Hitting a Plateau with Your Organic Traffic? Here Is How You Keep Growing

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Google is constantly evolving. Not only is its algorithm changing, but the type of data shown within its search results is changing too.

For that reason, it’s important that you understand all the changes that have been happening over the years. Why? Because it will help ensure that your site stays relevant so that you will maximize the amount of search traffic you are gaining.

Download this cheat sheet of 6 things you need to be aware of to rank better.

Here are 6 things you need to be aware of to rank better:

Google wants to answer your questions

Have you ever done a search for a term like “how to get more retweets?” If you do, you’ll see that the results look like this:

how to get more retweets

Can you see what Google did? It pulled the ten tips from the Crazy Egg article and placed them at the top of the search result. This is due to the fact that Google is now better able to understand the meaning of words and phrases since its Hummingbird update. The cool part about this is that if you answer questions within your content, you can have your blog listed right at the top like Crazy Egg’s is.

When leveraging this tactic, make sure you are answering specific questions such as “how to get more retweets” or “what color is the sun.”

what color is the sun

This tactic worked so well that the post generated 2,954 visitors in the last 30 days from Google. And those visitors stayed on the page for at least 6 minutes. That is really high, considering that the average time on-site for the whole blog is 49 seconds.

The reason the time on-site is much higher for this one article is because visitors have a clear understanding of the content they are about to see. They saw a preview of the content within the Google search result, so if they click through, you know they are extremely qualified visitors.

Translating your content won’t create duplicate content

Why would Google show your site on international search engines when it can showcase listings that are targeted towards that region and, more importantly, listings that are in the correct language?

Sure, you may still get some traffic from Google’s international search engines, but you will get better traffic if you translated your content into each individual language.

I’ve been running an experiment on NeilPatel.com: I translated all of the blog posts into 60 other languages. So far, it has shot up my number of indexed pages to over 1,000. That’s not bad, considering that I didn’t have even 30 indexed pages before.

indexed pages

If you want to learn about how you can translate your website into multiple languages, check out this article by Google.

If you have a WordPress blog, you can easily solve this problem by installing Transposh plugin.

As these translated blog posts are getting visitors, I am seeing more traffic to the NeilPatel.com blog… how much more traffic—I am not sure yet as I’ve only been using the plugin for a few days.

But during the few days, I’ve seen 1,029 visitors coming to these translated pages.

Deep links from authority sites will boost your rankings

Over the years, I’ve done tons of link building experiments. What has worked extremely well is getting authority sites to link to my internal pages.

It’s not easy to do, but it can help grow your search traffic rapidly, especially if your blog or website is new. Just look at the search traffic of my personal blog.

search traffic

As you can see from the image above, my search traffic increased by over 60% in 30 days. It’s mainly due to links from authority sites. I am generating them through PR deals with companies like Audience Bloom. They are pitching authority sites, like Forbes, stories about my website…

Sometimes they accept the pitch, and other times they don’t, but the good news is Audience Bloom only charges you when a story gets accepted.

If you don’t have the money to pay a company to help you do this, you can also try to get these authority links on your own. All Audience Bloom is doing is pitching tons of contributors on stories. It’s just another form of outreach… it’s a lot of work, but it does help.

Localized pages tend to rank well

Have you noticed that Google has been showcasing local companies within search results? Search for terms like “SEO company,” like I did, and you’ll see your results will be different from these:

search results

Why? Because those results are tailored to me due to the fact that I am in Los Angeles at the moment.

If you want to maximize the amount of search traffic you’re receiving, you can do a few things:

  1. Create localized sites per each region you are targeting—a site for each major city where most of your business comes from.
  2. Create landing pages targeting each city you want to rank well in. Yelp does a great job of this, and it has worked extremely well for them.

Now, option 1 is probably a bit unrealistic, but option 2 is doable. Just make sure the content you are placing on each city page is unique and high in quality, or else you will get slapped with a Panda penalty.

Your website needs to be mobile compatible

Consumer websites already know that they have to be mobile compatible, but B2B sites are still slow on this. Why? Because very few people use mobile devices when checking out a B2B site.

In 2013, 1,253,127 visitors came to Quick Sprout from mobile devices. In 2014, that increased to 1,311,230 visitors. Although the mobile growth is slow for Quick Sprout, it’s not for the rest of the web.

Google has been seeing a huge increase in mobile searches. By the end of 2015, it’s expected that 50% of Google’s paid search clicks will be from mobile devices. This is also why Google is taking load time into account when ranking sites.

If you want the best rankings, make sure your site is responsive and loads fast. It may not boost your search traffic in the short run, but it should in the long run.

