The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

Do you know when the best time to write is? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening?

Just like you, I was curious, so I decided to do a bit of research. The answer I found shocked me.

Here’s what I learned…

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The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

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I tend to do my best writing in the morning and have been doing so for years. By being consistent with my writing schedule, I’ve trained my brain to be prepared to write during that time.

Funnily enough, I also generate most of my ideas in the morning. I think it’s because I tend to run in the morning, which helps my body produce more dopamine and creates an optimal time for my brain to get distracted and come up with creative ideas.

So, are you going to change when you write based on the data in the infographic?

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  1. Love it!
    I tend to get the best ideas when working out. Thank you Neil.

  2. Andy Calloway :

    I find evenings are best. When the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I just slope off to the back room and start writing.

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Whats Up Andy,

      I totally agree with you on that when the kids are asleep and you can focus your attention fully is when it gets done.

      Also though, my best ideas are totally the shower scenario. I tend to become at peace with the noise and just sit there and brainstorm before writing down or documenting the ideas to start moving on.


      Christopher Pontine

      • Andy & Chris, thanks for sharing your experiences. I expect to see a lot more comments from you guys during these peak times 😉

  3. Rohan Chaubey :

    Hi Neil, What an interesting infographic! I am a big fan of infographics. I love it!

    The reasons stated here are spot on. And for me I love getting up early in the morning and do something creative. 🙂

    Also, studying something before dawn helps me to retain it better compared to the evening or late night.

    Thank you. Have a fantastic day/evening. 🙂

    Rohan Chaubey.

  4. Randy Kauffman :

    Maybe this will help. I don’t seem to be good at writing at anytime.

  5. Nice Post Neil,

    I wonder where you get all the energy in getting ideas such as these, well for me my best time to write is very early in the morning , I take a quick nap when I come back from my 9 to 5 job and then write in the early hours.

    though most of my blogging activities happen on real time, but for the sake of writing its early morning, with cool jazz music

  6. Lovepreet Aulakh :

    Another Great post Neil

    I want to know that creating a lot of content (like 100 posts)
    before launch of blog is a good idea or not.

    again thank you.

  7. Beth Hawkes (Nurse Beth) :

    Very interesting, and I must learn pictograph, your visual layout is stunning. I will use your tip to write in the mornings. I’m not sure I can turn off my Fb and Twitter streams while I write-but I should.
    I’ll try.

    Thanks, Neil. You rock.

  8. Thanks soo much for this information Neil. I mostly write or work harder in the evening, by then am more focus and i have less destruction.

    During the Day I collection information and inspiration for the evening and thats how come am able to work to better my blog ( each and everyday and getting a lot of tips from reading your blog as well. Thanks for this post.

  9. Interesting post, Neil.

    It’s known, that best time for different activity is connected with brain’s waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, And Gamma).

    There are even special programs that help determining the best time individually. But everyone can determine them on their own. On the whole, you just need to listen to your self carefully, and not to try do something when all your body wants to do something else 🙂

    Some time ago I researched about accelerated self-education and got to know that generally morning time (a pair of hours) is great for leaning (it’s somewhat close to writing using creativity).

    So generally it’s recommended to spend first working hours on reading and educating rather than looking through and answering generic emails, checking website statistics etc what people do in order kind of warm up before work.

    • Michael, interesting… I will have to look into your observations. Thanks for your continued insights — they are great!

  10. Great post Neil,

    Personally I prefer to work at the very early in the morning, I am more productive in that time more than the night or during the day…

    Best of luck!

  11. This is quite interesting Neil.

    I write best in the morning and creative idea pop up mostly during my walks in the morning and evening.

    But I’ve tested working at nights – early mornings as well. The same applies around 1 am – 3 am. However, I prefer mornings primarily due to the willpower being at its peak.

    Thanks for the lovely infographic. They’re always brilliant.


  12. Hello Neil,

    This was very interesting and fun at the same time, Personally I will change my habits of writing, in the morning, now i tend to mingle and not every single time is effective.

    Thank you and have a great weekend.

  13. Hey Neil

    I like these types of posts. Entreprenures don’t always connect when they’re at their personal best – They do there best work.


  14. thank you for sharing the great stuff.
    I am not early bird, but it seems I could write best in early morning or some time late night.


  15. neil patel.. Thinks to change my writing skill to new more better way.. Thanks for your awesome tips..

  16. Great info shared interesting.Will follow the instructions..thanks for sharing

  17. Edvin Löfgren :

    Quality post as usual, I will definitely try this and the long tail keyword strategy you posted.
    Thank you.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this post Neil

    I am a kind of boy who used to wakeup at always 11 or 12 when there is no class, but I am thinking to try this out just for you…!! hehe
    just Kidding….!!

  19. Ashish Nagwanshi :

    Hi Neil,

    The best time for me is between lunch and evening. The time from 2pm to 7pm is the most productive time for me.


