How to Generate $100,000 a Month from a Brand New Blog

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A week ago, I wrote a blog post stating that anyone can generate $100,000 a month in income. To prove it, I told you that I’m going to create a new company and grow it from scratch without leveraging my connections.

In the majority of your comments, you told me you wanted me to create a new company in a space that I had no ties to. So I’m now starting a nutrition blog.

The official start date will be April 1, 2015. And within 12 months, I have to get the blog to generate $100,000 in monthly revenue.

So, how am I going to start?


In an ideal world, the older your domain name is, the easier it is to get rankings. From now till April 1, I’ll be looking for a website in the nutrition space that hasn’t been updated in years and buy it for $100.

Doing this will give me a head start and make it easier for me to generate traffic.

If I bought a brand new domain name, I could build up the domain, but it wouldn’t rank as high in the search engines. Going on my experience, I am estimating the difference in search traffic will be roughly seven-fold.

For that reason, I’ll be manually emailing people within the nutrition space with a message that looks like this:

Hey [insert their name],

I noticed that you haven’t updated [insert their URL] in over a year. Is there a reason why?

I am really passionate about the nutrition space, and I would hate to see your website die. If you want, I can take it over for you… Heck, I don’t even mind purchasing it.

Just as a heads up though, I don’t have a ton of money to spend, but if you are interested in keeping your website alive, shoot me a reply back. 🙂



P.S. The last thing I want is your hard work to go to waste.

Social media

The simplest way to generate more traffic to a blog is through Facebook. Why? Because once you build a loyal Facebook following, you can continually market your blog posts to those fans.

That means each of your blog posts will get more social shares, comments, and linkbacks.

As I build up my Facebook fan page, I’ll keep you in the loop on the strategies I’m using and show you how you can replicate what I’m doing.

Content creation

Whether I have a domain or not, I will start creating content on nutrition. Because I’m trying to show you that this can be done on a budget, I’ll have to research the space and write the content myself.

It looks like each post is going to take me 3 to 6 hours to write as I am not very familiar with the space. Each content piece should be over 2,000 words long to make my blog the most detailed nutrition blog on the web as detailed content tends to rank better on search engines.

In essence, I will be copying the same strategy I use on


As for the design, I am going to use a free WordPress theme. I may buy one from WooThemes if I can’t find a good one for free.

My overall goal is to not invest any money into web design until the site is generating at least 500,000 visitors a month and I can start monetizing the audience.


It’s still early, and most of this information is very high level. But the purpose of this post is to show you that I am moving forward.

And as I progress each month, I’ll write a blog post sharing my progress and showing you the specific steps I’m taking to reach the $100,000 a month in income. You too can follow along and copy me as it will help you generate more income as well.

So, are you excited to see how easy it is to make $100,000 a month?


This challenge was done, and updates were provided on a monthly basis. Here are the updates:


  1. Tyler, Easy Agent Pro :

    Wow Neil. Can’t wait to see these posts coming through. Wouldn’t Pinterest be more effective than Facebook? Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I just see a lot more traffic coming through that network than Facebook.


    • Pinterest can be a good avenue to utilize, however, in my experience I’ve found more success with Facebook & Twitter. Thanks for the great question, Tyler.

      • I think Neil, Facebook and Twitter are getting your more traffic as until now your niche was in marketing. While with the nutrition blog, you will have things to share which Pinterest users will find beneficial. Recipes and nutrition posts/images get a lot of re-pins on Pinterest compared to analytics and marketing posts.

        • As someone who runs a small nutrition blog myself, I generally have to agree with Neil. While I do get a fair amount of traffic from Pinterest — especially for recipes — most of my non-SEO traffic comes from Facebook.

          • Andrea Stenberg :


            I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your experiment. You might want to reconsider Pinterest. With some boards with keyword rich titles and descriptions plus pins with links back to your posts you might be surprised. There have been some months where Pinterest has been the top referrer to my site.

            Also, if you can join some group boards that might jumpstart your results.

            Best of luck.

          • Aurelie Chazal :

            I was also thinking for nutrition that Tumblr might be a good niche. There’s a huge get fit / nutrition community there but I have no idea if it would work to bring traffic back to a website.

            @Brian, do you have any experience with Tumblr? I’m curious about it.

          • Brian I need your advice.
            should we go with broad niche like technology or smaller like seo/ marketing when starting a new blog?
            which gives more revenue?

            and any other advice on starting new blog.

      • Rahul Kuntala :

        Are you REALLY serious, Neil? Or are you making everyone fool in advance by launching it on April 1st? ;0)

        P.S: I can’t wait for the launch! Fingers crossed.

        • Aha. April 1st… now you’re alerted my skepticism about this whole project. What say you, Neil? 🙂

      • brings my health fitness blog almost as much traffic as Google. my blog gets 250k visitors a month at the moment and around 35% is pinterest. women love and sharing quality images of food and recipes should do well, as it did for me. Looking forward to your next step in the process Neil!

        • Mark,

          I would love to interview you for my podcast. Learn what you did to grow your audience and talk about where thou want tho go with your blog.

          Purpose Rockstar Podcast

      • Shubham Kumar :

        Hey Neil,

        Can i also make $100,000/Month with a Programming Blog?

        Please tell me.


        • Shubham's Friend :

          Hey Neil,

          Please take a minute and tell Shubham if is it possible or not to make $100,000 /Month with his programming blog

          Please tell him.

          Shubham’s Friend

          • … nice try.

          • Shubham,
            It really all depends on the tactics you utilize. It’s also vital to reach out to the right audience. There is no magic formula — just a lot of implementation & hard work.

            • Shubham Kumar :

              Thanks Neil for your reply.

              I know that there are no magical way to reach that stage.But there are some better ways to get higher rank in Search Engines and to attract Advertisers or How to convert a subscriber into a customer.

              Thanks Again

        • Hi Shubham,
          You can earn this much or more from allmost any niche. All you have to do things in a right way, at the right time and at the right place. 🙂

      • Thanks Sir for the very first tip but I want to know that how to find such outdated blog?

        Also waiting for more on “how to generate 100000 a month from a brand new blog?”

        • Yeah, I want to know that tooo!

        • Matthew Burfield :

          I wanted to know this too! So I did a little research…using an Internet Archive website that shows a snapshot of a cached copy of websites in the past, I discovered that not long before Neil started this challenge, was actually being redirected to a website called Direct Domains, which has listings of domains that are for sale. Therefore I can assume that using Direct Domains was at least some part of the process for finding a domain in the nutrition space. From there, you can use one of multiple websites to do a whois lookup on the domain to find out when that domain was registered, etc. Hope this helps!!

          • I hope that helps too. I’m gonna spend my day tomorrow looking around for a good aged domain using these methods you suggest. If it does work, I am going to set myself to task like Neil has and build a worthy site. I’m also going to make sure to use Pinterest, since everyone above seems to love it for images. I’d bet that tiny, one page infographics would do well there too. Either way, thanks for the heads up.

    • I’m so excited for this project. I will be following you close on this Neil. Best of luck so we too can replicate the experiment.

    • Connie Woodson :


      I believe your nutrition concept would help me refine my social media and organizational development blog. I spend over 8 hours a day sometimes more, researching and integrating my formal education, Organizational Development,t and Leadership and quite frankly feel I’m not producing the outcomes I’m trying to convey. Your help would be most appreciative. Count me in!

  2. Welcome to the world of nutrition blogging, Neil! I have a health blog (brain health specifically) and often write about nutrition related topics. When I saw that you plan to spend 3 – 6 hours writing a 2,000 word post, my jaw dropped! I spend at least that much time just reading studies and what others have written on my topic before I start writing. Then I spend on average of 10 hours writing a post of that length. I rewrite like fury in blocks of 1 hour then rewrite several times until I’m satisfied. I usually cite around 50 scientific references. What are your secrets? How do you pump out great content so fast?

    • Deane, sounds like a rigorous process. I will have to figure it out along the way. Stay tuned for details — right now I am already reading a variety of nutrition blogs to further educate myself and get ideas. Looking for tips if you have any.

      • Kris from AuthorityNutrition is an EXCELLENT resource.

        Tries to write based on research. He’s getting a LOT of traffic. I remember when he first stared and he’s an absolute giant now.

        Plus he’s a doctor.

        • Johnny Lloyd :

          Yes his website literally skyrocketed in less than 2 years. It blew my mind how fast he grew that blog!

        • Razam, Yes, Kris Gunnars writes a fantastic blog. But he’s not a doctor. He’s a medical school student. With the success of his blog I wonder if he’s going to finish or stick with blogging.

          Johnny Lloyd, Kris has exploded! He told me he writes for keywords. Now he ranks for pretty much anything he writes about. He’s gotten a tremendous amount of support from the paleo community as well which I think helped jumpstart his site.

        • He’s not a doctor, he’s “in med school”

      • Roger Aburto :

        Many…many thanks! Your idea is great!
        Actually I will clone it !
        I will suggest you spend $7.00 a month in PALEO DIET>COM
        Even though it is specific for gluten free is a very good site!

      • I’m a bit confused about the 2,000 words. This post is 650 words. On the nutrition site will there be a mix of 2,000 word guides and posts?

        • I wouldn’t view this under the same guidelines as his forthcoming nutrition posts; he did say that this post was merely to show that he’s moving forward. I’d expect the first full update post will be over 2,000 easily.

      • Really excited about this. You are very inspirational. Thanks for doing this.

        Linus Pauline institute is a good resource for nutrition in terms of the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. They cite lots of actual research.

        Link below:

        I also find Dave Asprey of “bullet proof exec” and Tim Ferris (four hour workweek, four hour body, four hour chef) to be pretty ground breaking. However, as they sort of lead the field through self experimentation, they often run with things that have not been vigorously tested many times through the medium of several official scientific studies, so you kind of have to put an asterisk by some of their content or a good disclaimer.

        • Johnny Lloyd :

          Yes Dave Osprey’s mycotoxin angle is absolute nonsense and purely their to sell his bs. You get more toxins simply breathing than you get in mycotoxins from coffee. He’s a hoax.

        • Dave Asprey is nonsense. Successful salesman, poor nutritionist. Promotes an unsustainable eating style.

      • Neil I might be able to help with few tips, feel free to drop me a line 🙂

    • Respectfully, you should both be able to publish at a much, much faster rate. 2000 words divided by even the shortest time criteria of 180 minutes (3 hours) is a publishing speed of 11.11 words per minute. To take 10 hours AFTER doing research is 3.33 words per minute. I know you have to edit it and it may go over 2000 words but, dang! You are all far better than that.

      Either slow down and get the content right the first time or go through it entirely without rereading and editing ’til the end. If you can’t write at least 40WPM you could probably at least double your typing speed first. I type upwards of 100WPM.

      Worst case scenario you set a timer and after the timer is up you make a few tweaks for 5-10 minutes and publish. After 10 posts you go back and edit all of them, adding in links, formatting, interlinking posts, adding headlines and improving quality. If it works for wikipedia to update fresh content, it will work with you. Besides, you will want to go back and put in links and such at some point anyways, and will come across new resources.

  3. Can’t wait to see how this turns out, Neil, it’s quite the challenge!

  4. Misleading article when you’re piggybacking off someone’s dead blog. You said from brand new blog and brew company from scratch. That’s hardly from scratch. Try again.

    • He is not using their content or piggybacking off their blog. He is simply buying a domain that has been in use for a while since that is a known ranking factor in the Google algorithm.

