How I Generated $25,000 with 249 Comments


It’s no secret that you can generate traffic by commenting on other people’s blogs. But the question is are you actually using this tactic?

Chances are you aren’t.

To show you the benefit of leaving comments on other blogs, I decided to run a test in which I left 249 comments on other people’s blogs in the month of October.

Those 249 comments resulted in 3,973 visitors and 6 consulting leads. And although I don’t do much consulting, I was able to turn one of those leads into a $25,000 corporate speaking gig.

Now before you go off and leave hundreds of comments, I want you to know a few things I learned from my experiment:

A few basic stats

The majority of the comments on the web are spam comments. Akismet, a tool that helps stop spam comments, sees over 7.5 million spam comments every hour.

The other major group of comments is basic comments, when the commenter is just saying “thanks” or “awesome blog post.”

I put in a custom URL in the “URL field” so I could track the number of clicks and leads I was generating, and my experiment confirmed that leaving either of those types of comments won’t help you.

Out of the 249 comments I left, the first 25 were basic. I only wrote a phrase or a sentence such as this one:

bad comment

They didn’t add any value to the conversation, and they only generated 82 visitors. In essence, I was generating 3.2 visitors per comment.

The remaining 224 comments drove 3,891 visitors. These comments were 4 to 17 sentences long. They added value to the conversation and took only 1 to 2 minutes to craft.

good comment

These comments were generating 17.4 visitors per comment.

So, if you are going to leave comments, make sure you read the blog post first, and take your time to craft a thoughtful comment.

Don’t expect your rankings to skyrocket

Even though I ran this test during the month of October, I’ve actually been commenting on other marketing blogs for years. When you comment on these blogs, they ‘nofollow’ the link going to your website.

These blogs are telling search engines such as Google to not count that link when ranking your website.

I’ve seen this to be true. When you comment on other people’s blogs, you won’t see a ranking increase. Or at least it’s been my experience with all of my blogs.

So when commenting, don’t do it for higher rankings. Instead, do it for traffic, branding, and conversions.

Be careful which blogs you comment on

If you are trying to gain traffic and business like me, don’t just comment on any blog.

When I commented on marketing-related articles on popular blogs such as Huffington Post, it didn’t do much. It drove visitors but no conversions.


These popular blogs write about every topic out there, and their visitors aren’t nearly as interested in any particular topic as the readers of niche blogs are.

In addition to avoiding commenting on generic mainstream blogs, you should also avoid commenting on competitor blogs as a common courtesy. Sure, there may be rare instances where it may be all right to comment on competing blogs, but in general, you should avoid them.

So, what blogs should you comment on?

Not all blogs produce the same results

As I mentioned earlier, out of the 249 comments I left, 25 were basic… so that leaves 224 comments. Here’s where the 224 comments were left:

comments by blog type

As you can see, I left 52 comments on mainstream blogs such as Huffington Post, 100 on industry blogs, and 72 on guest posts that I wrote and published around the web.

From a traffic perspective, each of those channels drove anywhere from 6 to 59 visitors per comment. What I noticed is that if I wrote a comment within the first hour of the post being published and my comment was higher on the page, it drove more traffic.

From a conversion standpoint, all of the leads came from commenting on guest posts that I wrote.

So, it is worth commenting at all?

Every month, I guest-post on sites such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Hubspot, Forbes, Inc Magazine, and a handful of other blogs. So, I decided to check how many leads came from my guest posts that I wasn’t commenting on, which is the majority of them.

Shockingly, it was zero! That’s right, when I write a guest post and I don’t respond to comments, it typically generates no leads. Sure, I generated traffic and maybe even some backlinks, but no leads.

But when I commented on my guest posts, I generated 7 leads. That’s a huge difference, considering that one of the leads resulted in $25,000 in revenue.

From a branding perspective, commenting is worth it. I’ve had two people mention to me that they have seen my name pop up more often on industry-related blogs. Plus, your comments will help you generate traffic, brand your business, and mark you as an expert within your industry.

If you happen to write guest posts, make sure you respond to comments as it generates leads and loyalty.


