How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling

Did you know that stories make up 65% of all conversations in our daily lives? Storytelling is so powerful that it’s been around for over 40,000 years.

So how can you use the art of storytelling to engage and persuade your website visitors? To teach you how you can leverage it, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down how you can use storytelling effectively.

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How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling

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If you aren’t using storytelling in your business, you should reconsider it. I myself use it to bond with you, and it works better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Just look at the Quick Sprout About page. I share my life story with you, and it’s helped us bond. If you don’t believe me, just scroll to the bottom of that page, and you’ll see thousands of comments.

So, when are you going to start using storytelling?

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  1. Neil,

    Another great info-graphic. I do not know how you summarize you advice so well.

    By the way, your last post was about finding a few people to work for you. I do not want to work for you, I just want to meet you to make sure you are real. You have so many good ideas and suggestions it is difficult to believe you are one person.

    • Eduardo Cornejo :

      Hey Joe,

      Check out this Mindvalley interview of his:

      The questions are awesome and the answers even better. I’m pretty sure it’ll leave you thinking he’s even more unreal than you think right now though, haha 🙂

      Hope you like it! (I saw it like three times…)


      • Joe & Eduardo,
        Thanks for all the kind words and support. If you ever need help with anything please feel free to reach out.

        • Hey Eduardo,
          THANK you so much for that youtube link with the Interview of Neil and Vishen. I too have now watched it three times – taking notes.
          You know that feeling when things just go “click” by listening to someone who’s just on the same wave length? Wowzers!

          Neil…has anyone ever told you how similar you (or vice versa) and Mark Ruffalo (the actor) look? Uncanny (mouth, speech, features)…he could be your twin 🙂
          Every time I watched the video I had to re-fuse my brain that it wasn’t the actor but you sitting there 🙂

          Thanks guys – I really needed this…

  2. Trevor Gustaveson :

    Currently it seems like most brands want to use content marketing simply to promote their products, which is exactly the opposite of the purpose of content marketing. I predict that content marketers begin to study the art of storytelling very soon, or fall behind the curve.

    • Trevor, I think it would be a benefit to the marketing community if people were to focus on storytelling to share knowledge.

      • Anil Agarwal :

        Hi Neil,

        Great post as usual.

        Story telling not only helps persuade audience but it also help you boost your conversion rates. I’m recently started working on this tactic, let’s see how it goes!

  3. Eduardo Cornejo :

    Hey Neil,

    This is an awesome infographic.

    Considering my site is personal about my calisthenics journey, storytelling is definitely something I’m working on improving for my blog posts.

    And yeah, you’re way too good at it. 😉


  4. Rohan Bhardwaj :

    Hi Neil,

    Spot on. Stories are the lifeline of our conversations.

    My about us page on my personal blog was not existent, I made it available because of you mentioning it many times.

    It is indeed one of your most visited pages and it feels like I know you from past, only because of your stories.

    You are awesome Neil. Take care.

    • Rohan — Maybe we do know each other from the past 😉

      That’s the aim of storytelling to merge the past and present in an enjoyable way.

  5. Erick Racedo :

    Cool post Neil. You’ve provided a lot of interesting information here.

  6. Love the infographic Neil and since learning so much from you at a recent event, incorporating my story has really helped to connect with more people. I think in this very high noise space we live in these days, your story is what will stand out and capture attention but also build solid rapport and relationships. Thank you for always sharing such value!

  7. Connor Rickett :


    Love the graphic! I’m science guy turned writer, so anything bridging the gap puts me in a good mood. With any luck it will catch on; I’d like to see more good storytelling in high-level blogging. Everything’s information-driven these days, which has its place, but you’re absolutely right that stories are hardwired into us as a specie; they let us place new knowledge in context.

    They help us turn the information we absorb into the knowledge we can use.

  8. John Chuang :

    Hi Neil,

    Wow, talk about coincidences… happens that I recently launched an eBook called “The Storytelling Marketer” that talks about using the power of storytelling in marketing, & your latest post came out around the same time as my eBook! 🙂

    Fully agree with you that storytelling is the way to go in 2015 & beyond. Another awesome post and info-graphic as usual! 🙂


    • John — sounds like an awesome concept. Good luck and let me know if you need any help along the way.

  9. Adam george :

    Hi Neil

    Another great post. Very helpful, will be looking at changing how to write my blog posts.

    All the best Adam

  10. I LOVE this, Neil. Information about how how brain works is sexy stuff in marketing. Thank you for feeding my brain today, it was feeling a bit burned out ;). Happy Friday!

  11. Djohny Alexandre :

    Well said. Sometimes we do feel as if you’re a personal adviser at Fitwirr. Each week when my team and I read your post, we feel like you’re working with us and helping us shape our site. I agree storytelling is what connects us and makes us feel like we are being understood because somebody else is expressing similar feelings.

