Does Your Blog Need a Sidebar?


Have you ever wondered if your blog really needs a sidebar? And if you need a sidebar, should it be on the left or right side?

Sadly, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. But with some testing, I’ve figured out the optimal layout for a sidebar on a blog.

So, should you be using a sidebar? Well, it all depends…

Does your blog need a sidebar?

People come to a blog to read content. Their main purpose is to devour your information and ask you questions through commenting.

If they really like your content, they may share it on the social web, but you don’t need a sidebar for that. You can add social sharing buttons throughout your post or use plugins like Flare.

So, what’s the purpose of a sidebar? Well, it’s an area you can use to promote products or services as well as to get users to do anything else you want.

I’ve found that including your bio on every page of your blog, within the sidebar, is a great way to connect with your readers. This helps build a loyal community, which is the main reason I have a sidebar.

Sure, you can add a bio at the bottom of each of your blog posts, but you have to keep in mind that most people don’t read your blog posts in their entirety. And adding it to the top of each blog post is distracting as people are mainly coming to your blog to read the content—they don’t want to continually have to read about you before they are able to get to the content.

In addition to that, if you are trying to get repeat visitors, a sidebar is almost a necessity. Why? you may ask. Because within it, you can put links to all your social profiles and add an email opt-in box.

If you don’t think it is effective, just consider the fact that Quick Sprout received 145,971 visitors from email over the last 30 days.

email traffic

That’s not too shabby. Plus, you have to keep in mind that a lot of the emails have been collected within the sidebar. For that reason alone, I have a sidebar.

And the best part about having a sidebar isn’t even the email traffic. It’s the ranking lifts it provides in search engines.

Look at the Quick Sprout sidebar…what do you see?

I link to all the popular guides and posts on Quick Sprout. Why do you think that is? It helps pass search engine juice to all those pages, and it causes them to rank highly in Google. For example, if you search for “online marketing,” you’ll notice that this guide ranks on page one.

Should you always use a sidebar?

Although I recommend using a sidebar, you don’t need one on each of your pages. For example, the homepage of Quick Sprout doesn’t have a sidebar, nor does this page.

Consider not having a sidebar on the pages you are trying to improve conversions on or make money from. Why? Because it makes people focus their attention on the area you want—the area where you make money.

So, for my “money” pages, I tend to have no sidebars.

Also, for any page that has a defined goal, you should consider removing unnecessary distractions such as a sidebar. For example, with my guides, my whole goal is to get you to read each of them from cover to cover. That’s why you won’t find a sidebar on my guides.

The majority of your blog pages should contain a sidebar. For the pages that are focused on a specific goal, consider removing it as it will help boost your conversion rate.

Should you place your sidebar on the left or right side?

I’ve actually tested this one a lot. I prefer the look of a blog where a sidebar is on the right side, but it tends to convert better when it is on the left.

Here’s what I learned…

When you place your sidebar on the left-hand side, you will get more email opt-ins, and more people will read your bio and do whatever else you promote through your sidebar. But you will also get fewer people to read your content.

I’ve found that having a sidebar on the left side of Quick Sprout causes a 9% drop in people reading the blog posts. On the other hand, it increases the number of sidebar opt-ins by 13%.

Overall, I decided to place my sidebar on the right-hand side even though it generates 13% fewer opt-ins.

Why did I do it anyway? Because it increased the number of blog post reads by 9%. In the end, the purpose of a blog is to educate you through content… so why would I take that away?

In general, you should consider keeping your sidebar on the right-hand side even though it will cause fewer conversions. People are coming to your blog to read, so your primary goal should be to make your content as easy to read as possible.


If you don’t have a sidebar on your blog, you should consider adding one right away. And if you already have one, make sure it is on the right side and contains important elements such as email opt-ins and your bio.

If you are running a corporate blog, instead of your bio, you can always put a quick blurb about your company in the sidebar.

Lastly, you don’t want to have a sidebar on every page of your blog. Consider removing the sidebar from the pages you want to boost your conversion rate on.

What do you think about sidebars? Are you going to have one on your blog?


  1. Neil,

    I prefer to see the sidebar on the right hand side. Maybe it’s my preference, but I think it just looks weird when it’s not.

    What plugin do you use that has guides, current hits, all time in your sidebar?

    • Hi Adam,

      Personally I’m with you. I like it on the right side too. I kind of have two sidebars on my site. As I place the “recommended pages” sidebar to the right of my content, I decide to leave my social sharing sidebar to the left. I guess it all depends on the needs and layout.