Whether you guest-post or not, you should consider commenting on blogs within your industry. You don’t have to do it at the volume I did, but doing it even on a smaller scale can help you with branding.

I know I will continue commenting. And when possible, I will comment more on the guest posts I publish as the preliminary results look good.

So, are you going to start commenting on other people’s blogs now?

P.S. Check out this blog post if you want to learn how generating comments on your blog affects search traffic.

P.P.S. If you want to make money from your blog comments go here.


  1. Christopher Pontine :

    Hey Neil,

    Interesting you wrote this as I was about to head to alltop to choose some articles to read and comment on. First of all I guess I never really thought about it when you say…..

    “These popular blogs write about every topic out there, and their visitors aren’t nearly as interested in any particular topic as the readers of niche blogs are.”

    So for instance I have always looked for articles in my niche. But never really realized I might want to make sure the website in general is too, so I get even more niche focused readers.

    Second….. Oh snaps, forgot to leave my basic comment.

    Great Post – HAHA


    Christopher Pontine

    • I had this same experience with a niche blog, I used this method to take off my traffic and it really works, Thanks again for this brilliant post.
      as always lol

      • Raphael, glad you found it helpful. Keep me posted on your progress.

      • Christopher Pontine :

        Hey Raphael,

        I know it’s quite amazing and rewarding. If we all just take the time to actually engage one another on the commenting section it’s amazing how many will actually click thru.

        Personally, I”ll never just reach out and say “click here, click my link” I just enjoy commenting to jump in with my TWO cents, but also to get feedback.

        I just find you pick up some very interesting info in the roots of a articles AKA comments sections.


        Christopher Pontine

    • Christopher,
      Always great getting comments from you because they are informative and in-depth. I wrote this article to put into perspective how big engagement is. It’s really customer service for your product or service online. At the end of the day you want people to know that you are listening to them.

      • your articles are always great because they are backed with proofs.

        I am going to apply this technique and see how results turn

        #comment first
        #comment on niche blogs 🙂

  2. this is an eye opener. Never thought/knew that commenting on your on guest blog was that significant. Excellent research Neil. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Reading your blog from the last few weeks, and it has helped me to learn how to market and how to sell… 🙂

  4. Nishant Bazzad :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this amazing stuff. I am still amazed to see the money you make from just commenting. Well, long and quality comments on worthy posts always pays off good traffic in return.

  5. I have someone helping me with this specific tactic. It certainly helps to drive targeted visitors and I’ve had several free trial signups as well!

  6. Thanks Neil. Another great post. It’s really useful to get noticed by other blogger by commenting regular. But at the same time it’s also time consuming, it well worth though .

  7. Hey Neil

    Awesome post and thanks for discussing something that I have found a bit confusing in the past. I was never really sure if blog commenting was a good tactic or not.

    But, you have to love the basic comments like.

    “Much like. I enjoy posts like this NFL SNEAKERS!!”


    Daniel Reed

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Hey Daniel,

      Also, I have tested out if comments were great for your own blog. I noticed that certain blogs get you way better leads. For instance on quicksprout I am more likely to get traffic then any other blog at the moment.

      Now a few things, I try to write more than a sentence, and as well interact with everyone cause I really enjoy the company.

      So in conclusion, I have tried the same thing on other blogs and it still doesn’t have the same results as quicksprout.


      Christopher Pontine

    • Daniel, those are always humorous and definitely go straight to spam. Just keep at it and keep engaging and you’ll see that results will improve.

  8. Sterling Abrams :

    Hi Neil,

    Great post and probably something I have discovered through my own experience. Thankfully the classic car business is a small community and there are plenty of outlets and forums where people are more than happy to engage in conversation about the subject.


    • Sterling, that’s a huge niche. Just run a google search and you’ll find everything you need to know. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Emma Arendoski :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m really loving being a part of QuickSprout. You have such informative, eye-opening information. I really love how you turned one of your comments into a $25,000 speaking gig – sweet deal, for sure.

    I always wondered if leaving a comment right after the blog post is live made a difference in traffic to the commenter’s website, and I see in your study that it does, so that is interesting.

    • Emma, it really is surprising how quickly these tactics can turn into money in your pocket if you do them the right way. Let me know if you need help with anything.

