How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks


Can you believe that something as silly as a car made me a million bucks? What’s even funnier is that I don’t even own a car or drive…

So, how the heck did I make a million bucks from a Ferrari that I don’t even own? Well, I’ll get into that a bit later.

But first, let me go over an up-and-coming trend—lifestyle marketing—in which people are telling the world about their fancy lives. People are posting images of their multimillion-dollar homes, exotic cars, and extravagant watch collections all over the web.

When you see these images, what are some of the thoughts that come to your mind? Maybe you think the person posting them is a successful entrepreneur, a trust fund baby, or has the smarts, or maybe you think nothing of it.

I’ve never really tested lifestyle marketing in a public form because I don’t think money determines how successful a person is. For example, my mom is a teacher who never made much, but in my eyes, she is successful because she affected thousands of lives in a positive way.

But that still leaves the question: does lifestyle marketing help you make more money?

Although I hate spending money, other than to help others out, I’ve been testing and analyzing lifestyle marketing over the years. And the results are astonishing.

Here is what I learned:

Do somewhat fancy homes help you make more money?

As an entrepreneur, I worked so much that I was rarely home. And for that reason, I lived with my parents in Orange County till the age of 23.

When I moved, I rented an apartment in Seattle, across a drug park. The place was only 275 square feet, and the elevators smelled of urine. I actually didn’t mind living there because the location was convenient and the place was affordable. 

Six months after I moved into the apartment, my buddy brought a real estate opportunity to me, which sounded like a good investment. It was for a condo in the Hyatt Hotel, in which the first 17 floors were occupied by hotel rooms and the floors above the 17th floor were occupied by condominiums.

I spent $420,000 on a one-bedroom condo, and the only reason I bought it was because my friend negotiated a great deal for me. I could sell my unit back to the developer within a 3-year period without losing any real estate fees.

This was a hedge because when I bought the condo in 2009, the economy was really bad, and I was worried the condo was going to be a losing proposition.

Luckily, its price went up, and I eventually sold it for a profit of $60,000 after real estate fees.

When I first moved into the hotel, word quickly spread, and I started to generate buzz. None of the buzz made me any money until CNN hit me up, asking if they could write a story about me.

I didn’t know what CNN was going to write or how the story would turn out, but I was told they would feature it on the homepage and link to my companies. For this reason, I was willing to roll the dice because in the worst case scenario, I would generate more awareness for my businesses.

CNN ended up releasing an articled called Dotcom millionaire who lives in a hotel. And boy did I receive a lot of hate for the article. The article generated 200 comments—most of them expressing hate towards my lifestyle and me.

But I was able to generate over 20,000 visitors to each of my corporate websites within a 24-hour period. From a revenue perspective, very few of those visitors converted into customers… The article itself drove only $26,513 in income.

I also claimed the address for the Hyatt Hotel in Seattle on Google Maps, which allowed me to get more traffic to my website. Within two years, however, Google removed me. The map listing didn’t drive any sales anyway.

Over the years, the home didn’t make me much money. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. Maybe because it was in Seattle, or maybe because my place was small… or maybe having a decent home doesn’t help generate income.

Does buying a multimillion-dollar home make you more money?

About a year and half ago, I was flying to Las Vegas from Seattle, and my buddy asked me if I wanted to buy a condo in Las Vegas. I told him he was crazy because the Las Vegas real estate market isn’t doing very well.

He had a real estate opportunity with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They had to sell some units in order to renegotiate their bank loan. He explained that he could get me a good deal that would make me money on the buy. So, I spent $1,760,000 on a condo at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The situation was similar to the one in Seattle: I only bought the condo because I thought I could make money. Within months of purchasing it, I had the option of selling it for $2,200,000, but I didn’t take it because with the current development plans in Las Vegas, the home should go up to $2,600,000-$3,000,000 within the next three years.

I’ve never showcased my home online because I don’t care to show it off, but a lot of entrepreneurs know I live in the Mandarin Oriental.

And although the Mandarin Oriental is not a well-known brand in the US, entrepreneurs who tend to do a lot of business overseas are familiar with the brand as it is one of the top hotels in the US.

Within months after I moved there, a few well-known entrepreneurs were asking me about my business. They started to make remarks that I must be doing well as it isn’t cheap to live in the Mandarin Oriental… especially considering the homeowner dues are $3,000 a month.

As a frugal person, I never cared to live in a nice place. That’s why I didn’t mind living in a place that smelled like urine for six months. But I thought it would be a fun experiment to see if living in a luxurious building would help me make more money.

So, I decided to dump $230,000 into furniture and decor to portray the image of “being successful.”

living room

dining room

bed room

Luckily, the place has been financially beneficial, not just from a real estate perspective, but also from a business standpoint.

A lot of the people who live in Mandarin Oriental are entrepreneurs. Just through a few elevator conversations, I’ve been able to meet a lot of successful people. From a hedge fund manager who is worth a few hundred million dollars to an Internet entrepreneur who owns a site like eBay for outdoor sports, this home has led to some nice networking.

Because of this building, I have gained a couple of marketing contracts:

  • the first is with the outdoor sports website for $360,000 a year;
  • the second is with the hedge fund manager, whom I help with investments. That contract is for $540,000 a year.

Not only did I gain $900,000 a year in income by living in a fancy building, but I also got introduced to a tax accountant by the owner of the outdoor sports site. The tax accountant knew unique legal ways to save money on taxes. That has resulted in a yearly tax savings of just over $296,000.

From a business standpoint, living in a building full of entrepreneurs has been rewarding. Assuming you enjoy networking and you know how to leverage connections, it can help you make more money.

I also learned that it doesn’t matter what your home looks like because no one really sees it. For that reason, I donated all my furniture and made my life quite minimalistic. For example, I have no furniture in my home other than the bedrooms. I now sit on the floor when I’m working or watching TV (yes, I know, I am a bit crazy).


The lesson I learned here is that if you live in an expensive enough building, it can present you with new opportunities. But you have to make sure it is a condominium complex and not an actual house.

If you live in a rich neighborhood, you don’t get to interact with your neighbors as often as you do if you live in a condo complex. Why? Because when you live in a home, the most interaction you get with your neighbors is typically waving to them while driving past them.

On the other hand, when you live in a condo complex, you see your neighbors while walking down the halls or in an elevator.

If you can’t afford to buy a home in a nice condo complex, you can always rent one and maybe even get a roommate or two. What I’ve found is that rent in these nice buildings is not much more than in a standard apartment, assuming you are willing to live with roommates.

As for lifestyle marketing, a few of my friends would post pictures of the view from their condos, but it didn’t help them from a business standpoint.

If you are planning on buying an upscale condo, it doesn’t hurt if other successful people live in your building as it can bring new opportunities for you.