      • Trevor, thanks for the clarification. I want to show that anyone can use this strategy at a very very very minimal cost. It’s just a part of the process — and it can be replicated by all.

        • Hi Neil,

          How will you identify a list of nutrition domains that have not been updated for a year. Is there a way to search with this criteria?

          Also, what other aspects of each domain will make them more or less effective for google ranking? E.g. Years active, previous traffic etc


        • Hi Neil,

          I sort of serendipitously arrived to your blog and am impressed with all that I have read and your seemingly genuine personality (that’s not a slight towards you, rather a clarification of my having yet to meet you in person). So I see that you’re trying to galvanize the people into action and impart some wisdom in them that they too can do this 100k a month , am I correct in this? If so, you do believe that any “joe schmo (sp)” that does not have the resources/ data analytical or marketing expertise can do the same thing with some diligence, persistence, and drive? Basically, anyone willing to put in the work and see it through? I’m asking so that there isn’t anything I may have missed if there is some reading between the lines. My apologies for not making this paragraph more concise. Thanks, Kev.

          • Matt Auckland :

            That’s basically it. By following what Neil does, step by step, and putting the effort in (no short cuts to success people), you can replicated his strategy with any niche.

            But it is worth noting, the more popular the niche, the easier it will be to gain traffic.

            Think of it as a step by step case study, to prove anyone can achieve the same level of success as Neil will…hopefully 🙂

        • I am also interested in how you’ll identify old blogs. Do you just whois one by one each website, or do you have a faster method of finding out sites that haven’t been updated?

  5. this is an exciting project. If you stick to your restrictions, this will be tough. Even taking an existing domain and won’t help much, as everyone can do it. The nutrition space is super crowded but a great case study to watch! Good luck!

  6. Hey Neil !

    Nutrition Blogging ?

    Sounds pleasant, but I wonder would you manage to create content yourself or hire any expert for it. Because I don’t thing it would be less than challenging to produce content outside your choice of niche.

    Anyways, all the best !

    • Rahul, everything would be done by me — that’s where the challenge comes into play. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

      • Very interesting project, Neil. So if you are going to create long-form pillar content that takes 3-6 hours to write, how many posts per week are you planning to publish? One?

  7. Looks great Neil. I will definitely be following this with interest. Might even resurrect my old blog.

    I am interested in what you think your initial start up investments will be/cost (I take it that you will be buying facebook ads), when you will start to monetize, and if you will pump every penny earnt back into the blog (perhaps employing expert writers, social campaign managers in the future).

    • Deano, great questions and to be honest they are all to be determined. I haven’t ever delved into this niche so it’s a learning process. Stay tuned!

  8. Richie Richardson :

    I know this is crazy but I am going to do the same. Here is a post I am doing the same and my Official start date is also April 1.

    (give me some high fives!)

    • Richie, glad someone else is taking the challenge. Hi Five!

      • Richie Richardson :

        Thanks Neil.

      • I am a real newby with no experience in blogging about to launch into a nutrition/health blog as well….my goals are not as large as yours Neil so I will be eagerly monitoring your progress !

      • Ollan Agtual :

        I accept your challenge too Neil! I registered an expired nutrition domain today – found out it still has over 3,500 existing backlinks as well as PR!

        Question: you aren’t going to leverage your existing social media accounts, are you? You and your name are well-known in the SEO and Social Media worlds.

        I think it would it be more challenging to start new social media accounts from scratch and use a different persona so your real personality isn’t a factor in influencing somebody to read/subscribe to your blog.

        Best of luck to all of us!

        twitter: @ollan_seo

        • Hello There, how did you search for this domain and where did you find out about the back links & PR articles?


    • This is getting cazy best of luck Richie & Neil.

    • I’m not going to create a new website and blog, but I am going to up my anty and play along with the website and blog I already have! I write about herbs, natural healing for people and pets, and share lots of DIY recipes.

      This will be a blast! Thank you for the incredible inspiration! I’m currently recovering from a stroke caused from a PFO in my heart. This will give me something to work toward.

      KUDOS to you!

  9. The email that you’re using to buy a site is great. Did you consider using a different name in your signature? I know that some people might see the name “Neil Patel” and think, hey, this guy has money to spend–I’m going to ask for more money for my site.

    I worked for before it was, and when they bought that domain, they did it through an intermediary so that they could pick it up cheaper. Had someone known it was Hotel Reservations Network inquiring, they would have wanted more money. (At the time, Hotel Reservations Network was the leader in that niche.)

    I’m also eager to see which free WordPress theme you decide to go with. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding free themes that I actually like.

    • Randy, both great observations and questions — I have yet to determine that part of the strategy but will have it all hashed out soon. As for the WP theme — I’ll pick it out soon as well. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Stay tuned.

    • Matt Auckland :

      Very interesting Randy. Never thought of that.

      Thanks 🙂

  10. Niel,

    I am glad you are jumping into this space. I’ve followed along with Pat Flynn’s niche site duel pages, and am excited to see your take on a similar process.

    Shooting for $100,000 and over 500,000 visitors per month are crazy, lofty goals, and well beyond what my meadmaking niche would currently provide (the best known website only pulls in 100,000 visitors per month). Nonetheless, I’m excited to see how I can put your methods into action.

    • Allen, thanks for all the support. I look forward to your feedback along each step of the process.

      I am excited as well!

      • Matt Auckland :

        I’m onboard with that too Alan. Looking forward to applying Neils strategies to my own site and internet radio which I happen to be launching around the same time. Although mine is in a particular dance music genre, so a very focused niche that I hope to succeed in.

  11. William Zimmerman :

    Neil, Great stuff as always!! Bill Z

  12. Holy S%^&, this is epic

  13. Justin McGill :

    Very cool Neil. I’m excited to see what you can do. Given how new one of my startups is, I’ll be watching closely how you plan to build up the audience.

  14. Palash Kumar Daw :

    I am also want to start with you. Can you suggest me which one too better Medical, Technology, Nutrition or Yoga? If i buy a new domain and increase PA/DA 25+ within 2 months is it too difficult for ranking in SE. Yes i have a Self-confidence i can make its PA/DA 25+ within for blog site. Please give me your suggestion.

    • Palash, I would say go with a niche you are most comfortable with. If you want a challenge go with the one you know least about. That’s my strategy.

  15. We Luv You Man! 🙂

  16. Super excited Neil!!! Will following every step of the way.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  17. WOW, I’m definitely following your steps…this is really exciting!! I have a blog for several months now, and I am not even near that number, even though there is some slow progress. But i’s true it’s not yet my main occupation due to my regular job.

    Thanks for your effort Neil!

    • Maja, looking forward to hearing more from you. Let me know if you need help along the way.

  18. Will the domain name remain a secret and the site be run under a pseudonym?

    • That is to be determined. Stay tuned 😉

    • The domain name should remain a secret, else a quick start of hundreds of thousands of visitors will be passed to it from Quicksprout and NeilPatel etc. That would be cheating!

      • Yes it should remain secret!

        • I can agree to some extent, but is the traffic he would get from Quicksprout et al. actually going to convert? If he posted the site I would certainly visit it so I can follow along with the case study, but there is pretty much no chance that I’m actually going to purchase an affiliate product or click an ad, because I have no interest in health blogs. Keeping it a secret makes some sense, but at the same time I think it would make it harder for us to follow along.

      • Julian Kingman :

        Agreed, showing the domain is totally cheating. I was most looking forward to seeing how traffic gets generated baseline 0, somehow I don’t believe the 41K likes were generated organically.

  19. Neil, this is awesome. I just launched a health and fitness blog and I’m very eager to see how it plays out for you and what I can learn from it.

  20. Can’t wait to see the results, Neil! I had a little happy dance going on inside when I saw you decided to go this route!

  21. Awesome ???????????? I can’t wait to see you in action.

    Best of Luck.

  22. Hey Neil,

    Great project, I will be watching closely. How do you find a dormant domain? Just search nutrition ideas and see if they’ve been unused for a while?

    Free resources to do this?


    • Neil,

      I’m also curious how you will find an inactive domain. We will need to know how to do that, too.

      Thanks for an excellent first post on your strategy!

      • Erik/Steve,
        Essentially reach out to webmasters with the email I have outlined within the blog post to see if I can purchase them.

        • I have the same question. I understand reaching out to the webmaster, but how do you find a list of inactive domains in your niche to begin with?

          Am looking forward to seeing you develop this project. I’ve always enjoyed your blog posts because you provide so much valuable content.

          • Hey Heather,

            This is a good place to start so you know what direction to with ma’am.


            • Oh, that’s awesome, I was hunting around for something like that!! Thanks John!

              I posted a comment earlier asking the same thing, but somehow my comments keep on disappearing… 🙁

            • John – thank you!

  23. Hi Neil,

    This blog post has crystallized my thinking on what your doing and why!

    I am excited to watch and be apart of this and partake in the information you share on your progress.

    Domain name, wow…now that is something I never thought of, I always thought to pick a new name that was catchy, not an old used one!!! Good grief, your making this sound so simple, as I have been trying it the way of being hip and cool, your just using tried and true techniques!

    I have to re-evaluate my approach since reading this post! Thank you for taking the time to share this on how and why!

    You’re Awesome bro,
    John Pate

    • John, it’s a strategy I have utilized for quite some time. Glad I could share and looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  24. Wow, Neil! Definitely have to market on Instagram. Instagram is huge on fitness and nutrition! Good luck! I will definitely follow you on this quest.

  25. You will fail Neil. $1000 on it?

  26. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to follow you on this journey. I know there are several out there just like me – technically savvy with websites/adsense/social et al, but no content or niche to conjure. Now we get to watch a master do it from the ground-up.

    “Oh boy is this GREAT!”
    – Flounder, Animal House

  27. Awesome Sauce Neil! This is the one I voted for and I can’t wait to see this evolve. This just might be the coolest case study ever…not to mention you will be inspiring countless bloggers and small business owners to get out there and “Just Do It”.

    You are the man.

  28. Great post as always Neil,

    Is there a specific method that you’re going to use in order to find the sites that you will attempt to buy?

    • Chris, I am just going to do some manual outreach once I research some good options.

  29. Simon Jutras :

    I follow you for quite a time right now, never comment on your post before but first thanks for your marvellous blog and inspiration. This is really one of the project I’m the most interesting in, can’t wait to see you at work on that one. I’m rooting for you and sharing your progress with my friends. This will really be an exciting adventure!

    Good luck!

  30. This is amaze-balls. Just the way you have decided to go about finding a domain name has blown my mind. Kaboooom. There it goes.

    How am I going to work the rest of the day without my brain? 🙂

    It goes without saying that I cannot wait to read the rest.

    • David, haha — thanks for the support. Looking forward to hearing much more from you throughout the way.

  31. VERY interested in your results Neal – I have several domains I’ve owned for 10-12 years or more, and have of late wondered how I can squeeze some ongoing revenue from them.

  32. Matt Ortolani :

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen someone ever do as an experiment. I’m literally sitting here visualizing what the next posts will look like, how soon they will come, what they’ll say, what I’ll learn… It’s actually pretty intense.
    I’m also getting motivated to do something else. Or better put, to start a new venture and get traction in yet another “thing”. I swore I would stay focused, and yet, you’ve brought serious inspiration to the table.
    Impressive Neil. Very Impressive. Thank you and I look forward to seeing everything happen with this experiment.
    Awesome stuff!

  33. Out of curiosity, how much content will you pre-create? Are you looking to post weekly, daily? Or is this all to come in future posts?