  20. Great post Neil, and spot on might I add. I find I get my ideas in the morning too, but as you state, it’s important to write without distractions.

  21. Awesome infographic, Neil! Packed with insights.

    I’m a big fan of the morning ritual, too.

  22. Wow just wow 🙂 I will share this with my content writers , bloggers friends

  23. Harshit Sharma :

    Hi Neil,
    I haven’t tried writing in the morning. In fact I starts writing in afternoon or evening. These times works well for me, but there are some problems. Soon will start to follow you and start measuring the results.

    Harshit Sharma

  24. Henrico Ellis :

    Neil your post is dead on. I either write in the morning or evening. All of my creative juices seems to flow nonstop during these times. Also I use events during the day to spark many of my blog topics. Nevertheless great post.

    – Henrico Ellis

  25. Nice interesting topic. I like these types of posts.

  26. I do my run/workout in the morning and my writing which is why I call myself a “morning person” but I never thought to consider that because of that I might do my best problem-solving at night? Will keep an eye on this!

  27. I’ve found that afternoons, right after lunch, is when I can crank out the most content. If I had to guess, my afternoon cup of coffee is greatest muse!

    Keep up the great work!

  28. Interesting topic! I love to work in the morning. but sometime in the evening.

  29. I get so many ideas while I am driving that years ago I started putting a pen and paper on the console of my car. With really good ideas, I have to pull over to the side and write them down. Give me an 80 mile trip and I can come up with so many ideas, I’m busy implementing them for days!
    I”m going to try writing in the morning; I’m a night owl, and this may be the change I need.
    Thanks, Neil!

  30. Morning for me~before i get out of bed i am planning my day and what I will be posting on my website. Interesting article Neil thank you. I have just shared this to my husband who has just started to blog for his website. Cheers

  31. Ideas, more ideas get into me when performing lonely activities like taking a bath, sipping tea alone and even when stressed up.

  32. As far as Generating Ideas is concerned, i always keep a blogging diary by my side because my brain is weird, it gives me ideas any time of the day so before i forget that i quickly note it down in the diary.

    As far as writing is concerned, i also prefer morning time. Because the brain is fresh!

  33. Great infographic Neil, I always find the best time to be after work when I get home. Too much distractions during the day.

  34. Really helpful infographic. I was struggling a lot with my writing habits. Perhaps with these tips in action, I’ll be able to do better. I’ll make sure to try these out.

    Thanks for sharing Neil!

  35. Great infographic Neil, thanks for the advice you share!

    I’m currently facing this problem – to train myself the habit to write every day. I wanted to ask you 2 fast questions:

    1)When exactly do you tend to write in the morning? e.g. from 9 to 11
    2)When do you wake up? (approximately)
    3)How often do you write? (5day/week, every day, etc.)

    Thanks a lot!
    Georgi Ivanov

    Co-founder & CEO @ Enhancv

    • Georgi,
      Thanks for the feedback — great questions!

      1. I write on weekends, at night (8-11pm) and in the mornings (6am – 8am)
      2. 6AM typically
      3. Everyday

  36. Daniella Bien-Aime :

    Neil: Great post. Thanks for sharing some of the science behind how time plays a factor on our creativity. I am a night person, so I tend to write and reflect at night. Yet, I get some of my best ideas in the morning.

  37. Arthur Wilson :

    This is probably the best blog post you’ve written for a while Neil.

    Always interesting to self-evaluate when you produce your best content, and like you I found the mornings are best.

    I wouldn’t see checking my email as much of a reward though!

    • Arhur, glad you liked it. Every now and then I like to run an inventory to see what works and what doesn’t. This time I used time as a variable to test.

  38. Since I have started my new blog I have struggled with when I should write. I found out that I am most fluent and more in a flow state in the mornings rather than in the evening.

    I like to call my daily ritual “Early Wake, Daily Write”

    Quick question NEIL: Do you think writing often is better than writing more? In regards to helping me improve my writing.

    • Saad, I think you should write often just to keep your skills sharp. I think that means the same thing as writing more tbh 😉

  39. Right after reading one of your inspiring infographics… that’s the best time to write creatively.

  40. Neil,
    I love getting your emails not only because I know you produce quality content but I your site is a work of art. Always a joy.

    This post was a great one for consideration as well. Seems like a different times or our lives we also shift from being an AM to a PM person and vice versa.

  41. Jordan Letourneau :

    Hi Neil, I enjoy reading the guide. I’ve save all of guide for my reference in the next project. Kudos for your excellent work!

  42. @Neil Patel

    your have share very nice article “The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively” i am very happy to read this

    The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

  43. Hey., Thanks soo much for this information Neil. I mostly write or work harder in the evening, by then am more focus and i have less destruction.

  44. Working full time and attempting to write on a professional basis is difficult. It all boils down to discipline. Getting up at four in the morning and laying down what is needed for an hour takes a certain type of guts. I am sure we all have it. We just need to tap into it.

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