      • Adam, I think that’s the majority view. The right side is where people’s eyes gravitates towards after reading a sentence or text. I use a custom design for my page.

        Robin, I have seen a lot of blogs with two sidebars and they tend to work as well. Just a majority of the content is on the right side — I think it works aesthetically.

    • If you want to have that kind of side bar widget, I can help you with it. Just let me know an I’ll custom code it for you.

      – Nick Saliya

  2. Good one Neil,

    when I`ve seen the Moz Relaunch the other day I was thinking: Is it a smart move to remove the sidebar?

    Pretty sure its not and your article provided some arguments on that issue.
    The benefit for visitors to easily find and click other useful content is the most important reason even before factors like linkjuice imho.


    • Yes, I just read Moz’s blog today, it’s one column now.

      • Sebastian & Toan : I think that people are so used to the layout of having a sidebar on the right that’s it doesn’t make sense for people to do away with that practice. Who knows though, maybe they are just a/b testing to see what works best for them.

        • Bryan from VideoFruit did a A/B testing for his blog: remove the sidebar help him increased conversion rates by 26%.

          • Rychle zhubnout :

            It is gret increase, but conversion rates depends on type of site. I like to use fixed widget on the right side on my webpages.

  3. Rohan Bhardwaj :

    Me too. I like the feel of blog when sidebar is on the right. Some websites have both and it doesn’t appeal me.

    I have used sidebar for popular post, social website, commenting policy and eBook promotion too.

    I always keep changing it a lot.

    After reading your article, I might tweak to have bio and popular post once again.

    Awesome post buddy. You rock.

    • Rohan, glad I could help. I think updating the sidebar every so often is a good thing to do. Let me know if you need help along the way.

  4. Neil,
    Great job as usual again. I have tested both right and left sidebar and i agree with you that it is better at the right hand. Thank you so very much. I enjoyed it and also picked some few stuff as always. I sent you an email, don’t you if you got it.

  5. Currently I’m testing this on right side, but i think i have to move it to left after reading this.
    again a perfect article.

  6. It depends about your purpose of the blog – What do you want with the blog? To sell something? To grow your personal branding? Or nothing.

    It’s interesting to see what Gary Vaynerchuk is doing with his sidebar vs what Moz tried with their new relaunch.

    I think it’s a ratio between content vs product vs personal branding!

    • Robert — great points. It’s all about how and where people’s eyes gravitate while reading. Which is why there has to be a lot of testing done throughout the whole process.

  7. Alexis Avellan :

    I was just actually wondering about that yesterday.

    I noticed on your new site that you have a bio about yourself. I am going to the same with an Amazon affiliate niche site I’m working on.

    Thanks for the article!

  8. Fabrizio Van Marciano :

    Hey Neil this is great, I always wondered whether a sidebar added any real purpose to my blog and even considered removing it, only because for me my opt-in bar at the top of my page and pop up converts the most. However I do have an opt-in and bio and services info in my sidebar so I guess I’ll leave it, Interesting, thanks mate.

    • Fabrizio, glad I could clear up the wonderment. Let me know what layout works best for you. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  9. I agree the right side is the best. 80% of people are right handed which is why it makes sense to keep top menus, sidebars and other navigable info on the right. Even our desktop computers align all icons to the right.

    People read English left to right so it’s a natural thing to look left for content first, but navigate from the right. Foe example, pages in books, written in English, are flipped from the right to the left. Do the reader looks right to “navigate”.

    • Marvin, thanks for sharing those insights. I think those are all considerations that must be made when deciding where to place a lot of the sidebar content.

  10. Hey,

    Nice article. Also eagerly waiting for the updates on nutrition blog and work with Neil Patel thingy.


    • Vikram, Here you can get

      • Maya, thanks for sharing the link with Vikram. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

        • Hi Neil

          Nice write up.. Thanks for sharing the nutrition blog URL. I was hoping you would do a blog on how you chose the domain and how to effectively get a old you did with

  11. Tim Strifler :

    Hi Neil,

    I noticed your sidebar doesn’t have a section for recent blog posts. Any particular reason why?

    • Tim, that’s a good question. I think the layout of the blog allows people to scroll down easy enough that I don’t really need it on the sidebar as well.

  12. Neil, thanks for sharing the info :). What I have figured is if its a blog or a personal website sidebars on right tend to serve the purpose better like getting your content read which i the main goal of a blog.

