have a 30,000 plus word guide that teaches you all about link building.

But what about link-building velocity? How many links should you be building, and how fast should you build them?

Don’t fret—I’m going tell you how many links you should be building and at what rate you should be building them. 

How many links should you be building?

The more links you have pointing to your website the better, right? There is a big misconception that more is better.

No matter how many links your competitors have, you shouldn’t focus on quantity. You should focus on quality. A link from a site like CNN, assuming it is coming from a relevant section and article, will carry much more weight than 10 links from mom and pop sites.

In essence, I’m telling you that you should try to build as many high quality links as possible—ideally to internal pages versus your homepage.

Why internal pages? Well, it’s easier to build them to deep pages than to your homepage. Just think about it… would you rather link to an educational content piece published on an internal page or to a homepage that is selling a product or service? An internal page, right?

As for quantity, you won’t beat out sites that have 10,000 links using this tactic, but you will have many more authoritative links, which will help you outrank your competition.

And here is how you will build these links: through outreach, press, and connecting with writers.

How fast should you be building links to your website?

Assuming the links you are building are clean, you typically don’t have to worry about velocity. Even if you build many links fast, you should be fine in general.

But over the years, I’ve noticed a trend…mainly with new sites or websites with fewer than 100 links. If you build 500 links in the first 30 days to a brand new site, or to a site that doesn’t have more than 100 inbound links, you’ll notice that your rankings may drop temporarily.

Eventually, they’ll move up to a higher spot than their initial placement, but building too fast is unnatural. I don’t know how Google’s algorithm is programmed to deal with velocity, but this is at least what I have noticed over the last four to five years.

So if you have a new site or an older site with very few inbound links, consider building 5 to 10 during the first 30 days. Over the following few months, you can ramp it up. Here’s the velocity I would shoot for:

  • Month 1 – build 5 to 10 inbound links (ideally to your homepage)
  • Month 2 – build 10 to 15 inbound links (mix it up between your homepage and internal pages)
  • Month 3 – build 20 to 30 inbound links (mix it up between your homepage and internal pages)
  • Month 4 – build 30 to 40 inbound links (focus on internal pages)
  • Month 5 – build 40 plus links a month (focus on internal pages)
  • Month 6 – build as many high quality links as possible (focus on internal pages)

As you can see, the first few months, you are focusing on building links to your homepage and to your internal pages, but later you shift your focus purely to internal pages.

Why? Because it’s not natural to have the majority of your links pointing to your homepage. Just look at Quick Sprout… I don’t build links to the blog, and here is the total number of links pointing to the whole site:


And of those 9,143 links, only 19.8% point to the homepage.

link stats

In essence, over 80.2% of my total link count is going to internal pages.

If you have an older site with over 100 inbound links, you can build as many links as you want each month. The reason I’m saying this is that it is very unlikely that you’ll be able to build more than 50 a month.

Not only does it take time to ramp up your link building, but it’s really hard to get over 50 new links in a month, unless you are buying them or you’ve written a blog post that goes viral.

What happens if you build too many links too fast?

If you’ve built too many links too fast, don’t worry. You shouldn’t get hit with a Penguin penalty or anything like that, assuming your links are high in quality, relevant, and aren’t rich in anchor text.

The only thing that might happen is that your search traffic might stay flat for a few months or maybe even dip a bit, but after three months, you should see a sharp climb in search traffic.

If you aren’t seeing a sharp climb in search traffic, it means either the links you built aren’t high in quality or you have thin content. If it’s neither of the two, then you need to add more pages to your website and adjust how you cross-link your internal pages.

Nonetheless, those are simple fixes that should lead to more traffic. Just don’t get nervous if you don’t notice an increase in traffic right away.

Even when you build high quality links, it usually takes three to six months for the results to start showing up. So if you are investing a lot of man-hours into link building, don’t get nervous or quit if you don’t see results within the first two or three months.


Using the formula above, I’ve ranked for dozens of competitive terms on the web. For example, I used to run a blog called Online Poker Lowdown, and within six months, I got to page one of Google for the term “online poker.” All I did was follow the six-month plan above.

Sure, the site doesn’t rank anymore, but it’s because I sold it and stopped working on it years ago.

As you start link-building using the formula above, you’ll find that your website will rank for more long tail terms. Over time, you’ll also rank for more head terms, but the majority of your search traffic will come from three- or four-word search phrases.

When leveraging links to grow your search traffic, keep in mind that the easiest form of link-building is through content marketing. By creating really good information, instead of begging for links, you will increase the likelihood of people sharing and linking to your content.

It’s the main reason why I produce so many infographics on Quick Sprout.

How fast have you been building links?


  1. Eduardo Cornejo :

    The Neil Patel way (for everything): High quality over a long period of time = Quality + Quantity = Beats everybody else. 🙂

    • Neil Patel :

      Eduardo, It’s a strategy I have used for years and it most definitely has worked. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if you need help with anything else.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Finding link worthy content using tools like Buzzsumo and reverse engineering your content strategy is the surefire way to build natural and highly relevant links.

        Great share Neil!

        Btw recently I wrote a 2000 word detailed guide on advanced link building strategies for the bloggers.

    • Ivailo Durmonski :

      He is uses a synergistic effect 1 + 1 = 3 :))

  2. Darin Carter :

    Quit giving away all the secrets … LOL!
    Another Brilliant Article from the Brilliant Neil Patel.

    • Neil Patel :

      Darin, I like to help others 😉

      Thanks for the feedback and support.

      • Jaime Olaer :

        Hi Neil,

        You are really a blessing to everyone.

        Thank you for sharing your strategy.

        At last I do have a link building plan now.

  3. Adarsh Sojitra :

    ha ha….. A great post! According to me backlinks are not very much important because currently i am ranking on #1 on some keyword without having a single backlink to my site.
    Thanks Neil sir for this article!

    • Neil Patel :

      Adarsh, you must be ranking for some other factors. I wrote a blog post last week on sites that didn’t need traditional backlinks to rank. Keep up the great work!

      • Adarsh Sojitra :

        Sir, DA of my blog is only 10 because i don’t build backlinks. I just concentrate on content. If you can tell me that how i am going then it will be very much good for me. Here are the keywords on which i am currently ranking on first page. My blog is 2 months old and has 19 articles.

        Keywords :
        “Backlinks for event blog”
        “increase number of comments”
        “link wheel strategy”
        “link wheel creation”
        “ultimate keyword research guide”
        “backlinks for long term blog”
        “visualize behavior of visitors”
        “what is link wheel”
        and many more 🙂
        Sir, this are the KNOWN keywords, you can tell me how i am going?

        • Nice site Adarsh, Dont look at DA.
          With all of my previous sites I have noticed how big of a deal content plays,my learning a site with 15+ new fresh content pages tend to rank really fast. To keep it there without producing that much content you will need to follow a great linking strategy.

          good article Neil.

          I haven’t been on your blog in ages (all your learning kept me busy) and seeing the new updated profile pic caught me of guard 😉 looks good.

      • Neilu Patel :

        Hello Neilbhai

  4. Soumya Roy :

    Very helpful and certainly very insightful copy. The link breakups by months you mentioned here is a bit debatable. I am not sure with the numbers but I completely agree on the fact that we should always concentrate on the quality of links and not the quantity. I always suggest and train my students on the same fact.

    • Neil Patel :

      Soumya, those are just suggested numbers I have come across over the years. Sounds like you are teaching them all the right things. Keep up the great work and let me know if you need help with anything!