Now that you know that fancy condos can help you make more money, let’s see if fancy watches help.

Do fancy watches help you make more money?

The first fancy watch I ever got was a gift. It was a Panerai watch, and a gentleman by the name of Lee Dodd gave it to me.


The watch cost around $6,000, and it was the best gift I ever got. And it’s not because I love watches but because it helped me close more business deals than any other gift someone has ever given me.

One of the first times I wore the watch I was walking through the old TechCrunch office in Atherton. As I was leaving, one of their writers asked me if I was wearing a Panerai watch. I acknowledged that I was, and that reporter became friends with me.

This helped me get stories out on TechCrunch, assuming the writer liked what I had to pitch, all because… he liked the watch I was wearing and his personal goal was to own the same watch.

Not only did that watch help generate press, but it also helped at meetings. Sitting across someone who is wearing the same watch brand as you are doesn’t hurt.

Now, I can’t say that the watch was the main reason I closed my business deals, but it did help with a few. So, as an experiment I decided to spend $28,000 on a watch that stood out a bit more.


I never really cared for the watch, but I was curious to see if it helped bring in business deals. As you can see from the image below, the watch stood out because it is shiny.


What I quickly learned is that the watch didn’t help me one bit in business. Why? Because it was too flashy. I was actually looked down upon by a few entrepreneurs, who made remarks that I should stick with classier watches.

The one thing I did learn is that wearing gold watches does attract people, but the wrong type of people. I noticed that it brought the attention of people who wanted me to teach them how to become rich without having to work hard.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I did some research and found that in the business community, the watch brand Patek Philippe was regarded favorably.

These are not flashy watches, but entrepreneurs who can spot them tend to be well off. I have no clue why, but that led me to spend $50,000 on a Patek even though I use my iPhone to see what time it is:


Within the first 30 days of wearing the watch to meetings, I generated no income from it. It seemed as if no one even noticed I had the watch. The trend continued onto the 90th day. The watch didn’t help me win one business deal.

Luckily, I kept wearing it, and on the 4th month, I met a 70-year-old Jewish man while having breakfast at a New York restaurant. We were both eating breakfast by ourselves, and he made a comment about me wearing a nice watch.

I asked if he would like to join me, and he accepted the offer. Within minutes, I learned that he was a Patek Philippe collector and owned over 20 of them. When I asked him what he did, he mentioned he owned a lot of the commercial real estate within New York City and Brooklyn.

After chatting for an hour, we traded contact information, and within a month I signed a contract with his company for $500,000 a year…all because he spotted my watch across the room and saw it as a sign of me being a successful entrepreneur.

Once I landed that contract, I thought: why not take things to the next level and spend $100,000 on a watch? So I bought:


It doesn’t look one bit fancy, and some of you may think it is ugly, but it’s rare for an entrepreneur to be wearing a $100,000 jewelry piece. Again, I don’t care for watches, and I wish people didn’t judge you based on what you wore, but I was curious to see if material objects can really help make you more money.

I haven’t closed any business deals because of the watch, but I have worn it to a few non-profit events. During one of the events, a private equity manager, who oversees $10 plus billion dollars, spotted my watch and struck up a conversation with me.

Within minutes, we traded contact information, and in the next two weeks, I am scheduled to pitch a $1,200,000 marketing contract to his firm. I will show him how I can help drive more sales to his large retail chain through conversion optimization.

The sad reality of the world we are living in is that people judge you based on what they can see.

If you are strapped for cash and you feel you can get yourself in the right business meetings, you can start off by buying a watch like a Panerai on eBay. Sometimes you can pick up one of these watches for $1,000 if you buy them used. Just make sure you don’t pick anything too flashy or filled with diamonds as some people may look down on it.

Do fancy cars help you make more money?

If you know me well, you know I’m a terrible driver. I’m not afraid of many things in life… but I am afraid of driving.

I’m such a bad driver that I drove one of my cars into another by reversing it out of the driveway. Since then, I’ve cut back on driving, and now I don’t own any cars.

Luckily for me, I have a few friends who enjoy collecting cars. Two of my friends have Lamborghinis. One of them is Tim Sykes, who recently gave up his car as he never really cared for it, but he milked it for years by posting pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook.

lambo tim

Can you guess how much revenue his Lamborghini has brought in? Over $1,000,000. He teaches people how to make money in the stock market, and he has generated over $91,000 in DVD sales and over $909,000 in training revenue due to the car.

That’s not too shabby. That’s why he continually flaunts his lifestyle even though he doesn’t care for it. It helps him generate more income. Heck, he does a lot of notable stuff each year like donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, but every time he showcases that, it doesn’t generate him even an extra $100 in revenue.

My buddy Mike Kamo experienced something similar as well. By showing pictures of his new Lamborghini, he received 107 Facebook friend requests from business owners. Out of those 107 requests, most people wanted him to give them money, but five were business inquires. Out of those five inquires, one is giving Mike equity in their business and a $50,000 fee for his advice.

lambo tim

The funny thing is Mike bought the car only because he knew he could resell it for a profit. He stumbled on the fact that he could generate income from the car once people started finding out that he owned a Lamborghini.

I myself also have generated income by posting an image of me in a Ferrari. A few years ago, my buddy took me to drive Ferraris around a race track. I didn’t care for it one bit… hence, I was only driving at 40 to 50 MPH, while everyone else was driving the cars in the 100+ MPH range.

I posted a picture of me sitting in the car years ago on Facebook. The image generated 193 likes, and over the years, exotic car dealerships have hit me up because they saw the image and assumed I liked fancy cars. Once these dealerships learned I did marketing, they asked me for help.

During the last quarter of 2012, all of 2013, and the first half of 2014, I had an arrangement with an exotic car company that owns 12 dealerships across the US to help them drive leads from the Internet in exchange for a percentage of each sale.

So far, I’ve collected $1,041,493 in commissions for sales I’ve helped generate. Not too bad for just posting a picture of me sitting in a Ferrari, especially considering I don’t own it.

Out of everything I’ve seen in the lifestyle marketing world, cars provide the best ROI. You can lease them or buy them used and quickly generate income from them.

The commitment isn’t too bad considering the dollar amount you can earn from the press. And if you are afraid of the commitment, you can always post pictures of a rental or a friend’s exotic car.

For example, one of Mike’s friends, Dhaval, posted a picture of himself in Mike’s car. Can you guess what happened next? A few people started to hit him up for some cash, but one professional athlete hired him to help with SEO. He is paying Dhaval $1,000 a month to help market his new athletic clothing line.

That’s not too bad considering the car isn’t even Dhaval’s.


If you are going to leverage lifestyle marketing, have fun with it. It does work, and you can generate income from it.

Just be careful, and don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour. Material objects won’t make you happy in the long run, and you don’t want them to change who you are.