  10. Nice post Neil.

    I think one important mistake that most people make while commenting is to start promoting themselves. One way to get people to know you is to leave a link to your profile.

    • Kranthi, that’s true and it’s very apparent when someone is doing that. It’s important to provide value without sounding salesy.

  11. I have found this tactic works best if you have something meaningful to say. I find that any comment that does not add to the original post tends to either get ignored or even deleted by the blog owner. Whilst I do not think people mind a “thank you” post, they feel that if it looks like it was just done to gain a link or a poor attempt to drag traffic they may moderate it out of the post. I always feel that if it is an honest attempt to give an opinion or add to a post, other readers see it as better value.

    Just my humble opinion and thanks for this, and other, posts.

  12. Interesting results, Neil. Sounds like the point of your story is more about the value of guest blogging, since that is where all of your leads came from. You might have considered a new title – How I generated $25,000 from 72 guest blog article comments!

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Hey Gloria,

      I think value and finding niche focused blogs, instead of niche focused articles. One of the main things I took out of this 🙂


      Christopher Pontine

  13. You may want to re-perform the experiment with a different name like “John Smith”. A lot of people on the blogs that you’re commenting on might know who you are and might be more inclined to click on the comment.

  14. That is true,I noticed that whenever I post comments on the newly posted posts, I get traffic to my website. However conversion may be there but didn’t check it. Though I agree comments are good way to grab attention and visitors to your website and brand your business!

  15. Neil,

    I always love your studies the most. The personal data provides a nice balance between real numbers and your actual experience. Thanks for the insights!

    I’ve found that commenting on other sites is a pretty powerful tool if you focus on sites that like you say are well targeted for your niche and topic. I’ve also found being consistent on the blog you comment on is a great way to make your comments more effective. It helps you to become an important part of the conversation of the site as a whole and connects you with the expertise, insights and brand of the blog you are consistently commenting on.

    Obviously it also means to choose where you comment wisely, but can be a great way to drive new visitors to sites big or small.


    • Seth, definitely.

      If you want to get your name out there and be heard it’s important to be part of the conversation. Commenting and replying to comments is a great way to start. I have found that people — in the new digital age — treat blogs and forums like storefronts. The more information you can provide and the more personal the experience the more inclined they will be to buy into your product or service.

  16. Thanks Neil, this is really interesting.

    I do occasionally join discussions and comment on blog posts, but actually I’ve never done it to generate traffic or enquiries – just because I genuinely found something interesting and I figured the author would be pleased to know that a real person had made a comment rather than the spammy comments you mention above (7.5 million per hour? that’s depressing).

    You have also reinforced for me why I should write more, and spend more time promoting those posts.

    Thanks again.

    • Cliff, you should start tracking for those types of metrics. You’d be surprised what you find. At the end of the day it’s all about figuring out what works when it comes to engagement. Once you get that formula down you’ll find that a lot of the low hanging fruit will be picked.

  17. ^^^ and clearly those no point in adding a comment like mine, above, when there’s a typo in my URL. Grrrr.

  18. I love this idea! Although I can curious how you distinguish between a competitor and an industry blog? It seems like quite the fine line for me.

    • Ashley, that’s a tough question that I usually tread cautiously towards. At the end of the day it’s all about discretion.

  19. Neil, thank you for the ideas, I decided to comment on your blog.
    I started reading your blog a month, and already so much info. Thanks:)

  20. Interesting stats you got there. I comment quite a bit on various sites, but only if I found the article interesting. It really annoys me when people leave comments just for the sake of it or only to gain traffic or a link.

  21. Thanks Neil for sharing your commenting results.

    When commenting, I believe, a person should keep in mind that one of the best types of comments are those that add value to the author’s post or/and can be useful for a particular reader or readers who might need help or advice. A funny comment also can be great sometimes.

    Thus, leaving useful comments does not only make author’s blog a more quality place motivating people to read both post and its comments too, but also leverages the Internet as a more quality place for socializing in general.

    • Michael, I agree. When people spam it makes the process mundane and annoying for everyone. However, when great comments are left — much like yours — it creates a better use experience.