    While on an eCommerce website, sidebars on left serve better – where the goal is to make more sales and the ease with which the user can browse through categories. Thanks again 🙂

  13. Sachin Mathur :

    Hi Neil,

    According to me sidebar is essential for every website because we promote our main services and unique things there
    Like in your website you are sharing “Free Course” about Website Traffic Generation !!!!

  14. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, great interrogation on sidebar.

    I like flare i can’t wait to see what they will come up with their upcoming blog’s engagement product.

    If i would be able to find the perfect combinaison to integrate additional elements in the blog post, i would not use sidebars.

    Sometime it’s a fight between data and personal preferences even if you should target the interest of your readers :s

    Neil Q:What do you think about sidebars? Are you going to have one on your blog?

    Steve A: I think it should be kept to a minimalist informations.

    I’m interested to try this: 1 left and right 300 x 600 sidebar (Bio left,Important Content + Opt-in right) Blog content centered on the page. I’m planning to try this layout on my upcoming blog.

    Have a productive day!

    • Steve, as always I enjoy your QA format. I think it’s important to keep things minimal — aesthetically it’s the best way to go. Thanks for the feedback.

  15. Learn WordPress :

    I prefer the look of a sidebar on the right as well. I didn’t know at all that it changed conversion rate, makes sense when you think about it.

    This is a great post, a lot of people just have a sidebar and add items simply because everyone else is, when in reality you should be doing what works for you.

    Every item in your sidebar should have a purpose!


  16. Yeah, the sidebar is invaluable real estate.

    My eye naturally goes there and I always pay attention to what’s in the upper right corner (usually an optin form) on any site I go to.

    I’ve used it for affiliate banners and “Popular Posts” links as well as my “About Me” in the past as well.

    Of course, I’m only talking about blogs.

  17. Jorge Franco :

    Great article, Neil.

    crystal clear indications, I’ll follow them. Thanks.

  18. Very interesting point about which side of your blog is best to place the sidebar. I find it interesting that you decided to place your sidebar on the right, even after you found it to convert more on the left. For someone that is just starting out or doesn’t have the following, it seems best to place it on the right as you want to make sure visitors are reading your content. For a well-known blog like Quicksprout with a dedicated following, it would seem that most people coming to your site are wanting to learn and read no matter where the sidebar is…but I can see it the other way as well. Just one of those preference things that seems to exist frequently in the online world.

    Appreciate the information!

    • Sean, I think it all comes down to personal preference and the layout. Ultimately you want to make it user friendly–and I think having it on the right accomplishes that. Thanks for the feedback.

  19. Owen Billcliffe :

    Okay so I’m currently going with no sidebar! I’m a photographer and my blog is where I post favourite shots from each shoot, and ocasional photography how-tos. I’ve tried having a sidebar and have used all sorts of optin forms but have never ever been able to get anyone to sign up – mainly because my blog doesn’t really have anything to convert, and I don’t offer enough blog posts of the ‘I must read these now!’ variety. It’s more for potential clients to see my other work, and other Photog’s to find a Lightroom tip through google.

    So I went with no sidebar this time, to put the focus on my words always, and use Related Posts at the bottom via Jetpack.

    • Owen, sounds like you have a great strategy. I think that is the best way to go about it based upon the information you have provided. Good luck! Let me know if you need any help along the way.

  20. I used to have my sidebar on the left and it looked awkward. Eventually moved it.

  21. Alexandra Oliveira :

    I am using a template that doens’t go with sidebars (for testing no reader distractions) and noticed that interaction dropped. I will definately change it back.

  22. Greate post neil, i like side bars they look cool but with out them some times it feals easier to read .

  23. My experience so far, a page which is expected to covert, I do not use sidebar there, however my sidebar is how I got almost 70% of my email subscriber for.

    So Yes sidebar.

  24. As always, thank you, Neil, for sharing your work.

    Am I right in thinking that in newspapers, the right-hand side is read more often/easily?

    I can’t remember exactly, but I think before the internet, advertisers had a preference for positioning their ads on the right and paid more for that privilege.

    Thanks again,

    • Zarayna, you’re right. It’s where people’s eyes naturally gravitate which is why people pay top dollar for those placements.

  25. Antionette Blake :

    I am left handed and tend to read everything on the left first, but have been told that it’s better to have the opt-in info on the right side.

    • Antionette, I think it all depends on where your eyes naturally go. The majority of people go to the right.

  26. Thanks for this post

  27. Matt Gleason :

    Neil, thanks. Just had a client ask me about sidebars and you just gave me some great stable data on the matter. Cheers.