I still remember the day when my parents struggled to provide for my sister and me, which is why I have the fear of wasting money. And it is also the reason why I enjoy helping others versus spending money on material goods.

I don’t enjoy showing off or wasting money on things like watches. But the sad reality is people judge you based on what they see instead of your intellect and abilities. 🙁

So, what do you think about lifestyle marketing?

P.S. If you want to try some creative approaches to growing your business click here.


  1. Hi Neil,
    Yeah! Watches help in getting more business deals! It tends to draw the listeners attention towards it. Gold watches are not recommended!

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Hey Logesh,

      That is interesting actually. Off hand, did you find a study on this that gold watches are not recommended?

      Just find it very interesting.


      Christopher Pontine

    • This post just made for a great read – gold watch or not! Don’t plan on splurging anytime soon though. At the end of the day, money doesn’t make you happy. It’s more about the fun of trying to earn it for me in creative ways. And Bragbook I mean, Facebook….those people are super annoying! And um, tend to get unfriended. And believe me, I love successful people. Just like the frugal ones who are secret millionaires driving old, rust bucket minivans even more – they tend to be a riot!!!

    • Neil looks so cute in Rev Ferrari. 🙂 Doesn’t he?

      • Logesh/Christopher/Laura,

        All great points. There are no conclusive studies on gold watches. I am just sharing my personal experiences. With that being said if you use there resources wisely you can attain more money. You shouldn’t use them to brag as Laura mentioned.

        • I do believe you have to tailor your accessories to your target’s taste. A gold watch might be phenomenally successful in certain cultures.

          Know your audience, y’all.

        • Good point Neil, there are indeed no conclusive studies. Either way, in western countries ostentation is considered obscene and low class. Unfortunately, many gold watches fall into that category.

          Not all countries are like that however, in some having a very flashy gold watch can get you lucrative deals.

    • Wow! Great Article! agree with you. I use this marketing from the beginning… But they you have written and explained I really appreciate it @Neil as a personal branding advisor.

      -Altamash Sid

    • I’ve personally made $60,000 from setting a goal to buy my own Gold Watch and it reminds me everyday about my own success, hard work and dedication. #GoldWatchChallenge

      I wear clean, fitted clothes, and people love following my lifestyle on facebook and instagram and on the Travel Like a Boss Podcast but iI never waste money buying things to imprress others.

      Then again, I don’t rely on clients or contacts to make money, I make my own money.

  2. WTF this article was. :O

    My mind still cannot believe what I read recently..

    Hats off to you man..

  3. Greed is the root of all evil.

    • Tommy, as long as you are using it to help other it can be used to attain great things.

      • You say you use it to help others? THEN PAY TAXES NOT USE ACCOUNTANTS TO FIND WAYS AROUND IT!!!!!!!!!

        • Neil, no doubt, agressively and legally avoids taxes, not evades taxes. Conservative government uses the tax code in the business sector to steer money to where it stimulates economic development . Liberal government sucks the life out of capitalism and free enterprise, taxing you to pay the indolent.

        • Steve Foerster :

          If you seriously believe that paying more taxes is a good way to help people, then you don’t know the first thing about how government really works.

        • Better give them to a charity organization that you love and try to legally save on taxes because the money collected on taxes by the governments are not always spent for the greater good.

          Cristi Vlad

    • Greed can be bad indeed, but without it nobody will go to work everyday.

  4. Christopher Pontine :

    Hey Neil,

    I mean, it makes sense to me because people see your lifestyle and stick to your tips and offers. Also though, it’s not like you throw out crap stuff too.

    Readers such as myself have the opportunity too, its just a matter of finding are route of getting there.


    Christopher Pontine

  5. Great read, and quite insightful.

    Appreciate the time to note your observations.


  6. Madame Ostrich :

    You grew up in OC and then moved to Seattle? Me too! Awesome!

  7. This is the first time I heard about the “Lifestyle Marketing”. Really it was interesting to know how association with brands can generate sales for you, especially if you don’t really own them. Interesting!

    • Hammad, It’s an interesting concept and one that I will surely be writing on more often. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Hmm, I got to start using this. Not sure how. Loan me your watch for a few months. lol.

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  10. Neil,

    You are the man! I appreciate your integrity and your focus. I’m going to send this over to the VP of my company for as he collects watches and cars – he should get some inspiration from it 🙂 Keep being awesome!

    Kevin Walter

  11. Nicolai Busekist Ohlsen :

    Hi Neal,

    Absolutely amazing blogpost. I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve never thought about “the flashy lifestile” from this point of view, and have never thought that it could generate income in this way. It’s really interesting and it’s surely something I’ll take a closer look at!

    Best Regards,


    • Nicolai, until recently I hadn’t thought of it either. At the end of the day any resource can be used to help your business out. Thanks for reading!

  12. So the first thing people get attracted is the lifestyle and secondly the connection which helped you earn a total of 4,024,006 (Lol! I calculate it).
    Anyway great article Neil, from the past 3 days i am reading all your articles and watching your videos to get some marketing ideas for my Startup(
    Waiting for your next article.

    • Ashok, impressions really matter. It’s something I have learned the hard way over the years. That’s why it’s important to leverage every resource you have. Thanks for the feedback.

  13. Neil,

    You are a fab story teller! I felt that I was wearing those watches and driving those cars as i read your post!



  14. Nothing to say right now just learning Life Style Marketing besides Online Marketing from your end. Inspired from your style 🙂

  15. Great post, Neil.

    You never fail to get me thinking…about what I can do to move my business up another notch.

    Thank you! So happy I’m subscribed here.

    The Franchise King®

    • Joel, if there is anything else I can do to help please let me know.

      • Nikolas Nikolaou :

        See what Joel did there ? Adding one simple word to his post “Franchise”, caused a different reaction from Neil. It’s not only flashy cars and watches but flashy or well thought out words.

      • Thanks, Neil.

        I still remember our short phone call a while back.

        I really appreciated it!


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    Earn money from ferrari without owning it. 😀

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  18. I wonder whether this applies to women too? Unfortunately I believe if a female used these tactics others would assume they are being a bankrolled by some wealthy man….

    • Miss, at the end of the day who cares. People should do what is in their best interest — as long as their intentions are good 🙂

  19. Howard Silverman :

    I agree it’s sad that people judge success by what we wear or what we drive but at the same time, cars and clothes are one of the more visible methods people can gauge success by, even if it is rented.

    • Howard, it’s a sad truth — however, if we take advantage of that truth we can help a lot of people out and benefit in kind.

  20. I believe Lifestyle marketing can work for most of us because we are all just ordinary folk. (No offense, Neil but you do look like an ordinary guy ha!). This encourages others and shows that you do not have to a sports superstar, or a Hollywood celebrity to live the good life.