  22. I really never realized that , i can get traffic.Thanks for Opening my eyes Neil.
    Really Helpful.

  23. Great post!

  24. Excellent read, Neil! We’ve been using the exact same tactic for quite a while now and seen some remarkable results — everything from an influx of traffic and new customers to random partnership and acquisition talks.

    In my experience, the key is to:
    a) Just be super helpful and add something to the conversation
    b) Be genuine
    c) At all cost, avoid being salesy
    d) Engage in the right communities for *your* business

    One tactic we’ve been using, too, is that we’ve created all the links in the posts using our own product, so whenever someone clicks them they get added to an audience we later can serve ads to. But, to avoid breaking advice c) above, I’ll leave it at that 😉

    Thank you for a good article and have a great day.

    • Peter, great suggestions. At the end of the day people want to know that there is a relationship being built.

      Being too salesy, in my opinion is the quickest way to lose someone. You have to really focus on the things that are going to build strong relationships that go above money alone.

      Helping people without obligation is the best way to build trust.

  25. Hmm, great post 🙂

    Interesting here would also be the timing factor. I mean how are the results for comments left nearly immediately after the article was posted – e.g. being one of the first 10 commenters or leaving comments much later like I did with this one now 😉

    But in general I think it’s always worth starting a meaningful conversation on stuff someone else released to the public regardless if it’s online or offline. It’s a gread way to demonstrate competency and some interest in that particular topic. That’s what drives you leads, indeed.



    • Pat, that would definitely be something interesting to track. I have found that people who comment right after a post are typically providing very in-depth and informative feedback. Whereas, the comments at the tail end of an article is usually shallow.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  26. Tks for you helpful guid. My campaign has some trouble, i hope this way ll change it. Tks so much.

  27. Not surprising to me, Neil.

    When people comment on a blog or article, it is like they are initiating a conversation. If they don’t get a meaningful response, it’s like the people they are addressing either “isn’t hearing them” or doesn’t care about what they are saying. Either way, they are not likely to follow up with positive actions with the person.

    • Jack, great point. At the end of the day you have to treat comments as if they were a customer service desk. People want to know that they are being heard.

  28. do you use any software to help find those 300 websites?

  29. I did something “like this” commenting in other blogs of my industry to try to position my blog around the active people that comment their blogs, so I thought that if the wanted to comment their posts maybe some of them will comment mine.

    The results? A little amount of comments, but a good amount of visits that at least leave some Twitter shares.

    Commenting is always a good strategy if you do a good comment and not a just thank you.

    • Javi, glad to see you found some positive benefits from the strategy. I look forward to hearing much more from you on your future progress on commenting.

      • I’ll make a post talking about the strategy, that is just very similar that the one you tell right here, but in Spanish 🙂

        I’ll send it to you when it’s finished, hope you know some Spanish!

  30. Carl Zetterberg :

    Thank you for really valuable insights! It’s also a very good way of getting visitors long term! Since they keep dropping in.

  31. Great post Neil! I love your idea of using a separate landing page for each subset of comments in your test – great way to track which types of comments and which locations are generating the best results as far as leads go.

    The results you achieved on your guest post pages make a lot of sense. I think sometimes if an audience perceives someone as a “blogging celebrity” or… “kind of big deal” (ha ha), they might presume you’ve got bigger fish to fry, than what they have going on, and may be hesitant to reach out to you. By being present, and responding to people’s comments directly and with thoughtfulness, its making you (or the guest blogger) appear much more interested in engaging/helping/working with that audience, as well as much more approachable for potential opportunities.

    Good stuff!

    • Ashley, I always try to test out new methods to see what works and what doesn’t. That’s what the essence of A/B testing is all about. I think people should be mindful of how and when they test — it’s best to always keep an eye out for low hanging fruit.

  32. We generated over $50,000 (the money is still coming in) from a few comments on Quick Sprout! I never waste my time to make a generic reply such as “Thanks for the post”. I like to post to create a discussion.

    Neil, you posted about split testing and I commented about a/a testing. You and I replied back and forth a few times. My replies were long winded as usual. A company called me and said our little discussion caught their attention. They signed on for CRO and helped bring in other clients.

