7 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through Rates on Facebook


If you want more traffic from Facebook, you have to focus on getting more shares and likes, right? Although that’s true, it’s not the only way to generate more traffic.

What if I told you that you could get more people to click on your Facebook postings?

On average, 6.5 people out of 100 click on your Facebook posting. But with a few tweaks, you can get more people clicking on your posts and heading over to your website.

Here’s how:

Call to action

Did you know that images within your wall posts are clickable? For that reason, you should consider using an image that contains a call to action versus one that just looks like a stock image:

no call to action

Can you guess what happens to your click-through rate when you add a call to action like in the image below?

call to action

On average, we see a 14% increase in clicks. That’s not too bad, considering that all you are doing is adding a call-to-action button within your main image.

Share your thoughts

When you share a link, you don’t want to just post a link with an image. You want to customize your posting and make it more personal.

I know I break this rule a lot despite the fact that my team continually tells me to add my two cents when sharing a link.

A good example of this is Amy Porterfield. If you look at her status updates, you’ll see she adds a bit of text to personalize them.


Can you guess the difference in click-through rates between having some text introducing your posting versus not having any? When we tested this, the difference was 8%.

So if you are going to post a link on Facebook, add your opinion. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds… and the increase in clicks makes it well worth it.

Image colors

What image colors do you think get the most clicks? Most of the articles you read around the web will talk about one specific color converting better than the rest.

And although it may be true for some websites, it might not be necessarily true for yours.

You have to test how image colors affect your conversion rates. What works on Facebook, according to my experience, is drastically different from what works on most websites.

In general, on your own website, images and call-to-action buttons that are high in contrast and stand out tend to get the most clicks.

But with Facebook, I found that images that blend in tend to get more clicks. Images that contain a lot of white, grey, and blue colors, like the hexadecimal color #4c66a4, tend to generate the most clicks.

When using the colors described above, we saw a huge lift in our click-through rates. We were able to increase clicks by 16% to 28%.

Open Graph

Chances are you haven’t heard of Open Graph. In essence, it provides you with meta tags to place on your website to ensure that URLs get shared correctly on Facebook.

When you don’t use them, sometimes when other people share your URLs, your posts look like this:

no open graph

And when you do use the correct social media meta tags, Facebook-shared posts look like this instead:

open graph

Can you see the difference? One looks pretty, and the other one doesn’t.

Out of all the things we tested to increase click-through rates, this one had the biggest effect. If your URLs aren’t showing up correctly on Facebook, you can increase your click-through rate on average by 39% by using Open Graph.

Post timing and frequency

Did you know that your posting frequency on Facebook affects the number of clicks you generate?

Posts that go up on Thursday and Friday tend to get the most engagement, while posts shared on Monday through Wednesday get 3.5% less engagement.

Timing also has a huge impact. Some people recommend that you post between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., but that window is a bit too big if you ask me. Posting at 1 p.m. tends to generate the highest number of shares, while posting at 3 p.m. generates the highest number of clicks.

Your posting frequency also affects the number of clicks you receive. We tested posting with different frequencies, from multiple times a day to only once a week. What we found is that posting once every other day will get you the highest number of clicks per post. When you post multiple times a day some people start to ignore what you are sharing.

To recap, if you want to get the most clicks, you should:

  • Try to share your most valuable posts on a Thursday or Friday
  • Post at 3 p.m.
  • Space out your posts every other day


One interesting thing we noticed is that posts with more engagement received a lot more clicks.

What I mean by engagement here is comments. In particular, I am talking about comments left by you.

Let me explain… When someone else leaves a comment on your wall posting, you can either like the comment, delete it, or respond to it. We found that liking the comment didn’t do much, and, of course, you wouldn’t want to delete it as that would be just rude.

But responding to each and every comment had a huge impact on clicks. Status updates that contained responses received 9% more clicks.

So the next time you post a link on Facebook, make sure you respond to people’s comments. It only helps.

Headline length

You already know headlines affect click-through rates, but have you tested headline lengths on Facebook?

We found that the ideal length for blog headlines tends to be the ideal length for Facebook headlines too. In essence, the shorter the headline, the better.


Now, of course you can’t have a one-word headline, but ideally you should keep it to under 80 characters. Similarly to the data from the Fast Company article I linked to above, we found that Facebook posts that contained shorter headlines received more clicks and engagement that those with longer headlines.

