How to Make $100,000 a Month Within 1 Year


What if I told you anyone could make $100,000 a month in income within a year? That’s right—after 12 months, you could be on track to making $1,200,000 a year. There’s a lot of money in blogging!

I know what you are thinking. It’s easy for me to do so because I have money that I can use to generate more income and I already have an established brand.

To prove to you that anyone can create a business that generates $100,000 in monthly income within 12 months, I’m going to create a business from scratch and keep you up-to-date with the progress each and every month.

So before we get started, I’m going to let you pick which company I create. Here are a few options…

What company shall I create?

Here are a few options for you: 

  • Nutrition blog — I start a blog on health and fitness and grow it to $100,000 in monthly income. The income will be generated through affiliate programs and ads. Keep in mind that I am not known in this space, so my personal brand won’t help me here.
  • Mastermind group – sure I’m known as a popular blogger, but very few people come to me for business advice. If I created a mastermind group, I would generate all of the revenue through Facebook ads in order to make it a bit more challenging. That means I won’t use or Quick Sprout to help.
  • New software company – I’ll create a piece of software in the marketing space and get it to over $100,000 in new monthly income. If you pick this option, I will be leveraging my existing audience as it takes months to create something you would be willing to pay for. In essence, I would only have six months to hit $100,000 a month in income as the first six months would be used for software development.


This challenge was done, and updates were provided on a monthly basis. Here are the updates:


  1. Great idea. I’d say all three. But really, my vote is for the marketing tool. My second place vote would be for the nutritional blog. That would be impressive since that’s a crowded space. Would you spend a lot of money acquiring traffic?

    • Dr. Neel Kamal Purohit :

      I think you should create “Mastermind Group”

      • John Haugeland :

        I would much prefer to see Neil make a new software startup. There’s more than enough nutrition blogs out there; if you teach us to make more, well, there’s some more nutrition blogs.

        But if you taught us to make small software companies, a huge product bloom would follow. I believe that it’s by far the best impact you can make of these three.

        • But wont that make it more impressive if amongst all those nutrition blogs/sites, he can stand out enough to make good money?

          • I agree with Kelly. The nutrition blog seems like the most challenging and less in Neil’s wheel house. This would be more interesting to me.

        • I would have voted the software company, though I see that starting something from scratch; like a nutrition blog would really help us understand the ins and outs of starting a business from scratch(No expertise, no connections and nothing at all as reference)

          Secondly, if you can pull it off in the Health niche, with all the big guns out there pouring in millions in advertisement, and you do it will less in ads, but the normal link building, blog networking and a little in ad spend, then that will too be another thing to motivate the rest of us in knowing that you do not need a lot of Benjamins to succeed! And therefore, other niches such as marketing, software, relationships can too be struck!

          Thirdly, should this work out then you can set up a mastermind, laying out the blueprint for people to follow in setting up $100k/month businesses!

          I am going to be following monthly as I set up mine as well in another Niche!!

        • I approve totally John!

        • Same argument could be had about a software start-up. They’re dime a dozen these days.

          I agree with the others. It would be most impressive for the nutrition blog. What sticks out is that he’s not known in this space, so we (at least I) can learn from him by watching him do this with no help from his brand.

        • Mastermind would be great!!!

        • Linda @ Veganosity :

          Nutrition Blog! I would love to follow the progression.

      • Dave, I would be very lean when creating traffic. I don’t believe in spending exorbitant amounts of money when one doesn’t need to.

        Dr. Neel, your vote has been noted .

        John, your vote has been noted as well!

        • Hi,

          Neil, Why not a brand story for you. A billionaire Market expert invites a small venture owner Adi Milan and brings him up to the top of the Rank in $$$$naires. A small company inviting to be a partner at Ahmedabad.


        • Denis Padaroha :

          Amazing idea! Let’s start with a mastermind group! Will be watching how it goes no matter what

        • chris sleeper :

          nutrition blog because i am in the process of figuring this out for my food brand —which appeals to healthy lifestyles like cross fit, vegetarian, gluten-free etc and this perhaps i could just follow the advise directly.

      • Nutrition blog please- to showcase the process, using a range of tools and channels.
        Sounds interesting!

        • Christian Karasiewicz :

          I second the nutrition blog. It’s different and I think it’s more of a challenge since you’re coming into a crowded space and don’t necessarily have the connections. Would love to see how you approach it Neil.

        • I’d love to see the nutrition blog. I’m starting off my own cooking blog and any and all advice on how to start making a living off of it would be deeply appreciated.

      • Nutrition blog. I think many of us who are not already entreprenuers can identify more with someone starting like us. No connections into a mature market.

    • I would support all three to be honest too Dave, but more on the basis of being to watch the outcomes of each of the different ways that Neil would promote them.

      Particularly, why Neil, you pick an Affiliate Program for the Nutrition Blog and Facebook Ads for the MasterMind Group.

      Do you believe that different kinds of web sites and their content lend themselves to different ways of promoting them – with, depending on the nature of the site, one method being more successful than the other?

      If this is correct and you did not go for all three, would you consider doing a blog for us on what you think are the best ways to promote specific types of sites and why?

      Thank you,

      – Neil

      • Sorry Neil, unfortunately I have only these three options. I spent a lot of time thinking of blogs that I have no prior experience in so I can show people how to generate traffic and build revenue.

        • Thanks Neil, I will still be following the progress with interest – no matter what you choose.

          All of us when building our blog sites have to figure out what is best for us by trial and error and any additional ideas and approaches always help.

      • My vote is for the nutrition blog.

      • I vote for the blog as well.

    • I vote for the nutrition blog also, Neil.
      A totally different type of blog than what you currently run. It would be interesting to see your appt approach on that topic.

      • Ditto, the nutrition startup is more of a square one launch and so long as you promise not to drive your existing database toward it and ramp from ground zero, this would be a learning experience for all.

      • My vote is for the nutrition blog … same reasons as above.

        • +1 for nutrition blog. If Neil can pull this off in such a crowded market and no reputation or existing network, it would be truly impressive.

          I also think that it’s something a lot of people could have within their reach (in most any niche).

      • Dr. Angela, thanks for your vote.

        • Nutrition blog plz sir! Cuz what we can learn from u is from scratch to build a real estate online! Everyone can learn from zero to write a blog right? But with ur guide, this can be very interesting, I WILL FOLLOW YOUR NURTITION BLOG SIR !!!!!!!

    • Neil, would love you to create a new software company

    • Nutrition blog

      • Thanks Candice.

        • Health and nutrition.

          – big space, lots of opportunity
          – full of scheisters, so, you’ll need to be credible
          – lots of people can pull you up if you’re wrong
          – polarising
          – nutrition full of misinformation, I would love to see if you get sucked into the fads (Atkins, paleo) or find what really works

          I do some stuff in this space with respect to cycling, so it’ll be interesting. I also lost 30kg about 8 years ago and have kept it off (easily) and have sat at around 62kg for that time.

          Have at it.

      • Neil,

        I have a better idea.

        Why don’t you help me create my new health and fitness blog?


    • Definitely the new software company. It would be really helpful to go through all the difficulties you have and understand the way you think of them.

      Thanks for your greay advice on the blog.


    • Neil…

      I think I like to see the Mastermind group. As a consultant that would be a bit more applicable to me.


    • Nutrition blog. That will best demonstrate you starting from scratch

    • I think blog since that’s what most of us would be more familiar with and apt to be more successful with… Just a thought

    • Very great initiative Neil. I get so much things to learn from you that sometimes, i get overwhelmed…Anyway Great going!!!

    • I think the affiliate blog, since this is the basic model that the majority of marketers are trying to succeed at. Following along watching income like that being generated that would be amazingly instructive and encouraging.

      • I agree wsjiii I think seeing Neil turn a new site into a 100,000/month earning site would be amazing to watch.

        Neil hope you are able to fit this into your busy schedule!

    • I vote for the nutrition blog or the mastermind, showing specific steps to follow. Great idea! Thanks.

    • Agustin Montes :

      Nutrition blog

    • I would go for nutritional blog Neil. This seems like the one topic you have the least experience in, and it would be interesting to see how you go about making this happen.

      Not so say you’re not fit, but to start from a cold topic and build it would be great to see. Especially since you don’t like to spend a lot of money on marketing. I would be fascinated by how you would get enough traffic to generate that much affiliate income.

    • Rebecca Livermore :

      I vote for the nutrition blog also because I think it’s the one where you’d have the least current advantage so it would be a better test/example. (Even though people don’t come to you for business advice, I think they would if you started a mastermind, so it wouldn’t be as good of an example.)

    • I’d like to see you starting the nutrition blog. Making money from ads and affiliation marketing in the range of 100k / month will be very interesting to watch.

      Good luck!

    • Software. Seems the most challenging given the time frame.

    • Mastermind group

    • Nutrition Blog

    • I’m torn between blog and software. Since I have to choose, I’ll go with blog. (Definitely not mastermind group though.)

      Will there be parameters on what you’ll spend, how much of the content you’ll create yourself, etc.?

    • 1. Mastermind blog.

      Would be very keen to understand how using FB really works for business.

    • Don Sturgill :

      Nutrition. Seems to me that would be the toughest one for you, Neil. And … thank you for the challenge.

    • Bruno Graça :

      My vote goes to the Nutrition Blog. Can I help you with it and may we share income? 😉

    • Mastermind Group gets my vote since that is something I am very interested in.

      Second vote goes to the Nutrition Blog (to see how you would tackle an area where you don’t have an ‘authority’ or ‘expert’ reputation).

    • Mastermind please. The last thing the world needs is another nutrition blog selling affiliate deals.

    • I vote for the nutrition blog.

    • Very cool!

      To make this valid and representative of what other people could hope to achieve, I’d remove everything about you from this project aside from your skills and work ethic.


      – Use a pen name/not your picture

      – Start new social media accounts so that you aren’t leveraging your large networks

      – Don’t tell anyone within your network/on your blogs the name of your company. You could tell us you started a health/wellness blog and report on stats, but we shouldn’t be able to link your new business to your others.

      If you do these things and succeed, at the end of it, you could say:

      “If you pick a profitable niche, attain my skill level, and match my output, you could expect to make $100,000/month after a year of consistent effort.”

      Otherwise, your experiment shows that someone who already makes millions of dollars can continue to make millions of dollars by leveraging his/her name and track record in other unrelated markets.

      • Josh I second that! Plus I will probably only take the activity seriously if you do the nutrition blog… Its a crowded market and it’s not your background, so it would be very impressive. I think it would prove people really can achieve anything!

    • I vote for the Mastermind group. It seems a little more challenging and real to life with my own challenges for clients.

      My second choice is the nutrition blog.

      I look foward to this project!

    • Nutritional blog! Would love to see you take something in a space you’re not that familiar in (nor is your brand) and grow it. I think a blog is something attainable by most people and a posibility they can relate to.

      Either way, I want to follow your success!

    • Stelios Perdios :

      I’ll vote for a mastermind group.

    • The marketing software for sure…and six months is doable Neil.

    • I think the nutrition blog would be cool, that’s my vote.

    • Holly Cumming :

      I’d love to see the mastermind one most of all! Second place is nutrition blog.

    • The nutrition blog. I’m a writer who’s sick of saying “How high?” when clients say “Jump!” Would love to learn how to make a decent amount of money independently by writing, but without having to do any selling. (I couldn’t sell weed at a frat party.) Echoing people below, I’d rather see how you address more of a niche market than nutrition, but if you can succeed in such a crowded field, that would also be very illuminating. Secondarily, I would love to see some kind of mastermind model that really works. The only successful mastermind groups I’ve seen are the kind that are very expensive to the participants. They’re just helping the rich get richer. Mastermind groups need to be small by definition–that’s part of the dynamic that makes them work. But how does anyone make money running mastermind groups if there aren’t big numbers to leverage? And if no one is running the groups (as opposed to just participating in them), they seem to fall apart fairly quickly. Yikes–forgive the wordy response!

    • My vote for the nutrition blog! Would be nice to learn some SEO tactics like “real-time”, and it does not seem to be easy to start something like this cause there is a bunch of strong blogs in that area already.

    • Neil,

      If you really want to show your ability to do this, do it under a pseudonym and someone else’s face/image. Despite saying you don’t have experience/presence in that niche…you have a tremendous following and people who are going to support you, link to you right away, promote you.

      If you want to show the people how to really do it. Pick something and do it from scratch without your brand behind it. That would be a real lesson!

    • Hello!

      I vote for the Nutricional blog 🙂


    • Rodney Baxter :

      My vote is for the nutrition blog. You show us your blueprint and we can copy your success plan for a number of different niches.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Neil,

      My vote is for a nutrition blog as I would love to see you cut through the clutter.

