How to Turn Pinterest into a Revenue Generating Channel

We all know Pinterest is popular, especially among the female demographic.

But can it be leveraged to make you more money? Just like any other social network, it can be.

To show you how, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down how you can make money from Pinterest.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Turn Pinterest into a Revenue Generating Channel

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Pinterest is one of the most popular sites out there. If you aren’t leveraging it, you are losing out on a lot of revenue.

All you have to do is start participating in the community and follow the tips in the infographic above. When doing so, just be patient as you won’t see good results for three to six months.

How else can you make money from Pinterest?

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  1. Thanks for putting together this infographic Neil!

    I haven’t properly figured out out how to leverage Pinterest for my businesses. Mainly since most were pretty male oriented.

    But reading about higher average order values never fails to inspire me 🙂

    • Dennis, It’s all about figuring out what works and resonates with your audience and going from there. Let me know what you come up with. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Great infographic Neil!

        Pinterest is one of my top referral traffic sources. When you use appealing on your blog posts, people will naturally pin it and come to your websites.

        Make sure to spend actively on Pinterest to grow your brand before thinking to make money from it. After all, brand awareness is the key!

  2. Rohan Chaubey :

    Hi Neil,

    Pinterest is more used by womens than men? Oh yes, I have been reading this at a lot of places. But I think all the male marketers are too joining it and using it quite effectively.

    My own following list has males and females in equal number. What a coincidence.

    Thanks for the Pinterest tips. I will keep them in mind the next time I design and pin a picture.


    • Rohan, great to hear that your demographics skew pretty evenly. If you come up with any actionable insights from your audience please share them.

  3. Learn WordPress :

    Great infographic!

    I have recently been looking into using Pinterest to drive some traffic. I started to se an uptick in traffic from Pinterest (all user generated as I don’t even have an account).

    I think my images for my blog posts have been getting a lot of pins because of how great they look (humble brag). Totally worth the time it takes to create them!


    • Chris, not a humble brag at all — if they look great, they look great. Looking forward to hearing what other insights you come up with from your experience. Please share.

      • Steven Walters :


        You asked for actionable insights…

        1. TAGGING
        Whilst ‘good looking’ imagery is important – tagging + succinctly describing (using ‘thought out key words’) your image very much helped my vehicle model making client (Code3Models in case any reader’s wondering) gain traction and enquiries within around 3months (such thought out Pinterest strategy also have great social signal which helped their newly launched site gain Google ranking).

        2. TARGETTING
        As any good marketer knows… it’s not always about numbers but rather well targeted audience in the first place!

        More to the point than just good imagery is : If you (or your client) has an ‘eye-candy PRODUCT’ in the first place, then Pinterest is likely a great ‘channel to market’ to explore. Else, it’ll be an uphill struggle for most smaller businesses with smaller resources.

        Ps. Neil, your emailed blog is my ‘top-most’ desired amongst many to my inbox right now. Another great post that ‘helps’ and ’empowers’ marketers like myself. You’re leading the way in blogging in my opinion. Thanks!

  4. Lukas Hadameck :

    I see more and more people trying to generate traffic from sites like pinterest , instagram or reddit.

    But the problem is that you need to master a channel.
    There is no “one fits all” source of traffic.

    But in general pinterest, if done right, is great in gain exponential growth.

    • Lukas, great point. I think people should really narrow in and master every channel before hopping across channels.

  5. Your Infographics are great and really speak thousands of words. Neil I would like to ask how to get popular on social media where in competition are pop stars and singers with millions of followers.
    My question is, how to get into the spotlight

    • Rachit, the truth is it’s hard to compete with celebrities. The goal should be to get into a highly engaged niche and become a key influencer. You do that by creating great content.

  6. Neil, what tool do you use to create your infographics? Tks.

    • Steve Estimable :


      If i may recommend you a source to find a good designer it would be, im sure Neil has used or still using it 😉

      If you need more informations Neil has an in-depth post on how to create infographics at

      Have a great day!

      • Rich, Steve is right on point with his suggestion. I have my own designer I use for infographics.

        Steve, thanks for helping out with this one.

  7. This was very helpful! Thank you. I wonder why pins with faces aren’t as popular? I will definitely use your suggestions!

    • Michelle, it was an interesting observation I came across as well. It must have something to do with being less personal and more product oriented.

      • Steven Walters :

        Neil, I agree but to try and help readers put their finger exactly on the issue … I suspect it’s :

        1.If people don’t know the face, then they’d ‘easier’ bond with a gorgeous pic of the product alone . Adding ‘a face they don’t know’ only clutters the picture and obstructs the time taken for our mind to bond with what would be a simpler image (minus the faces / clutter).

        2.Eg. If you’re goal is to get people to re-pin a dress, then a pic of a dress ON A PERSON + background scenery = will inevitably force onlookers subconscious mind to additionally calculate whether they also like the face / skin / hair / size etc. Likely, some minds may even analyse the model first before getting around to the dress in question.

  8. Pinterest is absolutely a very powerful media for fashion ecommerce. We paid most of our attention to facebook initially, but then we decided to switch the focus on pinterest and yes it made a huge difference.

    I will keep this in mind that images w/o people face are repinned most.

    Thanks for sharing Neil 🙂

    • Simol, it really is an interesting dynamic. A lot of people have joined Pinterest over the years and it really has flourished as a commerce platform.

