Can You Grow Your Organic Traffic Without Generating Content?

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Did you know that the average web page that ranks on page 1 of Google has at least 2,000 words of text?

That means if you want more organic traffic, you have to create tons of content, right?

What if you don’t have a content bone in your body—does that mean that you’re out of luck when it comes to your rankings?

There has to be another solution…

Luckily for you, there is. Before we get into that, let’s first dispel the myth that you have to generate more content to grow your organic traffic.

Does more content mean more organic traffic?

When you think of the best ranking sites on the web, which ones come to mind? Sites like Wikipedia, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Mashable, right?

The reason all of these sites rank so well is because they have thousands—if not millions—of pages with unique content. In general, if you create more content, you’re giving search engines more keywords that will help them rank your site.

word count

If you look at the image above by SerpIQ, you’ll see that the average web page that ranks on page 1 of Google contains at least 2,032 words. And when you look at the top three positions, you’ll notice that those web pages have at least 2,400 words.

When you start dissecting the keywords that most of these content-rich sites rank for, the majority tend to be long-tail keywords. Just look at Quick Sprout: 91% of my organic traffic is generated through long-tail terms due to the fact that I write content on anything related to marketing.

long tail traffic

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get rankings if you don’t produce content. Take UpWorthy as an example: they get millions of visitors from search engines when they rarely write more than 100 words of content on a page.

If you search for the phrase “unrealistic bodies,” you’ll see UpWorthy with the first spot on Google.

upworthy rankings

What’s even more impressive is that the body of the post contains only 55 keywords.

You may say that “unrealistic bodies” isn’t a popular search term. And it isn’t. But UpWorthy is competing with 19 million other web pages that also rank for that term. Which means they must be doing something right…

Plus, it’s not the only search term they rank for. They rank for 17,112 more popular terms according to SEMrush. And some of these terms are indeed popular… such as “Rosa Parks” or “Robin Williams.”

But UpWorthy still generates content

I know what you are thinking… UpWorthy only gets organic traffic because they generate content. And sure, they may not create as much content as Wikipedia, but to some extent they still create text-based content.

Airbnb, on the other hand, also generates millions of organic visitors a month, and they rank for competitive terms like “vacation rentals.”

If you look at Airbnb’s home page, what don’t you see? You don’t see much content.

airbnb homepage

Even when you look at listing pages, the only content you see is short descriptions and reviews, both provided by users. The user-generated content might be helping them rank, but it doesn’t perform as well as it would if it were Airbnb-generated content.

Just look at this warning I got from Google last year

google warning

It shows that Google knows the difference between user-generated content and content created by the website owner. Still, Airbnb ranks for long-tail terms like “Brookstone apartment by Central Park.”

airbnb rankings

And if you want to see a site that ranks well but contains little to no content, check out WhitePages. Just perform a search, and you’ll see that their listing pages contain little to no content, yet they rank for competitive terms like “people search.”

So, what’s the secret to ranking high if you don’t want to focus on content generation? It’s backlinks.

Do backlinks help with rankings?

What Upworthy, Airbnb, and WhitePages have in common is they have a lot of natural backlinks pointing to their websites. When I compared them to using my analyzer tool, I saw that both sites have more organic traffic than Quick Sprout even though Quick Sprout contains web pages with more in-depth and longer content—over 2000 words per page.


If that doesn’t help convince you that links are important, consider this: Moz asked 120 search marketers what they felt impacts a site’s ranking on Google. Can you guess which factor they listed as most important?

rankings analysis

As you can see from the chart above, links are the most important factor. Twelve out of the top 15 ranking factors were all link-related.

When you look at these popular sites that contain thousands of backlinks and little to no content per page, you’ll also notice that they have something else in common…

They have a lot of web pages indexed. Airbnb has around 45 million pages indexed; Upworthy has close to 10,000; and WhitePages has 105 million.

So, how can you grow your organic traffic without generating more content?