      Thanks, as always,

      Ruby Spur

    • Hi Neil,
      3 great ideas, but all small items that you can sell 1000’s of, often lots to the same client.
      What about big ticket item$ like design + construction of a house, as most people will only invest/build one home in their lifetime?

    • Peter Bigtymer :

      Nutrition Blog

    • I Vote for the Nutrition Blog. I am very interested to watch how you build this business Neil.

    • Nutrition Blog. My wife is wanting to start something very similar, but have no idea how to build a following. Would love to follow along your adventure in that!

    • I think the mastermind group is interesting, challenging, and very helpful for others!
      You can call it DEFINEminds and you can get free wine! 🙂

    • I vote for Nutrition Blog. I’d like to learn how to make a business stand-out and be profitable in a over-saturated vertical.

    • I’d like to see you grow a nutrition blog. Why? Because you would be entering a space that you know little about in a ‘crowded’ market. I think many entrepreneurs, like myself, suffer from the mindset that we don’t have anything new to contribute or we don’t know enough about the industry we’re in to provide enough value for someone to want to follow us. I’d like to see your progress whichever way to decide to go!

    • I vote for the Nutrition blog, to showcase how someone without your reach could do this themselves. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to following this.

    • Would love for you to start a nutrition blog. Showcase how this is done in this particular space. We can work together to show people how to build a useful resource and change lives!

  2. Tyler, Easy Agent Pro :

    I vote for the nutrition blog.

    Although if you’re interested in a great software idea, my partner and I are just starting development on a software with a huge untapped market. I think you’d find it interesting. The way to $100,000/month in the market should be fairly straight forward.

    Let me know if you’d like to join us! 🙂


    • Tyler, am interested in this deal, can you shot me a mail or do i shoot you one?

      • Ashutosh Jha :

        Hi Taylor,

        I am interested. Can you please send me an email or can you share yours. Mine is

    • I vote for the nutrition business. Show us each step that you take to get to earn so much.

    • Tyler, right now I can’t take that project on but I will definitely note your vote.

  3. Since I have a health blog I’d love to see how you ramp it up to make 100K in a year. But I’m not sure I want the competition!

  4. Ross Simmonnds :

    I’d like to see you try a run at the nutrition space. The software and mastermind group seem pretty easy with your existing following and personal brand. The nutrition company sounds like a bigger and more difficult challenge.

    • I agree that a nutrition blog seems the most outside your element.

    • Great point Ross.

      For a nutrition blog you have to apply all your skills, and learn (and share :)! ) new things because you will have to be very imaginative and creative on how you take what you know in business and marketing, and “start from scratch” in a completely new business.

    • One more for a nutrition blog!

    • Ross/Kyle/David/Jelena,
      Your vote have been tallied!

  5. Greg Stranberg :

    I’d go with the nutrition blog, as that seems like something I could do too.

  6. software

  7. I’d like to see you do it in the nutrition space 🙂

    • I second that :). I would interesting to see how you could jump into something without using your connections and still create something epic.

      • Yes, please! I agree, seeing the blog growth and revenue generation would be so inspiring to ANYONE, not just software devs, or marketing geniuses.

    • Syed, your vote has been noted.

  8. Go for the nutrition blog, I think that will be challenging!

  9. My vote is for the nutrition blog. For one thing, I’d enjoy reading something with your approach in that space. I also prefer making money via content marketing, advertising, and affiliate programs. That’s something I can relate to in ways that I can’t relate to the other two. (I’m unlikely to offer a mastermind group or software product for sale–that’s just not my style.) I think this is the kind of thing that will draw a lot of attention.

    I’ll be watching with interest.

  10. There are SO many nutritional blogs. Software companies also abound. This would make for a competitive challenge, for sure, since there are already so many places for readers/consumers to source just about any info/product they want of these genres. However, I think that the mastermind group should be your choice, becauwe it’s clearly harder to find profit doing this, or there would be as many think tanks as there are software options, and if THAT were the case, countleess businesses might have found refuge from the consequences of their sometimes disastrous actions or lack thereof. Plus I love policy and ideas and would immediately seek membership of said group 🙂

  11. There’s so much to learn from you Neil. I’ll vote for ‘A New Software Company’. So excited, I’ll be watching you very closely

  12. Nutrition blog

  13. Mike from More Than Kale :

    I’d like to see the nutrition model. I think you could easily crush the other two formats. It would be very interesting to see how you would go about nutrition.

  14. nutrition blog!!

  15. Nutrition Blog sounds interesting. 😉

  16. Dear Neil,

    I would love to see you create all three. Actually my first choice would be the mastermind group and then the software business.

  17. Let’s go for the Nutrition Blog, I think that’d be the most challenging for you! 🙂

  18. Nutrition. Hands down!

  19. Nutrition blog!

  20. Christy Kunjumon :

    Interesting Neil. I will vote for nutrition blog. Hope you will explain each process step by step. Interesting days ahead Neil (Y)

  21. nutrition! It’s one of my favorite subjects. I’d also love to see how you approach a crowded space starting from scratch.

    You’ve already built a software company and we know you can get 1000 people to pay $100/mo. so Nutrition would be the best learning experience for us.

  22. Mastermind Group:

    1. No one else has voted for this yet because they don’t understand what it is or don’t understand how the business model would work
    2. You’re not leveraging or QuickSprout
    3. Who wouldn’t want to learn more from Neil? 🙂

  23. Health & Fitness all the way!

    I just started my calisthenics website 2 months ago after a lot of Quick Spout guidance, so this would be awesome for me.

    My growth plan is articles (both in English and Spanish) and pictures/videos, until I monetize it with an online coaching service and products (similar to the Academy on

    I’m curious about your affiliate/ads plan for a $100K/Mo. Seems crazy but good luck!

  24. Nutrition blog sounds different!

  25. Nutrition blog for sure.

  26. Crush it with nutrition, Neil.

  27. Nutrition blog! There is so much competition, I’d love to see how you work within that space.

  28. Nutrition blog!

  29. Nutrition blog, definitely!

  30. Andy Cockayne :

    Hi Neil,

    What a great idea, I will be sure to follow your progress – I think the consensus is for the Nutrition Blog and as I think it is the furthest away from your ‘comfort zone’ I’m going with that too!

    Good luck!


  31. Kanishk Kunal :

    This is going to be exciting and I would vote for the “Nutrition blog” as it will be interesting to see how you opt to generate content (yourself or outsource it) and what techniques you use to market it.

    Just an advice: It would have been easier for people to vote if there was some kind of voting system used.

    Looking forward to reading in-depth analysis of your journey. 🙂

  32. Nutrition.

  33. Neil,

    Mastermind group. It’s the space that has not been distrupted yet, compared to blogging and will be great to see you take the challenge.

  34. I vote for the mastermind group.

  35. I’d like you to see you build that nutrition blog 🙂

  36. Nutrition blog! I want to see how you grow a blog from scratch.

  37. New software company

  38. Colin Napper :

    Nutrition blog, it would be great to see the results of your knowledge in an area you are not familiar with so we can all leverage your learning’s.

  39. This has got to be your shortest blog article :p

  40. Nutrition Blog

  41. Nutrition blog, definitely!

  42. I think the nutrition blog would prove you could do it without using your current following. Thanks!

  43. Elizabeth Watt :

    Great idea!! Nutrition blog please!

  44. The Nutrition Blog would be the most interesting to me. Looking forward to following along with whatever one you choose.

  45. Nutrition blog

  46. Jesús Pérez Serna - Marketing Positivo :

    My option is the nutrition blog

  47. I vote for the nutrition blog, Neil! I’d love a good example of how a blog can bring in that much revenue.

  48. I’m looking forward to this! Great idea. Thank you!

  49. dude, yeah I thought you were gonna lay out how we were gonna build up a blog of our own in 12 months to generate $100k per month.

    Or are we just going to follow how you’re creating this type of brand new blog, and then follow the steps you outline?

    Ok, I’ll pick the health blog!

  50. My vote is for the blog and/or Mastermind. These are both areas that I want to build into my business model so I would love to see how it can be done on a big level!! Thanks!

  51. Nutrition blog as it’s similar to what i’m trying to do myself and it would be great to see what and expert does to build an audience

  52. awesome post cool

  53. I would like to see you cover nutrition blog.

  54. Hey Neil, great idea.

    Definitely the nutrition blog, because no matter which option do you choose, you already have money/expertise. But this first option seems the most challenging so everyone could relate.

    Eager to see what you do!

  55. Mastermind Group! This would be helpful for any service based business as well as others who do informational products.

  56. Definitely the nutrition blog as it is “outside” your realm of direct expertise and your usual audience.

    How will you report? Will you include a detailed cost breakdown as well as the lessons learned etc? A bit like Smart Passive Income revenue reporting.

    Awesome initiative btw!
    Thinking of bundling it in a course longer term?

  57. Nutrition blog for sure.

    a) Lots of competition
    b) If you want to show that ANYONE can make 100k, a blog like this is something anyone can do. Not everyone can create software like your 3rd idea, or be immediately respected as a business mastermind.
    c) You have no experience in the field.

  58. Shaswat Shah :

    Hi Neil,

    My Vote goes to Nutrition Blog! 😀 As we’ve already seen you in Making Software companies and giving people advices. Although my 2nd thought will go for Mastermind group because I find its quite difficult to get people pay you for a piece of advice, and I’d love to know that how you establish yourself in that field within a year.


  59. Nutrition blog. To me that seems like the toughest and the most valuable lessons to be learned from.

  60. Marketing tool – the other stuff sounds boring.

  61. Definitely a nutrition blog.

  62. Brian Breslin :

    I would vote for the software biz if you let me build it with you 🙂
    Otherwise I’d say go with the nutrition blog. Not familiar enough with mastermind groups (though now I’m going to research this).

  63. Nutrition, please.

  64. nutrition blog. doo it.

  65. Another vote for nutrition 🙂

  66. Great challenge, I’m curious how you would do with the Nutrition blog.

  67. My vote is for the Mastermind group on biz. There are a pile of internet marketing gurus out there – and as I am a sales coach for women in biz I’d love to see what you do!

  68. Mastermind Group for me please.

  69. I vote nutrition! Its better to see you take on something new for all us startups than leveraging an existing audience – we can learn more this way 🙂

  70. Holy moley, this is exciting-! Go for the nutrition blog please Neil.

    Thanks and let’s go!

  71. Nutrition blog, because the principles will extend over so many different markets, like a food blog.

  72. Melissa L. Gill :

    I’d like to see the Mastermind project.

  73. Well , Can I pick a leave , I would love a mastermind Group

  74. My vote is for the nutrition blog that would be something very interesting to follow!

  75. Definitely Nutrition blog

    I think to make that sort of money through affiliates and ads is going to be a hard slog and one I would be very much interested in.


  76. Rodrigo Vronscki :

    Nutrition Blog. It seems to be an easy topic, but with no experience in the subject, it shall be a good learning from copying others and testing.

  77. Nutrition blog

  78. Richie Richardson :

    Definitely a nutrition blog. And BTW don’t forget to alert us when you start.

  79. Nutrition blog, Neil…! I want to see how you are going to build a blog in which you have not much of an experience 🙂

  80. Please create a mastermind group Neil.


    John Ukonu.

  81. Nutrition Blog please.

  82. Devesh Khanal :

    This is really cool Neil. I’ve seen others do “I’ll make $1000 revenue in x days” but to make $100,000/month really makes it more interesting from a learning perspective.

    It looks like nutrition blog is already winning, but…

    I vote for the mastermind group since it’s a more interesting revenue model than affiliates and ads.

    It would be even more impressive if you used a different persona than Neil Patel — to really separate it from your existing brand — but that may be too challenging since you need some reputation.

  83. Abidemi Sanusi :

    Definitely the nutrition blog. You’re not known in the industry, so it will be a ‘real life’ experiment. Besides, I’m interested in health and fitness!

  84. Definitely nutrition.

    You have quite a bit of experience in the software and business advice realm and could leverage your existing brand and reputation in these areas.

    It would be very interesting and informative to hear about how you start from scratch with a nutrition blog and if you are able to make 100K/month entirely from affiliate programs and ads.

  85. I’d like to see the nutrition blog be launched without the help of your existing brand 🙂

  86. Nutrition gets my vote

  87. Definitely the Nutrition blog – this is the one that most people can relate to

  88. Nutrition blog.

  89. Nutritional blog or Mastermind group as you won’t be gaining advantage from your existing audience.

  90. Nutrition blog!!

  91. definitely nutrition. There’s no way to leverage your name there.

  92. The nutrition blog would be the most helpful and motivational to the average reader wanting to duplicate your success. You have too much of an advantage in the other two spaces for most people to follow your lead.