    Discussion is the best content out there. Everyone wants to see a constructive discussion. I go to Yahoo, skim through an article and then spend more time reading the comments than I spent on the article.

    Posting something constructive to create a discussion is always much more effective and just better for everyone.

    • Joe, glad to see that our conversation generated some buzz for me. That’s the point I am trying to make — people really like to see user engagement. At the end of the day it personalizes the experience and makes a brand/company seem more human.

  33. Hey Neil,

    Wonderful report you posted here. I love to comment on other people’s blog and really it is beneficial too.

    You have explained so nicely about blog commenting here which cleared my all doubts which I had earlier.

    Thank you so much for this detailed post and this is really helpful for all of us.

    Have an awesome day ahead!

    • Nisha, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback. I think at the end of the day it’s all about the time and effort you put into being a real person online.

  34. Peter Szymanski :

    This is incredibly helpful. Thank you for posting this. It’s changed the strategy for commenting for me and would expect for anyone building a marketing and media presence around an expertise. Looking forward to trying this, thanks again!

  35. Profits Youth Society :

    Hey Nail,
    Thanks a lot.
    I had this same experience with a niche blog, I used this method to take off my traffic and it really works, but unfortunately I don’t now because there is not time 🙁

  36. Very cool to see that guest posts alone didn’t bring in leads but that instead, commenting on the comments on your posts did.

    I would’ve never guessed it would work out that unevenly between the two but it’s nice to see that the extra work pays off and that you can’t just phone it in and hope it will work itself out.

    Makes me also think that when targeting sites to guest post for, one should select the ones that have a rich commenting community if one is looking to gather leads.

    • Lewis, great points. Ultimately you want to join a conversation that is lively and provides value. You also want to cultivate a community that does the same. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  37. Holly Galbraith :

    Wow really interesting thanks Neil. Good on you for having the discipline to do these sorts of experiments!
    You have encouraged me to do more guest posts as a starting point and then ensure I am engaging in the comments after.
    Cheers, Holly.

    • Holly, glad I could help. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. I think at the end of the day you just need to go out there and get into the conversation.

  38. Interestingly, I just started commenting on blogs and getting involved in the conversation to increase my traffic as well. So this blog post is very well-timed and absolutely relevant to a rookie blogger like me.

    Now for the generic comment – Thanks Neil. This was a great post 😀

    Hope you are having a great Monday.

    • Gertrude, your comment wasn’t generic – you personalized it by sharing personal experiences. That’s the lifeblood of online engagement. Looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  39. Lolly Spindler :

    Here I am commenting on a post that tells me to comment on posts–so meta!

    Thanks for yet another insightful article Neil. As a fan and avid reader of your blog, I am not surprised your astute comment landed you a $25,000 speaking gig.

    As a fellow content marketer, I, like you, give the following advice: provide quality in comments as you would in blog posts.

    For me, many times this quality is in the form of copy editing catches–as many content marketers are so focused on quantity that they forget about the quality of their writing!

    Congratulations on your gig and keep up the great work!


    • Lolly, thanks for the great advice. I always try to provide my readers with the same in-depth analysis from the article as I do in the comments section. I think it’s important to maintain that consistency. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  40. Hmm, interesting take on the comments Neil.

  41. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the insight, although it would’ve been great if your title correlated with the conclusion. You didn’t earn anything from 249 comments on relevant blogs/posts, you earned $25k from commenting on your own guest posts. How many guest posts did you comment on? How many comments on these guest posts translated into the leads?

    Title should be more along the lines of “How I Earned $25,000 by Engaging with Commenters on Guest Posts”

  42. I am regular visitor of your website and I have to say each time I visit this website, I get something to execute in my clients projects. This one is also a great piece of article, which shows activity like commenting can get you good revenues.

  43. Hello Neil,

    Great Post, As I was bit confused about there were few posts in which they describe about Blog post and commenting are not worth but after reading your article about blog post and important thing is to comment it of guest, it might happen that after writing a post you just forget or not giving so much weightage to reply of any guest in your blog. now will definitely go for reply or a comment if any comment I can get.