How to grow your organic traffic

Just like Airbnb, Upworthy, and WhitePages, you can get hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of organic visitors per month as long as you do the following:

  • Build more pages – whether your pages are content-rich or not, you need more web pages. The more pages you have, the higher your probability of ranking for more long-tail terms.
  • Make your pages count – if Google doesn’t like the content quality on your web pages, you will get slapped with a Panda penalty. To avoid this, you want to utilize technology that helps you create valuable web pages, like White Pages has done. Or you can choose to focus on creating user-generated content such as reviews, like Yelp and Airbnb have done.
  • Press builds links – UpWorthy, Yelp, and Airbnb all did a wonderful job getting media exposure. By getting mentioned on sites like The New York Times, not only were they gaining traffic but they were also building up their backlink profiles, which helped their search engine traffic. To get media exposure, you can either hire a PR agency or use a free service like HARO.
  • Be proactive – there are dozens of ways to build links if you are willing to put in the time. This article I wrote recently breaks down seven tactics such as leveraging Quora or using broken link building. And if you find yourself with more free time, check out this guide on link building.
  • Be patient – if you aren’t writing in-depth articles, your search traffic won’t grow that quickly. In the long run, you can still gain organic traffic, but don’t expect miracles overnight. I remember when I first started checking out Airbnb, they were getting over 100,000 visitors a month from search, and most of the organic traffic came from people searching their brand name. Things are different now, but it took time.


You can grow your organic traffic without generating content. It won’t be as easy as leveraging content marketing, but it is still possible.

Just look at companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. They all receive millions of organic visitors a month, and none of them truly focus on blogging. Instead, they focus on creating great products or services.

If you want to grow your organic traffic and you don’t want to create content, focus on building backlinks. It’s the best way to generate more search traffic, even though it is hard work.

How many backlinks does your site have?

P.S. If you are looking for more ways to grow your traffic without leveraging content marketing you should check this out.


  1. I have used your tool big bro 🙂 its awesome. Thank you for this post 🙂

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        • Here’s how to get more traffic from search engines without posting new content. “Perform keyword research”.

          Perhaps finding golden keywords is the only way to increase your search traffic. Without keywords, posting content is useless in my opinion.

          Great share Neil!

          • Airbnb they work on an algorithm which takes in many factors. Please add my house listing to your WISH LIST on Airbnb, when you are in London, U.K then you will know where to stay.

  2. Build more pages is something New to me. Earlier I have read out at Quicksprout as Page Total words(more than 2000) should be important for ranking. So Now the thought is to build more pages.

    So you need to build more pages with Quality articles. If You built more pages(Focusing on quantity and not on quality) Means you cant rank well on SERP. Nice article.

    With Regards

  3. Good article Neil. It’s definitely possible to grow your organic traffic without producing content, but it just takes longer and you have to be more creative.

    • Yes, I thought without content it’s near impossible but I have hope

    • Laura ~ Raise Your Garden :

      I’m going to ask Olaf to give you a nice warm hug for me Neil because I loved this post that much! Pithy and short is how I like writing a post ~ I’m just not up for writing ridiculously long posts and find that I don’t read most post that are too long either [insert short attention span issues here].

      Backlinks are exciting and they are the #1 way I’m growing my organic traffic on my Home & Garden Blog !! It’s totally where I’m focusing and it’s working. I’m calling up every garden and nursery center from here to kingdom come asking for a backlink (and I’ll happily give them one in return) and we can work in collaboration. Win Win. Unlike the Super Bowl and Tom Brady = Losers!

  4. another great post as always. Looking at the moz chart in number two is numbers of Google+ ones? I don’t’ believe that for a second.

  5. Tyler, Easy Agent Pro :

    I used to focus on backlinks and recently scrapped the idea to follow your “Double your traffic in 30 days” post.

    Went from 5k uniques a month to over 30k in under 3 months…

    I think organic traffic and SEO can be impacted by links and content. But it’s kind of more than that isn’t it?

