How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money

Who says you have to spend money on marketing to grow your business?

From social media to SEO to even content marketing, the possibilities to grow your business in ways that don’t require capital are endless.

To show you how you can grow your business without spending any money, I’ve broken down 9 tactics that you should be leveraging.

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How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money

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Marketing doesn’t have to cost money. Look at businesses like Dropbox—its team has built the company to be worth over a billion dollars, all without spending money on marketing.

And it’s not just them either. Google also built its multi-billion dollar brand without spending money on marketing.

So how are you going to grow your business without spending money on marketing?

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  1. Parampreet Chanana :

    You are always great man! I learned almost every things from you, Thanks a lot & thanks for this post too!

    • Parampreet, glad I could help. As always let me know if you need help with anything at all.

      • Neil This is an Great Infographics with Great information i have learn Alot with this Post and i will happy to Add This Info graphics in my blog Post.

        Hope you don,t Mind 🙂


      • Hi , what could be the growthhack or marketing hacks , if we are offering a car rental platform for outstation in india ? And NEIL PATEL you are doing wonderfull job keep it up.

    • unfortunately most of the suggested methods are really very difficult to put into practice.

      • @marco How do you figure that Marco? I mean, why would you say that? Have you used or put these methods into practice? I am curious, mainly because I like to learn from others trials and errors. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the very helpful tips, this post will definitely help me get the word out about my free blog as well.

    Practical and spot on, wow!

    John Pate

    • John, glad I could help. I really wanted to provide some assistance to those who have a bootstrapped and lean marketing budget. Let me know how it works out.

  3. Hi Neil!

    Your Post are always informative, I was just seeking the ideas for marketing without spending much on that, finally I got some really valuable information from this info-graphics. Thanks a lot

    • Manuwar, thanks for reading and I hope this article provides some value and helps you grow your traffic. Keep me posted on progress.

  4. Some nice tips there, Neil! Thanks for sharing!
    Great infographic neil as always! I will try to apply all these strategies you shared here.

  5. Nice Passive Income :

    Thanks but i have a question. I know pictures say a thousand words and i do love infographics because they illustrate very well. My question is as a content marketer how do infographics get you seo results since its an image and this article has very few typed words?

    • Here is a guide I created on the subject a while back. Essentially shows you how to build links from infographics — it’s a bit dated but the principles still apply.

  6. Piyush Ranjan :

    Hello Neil again,
    Every time when I landing any blog, most of the cases I found one quote. SHARING IS CARING. I feel that this is the only thing to do. You have mentioned that facebook took 10 months to generate 1 million people. But I found your’s stated too. You are among the top bloggers and I went through each amd every post of yours and specially those where you have mentioned how you generate million pageviews with your blogs- kissmatric, crazyegg or quickspout.
    So all is sharing. Right.
    Thanks for sharing this infographics.
    -Piyush Ranjan

    • Piyush, glad I could help. I definitely think at it’s core marketing is about sharing. It’s about making things go viral and spreading messaging across multiple mediums. That’s why it’s vital to use a multi-channel approach to grow your business.

  7. Steven Lucas Internet Marketing Blog :

    Wow!. What can I say. So much good information and at such reasonable cost too.

    Where do you get your infographic made up? I have recently discovered Canva but my art skills still need a lot of practice. Are you a graphic guru too?

    Thank yo anyway,


    Steven Lucas

    • I actually have my own designer, however, if you are looking for something that is more cost effective I would definitely suggest using Canva.

  8. Awesome Neil, i read your posts daily. Thanks for sharing.

  9. cheryl hennessy :

    hello neil .. thanks for the practical and easy to follow advice.
    word of mouth (or virtual word of mouth) is still the best growth tool. i truly believe this type of non cash investment pays off when used in conjunction with complimentary strategies such as offering incentives – who doesn’t love something for free 🙂

    thanks for sharing your great content.

    • Cheryl, I agree — it’s a definitely a great way to build leverage and help others out while helping garner traffic to your site. Thanks for the feedbak and let me know if you need help with anything.

  10. I find that sharing is caring and also commenting on other blogs is great too! But word of advice….be nice.

  11. Nice info graphic Neil, I was just starting my blog, your posts are a good source of knowledge for a beginner like me.

  12. Neil sir, as always you’re great. Good tactics that you’ve used to grow your business. You do always care for your readers and you’ve given such informative post to us. I do wonder that how you’d helped so many companies to grow their revenue. May I ask you, that how do I build relationship with influencers to share my content ?

  13. sherman smith :

    Hey Neil,

    There are endless of possibilities to build our businesses and make sales without spending money. Depending on who you know it can either take a lot of time or little time to accomplish this. You named some great strategies we can leverage that’s overlooked by most!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  14. Adi Hermawan :

    Nice post and very helpfull 🙂

  15. Vandana Singhal :

    Hi Neil,

    Information shared here is very useful. However, I feel it is difficult to take actions using all these methods due to either lack of time or lack of funds. Guest blogging is one of the toughest methods as bloggers do not respond.

    But I am sure.. if one follows these methods… will definitely get results.

    Thanks for this well defined infographic making things easier to understand.

    • Vandana, glad I could help. Let me know if any of the tactics provide some marked results — looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. wow this is awesome neil, wait for next topic

  17. Helo neil i have a quesion what if i make muilti niche blog ? will it get rank ?

  18. Huseyin Cetinbudaklar :

    Dear Neil,

    Why did you remove my comment without even commenting on it?


    • Hi Huseyin,

      Why don’t you do your things like the way you’re supposed to do…

      Still waiting to receive something back from you!

  19. This is very helpful, informative, thank you Neil Patel, it’s not just about the post, you have helped us marketers a lot.

  20. I’m going to grow my business with great content and putting my audience first. Purpose before profit.

  21. Gaurav Kumar :

    Hey Man, That’s why you are awesome and inspiration for all blogger and internet marketer.
    This is an excellent information,
    Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful info graphic, Going to share in my twitter, facebook page, and my blog.

  22. Great Article Neil. Learnt quite good stuff from it.

  23. Neil, you won’t believe I am huge fan of yours 🙂

  24. Thanks For Wonderful suggestions. Please provide the websites, who provides facebook, twitter discount during checkout…

  25. Who are you, Neil? Where do you come from? Everything you do just explode out of nowhere.

  26. wow your this infofraphic image is very informative and interesting and it is easy to learn how we can attract and get to the customers.

    • Amit, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

      • thanks Neil, for your support but i must tell you that i always enjoys to read to your blogs because i learns some thing new from your posts.

  27. These are some great tips. Thanks so much for sharing. I always enjoy reading your articles.

  28. hi Neil
    great advice. How goes google link your social media activity to your website? I mean if i had lots of retweets and followers, how does that increase my website rating. do i have to have the tweets ect on my website page not in my social media account?

    • Charlene, there are definitely social signals that do get sent. However, the traffic generated will be primarily through click through exposure.

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