  5. Nice overview. This means you should launch your website as quick as you can. It’s ok to be embarrassed at start. Would you agree?

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    One good thing that fascinates me is the way you send out mass emails asking to link others to your site. That’s one of few things most people don’t try or believe that it works.

    I had a second thought on that too. But, I gave it a go and the results were not as expected but some of them really stood out well. I sent like 134 emails to different sites asking for a link back in the similar way you did and got 23 do-follows. Some of them agreed to put up a link but no-follow ones (the .edu, .gov sites).

    Link building is something that I really idolize you on. All in all, a great read I must say.

  12. Keith Bresee :

    Hey Neil!

    This is great!

    I do link building (Brian Deans Style) for Bryan Harris and exactly like you said, in about 6 months we started seeing some great rankings!

    And we followed the formula above!

    If anything this post just reconfirms Im doing it right! 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

    Be awesome!

  13. robemarocaine :

    Thank you for sharing this and you are absolutely right, one should not stop building links even after acquiring first position. My website was for almost a year in first position for all my keywords, i got relaxed, and all of a sudden i noticed that my new competitors are outranking me because I’ve stopped building new links

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  17. Thanks Neil! I’ve been learning a lot about link building and SEO practices, but there is so much information on the Internet that it’s hard to make sense of it. I like the way you outlined it here. It’s a plan that you can follow or execute and see positive results. I also like your idea about creating quality content instead of focusing on stuffing keywords or other blackhat tactics. You dont’ want to be penalized by big brother Google. 🙂

    • Keith Bresee :

      Hey Richard!

      Check out Brian Dean

      I get incredible results following Brians techniques!!

      Hope this helps!

      Be awesome!

      • Thanks Keith! I appreciate your advice. I’ve been following Brian Dean for a couple weeks now and I’m impressed at the amount of valuable information he shares. He blog posts are long, but very helpful and detailed. I’m currently applying his techniques on my websites. Talk soon, Richard

  18. William Zimmerman :

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    I always knew that you should not build too many links too fast but could never place a number to it.

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    Neil Q: How fast have you been building links?
    Steve A: Working on upcoming website.

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    Great outline.

    Just getting started on building links for our startup mainly through relevant/trusted directories. I’ve also moved from 2 to 3 blog post a week and moving to 5 shortly. Need to work on the infographics. Any recommended 3rd parties to help with that?

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    Recently I encountered another problem, somehow my site got traffic from porn. How to prevent such situations where someone link us from negative sites?

    • Pardeep, that will naturally happen at times — if it becomes too much of a nuisance you can disavow.

  30. Hey Neil, another great article, I will try this method for an older site that has more than 100 IBL, but I have one question for you: What do you mean “not rich in anchor text”? If you have an article about anchors that I missed, and explain that locution please let me know.

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    Is it good for a long term blog because I think it will result in a google penalty ?


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    As always Neil, awesome article. It’s spot on 🙂 our link profiles include link diversity and we always work hard for our clients so though we build quite a number links they are of quality and our clients move up! Great post 🙂 Thank you!

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    Conclusion – “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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    As usual you came up with a perfect post. It’s time to test the link building strategy now. From, today itself will implement it for my new blog. Let see how the results depicts.

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    Does Wikipedia, Social Media Profiles, directories and commenting in posts count as the first links you can build? I´m doing this while outreaching to get links to other sites work?

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    Thank you for the words of wisdom. I just recently had to do a link audit for a site I am taking over (site was riddled with low quality links from a previous black hat link campaign before I took over) and plan on starting a link building campaign once I finish the website’s redesign. I have been dreading the task of link building due to such a niche market, but this article helps me see light at the end of the tunnel, even for my situation. I appreciate your quality articles and look forward to reading more!

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  54. R.Rogerson :

    Not being funny – but hardly anything new or ground breaking here.
    The adages/precepts of;
    1) Quality, not Quantity
    2) Natural looking links
    3) Most should point to content pages
    have been batted around for over 5 years.

    In fact, there have been hundreds of discussions on numerous forums about link quality factors, acquisition rate (link velocity), destination diversity etc.

    As for smaller sites, hi acquisition rates and Googles reactions … that largely depends on the source of the links, the destination of the links and the types of links.
    You can launch a brand spanking new site and acquire 200 links in the first hour – Google won’t smack your site down the SERPs if the larger majority of those links originate from quality/trusted sites/pages, and point to pages that appear non-spammy and relevant to the origin pages.
    Throw in a mix of keyworded/non-keyworded link text with followed/nofollowed links, and you should be more than fine.

    Think about it – you’ve planned your launch, you’ve created your initial content, including SM, PR and even a Comp.
    Wham, you flick the switch, the site is live… within 1 hour you and at least 3 employees have posted at least 1 post each on the major SM sites and core focus forums.
    Having planned your content and competitions, and posting Quality SM pieces, you have linked back to your own site/content.
    Better still, your loyal friends/peers share them.
    As you have a competition, that gets more shares.
    As you included a good image and strong title, you get a few more shares.
    As you timed it for maximum impact with peers, pre-target-market time, you get a second wave of shares about an hour later.

    You could have jsut accumulated 100 shares in 2 hours!

    Google is Not going to slap your site for it.
    Not for links on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc.

    Throw on top of that the initial listings in a handful of relevant (quality!) directories, profiles on 10 other SM sites, initial posts of relevant forums etc…. by the end of the first day, you could clear 200 links.

    Again, G will not slap you down for it.

    Just don’t expect those links to grant much benefit, and not for long.

    It’s not just link quality or quality, it’s link-life and acquisition rate over time to look at too.

    • R. Rogerson,
      Thanks for all the feedback. I read through it and will take it into consideration– Also, thanks for addressing some of the questions some people had in this post.

      • R.Rogerson :

        Sorry to be a little harsh, but honestly – I know you can do better.
        So I can only assume this is a generic “pull traffic for a popular search” piece.
        What would have been nice is caveats/pointers about having stuff worth linking too!
        Generate links to a cruddy site is generally pointless … over time SE’s like G will realise it’s a low quality site, and if they have breached the “popular site” link barrier, they may find all those links do nothing because G has slapped the site.
        (G won’t slap the site for link volume, but for being a low-quality site)
        Links is only part of the battle – though the most influential, if you don’t back up the campaign with other parts, the links won’t help you win.

  55. Ah, I knew I remembered MC providing some insights years ago;

  56. Now a days we get links from directory, article or social bookmarking sites, but Google or any other search engine don’t trust these type of back links. so my question is how we will get good back links. Neil please explain this, I am very thankful if you help me out.

    By the way thank you for sharing such a great post

    • Sanjay, as I mentioned in the post — getting good links is all about creating context and great content.

  57. Sometime, it’s way too typical to outrank your competitor even after having bunch of quality links and yes, quality too. The thing is, they don’t stop doing things that was negative or bad strategy in Google eye like link exchange, paid links, directory etc.

    What’s your best strategy under such circumstances Neil??


  58. You have to be kidding, Neil. on that volume of backlinks. I largely do content marketing in a niche market (transgender) and there aren’t more than 50 authority sites even out there. Yes, there are 1000s of blogs but they rarely have my volume of traffic. Lately I’ve been able to get links outside my usual genre which hopefully will be able to give me more visibility, but I’m careful to be sure my backlinks are pertinent to my subject matter

    • Tasi, sounds like you are doing all the right things. If you create the right types of content the links will come naturally.

  59. Hi Neil,

    I have few doubts,does the link building include nofollow links also?will google rank well for new sites with less dofollow but more nofollow links?