    It’s hard to un-organically build every signal Google looks for when sending traffic to sites. But it’s easy to get that traffic if you have a huge site that people naturally go too.

    Lately, I’ve been focused on building ‘bowling ball’ sites that are just so big that Google can’t ignore them.

    It’s not backlinks or content. It’s just being so good that everything works. People comment on posts. I’m all over social. And even Google sends some traffic my way.


    • Tyler, awesome to hear. Sounds like you have tackled a niche that works. It’s all about having the right audience at the end of the day.

  6. I have personally used Quora,and trust me my posts and comments still generate traffic for my site(even small amount, since I stopped doing it). So I can vouch for Quora. Great Post Neil, Keep them coming 🙂

  7. Most of the top pages in Google are Wikipedia entries. These always have 2000+ words.

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    Great Post Neil. I need more creativity! LOL.

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    This article would be a counter attack, who doesn’t support backlinks 🙂

    • Palash, can you elaborate?

      • Palash Kumar Daw :

        There have many guys who don’t care backlink strategy. They are thought creating backlinks a naughty work.

        If any new business lunch, however they will be reach their customer. At 1st they are need analyze where their targeted customer is coming. In those place they must be add their website directly or indirectly.

  10. Nice read! Thanks for this awesome post Niel. Quicksprout helps me grow my (yet weak) content bone day by day 🙂

  11. Thanks Neil,
    Before i read this post, i was worried about my shorter articles. But now i know that quality is important.

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  13. Praveen pandey :

    Back links are soul of any swo strategy. What will be an ideal do follow and no follow back link ratio. And according to you how much this affect your rankings.

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  14. Good Advice, Neil. Backlinks matter, and so does content. AND, getting media coverage is a great way to get some backlinks.


  15. Hey Neil

    Super like for this post as you know I am launching an Amazon Affiliate site and was confused about its 2000 + pages ( products) content . Now got the solutions. It should be review based having lesser number of words 🙂

  16. Steve Estimable :

    Neil, informative post.

    Great to know twelve out of the top 15 ranking factors were all link-related.

    Q:How many backlinks does your site have?

    A: 1, haha not yet launched!

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  17. This is amazing as ever Neil. Though it’s more of a headache to me., but it’s worth the try – writing longer words posts.

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  18. Hey Neil,

    Number of backlinks is surely an important factor in search ranking. But anyone needs to understand a strategy and risks he or she follows.

    For example, building backlinks in some way may be considered as ranking manipulation by Google and be presented with a penalty.

    Also, I’ve seen that as blogging becomes more and more competitive, there’s a tendency to put more focus on building more quality content rather than building more backlinks (kind of pure SEO projects).

    I believe that a good quality content strategy in a long-term can bring really great results in the world where there is a mediocre content overcrowding.

    It’s funny to see though that established websites with a lot of poor content overrank really quality pages.

    Another aspect of backlinking is that naturally very few people may want to link to you unless you have a strong brand. Even a super great content does not help to get backlinks as much as a strong brand does.

    So, as a resume, backlinks are good but it’s only a part of a game. And if you want to survive and thrive in a long-term, one of the sure ways to success is to invest your time/money in a high-quality content. But it depends on whether you have a long-term strategy for your blog.

  19. Jaan Kanellis :

    I manage SEO for HUGE forums, with 1000’s of great backlinks, but they have been smacked by Google in the past few years. They have little or no UGC spam and have good engagement. So why do they rank worse now according to your article?

  20. JMichaelWarner :

    Great info as always Neil! I build storage sheds, cabins, kits and related products. I am trying to grow beyond being a construction company and into manufacturing company. I am in the middle of putting buy in now buttons on my products. Right now for each style of kit I have 19 sizes and variations on each of those sizes. Given the info in this article it seems like I should have one page with all the product info on it. On that page, links to the buy in now page for each product variation.