  28. Hi Neil,

    In reading your post, I think it’s a good idea move my sidebar to the right 🙂 But I have a “recommended page” section to the right of my page, I probably will keep it to the left anyways.

    I like the tip that do not place sidebars on your money page, that totally reduces distraction. Thank you!

  29. Hi Neil, thanks for writing this. Your analysis is very valuable for desktop and laptop traffic. But how would things change for mobile users?

    • Maria, often times sidebars get lost on mobile formats because there is such little space. It’s important to have the the important information gravitate towards the top or bottom of the screen.

  30. Hi Neil,

    Great post! We have been heavily testing this on Fitwirr, and what we have found is that sidebar on the right doesn’t work too well with our mobile users. With mobile access taking up as much as 80% of the site traffic, the top bar by far is the better performing one.


    • Djohny, it’s great that you’ve been testing. I would go with your assumptions. Keep me posted on progress!

  31. My blog has a side bar since the beginning, but not because I thought that is necessary, but because the theme used had one 🙂
    For me it works pretty well, I have there a small search bar, a large add unit and about 10 links to my others posts.
    Using analytics, I saw that the sidebar is used quite often, so I consider it an useful asset.

  32. Interesting. Definitely going to get rid of it on the store page now. Thank you for your helpful tips. Jana

  33. We monetize a lot of our blogs via Adsense. (And, yes, I know that’s not efficient or optimal.) My partner and I have gone back and forth for a couple of years about the sidebar placement, because he wants the extra clicks on the ads, and I’d prefer that people read our content. I also think the sidebar on the left just doesn’t look as nice on most sites. I think the difference in conversions is low enough that I’ve finally won him over to my site, though.

    I mean, you have to think that if you provide a good enough user experience, eventually it’s gonna come back to you.

    • Randy, great points — I agree that user experience is what will make or break you. Thanks for the feedback.

  34. I Agree! Not all pages need sidebar.

    PS: This photo of yours is not looking good in the sidebar 😀
    Earlier one was nice -with hairs!

  35. manish Kumar :

    Yes I have 🙂
    Thank you bro for the detailed

  36. Including a bio in the sidebar makes sense. Going to give it a try and see if it helps connect with my audience.

    Thanks Neil!

  37. Social Media Agency :

    Never thought about the left or right side as a conversion thing, thanks for mentioning that Neil!

  38. Neil,
    I agree, to your findings, the side bar on right side will be a nice option. Currently in our blog ( we are using it on the left side, but will surely re-think about it 🙂

    Btw I wonder how you find time to write in your busy schedule? what is the secret of handling all this simultaneously?


    • Ajay, glad you found the right formula for your site.

      In regards to writing — I just have a passion for it and make time.

  39. Adsensenichesites :

    I would like to vote up for one point you mentioned in the post, do not have sidebars on pages you offer something to sell. It will spoil your conversions.

    I did this mistake and realised how costly it can be in terms of income.

  40. I like having the sidebar, but mine rarely convert anything. I think it may be time to add my profile to it and see what that does. I do know that ads do poorly in the sidebar.

    • Grayson, I think if you keep at it and continue to provide results and test you’ll see results in no time.

  41. Hello Neil,

    Superb piece of advice! I am going to follow to make my some pages sidebars-free!


    ~ Adeel Sami

  42. William Zimmerman :

    Neil, great stuff! Bill Z

  43. Neil,

    You have no idea what you’ve done! I’m in the process of getting a startup going and the sidebar bio is a key component in what I’m trying to accomplish.

    I’m a Vegas local. I’d love to sit down and talk about this.



  44. Fantastic post Neil . . .

    After reading most of the posts here, I would agree putting the sidebar on the left side is better because our eyes tend to travel from left to right. I believe this has been scientifically proven.

    Though from a purely esthetic point of view, the right sidebar positioning feels more natural to me. I am left handed. Perhaps that makes a subtle difference. Woohoo to all left-handed people!!! We rock!!!

    Thank you Neil for this post loaded with good info and so much curiosity. Your posts are one of the few Internet marketing posts that I look forward to reading, and truly deserves the time of day.

    Rick Woolsey.


    • Rick, thanks for all the support and enthusiasm. I definitely look forward to hearing much more from you. Keep up the great work!

  45. Neil, great post. I set up my sidebar without giving it a lot of thought! Everything you said makes perfect sense! Thanks for this helpful information 🙂

  46. Very interesting to hear that your test showed a 9% drop in blog post reads with the sidebar on the left. Great post, good food for thought.