    • Neil Patel :

      Mark, this article may help:

  60. Which link do you prefer?:

    A: The 4. link from the New York Times (while you already have 3) to your homepage (like the 3 before)

    B: A link from a Whitehat solid DA30, 10k visitors/month website in your niche to a subpage of your choice.

  61. Howard Silverman :

    Hi Neil,

    Great article, I was wondering though would you suggestion this plan for established sites that already have a number of backlinks pointing to it


  62. Hey Neil,

    What do you mean by inbound links??
    How many number of inbound links are necessary???


    • R.Rogerson :

      InBound Link means Links from other sites/pages to your site/pages.

      Though not as important as it once was for crawl influence, inbound links help tell G how important your site is, so decide things like Crawl Frequency (how often to visit your site) and Crawl Depth (how much of your site to crawl).
      Links can also tell Search Engines what sort of topic your site is (based on topics from other sites), and how “trusted” you are (if only spammy sites link to you, you are likely to be trusted less than if trusted sites link to you).

      To be honest – it’s pretty much common sense.
      Translate “links” to “social interaction”.
      Think of sites and groups of people and pages as individual people.

      Would you like to be associated with a group of people that talk gibberish?
      What would you think of a group of people that only socialise with idiots that repeat the same thing as hundreds of other groups?
      What if some of those people were shady or up to bad things?

      Right – that’s exactly how links work.
      Being friends with the in-crowd/popular people makes you more popular.

      Make more sense?

    • Neil Patel :

      there is no magic number. Just keep everything in context.

  63. InternetLocalListings :

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  64. Mary Collings :

    Thanks for a very helpful post Neil. I love that your advice is always so specific. Others tell you that you need authority links but not how many per month!

    I admire your transparency and honesty.

    I’m a great believer in getting back what you put in – so I believe that you truly deserve to be so successful because you are happy to help everyone.

    Many thanks again for the help.

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  67. Michael Bely :

    Hey Neil,
    Thanks for sharing your link building plan.
    Just wanted to add, that the results may be not consistent. I have had 8 sites for last 1.5 years that I applied the same strategy and tactics for link building to (that proved to work great for a pilot website) and almost all of them got different results.

    My plan was like yours but some less in scale.

    So, Google looks like an irregular black box to some extent anyway 🙂

    • R.Rogerson :

      If all the setups were equal, and all the links in were equal – you would have seen the same sort of results.

      Different results means there were differences – be it in your site structure and internal link PR flow, or the number of links in to pages, or the PR of those links, or the link text … or the most likely suspect, the level of competition for the terms you wanted to rank for ….

      Tons of reasons for variation in results.

      • Michael Bely :

        Of course, it can not be 100% equal like you can not enter the same river twice as they say 🙂 But anyway, my point was just to share that it’s not always how you may expect that.

    • Neil Patel :

      Michael, great points. I tried to compile some data that I found that supported across the board findings for link building. While there were many inconsistencies I found some trends that held true for most sites.

  68. You my friend, Neil, are just truly amazing. You are my inspiration and help me daily with all of your tips and strategies, so thank you! Your six month plan totally rocks!
    Would you mind answering (that is ok if not) a question. What are the types of links you build and the percentage of each? I am guessing in the latter months you focus your time more on sharing your created content as apposed to link build building ie your infographics?

    • Neil Patel :

      Katina, I definitely do spend a lot more time on content generation and less on traditional link building — it yields better results.

  69. Aarti agrwal :

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    My Friend this is Very Interetsing Informative Article , Ammezing ideas and points , Thanks a lot For Sharing me , Best Guide Link Building Plan ,
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  71. Maurizio Fumini :

    even if they are of good quality and relevant to the subject, too many links on the home harm SEO?

    • R.Rogerson :

      Take a step back and think about it.

      Instead of a website – you have a book or a catalogue.
      When people talk about your book – are they all going to talk about the front page/cover?

      Many will – many will mention the author (company/brand), and then the book title (Domain).
      But in a fair few cases, people will talk about specific pages – be it products or articles.
      So a % of inbound links should go to internal pages.

      Ideally – in almost all setups – you want traffic to those internal pages. Those are usually more likely to convert (which, at the end of the day, IS the whole purpose of SEO!).

      So Google has built algorithms that look at link profiles – and generates a “range of normal” patterns.
      Sites that fall outside of this may be flagged for closer examination.
      So long as they look and see good things, or not too many bad things – you are safe.
      If they see an unnatural link profile, and see bad links and/or bad pages/content/practices … then things may go different.

      So the questions you should be asking yourself is … are the large number of links to my homepage…
      a) within the range of normality compared to other sites in my category/type?
      b) of quality from quality sites/pages?
      c) blatantly spammy/questionable?

    • Neil Patel :

      Maurizio, you want to be careful and distribute links throughout the site.

    • Neil Patel :

      Maurizio, I think you have to look at context and distribution — you want things to look natural essentially.

  72. Hi Neil,

    Great article.

    What about building links to an Amazon listing?

    Is too many dangerous?

    Thanks again 🙂


  73. Hey Neil

    Some good advice there…

    Just a quick comment though when I checked my backlinks in Links Research Tools yesterday says my links my Quicksprout are toxic and recommends getting them disavowed??

    Should I request them to be removed – thoughts??



    • Neil Patel :

      Larry, can you be more specific — when using the QS tool it said your links were toxic? If so, then you may need to get them removed.

  74. Sameer Manas :

    Thanks for the tips Neil. Like you pointed out, links are essential to increase the search volume too. After the PR update pause by Google, no one is building links with the assumption that they don’t need links anymore.
    I’m sure this post will help people to understand the importance of link building regardless of Google’s PR update.

    • Neil Patel :

      Sameer, definitely. It’s all about building quality and context above all else as well. Thanks for the feedback.

  75. Thanks for these tips. It’s really good to learn from the experts. I’m still new to SEO and content marketing. I’ve been into link building lately. I’m try to set a goal of 5-10 inbound links a day. Is this okay?

    • R.Rogerson :

      Don’t focus on building “links”.
      Focus on building “traffic”.

      Links don’t mean anything unless they get people to your site (directly/indirectly), and get a % of them to convert.

      The whole purpose behind SEO is to get traffic that converts!
      What content do you have that is worth visiting and acting on?
      Make sure you have that resolved first.

      Then look at ways of promoting that converting content.
      If you have worthwhile content and push it to the right people, in the right place, at the right time … things will naturally escalate.

      It’s basic marketing/advertising.

    • Neil Patel :

      Leo, sounds like a good plan to me!

  76. Umer Iftikhar :

    OK! What about anchor text to build homepage. Somehow somewhere I read, your real name should be used, somewhere I read a branded anchor text is best. What actually should be more focused when someone is doing blogging?

    • R.Rogerson :

      Stop and think.

      If you had to do a link review and out of 100 links, you saw 99 of the same type … would you think it natural?

      The key is Diversity, Variation, Assortment.
      You want varied link text, ranging from Keyword to Brand to Domain.
      In some cases, these may be the same, similar or different.

      You would also expect a degree of nofollow and follow.

    • Neil Patel :

      Umer, both strategies work well if you are focused on personal branding — that’s definitely a technique to utilize to get qualified traffic.

  77. Wiktor Pacocha :

    Everyone can say ‘build’ links, but not too many companies can pay for that…

    • Neil Patel :

      Wiktor, that’s why a good free way is to do manual outreach and create high quality content.