    Even though money won’t buy happiness, it is still what our audience wants. So, share with them how you made your wealth.

    Neil, I also like the way you emphasized that material items won’t make you happy. That is so true.

    Rob Newman

    • Rob, I grew up pretty average and lower middle class and that will never leave me. With that being said I like to utilize what I have to make more so I can help others out.

  21. It’s disturbing that glitz and glam leads to so many opportunities. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to hear your stories. Thanks for sharing, Neil!

    • Shaun, it is — but we have to roll with the punches and go with what society says works. I use it to help others out.

  22. Neil,

    I think lifestyle marketing targets a specific kind of audience:

    – Already successful people that pay attention to those people alike, i.e. the people who can prove that they can belong to the ‘elite’ level as well by being able to spend a lot of money.

    – People who can be motivated by the luxury stuff.

    – People (usually relatively poor) who feels better by surrounding themselves with fake attributes of the luxury life style, e.g. by reading blogs about luxury lifestyle)

    However, many people still inherit protestant kind of mind which says ‘through hard work and modesty to the wealth and the heavens’.

    Also, some people just think that there is something wrong with showing off or prefer kind of Steve Jobs style (old sweaters and worn-out jeans).

    So, I think it’s just about target audience and their archytypes. That’s why readers of your blog show both critique and approval.

    • Michael, this is the best comment I have read in a while. I think you broke down those archetypes quite well. At the end of the day people just have to be themselves. I do these things so I can make money and help others out — at the end of the day everyone has their own preference and calling. Appreciate all your great feedback.

  23. Thanks Neil

    This is why Hollywood works lol

    Keep up the awesomeness


  24. Navneet Teotia :

    Hi Neil,

    You have really shown the will to experiment in all of these examples. No doubt you have had multiple successful ventures. I always knew show off of money had an impact but I had really not expected one in such detail. This was really awesome!

    Apart from that, that pic of yours. You couldn’t have been happier wearing that watch lol

    This observation and will to experiment is inspiring.

    • Navneet, thanks for the words of support. As a true marketer I always like to test out new theories to see them validated or negated. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  25. Thank you for this article.

  26. Great post Niel.

    Having come from very humble beginnings and then traveled much of the world on private Yachts (as Crew & then Captain) I have also lived in both ends of the spectrum.

    I think its great that you shine light on this as a tool for marketing purposes (I’ve seen many yacht owners actually BORROW money to ‘buy’ their yacht) and I’ve seen this tactic used more times than I can count, in order to convey the appearance of wealth & status.

    I watched Bernie Madoff’s yacht get towed out of a marina by the US Marshall’s after his little ‘charade’ was exposed, so I think it’s important to mention there will always be some people who take things too far and take advantage of others. And there are many more just like him out there (especially in the yachting industry).

    Let’s be the change we would like to see in the world. 🙂

    I find it commendable that you still remain humble and maintain a willingness to teach and inspire.

    Keep up the fantastic work and Happy Holidays.

    Kevin Saint Clair

    • Kevin, thanks for this comment. I always like people who err on the side of caution. I like to use my wealth and work to help others out — I despise people like Madoff. At the end of the day you have to stay true to yourself and other people.

  27. You have the craziest posts Neil. That’s why I love reading it. Great stuff!

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    But I think, most readers here are not in the league that can profit from this information.

    I’m surely learned a new phrase: “lifestyle marketing”

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    I really enjoy your no-nonsense approach to marketing. It’s refreshing to see things such as lifestyle quantified with specific “case studies”. This also serves as a little reminder to me to keep it classy.


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    Great stories!
    I wonder how you keep track of all these lifestyle marketing experiments and collect them into this arricle.
    I admire your mindful way of doing business as an entrepreneur.

    My Nguyen

  32. If I could I would buy a lamborghini and not for a marketing purpose, just because they look good.

    But this article, again nice work Neil. Kinda crazy that something as simple as a watch can bring in cash. Hat off to you for taking on these challenges.

  33. Totally agree with you, Kirk.

  34. Hey Neil,

    your latest articles are very refreshing.

    One question out of curiosity. If someone approaches you about an item you don’t really care about, like a watch, fancy car, suit, etc. how do you react?

    I mean, do you play dumb, do you first try to learn about those items, are you honest (e.g. “I’m just trying this from a business angle”)?

    I guess it depends on the situation. I just ask because it may shock some people that you don’t care about a 100k watch, doesn’t it?

    I would appreciate your comment.


    • Manu, glad you liked the article. I have a deep curiosity for almost everything so I always ask questions to learn things. That’s how I have improved up on my knowledge over the years. It’s a very important thing to me.

  35. What the hell, I live near to Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini plants and HQs (they’re all in Modena and nearby), I suppose I could easily get some pics of me inside those cars and pretend I’m the owner..

  36. Hats off! Man, Yes, it’s obvious that “One doesn’t knows what you do, unless you show it”. Coming to the LifeStyle Marketing, Yes it works! 🙂

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    Thanks for educating me in this niche too.

  38. Great article. Loved the section on watches. The only fancy thing I own is a fancy (not too fancy watch), that hasn’t really helped me ever close business, but is definitely a great conversation piece when meeting with folks much more successful than me. I always maintain that a nice watch is the only piece of jewelry that a man can really wear without looking like Mr T.

    Surprised there was no mention of Dan Bilzerian in this piece though!

    • Jason, I am into watches because of that fact — I don’t really like jewelry. At the end of the day people should by and do things that make them happy, just as long as they aren’t impeding on anyone else’s happiness.

  39. The way one carries his or her self is very important and impactful. I agree with Neil, giving people the perception can be powerful. However, regardless you must be able to deliver the goods or services at the end of the day. If you can’t, well you’ve got an even bigger problem.

    Great stuff as usual Neil. I admire you and your level of success.

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    I Knew you loved marketing and business but I Never knew you loved it so much cause you found and earned money from even watches.

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  42. Thanks for the article.

    Validation for lifestyle marketing comes from the entertainment industry e.g Hip Hop Music.

    A newbie in hip hop will shoot a music video with gold chains, gold watches (remember the references to Marc Jacobs!), whilst driving bentleys and hanging out with models.

    Odd as it sounds, it actually works. The more you project success the more people gravitate towards you.

    Trust is a big issue in business. It’s not what one says that earns your trust but you look for evidences in their body language and lifestyle.

    You cannot take a client to a McDonald’s to close a $1M deal! There is nothing wrong with McDonald’s, it’s just that the higher the deal value the more a client expects to be sure you are the real deal.

    • SImba, great points and I like how you analogized it to hip hop. It’s true that people want to be surrounded by successful people so they can attain influence and power. I like to help others out in that regard, by providing tips on how to grow your brand.