    I prefer that those visitors who naturally start looking/reading on left side immediately see my content first, since often that’s what they were looking for in the first place if they searched for information or clicked on a link to an article.

    • Kenny, glad you found it helpful. I think it all comes down to what works and your preference. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Mohnesh Kohli :

    I also tested many times and found the sidebar work great on right side. I will prefer to include Bio, Popular posts, Social sharing icon, subscription etc. I like the most on your blog that you reply to each comment. Do you have so much time?

  48. Robert Stover :

    I ditched the side bar.

    I did it because…

    1. I personally like reading more focused content. A personal visual aesthetic (which I agree is untested and a bad way to make decisions)

    2. I noticed more and more mobile and reader views, so they aren’t seeing it anyway. That means if I wanted opt-ins and other page reads, its going to be time sooner than later to find another way.

    3. I began offering page specific offers/whitepapers/tools inline in the article using a two step click/optin process.

    Overall, time on site increased. Surprisingly, average actions increased and thankfully, opt-ins jumped. (This is probably more about the page specific offers than sidebar or not — I changed everything all at once and got lucky on increased performance without A/B splitting every decision).

    • Robert, you took a bold move and it looks like it paid off. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sometimes the content just speaks for itself as evidenced your case.

  49. Laurence Bradford :

    This is the only Neil Patel article I have ever disagreed with! (Except with the part about the bio… having a bio on every page is smart.)

    But sidebars? I did a heatmap test on my site… like NO ONE clicks my sidebar. So on my new site redesign, I am nixing the sidebar.

    But still struggling with where to add my photo + short bio… I was thinking even in the footer! (But, I know not everyone will make it to the footer…)

    Anyways… this gives me a lot to think about.

    • Laurence, as I mentioned in some of my other posts — what works for some may not work for others. It all depends on your testing environment and your niche.

  50. I was just thinking about removing the side bar as I don’t like the look of it in the mobile view on my responsive site.

    Now I might do a small redesign just for the SEO benefits.

    Thanks for this timely post. Arrived just before I started to delete things.

    All the best Adam

    • Adam, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need help with anything. Looking forward to hearing of your progress.

  51. Chetan Kulkarni :

    It makes sense to have sidebar on right side, when you have responsive grid layout as all including mobile browsers load left grids first.

    Otherwise your readers will see the sidebar on the left first before they see the main content, if you haven’t hid the left sidebar.

    Thumbs up to adding a bio and no distraction on landing pages.. 🙂

    • Chetan, thanks for the feedback and supporting information. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  52. Bodhi Clifford :

    Hi Neil. Have you tested the same offer (sidebar email opt-in) against different locations and methods on the blog and measured outcome?

    On my clients’ sites I’ve tested sidebar vs bottom-of-post vs scroll-triggered-box vs popups.

    I’ve found that opt-in forms via popups and scroll triggered boxes convert better than sidebar forms.

    It doesn’t mean that one should get rid of the form on sidebar though. You can have them both 🙂

    • Bodhi, when I am testing I typically take all variables into account. With that being said there is a right fit for everyone — I am just sharing mine.

  53. I’m sad because I cannot seem to post anything on Quicksprout. I typed out a few questions recently and It’s sending/deleting my comments to spam or something when they are very sincerely not at all.
    I was using my email address to my business, so maybe that’s what tripped it (it’s not a spammy address at all, it’s a design site)? I’m trying a different email address to see if that’s what it was.

    • I hadn’t posted my website address or anything either, just email address

    • Jessica, I see the comment here now. Sorry about that the spam filter picks up certain things and not others.

      Do you have any specific questions I can address for you?

      • Hi Neil, thank you! Yep, here’s what I had written before:

        Hey Neil!

        I love this post. Lots of good points!

        I’m curious what your thoughts (and would love your readers to chime in too) about ways to monetize a website that doesn’t really have anything to sell directly (with or without sidebars).

        For example, I’ve got several ideas for blogs and one of them is about wasting less (of everything). Ideas, tips, product suggestions about how we can all make small changes in our routines to waste less. Mostly for environmental reasons, but could go into wasting time, etc.

        I know that most bloggers use their sidebars for ad space from ad networks or affiliate links, or creating their own info courses or ebooks, but I’m wondering if there are other ways if we don’t want to a bunch of junky ads. With all of your traffic, how do you monetize since you don’t use ads? I know you use your blogs to attract people for your consulting, but are there any recommendations that you have for someone that wants to offer lots of value for free (so it will reach more people for a good cause.. it’s not all about the money for me), but want to make some money with it to make it sustainable. Thank you!!

        p.s. I realize this could be an entire blog post, but would love any input, links to resources or thoughts you have. Thank you!