  34. Chris Nadeau :

    Hi Neil,

    This is going to be awesome and I actually can’t wait to learn from your new blog. 🙂

    Quick question – How do you find blogs that are not in use now?

    • Chris, I just do research then reach out to webmasters. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  35. Neil, I’ll be following your experiment very closely, and I’m excited to see how you accomplish this. I just have a question: what method will you use to find these older domain names not in use? Is there a site you recommend for this?

    • Good question! I’ve wondered about that too..

    • Me too I want to know this. There is a blogpost here but I think its something different:

      • Gulliver, that’s actually a strategy I will employ. Good find!

        • Hey Neil,

          I watched the video, (that is way cool), I have a question, if you purchase one of those aged domains, will it still work if you forward it over to your “New Domain” that you are branding?

          Lets say I found one that has 973 backlinks (name withheld) will all that ranking power be pointed to my current blog post for the linking power or how do you effectively utilize the aged domain to get the benefit of the leg work, just curious sir…John

      • Thanks for the link!

    • +1 — I want to know as well 🙂

  36. One thing I like about you is your (higher) aim.

    I have to set my aim high too now $100,000

    I will be looking close on this.

  37. Neil,
    I look forward to seeing your future posts, what type of content schedule are you aiming for? 2 to 3 posts a week?

  38. Woot woot! This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  39. I’ve always wanted to learn blogging and wonder what do I have to do to make money out of it. Kudos to you, Neil. This is gonna be super exciting. Keep us updated yea. 🙂

  40. Swapnil Jukunte :

    Eagerly waiting. Best of luck Neil. 🙂

  41. I started a blog in the tech space about 6 months ago. Would I be able to use some of the techniques on my existing blog?

  42. I’m so excited to see this roll out! I am really looking forward to your Facebook strategies. I wish I could extend my Facebook reach and generate more of a fan base there, so I’m glad to see you’re going to address this in detail. And good to know about longer blog posts ranking higher. I always thought the ideal length was approximately 500 words. Thanks for the great info, and I’m excited to follow you on this journey!

    • Gaby, the longer and more in-depth the better. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  43. Neil, I like the idea of buying a domain from someone compared to buying a brand new one. Didn’t know that the search traffic difference between both could be estimated seven fold. I really like that idea. Thanks 🙂

  44. Neil.

    Im sorry, but I am calling BullS**t on this one my friend. If you are telling me that someone who has no nutritional training and/or expertise in the fitness/medical field can generate $100K per month in under a year, then I as a doctor who also blogs must be doing everything wrong.

    Here’s a proposal: Personally teach me to make an average of $100K per month in under a year and I will donate 100K to any charity of your choice!

    Thats right, I will write the check for $100,000.

    What say you?

    • Beau, I am just doing this as a process to teach others what can be done. As mentioned it’s an experiment and no things are guaranteed — based on my past experience I am confident I can do this though. Looking forward to hearing your feedback along the way.

  45. Devesh Khanal :

    Neil, so cool. Curious why you picked Facebook after their organic reach has been so limited. Guessing you will pay to reach your fans?

    • Devesh, I have historically found a good way to reach fans — that’s the main reason.

  46. Super excited and happy to see this journey as I am in the same niche!!!!

  47. Mike Calloway :

    Neil I’m so excited. I’m going song in the journey with you. I’ve been waiting for you to release this post. I already purchased a domain but based upon your advice I’m going to start looking for an established domain that hasn’t been used rebut and purchase it.

    Any ideas about how to go about finding existing domains to pitch to that can be bought?

    With excitement,


    • Mike, great to see I have some people doing the challenge with me. I don’t have any specific methods put in place yet but I’ll keep you updated.

  48. Hi Neil, how do you find the crappy websites that need revamping? Do you just search through pages and pages on google?

  49. I am glad you chose the nutrition blog, this will be very helpful!

  50. Dale Henning :

    Neil – I’m building out my own blog for my target market (Tradesmen/Contractors) and I’m following your lead closely! It’s going to be fun watching you build out your blog. Good Luck!

  51. Crikey Neil

    I must be doing something (a lot) wrong – you make this all sound so easy 🙂

    Good luck, I’ll be following this case study closely.



  52. Hey Neil,
    Awesome post – looking forward to seeing more. When next will you be posting on this? I’m very, very interested! 🙂

  53. Mustafa Gaziani :

    WoW … I’ll surely follow each and every post of this series. But, I have a request from you. Please share us the method, how to reach out the old domain owners and how we can find that kind of domains that are dead.

    I’ll be very thankful to you!


  54. Neal,

    I’m more interested in seeing whether the time you spend doing research and learning more about the nutritional world will sway you away from Taco Bell runs. 😀


  55. That’s awesome. Thank you for doing this!

  56. Hi Neil,

    This is going to EPIC! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. I appreciate you wanting to give something back to the community! Your blog has now gone from Good to Great in my eyes! 🙂

    Let the Nutrition blog growth hacking begin! 😛

    Looking forward to the next post already.

  57. Neil,

    great project! Excited to see and follow the process. And the question for today is how do you find websites that are not updated for a long time?


  58. I’m joining the challenge too. I have a full-time job, wife, and 2 little kids, so I gotta be very structured about this and utilize my time wisely.

    I created the following checklist as a task that I read everyday. I set it to popup on my phone at 6:30am everyday:

    1). Model every post off of Blog Tyrant’s “perfect post” article:

    2). Use sub-headings to make the content more readable

    3). Write in short paragraphs (no more than 3 sentences) to make it easy to read

    4). Make sure each post is 1000 to 2000 words long (write one post per week)

    5). Do my writing in MS Word so I can see the entire thing (rather than the WordPress editor)

    6). Embed relevant images and YouTube videos

    7). Add a call to action at the bottom of every post (to my optin page AND my sales page)

    8). Develop relationships with other bloggers in my niche by commenting on their blogs and participating in their forums

    9). Email people that I reference in my articles

    10). Seek guest posts

    My goal is to get 250 to 500 daily visitors in the next 3 months. I want to convert 10% of them to become email subscribers.

    • Raza, love that you have outlined the process like you did. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if you need help with anything.

    • I have heard that the use of pagination has a good effect on SEO and the problem with bounce traffic.

    • @Raza There is a great app you can add to your Chrome toolbar called, Scribefire to write your posts on. It works offline and then you can direct upload with a click to your wordpress pages or blog posts. It has no coding to deal with. You can also preset dates and times to publish. You can run as many sites as you want to through just one Scribefire account. It is free. You don’t want to copy and paste from MS Word.

  59. Hi Neil,

    Out of curiosity, are you associated with Are you leveraging this as part of the nutrition blog?


  60. Wow! This is your generosity at the best! Neil, I am going to follow you along and create a blog myself. I’m doing a bit of blogging in a niche and generating 5 fig monthly. However, following and doing along with guru is going to be a dream come true! T.h.a.n.k. Y.o.u.!

  61. Maikel Michiels :

    Sounds like a tough challenge Neil! Really looking forward to seeing exactly how you would take a blog from zero to 100k a month in just a year. Good luck with your new business.


  62. Awesome, Neil. Can’t wait to see what happens. Good luck.

  63. This is the most exciting thing on the net! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about getting a monthly email! Brilliant and G-Luck.

  64. Børge Dvergsdal :

    This is super awesome Neil!
    Like the idea of buying an old domain. How will you find these domains?

    Keep on rocking!!

  65. Hi Neil,

    This is going to be great.

    Are you able to go into more detail in your posts as sort of a step by step road map on how your are going about this.

    Secondly, I have a small wall art ecommerce store ( years old), tried blogging for a little but gave it up. Would something like this work to generate traffic and send it to my ecommerce site from the blog? Or should I blog on the domain? What are your thoughts?


    • Bryan — your niche will definitely benefit from some of the strategies I will employ so take notes.

      I’ll have more details soon!

  66. Hi Neil Patel,

    I have been following you and your marketing advice for while now. My partner and I started a health and fitness website, about a year ago, and it took us about 11 months to reach 100,000 visitors a month mostly through social media (particularly Pinterest). With that said, we are still having a hard time monetizing our site to the level of your aim, which happens to be our goal for this year. We are super excited that you’re coming into the health and nutrition space and will definitely be following your footstep and taking notes. Best of luck, Djohny

    • Djohnny, looking forward to seeing what you have to say and your feedback will be vital.

  67. Susan Leitch :

    Congratulations Neil. I hope that you consider taking a look at the raw food industry as well (smoothies & meals) for your new blog. What started out small is now gaining in popularity. The more raw that you add to your meals (70 or 80% + for optimum), the more energy you have & the less sleep you need. Not to mention the related raw food issues of prevention & healing. The people are the proof! 🙂

  68. Patrick Bruder :

    Way to go Neil!

    I am excited to see how this turns out and to follow your progress. Is there a reason you are chose WordPress specifically? I was looking at Squarespace since it looks easier to use and I am new to putting content out online.

    • Patrick, I have always used WP and it’s a standard CMS — that’s the main reason.

  69. Looking forward to this,Neil!!

  70. Jeff Stapleton :

    Neil, love the idea…how are you going to keep it separated from your present following and who/how will it be verified that in fact you have done that? Also interested in how you plan to monetize it.

    Thanks for all the great work and inspiration.

  71. I’m curious if your workflow can be use in my industry as well.

  72. Daniel Lofaso :

    Hi Neil,

    I like that you are putting your money where your mouth is! Pun intended! Look forward to seeing this in action. I run some nutrition blogs for clients (SEO and content), it is definitely a very open-minded industry with a lot of opinions and trends that go hand-in-hand with fitness. You didn’t mention how you will monetize this site; I’m curious as to what you think you may do in that aspect?


    • Daniel, I have yet to put together a more concise roadmap — as soon as I do I will definitely share.

      • Hello!

        Did you ever continue with the next steps to monetize the blog?

        If so, could you please point me to that link?


  73. That’s awesome Neil. Eager to see the progress.

    Also, what’s the minimum domain age you’re looking at?

    Let’s begin the fun!

  74. This will be incredible! Looking forward to replicating some of your stastegies as I will be launching a blog around the same time. Best of luck!!

  75. Hi Neil – This is really great that you’re actually showing your system in real time. I have learned so much from you already and this will really be great for eveveryone!

    I have committed to following and doing a blog as you are. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    Thanks again for all your help,

  76. I am super excited. I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago, completely from scratch…I might have to find myself a domain that is being used but is inactive in order to rank higher…Time to do some searching.

  77. Neil, thank you so much for doing this. I will be following your steps and strategies as I am getting ready to do the same. You are Totally Awesome.

  78. Daniel Richter :

    Neil, I’m super excited!

    Really, really looking forward to following this series, and even this kind of small update is definately interesting. No detail of operation is too small not to mention! 🙂

    And btw, I am in a close niche (swedish exercise blog), and I am definately seeing the greatest traffic from Facebook when it comes to social media.

    • Daniel, thanks for all the support. Looking forward to what we can come up with together.

  79. Neil, this is great and I’m excited to follow along with you. My questions is, where does the actual $100k/month come from? I understand about the domain, site creation, generating followers and so forth, but how will you jump into Nutrition and create revenue from it?

  80. Neil, do you think if someone was trying to do this in a less-populated niche — where there aren’t a ton of nutrition blogs, for instance, eating up the top Google rankings — it would be easier to get a new-domain blog to move up the rankings.

    I have a niche where there simply isn’t anything similar to what I want to launch — a content-first blog like you are proposing.