  43. Neil, great article. I can verify that lifestyle marketing works. In my last business before I sold it, lifestyle marketing was used as a tool to recruit and it worked big time. Entrepreneurs want to be associated with other successful entrepreneurs and lifestyle marketing is a tool they use to gauge other success.

    • Rick, it’s true — and you bring up a great point. Social proof is one way people show that they are successful. At the end of the day business people want to grow their businesses.

  44. I am astonished by seeing your work over here……..A single man could do so……can attract a huge sale……really unbelievable….I would try your luxury life style trick but only for generating leads….not for the showcase purpose……..Keep it up Neil……

    Your big fan

  45. Hey !
    You hit the nail square on the head !
    Last week I bought an used authentic Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar


    In my view it is not flashy as it has no diamonds or similar things…
    for me it is just a black Hublot watch and that’s it.

    Since I am wearing this watch I can recognize how much attention I get… really it its crazy to see how a watch can influence your appearance. They all think I am successful in my job or something because Hublot watches are rarely to see in public.

    Your enlightenment just confirmed my assumption !


    BTW. Let me know what you think about this watch.. Link is in the text (:

    • Alex, the watch looks great. I think flashiness with a purpose to grow your company and solve problems is the ultimate aim. If you are doing that then you’re on the right track.

  46. Bearded Colonel :

    We are probably going to platinum/gold plate our razors at some point – I think lifestyle marketing is synonymous with selling the dream – people can admire success, and flaunting it is a two way street. Either people are jealous and dislike or they want it. Sounds like a win! Great article as usual 🙂

    • Bearded Colonel, great point. It’s a thin line that people have to tip toe to avoid looking like they are trying to hard. I think at the end of the day if your intentions are good then you’ll succeed.

  47. Split-testing watches? I love it 🙂

  48. I never would have thought this would be effective but your article has certainly opened my mind to the possibility.

    I am in the wellness industry and would love to secure a huge contract such as ones you have described. The thought of being able to help so many people is extremely appealing.

    Thanks for posting.

  49. I consider this topic very interesting, Lifestyle Marketing. We have all done that at some point, here where I live we call it “packaging”. Apart from the potential of earning you some, business, recognition or respect it also feels good.

    However it’s not something anyone can dabble into, I would say be very sure before you invest into Lifestyle Marketing, people are wiser, the person next to you may be doing exactly that to also get your own attention.

    Neil is smart and I enjoy how he delivers on every topic.

  50. Hi Neil

    I am into film making and script writing. I have always attracted people with my talent. But I agree to sad reality of this world that people judge you what they see. I see your post in a positive way of making money. One of my friend told me he used to go and sit in five star hotels in Mumbai to sip coffee. He was not rich but talented .He was looking for chance to show his talent to people who can invest in his ideas.

    I hate show off but I know life style marketing can help you to attract people but if you are not talented , its not going to help you.

    • Anand, sounds like your friend had a good strategy. At the end of the day it’s all about showcasing your abilities in a tactful and non-tacky way.

  51. Carel Wolfaardt :

    Hi Neil awesome article I absolutely agree with you in more than one why.

    I have lost just over a 100pounds, when I was fat no one was taking me seriously and I did not get allot of attention at all.

    Now five years down the line with a new body but still not perfect I get more and more people interested in me.

    In the past when I was greeting someone on the street, just being my friendly self I did not always get a greeting back.

    Today people are greeting me on the street and start radom conversations and ask what do I do.

    I was not expecting any more surprises, but resantly I was blessed and upgrade from a delively vehicle to a BMW nothing vancy but wow did that made a diffrance.

    One of my lifelong friends got a interior design project deal just purely because what he was driving at that time
    The husbands comment was if he can afford to drive that car he must be good in what he do,so the next day he was appointed for the design job.

    It is sad but true, people don’t look deeper that the skin you show they more concern about your accessories than anything else.

    The lesson I have learn from that is you can’t judge people for doing that but you can capitalize on it by creating a desire inline with there lifestyle and selling them what they need or think they need.

    P.S. I don’t own a watch I am happy with my Iphone LOL

    • Carel, it’s a sad reality but you really have to just go with what life gives you or improve upon it in the business world. I like how your story is grounded in being true to yourself but taking advantage of lifeystyle marketing.

  52. Hey Neil, great post. Thanks God that you have not gone into the superyatches brag, ha ha. They’re really expensive. I think that you should buy that Aston Martin, and tell Andy the mentor to update his website (not done since October 2012).

  53. Steve Estimable :

    Lifestyle Marketing! a marketing channel I did not think to write down. Will definetely pay more attention to it!

    Thx for the blog post Neil!

  54. WOW! this is by far the best post i have read on your site Neil. I have never really spent that much time reading from start to finish on your post because I often have other things doing, but i must say it was worth the time. I have already subscribe to any new post. I have learnt a great lesson from this post and i hope to apply it in my small business and also my personal branding.

    • Now You can go and buy your own condo for $500,000 or car or at least $6000 watch 🙂

      Neil so long at least you’ve got a lot of comments linking out to websites about watches!

      • Yeah i hope to spend wisely in order to get me places, contacts and deals that i have to close. After reading this post, i accessed myself to identify some few things and it was all in the post. Again great post and thanks for sharing.

  55. Well said my friend

  56. Neil,
    As always, great post. I liked particularly how you ended the post. You should care more for the things that keep you grounded, fir therein lies a pathway to true happiness. Love your charisma. We interviewed on my blog a few years ago. Would you be open to coming out to Queen Anne for a fireside chat at our Queen Anne Seattle Entrepreneur group?


    • Chuks, thanks for the words of support. If I am in town that could definitely work. I haven’t been to Seattle in so long though.

  57. This is an interesting study in lifestyle marketing, but more times than not most of these deals you closed are because of your existing credibility. The watches, cars, homes, and expensive clothes may have gotten you the initial attention, but these future clients went online, saw your following, and this is the information they used to hire you and pay you large sums of money.

    Most people who go out and spend $3000-$5000 on a Panerai watch and hope to get your results, or any results, will be sorely disappointed. They are better off putting that money into marketing that gets them immediate ROI.

    • Agreed. After reading the whole article, i feel the writer has put the cart before the horse.

      Passer-bys saw the cart in front of the horse and strikes a conversation with the horse to find out why. Thru the conversation, the passer-bys know the horse is a award-winning stallion and the rest is history.

      Ultimately, it is the horse who won the passerbys over. Cart or No Cart. If the horse is just an empty vessel, no amount of flashy cart will win the horse any deals.

      • Ash & William, really respect your opinions and take on the subject manner. I am not telling people to spend beyond their means. I think there is a balance that can be achieved if people focus on improving their image to their benefit.

  58. I am the other way, I don’t wear my expensive watch or drive my expensive car to meetings because I don’t want people to think I charge too much. Maybe I should change my thoughts on this.