  93. Peter Szymanski :

    Mastermind group please!

  94. Erik Bobbink :

    Mastermind group. This will be the chance to have multiple 100K per month businesses and empower more people.

    It is the most difficult I think though.

    Take care,


  95. Haha this is awesome!

    I say go for the nutrition blog.

    That should be fun and interesting since you’ll be in a brand new space.

  96. Nutrition for me.

  97. Very nice challenge – I like the ballsy approach. let’s go nutrition blog – that seems the most difficult one (although that’s maybe exactly what you want people to think!)

  98. I vote for the Nutritional blog as well. It will be interesting watching your progress in a crowded field.

  99. I am interested to see the process. Nutrition blog sounds best as it is farthest from your norm and there is lots of online activity here.

  100. I’ll go with nutrition blog. Getting a blog from 0 to 100K a month within a year seems like a very hard thing to do since i’m in the blogging space it would be a great case study for me to follow, learn from and implement to my own blog and business.

    Go, go, go 🙂

  101. Ooh, what a great challenge Neil! Please choose the nutrition blog. Not just because it’s a personal favourite, but I think it would inspire a lot of newbies to see how a pro (such as yourself :-)) would make money in such a competitive niche. Thank you.


    Because it is a premium product and you’ll be selling an intangible. It is a service you have to provide versus selling ads and affiliates.

    It will really help people solve important problems (especially if the mastermind is about some serious topic and has some BHAG goal of money but also change).

    Finally it will also help you understand yourself better and it will help you grow.

    Good luck

  103. I vote for the nutrition blog. I’m very excited for this new column and look forward to reading the future posts on this!

  104. Nutrition Blog!

  105. Nutrition blog.

    I didn’t think the nutrition niche would get so many votes.

    What an interesting and compelling idea, Neil!

    I’ll be following closely. Cheers.

  106. Cub Marketing :

    You should have linked a poll here to collect meaningful figures Neil! But I like the idea. 🙂
    I think most people could learn a thing or two from each of these scenarios for their own businesses. Personally for me it’d be how to grow a new blog in a space you are unknown in!
    Good luck, looking forward to reading!
    The Cub

  107. Nutrition blog

  108. I think that nutrition blog would be the most challenging one. In the other two verticals I have no doubt that you can deliver!

    Good luck with the new project

  109. I vote for nutrition blog!

  110. $100,000 in income is a lot different than $100,00 in GP. Do you have a profit goal (30%, 40%, or even 50%)?

    My vote is for nutrition. Crowded space.

    Good luck!

  111. Dead Nutrition Bloggers. Beware 😉

  112. Nutrition blog!

  113. Nutrition blog

  114. the nutrition blog seems like it would be a challenge for just about anybody in the space. It would be interesting to see how you do it.

  115. Nutrition Blog

    • With all of the FDA guidelines and them cracking down on nutrition sites, even to the extent of closing them completely down for their poor choice of words, I think this would be a great lesson on how to ethically, legally, and profitably create a nutrition blog.

      Interesting enough, I was planning on doing the same, so maybe I will just follow your lead to a tee and see how it works out.

      • Neil,
        Great blog, it drew us to you 🙂 as the majority here I would like you to do a nutrition blog. Just like Dade, I will follow in your exact footsteps except my blog will be MlM based. After attending a Unicity conference and learning about the science of the products, I tried the supplements for my hip, knee ache and now my pain is minimal and it seems my joints are healing… pretty cool, anyway I think using a blog to expand my MlM business by getting leads would be great. Currently what’s been working in marketing for my clients (MlM is a side biz) is FB ads and SEO. Pretty reasonable budget tools bringing great return. 🙂 love ur stuff. NEIL, keep us posted 😀 thanks!!!

        • Dade & Linda , I agree the challenge comes into play with all the FDA guidelines and other rules — I think I am going to go with this one. The overwhelming vote is for nutrition so far.

  116. Option 3: New software company

    Btw I hope you make it anonymously. You can’t give out the name in the blog.

  117. I’d love to see you tackle the nutrition blog, since it seems like the biggest challenge for you. 🙂

  118. Nutritional blog!!

  119. MSI-Viking Gage :

    Nutrition please…

  120. I’d vote Nutrition Blog as well. Sounds like it has the least to do with you. When are you starting? How do we subscribe to the progress?

    • Daniel, More details to come 😉

      • Aha Neil! I thought nutrition has nothing to do with you to give you a cold start, now only I know you were related to nutrition business like few years ago! 😀

  121. I’d like you to try the nutrition blog, I think the other two are more feasible for you due to your background and connections. The nutrition blog is closest to one of us regular folks starting a biz on our own with no recognition.

  122. I want to establish myself as a blogger so naturally I so want to see how you can ramp it up to $100,000 a month. I vote for Nutrition Blog.

  123. Jenny Sansouci :

    My vote is to see you grow a nutrition blog. 🙂

  124. +1 for the Nutrition Blog

  125. Anu Khanchandani :

    I have just created a job portal.. My choice would be software company. Will help me with marketing my job portal

  126. Go for the Nutrition Blog, Neil.

    I’d love to see how you tackle such a competitive market will little experience already in it.

  127. Tatiana Escalada :

    What a great challenge idea! My vote is for the mastermind!

  128. Nutrition, Neil! I think a lot of us trying to learn from you would greatly benefit from watching you build something like that from scratch.

  129. Brian & Felicia White :

    Mastermind Group

  130. Manny Oliverez :

    Nutrition blog since it is outside the scope of anything you are doing and would be a much better gauge of what we may be able to accomplish.

  131. I would like see a nutrition blog generating $100k a month.

  132. Roger Aburto :

    My vote goes to NUTRITION!

  133. Go for nutrition blog, Neil :).

  134. Nutrition Blog please.

  135. Interesting…! I’d like to see you infiltrate the health and nutrition space, in part because I also agree with others that it is a competitive environment (but also full of misinformation and conflicting info). I am also always looking to gain more insight into nutrition personally.

  136. Nutrition Blog definitely.

    I think going outside of your comfort zone (which is tech and software) would be good to see 🙂

  137. Nutrition, because:

    1. Vertical is highly saturated. Plus side to this is that the demand is always there.
    2. Affiliate marketing is challenging in this space because many of the products are considered spammy. Finding high rev affiliate products to promote is very difficult in this sense. Promote something poor, and the trust factor goes away.
    3. Ads themselves, I only imagine, do not offer an exciting CPC return to the publisher. I am in the financial space, where they are abnormally high, and it can still be a huge struggle.

  138. Nutrition blog truly seems like the only one that you wouldn’t have that “unfair” advantage in…meaning…direct or indirect, like it or not – the other two play to your very obvious strengths…thus, not quite as exciting to watch or learn from.

  139. Porn isn’t an option?

  140. I vote for the nutrition blog!

  141. My vote goes for a software company! The competition in that area is high, so I think it would be interesting to see how you achieve your goal.
    Good luck!

  142. Nutrition blog.

  143. Nutrition blog.

  144. Because I have all the confidence in the world that you could easily rock out the mastermind group and software company, I’m interested to see you launch a nutrition blog. The topic seems like it could be quite challenging since it has nothing to do with what you currently do. And further kudos because this is such an interesting case study, that you got me to contribute to your comments section (I’m rarely motivated enough by anyone’s blog posts to actually comment, even though I read a TON of blogs). 🙂

    Good luck!

  145. since I’m a health & fitness blogger I’d love to see nutrition blog so I can learn from you!

  146. Oh, the nutrition blog, for sure! There are a ton of those out there so it’d be great to see how you differentiate yours in a way that allows for serious revenues!

  147. Given your background I would say the harder business would be in the nutrition space. It’s crowded sure but it comes down to how you distinguish yourself.

  148. You better eat your weeties 🙂

  149. My Vote for Nutrition blog

  150. Nutrition blog 😉

  151. I would like to see you do all three. They would all be educational Nutrition first.

  152. I also vote for the nutrition blog

  153. Jenna Magister :

    Nutrition Blog!

  154. Neil,

    Please start a nutrition blog. I will be keeping my eye on you like a hawk!!


  155. Victoria Ipri :

    1st choice – Nutrition blog or 2nd choice – Mastermind group.

    NOW I’m excited, Neil.

  156. Nutrition blog

  157. Patrick ONeill :

    Neil, I agree with Dave Kruse and others … nutrition blog.

    Very difficult space, but huge market potential.

    Anxious to follow.


  158. I’d love to see you do software.

    But, if health blog wins, it will be interesting to see how you pull this off in such a competitive space and without building software to complement the offering. This is a real business challenge.

    That said, my vote is for software.

  159. Despite the huge existing competition (or may because of that), I’ll vote for the nutrition blog.

  160. nutrition blog

  161. What a great challenge to really put yourself out there! I applaud your bravery.

    Either the nutrition blog – a crowded space, so it would be interesting to learn how you compete.

    Or the Mastermind Group – simply because I would love to follow how to build a scalable business using Facebook Ads.

    I will be following with interest 🙂

  162. Software company

  163. Nutrition!

  164. Dennis Harper :

    While all 3 sound interesting and appealing, I would be more interested in the marketing tool than any of the others. I look forward to your monthly status/progress updates regardless of which one, two or three you end up pursuing.

  165. While I would love to see you start a mastermind group, I’m really curious to see you grow a nutrition blog. Thanks for letting us provide input and I look forward to following your process!

  166. I like the idea but if you’re trying to show that truly anyone could do this, i think the case study would be more effective if you mentored a beginner and got them to this level from scratch. That way, you are just in the background and truly cannot leverage any of your existing notoriety to speed up the process. You are already at a level that is so far ahead of the average “anyone” you speak of that you have a huge leg up even if you don’t believe you do. Just my thoughts but ill be following along regardless!

  167. Hi Neal,

    I think the easiest way for you would be nutrition blog + affiliate, as you’re already familiar with blogging.

    I wonder what kind of success you can made from scratch, not using you already established brand name & your companies. Therefore mastermind & software would seem to me more of a challenge.

    If you select the software and you’d like to evaluate something new for marketers that my team is currently developing, let me know and we’ll discuss further.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  168. I definitely would be interested in seeing you go with the nutritional blog route. I think affiliate marketing and ad space are things that a very large part of quicksprout fans can relate to with the low startup cost, ad budget and little experience in the industry.

    It’s hard for a lot of people to relate to things like software development. I think gettin to watch you start for scratch and hit 100k per month for a nutrition blog would be a very fun and helpful experiment for the entire entrepreneurship community

  169. Mastermind Group. More of a challenge…

  170. Software would be great to see.

  171. Hands down nutrition blog. The space is so crowded, I’d really like to see what you’d do to grow it.

  172. If the purpose is to prove that *anyone* can do this. . . it seems that the nutrition blog will be closest you can get to starting from scratch, as many of us are.

    Nutrition blog gets my vote.

  173. Of course, nutrition blog. Others require more resources and stuff that most people might find hard to arrange and manageon regular basis.

  174. Nutrition blog,

    I’ve looked at that space also.

    I am curious to see how selling $49 ebooks and ads will get you to $100,000 per month. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just would like to see how.

    Good luck with whichever one you choose.

  175. Nutrition blog, please.

  176. This is a fantastic idea! I vote for the Nutrition blog.

  177. Interesting challenge! I vote for the nutrition blog. It seems like a great test to prove how it’s done in a space where you’re not already known and can’t really leverage your current audience…

  178. Mastermind group please. I’m excited to see how you can generate that kind of money, that fast from a mastermind group 🙂

  179. I vote for the nutrition blog.

    Good luck and wish you the best!

  180. Neil,

    I think a nutrition blog would be easier to follow, see what you’re up to and how you it. So, that my vote.


  181. Nutrition blog!

  182. Excellent idea, Neil!

    Nutrition blog.

    Can’t wait to see how you do it.

  183. Nutrition blog for sure.

    Of the 3 options, it’s the easiest for the average person to pick up and run with. Not sure the average aspiring internet marketer is ready to start a mastermind group or launch a software project. I’m certain though that anyone that reads this blog can become an “authority” on some nutritional subject in a relatively short period of time.

  184. Nutrition! Mainly because the income will be generated through affiliate programs and ads.

  185. Nutrition blog please Neil

  186. My initial thought was “Hey! That’s not fair! he’ll just leverage his existing connections.”

    While I still think you will get interest just for being you, the nutrition blog seems like the most level playing field.

    Please filter traffic generated by this site out of GA so we can see what your growth is like without the help of quicksprouters

  187. Hello dear Neil,

    Having myself a blog that could be easily related to nutrition, I vote for Nutrition blog.

    And by the way, thank you Neil for the free course; “double your traffic in 30 days”. Can’t wait to start!