    • RK, it may be tougher in a different niche — I am just going with what people voted for.

  81. Neil,

    I’ve never been this excited after reading one of your posts before! How will you prevent the attention you generate via this project and your blog from providing traffic that someone without your reputation and blog couldn’t get?


    • Wondering the exact same thing…
      If you reported the whole project afterwards, I would believe it’s possible for anyone. Right now, all you do is you’re redirecting folks from this blog to another one so the whole setup is biased starting day one.

    • This is exactly what I was going to point out.

      We can all swear not to comment, like your new Facebook page or whatever so as not to make any impact, but just by going to those places we’ll affect numbers.

      BTW, it’s simply brilliant. It’s going to be a fascinating ride! Thank you!

      • These are all valid concerns. I have been addressing them in my plans — stay tuned as I hash out the best way to provide value while diminishing my outside influence on this new project.

    • Maybe this prevents him from even mention the name of the blog in this blog?

      “To prove it, I told you that I’m going to create a new company and grow it from scratch without leveraging my connections.”

      Writing out the nutrion blog address here would be leveraging (a lot of) connections.

  82. I am very excited. I am upgrading my ecommerce site and i will tweak and try your resources. Thanks so much for sharing.

  83. Hi Neil. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and have learned a lot. Thank you for that. This is my 1st time commenting, actually it’s a question regarding your new blog. I’ve had my blog for 3 years now. It does well, not great but well. I felt I launched it too soon. I didn’t have enough content. I am also planning a new blog to launch hopefully in May/June. Are you going to write your articles and save them as drafts and launch it once you have substantial content? I know this means purchasing a new domain vs buying one that already has content. But I am rethinking what I did wrong the first time and this go around I think I am going to have at least 50-75 posts and before I launch it. Your thoughts?

    thanks debi

    • Debi — having content is always a plus. Just make sure it’s up to date and you aren’t just writing for the sake of having content. Provide value first!

  84. I come to the right time to your blog Neil. Right now I also trying to build my new site. So, I will learn from you 🙂

    I will following your blog. Thanks

  85. Walker Jordan :

    Hey Neil – looking forward to see you grow this new blog. My wife and I run Joyous Health (, a healthy living / nutrition blog. We have a ton of amazing content, recipes, video’s and decent traffic but are looking forward to some great tips on how to really take it to the next level.

    Have fun,

  86. DeAnna Troupe :

    This IS exciting! I’m looking for more ways to monetize my blog. I’ll be following this closely.

  87. Dan Creviston :

    Good morning, Neil.

    I am wondering how often you will post? One article per day? What are your thoughts on the frequency of posting a 2,000+ word article?


  88. Khuzaima Ismail :

    What is the strategy you use on And how will you monetize the site? Adsense, Infolinks or what?

  89. How do you find a good domain to buy? I want to follow along but I’m not clear on how you will be locating the domain. Sounds like it’s different than expired domains as you explain here:

    How are you finding the prospective domains you will send that email offer to?

    • Gulliver — all great questions — stay tuned to find out.

    • What about using Godaddy, there you can find parked domains for sail. A bit expensive sometimes. I found one for 100.000 dollar, with a strange adress like or something.

  90. Reid Peterson :

    Thanks for keeping it real, Neil. This ‘case study’ will be a game changer. I so appreciate your honesty and true transparency as you progress. (And glad you chose Nutrition as the subject matter/niche.)

  91. Great Post, Neil. After reading this, I am also motivated to start a nutrition blog. So, I am too launching a blog on 1st April.

  92. I love the idea of this experiment and can’t wait to read your posts.

    Though won’t you be leveraging your connections by sharing it with your followers here? 😉

  93. Pawel Puchalski :

    Sounds like a good plan and strategy Neil, congrats! However, I’m curious to what your monetization strategy is to reach 100k/month? (ie. Ads, Affiliate Marketing, etc.)

  94. Interesting to say the least Neil. Have thought about doing much the same but never took the “find a website that’s near death” rout. Will you be doing what the Alex Blumberg did with his podcast StartUp & Gimlet media? As long as you don’t use your influence/visitor base as a kickstart, it will be an interesting test. Will replicate when possible and follow along. Dare I see another book concept in the making…hmmmm? 🙂


    • Dan — a lot of good feedback there. I will have more concise plans moving forward soon.

  95. If only you know how excited I am! I look forward to following your steps

  96. Hey Neil, this is a damn great idea…..I am a teenager from Indian and I am reading your blog regularly to be a successful blogger……thanks for this amazing blog….I am going to follow all your tips and will be going to give my best shot to blogging. 🙂

    Mukul Chugh

  97. Jontotheworld :

    I am more than happy and excited to follow your journey.

    I know that we (new bloggers) will learn a lot from you, and we’re thankful for allowing us to witness and learn from your strategies.

    This post also reminded me to aim BIG for my blog. You know at first you blog just because you wanted to write and express your thoughts, and then by the time you learned that you can actually earn from blogging, you tend to tell yourself that maybe I can also earn a LITTLE from my blog.

    In this post, I’ve learned to aim bigger feat for my own blog. Like what you just showed us, 100,000 USD Wow! 🙂

  98. Super excited to watch this unfold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Hey Neil, great project! I’m excited to see how you go about building your blog to the $100k/month level.

    Thanks so much for taking on this project and showing us all how you go about doing it.


  100. Neil, you’ve made ??me want to throw away my blog and start a new one from scratch following your steps ! God luck.

    Talking about this, how do you estimate the impact of your global follower on this new project? I mean, a lot of people will jump in coming from Quicksprout or the other blogs you already have…

  101. Does it matter how old the domain is? Is there a magic number of years it should exist to get higher in the rankings? I am going to take the challenge as well – official launch April 1- Thanks for the inspiration, Good luck to all of us!

    • Betsy — It definitely does. I’ll provide more details soon. Stay tuned.

      • If one already has recently bought a good, short domain name that is easy to remember wouldn´t it be smarter to just buy an old domain name in the right nice and redirect it to the new domain or maybe a few old domains?

      • Adrian Bartlett :

        Hi Neil, Exciting project. As Goran mentioned, does the 301 redirect technique work? Where a reputable domain is acquired, and 301 redirected to your existing web site?

  102. Neil,

    one more thing I wanted to ask. Did you do any niche research before you made a decision on nutrition niche?

    Thanks a lot

  103. It’s a great challenge, Neil. I’m excited to follow your steps and learned already a lot from your earlier blogs.It’s a great first tip to use an older domain. Briljant!

    One question: Do you start the blog as Neil Patel or will you build it up ‘under cover’, so not using your name? Because: your famous name will maybe open doors automatically. We as readers are not so famous and don’t have this benefit 🙂

    But all the luck!

  104. It is every bloggers dream that they make some money well they blog telling them they can make up to $100,000 a Month is a huge encouragement and inspiration for them.

  105. Hi Neil,

    I’ve been wanting to start a blog however, I’m not really sure how to monetize it (this is whats hindering me to proceed). Any tips?

  106. I can’t even begin to tell you how original and great this idea is! Great job on this, I’m sure your audience appreciates it very much, because I know I do!

  107. Wow,this is really cool! Am excited about learning from your updates.

  108. Praveen Ravindran :

    Great to know that you have decided to start a Nutrition Blog. Waiting to see your process of Content creation & marketing.

    I have started a health blog( few years back & added few posts at the start. Website is getting around 5000 visitors without doing any forms or marketing or content updating. Yes, the traffic is consistent over months & mainly from USA.

    Hope your blog & strategies will provide me inspiration to make the health blog better.


    • Praveen – I am sure we will be learning a lot from eachother – thanks for all the support.

  109. John Huntinghouse :

    Even though in all fairness…there is no way you cannot “leverage any resource” as your name alone is your leverage and this campaign itself is the PR. Obviously there’s nothing that you can do about that but it is what it is.

    That being said, it will be super exciting to follow you along the journey and learn a ton of great information along the way.

    And even if you miss your mark by 75%…$25,000 a month is still pretty good. 🙂

    • John — that would be a failure for me. I really aim to achieve the 100k mark. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

      • John Huntinghouse :

        I honestly have no doubt that you’ll achieve that. Best of luck and super excited to learn along with you as you move forward with this project.

  110. If you pull this off you are a genius. Good Luck to you sir, I anxiously await your future updates. Love to see a plan that works.

    Dan O’

  111. Awesome! Just hope you’re into all that nutrition stuff otherwise you might end up tearing your hair out 😀 Can’t wait to read some more on the project. And good luck!

  112. Looking forward to following your progress. Just a word of caution though. Keep the domain secret. You’ll pick up a few haters along the way that will try and sabotage your work. At the very least you will have people stealing your idea and copying every word you write.

    As for $100,000 per month, depends on the sub-niche you go into. You’ll need to find a fanatical tribe to follow you. Somewhat like what you have here at quick sprout

    Good luck

  113. All i want to say is – All the best 🙂

  114. Hi Neil,

    Even though i have a job already, i’ll do my best to keep up with you on your venture and try to copy you step by step.

    And let’s hope things are going well this time. I mean i tried to develop a blog couple years back and i had a $170 profit out of it and that was it 🙂

    Now i’m really interested to see how i can do a good SEO and increase the exposure to gain traffic.


  115. Wow! I’m so glad that you chose the nutrition space to demonstrate Neil. Nothing attracts people more than topics related to health and nutrition! Way to go! Can’t wait to see the results. Good Luck.

  116. So excited! Thank you!!

  117. April 1st is an interesting date to choose! Really looking forward to following your strategies and this amazing undertaking that you are sharing. As far as I am concerned this is the most interesting project going on with anyone I follow online. I’m so excited to watch it all unfold and read your updates. Thanks Neil.

  118. Hey Neil,

    Awesome project. I hope you will be also mentioning how you gonna build links for this along with your monthly reports.

  119. Neil, Think from the point of a New Blogger who is not familiar with Website Design, SEO and other aspects of Net Media. You know most of the area well.

    I am awaiting for the site and the results.



  120. I really think you should start with a new domain.

    Your challenge is to generate $100,000/mo from a brand new blog. BRAND NEW BLOG. Those are your words and one of the biggest hurdles of this challenge – establishing authority from nothing.

    Stick to your original plan, no shortcuts. =)

    • Ash, thanks for the clarification, however, I want to employ growth hacking strategies that everyone can benefit from. It’s not something that is specific to me or something I have an advantage on. Buying existing domains is a common practice.

  121. Nice project Neil, this will be a great resource.

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  122. Matthew Davison :

    This is awesome Neil.

    I’m publishing my blog on the 1st of April as well, so I’m really looking forward to following you on this adventure with everyone else.

  123. Karen Asafu-Adjaye :


    Great idea! What is your process for finding the domain names?

  124. Dr. 'Malik Haruna King :


    Great. Following, closely.

    Good luck.

    Dr. ‘Malik

  125. Neil, this is a great challenge and really looking forward to following along. If you don’t mind, I am going to jump on board and give the challenge a shot.

    I have 3 idle domains in green living, digital home products, and local business marketing. I’d like to revive one of these. I’m going back through your content now, but any thoughts on selecting a topic for this challenge?

    Thanks again for the inspiration and best of luck in the challenge. Looking forward to your progress!

    • Jonathan – thanks for all the support. Looking forward to your feedback and support.

  126. I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds Neil – Currently I want to work on a food related blog but have been unsure how to start – also how will you be finding old domains? Is there a tool or method you use to locate possible domains to purchase/approach?