    • Dave, I’ve got several clients who do the exact same thing, and based on their business model it’s helped them tremendously.

      It’s all based on the business right? If you are a sales trainer, trying to motivated your sales reps to close more sales and be more successful, then showing them a taste of success can go a long ways.

      But if you are running an office, and hiring employees, and you don’t want them asking for raises every week, then it might not be a good idea to drive up in the ferrari every day, lol.

      If you are meeting with clients and trying to lowball a deal, it helps to have a modest set up. When you drive up in a fancy car, look like a million bucks, and have a killer watch, your potential client might think you can afford a lot more than you are saying.

      So yes, I think there is a right time and a wrong time to “dress for success” and to “dress modest”…

      • To the right and wrong time to wear something, I’d add that it’s the key to elegance. That nice gold watch seems very good to wear in a wedding or a special eventment, or maybe in a meeting with some tycoon 🙂

        • Dave/Chris/Antoni,

          Great points. I am not suggesting people wear the Sunday Bests to the gym or to a casual meeting. I think it’s important to think about context to see how you can improve your outcomes.

  59. Hi Neil
    I own Panerai watch and also have collection of Several Rolex watches. I never thought that these watches can be helpful in closing the big deals, I use them because of I love it.

    I am just curious, what do you do with the watches afterwards ?
    Do you sell them after a while or just keep it ?

  60. Very inspiring, still processing what I just read :O

    5/6/7 figure $$$$$$ caught my more attention 😛

  61. Great article Neil. It was a fun read filled with facts and figures, as we have all come to expect and appreciate from you.

    I too have been fascinated with lifestyle marketing and this was a very insightful piece you shared with us.

    Thank you!

  62. Hey Neil,

    thanks for your writing 🙂
    I am not so impressed by expensive accessoirs – even I know, that I would find some stuff, that I would buy if I could afford it…
    So I am much more fascinated in your ability to buy those things just because there is an offer there and you would like to test this or that… unbelieveable!
    And I would really really really be interested to know, what you need to do to fulfill a one year marketing contract in the range of 1,200.000 $ or also just 500,000 $ … how many man hours are involved… ???

    very inspiring 🙂


  63. A good read Neil! Very inspiring..

  64. You have a point, Neil.

    I bought my dad an expensive watch for the Holidays (not worth thousands of dollars of course, but still pricey), and he wears it everyday. One time, he struck conversation with a bank manager and a gym owner. They complimented him on the watch, and they chatted for a while. Guess what? he brought home Chinese food from the bank manager and an offer from the gym owner that he can workout there for free. All because of a watch.

    I think I’ll get him a suit next. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  65. Very interesting experiment Neil. I have been doing experiments with wearing different clothing after reading your last post about how people judge you. I have found the perception is greatly altered and they just want to do business with you when wearing nicer clothes.
    I would be interested to hear more experiments you have done about this.

  66. I have done the same kind of experiment in the trade show circuit in my industry. My first year, I wore jeans and polo shirts to every event and the second year, I dressed in brand name clothes with quite a different look and feel. The difference was dramatic and the effect has absolutely helped my business grow. Great article Neil!!

  67. As a salesman that gains 90% of new business from networking, how do you deal with the opportunities you lose because of the fancy watches and cars? To a degree I feel certain martial items turn off most business owners I’m trying to gain as a client. Great article thanks!

  68. Hi Neil!

    Great article. I was also reluctant on spending money on lifestyle & luxury items thinking how does that matter. But your post & more importantly experience has made me to think otherwise.

    Great article..


  69. What a wonderful write up? I usually don’t go through the entire stuff if it is not interesting. But, this post would not allow me to take off my eyes.

    The wonderful thing about story telling is that you don’t need to strain yourself to compose. You can just draft out that comes from your mind. Lovely to read. Thanks for the interesting write up.

  70. Neil,

    Fun article to read. I like the point of the material things aren’t what make you happy (except the fact they help make you money). But I think the main thing is that these really just helped you either get the contact or get their initial attention. But if you had these things with nothing else to offer, you probably wouldn’t of got the deal.

    I definitely think this goes to show you what a first impressions can make. If you look like a bum, people will think your a bum, look like your a million dollars, it can help you make a million dollars.


    • David, it’s all about framing perceptions (which is the sad reality)

      However, if you use perception to mold good outcomes for yourself and others then you can have gamed the inherently unequal system.

  71. Neil, I really agree with your post! “Don’t judge book by its cover”, but I must agree that first impression draws attention of people.
    No matter how good, or successful you are, people won’t notice you just because you don’t draw enough attention!

  72. Dennelton Mandiau :

    I agree your idea Neil… (Y)

  73. Hey,Neil great article ,Actually you know what i learned so many things from quicksprout itself so,Thnak you so much and keep it up!

  74. Nirpendra Patel :

    you said , “YOU HATE SPENDING WITHOUT SENSE” …. lol lol , you have indian blood.

  75. I usually like what you write, but this article has kinda put me off. Am not sure if it is the tactics (with your disclosure of limiting attachment to materialist things) or the whole psychology of ‘people judge you for what you flaunt’.

  76. Looks are most of what we sense in every moment and a successful personal image goes to great lengths to convey that message.

    You’ve presented a compelling case Neil along with the clothing article.

    Thank you for sharing!

  77. Ranjita Mandaviya :

    Nice Article Neil.

    Like to read it. leaders always inspire others by their own experience and examples.

  78. Hi Neil

    Great read. What I find fascinating is the way your mind works. The A/B testing you keep doing that too at this scale is simply amazing. Todays sherlock :-).

  79. This is really important indeed, because infrastructure really matter, thanks for this blog post from your own experience.


  80. No money? No problem! Photoshop yourself into a car or a really nice car lol! That’s a recipe for disaster if anyone ever finds out.

    It’s sad but true that people do just you based on looks, wealth and colour (where I grew up everyone just assumes that because I’m Indian I’m good with computers and programming). May as well try and use those things to your advantage.

    • Niall, it’s true. Perceptions matter to most people. Molding perceptions to your advantage is the only way to really game the system.

  81. Thanks once again Neil for this insightful post.I have just learned a new cliche “Lifestyle Marketing”.Creative of you man.


    John Ukonu.

  82. Other than all the flashy things, i think u r blessed with great charisma to land so many high value contracts. An average joe, given with all the items you possessed might not end up making a single cent off it. They might even be dragged down by all the liabilities/commitment.

  83. Loving these lifestyle articles you are writing Neil, so interesting how much people judge your success by the material things you own/show off.

  84. Nice article Neil… something to think about.

  85. Another great post Neil. Learn lot from it. My iPhone 6 also helped me to closed few business deals.

  86. Great insights! I’ll put in work this steps to be succesful as you are. Look forward to be in the top 100 as you did!! 😀

  87. Rajnikant Patel :


    Never heard about this technique. Let me try.