Implied links is the future of link building

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who mentioned your site linked to you? I wish that were the case, but a lot of people forget to add the link. So, all you are left with is “brand mentions”… which Google calls “implied links.”

Google actually has a patent that covers this, and it discusses how implied links can potentially be used to impact rankings.

This means you shouldn’t just focus on links. Having such mentions on authority sites, even if you aren’t getting a link, can still help with your rankings.

A good way to get more brand mentions is to get interviewed. When someone interviews you on their website or blog, they will usually link to you. In the worst-case scenario, they will at least mention your and/or your company name.

If you want to increase the number of people who interview you, follow these steps.


If you are a marketer, practicing SEO isn’t enough. Sure, sharpening your skills can’t hurt, but if you aren’t staying up to date with the latest trends and news, eventually your competitors will outperform you.

Don’t just pay attention to the trends I mentioned above. Continually look out for other trends and changes as you use Google on a daily basis.

How else can you increase your organic traffic?

P.S. If you need some help in growing your traffic go here.


  1. Neil, I love the fact that you included deep linking to authority websites because this is a tactics most bloggers don’t take advantage.

    I have been writing articles on authority sites like Huffington Post and have been deep linking to content on my website. I thought, why not boost my own external links by linking to other pieces that I write for other websites.

    I think the author rank social graph will be very important to Google rankings within the next couple of years, so I growing my author rank now by contributing to other related websites.

    • Donny, thanks for the insightful feedback. Sounds like you are on the right track. Would love to keep hearing these types of insights from you moving forward!

    • Donny,

      How do you become a contributing author on Huffington Post? Thanks 🙂

      • Lisa,

        It is all about becoming an influencer in your industry and developing an online content profile and building relationships.

        Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @donnygamblejr

  2. Wow Neil! That translating tip is a good one. I didn’t even think of translating all my content.

    In regards to the first point, Do you worry about on-page optimizing when writing? Or do you just write quality posts that your audience will enjoy?

    I supposed thats the age-old SEO question. But I’m just curious what you think.

    • Tyler, I just focus on quality and the rest usually follows. If you do the same you’ll find that the results will be pretty great. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

      • Neil, great article like always…….I recently read an article in Business Week that specifically talked about the lack of quality content in foreign countries (India was the example they used)…..did you have to change your site structure to organize these new posts? I did a quick G search for your blog and see that you have your posts organized by category, which looks like by language……if a site does not currently include category in the URL (simply xxxxxx.com/post), do you see the creation of these new posts by language being a problem? Thanks.

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    Thanks for the another awesome post.
    It will be better, if you will publish a complete guidelines to translate a site and how it will help to get more traffic.

  7. Randy Kauffman :

    I like the link to being the person to be interviewed. This is good stuff. Thanks Neil!

  8. Piyush Ranjan :

    Hello Neil,
    Yes. You are absolutely right. Practicing SEO tactics is not enough now a days. As Google is improving itself day by day it is more essential to learn all those updating features and one should go through that technique.
    For example, Google loves to tell our answers. So we need to provide answers to Google.
    It is an excellent post.
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  10. Neil,

    Good post as always, and thanks for telling us about Audience Bloom.

    Question: I’ve seen you focus in the past few years writing blog articles on how to make use of content to rank on search engines. I am interested to know what you also think about other marketing strategies like affiliate marketing (or cross email promotions) to build list. Do you think it can also be sustainable in the long term like content creation?

    PS: You should write a book! 🙂

    • I second that.

      You should write a book Neil 🙂

    • How do you say I second that when you are Nr. 3. Yes, I agree on the book idea. Many people do a lot of their basic reading – getting a first idea on a topic through books. So it would be a great idea to write a general book – like a real one one paper – to increase your audience and reputation even more.
      And if you need a publisher… ask me. That´s my profession and expertise. However we at Down to Earth publishing found that big books do not work for all authors and readers. So what we do is short manuals – called quadros with 28 short chapters and ideas for immediate action. Let me know if you are interested.

  11. Translation tip is good advice Neil.

    Focusing on the organic traffic is the best investment one can make. It’s always nice to know different ways to achieve it.

    It doesn’t hurt to seek knowledge and keep yourself updated.
    This post is really nice and it makes you want to learn more and know more.

    Thank you.

    • Anand, glad you found it helpful. Organic growth is always something people should strive for and focus on. It’s all about doing the right things to get sustained traffic.

  12. Neil! You are trying to blow up my head!
    It would have been better if this is made into a 7-day course.
    This is deeper than many would think.
    I have to come back when my brain is cooler.
    Thanks as for always. You rock! You Nail it!

  13. The translation tip and audiencebloom.com seems very useful. Going to try them both. Thanks Neil for another super duper useful post.