  188. Since you probably don’t have many resources in the nutrition field. I’d like to see you go that route. And I’d like to see how you get that amount of revenue from a pretty crowded space. Selfishly, I’m hoping I can use your tips to enter the crowded art/design blogging world 🙂

    This is going to be an exciting case study to watch.

  189. Enric Balaguer :

    You should create an e-Commerce.

  190. My vote for master mind group, i would love to know how to generate income through fb add. Does they allowing adsence like google ?

  191. Nutrition blog all the way. I would like to see how you would set the foundation for marketing a new blog in a highly competitive niche.

    Either way, when you do this, are you going to be fully transparent and post a profit / loss details? That would be great!

  192. Jeremy Wilkins :

    Nutrition blog please! I am interested to see the process of getting blogs started.

  193. HI Neil,

    Out of the three options you listed, the Nutrition Blog seems like the one that I could [possibly] also try to develop.

    No matter what you pick – I’m on the edge of my seat.

  194. Hi Neil,

    I am a regular follower so my question is – will you be doing this by yourself or you and your team. I ask because I am a onean band.

    • Julian, myself primarily with help from team.

      • I think this is a great concept and obviously generating a lot of interest and comments. But is this being done on a level playing field?

        It would be great if you can do this on a limited (start up) budget, without using powerful online assets you own to help boost rankings, working mostly solo with limited time.

        This is where I am guessing most start ups are coming from and will be able to give a true assessment of your results.

  195. I vote for nutrition!

  196. Brian Duvall :

    My initial reaction is “go for Nutrition Blog” because it’s a crowded space but the lessons on how to build a profitable blog in any niche would still apply and could easily translate over to our own niches.

    On the other hand… I’m also interested in the Mastermind group because I’d LOVE to know how to do that with my own consulting business.

  197. Hello dear Neil,

    Having myself a blog that could be easily related to nutrition, I vote for Nutrition blog.

    And by the way, thank you Neil for the free course; “double your traffic in 30 days”. Can’t wait to start!

  198. Definitely the nutrition blog!

  199. Nutrition blog..Thanks.

  200. ok, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say nutrition blog, because it would be easy for you to leverage contacts and following for mastermind (something I would be interested in; business/marketing advice is exactly what I do) or software. A nutrition blog would be challenging as all get-out for anyone. So let’s see it!

  201. My vote, nutrition blog. If you can pull that dead horse out of a herd and make it a thoroughbred then I’m a believer.

  202. Cool idea. I vote nutrition blog.

  203. My vote goes to the nutrition blog.

    Looking forward to seeing the winner and following along – good job Neil…!

  204. I vote for the nutrition blog. I think it would be the most inspirational since it’s the most likely choice the average person could hope to replicate.

  205. Nutrition blog!!

  206. I’d like to see the nutrition blog as well, just because it seems like it would be more challenging and would provide more lessons for us to learn from.

  207. I Would love to see the marketing software. I think it is going to be great.


  208. Nutrition site for sure. I’m biased though in that I run two sites I started that rely on advertising solely and that’s how I make a living so I’d love to see how you do it and get it ti that level.
    I also think its the option that the majority of your readers will feel has the lowest cost of entry (hosting and domain name are within almost everyone’s budget) and most mass appeal (who doesn’t want to start a blog and live from that).

    Excited to see how it goes.

    Hope that’s the route you go

    • David, it’s looking like nutrition so far — thanks for the vote.

      • Great thanks, Neil.

        Another quick suggestion in general if I may? Notification system for comments. Just decided to check back and see if you responded but would be great if your comment system had a way of emailing me if a response happens to my comment instead of me manually checking back (I use Disqus for this on my sites).

        Just a suggestion, of course.

        Keep up the great work and look forward to the new series.

  209. Nutrition Blog

  210. Neil –

    Great post and challenge! Since starting from scratch is I am and a lot of people I think it would be interesting and challenging to see you kill it with a nutrition blog.


  211. Definitely Nutrition blog blog.

  212. Nutrition!

  213. Hey Neil,

    I started looking at the internet as a fundraising / ongoing funding source.

    Background: My dad has parkinson disease, there are no sponsored exercise programs & the usual fundraising avenues only do the onetime fun run or sponsorship. Nothing ongoing

    I belief that a well set up and successful online shop can fund this or other well-meaning projects on an ongoing basis.

    So far, I am a newbie & guilty of the shiny object syndrome. I would like to suggest that your “from the ground up” project take on a cause and start a legacy.

    • Carol, I would love to — however I have put this to a vote. Maybe I can help you on a separate email chain — shoot me an email

  214. My vote is the nutrition blog. I love following your posts and I see a nutrition blog as an awesome challenge that will help me see just how you would apply your principles to a difference marketing arena. Would be very insightful.

  215. Nutrition blog! I would love to see it!

  216. Ashley Cooper :

    As it’s supposed to be about building something from nothing, I’m going to vote the nutrition blog as I think it’d be the most challenging for you and will really prove to people what can be achieved from the ground up.

    On the other hand, I’d be very curious about the marketing product! I have no doubt you’d create something of high value to the industry.

  217. Easy choice: the Nutrition blog. That’s the ONLY choice where we can truly see the results of your experiment. The other two choices would leverage off of your already established audience – thereby making the results invalid. Sure, you could reach your goals with those businesses because you ALREADY have an audience in that space.

    With the nutrition blog you would be starting your new business from SCRATCH, so that would be the most interesting one to follow.

  218. Neil – I love this idea! It will be very interesting to follow you on this journey for the next year. But one IMPORTANT question, how much will you spend on this over the next year? Is there a budget that you have in mind (aside from the time you’ll invest)?

    • Omer, That is still tbd — it will be lean though.

      • I am curious to know what your budget will be, cause it can give you a big advantage.

        Like most of the rest, I’m voting for the Nutritional Blog.
        Looking forward to this experiment.

  219. I vote for the nutrition blog

  220. Shlomo Trachtenberg :

    Nutrition Blog. What type of transparency will there be on a month to month basis? Will you share your current marketing strategies? Revenue?

    • Shlomo, i’ll have transparency share my strategy and revenue numbers – thanks for the vote.

  221. No question Neil: Mastermind group! I have 72 experts if you need any of them Sir.

  222. Affordable one time payment seo products or something interesting.

  223. Hi Neil,
    I would like you to take up an Nutritional blog project.

  224. Disneyland Blog Gavin Doyle :

    I would love to see you grow a nutrition blog. This would be the most applicable to all.

  225. Nutrition!

  226. I love this idea. Look forward to following your progress.

    Nutrition blog for sure. It’s so different than anything you currently are known for.

  227. I vote for the nutrition blog as well. It’s a neutral niche that would dispell any unfair advantage and would provide the best example for the majority of bloggers. I’m very interested to watch this experiment unfold.

  228. Nutrition blog for sure.

    Please do your best to insulate your existing web celebrity from this project and eliminate any cross promotion with your existing web properties.

  229. I would say either of the first two. One of the biggest differences between a start up and someone established is the access to a large audience so the third option would negate that aspect. I’d vote for the nutrition as I’d like to see how you set up the affiliate system.

  230. It’s petty obvious that you wanted us to choose the nutrition blog, because it’s totally something not in your street, so proof it to us that you can do it and we’ll make sure there will come a statue of you somewhere.

  231. software

  232. Kevin Paul Waterman :

    I would like to see you do a travel blog.

  233. Nutrition blog. I don’t think it’s possible to start such a blog now and make $100,000/month. I’d love to see how you would do it! (Great idea, btw)

  234. Hang about. REALLY? $100k a month?

    How about you become a nurse or a fashion designer?

    Nope? OK then I vote nutrition blog 😉

  235. I’d have to say the Nutrition blog!

  236. As much as I’d like to see the marketing software, I’m voting mastermind, for the challenge.

  237. I vote for the nutrition blog. great idea!

  238. Jacob Tingen :

    Way to throw down the gauntlet.

    Can we join in too?

    I’ll do Mastermind if you do nutrition 🙂

  239. I’d say go with nutrition blog as it’ll be more of a challenge 🙂

  240. I vote for the nutrition blog since you have less or no experience in that field.

  241. Jay Chowdhury :

    I would say start with Nutrition Blog as that is more challenging because that is out of your line and you will really be called as PRO if you do so.. and everybody will be inspired and sure will be motivated if you do so ..

  242. Uttam Kalita :

    My vote is for the nutrition blog.

  243. The nutrition blog, as I think it would be challenging and the most education for your audience.

  244. I think a nutrition blog is the obvious choice as the biggest challenge. The other 2 I think you have a slight advantage for.

  245. I would pick Nutrition blog out of the three choices. Another choice I would like to see is “Make Money Online Niche,” or a blog that promotes Software, Tools, Online Services etc as an Affiliate.

  246. Neil – definitely the nutrition blog. I’d be riveted – following the step by step process. I think it would be the most challenging of the three. This would be hugely beneficial to me because I’m starting my own blog and seeing how this works in real time would help me climb over some boundaries I’ve been having around monetization. Best of luck!!

  247. Nutrition blog! 🙂

  248. Chris Nadeau :

    Nutrition Blog for sure! I have been thinking about that industry and I would love to see how you make it work. Looking forward to this!

  249. I would love to see all three as well, but my vote is for the nutrition blog!! Can’t wait! 🙂

    • Kate, thanks for the vote.

    • Olajide Adetutu :

      Hello Neil,
      I would appreciate it if you could try starting a nutrion blog, since you do not have followers in that niche.Mastermind and software could come at a later time.

      I go with a nutrition blog.

  250. This is an awesome idea Neil!

    My vote for the nutrition blog please.

    Really excited to see how it goes.


  251. Nutrition blog for sure. I’d love to see how you accomplish this goal without using the power of your existing personal brand or current lists & traffic.

    This is definitely something I’ll be following closely!

  252. I vote for the nutrition blog,
    Something a bit different from the usual IT and software type companies.
    This will be interesting regardless.

  253. I think you should create the nutritional blog.

  254. Great post there Neil. I would like you to go with the Nutrition blog. Nutrition is part of our everyday lives and that can make you more money. Good luck in your quest.

  255. Since I am an IT professional and blog on Linux, I would prefer to create a software product. In fact, I already have some ideas. But just don’t have enough time to work on it.

  256. Dr. 'Malik Haruna King :

    As a health blogger, I would, naturally, gravitate towards a health or health-related blog — as I could pick some vital lessons.

    Nutrition Blog!

    Helping you live a healthy & happy life!
    Dr. ‘Malik, H.K., Nigeria.

  257. Definitely for nutrition blog. I’m quite interested how you’ll get it to $100K a month.

  258. My vote is for the Master Mind Group. A Nutrition site/blog is an over used niche. Software would require coding knowledge. So I chose the Master Mind Group because it relates to something that perhaps I can do to earn $100K per month once I see how you do it.

  259. Another vote for the nutrition blog! Thrilled to follow this.

  260. Hi Neil,

    Nutritional Blog all the way! with many of us trying to make money on the internet the right way I think it would be beneficial to show us how you will plan, strategize, and execute such a goal. Plus I believe this one speaks to most of us average folks since we do not have a following to create a mastermind group or the money to create a software to sell.


  261. I would like you to go with the Mastermind group.

  262. Nutritional blog for sure.

  263. Jose Maria Gil :

    What about a marketing software but for a very niche market, like dentists, or chiropractors?? That would be great!

  264. Nutrition Blog! That would be the best choice.

  265. The nutrition blog!

    The software and mastermind aren’t true “start from scratch” situations.


  266. Børge Dvergsdal :

    It would be fantastic to see you do the nutrition blog.

    Awesome idea! 🙂

  267. Nutritional blog. Neil, you’re toast 🙂

  268. I vote for nutrition blog too.

  269. Nutrition Blog!

  270. nutrition blog please.:)

  271. All of the 3 would be great, but the nutrition blog will teach people a more wide range of technics, covering the business model, the way you manage the ads and affiliates to maintain income, how you get into the so overcrowded fitness world without having expertise (will you hire fitness people, quote other blog posts or what?), how to analyze current market situation and get into it… in the end: looks like a more rich experience to your audience.
    Although the marketing software would be more challenging, we don’t question your capacity to make this happen because you are a beast and will nail it. We (non-developers mostly) will be cut from the product development part and take only half of a lesson from this brilliant idea. Hope you earn 10x it. Cheers Neil! =)

  272. Pradeep Singh :

    Why aren’t people asking to do the new software company?

    The software company is a realistic option and Neil has proved that few times before.

    If Neil is concerned about his brand and what he knows and all that, he should be starting another software company (startup, as I would like to say).