  78. Krishna Kumar Singh :

    Really needful article Neil..! I always keep keen eyes for your post..thanks!! Krishna 🙂

  79. vijender singh :

    Hi Neil,

    Your 6 month link plan is awesome. I started working on this plan because I also think its help to avoid google penalties and link spam.

    very helpful article.


    vijender singh

  80. Somya sharma :

    It is such a nice article Neil about the link building strategy. I also want to get a good rank on search engine for my website. So, can you tell me further about, which link building techniques are good for a web designing website?

    • Neil Patel :

      Somya, I think promoting quality content via blog posts and unique content is a good way to go.

      • Somya sharma :

        Apart form content marketing can you suggest me more link building techniques, that are beneficial to get rank well on search engine.

  81. hay neil,

    i was wondering is linking site on forum signatures a good thing ?

    • Neil Patel :

      Ryan, more often that not they are no-follow and provide no value.

      • not to mention they kinda looks spammy cus every time i comment on the forum new link is created ,would be more healthy that i remove it from my signature and add it on my bio eh?

  82. Deependra Kumar :

    Hey Neil, very nice and relevant post indeed! Neil, i agree for your suggestion – Relevant Links+Natural Links+Links from Authority Websites+Amount of Links+Timing Management (Period) + Anchor Text (Not Rich) + Links to Home and Internal pages (Great combination required) = Quality Link building, OK, no doubt at all.

    But i need your suggestion about following aspects as well:

    1. Content involvement in Link building
    2. Link from different Sources – Using Different Techniques.

    Because i have a reason to say this, that i have seen a number of times where I found:

    * A website with few back-links ranked much higher in search engine than others.

    * The less i worked the more i found my website high in SERP – in a quick time (If one keeps patience) and it was also stable for a long time in spite of doing nothing further.

    * Domain age – Tremendous effect.

    * Despite of making my website of high quality – on-page perfect, design and coding, optimizing according to Google webmaster guidelines, i found that the less optimized websites went much higher than the optimized one.

    I don’t understand the algorithm Google uses to place the websites in his SERP, because i did everything what one needs to do in order to make his website Search Engine Friendly, but still the result was not on the track.

    Can you help me understand the secrets behind all these? Thank-you, Neil. I appreciate your presence…

    • Neil Patel :

      Deependra, I think this article can help:

      Do you have any specific questions I can help with? If you provide a URL I can check it out.

  83. Carinne Bird :

    🙂 Hello Neil, Thank you for sharing this awesome strategies! Your posts are truly helpful to me and to others! Keep it up!

  84. krishna kant :

    Hello Neil Sir , Thanks for sharing this helpful article , I am a learning SEO from you and my sir. I started a blog on blogger(seo education) and want to know that how can i increase my link building ?
    can you suggest me ??

  85. Harekrishna :

    Thanks for sharing your smart strategy for link building. I like your tips and tricks about to focus on home page and internal page. Quality with unique content marketing is truly effective for natural link building. I am thinking to apply your smart six month plan.

  86. Thank you for sharing this Aricle.

  87. Lorraine Reguly :

    Other than guest posting, what are a few good ways to build links?

    • R.Rogerson :

      It’s not Links you want/need – it’s Traffic.

      Take a step back and think.
      What have you got that is Worth linking to?
      What is there to draw people in?

      If you were making a film – what would be in it worth promoting? The actors? The director? The plot? The scenes?
      Websites are no different (authors, brand, topic, content).

      So it’s not the links you have to tackle first, it’s what you are linking to … and that should be decided by your audience and your desired action by visitors.
      Are they to click something, buy something, make a call… ???

      Who are your audience?
      What are they looking for?
      Why are they looking for it?

      Are you creating content for end-users/clients/customers … or peers (sometimes the same, sometimes completely different)?
      Is it worth their time looking at? If so, why?

      Then you need to figure where they go and why they go there.

      To directly answer your question – think about where people go online.
      Social Media is the biggest pool of people – but what sites/services are they using? Are there more parents on twitter or facebook? How do you find them? How do you start communicating with them? What will get their attention? What will make them take an action (click/read/share)?

      Guest posts you already mentioned – but is it quality topical content that makes them appreciate your efforts and want to see more from the source (visit your site)?
      What hooks are you leaving in the guest post to entice them?

      Forums is another source of links (though often nofollowed).
      Are there forums where your audience(s) frequent? Can you post there and be helpful and get traffic?

      Question/Answer sites (a specialised forum format) may be of use depending on your market and audience.
      Again, often nofollowed links – but it’s the Traffic you want!

      How about your own little network – your own site, blogs etc.?

      Comments is another source of traffic – and sometimes link value.
      What sites can you comment on (constructively, with relevant info) that could generate traffic?

      1) You have a quality site
      2) You have quality content
      3) You promote sensibly
      4) You appeal to your audience(s)
      5) … they will do the link building for you!

      All you have to do is start the ball rolling.
      IT’s time consuming and hard work – making quality content and promoting it … but it lasts a damn sight longer than spamming links and posting 3rd rate content on questionable sites.

      So sit back with pen and paper and doodle some notes about your audience or more likely, audiences.
      Who, what, where, why and when.
      Then start listing content that should interest them.
      Then start making it.
      Then start promoting it … “hey, anyone want to review this…”, “want to know how…”, “5 things you…”, “Don’t …” etc. etc. etc.

      And use the comments/feedback to;
      1) Refine your content
      2) Inspire you for more content
      (want to bet you see a certain person make a few posts about audience appeal and traffic generation soon :D)

    • Neil Patel :

      Lorraine, you can build links through blogging on your site and running affiliate programs.

  88. TonmoyParves :

    Hello Neil, Thanks for your this complete guideline. I was just checking your Facebook Page activity and got your this article. And the title of this article make me crazy to read this one. Would you please love to share or you have already one HOW TO GET BACK LINKS FROM SITE AS CNN ?

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good week end

    • R.Rogerson :

      Simple answer – what have you got on your site, or what has your business done … That Is News Worthy?

      If you haven’t done/got anything news worthy – why would you appear in the news?

      Alternatively – you could “fish” for a journalist.
      Can you conceive of some news-worthy content that you would be an applicable interviewee for? Or can you cast special light and share information about your business sector that would be ground-breaking news?

      Try here…

    • Neil Patel :

      Tonmoy, You should focus less on getting links from specific outlets like CNN and more on getting contextual links that relate to your website. I think that strategy will be best for you in the long run.

  89. Alexander Horoshkevich :

    Hi Neil
    Thank you for post. I liked your core idea about link building strategy. I would like to add 5 cents. I’ve already added relevant comments with backlink to my website on different blogs. And it works. I think it’s good idea, may be not so honest, but still.

    • Neil Patel :

      Alexander, as long as it’s all in context you should be fine — do things naturally and the rest will follow.

  90. I’m glad that you write this article. I am agree with you. First of all, your main focus should not be on just links. Try to be natural. Write great content. But not just content that you think sounds good, content that’s highly shareable. -Suzan

    • Neil Patel :

      Suzan, great points. It’s all about sharing content that others would find helpful and informational — that’s the best strategy IMO.

  91. Sagar Shah :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks, it cleared a lot of misconception in my mind.
    Your post always provide best solution to most common SEO
    problems almost every newbie face during their campaigns.

    As you suggested anyone should not build backlinks too fast for thei brand new site.

    Yeah I completely agree with that but

    Is it really possible for a brand new website to rank in search engine with only 50 Total backlinks within 3 months of internet presence even though they had focused low competition long tail keywords???

    Please your answer will help me in long way….