  127. Sleep.Eat.Run :

    Very interested in watching your progress in this

  128. Neil,

    This is awesome. It should help all of us. Thank you very much for doing this.


  129. What would your budget be for the old domain? what would you be willing to offer… how many sites will you be contacting in order to get at least one who will respond to you?

    Also, if you’re writing the content yourself, are you going to spend everyday 3-6 hours for the next 12 months? isn’t that using a majority of your time?

    • Cody — my passion is writing and my work days are long. I will be dedicating ALOT to this project.

  130. Neil,

    I’ve been in the game before you got started and have watched your meteoric rise. No doubt you have the chops to make a run at this and I’d love to see it play out.

    That said, I’m not holding my breath given that April 1 start date.

    I hope it’s for real. If not you managed to get a long time reader to take action and make a comment. There’s got to be something to learn for that. Right?

  131. Oh yeah that’s one hell of a challenge to produce $100000 from scratch ! Well I guess I will take the challenge as well . 😀 ?

  132. Hi Neil,
    Best luck for ur New project. U said that u will use Facebook to increase blog traffic. Can u tell us how will u increase FB fan base without spending on FB ads.

  133. Looking forward to this experiment. What is your goal as far as time frame for hitting the $100,000 mark and what is your total budget?

  134. I am Super Excited to see how the story unfolds, wishing you success.

  135. I took up a 24 hour challenge in January, and got the basics down for a book about amazing stuff people have done in a day, but this is even better!

    Neil, how do you go about finding domains that are dormant? I’d love to join in on this challenge with a dieting recipe blog!!

    • Sam – I have a pretty precise strategy that I will share in my next post — thanks for all the support.

      • Awesome, and total Kudos for responding to almost all comments! I’ll give you a pass on responding to his comment 😉

  136. I also started new blog. Though my niche is different but i would try to learn strategies to achieve target successfully. All the best.

  137. Wow Neil :D,
    I am really excited to see your journey from nothing 🙂
    Its a rare inspiration and a heavy loaded value to follow your journey. I am following you 🙂
    Thank you,
    Keep Going.
    Bibin Mohan

  138. Quicksprout has become my number one blog!

  139. One of several blog posts I am really excited about! Should be a great “case study” on how to rank a brand new site! Good luck in your niche, ot’s quite popular but I think YOU can def beat the competition)

  140. Soumitra Sengupta :

    Super excited to see and learn from your journey.

  141. Hi Neil,

    Check out Websites are bought and sold,on it everyday.

    You just may find a useful site there as well.

  142. Mr Patel,

    Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. One question I have though is, do you have a rough idea of your monthly profit goals? Its one thing to generate $100,000 and 500,000 visitors a month. However, if you’re spending $99,950 to do it, it seems like the risk would not be worth the reward.

    Do you have any profit-related goals with this adventure?

    • Bill – I am going to keep it super lean and relatable. I am creating a blueprint for other people to follow.

  143. Neil –

    I usually lurk around your excellent blog reading the comments and learning at the feet of a master. This self-challenge is of the “Holy Smokes! Really?” variety. Watching you work through the challenge will be incredibly instructive.

    Thanks for giving us an exciting front row seat on the project.

  144. Neil, this is really exciting!!!, looking forward to following your steps right along! First question, how do I find an inactive site?
    Thank you for doing this for all of us eager folks!

  145. Really looking forward to this project.

    Thanks You

  146. This is awesome! I’m just about to start my first blog and it’s on fitness and nutrition as well. I’ve created a facebook following, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it the right way. Any tips on that part of it?The fanpage is and is all about fitness motivation and inspiration.

    • Lance – Looks pretty good at first glance. Lets work together to get you ranked higher with more traffic. Follow along with me closely.

  147. Neil, can u share with us that how are you monetising Quicksprout since you are not using Google adsense & others.

  148. Neil, very interested to learn how you can actually tell when a website hasnt been updated in more than a year?

  149. Neil, how often do you plan to post on your new blog?

    • Probably 2-3 times a week.

    • 1 short questions. My article:
      I use the old domain and attract people from social networks, but still very low traffic times. Am I being misdirected?

  150. Rob Martinez :

    Damnit Neal stay out of my niche….lol

    Cannot wait to see what you do. Very helpful info.

  151. Jason Keller :

    Hi Neil,

    I think experiment component of this adventure is really cool. However, are you concerned about the ethics of publishing nutrition-related content even though you do not have domain expertise?

    To me there is a concern about the authenticity of your experiment. You are essentially looking to infiltrate and profit from a community that you are not a part of. I would expect most successful nutrition bloggers are either nutritionists or have a background in that field. To me, you usurping their search prevalence with your technical knowledge seems a little unsettling.

    I know there are tons of bloggers out there talking about nutrition that probably aren’t qualified to do so, but the difference between them and you is that you will probably succeed in gaining visibility, which means there is a higher possibility of you soliciting uninformed advice on nutrition to a large audience that may follow that advice.

    Sorry I know this sounds like lecturing, but just hope you think through the risks before moving forward.

    • Jason,

      I am on your side when it comes to being an ethical writer and blogger within any circumstance. For Neil’s case, however, I don’t think there is a contradiction: taking an experiment on blogging about nutrition doesn’t mean the blogger won’t be doing sufficient researches and homework to start blogging, or won’t be self-teaching to become a semi-expert in this area. As a matter of fact, as I would argue, the blogger has to be savvy and hardworking enough to become an authentic community member (or even leader) in the end to win this game.
      And I guess that’s where Neil’s real challenge lies.

      I think – at least I hope, that Neil is taking this experiment to encourage people to become savvy and bold enough to self-teach and self-empower all the way along their journey to success: with or without a niche at the moment they start to think of success: all too often niche is something you build up over time and keep exploring, instead of a stand still land.

      • Jason & Lynn — trust me I am going to be very mindful of the ramifications of my observations and the content I produce. I know there are a ton of ethical issues that I will definitely seek to address and avoid before moving forward. I have already started reading into a ton of resources.

        I will make sure that my content is helpful yet cautious.

        • Cool Neil! Can’t wait to see how it goes! Set off and keep us surprised – in every good way!

          • Yeah totally fair enough; nutrition is a broad topic too, so I suppose it there are definitely some areas that could be good for content without a serious risk.


  152. I’m glad you choose nutrition blog Neil, this is very exciting.. 🙂

  153. I’m excited about your experiment.

  154. Hi Neil,

    Why just don’t find good expired domain with nutrition niche?
    Is there a reason you are looking currently active domain?


  155. Priyankar Mukherjee :

    Hi Neil,

    Sounds like a plan but you did not talk about hosting…. where are you planning to host the blog and how much do you intent to spend on hosting per year. Can you throw some light on that as well?


  156. Great idea of making money with an inactive blog. Appreciable idea.

  157. This I want to see!!

    Will you reveal the domain?


  158. Muhammad Rehan Aslam :

    Thanks For Share This Info
    Super excited to see and learn from your journey.

  159. Great strategy 🙂

  160. Neil,

    There was a guy named Federico (no “r”) who wants to bet $1000 against you. Does he know who you are?

    I bet you can.

    Best of lucks,

    Frederico, from Rio de Janeiro.

  161. This is fantastic. I can’t wait to follow this. Neil, can you please put a tag or something in subsequent emails when you follow this so that I can put in a filter in Gmail to star it? Thanks!

  162. Hi Neil,
    I can hardly wait to see your progress!!! The last two posts have been so inspirational that I have decided to launch my own blog in a field I know little about! Your last post inspired me to search for a topic and today I’ll be searching for an established domain, as you suggested.

    Thank you for taking on this project! We all know how busy you are with your other businesses. I appreciate you walking us through your process for starting a profitable blog!

    PS. Love the new QuickSprout logo!

  163. This looks awesome Neil thanks!

  164. Hey Neil,

    I was hoping you would go with the Medical Site! Question: Once you get your domain and site set up – could you break down what you would do to make the revenue (in a nutshell) into five milestones for me?



  165. P.S. I want to feature your journey on my blog and give you some good backlinks …

  166. The nugget about searching for an old inactive domain is already a pearl!
    I am very curious to see what you will make this happen – and I will be following on your footsteps, too!

  167. I hope you report clearly how much money you are investing on your blog to make up for your not using your connections to leverage that blog.

  168. Great idea Neil! Good Luck in your new venture.

    I do have a question regarding your comment on writing a 2000 word post. I tend to do a lot of video blogging. I do 4 videos per week. I write a bit of text to describe the content in the video, but only about 250 words.

    Does Google rank videos differently than text? Is it worth getting someone to transcribe the video to add to the post?


  169. Navneet Singh :


    Can you please tell how to find a website in the nutrition space that hasn’t been updated in years?

    Any easy way to find such sites?

    • Navneet – stay tuned and I’ll share ideas.

    • This is how I would go about it, not sure if its the best way- One way to purchase a used domain would be to first think of a name you like, check out how many searches it gets on ‘Google trends’, then look if a domain exsist for it in google. If its for sale, it will say so! I think the older it is the better?

  170. Will you be doing any keyword research when writing the articles?
    Would like to see how you go about the keywords.

  171. Neil,

    Ambitious Idea – brilliant too! I look forward to following the process. I don’t see how you’ll be able to afford the time it’s going to require to research for and write 2000 words though.

    You might want to check out a nutrition blog I just started following is

    Best of luck on this adventure!!

  172. @Neil Blog post content tip: Bulletproff coffe

  173. Intriguing! I worked at a company for 6 years that pitched the “get rich quick” concept – the “how to make money online overnight” approach. I didn’t like it or believe it, but did see a few clients actually make some pretty good money by leveraging their connections and knowledge.

    Granted, you’re not proposing “overnight success” or “something for nothing,” but I’m really interested to see how you can abstain from using your connections and name recognition as a way to reel in the right people to connect with, collaborate with, and then make things start happening more quickly than the average person.

    Look forward to the case study.

    • Nate — thanks for the insights. Looking forward to more of them as the process becomes formalized.

      • Your soft pitch of got me to go there, fill out the form, and get a call from Boostability too 🙂 I’m here in Utah and know them fairly well.


  174. Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife :

    This is so exiting! I can’t wait to follow along the journey and hopefully take some ideas and use them on my own blog. Even though I have been blogging for 3 years I feel like I just for serious about a year ago. I would LOVE to start making money with my blog!

  175. Hi Neil,

    I’m waiting, eagerly!

    I have been in that space for years and I haven’t been successful. I’m extremely hungry! May the blessings April fool tilt in my favour.

    Good luck, gentleman.


  176. Stephen Shade :

    Hey Neil,

    How do you plan on doing your research? Are you going to use Google primarily? The library? Books from Amazon? Research papers? All of the above?

    How do you qualify the source material?

    Are you going to put your sources on you blog posts? Why or Why not?

    • Stephen — right now I am utilizing any and all resources. If you have any I would love to see them!

  177. Neil, do you anticipate that you will be able to go in-depth on your content creation process? I’m really hopeful to see your process of entering this new market and being able to write 2,000 word posts in as little as 3 to 6 hours. Seeing your process would be very helpful for me.

  178. Saurabh Pandey :

    I was going through all you replies… I noticed that you were replying @10 replies/ minute !!!!!!!!! How did you do that ??

    PS: I am an engineer would love to useyour technique of prompt replies 😉

    • Saurabh – For this thread I reply pretty quickly and scan through the comments. If there is a specific question I am sure to respond to it.