On average, updates that contained headlines with fewer than 80 characters tended to get 15.4% more clicks.


The next time you are considering posting on Facebook, ask yourself… are you following the 7 tips above?

If you do start following the tips above, you’ll notice more traffic from Facebook. But don’t just take my word for it — try it out yourself.

How else can you increase your Facebook click-through rate?

P.S. If you aren’t getting enough traffic from Facebook, go here.


  1. About the first tip… I read that Facebook will punish “salesy” posts like the first one.

    I agree that a post like this has a better click-rate. My question is: If I use this, do I have to face lower view rates for my page posts in the long run?

    • Sebastian, not necessarily. If you have a catchy headline and image people will be more inclined to stop and take a look.

    • Elizabeth Hinckley :

      Just ran a slew of different types of ads on Facebook. I am pretty sure your Click Here Sales Conference ad would be rejected, based on amount of text on the page. We struggled with this quite a bit when we were creating ads.

      Also, Facebook limits the length of the text you can tease with…

  2. Good Tips there Neil, changing up my social posting schedule now as we speak !!!

    • Darin, awesome! Let me know how it works!

    • Laura @ Raise Your Garden :

      I tend to agree. Need to think about times when I post. Image really is everything isn’t it…..I find that bright, colorful, eye popping images gets more clicks, more views and more interest than blah. Now I know, since I have a gardening website (no, not one of those boring, poetry ones,,,,,bleh) bright, pretty pics are a must. Yellow in particular is catchy for my audience…who knew?

  3. Good Job! I think I also have to rethink my social media posting strategy now. Thanks!!

  4. Md. Hamim Mondal :

    Great Tips.

    My posts on Facebook give me too low CTR. Thanks for giving this awesome tips how to increase click through rates on Facebook.

    I’m damn sure these tips are going to very helpful for me. because your tips never fail. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week ahead. Neil :):)

  5. Andy Pope - PUA :

    Not sure about your recommendations on the posting schedule. If you have an international audience, your suggestions might not be suitable.

    Also, if your target segment has unusual consumption habits, you might want to take a different approach. For example, I do most of my reading on Internet Marketing on the weekend or late at night after work. That’s when I have the most time.

    • Andy, it definitely goes to case to case but there are some general assumptions on timing that can be made based on timing.

  6. Spending at least $1 a day on promoting these post will help you reach more people on Facebook since organic reach is dying even if you have over 1,000 page likes you’d be pressed to reach 1-2% of them now a days.

    • Xavier, promotions definitely work. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Sorry, but that is just not true. Can’t hear about the decrease in organic reach anymore. I have several pages for different customers above 1000/2000 fans and I always get at least 20% organic reach. Depending on the content even 400% (just again last week). There has never been a decrease and I never had to promote a post.
      I have colleagues who experience the same thing.

  7. Jeremy Campbell :

    Very interesting stats here, I would have thought that there’s less engagement on passive Friday’s vs a Tuesday or Wednesday for example. Good insights into shares and clicks too, thanks for sharing this data Neil!

    • Jeremy, thanks for the insights. The data will vary as I mentioned but these are some basics I came up with on my own.

  8. Moshiur Rahman :

    I got some awesome tricks, I just wondering to know about the post color & posting time. Just going to try with these tricks 🙂

  9. Great post!

    Just a quick tip from observation: Facebook tends to showcase posts that receive a lot of comments and likes much higher in people’s newsfeeds. So if someone comments on your post, make sure to like their comment, and respond to it by mentioning their name (type in ‘@ and then search for their name.. you don’t have to mention their full name – mentioning their first name is fine).

    Oh, and never like your own post. Not only does it look weird and desperate, but I don’t think Facebook really likes this either. You don’t want FB to bury your post somewhere, invisible from people’s newsfeeds.

    • Gabby, thanks for the awesome tips. I have been using that strategy for a while now. Had no idea about liking your own posts though — thanks for the tip.

    • Great tip Gabby, thanks, I will keep this in mind too.

    • Thanks for the tips Gabby, I have really been struggling to get better engagements on my Facebook posts. I’ll use your advice next time. Oh and great observation on the last point you made about liking your own post.

  10. Thanks Neil,

    Perfect timing – I’m a few weeks into a customers Facebook campaign. The call to action in the image is starting today… lol


  11. Thanks a lot neil, you save me a lot again..
    My conversion sky rocket after using your tactics.

  12. Very good insight Neil. I too have low CTR in Facebook. These suggestions are going to be very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great post thank you, I am starting a new “Fan Page” to start branding myself rather than the company. I’ll start it off using the advice in this article.