    How about another blog post to ask about what kind of startup we would like to see? That would surely bring out interesting problems that Neil could solve with this next software company (startup).

  273. Go for the Nutrition blog! I really want to learn how well you can do at something out of your field.

  274. I would love to see you grow a nutrition blog. I think you can be successful at anything you wish because this is mainly a “Having the right mindset” challenge.

    And you have the mindset of a successul man 🙂

    Eagerly await to see your results.

  275. the mastermind group for sure. Who do you think you would be competing against?

  276. What is your budget?

  277. MikeDsummers :

    I vote nutrition. I’m thrilled at all the votes for nutrition blog considering health has been one of my latest interests.

    That mastermind group sounds really cool though. Ideally this nutrition case study will be a large enough success to provide enough business advice for starters.

    • MikeDsummers :

      If all goes well and the case study itself has substantial interest, you can maybe reuse the case study as an email course for your mastermind group 1yr later (provided you are interested in another project), and then develop software in the future for the upsell? That would be pretty efficient use of time. But yeah, I say focus on the nutrition first. It’s rare to see internet marketers have proven case studies outside of their niche, so I think that would build the most credibility for you in the future.

  278. Health and Fitness Blog

  279. Brad Spencer :

    My vote is for New Software Company.

    I’ve got no issue with you using your current list and brand to launch it.

    I want the launch process you used with your current audience to do it though just so it’s fully transparent.

    Screenshots, links to process docs, etc.

    I’d even say you could use that for a trip wire and have people opt in for the “1,000 new users in 180 days mindmap” or something like that.

    That would easily get you 50-100k people over a year or two and would be relatively easy to keep evergreen.


  280. Karen Asafu-Adjaye :

    I vote for the Nutritional blog.

  281. I vote for nutrition/fitness as its different area and easy to start for everyone.

  282. First Vote: Software – we build custom platforms so it would be interesting to see what you build and how you grow it compared to what we do.

    Second vote for the nutrition blog as most I’ve read are stating, would be interesting to see you break-through such a competitive market.

  283. I would like Neil in Nutrition Blog.

  284. Julian Kingman :

    Wow, it hardly seems like you need another vote for it, but I’d like to see how you enter the space of nutrition blogging.

  285. Wow, I’ll be looking forward for this challenge Neil. I think it would be very helpful if you create a Nutrition Blog, since many of blog marketers are so familiar with affiliate marketing and other ads but not really doing well on it, this is gonna be a golden nuggets. So if you create a blog from scratch and show us step by step on how to monetize it for about $100k per month, you will change a lot of people’s lives.

  286. Waiting with baited breath, so hard to choose, would love to see all 3 but either way, Neil!!!! you need to show us how you do it

  287. I’d like to see the nutrition blog since it’s the most dissimilar to your current businesses and will be closest to starting “from scratch.”

    I’ll be very interested to see what kind of money and resources you put in to get this up and running.

  288. I vote Nutrition Blog – because “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!”. Excited to see the journey!

  289. I’d go for the nutrition blog.

  290. Thumbs up for “Mastermind Group” and second “Software Company”.

  291. Jonathan Chapman :

    I would LOVE to see you try the software option as we also created software that helps the general public (small business) benefit from big data, but I’m at a loss as how to market it.
    I’d be very interested to know how you would go about getting investors for the software and taking it public from there.
    Thanks for all the content

  292. Nutrition Blog! I’m in a similar niche, so that would be very interesting.

  293. Great idea Neil! My vote would be a nutriton blog.

  294. I’d have to pick Nutrition blog, but I feel that’s the most accessible option for many people.

  295. Neil,

    I think you should do a blog on making money online and mentor me in the process and we both can make $100,000 a month. That way not only do you show us that you can do it, but that you can take anyone and show them step by step how to do it.

  296. I don’t see either 3 of these being a challenge for you at all. I think you should help others instead of yourself. But also yourself in doing so. Create a platform that you can use to leverage one interesting business a day or a week or whatever. Use them as case studies. Monetize the platform for yourself. Create a win win Neal.

  297. I vote for the nutrition blog. You are not known in that space. It would be a little more starting from scratch.

    The mastermind is not as good because even though you would use facebook ads people will still know who you are. The only reason they would sign up for a mastermind is because of either credibility or proof that you can help them.

    The software – not good for those of us who are not nerdy enough to create the software:).

    The nutrition blog is also something I am very interested in creating also because I lost 50 pounds juicing so I have some pretty good before and after, etc. I just don’t know how to monetize it quickly. So I also have a very selfish interest in following you on that one and copy catting you:)

  298. Niel
    After sifting through the comments it appears the nutrition is winning.
    Also I’d personally like to see if you can make that happen since I think its a saturated market! Im hoping you prove me wrong??

  299. Neil,

    I’m in Don’s camp:

    “I am curious to see how selling $49 ebooks and ads will get you to $100,000 per month. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just would like to see how.”

    But, I would add this. Separate your self from the “Guru’s” and actually make this a “follow along” How to do! Maybe post your progress twice a month or more often, if necessary. So, we can follow along – while we build our business along with you. Now, that would be exceptional!


  300. Gen Y Finance Guy :

    Nutrition blog!

    Its so far out of your niche that I think it will be the most challenging and best way for you to demonstrate your claim.


  301. Nutrition, are you going to just show off your results, and your methods in the dark? or are you going to be 100% transparent with how you start and what you do from A-Z.

    It would be great if you have a weekly update with what you do and your results …

  302. I would to see you do a Nutrition blog.

  303. Nutrition Blog, closest thing to my brick and mortar retail store, may show me how to make a real online presence.

  304. 1) Nutrition blog

  305. Palash Kumar Daw :

    Thank’s for sharing your experiment. 🙂

  306. Go with nutritional blog.

  307. I think it is better to go with the nutrition blog

  308. Definitely a Nutrition Blog, maybe because I am in the same niche 😉 Would love to see you grow, I am struggling to make money out of the blog to cover the base costs 🙁 would like to know how you generate income out of it…..

  309. Nutrition…

  310. I vote for the nutrition blog. Yes!!!!

  311. Peter Stewart :


  312. Yisroel Reiss :

    This idea is awesome, and I can’t wait to see you do it and how you build the income.

    I would love to see you build a nutrition blog.

  313. Another vote for the nutrition blog

  314. Praise Khumalo :

    Neil, build a software company it will be such a great lesson for people like me who are in the tech space.

  315. Jeffrey Romano :

    Nutrition Blog

  316. Eugenio Gonzalez :

    I vote for the Nutrition Blog.
    I would like to see a day by day action plan.

  317. Its funny how I was just about to email you to start a company from scratch without leveraging you’re current community. Not because I don’t believe you can do it, but because I know you can and its a HUGE learning potential for all of us here.

    And since my weird request is granted(I din’t think it would),
    I’d say nutrition company. Why?
    – no existing community for leverage
    – Great Competition
    – Big chance for you to expand your personal brand into a an unknown territory and finally, a new story to tell on your hellobar instead of the age old TechCrunch Story :D!!

    OOH! I’m just excited to see all that you have taught me over the years in action from the awesomest Neil Patel himself! Haha. Good luck People and Neil.

  318. Hi,

    I’d vote for a nutrition blog to see how something more abstract, not necessarily a product or software can turn out that kind of an income.


  319. Francisco Rodríguez :

    Hi Neil!
    I’d love to see how you manage yourself to make $100,000.00 out of a Nutrition Blog. It would be great to see your skills doing some magic on that.

  320. Will you talk about it here and post links to the site or will you refer to it anonymously – as project X? Will you use your name on the site or a pseudonym? Will you use your name (aka your brand) to indirectly influence customer acquisition?

    I’d be very interested if you mimicked completely how you could go from 0 to hero – but the problem is – you are your brand. Alternatively – I’d like to see you coach someone at random for 1 month and then write all about it after the month is over. Obviously there’d need to be some vetting of the random person and their product offering.

  321. health & fitness!

  322. I’ll go for the mastermind group as I’m very interested on apply to one 🙂

    Thanks Neil!

  323. Nutrition Blog

  324. Kyle Van Dyn Hoven :

    I would be interested in seeing how you approached a newer industry like Nutrition. My vote is nutrition blog

  325. Harry Collins :

    Great idea.

    Definitely the nutrition blog!

  326. I vote for the nutrition blog. Appreciate the learning opportunity.

  327. Nutrition Blog!!!

  328. I vote for Software company.

  329. Nutrition blog would be awesome 🙂

  330. I would like to make it even easier for you. Instead of starting from scratch, How about you take my (or someone else’s) existing e-commerce business that’s already generating $100k per month and bring it to $200k. That would impress me a lot more.

  331. Nutrition Blog!

  332. This is going to be so interesting. Look forward to it. I vote for the nutrition blog.

  333. Mastermind group – Let’s see what you can do! 🙂

  334. Hi Neil, I´d love to see a good peace of really new marketing software – let`s see what it will be.

  335. Nutrition.

  336. I´d vote all three definitely but I prefer first the nutrition blog because Affiliate Marketing is my passion and I´d love learn how to make 100k/m following you Neil 🙂

  337. Todd Roberts :

    A nutrition blog type of project would be most helpful to me.

  338. I want the Software Company

  339. Hey Neil,

    Though I’d love to see a mastermind group and new software from you, that’s purely selfish. 🙂

    I would like to see the nutrition blog come to fruition because it’s outside of your normal space. I think this would be most challenging, and give more as far as learning to the community.

    Plus, let’s be real here, I’m like 99.9% sure you will end up running a mastermind group and developing a new software in the future regardless of this study.

  340. Hi Neil

    I would vote for the nutrition blog as this is an abundant and competitive niche.

    Starting a blog is also something that everyone could potentially do as it has very low barrier to entry.

  341. I vote nutrition blog!

  342. I have a site live that is an e-learning platform for primary school kids. So i would be interested in seeing how you develop the “new software company”

  343. Hi Neil,

    I would also say the nutrition blog. Totally different than your previous field and successes.

    It might also be fun for people on the other side of the market space (like all of us/ and including myself) to be coached 1-1 on doing and developing something like this with you and working with you – to see if, aligned with your strategies, knowledge and guidance we succeed at the same rate? We all know you know the routine of being an entrepreneur 😉 and becoming successful at it 🙂

    I’ve been following you for years and am a business user of CrazyEgg for various conversion and study data in the marketing field. I would love to see this evolve into a project we could collaborate on to generate more income as a test to your blog post challenge.

    You game? 😉

  344. I’d vote for “New software company”. It seems to me that not many people would be dare to compete in this area. But, it must be interesting how you make a site that will make 6 figure within a year.

  345. Nutrition blog. And I’ll do my own as you go. I may be a few weeks behind you, but I’ll execute and win.

  346. This could be the best case study ever!

    Go with the Nutrition blog! 🙂

    Good luck!

  347. Hi,
    I want a New Software Company.
    Please help.
    David So

  348. I would really like to see a nutrition blog as I am in the same niche an it would be great to see how you do in creating something that is totally different from what you do and it could give me pointers and definitely prove that anyone can make money in a crowded niche such as nutrition.

  349. Neil, I’d like to see the nutritional blog as well. Since it is a pretty popular industry it would be interesting to see how the affiliate marketing plays out. I have a lifestyle blog myself, another area very saturated and have been interested in affiliate marketing there!

    Good Luck!

  350. Nutrition Blog –

    Re: Not using your DB – I guess that’s not really possible – if your on this list and monitor success – that’s a built in list :)…

    Regardless – Interested in a look over your shoulder –

  351. I say go with the nutrition blog. Looking forward to your experiment!

  352. I also vote for the nutrition blog. Seems to me that’s a model many people may be able to replicate.

  353. Shubham Kumar :

    I would like to choose New Software company which i also wants to start, but you said you will take 6 month to create it… but about which i think is of one month…I can create my software company but i am new in the field of marketing… so i think that would be the tough for me…


  354. Nutrition blog, please!

  355. Definitely ‘Nutrition Blog’ as this example could be modelled by various different niche markets and also your existing brand is not already associated with this niche. 🙂

  356. Nels Rasmussen :

    I’d like to see you do this with the nutrition blog.

  357. Are you going to make it public the name of the business you were starting? I think that would make a big difference in the success or failure of it.

    I vote software.

  358. Nutrition blog

  359. Mastermind Group!

  360. I love this idea!! And I would love to see the Nutrition blog one, because I could probably learn a lot for my own site/blog, which I would like to have some revenue coming through affiliate programs.

    I am very intrigued on how you will pull this off.

  361. A mastermind group please.

  362. I’d love to see you create a new brand in the nutrition field and show point by point how you achieve $100,000 a month!!


  363. Piyush Wadhwa :

    I would really consider the option of creating a software company, in fact, I am already half there.