        • Jessica, sounds like you asked the question at the right time. Look at my most recent blog post that I just wrote today.

          Here are some other ideas for how to build your sidebar without ads:
          – add a free e-book offer
          – testimonials
          – ask for emails
          – provide consultations

  54. Matt Insardi :

    I’m just a creature of habit and a blog without a side bar makes me nervous… could be ocd… haha

  55. Can hello bar be used to ask for emails & add a free e-book offer Neil?

  56. Humayun kabir :


    Yes , I think a side bar is need for a blogging site and most of the site language is English so i think right site bar is better to use.

    How about your opinion to use side bar in right or left ?


    • Humayun, I prefer the right because it looks more aesthetically pleasing and it does well when I run tests.

  57. I agree, I have found on my sites as well, that removing sidebars or even limiting to 1 instead of 2 can be quite helpful. I’m not sure if others commented on that, but that’s another point, whether we should have 1 or 2 sidebars.

    • Stephen, it’s a common theme that many people have shared — I think it comes down to testing and finding what works best for you.

  58. Harekrishna :

    Thanks for sharing your important tips on the sidebar. Sidebar is not required for all web pages, it depends on webpage’s importance. It is true, we should remove the sidebar from the webpage where we want to boost conversion rates. I personally believe to give more importance on left-hand side, it is better to put side bar on the right-hand side.

  59. Great article Neil. I’m on article three after stumbling upon you.

    And yes I’ve subscribed.

  60. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for a such wonderful blog. I have one question. Just want to know either to use sidebar for product website or not. ? can you please tell me the pros.

  61. I am really grateful to the holder of this site who has shared this fantastic piece of writing at at this time.

  62. I was having trouble with sidebars. I personally like blogs with right sidebars, but I tried having my site with no sidebars but it started to look…empty. As if it needed something to fill the blank sides. I do right sidebars on blogposts now so that it wouldn’t look so dead. Thanks for the post!

    • Asmaa, I think sidebars are vital — you risk looking spammy if you don’t incorporate them. Test out different variations and keep me posted on results 🙂

  63. Nikhil Prasad :

    Great post as usual. I have learnt a lot from quicksprout.
    I have also noticed that last banner on sidebar sticks on top in desktop view, i have also used that on my blog and it is giving good conversion.

    Can you help me with the statistics of how many people click on recommended post as you have given in section “Guides/ Current hit // All time” ?

  64. Jaiprakash Pandey :

    Hi Neil,
    I have been using sidebar since ages and I tend to keep it clutter free. I only have email opt in and popular post list on my sidebar take a look here

    I never thought about adding bio to the sidebar but after reading your article I feel it’s an indispensible tool which I was ignoring. Thanks for your post.

  65. Great article, yet again!

    Will Adword’s decision to “scrap” sidebars ads have any impact on websites with sidebars?

    Thanks in advance

  66. Air Max Pas Cher :

    Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little
    research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library
    but I think I learned more from this post.
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  67. Great article.

    I agree with having sidebars on landing/welcome pages for new visitors and having no sidebar on the money pages for conversions reasons.

    Some people say “Never” have a sidebar on a landing page because it causes distraction…. have one goal and that is conversion.

    Truth is, it all comes down to the purpose of the page and some A/B testing.

  68. This is a good guide; however it’s still kind of difficult to know whether or not to do it. Have you noticed an increase in SERP by removing sidebars from certain pages? This is something I’ve seen before so it’s hard to want to implement them.

    • It depends on your website Brandon and the audience. But when you let the content lead the user on a journey the side bar doesn’t matter as much.

  69. Thanks for sharing Neil. I too remove the sidebar from my money pages but mainly due to aesthetics rather than any kind of conversion ratios (not had a conversion yet).

  70. No, they’re annoying. But you know what is more annoying? Fu?king pop-ups that you use on this site. I dont want press X to close them, and I dont want constantly reminded to subscribe to newsletter. I’m not stupid, if I wanted to subscribe I would look for email link.

  71. When I came here and saw the scrolling bar on the right I was like “oh finally an extensive post about this topic” and besides already clicking 3 different popups away and a useless advertisement about yourself, I noticed this extensive ugly comment section. This Website is crap and I don’t care whether I am doing my SEO Wrong or not, stop asking me. I know this Website is done wrong.

    • Thanks for coming to the site. I will do my best to make sure it provides more value for you but appreciate your honest feedback.

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