  88. Nick Bentley| Bentley Capital :

    Awesome Neil. Great post.

  89. I really enjoyed reading this great article. Keep it up Neil!

  90. Thanks for sharing this article. This is one of the best articles I’ve read. I really like the marketing idea about the watches. This has given me more ideas on how to market my own business and meet more like minded individuals.

  91. Next you should try is a Gold phone.

  92. What a great post, i enjoyed reading it!

  93. Thanks Neil, great post and perspective about what this can and can’t do for your marketing! Stay wavy my friend, over and out!

  94. John, I respect your opinion and I think there are definitely some truths to it. This strategy definitely doesn’t work in all circumstances or for all people, however, people can take small things from this advice to be mindful of what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about testing at the end of the day.

  95. Very good post!The internet is full of shiny objects,too 🙂

  96. I love the way you analyze and find a way to make it a profitable venture. You are taurus (based on apr 24th birthday. Correct me if it is wrong). They are supposed to be inherently lazy but you are such a bundle of energy…mental energy.
    I am loving this site. Thanks.

  97. Dude, this is genius. A blog about the effectiveness of lifestyle marketing that is actually in fact marketing your lifestyle. Just when I thought you couldn’t get more badass….

  98. Adam Vanderwilt :

    I pay a quick visit daily a few sites and websites to read posts, except this blog offers feature based writing.

  99. Hello Neil

    This has been a very insightful article. Thank you for sharing.

  100. I see this tactic working (on a much smaller scale) in the outdoor industry all the time.

    I work with guides and outfitters and their clients love the outdoors. When they promote their lifestyle traveling to remote rivers for fly fishing trips or hiking the mountains, people eat it up.

  101. Great article Neil! Thanks for posting it. I would appreciate any ideas on how to benefit from these strategy living in a country with a high crime rate (other than move out haha) I live in Venezuela. Thanks!

  102. This is a great guide for those who wants to have a lifestyle marketing like me. I learned a lot from your article. You are a business minded person.

  103. Hi Neil!
    This post is like a case study taught in business schools.
    A new form of marketing learned today.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I have a wish to meet you one day! 🙂

  104. Hi Neil.
    A post on lifestyle marketing could be an interesting read. It has been going out already for some time. I witness this among kids, whom tend to increasingly post photos of their cafe visits, clothes, makeup, travel etc. and try to create an image or “brand”. But also among indviduals and businesses. What could be interesting is to look into, how-to? and how to generate income from this? Maybe an idea for you?

  105. If you really want me to speak my mind, then this is what currently going in my mind after reading your million bucks post….All Crap!!

  106. You should get some Lindberg glasses … right up your alley. Simple clean, but worn by seemingly most of the people who grace the covers of financial, business and political magazines. It’s doesn’t hurt sitting across from someone who wears the same glasses. Learning Chinese would help make money too.

  107. Great article, Neil.
    Novo Hombre is a brand of diamond jewelry for men.
    When being successful comes with a unique & good taste, it even looks more impressing.

  108. As usual again not only a good read but also great insights, Neil. I’ve learned about lifestyle marketing and I was surprised that people actually use this on purpose. I always thought it was their very nature. Hm, I should think again, that’s clear… ????

  109. Neil, this article was brilliant. I love how you just kept buying more and more expensive things just so people would pay you more. It’s almost as if you’re trolling them. But it worked! I’ve always believed in the “don’t hate the player hate the game” idea. If you need to wear a $100,000 watch to land a million dollar deal, go for it. As long as you don’t let the glitz change you, nothing wrong with it at all. Btw, that photo of you sitting in your empty house is hilarious.

  110. Great post Neil!
    You’ve gained a new fan.

    The first time I was confronted with lifestyle marketing was when a friend of mine was being forced to go into debt — so she could help her parents buy a new car. Why did they need a new car? To “demonstrate” that they were successful people. Her parents were part of a multilevel / network marketing organization and they were probably taught that as Sales strategy.

    I’ve noticed that some friends on my Facebook do the same thing. It’s usually a pic with some luxury cars / luxury trip, followed by a motivational quote (e.g. whether you believe you can or can’t — you’re right) or personal story (e.g. six years ago I was broke, today I’m right where I wanna be). And then the challenge: “Do you want to achieve your maximum potential too?”

    (These friends also work with network marketing companies. So I think it’s part of their training)

    Anyway, I’m not a fan of network marketing, but really enjoyed reading this and your experiences on which brings the highest ROI. Now all I gotta do is find some luxury cars to snap pics in.

    Thankfully we have UberLUX now 😉

  111. Interested to see how this lifestyle will help even more by next year, don’t forget to update us Neil.

  112. Neil,

    As usual, an intriguing and highly readable post. You’re a master of the long post that’s structured in a manner that gets people to keep reading all the way to the end.

    That said, you should try to extend the experiment and see what areas of life you can get the “lifestyle” process to work. For example, “What I learned donating attending a $5000 per plate charity dinner.” My hypothesis is that you’d see your results replicated. In other words, when we are present in areas where people we want to do business with are present…we’ll get business opportunities.

    Although I do think you’re a bit wrong when we say we shouldn’t judge people on what they have/wear/drive. Material goods are visual shorthand for the level of success of a person. And since we can’t change that game, we should (as you have learned) play that game to its fullest. As long as we remember that the “things” are investments rather than a genuine marker of who we are as people, we’ll be fine.

  113. Great post.It seems that lifesytle marketing works better in the US than in Europe. Here envy unfortunately is the highest form of recognition – or scratches on your car.

  114. Hey Neil,

    I’m from Singapore and I’ve always wonder why some of friends show off their wealth and now that I realised they are doing way better than me.. I believe it does attract successful entrepreneurs and people who wants to be successful. But most of the time, like you said, it attracts people who just want you to give them money.

    I do own a few small businesses and my uncle, who is a successful entrepreneur, always tell me to keep a low profile when making money and live a happy life. The questions is how we can look or stay humble in lifestyle marketing? Also, is lifestyle marketing about pretending to be doing well or is it about enchancing a person image who is Already doing well? 🙂

  115. Keith Shadle (@KeithShadle) :

    Wow, great perspective! Relationships mean so much. Never would have thought to leverage material things this way. Thanks for the good post and very unique content. I gotta buy some new stuff.

  116. Seph Fontane Pennock :

    Hi there Neil,

    Thank you so much fore the insightful post.

    How did you get rid of your furniture and other stuff? Did you happen to use a website like or something?

    Don’t you ever receive guests or feel like watching a movie on your own couch?

    I’m curious about how you manage to live without furniture… it would be great if you could eleborate on that!


  117. first time reading your article and its not less than a treat : )

  118. wow!!this is such a great story of lifestyle marketing.Just amazing.