  364. I’d vote for the Nutrition blog as I think it will represent the path most people would be likely to follow (some form of blog) and see through to success.

  365. I vote for the nutrition blog. I’d like to see how you grow a blog in an already crowded space where you are relatively unknown. It would be valuable because most people who are considering starting a new blog are in this position. I’d like to see how you overcome those challenges.

  366. Nutrition blog. I think it would affect a larger potential audience. And to see how you would choose and market a certain niche would be very educational. Thanks.

  367. I would like you to create a nutrition blog!

  368. My preference goes for the nutrition blog.

    Show the world, Neil!

  369. Nutrition blog. Zero to 100k with no experience here. Go for it.

  370. Ameet Khabra :

    The nutrition blog seems like the only idea that could pose as a challenge for you, so that is where my vote will go.

  371. Nutrition has so many great folks out there teaching and blogging, so I would like to see what you would do for a niche. It would be a good example and inspration to others. A software company requires tech skills or access to those with tech skills, and may be out of the realm of many in your audience. A mastermind group has unlmited potential because there are so many types of people to inspire and many niches are still open to tap.

    I vote for nutrition first and mastermind group second. Thanks for taking our opinions.

  372. I would definitely prefer the nutrition blog as it is more in line of what I would like to do myself. Please keep in touch

  373. My vote is for the nutrition blog.


    That would be fair as with software company and mastermind group you are still leveraging the traction and success that you have from Quick Sprout and other brands. So that means you won’t be starting from scratch.

    I will definitely keep an eye on this progress either way…

  375. it would be pretty cool if you pick one of your loyal audience members with a business already set in place and grow the business to $100K a month.
    Hey not to be selfish…but pick mine 😉
    In any case good luck and look forward to see the results!

  376. Nutrition Blog!!

  377. Hi Niel,
    Thank you for continuing to keep your readers engaged.
    My vote is for the Mastermind Group.
    Of course, I do not think you would be willing to create a challenge that you could not complete. Niel, GO FOR IT!

  378. I wanted to observe your action plan for a blog. So, vote for Nutrition Blog.

  379. This looks awesome. I’d say new software company, nutrition blog and mastermind group. I will be looking forward to see the progress. Thanks,

  380. I would love to see either the Nutrition blog or a software.

  381. nutrition blog it’s harder for you! 😉

  382. Maurizio Fumini :

    Hi Neil, according to your thinking and the trend of the industry, do you think that might be a good investment a blog of nutrition and beauty?

  383. Terrence Freeman :

    Neil P. I was going to say software, But I rather see you do thr Nutrition Blog and me being a blogger myself would like to see the challenge and I’m challenging myself also…

  384. Nutrition blog

  385. I vote for the nutrition blog because that’s as far as you can get from what you’re known for.

  386. Hi Niel
    Great idea!
    I vote for software company!

  387. How about a fashion blog? 🙂 Ok, if not fashion, then I’d love to see your approach to a nutrition blog.

  388. Nutrition blog! Let’s see it, Neil!

  389. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for giving so much value in all your posts and emails. I’ll pick the nutrition niche for you as it is one of the most competitive one in the internet marketing universe!

  390. Software!!!!!

  391. Great idea. I vote for nutritional blog. It’s far from what you’re doing now and it will be very interesting to observe your moves and using of different tools 🙂

  392. Thomas Jespersen :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks so much for your blog! I vote for the nutrition niche – I would love to see how you would approach that.

  393. Urs Westermann :

    Nutrition Blog would be the most interesting choice I think.

  394. Quero economizar dinheiro :

    Hello Neil,
    Get in the weight loss niche.

  395. I would probably end up joining your mastermind and so would a lot of people who just read this post so I think that one would be too easy!!

    I vote for nutrition Blog. I’m starting up a blog myself and I’d love to watch what you do.

  396. Nutrition blog

  397. Sven Anders Bergström :

    My vote goes to the nutritional blog. There are already too many, and I therefore think the challenge is tough enough for you Neil. Besides, I would like to see how you manage to get to 100 k just with affilliate and ads, which is my focus.

  398. Pierre-Antoine Levesque :

    nutrition blog

  399. Nutrition.

    But you can’t use your name, as it has mucho SEO value. You need to create a fictional persona with fake photos (see as there are reverse image searches, etc.). No cookie stuffing or other “black hat” deeds.

  400. Nutrition Blog

  401. I would vote for Mastermind group. The App does not really demonstrate what you claim you can do. And the Nutritional Blog also leverages what who you are. The Mastermind group is the clearest demonstration that anyone can do it without your blogging skills or prior exposure.


  402. Mastermind group.

  403. Nutrition! It’s the most “stretchy” for you! 🙂

  404. Nutrition Blog. I would love to see how you separate yourself from the crowd and create a successful business. I will be watching every step of your project.

  405. Hi Neil,

    I vote for the nutrition blog as it would be great to see your approach step by step to this. The software would also be great. I can’t decide!

  406. Definitely the NUTRITION BLOG. That appears to be the most out of your comfort zone and is already a very crowded space, making it an even more of a challenging task!

    I look forward to this project of yours!


  407. nutrition blog as well.

  408. Rosella LaFevre, Marketing Consultant :

    I’d love to see how you go about building a nutrition blog when you’ve got no reputation in that space. (And it seems most people agree with me!)

  409. I’d say nutrition blog since I believe that market would be most competitive.

    Also, to make it even more challenging, I suggest starting it under an alias or with an unknown straw man at the helm, and for social marketing use only brand-new accounts with no followers and no connection to “Neil Patel”.

    That way, the results become much more objective and there’s less danger of data being skewed by people flocking to the blog because of your popularity.

  410. I’d like to see you do a nutritional blog because it’s something that’s out of your element and would be more challenging.

  411. Hi,

    Niel i believe you should choose blogging, Health and Fitness niche. I would love to learn more about blogging, how can it start from scratch. Please share voice with 1000 other bloggers who need guidance like me and mentorship from you.


  412. Nutrition blog please

  413. Becky Fisher :

    While those three sound challenging, I’ll add an option I’d be interested in seeing that’s WAY off the scale – womens health after menopause 🙂

  414. daniel parry :

    Nutrition blog!

  415. Stuart Phillips :

    I vote for the nutrition blog. $100,000 per month from affiliates and marketing in a field that’s already overcrowded? I believe you can do it, i just cant wait to see how.

  416. The Blog would be best because most of us can’t provide enough info to start the Mastermind group or create Software. The Blog is more reachable for most of us. So I think it would be a great model we could also implement.

  417. Mastermind group. Thumbs Up.

  418. Obviously a nutrition blog,the other two will be easy for you.

  419. Nutrition blog all the way!

  420. Manoj Kumar Sethi :

    Dear Neil,

    I agree to many members who said already there are lots of Nutrition blog , Software companies , hence the competition level will be more and its not easier for a newly created business to find space and grow in it.

    Mastermind Group is very new to me and I am very much interested to know how you going to generate revenue out of it. Although every new business needs affiliate marketing and ads and being a Digital Marketer I understand whats the value of branding.

    Now , I am very much keen to know how you going to give us tips from Mastermind Group 😉

    Thank you for always being a teacher to me 🙂

    • Manoj, glad I could help and thanks for voting.

      • Manoj Kumar Sethi :

        Yes 🙂 I am excitedly waiting to see this new idea and sure it will be a great and new experience to learn for small blogger like me.

        Also please don’t forget to mention how one can generate more traffic via that Mastermind group.

        I did mention some important points in my blog and looking something new on this.

        Believe me this is one , you too should target and teach us 😉

  421. Mastermind group! 🙂

  422. Joseph de Souza @ Infosolutions Goa :

    I think that you should create a Nutrition blog. It will be in a totally different niche and very difficult to leverage the existing assets to promote the new blog. This experience of a Nutrition blog will be very interesting !!!

  423. md. zillur rahman :

    I also want you create a nutrition blog.

  424. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition Blog!!! 🙂

  425. Hi Neil,

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate – I have to say “Nutrition Blog”. I think this is, from the 3 you gave us, the furthest from your comfort zone – and also – probably – the toughest business case to crack.

    Here be snake-oil emporiums galore!
    It will be thrilling to see your endeavour take shape, and outperform the others.

    Just an aside on the “make a $100,000 a month” – you do mean clear, right? That’s the “make” – not the “take”? I understand you to mean you will be netting said 100K, after expenses.

    Now nobody here said it would be easy, did they!
    Go for it!

  426. I vote Nutrition blog.

  427. Most ppl will not be able to replicate a software tool. KISS and do a publication (nutrition blog). I think that this is the most relatable.

  428. I would like to see the nutrition website being created for this project.

  429. Nutrition blog.

    For the same reasons everyone else said: people would eventually find your mastermind and want to ‘pick thy brain’. And you’ve already created software, right?

    Affiliate and ad income seem to be the most difficult to get traction with. But then again… I’ve not made a dolla yet.

  430. I would like to see how you would execute the nutrition blog idea. But you have an upper hand since you have resources and cash. Anyway it will still require a lot of effort.

  431. i will go with the plan who really work and can give me $100,000 in a month so what do you think? which plan can give that earning?

  432. Nutrition blog, please.

  433. Mastermind Group

    I like the idea of like minded people collaborating and sharing their experiences in business. Especially from people who are customers of your brands. The knowledge here is powerful. Why not build on it with a mastermind site?


  434. PLOT TWIST: Neil already runs a bunch of these b things without stamping his personal brand on them 😉 Thus, we have no idea.

    *evil laugh* Muahaha

    jokes aside, My Vote…NUTRITION:

    Why?… Because it is truly “from scratch”;) …

    Nothing preprepared or prior knowledge/expertise competetive edge.

    Now, of course Neil will succeed, because he knows how to DRIVE TRAFFIC and how to write compelling content (or atleast his outsourcers do) Heck, he could start a blog on cats and probably generate 100k per month.

    FYI I would like to start a blog in a unique non saturated niche, if anyone is interested in discussing idea feel free to add me!


    • Pedro, I wish that was the case — I love a challenge though 😉 thanks for voting.

  435. marketing software

  436. I vote for the nutrition blog also, Neil. It seems like a new market where you really have to start from scratch 🙂

  437. John Haugeland :

    I would much prefer to see you make a new software startup. There’s more than enough nutrition blogs out there; if you teach us to make more, well, there’s some more nutrition blogs.

    But if you taught us to make small software companies, a huge product bloom would follow. I believe that it’s by far the best impact you can make of these three.

  438. Parikshit Jaiswal :

    Neil nurition blog.I want to see it happen.If you make it happen.I swear to god I will come to america and become your apprentice for 1 year to learn how can non technicals like us do marketing from scratch.

  439. Nutrition blog because I think it gives you the biggest challenge. Good luck, whichever you choose.

  440. Nutrition blog. It would be such a learning experience to watch you go from 0 to 100k/month in a completely new niche!

  441. Mastermind group. FB ad spend and ads are always interesting!

  442. I think the software company sounds most interesting, but the nutrition blog would be most indiactive of starting something from scratch because it’s out of your world.

  443. Hey Neil!

    I would love to see you start from scratch in the nutrition niche!

  444. Nutrition would be interesting –

  445. Justine Eaglestone :

    Definitely nutrition blog

  446. +1 for the Nutrition Blog

  447. I vote for the nutrition blog

  448. Praveen Ravindran :

    Great concept Neil. I would love to see your own Nutrition/Health Blog mainly due to 2 reasons:

    1. Health Care Industry is evergreen & at the same time highly competitive.
    2. Mastermind Group & New Software Company will be easier for you as known authority in Digital Marketing.


  449. Nutrition Blog!

  450. Jason Halberstadt :

    Agreed that the nutrition blog would be the most challenging and most relevant to a larger percentage of your readership.

  451. Akshit Wadhwa :

    Hey Neil

    I’m ok with both of the things ( Mastermind group and New software company). But if the price of the software will be affordable for us then Ok.

    -Akshit Wadhwa

  452. Mastermind group

  453. Nutrition Blog! It’s the closest to my own online business and I would love to learn how someone can earn 100,000$ a month doing it.

  454. Mustapha Beuniq :

    Hello Neil , thank you so much for this motivating post ,
    i vote also for the IM software option because i did the same in the french market and i’m willing to create a Saas for the english world as well.
    Best of success.

  455. nutrition blog, I guess. Just to see how you’d approach an entirely different niche.