    • R.Rogerson :

      Depends on a lot of things …. volume and strength of competition, quantity and quality of competition for specific terms/phrases/words, quantity/quality of inbound links, quality of destination site/page etc. etc. etc.

      There is no simple formulae that can be followed for specific results – as there are so many variances depending on circumstances.

      If you target a shallow market, with low and weak competition, with longtail terms … chances are you can rank easily enough.
      Start upping any of those factors -a nd it gets harder by a matter of degrees.
      Each factors difficulty can multiply the next … so if you have two factors that are higher, you will find it that much harder to rank higher.

      So it’s not just a case of building links, or how many or how fast…
      … you need to think about where those links are going, what words they are targeting etc.
      Throw on top of that quality of destination and of origin … you don’t want to build a bunch of spammy links on spammy sites pointing to a spammy page … that will just get you shot.

      • Sagar Shah :

        Hi Rogerson,

        Thanks for clarifying in detail …
        Ok lets consider one website:
        (1) New Domain with 3-4 months of age
        (2) Domain Authority of around 15-30
        (3) 50 quality backlinks( PR 0-4 ) from niche related sites
        (4) Quality Content of about 2000+ words in every post focused of long tail keyword (low competiton & good amount of search volume)
        (5) Good Social Engagement

        I need some good insight about this type of case as is it possible to outrank your veteran competitors by using proper long tail keyword if your website don’t have backlinks from high authority sites????

        Just curious about your answer!!!!!

        • R.Rogerson :

          Hi again Sagar.

          The honest answer is … it depends.

          If you are looking at strong competitors that are well established, have a high volume of links with a lot of internal/deeper pages linked to from quality/relevant/high PR pages … then it is going to be a battle.

          On the other hand – if they have a huge number of low quality links – over time you can beat them.

          Despite what G says – links are still the most influential factor that I know of.
          So, that means you have to either fight with brute force (match link volume/quality), or fight smarter (target alternative terms, utilise social sharing etc.).

          Long-tail keywords can be great – they can reduce competition level and increase conversion rates … but they also tend to generate less traffic.

          So – what is the aim of your game?
          Are you looking for links to boost your general rankings, to boost your main page, to boost specific internal pages …
          … or are you looking to promote the site/content/products and get conversions?

          At the end of the day, though links in general can generate higher rankings, and thus generate more trafffic, and as an end result push up the number of conversions … it is not the same as focusing on conversion factors or traffic generation.

          So what is it you are after?
          Links for SE rankings?
          Links for Traffic?
          Links for traffic that converts?

          OR … do you want to achieve all three things in one blow?
          (Lets be honest here – in most cases, people want links to boost SERPs results … the rest is pure bonus material.)

          So – you have a new site.
          Did you do a major launch?
          Did you do a soft/quiet/selective launch first?
          Did you do an press releases?
          Did you announce it on relevant forums/social sites/communities?
          Did you run a special event for any local real-world benefit/traction?

          What about brand-ownership?
          HAve you ensured you have possession of WP/Tumbler/Blogger etc. for your company name? What about making relevant profiles on Fb/Twttr/Li/G+ for your company?

          What of interaction?
          Have you located online communities/locations of your target market? Are you posting to interact with them (rather than posting “shouts” in the vain hope they will go look)?
          Have you made posts asking questions about who else they shop with/whose services they use?
          What about competitions or funny posts?

          What about Peers and Betters?
          Who are the key influencers in your market?
          Who are famous/popular companies/company employees?
          Who are popular/trusted bloggers/social posters about your market?
          Are you interacting with them?
          What about 2nd tier socialites … those that tend to collect and share content, and that get shared by prominent social influencers? Do you know who they are and make sure they know who you are?
          (Social Media is NOT about posting “look at me”, it is about “interaction” and “trust” and “promotion”. It’s an investment system.)

          And of course – the big question … what have you got that is WORTH linking to?
          What makes your pages better than competitors?
          Why would I read your pages instead of someone elses?
          Why should I link to your page instead of 1 of 100 other sites pages?
          Is it easier to read? More informative? More helpful? Do you answer the unasked questions? Do you tell me “how to…” or “why X is better than Y”?

          Seriously – if you think it is simply a case of posting comments/social posts/guest posts and getting a dozen links a day … quit it and hire someone. Even if they are cruddy, they’ll manage that faster than you can.
          On the other hand – if you are serious about getting Conversions, and want to generate Traffic … then invest in link-worthy-content.


          All that aside … more specific to what you were hoping to hear … Yes. Of course you can outrank a competitor.
          All it takes is a lot of links.
          You need a high % with relevant link text (with some variety).
          You need links that pass PR/Value.
          You need links from popular/trusted pages/sites.

          The question you are left with though is ……. how to get those links???
          (And that is what I answered above :D)

          • Sagar Shah :

            Hi Rogerson,

            Wow, just wow…
            This is what I was looking for…
            You’ve made my day..

            I was curious about expert thoughts on how they approach this kind of case and now I finally got the answer.

            The best part was “Why X is better than Y”
            If you can’t answer this question then your all work will go in vain..
            Thank you so much for taking time to explain some real insight.

            Sagar Shah

            • R.Rogerson :

              Glad I could help 😀

              To be honest – there are lots of approaches … but the general, best way to start is with thought and information.

              Wars are won with battles – battles are won with strength and intelligence. The smarter you fight, the less strength you need.
              over time, you build up additional strength due to having a trusted/popular site with stronger pages (higher PR that accumulates over time).

              So, to start the ball rolling, look at the lay of the land – what terms are being missed by competitors but looked for by searchers?
              Can you target those terms?
              Do those longer terms contain smaller terms?
              Can you generate multiple “different” pages for those base terms, each focusing on a related long-tail term?

              An example would help?

              Lets say you are selling watches.
              You have product pages for each watch.
              Naturally, you have categories, for things like gender, style, brand etc.
              You make sure you include those terms on each product page … linking between them.
              You link between the products in those categories.
              But … there is so much more!

              Editor Review – do a writeup for each watch.
              External reviews – reference other reviews from other sites (you could cheat … link to them, and copy snippets … you generate 1 large page utilising a little content from 5+ other sites). These of course link back to the product page.
              Customer reviews … you have a page listing reviews by customers … and each is a snippet. Each snippet links to a full review page for each customer review. These of course link back to the product page.
              Then there are the “why buy a …” pages – what factors make that watch “special”?
              Go a step further, and build a “watch buyers guide”. Even better, why not build a “gift watch buyers guide” – help those that want to buy their husband/wife/friend a watch…
              Again, each time you mention a watch, you link to it.

              Content like the guides can remain on your site … as web pages and downloadable PDFs. The PDFs have links in to the homepage and the product pages.
              You can then upload the PDF to several PDF sites … you now have links from external domains.

              Beware fake watches – a guide on how to spot fakes? Would that not be helpful?
              How about Brand news? New releases, statements by manufacturers etc. Utilise their content for your own benefit.

              Social is hard for product sites … you don’t want to spam all your products. But, you can get a little interactive … ask people “Which Watch?”. Or you could get controversial … “would you buy this watch?”.
              Go funny, make up some funny watch images, or find some, or some funny stories about watches etc. Share those.

              Did you know?
              There’s lots of background info about watches … like why they used quartz etc. You could create a bunch of little “did you know” pieces, and randomly display them on your site … or time-release them and share them.