  21. Guess what writing content for your website does? Create backlinks 🙂

    It’s all part of the same plan in the long run. Your site needs to be popular and respected – content or no…

  22. Backlinks from high PR pages boosts our organic traffic to some extent. I have personally experienced it for one of site. But the PR should be high and should not be spammer.

  23. SEO gurus have no clue what they are talking about. I break every single one of these rules and still rank really well.

    Its all about posting content like a human being and not for a machine. Forget the rules just post. Thats it. No magic formula will get you ranking. Backlinks. Ha! I have like 3.

    My content is really thin. But its timely. So it ranks. Even content that is months old still ranks. Just post like a human.

  24. Great article i will implement all these on my website.

  25. 17 Backlinks from one article with no other link building efforts.

  26. Building rich content can be applied even though I create the content for a backlink for my primarly site? Also, if it is a description for a product on an online shop I can not create content with more than 2.000 word, only if it is generated by user reviews. In this regard I can not create rich content.

  27. Those studies on 2000 words you point to were done in 2012. How accurate is that still?

  28. Dr. 'Malik Haruna King :

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    I get it. Quantity is important; so is quality. Great content is vital. Quality backlinks are needed.

    Noted. Taken. Thanks.

  29. Great stuff as always Neil, truly a thought leader and expert in your field!!

  30. Eric competing with the big guys can be a headache in the beginning. So the question you should ask yourself is am I focusing or local or international. If its local then it becomes easier to rank once you include keywords pertaining to your locality. You can even take it a step further by including the keyword of your state.
    Other strategy include creating detailed article such as the top 50 spas in your state or locality. This article i can promise you will make you the top 5 for spas to visit in your state. Why? because its a detailed post. Secondly its a link magnet. Have difficulty creating such a post outsource its creation. Am available for that anyway. You can also do are guest post. So couple these strategy together with working together with partners not direct competitors. I.e. Your guest post should go to sites complement your service. For example you can post a guest post on a site into manage, or a blog on healthy living. Not a blog that are into spas. Hope it helps

    • Wanted to say post to sites that is focussed on massage as therapy

      • Hey Peter, thanks for the info! We do focus on local and have implemented most of the strategies that you suggested and that is a great idea for a detailed post, thanks!

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    I agree with you quality content and backlink still works.thanks for this useful post.

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  40. I think this is now clear to me that I can rank my sites in different ways, even if I am not generating a lot of text content. For that I have to wait, use my creativity and try to make my content viral.

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    • Yup ! I do believe that there is a good team behind this. It is not the work of a single person. And by the way he has his own good analytic tool.

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  51. Exactly, I previous had a blog were I used to post only videos, pictures and links to whatever things I found interesting and it really performed well, it was even ranked well but now that I have sold that site and started a content heavy site I surely don’t get that kind of organic traffic.
    I guess social popularity plays a major role here.

  52. I still remember in early stage with just under 200 words article containing links approximately 10, ranked 1st on google for a keyword that most companies copied my strategy later on. I made $ 200 within 4 months doing nothing. Just 3 pages on my site.

    You know what I did?

    I just created a “Perfect title” with Keyword combinations. People used that phrase usually. I worked hard to find that alone,once I got the phrases I use it on my title that’s it.

    But nowadays things changed. Need to take care of other things in addition to Page/post title.

    Bottom line – “Create pages with title matching with user query in search engine.”

    Toggle yourself as a user who is looking for the information – You will get the title.

    Just my experience 🙂

  53. Hi Neil,

    A long time reader first time commentor. I really enjoyed your article. It just happens that I was researching how sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy get so many visits and yet don’t have a lot of written content apart from videos and photos.

    But from reading your article they have load of pages. So my idea can still be explored. Now that I know I can can leverage the number of pages, by using photos and getting user involved. I still love seo and the power keywords have, so I will have to share a few paragraphs of content as well 🙂

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    Here’s to ever-changing SEO!

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    We’re currently putting several of your suggestions into practice, and I’m hoping they will generate positive results for us.

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