  9. Djohny Alexandre :

    Hi Neil,
    Great post! Pinterest is our number 1 traffic driver to our site Learning to leverage pinterest was definitely a game changer for us. Some of our posts on pinterest has been shared over 200,000 times and others are just right behind it.

    We no longer use Facebook and focus our efforts on Pinterest as it doesn’t require a massive number of followers to get the pins spread unlike many other social networks. You just need to create awesome images with helpful tips, and they work like a charm.

    • Djohny, glad to hear it works out for you. I have heard of a lot people with stories similar to yours. Keep up the great work and let me know if you come up with any other insights.

  10. Megan Cooper :

    That infographic is amazing! It literally gives me everything I need to know about marketing on Pinterest which is something I have yet to do and definitely should! Doesn’t look like Pinterest’s popularity is going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks for this awesome info, Neil!

  11. Thank you very much Neil for sharing great idea. Now I will focus more on pinterest.

  12. Thanks for sharing this infographic.
    I’ll pin this one on pinterest 😉


  13. Jeff Stephens :

    Funny to see how the categories broke down per gender and how it relates to the dominance of women on the platform. It was also interesting to see that the number of pins you should be doing to gain engagement wasn’t mentioned. I’ve long heard that you have to be pinning your ass off in order to gain traction.

    This is one platform that I’m trying to use more often, but I just haven’t hit my groove with it yet.

    • Jeff, There are definitely some key insights I found out. There are some suggested numbers of pins — but again it all depends on your niche and market.

  14. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, nicely designed infographic on Increasing Your Pinterest Engagement!

    My takeaway: 80% of pins are re-pins, wow! Womens are definitely taking over pinterest! No pun intended but it kind of explain the emotional vs logical driven behavior according to Nir Eyal.

    Neil Q: How else can you make money from Pinterest?

    Steve A: If you have an E Commerce i would recommend pins that includes prices could generate more likes, pins with a call to action can increase engagements and pins relating to trending topics,#hashtag, can increase click through for pins.

    Have a PINpoint productive day!

    • Steve, great points and thanks for sharing that question. It’s true more engagement comes from utilizing hashtags and calls to action — that’s bread and butter for any marketing strategy.

  15. How are you incorporating this into your nutrition blog? We need updates! 😉

  16. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m just trying to crack the Pinterest “nut” and this does the job. Thanks Neil!

  17. Hi Neil, Thanks for the amazing post, got a clear view about how to use pinterest for business advertising and you unpacked the whole content very beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for the informations. I’ve just started Pinterest, it’ll be very useful to me.

  19. Thanks for all of the great information about Pinterest. I use it every day for business and for my own personal stuff.
    The only thing missing was the Pinterest share button on your floating social media buttons. I was able to share the infographic to one of my Pinterest boards because I have a Pin It button on my nav bar but most won’t have that. Yet.
    Great compilation! Thanks.

    • Sue, glad to hear the infographic was helpful for you. A lot of people utilize that method to share — so I am glad it worked!

  20. William Zimmerman :

    Neil, great post. Love the 2-4pm est window especially on Sunday! Bill Z

  21. Aravinth Enrique :

    Neil, Awesome Infographic. Happy to see this. Thanks for taking time to create for us.

  22. Neil,

    Such an interesting insight that images w/o people face are re-pinned the most. I would never had guessed that.

    As always, thanks for putting this amazing infographic together!

  23. Thank you for this infographic. I have really been trying to figure out Pinterest and you have helped.

  24. Hi Neil

    Thank you so much! I’ve a pinterest account but I could not figure out what to do with it and how to get followers. This infographic really helps!

    I do hope I can finally drive traffic to my site by following the “likes” of pinterest users. 🙂

    Thanks again!


    • Jane, glad I could help. Hopefully you can get started now 😉

      Let me know if you need any help along the way.

  25. Thanks for letting me know that.

    I was really hoping there was a way to use Pinterest to make money without having to blog. Oh well.

  26. I loved this inforgraphic. Pinterest has so much untapped potential that I want to learn to use effectively.

    It was mentioned in a previous comment about the number of pins to gain traction. You pointed out it depends on the market. However, I was wondering if there is a correlation between time and number of pins.

    If someone has the resources doing a study of the average length of time it takes for a pin to gain traffic or a ratio of number of pins and time? I would love to see what would happen in that situation. While there may be variations between industries, you could probably find some interesting statistics.

    • Tory,
      Those are also factors that one should consider. You ideally want to be active and pinning when your audience is around. I would love to see some stats on the same subject — maybe a topic for a future post?

  27. Great Post Neil, I am using Pinterstrust for some of female targeted niche site and it gives results, Thanks for adding some great touch there….
    And I am also following you with your nutrition blog and waiting for the next post 🙂 to go ahead

    • Fawad, glad you found it helpful.

      In case you missed it here is the first blog post for my nutrition blog

  28. same problem here.. its like the third time my comment got disappeared .. and Im pretty sure it’s not a automated spam..

    Neil if you tell me why this happens , that would be great.. and thanks for this useful and smart post again

  29. Nathalie Kaluzny :

    Thank you so much for this helpful article. I am in the insurance industry and specialize in retirement. What would you like to learn about retirement?

  30. I try already to follow up you guide it work well for my site! Thank you !

  31. Amazing to see how much impact Pinterest can have for your organization. Thank you for the time you have put into this infographic Neil!

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  34. i could not understand tht 8pm to 1am and 2pm-4pm time is the best for pings ?? How can you say about timing and all ?? i have my own Institutes in Jodhpur  and better understanding of people’s think.

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