  179. wow super excited. waiting for other post

  180. Super excited to shadow you on this project! Your generous approach to life is an inspiration. Last night I say Magic Johnson speak – you have contagious passion, beautiful generosity and an appetite for excellence that helps me constantly. THANK YOU!

  181. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for doing this. If possible, could you create a section within your quicksprout to post articles related to this story.



  182. Someone mentioned this earlier…

  183. Srinivas Venkataraman :

    Nice Buildup!

    Everyone following this should be really excited.

  184. Roger Aburto :

    This is the site!
    I have been a member since four months ago and is good!
    At least to gather some ideas for your project…that by the way I will clone! :

  185. Naomi Dinsmore :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m so super excited about this!

    I can’t wait


  186. Thanks Neil! I look forward to learning a lot from you!

  187. Alberto Rendon :

    Hello Neil, It is really a good idea…. wow if I will start another blog I have to copy this method. Thanks for posting this guidelines.

  188. This is such a great idea! You are very inspiring Neil. I really look forward to watching the journey.

  189. I look forward to your case study!

  190. Lisa O'Driscoll :

    Wow…I just started following you but it looks like I did so just in time!!! I had never blogged before when I started on a whim in November but truly enjoy it and would love to make a living at it!

    Being new, my problem (like many) is low traffic. It’s steadily growing but still so low that I’ve made very little money so far. I started monetizing in January and have made just about enough to buy a venti cappuccino from Starbucks…LOL. I know my blog has potential but there’s so much more I still need to learn.

    I am very excited about following and learning from you! I would be so happy just to earn a fraction of that (just $5000 a month would make me happy…much more than I earned as a teacher)

    Sorry so wordy…I’m just really looking forward learning from your experiment and I’m going to follow your every suggestion. You are truly inspiring!!!

    • Lisa — thanks for all the support. I definitely look forward to hearing more from you.

  191. Hi Neli, Awesome post bro….. just wondering…. how are you planning on monetizing it??? Google AdSense or private ad space??? I am really looking forward to seeing how you make out…

  192. Kani Poly Design Infographic :

    So great, Neil!
    I think it’s very hard to build a blog that you had no ties to, because in order to be successful in it, you must have a huge knowledge about it. I guess you have to research a lot. I wish I can create a successful blog like you did.

  193. Matt Auckland :

    One other quick point, surely starting this project on 1st April is a bad idea. After all it is April Fools Day 🙂

    Just a thought.

  194. Pankaj Mondal :

    Good Luck Neil in your new venture. You are the guy to go for. Keep us update on your endeavours.


  195. Hi 🙂
    I nerver commented before but this time I had to!:-)
    I love this idea and I am so looking forward to know how it is going to turn out? I find the challenge amazing and funny in a way but I dont think I could write about things that I am not passionate about… like if I had to write about marketing 😉

    And the occasion to thank you for the inspiration I get from your blog, you are the only blog of this kind I am reading regularly.

  196. Hi Neil
    This looks really exciting, I shall be watching your every move, good luck I wish you every success.

  197. wow this is very exciting, Neil I’m so envious to see your progress! All this while I only though that websites can only earn you a maximum of 5 grand, never thought anyone could make a hundred thousand from it. Best of luck, can’t wait 😀

  198. Hi Neil,

    I am very happy to see this information because I am fortunate to see your nutrition blog’s progress practically from scratch to 100000 $ a month earning blog within one year.

    And we can copy the same activity what you are doing on that blog to grow my blog, by following your activity.

    This will help a lot of bloggers to become successful, I am waiting to see your nutrition blog on April 1st.

  199. Neil,

    This is very exciting! I’m looking forward to this journey you’re taking and sharing with everyone. Have you ever written a post on how to find old domains?

    • Adam — here is the link

  200. Hi Neil, awesome post!

    Can’t wait to see how this endeavour unravels, I’ll be watching closely and try to take in as much useful information as possible. Do you think a similar feat could be accomplished in the spanish speaking market? The blog I write is in spanish and if I could expand it to produce just 2-5% of the results you’ve set as a goal I’d be one happy camper.

    • I cannot see why you can’t achieve a similar feat in the Spanish speaking market. The market is huge and you never know, you could dominate the market if you do half as well as Neil.

  201. Wow! what a great way to teach the newbies mostly. This method will guide most bloggers on how to start and grow their blogs.
    Whoever will follow you till the end will have the same results i bet.

    blessed time.

  202. Hi Neil,

    I was hoping you would do the blog on a subject you have no experience in. For a while I’ve been thinking about blogging, but I’m a bit held back by the fact I don’t feel like an Ultimate Expert.

    However, you might prove that you don’t have to be an expert to start with, but become an expert along the way ánd be succesfull doing it. Maybe I can finally set my mind to start blogging based on your experiences in this project.

    Looking forward to following this and I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing such a personal journey!

    • Dorien, I think partaking in this challenge in a field I have no expertise in is a great way to show that anyone can generate income with a proven strategy.

  203. It would be great to learn more about how to build a loyal Facebook following. Looking forward to your next posts, Neil! Thanks. 🙂

  204. Olan O'Sullivan :

    Wow Neil you’re really serious about this! I can’t wait to see how it pans out. Particulary interested in how you utilise Facebook as I’ve not had much success with it as a B2B channel.

  205. And I was getting ready for bed. Now, this project got me really pumped to give my own forgotten site some love.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration, definitely will stay tuned.

  206. Hey Neil,

    I’m thinking about taking this journey with you! I am a soon-to-be-dad and am pondering writing a blog about my experiences raising my kid. We’ll see what happens!


  207. hi neil ,

    I don’t know that you are able to earn $100,000 in a month in one year from your blog as you promised or not but you have a talent to catch millions of eyes and number of comments prove this. I am also going to create a blog and try to following you.


  208. Can you show us how you filter up these domains, your personal criteria of the right domain owners to contact,

    what tools you’re going to use for checking whether they have been updated over ayear?

    how do you get their emails,

  209. Hi Neil,
    You are incredible! 600+ comments within a day and I am really impressed that you respond most of the comments. I don’t understand how can you find time. Its just awesome and I appreciate your approach and idea
    and yeah, I followed one of your tutorial about transpose and My blog PV increased by 10% just within 2 days

    • Mahendra, I treat it much like others should treat it (from a customer service perspective) you guys are readers and I owe you a response.

  210. I like the strategy. Could you please tell me your blog post writing process. I can’t imagine writing a single post in under 6 hours. Share any tips that can help me write blog post 2,000+ words that fast. Cheers

  211. Sounds like you’re going for it, great to hear that. But I would like to see some more information in the progress of getting this all together. As in: where and how do you look for an old domain name in the specific market? And even then for just $100? I really would like to know more about how you do this part of the deal. As for facebook, are you also starting from scratch on that part or are you using your current (personal) facebook page?… I assume that would also start from nothing.

    • Malachi — more details will come soon. I will definitely be starting from the lowest rung to show that anyone can achieve great results.

  212. Stephen Delisle :

    Good luck Neil!

    Really looking forward to this journey…

    … I’ll be sitting shotgun with you the whole way!

  213. Hi Neil,

    This is a very inspiring idea, I love how you put yourself out there to role model and prove what can be done online. I will be eagerly following your steps and hope to generate similar revenue from my blog also. Will be supporting you all the way.

    All the best


    • Toye – that means a lot. Looking forward to hearing much more from you along the way.

  214. I totally agree with this statement.

  215. Neil,

    Will you please share with us where the best places are to find old, expiring or dead websites that we can buy?

    Thank You,


    PS I absolutely love your site( an education in its self )

  216. Can’t wait to see to this in real time. There’s little doubt in my mind you will succeed but I am anxious to see specifically how you do it, as everyone and their dog starts a blog with that in mind.

    That affiliate game (from a product standpoint) is a hustle.

  217. Looking forward to this and thank you for sharing your knowledge



  218. That sounds great. Since you already succeeded in profiting from all your other online ventures, I believe you’ll succeed in this one as well.

    Will keep checking to see how’s it going for you. Good luck.

  219. Dear Neil,

    The most attractive thing of this challenge is the fact that you are going to write the entire content yourself. 2015 is going to be an interesting year. A few people are also running their own 6 figure challenge. Jon Havor from is recording his journey to create a 6 figure authority website. However, he will be using outsourcing for content creation. While publicly declaring such huge goal is easy, a majority of such bloggers abandon the challenge midway. Glen Asop of Viperchill started one such challenge last year but abandon it midway.

    Neil, my request to you : Please take this challenge to its logical conclusion and don’t abandon it like others. Even if it does not earn the intended income, we all shall learn something invaluable in this journey of yours.


    • William — thanks for the all the support. I definitely will not abandon it — when I start something I always finish it.

  220. Lorenzo Pinon :

    Hello Neil,

    I´ve to admit it, you´ve got my full attention. Can´t wait to see you start this blog and build a fluent river of money

  221. Too many people complaining here because Neil brought an old domain.

    There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just growth hacking and something everyone can do.

  222. It’s “APRIL FOOL” prank! 🙂 😀 ?

  223. Hi Neil,

    My question is, how old does the domain have to be to give you an advantage? Also How many articles are you planning to write before you launch?

    Thank you

    • Zach, more details to come. Check out this article in the meantime:

  224. Hi Neil, you just inspired me to get my lifestyle magazine off the ground. $100k a month in a year? Bring it on my friend!

  225. Just wondering… where will you be looking for a website in the nutrition space that hasn’t been updated in years and buy it for $100.

    • Rodney, there is a process that I will outline the details for in the next week or so.

      Check out this article in the meantime:

  226. Mr Neil,

    Can you please explain how are you going to find an abandoned blog. I’m looking for a domain to buy for my wordpress blog.

    Thank you

    • Andrei, Check this article out:

  227. Syed Faris Hussain :

    I just came through this post while surfing your website. I must say you can achive the goal! Best of luck for the case study.

    By the way i have just started the health blog with the brand new domain and got over 70+ articles and each article have 2k to 6k+ words.

    Will see how it goes!

    • Syed — glad to hear you are going along on the journey with me. Let me know if you need any help along the way.

  228. Neil, how do you search for old domain/site for this nutrition concept? Hope to see your reply soon.

    Thank you.

    • Azlan, this article may help:

  229. Ollan Agtual :

    I’m right there with you Neil! If I can generate even 1/10th of that income with my new blog in 12 months, I would be very happy!

    Well, off to a good start – I just bought an expired domain for $10. It’s a few years old and still has over 3,500 existing backlinks!

    Let’s do this!!!

  230. Neil, thank you for choosing this niche. I am truly excited on this project. With this post, I’ve realized that one should really shell out some bucks to start off.

    I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t need money to make money. It would be MORE interesting if you can monetize this blog with the least investment as possible. Thank you!


    • Paul, I have always been a strong proponent of keeping things lean. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  231. Hi Neil,

    Interesting follow-up. I thought you are going to build a software company, but it is good to know that you finally took a topic which you know nothing about it.

    Look forward to follow this exciting journey.

  232. I will be more than happy If I achieve half the $$ you mentioned.

  233. Hi Neil,
    Love the idea and I am excited to see what happens. But will you publish it under your own name? I also take it you will create some buzz on QuickSprout and Neil Patel around that new blog? That will definitely get you a big boost right there.

  234. I like your idea, I;m looking forward for your new blog. I’m missing your next article.

    Good Luck with your next project.

  235. BabaRanchorDas :


    Anytime TLD URL changes, it leaves things up in the air. Its up to Google to treat it any which way they want. And heres the kicker…they can chose to consider it aged for now and can change it later.

