How to Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

What are the two main ways you can grow your revenue? Driving more traffic to your website and boosting your conversion rates, right?

Although those two ways are effective, there is also another way to increase your revenue… it’s by increasing your average order value. A simple way to do that is through upselling and cross selling your products.

In order to teach you how you can implement this tactic in your business, I’ve created an infographic.

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How to Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

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If you don’t think upselling and cross selling are effective, just look at Beach Body. They offer a lot of popular products like P90X and Insanity. When you check out, they try to hit you with seven upsell offers. By doing this, they were able to double their revenue per customer.

Don’t take upselling and cross selling for granted. Although most people don’t use these tactics, it doesn’t mean they are ineffective.

How else can you get more revenue from each of your customers?

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  1. Bluehoop Digital :

    Neil, this is a great insight – we implement lots of commerce website for our clients + provide advice to other clients that already sell on-line. Time and time again we see measurable increases in the average money per transaction as a result of carefully spending time setting-up cross-sells and up-sells. And if you really don’t have the time to do this manually – yes there are some great tools for both WooCommerce and Magento to help.

    • Great to hear that your team is doing a great job of utilizing these tactics. Let me know if you have any other insights.

      • Ohhh.. This is how you are doing cross selling or make people genuine fool …

    • Do you have suggested tools for Woocommerce Bluehoop Digital? I’m going to have a quick look now on Codecanyon but if you have researched this before I’ll take your guidance 🙂

    • Ohh really?

      This is how Neil does cross selling and make people genuine fool …

  2. I recently tried an upsell on a list of 50 people with a high ticket offer and 10 bought. I will never underestimate the power of upsell any more and this post is just timely. Thanks Neil. You are my rockstar, I listen to every music you play even if when its just tunes. Love reading every post from you.

    • Gbenga, thanks for the great words of support. Glad your upselling was successful.

    • Ohhh.. This is how Neil does cross selling or make people genuine fool …

  3. Randy Kauffman :

    Good post! I need to work on this more. I am always selling to new people and sometimes forget about marketing and upselling to my existing clients.

    • Randy, if you need any help along the way please let me know.

    • Ohhh.. This is how Neil does cross selling or make people genuine fool …

  4. That’s it, I’m making a screened printed T-Shirt that says “I agree with Neil!” Did you want one? They’ll be orange? Still in?!? I totally didn’t know much about upsetting, but you hit the nail on the head with Beach Body! I love Beach Body, it’s awesome. Thanks for the tip Neil. Have a fun weekend.

    • Laura, haha sounds like a cool shirt idea — I’d love one.

      Let me know if you need help with anything.

    • ohh really?

      Just check given link….

  5. Very informative, Neil.

  6. Sherman Smith :

    Hey Neil,

    I’m not going to lie to you that I really don’t like it when there is an upsale. At least when it’s done in a round about way, but I can defintely see it as a way of bringing more value to the customer. Especially with cross selling. You really have to believe your other products is going to help your customer out with the main oNE that they purchase. This is something I’ve been living by!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    • Sherman, it’s a matter of personal preference. Often people get turned off to the whole process when they have a bad experience. When done right — I think it works well.

  7. William Zimmerman :


    Great idea with the higher priced items. It is very much like the Contrast Principle in the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”I’m sure you have already read this, but if you have not had a chance, the chapter on Contrast piggybacks on your higher priced item section. Worth your time!

    Have a Great Weekend,
    Bill Z

    • Bill, thanks for the suggestion. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

    • before you go ahead .. just check neil makes people fool….

  8. Very informative and to the point, thank you Neil.

    • Chiplanay, glad you found it helpful.

    • before you go ahead .. just check neil makes people fool….

  9. Great ideas and always something new to know about selling better and better! Thank You for sharing!

  10. ujjwal kumar sen :

    Great blog post and good in depth info-graphic thanks @Neil

    But, I think upselling is better than downselling and of course both help to increase revenue.

  11. Hi Neil,

    I love the infographics and the information is spot on, thank you for sharing this…you are a wealth of information sir! Wow.

    John Pate

    • John, glad I could help!

    • before you love infographics and before you go ahead .. just check neil makes people fool….

  12. A friendly heads up, you haven’t updated your new logo into infographs yet 🙂

    • Sanjay, still in the process 😉

    • Sanjay Sir, Ye Neil Chutiya Banata hai….

      before you go ahead .. just check neil makes people fool….

  13. Hi neil,
    Recently got approval in peerfly. Can you please suggest some sites
    to learn CPA for free?
    Awaiting for your reply,
    Thank you.

  14. Awesome Blog Neil with readable Content

    • You are really become fool, please check given link:

  15. Hello Neil,
    I like the inforgraphic because it shows in a few simple steps the entire process to increase sells.

    • Really sorry John,

      before you go ahead .. just check neil makes people fool….

  16. Great post Neil!

    One of my clients was selling toys, when we started suggesting batteries for the appropriate products, it increased the average order value by 10-15% without too much work!

    In the post you mention to automate recommendations, that totally makes sense. But I’ve seen lot of companies invest in expensive tools without taking the time to figure out how to use them properly. This brings them 0 extra sales.

    That’s why I’m a fan of small scale experiments. In this case it can be as easy as getting in touch with a couple of customers that have bought a certain product and asking to describe how they use it. That can give you great ideas when suggesting related products!

  17. Enterprise Web :

    For advice and inspiration on how to start or grow your business, check out this neil patel blog. I love it.

  18. This graphic did not need to be 10,339 pixels long.

  19. Annika Mannes :

    Firstly, I must say daring steps, I mean directly mailed to the billionaire’s. I never thought this way, So it’s really informative for me, although I came too late on this post but still it’s amazing. One more thing which I want to mention and what I like most about your posts is you explain everything in a very easy manner that’s why all became very easy to understand the whole idea. Thanks!

  20. Harekrishna :

    Obviously, conversion rate is important to grow revenue. Upselling is like a marketing technique to boost the sales. In this technique, we can trade more than user’s expectation by offering bundle skim. Thanks for sharing the effective ideas. I am interested to know about the use and implementation of the upsell automation tools.

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