  12. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, insightful infographic post.

    Words are so much powerful! I think it always come down to mastering the basics of speaking,reading and writing.

    Your about page is certainly a great example and i was amazed by the amount of comments!

    This is nice to know specific words have different outcomes to the human brain. It would be funny to see out of curiosity what is the results with animals…

    Q:So, when are you going to start using storytelling?
    A: Every time it is appropriate and we kind of doing it without being conscious everyday.

    Have a great Friday! TGIF!

  13. Another great share Neil! Thanks for sharing. I think thats why we all loved (or still do, with these great animations nowadays) fairy tales. Im trying to use more storytelling and im getting better at it. Also thanks to your informative Posts. Have an awesome weekend! Looking forward to The next blogarticle.

    Best, Bennie Mellies

  14. Naija Rotate Blog :

    I run a news blog so it’s practically impossible for me to make use more of storytelling 🙁

    • Naija, sometimes the way you tell a story can make all the difference. I have seen some great journalism that provides great perspective using these techniques. It’s all about the narrative and how captivating it is.

  15. Get More Traffic To Your Site :

    This infographic is..

    One of the best infographic’s i’ve seen.

    Thanks for the share 🙂

  16. Traffic Secrets Revealed Here :

    Could definetly use more storytelling.

    Thanks for the share, love it

  17. Randy Kauffman :

    Thanks, I love storytelling. The most astounding thing happened to me when I was in the Marine Corps. My voice came out over the phone without actually speaking. It happened because I wanted to tell someone something so bad, but just couldn’t talk. It is the only case of mind over matter that I have ever known about. Let me know if you want to hear that story.

  18. William Zimmerman :


    Awesome article!!

    Also two other great story telling techniques are:

    1. anaphora
    2. ethos pagos logos

    Enjoy your weekend man!!

    All the Best,
    Bill Z

  19. manish Kumar :

    Yes 🙂 agreed and very much useful

  20. I’m so much liking this

  21. You’re right Neil, story telling does work.
    I’ve used story telling to help sell affiliate products that I have purchased and it has help me sell more units.

    Thanks again for your guidance Neil…


  22. It’s very interesting and inspiring topic on ow to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling. I’m sure many will be glad to read this article. Thanks for sharing it. Fantastic post!

  23. Great infographic, thanks Neil! I’ll make sure to include storytelling in creating conversations about any kind of product or service.

  24. melinda edwards :

    Another awesome post – thanks Neil! Your blog post emails are one of the few I regularly look forward to receiving.

  25. Rinjani Jul :

    Great posting about How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling, thank you for sharing

  26. I love this.have you heard of the START technique for telling a simple story? I think I learned it from job interviewing. It really allows for a logical flow in the story…

  27. Hi Neil,

    Very True!

    Interesting enough – my whole blog is unwinding as a story.

    I know you are super duper busy. If you have a couple of minutes, please do stop by at

    As of now, I have 3 posts about you there – yes – you have a character in my story.

  28. aswinichinnu121 :

    Thank you so much for sharing the valuable information. I got many new points through this article.

  29. Charlie Kellner :

    Thanks for clear info-graphic! Makes me start thinking about ways of information rendering. Would be nice to get some more info about the art of storytelling to engage and persuade your website visitors.

  30. yash sharma :

    thnxx neil sir for this Blog

  31. Hi Neil,
    I really needed this. I think i learned so much from you.

  32. Awesome
    One of the best infographic’s i’ve seen.

    Thanks for the share

  33. Thanks Neil,
    Hope this article will help me improvise my technique of creating more engaging content for my blog.


    • Zoe, I think will not only do that, but it’ll help you open up the doors to new ideas and directions you can take your website and business.

  34. Hey Neil

    Do you think that Infographic work for Niche Sites as well…..and if they do so how to go about it.

    • Amit, they most definitely work for niche sites. Depending on your industry, you can easily network with and leverage existing players who already have traffic to help you promote it too.

  35. Hello Neil, I appreciate the work you’re doing, I discovered many interesting and useful things on your blog. Keep it up.

  36. Neil Sir,
    I LOVE it. Information about how how brain works is sexy stuff in marketing. Thank you for feeding my brain today, it was feeling a bit burned out. some people near me find Web Designing Course in Jodhpur and most convenient thing appears when it is hard to find.

  37. I really wanted to send a small word to say thanks to you for the fantastic points you are writing on this site

  38. Great post will incorporate this into my blog. People do love stories

  39. Great one Neil. You continue to amaze all of us with insightful educative stuff everyweek & something which we can use in our every day marketing. Will consciously use story-telling in our content creation from here on our platform

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