              All of that increases your sites content quantity, includes useful stuff and generates basic self-links that may cascade and generate 2nd/3rd gen links.
              And that process applies to various products/site-types.
              You don’t even have to have all teh content on your own site. You could run a blog on a remote domain (WP/Blogger etc.). That counts as a bunch of links … but, if you take that approach, balance it a little with links to other sites. You don’t want a blog where 90% of the links go to one domain (you may get the link-text benefit, but the link value may be far less).

              Throw in the personal touch – allow people to contact you on the site, via email/phone, in social media for a “buying guide”, and personally advise.
              The higher the purchase value/investment, the more likely a personal touch is needed, and the faster you can convert.

              So – there you go, a semi-formed generic plan that you could drop-in to generate content and links 😀

        • Neil Patel :

          Sagar, it’s definitely possible to outrank competitors just as long as you use the right terms. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to be honest.

          • Thanks Neil,

            You boosted my confidence and self-esteem though.
            Now I got the answer and it will help me in long way.

    • Neil Patel :

      Sagar, it’s definitely possible. You just have to have a multi-channel approach that provides the right bandwidth for all your marketing efforts.

      Think also about the context of all your efforts and how they will help you achieve some long term goals.

  92. SMS Love Shayari :

    thanks for guide in details i will try to increase my pa da through your guidelines

  93. Thanks for Sharing Nice Articles ..

  94. A great article as always . I nearly read all your posts and they were always helpful.
    backlinking are always the the hardest thing to do for newbies .

    • Neil Patel :

      M.A. It definitely is a tough thing to do. Let me know if you need help with anything at all.

  95. Humayun kabir :


    You Provide really very effective article about back link.Can you give the list of valid do flow back link sites?


  96. Ommy Panchal :

    This is effective way of linking , its seems like it that this link strategy based on the age of the domain for fresh domain less link next month do some …..

  97. Rich Spaulding :

    Interesting points, Neil. I guess I never thought about the speed of my link-building efforts.

    Also, when I perform outreach, I’m looking for quality of the link and not necessarily where they link to on my page. In a perfect world, I’d be able to control where people point the link back (homepage or internal page).

    • Neil Patel :

      Rich, glad you found it helpful.

      Quality — especially when it comes to links — trumps all. It’s important to find the best links possible.

  98. Debashish Saha :

    Great post definitely going to use the above mentioned strategy of 6 month for my company site.

    Thanks Neil.

  99. Thanks Neil I have already shared this article with several clients, just as you stated “By creating really good information, instead of begging for links, you will increase the likelihood of people sharing and linking to your content.”

    Interesting to see the amount of comment generated content is out weighing your article at

    Comments word count 6994 words 40968 characters
    Article word count 1147 words 6234 characters

    Nice Neil May the force be with You

    • Neil Patel :

      Duncan, thanks for the share and for analyzing those numbers. Comments are definitely something that generate a lot of buzz & engagement.

  100. Swami Tarakananda :

    Two Terrible Typos!

    Well, not really terrible at all. But I figured you would want to know about them.

    In your article “The beginners guide to online marketing, Ch. 11” which you link to from this article, in the beginning section you say “you’re on strategy,” where I think you mean “your own strategy.”

    In the same article, in section three you say “spray and prey,” where I think you mean “spray and pray.”

    I am grateful for your articles, which I read more than any other blog I subscribe to. I am contemplating working with your company Boostability, but I am concerned whether they will be able to understand our very niche audience. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Neil Patel :

      Swami, thanks for the heads up — much appreciated.

      What do you may understand “they will be able to understand our very niche audience” ?

      Also, please let me know if you need help with anything else.

      • Swami Tarakananda :

        Thanks for your reply, Neil.

        Our site focuses on meditation, and what we call Original Christianity and Original Yoga. We wish to get our message out to Christians with a love of the East, and Hindus with a love of Jesus. (A perusal of our site will give a better idea of our view)

        We knew of a spiritual teacher who hired an advertising agency to spread his teachings on yoga and spiritual communities. The firm placed ads in places where there would obviously be little or no interest, including Lutheran magazines! I hope whoever we deal with will have a clearer idea of where to effectively direct their and our efforts.

        Any thoughts?

        • Swami — I definitely think one should be mindful of where they are advertising. With that being said it sounds like they were reaching the audience they wanted to advertise to– just not the right subsegment of people. Maybe you should make the parameters of the ads a little more precise.

          • Swami Tarakananda :

            Thanks Neil, for this help, and thanks for making so much How-To information available on your site.

  101. A great read Neil. It looks like I generally do send too many backlinks to my websites. I must slow down for newer sites.

    Thanks for sharing Neil!


    • Neil Patel :

      Ben, it’s always good to conduct an audit and check. Let me know if you need any help along the way.

      • Many thanks Neil.
        I won’t take up your time, etc. I’ll just keep following and reading QuickSprout and see what I can learn from you 🙂

  102. takes time but works, so good to give it a try

  103. hi Neil i make new indian songs website but i am focus on backlinks Neil Please tell me if i make lots of backlinks on first month its safe for google?

  104. Neil, you make so many great infographics. Can you produce an article on some tools for the beginning infographic-maker? How do you determine which facts to put together in the visual story?

  105. Karlis Kikuts :

    Thank you Neil for sharing this great strategy with us.
    What I am interested in is this. It’s no secret that all new sites always get into google sandbox (4-6 months). Is it relly natural get so many backlinks in the third month if my site is in a sandbox?
    Wouldn’t it be better to start this proccess only 3 or 4 months, after I make a new site?
    Waiting for your opinion.

  106. Peeyush Rajput :

    I rarely comments on a website but this article forced me to write a positive one for the author.Very informative and useful post thanks a lot

  107. Hello I am new to SEO and see you talk about getting links, the more it is not easy. Could you give some tips on how to make these links? I know that quality content is the way, but at my website which is not yet known what is the strategy?I would have to do a content and sponsor to promote it and thus attract attention of potential sites that could link back to my site?

    Congratulations on your site, excellent!

  108. Naomi Dinsmore :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this and thanks for the guide too. I need it!


  109. Anshul Raghav :

    Thank you sir, It really helped me a lot. Worth trying

  110. David Green :

    Great post! What I really liked was the specific plan you make, like month 1, month 2, month 3. A lot of times I just wanted to get things started and then it dies. So building in long-term thinking is key. Thanks Neil!

  111. Sanjay Jain :

    Hello Niel ,

    What do you suggest about creating backlinks for e-commerce website. Same rule for everyone or different.


    • Sanjay, I think e-commerce is a little different. There is more of an architectural framework that is required.

      • Writing blog can earn backlinks and make a domain as an authoritative one. Also, there is writing reviews for products and so on. Is that right, Neil?

    • R.Rogerson :

      E-commerce is still one of the hardest things to build backlinks for. At the end of the day, it’s a shop. Who talks about shops or what they buy in them?
      Not many, and not often … but it can/does happen.

      So, in the “real world”, you have some clues for what you could do.
      Stores hold seasonal price events, or product/range launches.
      You can generate content and promote that.

      Offers is another common one. Announce discounts for specific audiences, or for shopping on a specific day etc.
      Announce it in advance, and mention it to the right people – and others may blog or socialise it.

      Then there is the whole content and structure of the site.
      You have products in categories ….
      Technical first – you’ve made sure you don’t have internal duplicates and/or canonical issues? You cannot see the same product under multiple URLs? 1 product on 1 page under 1 URL. All links point to that single URL, yes?
      You link between category(ies) and product, and product to category(ies), yes?
      What about between similar products? What about related/complementary products (such as batteries for things that need them)?
      Then the “additional” content… you have editor/store owner reviews? You have comparison write-ups? You have a “buyers guide to …”? Each of those would link from/to the product pages, and possibly even the categories.
      Every time you create a guide/comparison, you can socialise it. If done well/right, they will get a few shares at least.
      There are sites you can upload pdf’s too, you can put the PDF guides on those … and the PDFs have the links to your homepage and specific product pages.