    Thanks Neil, Always following your posts

  44. Hi Neil,

    Very nice post 🙂

    But I have a question, What abut the Penguin update if we do commenting there is a risk of penalty by Google.

    What do you say!!!

  45. Hi Neil,

    Thank for sharing your study with statistics.

    Commenting on blog, is such a vital aspect of building relationship with your audience still some people consider this as a waste of time. I generally await a response from a writer in case i have left a detailed comment on his post, simply because, I have put my time into it and I am interested in knowing more about it. However, not all writers respond back with the same zeal in which they have written their posts.

    I guess this will serve as a great eye opener for people who consider posting or replying on blog a useless exercise.

  46. Hi Neil,

    It is great to know that you have generated $25k from 249 comments. Actually I feel maximum comments are spammy. When you can get rid of the spammy ones the the ‘residue’ are the genuine ones. But the ‘basic’ comments are also genuine in most of the cases but may not generate money. 🙂


  47. Hi Niel,
    I have bought Bluehost domain and got WordPress configured. I am using Free WordPress account. My website shows in address, what do I need to get my own domain in website address? Do I need to buy WordPress Premium? Pls help, I am stuck here.


  48. The conclusion might not match the title of the article entirely, but the idea and the validity of what correctly doing blog commenting is in the end is correct: quality and contextually relevant traffic generation.

    I remember a shift in what many SEOs and online marketing blogs were recommending with blog commenting (more or less to stay away) less than a year ago. This was, to slow down on commenting and seeking these replies within articles. However, the real power in commenting, as mentioned, is building even more valid methods of traffic generation. Today, that is just as relevant and it will be; nofollow, dofollow or completely link-less blog commenting as all the same.

    If you can grow your brand, and generate quality traffic even in smaller percentages, it leads to more potential for your brand. It’s a smart message that everyone building a brand should keep in mind and follow.

    Thanks Neil

  49. Excellent post Neil – Valuable info for those willing to do the extra bit of hard work.

  50. Great post Neil, although I’m sure you have more brand and name recognition than many bloggers!

    I make a point to comment on blogs where I write guest posts. I spend less time commenting on blogs if only there to read or discover useful information.

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.

    • Bryan, glad I could help. I think you should look at commenting as a process of engagement that will overall help your bottom line.

  51. I always thought this was a useless, time sucking strategy, but then again I was uber focused on rankings. When I launched my new biz and site 18 months ago I didn’t even bother with strategy stuff because I am 100% referrals HOWEVER I’m coming back! This is exciting.

    Question – 1. If you can’t be one of the first commenters, do you bother?

    • Monaica, glad you are having a change of mind — I think it’s vital to respond and cultivate a culture of engagement. I comment regardless of which number I am on the list.

  52. Hey Neil,

    I never knew that through blog commenting this is possible.. You did nice analysis. I have to say that this is an excellent as well as valuable post.


  53. Hello Neil,

    First of all I would say thank you for sharing this informative blog post. Yes, Neil I am pretty agree with your words ” If I wrote a comment within the first hour of the post being published and my comment was higher on the page, it drove more traffic.

    Secondly ” when I commented on my guest posts, I generated 7 leads. That’s a huge difference, considering that one of the leads resulted in $25,000 in revenue.

    Also I wish to comment asap I read the article.

    • Antriskh, thanks for validating my points. Thanks for commenting. I think at the end of the day you just have to capture your audience by solving problems for them. That’s the ultimate goal.

  54. If you’re the great Neil Patel and you got $25,000, I wonder how much a newbie with zero track record like me would get…$0.00 I think. Great post but forgive me if I can’t fully appreciate it, I’m just on Marketing-tips-that-are-really-not-helping-me, overload.

    I give up…

    • Troy Klongerbo :


      Marketing is a process. Can’t expect overnight results.

      Marathon not sprint.


      • Chrissy/Troy ,
        I think over time you can achieve great results. It’s all about getting lucky by commenting and reaching out to as many people as you can. It’s a numbers game — provide quality feedback and engagement and the rest will follow.

  55. Troy Klongerbo :


    Another great post.

    Does this same logic work with commenting, replying and interacting on social media?