  119. Hi Neil Sir,

    You do have some amazing marketing skills in you that makes you such a successful entrepreneur.Just superb.


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    Great and very interesting post. thanks for share this.

  121. Levent Cem Aydan :

    This is the first article I’ve ever read about the positive business side of owning expensive toys. You really sparked my interest about lifestyle marketing Neil. Thanks a lot for broadening my perspective!

  122. that amazing you made $1,000,000 just by posting a picture. Im off to my local Ferrari dealer now! lol

  123. Thanks for this detailed peek into your life. Cool stuff.

    As they say, money makes money.

  124. Bravo! Brilliant blog post. Admittedly, I usually don’t like it when people flash their lifestyle, but you’ve managed to describe the benefits so clearly with facts. Now I see the benefits. I might try it myself sometime 🙂

  125. Nice post Neil, I always thought material things Dont matter and most people would know that. But you told me the other side of it. Thanks for this enlightening post.

  126. Doh. I mean lifestyle not lifetstyle.

  127. Hi Neil,
    Great post and I love your blog. Do you think one of the reasons this worked so well for you is because you’re in marketing services? As a financial adviser who doesn’t work with high net worth people do you think it might turn people off, as different to them, too expensive, or resent that they helped to pay for all that. Interested in your thoughts? Thanks.

    • David, definitely. Your niche matters — however, I think is universal feeling that first impressions make on others.

  128. I’d be very interested in you re-doing the watch test with the new Apple Watch and it’s various versions. Would the sport model strike up conversations the same as the top of the line model and the like.

  129. I think your idea is amaing and i will sure implement on my future projects neil.

  130. Hi Neil
    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences with the world, since it attracts people, the Ferrari those watches surely it has attracted a lot of beautiful girls, I will like to know how you managed your relationships with the opposite gender, did it bring impact or distractions, I hope you also don’t find my comment disturbing. 🙂

    • Neil Patel :

      Ali, it’s an honest question. I try not to find people that are too materialistic — Right now I am very focused on work so I don’t have much time for much else.

  131. Vanessa Elpert :

    Hi Neil Wow I’m impressed that you got so many fans in a short period of time. Thanks for sharing your experience. Looking forward to your next update.

  132. Few days ago I discuss with my friends about how to spend money. One of them mention your name and tell me to read this story. I did! and I learn something that you have reason about your action to bought these things, know how to use these things, and know the results. In this part, I hope there is no misunderstanding what I learn here. If I do, please let me now it

  133. What is it that you do I know entrepreneur but what is it that you try to sell I just started college and wanted to become a entrepreneur myself but then I remembered I have nothing to sell lol

  134. Blogging Tips :

    Amazing post indeed!

    Really, motivated me!

    Neil, you’re REALLY great. Your inspirational posts make me try and try again even I fail everytime.

    And I also love your facebook quotes that you share daily! 🙂


  135. Hi Neil,
    I would like to know the mindset behind taking photos with these nice cars. If someone asks “hey, do you own that car?”, isn’t it gonna be embarrassing if I have to reply no?
    What if some people on Facebook knows that I am struggling to make ends meet, yet see a post of me in a fancy car.
    Better yet, what if I owe these people money, can’t return yet, and they start seeing me leading a new lifestyle?
    And if I bump into these people on the streets and they see me leading an ordinary life

    What are your thoughts?
    Your reply is much much much appreciated!

    Thank you

  136. Neil, I have been a great fan of your writing for long time. Your writing inspired me a lot and I hope you keep writing amazing articles. However, I myself want to get a Ferrari someday ?

  137. Hey Neil, great read.

    What is the eBay for Outdoor Sports that you refer on the article? Have been looking for a good online shop on Outdoor gears.

  138. Muhammad Imran :

    I am shocked after reading this article Neil, $100,000 for a watch. I agreed on the point you raise that people observe you by watching what you’ve worn and what you have. By the this is an amazing article I have ever read on like marketing. You’re really a great marketer 🙂

    • Muhammad, glad you found the post helpful. I think it’s important to good a great first step forward regardless of your budget.

  139. Your post always inspires me 🙂 Please don’t stop writing 🙂

  140. Neil, I love love love your posts, they are so amazing. I too used to spend crazy amounts on clothes (on your other blog post you mention ROI on $160k or thereabouts spent on clothes). Happy for you and keep us entertained with these articles, I like to live vicariously through them :).

    I don’t think I have ever been in a business proposition situation to benefit, but having expensive clothes helped to get me jobs (I think).

  141. Thanks Neil for this amazing post.
    I am sure it would definitely motivate many people to try new and different things in life.

    I have also many such kind of experiences in life. And really they do work a lot. Because human perception plays a huge role in taking decisions.

    • I agree with you varun. Reality is a subjective experience so it all comes down to the individual behavior

  142. Great article, never knew that you could generate so much business from posting photos living the high life. Now all I need to do is find a nice car and take some photos, thanks Neil.

  143. Lets Develop :

    Your blog is a good resource for business information, I am learning a lot. The guides are really useful too.
    Really, motivated me!
    Your inspirational posts make me try and try again even I fail everytime.

  144. Awesome Article, Now if only I could afford a Ferrari(hah).
    I’m bookmarking this for later reading. I want to read the rest of your Articles.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I feel truly blessed to have discovered your entire webpages and look
    forward to tons of more enjoyable minutes reading here. Thanks
    once again for all the details.

  147. :

    Neil, you are great guy and unfortunately I just lost some respect because of your friendship with Timothy Sykes. In the private equity world, and even in the trading world, the guys is viewed as kind of a joke. Yeah, he pioneered some short selling methods, but they are for small money, and he has been exposed several times as a front-runner by Modern Rock and other community supportive traders. Much of what he does is borderline illegal, not to mention almost entirely unethical. So many naive young men he has pulled into his marketing trap. Only 1% of his students are successful, and a good amount of that is based on simple probability. He has a constantly rotating door of students and controls so many marketing outlets that he can cover his ugly trail & comments. He will champion his charity (if his giving $ true to the extent you mention, I am dubious) as simply another marketing tool. It is also a way to ease his aching conscience. You seem like a guy focused on social progression vs. connections and young, entrepreneurial success. Since you are not in the same industry, I understand how it is easier to look past any negative comments you may have seen or suspiciouns you have. Ok, i’ll shut up. Just a lonely trader now who needs to go to bed. COmpletely self taught, and successful on a small scale. Never a Tim student. night.

  148. This is an amazing real-life case study, Neil.

    Why aren’t you doing similar growth hacks any more? Or maybe you could show us other tactics without the need of a Ferrari LOL.

    Thank you,

    Hassan Awwad
    CEO & Founder

    • Ha! I do lots of hacks and experiments and I share the ones that I think could benefit my audience. Thanks for the feedback Hassan!

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