      You could invest some time/effort/money and build some functions/features – such as a suggestion tool based on input from the purchaser (based on your buying guide).

      The key thing to remember is – it’s not just the links you want – it’s the converting traffic. So ideally you would get good links from relevant sites that send you people that will buy.
      Depending on your products/market – that may include repair forums where you can supply help/assistance (don’t get spammy with it!). You could also look at writing care/repair/maintenance guides for the products (if applicable).

      Look around at other sites – in related/different markets – see what they are doing content/promotion wise. Ignore questionable/spammy/lame tactics … but look for good ideas and clever moves … then blatantly copy them.

  112. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    It finds it difficult to get natural links to sites very small in fields such as auto towing in not very large country (Romania).
    I find it even more difficult to get these links when you talk to a site that is not in English.
    How it is considered by Google when it receives a link (for example) of or (which are in English) to my site from the tow cars (written in Romanian).
    For the sake of illustrating, we consider that these sites would not be so authoritative as in reality.
    Maybe I was not clear enough, I do not write well in English.

    • Farcas, Totally get the question now — thanks for clarifying.

      I think there sometimes is greater opportunity to distinguish yourself when your niche is smaller and in a different language. You just have to find the right formula.

    • R.Rogerson :

      Several things here.

      1) Links from comments here are unlikely to do anything, as they are NoFollowed – Google is unlikely to pass any Relevance/Rank through such links.

      2) Links are links – so long as they are “normal” (not nofollowed), they pass value.
      The question is how much value, and how much influence it will have.
      Lets ignore the fact that the link above is nofollowed … lets assume it was “normal”.
      The link is from a site that has nothing to do with the topic of the destination page/site.
      The link text has no bearing (that I can see) of the destination.
      The link appears within a comment section (of ever increasing links).
      The chances are, even if it was a normal link, it would provide minimum value (minor PR flow, no contextual or domain relevance etc.)

      The “ideal” link would be a ‘normal’ link, using relevant link text, within quality content on a page of a quality site that is topically related to your site/page.
      That would provide you a keyworded relevance advantage, as well as any domain/topic advantage, as well as the PR flow.

      So, what outreach have you done?
      Though Guest Blogging/Posting is more abused than it was, chances are you could get away with a handful of good pieces on a select few sites.
      Are there any “industry” type sites? Could you post a piece about the struggles of towing, or how congestion charges are a crippler, or health and safety considerations … or anything else others in your industry could read and enjoy?

      How about hitting the other side of the coin? Write some content for those getting towed/collected?
      What should they make sure they have in their vehicle for emergencies? What to do when they break down? What Not to do? Those may be of use/interest to some motorist sites?

      You could try looking at some content exchanges.
      Though you shouldn’t exchange links – a couple of links within good content swapped between two or three sites should easily slip past the radar (esp. if done over a month or two to be paranoid).

      Social Media?
      Can you put together some funny videos, images or stories to share? HashTag them as Funny, True Story etc., and you will likely get seen by some, and if good enough, you’ll get the shares.
      Make sure you link to your site and the fuller story, or background for the image/vid, and that should work well enough for you.

      Small Niche?
      Does that mean fewer competitors, or … increase the importance of building some solid relations with others in your niche?
      Are there some indirect competitors (same industry, but not in your area – or – those in your area but don’t target the same audience) that you could befriend? Get together on the social media side of things, share each others content, work as a loose team to spread your content and generate links for all of you?
      (You could start swapping stories with people from different countries … imagine towing vehicles in the middle of a jungle, or out in Alaska….)

      You need to sit back and have a long hard think on what you could be doing to generate content/interest/links.
      Simply slapping in comments and hoping the links pass value is not likely to pay off that much.

      • Farcas Gelu Danut :

        Tnx. 🙂

        • I hope it helps.
          I know that some sectors and industries are much harder to work with/in than others.

          That’s actually a good thing – as it usually means a little creative thinking will set you apart from the others.

          So … cover your bases, get the foundations and then get thinking.

          1) Basic site and optimised pages for general keywords
          2) Basic pages looking at long-tail/less competitive terms
          3) Google Local/Maps listing
          4) Social Profiles (G+, Facebook, Twitter)
          5) Web-Space (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger)
          6) Some basic social interaction with Peers in Industry
          7) Some basic social interaction with Peers in your locality
          8) Start generating “clever” content so you can fight smarter … tools, functions, funny stories, how-to’s, what-to-do’s, what-to-have’s etc.
          9) Share those “clever” pieces socially.

          If you have the time, you could divide content up between the main site and an external blog/site (or two).
          Though it means more work – an external site will help you generate a handful of inbound links from an external domain, and give you a minor boost.
          If you have a little more time, you can juggle the content … produce a piece for site A, then rewrite it and push it to site B 3 weeks+ later.

          If you do a piece that gets interest/traction – look at doing a follow-up and releasing it a little later. A small series of related pieces can more than triple traction if done right.

  113. chintan panchal :

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  114. Andrew Riedel :

    Great article Neil! I particularly linked how you transfer your efforts to inner page after the first 4 months or so. I agree that this is more “natural”.

  115. shafiuddin :

    If you have good content,backlinks doesn’t matter.My 10 days old blog ranked on #7 on google,without a single backlink.

  116. Bhanu Kumar :

    Its the perfect strategy!

    Infact, i have tested the same for few of my own sites!

    Never build links in quick time, Sure you wont even see your domain rank for its name!

    Get the content for the domain initially, Give some time for the domain (atleast 3 months) then start adding links! Which is really working for me!

    Neil, Great Post!

  117. Thanks buddy for suggestion tips about SEO .i have one site doing backlinks it could be title keywords or content keyowrds which one is google promote.

  118. This is just the strategy I use, except for pointing the links to internal pages. I never thought of that but sounds reasonable. For now this is working really well.

  119. I entered and the website asked to analyze my site.

    So I putted and it found 9 errors.

    Man, I know that probably it finds 9 errors to every website you input. But add an if into the code, so if someone put your website you can display 0 errors. How can I trust you as a costumer if you can’t fix your own website 🙂

  120. *Leo, pardon

  121. Gourav Manuja :

    Hello Neil Sir,

    Thanks for this great post. but as you mentioned the backlinks strategy, i don’t think, with too low number of backlinks every month, we can beat our competitors easily. The SEO world has been changed a lot since last few years and now it needs a powerful strategy for SEO. Moreover, quality backlinks are of great significance to boost ranking in SERP, that’s perfect.

    • Neil Patel :

      Gourav, glad you found it helpful. Having context and quality definitely will improve results.

  122. Great points Neil, i always believed in making quality backlinks rather than quantity. Do you think guest posting still works to create backlinks ?

    • Neil Patel :

      Akshay, it definitely still works — you have to be more cautious, however, with how you build links.

  123. Deepak Kumar Das :

    You are one of the great SEO writer and i read all most every article you produce. Your thought of producing few links to a new site is good but is producing a small chunk of links and convincing a site owner possible – it’s too difficult :). Every site owner ask to see bunch of links in their SEO Report and they are not ready to listen what works or not.