    At least with improving traffic and branding, this seems like a strong approach.



    • Troy, it definitely does. Engagement is engagement — that’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter where you engage or how you engage — it’s all about creating a conversation.

  56. Hi I am lisa i buy new site i have no traffic on my site please can you teach me how to get traffic on my site my site is

    • Liza, you should check out the rest of my blog as well as the guides I provide. That should be a good starting point.

  57. Kevin Hunsperger :

    Neil, I appreciate what you’ve written. Even though I’ve been blogging for years now, I learn something new about the craft constantly. I’m glad I found this particular article. Thanks.

  58. Blog commenting is always a good thing.

  59. Really!! Neil you wrote unique and Extra-ordinary posts. Right from the day I started reading this blog always I gain plethora of knowledge. And big thanks for this post.. )

  60. After reading the title of this blog posts I thought that you got paid for commenting over various blog or sites for your clients, but after reading the entire post I came to know that you were talking about the indirect income opportunities.

  61. I really appreciate these data driven posts. It helps me determine if I should do something before I spend my time and effort in it. I can usually check here to see if you’ve done something before I attempt it.

    This specific article came at a great time because I was considering commenting on some related sites for my girlfriend’s makeup blog but wasn’t sure if it would even be that beneficial since they’re all nofollow. I was starting to think that I should since one blogger posts links every Sunday of her favorite related blogs and maybe she’d link to my girlfriend’s blog if I were active there. We’ll see how it goes.

    Thanks for the great info Neil!

  62. What do you mean by Industry blogs? They are not you competition blogs right?

  63. i am newbie, this is really helpful for me

  64. Dear Neil Patel,
    Please tell me what i type in “Name Field” when i commenting,

    i mean can i use keywords in Name Field ??????

  65. Neil great topic and followup commentary afterwards. Yes I agree that most will only say so much and leave the thread. The major point was not only to say thank you for sharing but to get an outreach to others as to their opinion on the topic. This helps in creating unique quality relevant content and also compells the author as well as the commenter to converse. Keep the thread going and growing as authoritive for others whom read this now and in years to come.

  66. Hey Neil, what a magnetic post title it is. I am trying hard to generate some, but my experience hands up and say you can’t.

    By the way, that was not the point. As you said, here and also hundreds times in other post and guide comment is very important for a blogger.

    But I have some question for you.

    Why did you say not on competitors blog, does other niche give any value?

    What do you mean by Industry exactly?

    Recently copyblogger team have closed comments on their blog, do they don’t know value of comments? Or, if its not worthy for them, do they don’t want to give readers a chance to have a conversations on a high authority blog?

    And at last what’s the future of comment section on quicksprout?

    Thank You!


  67. Fabrizio Van Marciano :

    Hey Neil, first of all thanks for another educational post, data is power right?

    Blog commenting used to be at the top of my agenda along with guest blogging. I loved being able to use blog commenting to connect with other bloggers and share my thoughts and generally add value to an article.

    These days however I don’t comment on too many blogs, probably 2 or 3 each month at the most, especially after hearing about guest blogging being painted black not so long ago, I guessed that blog commenting was heading in the same direction, so to stay on the safe side of harm, I decided to not comment on blogs too often.

    However, after reading your enlightening post here today, and being reminded of what positive effects of leaving useful practical comments can have, I’m more than motivated to start blog commenting regularly again.

    Thanks again man, all the best – Fabz

  68. Commenting is a good strategy to get some traffic, not to mention its importance for SEO. However, a comment has to be meaningful and interesting enough to make readers at the source website to visit the commenter’s site.

    Liked this? You’re more than welcome to visit my website and leave a comment 🙂

    • It was a case study, perhaps that may be the reason he has mentioned only the main result, not SEO as you said.

      However, if you could see the whole post more sharply, my pal Neil has mentioned a link in the last line. This is another case study on comment, which will let you know interaction of comment with SEO.

      By the way I liked smiley hahaha.

  69. I was not aware that commenting generate traffic. Thanks for information

  70. Kiran just from my one comment above I recieved 37 hits on my website in under 10 minutes.
    Yes, Commenting on post and Keep it relevant to the topic and point your URI / domain or your clients URI in relevant post can be worthwhile and generate traffic.