    But… I got to say building a mastermind group via FB ads looks like an interesting challenge (though I assume, you’ll be mainly retargeting your current audience from quicksprout and so I’m not sure that’s 100% a new business !) 🙂

    Awesome idea and challenge in any case, can’t wait to follow you on this new adventure


    That would be great! )) Neil, thanks so much for great content, I always both enjoy reading your articles and find them very useful. It would be awesome to “watch” you create a business from scratch, and nutrition is where I am planning to start my blog soon, so that would be great times 100))

  457. Nutritional blog. It’s the hardest one because of the crowded space.

  458. Scott Slucher :

    I suggest nutrition because it’s a new world.

    Also, I’d like to suggest doing it anonymously, so no one or no search engine will trade on your name.

  459. Nutrition please – it’s the only one I understand. Before your system spams me, as is quite usual, can I offer to be your general factotum and make the tea et cetera to allow you to focus on your project? That’s the only help I can contribute.

  460. Nutrition blog.

  461. Christopher Rose :

    I think all three are pretty boring; nutrition, schmootrition, yawn.
    mastermind group, well, that’s too easy for you and software, there’s already too much software.

    Do something harder, like 1. selling a physical product like something in robotics or 3d printing or neutraceuticals, or 2) launch a mobile apps business or 3. something to do with drone technology.

    Step right outside the box AND your comfort zone… Let’s get imaginative!!!

  462. Joaquim Margarido :

    This is a very interesting idea. Everybody can talk about goals but achieving them is a different story. I´d love to see you go for the software company.

  463. Definitely nutrition blog. Other two can be somehow related to what you are already doing but nutrition blog is totally irrelevant in my opinion.

  464. David Albert :

    Nutrition blog. Given your existing brand cache and following, I believe this would be the most challenging and a true exercise in anyone can do this from the ground up. I look forward to following along!

  465. Another vote for the nutrition blog. What a great opportunity to see Neil apply these principles to a market totally outside his niche.

  466. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, exciting challenge!

    Q: So, what type of company do you want me to create?
    A: Nutrition Blog

    Have a great day!

  467. my vote: Nutrition Blog

  468. I vote for “Nutrition”.

    Whichever you go for, I look forward to seeing how you do and reading the details of what you do.
    Best of luck!

  469. Definitely nutrition blog.

    Mastermind group: I don’t know….it just doesn’t sound like something that any next door newbie would do? And I somehow don’t think the average newbie can start a mastermind group and generate $100,000/month within 12 months.

    Software company: an easy no. You said you would be leveraging your existing audience, which means you would have a (huge) advantage, whereas all other average newbies out there wouldn’t (i.e.: if you become successful, it’ll be due to your having an existing audience, which is something that most people don’t have).

    So I think the nutrition blog is the best choice ;).

  470. That is pretty darn take!!! Even though my personal interest is different, I would pick nutritional blog to see how it is made ground up.

  471. A software company

  472. I vote for nutritional blog.

    Since me and my friends also doing the same challenge.

    We want to show our readers how we grow 1 blog into $30k net profit per month within 3 years.

  473. Dominic Francis :

    I would like you to start a nutrition blog. Yes, as mentioned by another commenter, the space has too much competition. That is precisely the reason why I’d like to see how you fare, or beat the competition and emerge victorious. You aren’t a renowned name within the health and nutrition industry and if you overcome that hurdle and come out successful, it will be motivating enough for other new and unknown aspiring bloggers to venture online. Thanks!!

  474. Nutrition blog also. I started one and well erm… it sure didn’t make $100K per month.

    So because of the competition and because you are obviously confident in doing it I would love to see you build one out to that level..!

  475. Christopher Rose :

    A gazillion people will copy you, except they’ll do it badly, if you do a nutrition blog.

    PLEASE don’t do that! The internet doesn’t need a whole load more nutrition blogs.

  476. Mastermind !

  477. Nutrition blog

  478. I’d love to see the nutritional blog, as it is something I’m personally interested and I would love to see you making more than 100k with another blog

  479. nutrition blog. it’s not about the product itself, it’s how you go about doing it from scratch, and the process in which you follow to get there. the nutrition blog is the real test, the other two are more closely related to what you do currently and you could leverage that. the nutrition blog is a true test!

  480. Jason Hartman :

    I would like to see the Mastermind just because you have to use Facebook ads. But Nutrition is big right now and may be more difficult to carve out a niche.

    I say the Mastermind Group.

  481. I’d vote for the mastermind group since I am very interested in what you can do with Facebook Ads.

    I think Facebook Ads are the quickest and powerful way you can grow a business right now

  482. Mark Espanol :

    I vote Nutrition Blog!

    It would be awesome to see you do something from scratch in a competitive space!

  483. Nutrition blog

  484. Nutrition blog.
    My thinking is that it would be helpful to a lot of people, starting something more akin to what an average person would start.
    And not just becuase I am about to venture into affiliate marketing 😉
    Terrific idea BTW!

  485. Blog… 😀

  486. I vote for a new software company. Thanks

  487. Wow , but of course Nutrition Blog !! And I am ready to steal great insights for my wished blog on nutrition at work. ( be generous with us please :-)…) Bye Neil

  488. The Nutritional Blog. “Soft” topics seem like a bigger stretch. If you can do it for a non-business, non-IM topic, far from your own known niche, that proves more and provides a better roadmap for those of us pursuing other non-business, non-IM niches.

  489. go For New software company

  490. Awesome!

    Mastermind, if you can’t do all 3 🙂

  491. Thanks Neil – this is really exciting.

    I think the nutrition blog makes the most sense as it would be the one that most people reading your blog would think – “I could do that too !”

    Here’s some’s questions
    1) how much are you planning to spend on getting it up and running?

    2) Is your income figure net income i.e. after all expenses ? If not, what net income would you be targeting.


  492. The nutrition blog would be more of a challenge, and a learning experience for more of us, I think.

  493. Nutritional blog!

  494. Cool! I vote nutrition blog.

  495. I think you should do the nutrition blog. Would be interesting to see you start this from scratch and learn the steps you’d take to get that up and running.

    I do know, however, that you already have skin in the game here with your existing fitness blog. However, you not known for it. So, I find the challenge of this interesting.


  496. I’d love to see your journey starting completely from scratch so I would say the nutrition option. That being said the mastermind group is extremely appealing to me.

  497. Johanna Campbell :

    Nutrition blog is my first choice – as the other guys have said – starting from a blank canvas. Affilate income techniques of interest to me as well.


    Only way to demonstrate this claim from scratch!!!!!

    I’m soooo excited.

  499. Do all 3 and see which one is actually successful and can compare time to retrieve ROI

  500. I vote for nutrition blog. Something totally out of your element and a very crowded space already. Show us how you could make it work.

  501. Josue Valles :

    My vote is for the nutrition blog.

  502. Software (maybe a mobile app)

  503. I choose the nutrition blog

  504. Nutrition blog,

    I’d like to see something built from the ground up without leveraging an existing brand.

  505. I choose the nutrition blog.

  506. I would love to see you take the nutritional blog to $100k per month. That would be fun to watch.

  507. Kosio Angelov :

    My vote goes for the Nutritional blog. All the other ones seems like they could be helped by your current brand. The blog seems to be the most neutral and interesting to see how it goes.

  508. Nutrition blog +1

  509. I vote for the Mastermind Group

  510. Carlos Rosario :

    Love the concept and looking forward to seeing what pans out. My vote is for the Mastermind Group. I’m trying to do something similar so watching someone else go through the trials and tribulations is going to be fun. By the way, found this via my buddy Bill Davis in…The Tribe (Facebook Group).

  511. Also vote for nutrition blog, as it’s outside your comfort zone. Monetizing a blog is challenging (for us mere mortals), and it’s something anyone could apply to their own niche. Can’t wait to see you get started!

  512. Nutrition Blog!

  513. nutrition blog!

  514. Nutrition blog!!!

  515. Hi Neil!

    I’m a fairly new subscriber. Thanks for your work — I love it.

    A few weeks back you had a post about a man who cold emailed you asking for a monetary donation (that you kindly gave)… then there was another man who made a separate request of your time.

    I thought to myself, “wow…. women would rarely (if ever) take that type of risk.”

    If you create a nutrition blog, your advice would probably help a lot of women who are not as bold as the men who typically read Quicksprout. Maybe it’ll increase your female audience too.

    So, that’s my vote… nutrition blog.

    Mastermind groups are great, but there are so many on FB. They get annoying and tedious after a while.

    Just some food for thought. 😉


  516. Nutrition blog

  517. Rusty Frets Guitar Shop :

    I’d rather see you take a startup online/retail business, like my guitar shop (perhaps I’m biased, lol) under your wing and help build it like that. Starting a blog, like you’re suggesting is okay, but it isn’t always easy to apply to a retail business. Perhaps seeing your example will be different from others that I’ve seen. I’m just sharing what I’ve noticed from others.

  518. Mastermind Group All The Way – Would love to see the FB ads that you would use to drive really high level spenders and business thinkers.

  519. Sumit Sharma :

    I will go for a Software firm or may be crowd force (mobile app) for well being of earth i.e a better creative idea. what say? Neil

  520. I vote for the nutrition blog.

    Must say, great way to get opt-ins

  521. nutrition blog, cause we like to learn more content marketing

  522. I would prefer the mastermind but I see a lot of vote is going towards the nutrition space already. If will be a good idea that all three be implemented but since you want just one…let’s see how you do mastermind.

  523. One more for the nutrition blog!

  524. Vote for nutrition blog

  525. My vote is nutritional blog as that one seems far from what you do now. 🙂


  526. You could also do it under a pseudonym to ensure that your name doesn’t inadvertently affect the results.

  527. I would like you to start a software company. The other two niches are interesting but too competitive and not really forward thinking.

  528. Pulkit Trivedi :

    Hello Neil,

    I will Suggest you go with nutrition blog, Because it’s too much competition and different from your niche also. So, I would lie to go with that..

    All the Best

  529. Karla Tammekand :

    Nutrition blog for sure, please keep me updated.
    I want to learn.
    Thank you

  530. Karl Karrlander :

    Neil, it would be interesting to see if you can pull the nutrition blog off since you’re basically an unknown in that space. If you could pull that off, then you’ve gained my undying respect for life when it comes to online marketing.

    Sure, you have my respect now as well but that would be a feat. Just to be sure, is your goal to make 100k/month in one year from now?

    All the best of luck to you Neil, and I look forward to seeing some updates! Keep us posted,


  531. nutrition blog

  532. Tara Woodruff :

    Id Love To See the Health and Wellness blog!

  533. Nutrition Blog! I would love to see how you find ‘ethical’ affiliate offers in this space…

  534. I vote for nutrition blog.

  535. I’m for the software. I myself is trying to launch a web-based software and would love to know how I could market that.

    As for the nutritional blog, I just think its a very crowded space. So Neil is right that his network won’t help him. I feel that if he launches a mastermind group, he can easily make that $100,000 because of his name recognition and brand. Thus that would defeat the purpose.

    Therefore, a software company would sound more logical and would be relevant to what I do.

  536. Mastermind Group. Selfish reason. I’d like to join it. 🙂

  537. Nutrition blog!

  538. I vote for the nutrition blog. I think this would be the most impressive challenge for you Neil

  539. I’d love to see the nutrition blog coming to life, as this is definetely the option that is furthest away from your stuff that you got today!

  540. Miguel campaner :

    Create a new software. I always love to know how people like yourself create something beneficial through research. Go for it!

  541. Nutritional blog, for sure. It’s an overcowded space, and will enormously educational to see how you tackle this challenge.

  542. I vote for the nutrition blog. I would love to see you work in a space where your reputation is not a major boost and you are essentially starting from scratch.

  543. Nutrition blog.

  544. Nutrition blog, build from scratch :-).

  545. My vote goes to the Nutrition Blog.

  546. I vote for the nutrition blog – lets learn how to make money with it

  547. Hi Neil sir,

    My vote is for starting up a nutrition blog. That actually helps you and your readers to note down each and every thing that you’re going to do.

    All the best ( if majority votes for this ) ????


  548. Nutrition blog is the only project closer to the “anyone can do it” spirit of the challenge. With your existing network a couple of emails would create a great mastermind group (it terms of marketability), and for the SW, well, anything you put out there will be consumed like crazy by your fans, so that would not prove much. Unfortunately I fear that’s the one that will win.

  549. Hi Neil, I love your emails! This post has me particularly interested, for selfish reasons. I would love to see you make the nutrition blog a success, as there really isn’t a lot of health/wellness focus from experts like you (seems to be mostly tech/seo/marketing focused). Either way, I’m intrigued about this experiment!! 🙂

  550. I know you can make money from option 2 & 3 easily, hence i would like you to choose Nutrition blog.

    This would be interesting and challenging i guess 😉

  551. Nutrition blog is the place where you’re the least known. Software would be the most interesting but you’d have to do it under a pseudonym – there are LOTS of people who would buy marketing software from you just based on your reputation. Even if you didn’t leverage your name for traffic and promotion it would still help in conversion from “cold” traffic. Doing it under a pseudonym would work better. It’s also arguable that because of your experience you’re in a better position to come up with great ideas for software than most people.