    If this is going to be a long term thing (which I think it should be), its best to get an aged TLD to go along with Neil’s plan.

    Also note that there are other ways too (And I am sure Neil will agree with it)…but this plan to work Neil decided to use an existing domain that not updated or not current.

    For what its worth.

  236. BabaRanchorDas :

    Ameet…I tried to reach contact you from your blog with some tips but it won’t let me send it.

    Something is wrong with your contact us script.

  237. mukesh jangir :

    hi neil,
    could you please guide me along with my tech blog, it’s not any niche its complete technology blog includes everything in it and tell me whether with my current status would i be able to earn $100000/ month
    and i am getting excited to see what will be the outcome of your decision. i think i ll be joining you too
    thank you

    • Mukesh, I can’t say definitely if you can earn that much a month or not. Just follow along as I work on my process and lay out a blueprint for success.

      • mukesh jangir :

        Thank you so much for the reply neil you got that one just work on harder i ll follow you now ….
        you really are something my friend

  238. He doesn’t reply, here’s some feedback.
    1. Use wordpress
    2. Change the layout. Too much too soon.

    Have a great week!

  239. hamza zoubir :

    sorry for ‘Intelligent speller and grammar checker
    flagEnglish arrow gif’

    i didn’t notice it

  240. Neil,

    This project of yours has really inspired me and I am going to attempt to emulate the process with a video game/tech reviewer site. I have a lot of ideas on how to make it unique and successful (some born from reading about your past success’) and have begun building my business plan. The PPC part and your overall marketing strategy is what I will be looking at closely. I’ve researched into Google AdSense, etc. but I’m interested in what else you will be able to provide us with.
    Can I just confirm; are you going to be updating us via your usual blog method or will there be a dedicated space to view your progress?



    P.S. My comment was removed last time I wrote it for some reason…?

  241. Is there a penalty if you don’t reach the $100,000 /m figure by the end of the year? 🙂

    Anyhow, good luck. I want to see how you do this…

  242. Neil, I’m in! Gotta love the synchronicity of the universe. I’m going to officially launch our blog for (health and wellness) on 4/1 as well and I’m so glad to have you as guide on this journey. We already have an older domain, and website design. So I’m focusing on content and social media. Thank you for providing motivation, guidance, and one heck of a goal! I look forward to the journey and hope to prove your point 😉

    How frequently will you be posting updates on your process?

  243. I don’t think the site everyone thinks they’ve found is the one Neil is going to use.

    Remember tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.

  244. Already found the answer to my question. Thank you.

  245. Hello Neil,

    My second post about your new launch went live today at,

    Looking forward to hear about your new launch today.

    Good Luck & Very Best

  246. Hi,

    I wrote earlier but my comment was deleted maybe…

    When I first read the figure, it seemed impossible.. Now I think maybe I dont know. People (read professionals) may be doing it.

    I think I would like to follow you. I have a few websites and I can try implementing these techniques there. But that depends on how much detail you share with us.

  247. Getting this domain ( for under 100USD is impossible. It was a premium domain.

  248. You never fail to inspire Neil! Keep it up!

  249. QuickSprout doesn’t even have 10000 likes. Why bash the project before it’s even started?

  250. Ollan Agtual :

    It’s up to 11,186 now!

    Neil – please show us how you get this many FB likes without leveraging your name fame or contacts.


  251. I’m surprised to see my comment was deleted. I am planning to follow along with what you do to see how I can improve my site. As much support as we give you, I would think you would support us back. I’ve noticed a few other comments mysteriously disappearing when questioning why you posted your domain above. The more transparent you are with how you go about this challenge you set out for yourself, the better it will be for all of us to learn and grow. As always, looking forward to see how you get things done.

    • Hi Christine

      I appreciate the fact that he posted the domain link. It allows me to follow up. I know Neil said he would post a monthly review which is great but what i like to do is analyze his site for myself and then compare my analyzes with his soon to be monthly review. I just started a new blog and i am a rookie. At this moment i think Neil is transparent enough for me atleast, i already learned alot and improve my site just by observing what he does on his site.

      As always looking forward how he get accomplish his target.

  252. Hello Neil,

    I am sure you are working full fledged on your new blog.

    Just wanted to stop by to tell you that a third post on you went live moments ago at,

    Looking forward to hear details about your venture.

    Good Luck & Very Best

  253. The chances of this working are pretty low, and the fact that you think you can make 1.2 million a year, in a year, is laughable.

    In order to earn that kind of money in the health niche, you’ll have to be one of the dominant, most authoritative health websites in the world, and to do that requires a team of people that know their stuff, and most of these websites have professionals providing evidence based case studies and expert advice of genuine value.

    Not an anonymous nutrition blog run by an internet marketer. These are on par with the 1000s of mommy health bloggers that are lucky to hit 1k a month in revenue.

    Furthermore, by publishing it in this way, you’ll risk exposing yourself as the owner to genuine visitors, who’ll discover it’s a for profit scheme, and not return to the site. And you also face potential backlash from some who may read this, and do as much as they can to sabotage a ‘case study’ website. Unfortunately there are those types of people.

    The chances of earning 100k per month is slim to none.

    I imagine that behind the scenes you’ll pump a ton of your already acquired wealth into the project, in order to make it look like you achieved the goal of 100k a month, to make it look possible and encourage mass following of your every move. Unbeknown to readers, you’ll be operating at a considerable loss.

    I suspect you’ll make more money from the story than the website, which I’m guessing is the whole idea. Nice trick.

    • John, to the contrary — all these assumptions are incorrect. Stay tuned and watch as I provide value to the niche and help my readers learn to make a profit while learning something new. I like the challenge. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Go Neil 🙂
        I’m hoping this is going to be a game changer and we’re all going to learn lots…

  254. Hi Ari,

    Here is a link to a QuickSprout resource on buying domains:

    Neil has said (in comments above) that this is one of the methods that he used to search for the perfect domain.

  255. Hi Neil,
    I read ur blogs regularly. They are quite inspiring, but one thing you did here is wrong. In this post itself you have written this:

    “To prove it, I told you that I’m going to create a new company and grow it from scratch without leveraging my connections.”

    This means you were supposed to keep ur blog ANONYMOUS, but before launching the blog itself you already started leveraging QuickSprout for your new blog NutritionalResource, which I think is not correct.

    Your fans on QuickSprout will continuously give a stable traffic on ur new blog, which in return will increasing ur PR, Alexa Ranking, DA, PA. etc. which ultimately make ur blog search favorite.

    Here How can u define that u are not leveraging ur current connections.

    If I want to accept similar challenge and create a new blog and follow similar steps that u will implement in future on ur new blog, How can I get such a link from a giant website like QuickSprout.

    I know I may be wrong, but can u explain???

    • Minesh, you bring up a good point. I will account for those variables in the coming month when I explain my process. For a guy like me it’s hard to avoid getting natural traffic — but my goal is so loft that my current visitors won’t be as big as a help as you think. Primarily because I am attacking a new niche.

  256. Hi Neil.
    I have been following your posts for the past few years and they are very inspiring. I have started a web portal almost 4 years ago for old/used books where in people can sell/donate their used books to the people who are in need of those books.
    The site is going very slowly meaning only 10 or 20 books are posted in a year. The site is absolutely free of cost but still very very minimal traffic.
    I would really take your Nutritional blog experiment to make site grow.
    Neil, appreciate if you can give some useful suggestions that would help grow It is actually a social service and community initiative and I am maintaining the expenses of that site for the past four years from my own pocket and would be happy if atleast some money is generated that would help maintain the site.

    • Surendra, glad you’ll be along the for the journey. Do you have the resources to post more books? I think that would be a vital first step — the more content you have the more time people will spend on your site.

  257. Hi and thanks again Neil.
    When is the next post about this new company?

    And could you tell me why you remove my previous comments?? 🙁

  258. Jonhatan ramsey :

    My comment was deleted for some reason.
    But i will follow and aply this to my blog.
    Thanks again for the knowledge that you share with us.

    • Jonhatan — It may have went to spam. Sometimes certain keywords trigger the spam filter. Did you have a specific question? I would be glad to answer it here…

  259. I’m disappointed that you shared the domain name with us. By telling all of your current followers where the blog was located your results of staying from scratch are going to be screwed up because all of us fans are going to look at the blog and some will buy your product.

    You’ve used your name and reputation to leverage your results even if it wasn’t intentional my feeling is that this experiment has been ruined.

    I’m still going to follow it though. I know there’s a ton that I can learn from you and the results you achieve are no longer going to be pure ly from your current efforts.

    It would also be more impressive if you took a no name person and taught them exactly what you know and kept everything secret for your fans except the results that person was producing and the lesson that you taught them.

    • Ben, that is good food for thought. I think there are very few ways I could avoid this scenario — I think the challenge of $100k is still tough regardless of where you start off.

  260. Hi Neil,

    My comment also got deleted, and I have no idea why as it didn’t contain any spam – just a question :/


    • Brian, sorry about that — sometimes the spam filter deletes things for a number of reasons. Do you have any questions I can answer for you?

    • Thanks for the info, Neil.

      Yes, my question was:

      How did you find the blogs that you contacted with the offer to buy? How did you target them, and how did you find out if they where interesting (with domain age, etc.) ?


  261. I have the exact same question as @Clare I see now that your Facebook like is at 40K. How does a layman like me achieves that in less than a month of existence?

    Second, part of the experiment was not to spend much or any money until you have reached 500,000 following. The flare plugin pro that you have on your posts (which I have started to use by the way) cost $89/year. Doesn’t it count as an expense?

    As you always do – please enlighten us 🙂

  262. Hey Neil, heard from a friend (Vitaliy) about your update on this blog progress, last week. Can’t wait to read your first post on how you are progressing. When is it coming? 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  263. I am also curious about the Flare Pro plugin you are using (like Ady mentioned). It doesn’t fit with the “will use as less budget as possible until 500,000 visitors”. Do you encourage buying it?
    (I already installed the free version in my blog, just in case to see if it improves shares, but it is not Mobile Friendly).

  264. I am curious to know when the first post on your progress is coming up.
    I thought you said something would be available with your progress by the first week in April.
    I think the concept is amazing, and I am sure we are all eager to see how it develops.
    When are you planning on start posting details about this? The natives are anxious!

    • Neil Patel :

      Andre, I should have been more clear. I said I was starting in April — I should have a post within the next week or two detailing my first months’t findings.

  265. Lol what a joke. Famous marketer claims he can make money, anyone can apparently, then he releases the name of the site thus generating massive link bait and social marketing buzz. Contaminated experiment and utterly worthless for anything other than marketing Neil patel.

    • Neil Patel :

      Jaz, I am sorry you feel that way. Please check out my latest article. I address all those concerns:

  266. Yolanda Facio :

    Hi Neil,

    I had another question related to aged domain vs. new domain. I’ve had difficulty finding a good aged domain. They either have no backlinks and I’m not sure if that’s worth paying for. OR they have lots of dofollow links.

    If I start with a new domain, what kind of hit do I take in terms of traffic growth?

    Let’s assume I want to reset my challenge goal to 50k instead of 100k, is this doable with a new domain?

    Thanks for all your insights!


    • Yolanda, this article may help:

      Also, try leveraging as many channels as possible — that will supplement your URL in innumerable ways.

  267. Neil,

    In a few sentences or less what was the plan for monetization? I find it….challenging…to believe that someone without a background and real passion in nutrition is going to generate 100k/mnth from a blog about it.