  14. Edu, glad they were helpful.

  15. Neil,

    Thanks for the post. Honestly, I’ve been frustrated with Facebook and how they railroad you into paying for reach. At the moment, it seems to me Instagram is the best social media as far as reach goes. I guess I should also mention I’m a poor bootstrapper so that has something to do with my negative thoughts on Facebook as well. What would you recommend for a broke guy who doesn’t want to pay for reach?

    • My two cents on that would be go for Twitter.

      It is very easy to buuld a large organic following and if you’re smart with your hashtags and timing reach can be huge.

    • Jake, we’ve all been there. I would say just focus on quality content first and foremost.

  16. Thanks so much for doing the research for us, Neil. I really, really appreciate it! Tomorrow is Thursday, and I can’t wait to try it out!

  17. “..To recap, if you want to get the most clicks, you should:

    Try to share your most valuable posts on a Thursday or Friday
    Post at 3 p.m.
    Space out your posts every other day…”

    Are you talking about 3 pm in whatever time zone the person posting is in? 3 pm EST? 3 pm PST? We are a national company so this makes a difference to us.

  18. Hey Neil,

    These are indeed great tips. I’ve learnt something here 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  19. Another great post! I’ve certainly improved my SMM skills from your infinite amount of educational posts. Thank you, Neil.

    May I ask you a quick question, if you have the time?

    If you were a 2014 graduate, just beginning your entrepreneurial career path, would you choose SEO or SMM as the more vital skill to have?


  20. Google updates are killing the SEO strategies which are being followed which makes me think about moving to SMO. This post helped me to understand the importance of SMO ads.

  21. Thanks for the post and tips Neil. Social media and the science thereof, seems to be a main contender if we’re looking for better clicks through rates. I will have to rethink my strategy, thanks again.

  22. During my earlier days of promoting on social media, I followed “Less is more” concept but failed completely and later I tried “Call to action” and noticed good results. Will try above things now

  23. Stephen Thomas :

    Thanks for the tips. I will try them and see how they help me down the road.

  24. Thanks Neil, Really nice tips.

  25. Hey neil,Good post i guess i am going to change my social post schedule after reading this….

  26. Hello Neil,

    This is really awesome helpful post to increase Click-Through Rates on Facebook. It will help me to increase Social Traffic to my site

  27. Sarah @ Pretty Simple Ideas :

    Neil – I’d like to incorporate these tips into a book I’m helping ghostwrite. What is the best way to attribute it to you?

  28. Hi Neil,

    Will these tips meant for free posts?

    Thanks for the help

  29. Hi

    Nice article. Would love to hear your thoughts on what’s a good click through rate for post boost ads?


  30. Hi Neil.
    Good Job! I think I also have to rethink my social media posting strategy now. Thankss

  31. I am really impress to read your suggestion for increasing click through rate. I am working on http://www.icdownload.com/ can you give any idea to increase click rate of this site. If you give the response it will be high appreciable.

  32. Khalid Ibrahim :

    Great tips as always. I absolutely agree with engagement. Responding to comments will get you more clicks. Keep up the good work.

  33. Excellent article. I have one more question – how do I add a link to a photo (like the social media summit one)?

  34. Jonathan Pound :

    Thanks for your informative article about social media success. You make a great point about choosing your images carefully. Social media is very visual, and choosing the right images will make your social media advertising and campaigns more successful. Thanks again for your post.

    • Jonathan, glad you found it helpful. It’s important that your images align with the content of your articles. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  35. I am doing FB advertising and facing issue regarding the click rate, can you guide about the “Boost Post” option
    can we use these tips similarly on both ??

  36. Good job including the Open Graph solution Neil 🙂

    I always see these types of “How to Increase CTR/Engagement on Social Media” articles, but they never mention Twitter Cards or Open Graph at all. Which is a shame, since

    For anyone wondering how to do the process automatically, without messing around with your website’s code and risking breaking something, you can check out this helpful video

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  38. How can I improve the reach and CTR for facebook video? What is the average reach and CTR for a mid level facebook page related to women care?

    • The more specific you can be towards the audience the better performance you will get at the end.

      • Can you please guide me with it? I also wanted an average reach a mid level page has for its video so that i can set the target.

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