  552. I would love to see new software rolling to the market!

  553. I vote for nutrition blog. And I’m curious of futures performance. 🙂

    Hi Neil

  554. Juan Camilo Salazar :

    Nutrition blog!

  555. Neil I am amazed you find it so easy to make money. I take my hat off to you sir. Truely amazing if you can do this.

    Will you be using high powered backlinks from your current blogs though?

  556. Hi neil
    I would like to see you something different, and it would be a nutrition blog.
    Why? because you have already demostrate us, that you are able to do something like that with software niche.
    I woould like to see you do the same in a very different niche.
    Is up to you Neil, but anayway thanks for share it with us.

    Which will be the periodicity that you will share your advances?Every week? Every month? And How?

    Thanks Neil

  557. David Smethie :

    Hi Neil, I’d be interested in seeing you build a business around a nutrition blog. Just out of curiosity, what kind of traffic generation strategies would you focus on? Would you use paid media for content amplification (FB ads, Twitter ads, Outbrain, Taboola, etc)?

  558. My vote goes to the nutrition blog.

  559. Nutritional Blog please.
    Love your stuff, looking forward to following your progress.

  560. Julie Berthelot :

    Nutrition Blog! 🙂

  561. Definitely the nutrition blog! 🙂

  562. Also I vote for software company. Long term cash money in the bank.

  563. I vote for the software business.

    Hmmm now I wonder if you will use or something to tally these responses.

    Good luck Neil this is a very cool initiative. Imagine if governments could work like this?

  564. David Lawlor :

    I also support a nutrition blog as I believe that I will learn most from it in the context of my own activities which are not in that space. The analogies should be very interesting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience so freely.


  565. Roberto Zanon :

    Nutrition blog please, I think it is the more easily “applicable” for other niches as well.

    Thank you 🙂

  566. Mastermind group

  567. The Nutrition Blog – as per the above comments – this is outside of your existing experience and would be really interesting to see how far you can take it with your marketing skills.

  568. My vote is for the Nutrition blog or Mastermind Group, since the last one would take advantage of your already established connections and followers (which many of us haven’t reached yet!).

  569. Nirpendra Patel :

    I would love to see nutrition blog … health niche is the most complicated and hard to beat

  570. Any of the three would be a challenge, for one I would pick a nutrition blog

  571. I’d vote for the nutrition blog too, and as requested above, please tip us off as to when you start it.

    I’ll be following this very keenly.

  572. Nutrition Blog !!!

  573. A new SaaS marketing app sounds good and it’s already your bread and butter and you can leverage your existing audience to sell it. I have some product ideas for new SaaS marketing apps and WP plug-ins that would be right up your alley and aren’t related to heat or scroll maps. : )

  574. Hey Neil,

    that sounds really exciting. I’m voting for the nutrition blog because i’m thinking of starting my own and it’ll be really helpful and exciting to learn from you! 🙂

  575. Neil, I would challenge you to try the nutrition blog, since it is a heavily competitive niche and completely out of your present expertise and market.You definitely would be starting from scratch and building up a whole new base of followers! I would like to see if you could “cross-over”.

  576. Hi Neil,I am commenting after a very long time here.But yeah
    I will vote for a software.I believe something great and extraordinary will come out from you.

  577. nutrition blog.

    good luck with this…..really impressive way to inspire.

  578. Ruchira Modi :

    Nutrition blog! That would be fun to see grow.

  579. All three sounds good.start something which helps people in getting rid of their debts.I lost my job and now having a debt of 10000$ so undergoing very difficult time.:(

  580. Jeffery Craig :

    Definitely a Nutrition blog!! A new market place for you…new information that you haven’t used or are familiar with….PLUS…a new consumer base that is not tech oriented!! Strictly marketing skills demonstrating anybody can do what you claim!! AND…that would be a new verification for your knowledge!!

  581. Ashok Khandekar :

    Hi Neil,

    I think you should go for Nutrition Blog because I will has an opportunity to watch the process.

    Good luck Neil.

  582. The nutrition blog, sense you have 0 experience in this niche, it will be more interesting.

  583. Kevin Sozanski :

    Damn, this idea is beast! Definitly voting for the “Mastermind group”.

  584. DO THE NUTRITION SITE!!!! I want to see who get into a niche without the “expertise”:)

  585. I vote for the nutrition blog, since it would be a great example for those of us who are starting to blog. Thanks!

  586. Tushar Bhaware :

    New software company.

    I think that will be hardest.

  587. Nutrition Blog! Loving Quick Sprout, Neil.

  588. Nutrition blog because I have experienced the sweet taste of affiliate juice and would like to see how you’d build out a startup.

    Damn, Neil, you’re one of the greatest gives on the web — thanks for ALL YOU DO..

  589. A “Mastermind Group” could be really interesting.

  590. I would vote for the nutrition blog. That will be real practical example for most of people out there !!!

    Btw your posts are awesome n you r more than awesome !!!

  591. Hi Neil, awesome idea. And seeing the replies, many people think so.. 🙂

    I would love to see all three, since;
    1. Is more niche minded;
    2. Is more business minded;
    3. Is more product creation minded.

    I think all three have a different approach and also other challenges.

    Good luck and will be following this one close..

    Have a great evening.

    Best, Bennie

  592. Yes! I love this idea! PLEASE DO NUTRITION!!!!

  593. Nice idea Neil.

    I’d like to see you do all three over the next three years!

    My preferred starting point is definitely the nutritional blog as that’s the space most people could enter without most easily.

    Best of luck.

  594. Andrew Cordova :

    I say software because I’d like to see your step-by-step process.

  595. Nutrition blog!

  596. Dear Neil,

    I vote for the nutrition blog ! I’d really like to see you start from scratch in a niche you don’t master (yet?).

    Good luck,

  597. I too would like to follow your progress with a blog in an area where you are not know, so my vote is for the nutrition blog.

  598. Nutrition blog 🙂

  599. Nutrition blog, will be a great case study to follow.

  600. `I want to see the nutrition blog… I have recently started one and i selfishly want to see how to get it up and running! Best of luck!


  601. Hey Neil,

    Nutrition blog.

    I wish you the best and look forward to the follow-along.


  602. I vote for the Nutrition Blog. It’s the only one of the three where Neil’s name won’t help him at all, and he’ll literally be starting from scratch like most other people.

    That way he’d really be able to show how anyone with the right strategies can build a site to $100k in monthly income.

  603. Charles Anderson :

    I vote for the nutrition blog. I would be great to see how you scale this type of site.

  604. Martha Hubbard :

    My vote is for the Nutrition Blog. Can’t wait to follow this venture.

  605. Hi Neil,it’ll be great if you could do the nutrition blog..thanks

  606. Nutrition blog. It seems the most fair and level playing ground

  607. Nutrition blog

  608. Nutrition blog

  609. I’d love to see all the but my vote is on the blog. That’s definitely a great challenge for a lot of people.

    Neil, are you gonna just update on here or do updates elsewhere?

  610. I definitely vote for a “mastermind group”.
    Because, through a mastermind group, you may generate the other two options (nutrition blog and new software company).
    Activating these collateral projects (and eventually others) within the group and with the participants’ collaboration.
    At the end?
    If everything worked, you may create a sort of blueprint denominated “100k a month within 1 year”.
    My vote and, good luck!

  611. Nutrition blog!

  612. shawn kummer :

    Nutrition blog, $100K per month…. would love to see this happen and the process you took to get to the goal.

  613. Nick Pritchett :

    My vote is for the software company!

  614. Software company. Would like to see the step by step approach for creating the software product and making it successful.

  615. Nutrition blog or software company 😀 I’m interested in both of them. I would wish you good luck but you probably don’t need it 😀

  616. Nutrition blog all the way, thats the most attainable by a regular person…

  617. Nutrition blog with the help of affiliate programs …

  618. Nuno Barreto :

    Great idea, Neil.

    I’d say Nutrition

  619. I would love to see a Nutrition Website up!!

  620. I vote nutrition blog, because of already-crowded space. I have my doubts about $100k per month, but would love to see it actually happen.

  621. I vote nutrition blog.

  622. nutrition blog thanks!

  623. The nutrition blog. It’s the project that gives you the least opportunity to leverage your existing reputation, which makes the information gained about the process more applicable to a wide range of your readers.

  624. Elisha Kayne :

    Nutritional Blog!! I currently have a new blog I created in January. I have yet to make a dime because I’m focused on creating my anchor content and I haven’t launched a product yet. I’m in the spiritual self-development niche geared toward the Millennial generation. Watching you start from scratch could really help me out a lot! Either way I’ll follow what your doing and I’m sure I’ll get some great business advice.

  625. I would love to see you do it with the Nutrition blog.

    It is very competitive and you have no advantage … so it would be incredible to see you succeed. And I hope you do!

  626. Nutrition Blog.

    Agree with other comments that this is likely the farthest from your brand and also it is a model that is more common where the average would-be internet entrepreneur could jump into without particular expertise.

  627. First of all, this is a great way to foster valuable conversation; I like the way you come up with original ways to discuss entrepreneurship. You kind of gamified it here.

    I vote for the mastermind group, as it’s something I’m looking at and would love to see how you would differentiate and monetize it.

    Tom Nora

  628. Neil, you are the real guru!
    I would vote for nutrition blog. 🙂


  629. Nutrition Blog! I’m developing a similar blog in a different niche industry and would be very interested in seeing how you develop it.

  630. Neil,

    I’d love to see you do a nutrition blog to see the process you use to bring traffic to a new property in which you’re not already well-known.

    And also because I imagine you’d write entertaining posts like “How I Gained 37.5 Lbs. of Muscle from Eating 88 Lbs. of Cliff Bars.”

  631. Either mastermind or nutrition – both sound awesome! I’d read them.

  632. slecna Barbora :

    I say nutrition blog.

  633. Mastermind group all the way

  634. I’d love to see you to do a mastermind group!

  635. Nutrition blog please ?

  636. Neil, I’d vote for nutrition blog. As it’s really crowded and I think making so much money within a year is really hard. I know, online branding is essential here but no one knows your name in that market.

    So it would be a challenging task for you to make $100000 a month from nutrition blog.

  637. My vote if for the Nutrition Blog.

  638. I vote for the blog!

  639. Felipe Moreira :

    I vote for a nutrition blog

  640. Nutrition Blog

  641. Nutrition blog please. Let’s see after a year what the results are like.

  642. Although not a fan of the nutrition niche, I think it would be the most interesting for your project, since it will be fairly easy for all of us to follow your tactics, and you could also show content of real value, since most of the marketers in that field, well, are not that good.

  643. My vote is for a Mastermind group.

  644. Angela Magnotti Andrews :

    My vote is for Nutrition. But I have a question. How are you going to prevent yourself from leveraging Neil Patel or Quick Sprout while you’re reporting here about it?

    How will you set up the Bio and all that without leveraging your name?

    Do you plan to succeed and then a year from now share all the details?

    I think it’s an interesting and very important challenge you’re undertaking here. I look forward to hearing more about it, at whatever point you decide to let us know.

  645. Please create a nutrition blog..

  646. My vote is for the nutrition blog!

  647. Trevor Gustaveson :

    Nutrition Blog.

  648. Nutrition blog

  649. Anthony Yeung :

    I would love to see you develop a nutrition blog. As a person with credibility in the health/nutrition/fitness space, I would enjoy learning from your own progress.

    (If you’re interested, I can also send over a few ideas on how I can help.)

  650. I vote for software startup as this is the thing I am most interested in.

    Thank you very much as you are doing this for us, your readers.

  651. I’m seconding (or 50th-ing) the votes for the Nutrition & Health blog because it would indeed appear to be the most “square one” for you. Though, I also rather wish you would shoot to develop an authority site on a fresher, more interesting topic/niche altogether. I’m kinda fried on the millions of food, fitness, etc. blogs. Regardless, completely psyched to see you run this project!!

  652. As a person who is creating their own software (nich SaaS offering)…I vote SOFTWARE!

  653. Danielle Brown :

    Hi Neil

    I like to see you create a nutritional blog.:-)

  654. My vote would be a nutriton blog.

  655. Michelle Janosi :

    Ha! I thought you were going to give me a step-by-step with that headline but you creating a site from scratch is just as good 🙂

    I like the idea of you doing the Nutrition Blog because it would be a true testament to actually creating this awesome income from scratch since you are not known in this space and your personal brand won’t help you.

    I hope you pick this one but either way, I look forward to reading about it.

  656. Arthur Charles Van Wyk