    Given the amount of competition out there; unless you’ve got great new discoveries or put a new spin on something I don’t see how one will get 6 figures monthly from ebooks, diet pills, programs, and adsense…

  268. Hi Neil,

    Would you say that it’s possible to generate $100,000/month from a similar blog about bicycling? (i.e. a blog with super high quality posts, etc. on an old trusted domain)

    Or would it be better to go for a more popular subject like for example nutrition?


    • Mads, the niche doesn’t really matter to be honest. Bicycling is just as popular as nutrition in many ways so I would just roll with that…

  269. Tanja Wanderlust :

    HI Neil

    Very inspiring to find you, thanks for all your work

    It´s been 2 months, please let us know the link to your nutrition website you are building. I am personally interested in nutrition myself and I would like to read about it and engage in the articles.

    Hope to hear read it soon!

    • Tanja, I will be sharing all of that in the next few blogs posts — stay tuned 😉

  270. terrence trent :

    All I can is you are a bad ass marketer! Most marketers would not even have the the confidence to put their mouth with their actions. But I can see you walk the talk! Very excited to see results.

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    Please read details from under,

    (I thank Neil for providing this platform to help me share the news with similar minded people).

  272. Hey Neil,

    It’s truly inspiring and thanks for sharing!

    Any chance to know the nutrition blog url or name your running?


  273. Mohammed Shafi Shaikh :

    Dear Mr. Patel

    I wish to know how an domain without content appraised and received offers only upto $ 16 K for buying can generate an $ 100000 revenue per month which needs to be developed first.,,, and Herloving,com domains lying idle with me can be developed and can generate such high revenue

    Please inform

  274. Hi Neil. In terms of buying an old domain, how much value do you really think that you keep? And what has been your strategy for keeping as much value as possible. Some say that shifting domain registrar, changing hosting, changing alle the content etc. all at once will be a too sudden change – something that might cause Google to “reset” alle value. Whats your take on that?

  275. Neil, I like your mindset and you will definitely do it with the secret strategy you have.

  276. An excellent issue!

  277. Jeffery Perry :

    Hey Neil, how do you find old domains that have not been updated in over a year?

  278. OK, I have a small complaint, Neil.

    You blog a lot (which I love), but because of that it is difficult to find all of the entries in this series about starting a $100k blog.

    I can’t believe you aren’t cross-posting at the ends of your Blog articles!!!!!!!!!

    How do I find all the entries in this series? Could you just post links here, or cross post?

    I’ve kept coming back to this article hoping that you would add links to the end.


  279. Hi Neil,
    As most of your fans say, I too agree on your skills and no doubt you are prince rocking the buzzz of SEO.

    I have a suggestion, your personal blog, quicksprout, youtube interviews etc are a tons of info, especially the comments forum where many ask questions and your response. When I actually land up to look for a particular piece of info end up spending crazy amount of time engrossed and feel its time worth spending.

    Suggestion – If you can pull out things and make a e-book or something your readers will be ready to pay for the book. At least I would be happy to do it as I will save a lot of time filtering out wanted and unwanted info.

  280. Best of luck for your next mission

  281. Jonanthan Blind :

    I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your experiment. You might want to reconsider Pinterest. With some boards with keyword rich titles and descriptions plus pins with links back to your posts you might be surprised

    • Jonanthan, That’s a good suggestion and something to think of while I create more value from the site.

      The Nutrition niche can definitely benefit from Pinterest. Will keep you posted!

  282. Hi Neil,

    How are you tracking with your challenge?

    I am doing the exact same challenge on budget. I only just started 3 weeks ago. I look forward to following you

  283. Jennifer @ zen :

    I appreciate everything you have added to my knowledge base.Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.Thanks.

  284. Great to learn via your blog, it really helped me get started with my own health blog.

  285. James Gerber :

    So excited for this project. Looking forward to your next posts, Neil! Thanks

  286. Mestre Search :

    Hiii Neil 😀

    First great project !!

    I´m very interested to learn how you can actually tell when a website hasnt been updated in more than a year????

  287. great project Neil, we did the same as you told . we hope we get the same result.
    thanks 😀

  288. Mas Malindo :

    hello Mr. Neil Patel.,.,. did you know thats I’ve done branding my site.. but,.,,
    in 2016, less effective brand website in Indonesia. or perhaps after branding is still there the next stage?thanks Mr. Neil Patel,,

    • That’s great! If you have any questions or need help Mas, please don’t hesitate to ask

  289. Harshit Sekhon :

    Wow! I’m not sure how I missed this on Twitter. I’ll be following your updates very closely Neil. Thanks for being so open about the strategy. This has definitely turned my inbound marketing strategy for my (very) early stage startup on its head.

    Great to see that you’re targeting nutrition as well. Keen to help, my startup is all about helping people eat healthier.

    • Glad to have you on board Harshit! Let me know if you have any questions about anything you’ve read!

  290. Jeremy Steen :

    Solid post Neil. I just started not long ago and now aiming for $100 a month. To me, it would mean the world to get some traffic in and do some sales here and there. I’ll be following your advice for sure. Keep up the good work

    P.S : How did that nutrition blog worked out?

    • Awesome Jeremy, glad to hear it’s working out. The nutrition blog is good, we’re still working on some new ideas to monetize

  291. hi Neil, so whats the current update about the site? did the old domain provided the extra boost you were expecting?

  292. Himmat Chahal :

    Holy shit! The SEO advantage of an old/existing domain (with irregular/sparse updates?) over a brand new one, is so large? (You estimated 7x~ more traffic.)

    That’s very interesting, I had no idea. This seems like a major “win” for a brand new business to try and pursue — practically mandatory as you estimate the advantage to be close to an order of magnitude increase.

    • Having an existing website that has established value will help you go a very long way

      • Fit Dad Chris :

        I liked following the whole process here over the year. I have actually started using my old domains I bought years ago that have just been sitting with some content before I really knew much about Seo, marketing etc… and they are working very well! Good stuff!

  293. Hey Neil,

    Great post, how are going so far? Is there any way to track your efforts? If so it would be a great learning experience. My project is going well, but I feel there is much more that can be done, so having yours as a guide would be amazing. My project’s domain is:

    Thanks again for all the great posts.

  294. Resep Masakan :

    Nice tips Neil Patel.
    Social media such as Facebook can generate traffic to our blog.
    Sorry, but You forget about SEO in your tips.
    SEO can generate traffic from search engines.
    Anyway thanks for your tips.

    • Glad thees tips are helpful Resep, let me know if you ever have any questions about them

  295. Andrew Wise :

    Social Media Marketing works great for me when it comes to website traffic, I’m currently learning new techniques on how to promote my contents using social media.

    Looking forward to read your new site update soon. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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    Thanks for sharing

  297. George Pattinson :

    Thank you very much Neil. It looks awesome. This post is very much effective for me.

  298. I think generate $100,000 a month in income is truly a dream only for 99.99% of bloggers and webmasters.
    it might be not possible or it might be possible if you have $100,000 to invest on brand new site.

  299. Hi Neil,

    I found this article through this link:

    I was just wondering if you are running a blog that is something like, Viral Nova what strategy do you recommend since it has no specific topic that the blog can cover? Thanks in advanced!

  300. Great Post. Just the information I was looking for. I just started my blog and I will be following your advice. Thank you !

  301. Great post I must say and a great initiative too. I really like the way you come forward to teach people and help others. I have started a blog recently ( and am hoping that it be a hit. I would really appreciate if you can shed some helpful insights on my new blog website.

  302. Awesome post. I am curious about if the SEO should be paid or if one should try to keep up by yourself.

  303. Hi Neil

    What’s the name of your health blog you started last year in April.

    Have you reached your $1,00,000/- earning per month.

  304. Caitlin Johnson :

    Neil!! My boss is totally obsessed with you and it’s start to rub off on me! I just randomly came across this article and I see it’s a little old, so surely you’re idea has taken off and been successful?? Can’t wait to apply your techniques to my personal website.

  305. Wow! I’ve really been enjoying the resources you’ve put together Neil!

  306. Hi Neil,

    I started a nutrition website more than a year ago before I came across this blog series of yours. I registered a new domain and it now has about 120 posts, DA26 and TF20+, however I only get about 3k visitors per month.

    I’m wondering if its because its a new domain in a rather competitive niche. Money isn’t really an issue so do you think its worthwhile, after a year, to buy an aged domain name and transfer everything over or just stick to it some more? What would you do?

    Thanks in advance!

    • If I had read your posts before I’d have gone with an aged domain but now, a year down the line, I’m not sure what the best move would be 🙂

    • Keeping true to your topic is the key at the moment so it will mean adding quality but depth of content as well 🙂

      I would stick with what you have and keep narrow on your topic and keep digging deeper.

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  308. I would like to make blog for my own. Your idea helps me lot Neil. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep publishing.

  309. thank you sir

  310. Hi Neil, great article, I’m about starting my blog..the question is (is it possible to buy an OLD DOMAIN Name and RENAME it to my preferred name??????

  311. Ch Sateesh Kumar :

    Really inspiration Neil Sir. I would be amazed to get the results of your new blog. Also, I was planning to close my blog due to low traffic but this post really changed my mindset. As I think that I am creating great content, I will continue my blog. Domain age really matters.

  312. panchaxarayya :

    Iam regular reader of your blog sir…. superb and highly informative post
    Actually i have a question that how many keywords to target for 3000 words blog post and how many times should we use in the post and which are the best place to use those keywords

  313. How do I find the follow up posts? This was started in 2015, it’s now 2017. I want to follow the story but am having trouble finding it on the blog.

  314. Umer Arshad :

    Hi Neil,

    I have been reading your blog post a while now, And I started this website almost 4 months a go although I bought a new domain and made it a brand name. It started generating vistors upto 9k per month but the content is not unique. It is a news aggregation website gathers content from different website and i have started using keywords this month I dont know but the cpc is low although I have my 70% of the traffic from US. let me know if you can help me with the website I can email you the website.

  315. hi Neil, i have been following this post since and i must say its quite informative. I would like to know what happens next after you purchase and old/expired domain? do you leave the already existing content or you replace with your new one, and how do you make money from the old one. Thanks.

  316. A Teen Monetary Searcher :

    Hi, I’m new to the world of blogging but it seems like the easiest way to make cash, especially since I’m busy or on the road most of the time. But I need ideas (decent not cheesy) on what to write my blog about that will actually be traffic worthy. Ideas?..
    -A Teen Monetary Searcher

    • I would focus on things that interest you and that have large audiences. Just start brainstorming! You’ll come up with a niche that satisfies you as well as your potential audience. Good luck!

  317. Scott Henderson :

    Hey Neil,

    I have been blogging on finance for a while now and I have struggled to get people to get much engagement from Facebook. Is that typical for this particular topic


    • Hey Scott, yes, finance can be really competitive, and some people avoid topics related to finance on Facebook because they’re there for other reasons. If you’re not getting much engagement, consider switching your focus to a different channel and testing it. Good luck!

  318. Stacked Muscle & Fitness :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m about to embark on my first real blogging journey related to health & fitness. I thought it would be of great benefit to a strength gym that I recently invested in.

    I’ve bookmarked all of your 100k challenge blog posts and look forward to my own journey.

    Obviously, it’s been almost 3 years since you began this challenge, so I was wondering if there are any key factors that you would approach differently based on marketing methods that are currently effective?

    Thanks for all of the great content.


    • Hey, Chris, best of luck with your business! I think the most important thing is building links. The more outreach you do, the more visible you become to potential customers.