  14. Transcendence Works :

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for discussing “implied links” as that was something I had been wondering about… If being mentioned would become part of the signals Google used towards ranking.

    And the plugin for translation is very cool too! I will have to give that serious thought, although not for 90+ like you did for your site.


  15. Alfonso Prim (Innokabi) :

    Very good post Neil. Very interesting that you included deep linking to authority websites as mention Dony Gamble. Thank you!!

  16. Is this the Forbes article you mentioned?

    Is that a typical example of the stories Audience Bloom lands through their pitches?

    Thanks for all the great info. It’s well-written with tips I can use immediately… or after I check my Twitter notifications one more time…

  17. Pete Herrnreiter :

    Hey Neil – a question about your first point “Google wants to answer your questions”.

    How can we as marketers actually take advantage of this? Does Google simply take the #1 ranking article for those keywords?

    What exactly is the best way to see my content look like this other than just creating a top 10 article? Or is that just it?

    • Pete, great question. I would suggest also incorporating headlines that stick and that have calls to action. It’s important to focus on problem solving and capturing the attention of readers.

  18. Manish Rauthan :

    Hi Neil,

    Really interesting post again. I also saw these types of search results in google.

    I am currently using google translate widget in my one site and yes it is really effective.

    Thanks for these new tips and tricks.

  19. Great post as usual Neil! I’ll have to give the translation tactic a shot since I’m already getting international traffic and sales anyway.

  20. HI Neil,
    It’s a great post.Thank you for sharing it…

  21. Hi Neil Patel

    I don’t know about this transposh plugin which converts our websites into different languages, thanks for sharing it, link building with authority sites with audience bloom is new information for me.

    Defiantly mentioning authority people’s name and brands in our blog through interviews can boost our blog’s reputation and visibility, once again thank you for this information.

  22. Great post Neil I try to follow your advice when time and budjet allows. But tell me, with little to no marketing budjet, am I doing everything wrong. So hard to survive in ecommerce. 8 sales in 18 months is it all worrth it. I just wasnt to feed my family. Why does Google hate us small businesses and favour all the large wealthy ones. Will anyone find my site on organic traffic?

    • John, it’s always a challenge and I understand your pain because I was there once. You just have to keep providing valuable content though and the rest will follow. Let me know if you need any specific help.

  23. Hi, Neil,

    Great suggestions in this post. Although, I’d be cautious on how to approach translating your content. If driving traffic is your goal, using automated translation tools and plugins is fine.

    If you are serious about conducting business with people in their respective languages/cultures, I’d recommend having professional human translators and localization experts complete the translations. There are certain things when it comes to translating that a computer just cannot understand, such as matching content with context, etc. The end result… poor quality translations that create bad user experience.

    Another potential problem is that once you have your content translated, how are you going to deal with incoming leads that contact you in their language? You need a way to communicate with them to close the deal, whether through an interpreter or translator.

    For those of you thinking about translating content, think about the above two points. Otherwise you might be in for something you’ve not planned for.

    If traffic is your goal and translation quality is not an issue, then automated translation tools are the way to go. If you are serious about marketing to international/multicultural audience, invest in professional translations.



    • Vic, Thanks for the insights and suggestions. To speak on your main point I have focused on automated translators because more often than not they are a bit cheaper. Actual translators can be quite expensive. Great points though.

  24. Great ideas…for sure will try to implement this..

  25. Thanks for these awesome tips Neil, much appreciated. I just started following you a few months ago and love your insight.

  26. Hi Neil, thanks for another great article. The localised pages tip definitely works well, as well as with local rich snippets /ratings data. I’ve seen some good results with both of these for local SEO. Cheers!

  27. Oh my gosh, this is soooo valuable. 99% of our traffic comes from Social Media — I can only imagine how it can explode if we use even a couple of your suggestions.

    Thanks so much for this….

  28. Hey Neil,

    I think gaining deep links from authority sites is one of the best approach to passing a link juice to get ranked well on search engines or to increase website visits too.

    About translating content in different languages, It is completely new for me honestly but will definitely explore it to serve the global crowd of customers.

    Many many thanks for posting. 🙂

  29. Nice post Neil,
    I was truly helpful.

  30. All the things you mentioned here are quite simply more than essential. But truth to be told SEO and all kind of stuff like that is going crazier and crazier through the time.

    Personally I treat it like an investment for future, coz you have to account that you may not taste here the instant effect.

    • Adrian, that’s true — which is why I emphasize building out the right architecture so that you can reap the fruits of your labor later.

  31. Erich Bushorn :

    I eagerly await your next “challenge” post. Thanks for sharing!

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