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    • Nabaleka, it’s all about learning from the mistakes and going forward. Glad you found the post helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  126. Scott Robinson :

    This is great! I like the breakdown of how many links to build each month. Hadn’t thought of the effects of building too fast, even with legitimate links.


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  128. thanks for your tips, but i built about 30 links from web 2.0 in a month, is it oke?

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    Thanks for an awesome post.
    Please keep updating.

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    Thanks Neil.

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    Again a nice article. Your articles are always very informative for novice bloggers, like me. Great write-up. Keep it up!.Thanks!

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    I wrote an article on natural backlinks and quoted your article:

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    As usual you are over providing… and I think you for that.

    I’ve JUST started to back link to my new site and was not aware of your backlinking plan.

    2 Questions for you, SIR!
    a) Do you have any suggestions of sites where there is a community of bloggers who engage with each other to help boost the engagement on posts (for example with YouTube there’s a site called Enhance Views, that helps with pretty decent comments)

    Setup for the next question: When you mention backlinking from sites… some sites (like yours) offer a place to include a website), other sites have you set up an account (with you home page url only)… and others (such as mine) us a facebook commenting system.

    b.1) When ‘backlinking’ from other sites… do we want to stick with sites such as yours only?
    b.2) Do the other types of comments hold any validity… or are they only good for THE SITE that has curated the content.

    Thank you again!

    • Michael, great questions:

      1. There are a lot of communities out there where the content on the blog is sourced by multiple authors — also Facebook groups. Hubspot is one of them
      2. You can backlink to any sites that have quality content and a great link profile. Can you be more specific with the “other types of comments” question?

  139. Akshay Sapkal :

    That was very well explained….and now on the way to follow the backlinking plan for a month and see the results!

  140. Hey Neil,

    Great piece of content as always, with your permission I have a question:

    Me and my partner run various sites, one of them is a poker site that is aged 6-8 years now, the problem we have is finding good sites to guest post on, we want to guest post on relevant but also quality sites, but those sites a lot of times don’t agree or don’t get back…maybe fearing to link to our sites.

    Any suggestions? Ideas? Can I send you the 2 sites in private for you to look at?

    Thank you,

    • Nir, It’s all about making your value prop attractive. What are you currently writing to them — maybe we can work on your copy?

  141. So you said, Quality is matters, But when I checking backlinks of top ranked Event blogs spotted thousands of Low-quality links ?

    • Ashitha, there are a number of variables that go into top rankings — I am suggesting things people should do if they are still struggling to get atop rankings.

  142. I love this article! You’re formula is brilliant!

    Why do I say this?

    Over the last 5 years money hungry marketing companies have turned the term “SEO” into a four letter word. In the beginning it was all about giving your website the best chance for success.

    Today, I prefer the term “Organic Marketing”. What does this mean to me? It means “Do what you’d do ‘naturally’ if you were trying to build and market your business.

    Just like you say to do here …

    “As for quantity, you won’t beat out sites that have 10,000 links using this tactic, but you will have many more authoritative links, which will help you outrank your competition.”

    Great post man! Keep up the good work!

    • Jeff, thanks for articulating the industry’s shift over the last couple years. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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    Need help plz must reply

    • Mudasir, it could have been a penalty. Is your mobile site up to date? Do you have created in depth and contextual content?

  145. Thank you for your explanation Neil. It makes much sense. We started a online shop for muslim women. Then do you think we could get a good ranking building only 5-10 links per month?
    And should we get only links from our sector or can we get some links from other sectors like news blog or some other blogs non fashion related?

    Thank you very much again!

    • Mousselina, definitely! I would focus on quality over quantity — that’s a rule of thumb that will never fail you.

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    • Guo, have you checked out my guide?

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    I think “Link Building ” is dead and my most of the time is going to promote my products on social media sites, like : Google plus, twitter, facebook & stumble,linked in. But if they really worth it, i will definitely work on it.

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    Thanks once again.


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    Kind regards,


  154. Hi Neil
    I have been following your blog for a while and I never miss it – now everything I read has your name on it!

    Just to pick your mind (and others).
    I am currently working on building backlinks for my company (a corporate currency exchange company that also deals with individuals for larger FX transactions such as buying properties overseas so in terms of being super innovative and cool, it is not), and content creation is delegated to another in the marketing department along with community management etc and my sole responsibility is to create backlinks.

    As I have no say over the content on the blogs and the website, I find trying to create backlinks very hard and promoting to bloggers harder.

    I am now 4 months into our 6 months plans and have come across a block on where to get backlinks (without having to pay for it)!!

    We already have all the social medias, directories, about 8,835 backlinks, DA of 49, I have done reserve engineering, link reclaimation, spied on my competitors (some of their backlinks were harder to reproduce as they had articles from the BBC, CNN), PR sites, etc. I tried reaching out to industry specialist, but have had little luck. Tried releasing articles, but some site has rejected it saying it was not worthy….rewrote, still rejected.
    It is a site that has been around for the last 10 years, so a mature site.
    Any other suggestions?

    • Have you thought about focusing on infographics? Creating viral content is a great way to generate backlinks and traffic. It works for so many industries still.

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    I was really confused and scared of google penalties that might hit me but after reading this Article, I am really sure about making multiple back links. Thank you so much.

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    • You’re welcome Nobel. Backlinks are challenging for most people so it’s something I try to cover extensively on quicksprout.

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  165. Love reading your blog posts – in fact I never go anywhere else! Interesting because I run a fashion site so started thinking about doing traditional PR and then realised that for a small business SEO/Content marketing is a better long term strategy for building a brand and for engagement – hopefully – will press on with my link building!

    • It won’t happen overnight, but if you put the right amount of time (and strategies), you will begin to see the increase in traffic.

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    And please give me a solution.

    • Where are you building the backlinks from? How often are you blogging?

      • In my 100 links 30% are no-follow and 70% do follow. i am building backlinks on .org .edu websites and articles website like: sooperarticles, article base, ezinearticles etc. and on relevant do follow blog commenting sites. I am blogging from last 2 years.

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  180. Can you please tell us on what type of backlinks you mention here . For example : Guest Posts / Comments / Web 2.0 ?

    Is it okay to have Web 2.0 as Tier 1, and the social bookmarks, comments at Tier 2 ?

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    your artical so nice its a great job……..thanks

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    At the moment my domain name is an older domain that i bought so i think i skip this and go straight on to the sixth month right?

    Hope to see your reaction!

  183. Hello, thank you for the useful information.

    There are nuances. For example, the first month is over. I got 5 links (1 per week). Next, the second month, how should I get links, distributed over 3 a week every other day, or all at once in a week?

    By the way, how Google would react to that, if part of the links within those 6 months will be lost, whether it will be possible to continue to build a link profile at the appropriate time?

  184. So this plan did not work for me. In the second month Google algorithm is considered too many links (3 per week) and stopped in the SERP.

  185. Sorry about that Neil. Let me be more specific. What are your thoughts on high-quality statistical backlinks for Youtube videos?

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  189. Links always cost something. An employees time, your time, or actual money. Obviously the true cost is very dependent upon many factors; industry, skill, topic,,, But can you provide some frame of reference for how much effort should equate to a link? A new entrepreneur with a $1,000 per month budget and 5 extra hours per week is obviously going to get less than an established business with a dedicated employee spending 20 hours per week and a $10,000 budget.

    Thanks Neil for continuing to put out great content.

  190. Hi Neil,
    Do you still find the “as many as possible” approach safe? Aleh Barysevich recently noted that he thinks it’s dangerous to build more than 20 per month. Interested to hear your thoughts.

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