  71. Hey Neil,
    Really a nice lots having lots of information. Earlier I thought commenting is not good as per SEO as it leads towards unnatural and spamming so I didn’t considered this for SEO purpose.
    Now I am glad to know that you it is working, can you please tell me how to find blogs related to my keywords and everything about commenting If you previously posted something regarding this topic then mail me the link I’ll check upon it.

  72. Dear Neil,

    This is a really eye-opener idea! I have always struggled about finding genuine ways that I can use which help people find out more about me and what I do (I hate using the word promoting myself).

    Maybe it is a dumb question, but when posting your comments, did you put in links to your homepage, or some relevant blog post you made previously?
    My other question is, what kind of tools do you use to generate your tracking links and record the clicks? Google Analytics, or something else?

    Just found out about your site, looking forward to learn many amazing things from you!

    Best wishes,

  73. Great post!

    Any idea about custom search in Google to find relevant blog posts? It can save a lot of time!

  74. This is helpful. Blog commenting is always essential if you want to have people’s eyes on you.

  75. After reading this blog I have generated a list of 50 blogs on which I can comment this month. Neil, thanks for the insight. I will surely be tracking these comments to measure the results. Thanks for your help.

  76. Hi Neal,

    The way you put all value in every post you publish is awesome.

    I have run an evaluation in this regard too. But not as good as you in generating that much of money though :). I just make a couple of bucks from advertising. My main goal through blog commenting was traffic and awareness. After some time I just realize that not all websites/blogs I leave comment on giving me traffic.

    Then I change my strategy by keep commenting on new places and focusing on those who convert (into traffic). I choose any blog that have high traffic for this purpose. I use “alexa rank” and “similarweb” to see quantity visitors a website has before I decide to leave a comment on it. I use both because sometime alexa not correlated with number of traffic, so I just want to make sure I get some extra visit after making valuable feedback in a website. Based on my experience, a comment on highly traffic website (let’s say 30K a month) could result in 10 to 100 repeat traffic in a month to our blog (probability), that’s not bad I think.

    Well, it is work but once again, it only for traffic reason.

    Thanks for your post.

  77. This is really interesting. While I read a lot of blogs, I’m definitely more of a lurker and rarely think to comment. Now I want to try a commenting experiment and see how it turns out.

    Thanks, Neil!

  78. Hi Neil,

    It’s a fantastic post inspiring everybody to go for wild commenting. The amount (25,000) however appears affixed just to make the title catchy. What I mean is that the number of comments and the amount you mention do not have any relationship with each other. Double the number of comments won’t double the amount, isn’t it? 😀

    But to the core, the post is packed with so many useful tips. thumbs up!

  79. Hi Neil sir,

    commenting really worth some great value if you could use it effectively.Commenting on your niche blog is always helpful indeed.thanks for this amazing share.


  80. Hi Neil!

    Thanks for sharing your research with us.Quick question: how do you know your traffic generated into leads? I guess the real question is what do you define as a lead? Is it an email signup or an inquiry about services? How do you know these leads are coming from the websites you commented on?


    P.S., some feedback: you get a LOT of comments on your blog posts (which is admirable!!), but it’s kind of a pain to scroll allllllll the way down on the page to get to the form. I know that if you know your way around a scrollbar, it only takes 1 second. I’m still willing to comment, but I thought you might appreciate the feedback. 🙂

  81. Whenever I read your post, I feel great.

    Actually, I am using the same approach for my domains and it really works. If you go to your targeted market with potential comment, you will achieve the result for sure.

    There are a bunch of people in the market, who are doing comments for the sake of link building. Even they don’t know the main subject of that particular post.

    Also, Google said in their link schema that getting link from Blog comment signature is not a good thing. But people taking it in the wrong direction. Some of the SEO’s totally stop the commenting. Which is not a good sign from my view.

    Whats your opinion @neil on this?

  82. Thanks for this eye opener post. Never thought you can generate leads and money through comments. Will start doing this to generate traffic to my tech blog

  83. Wow, just imagining how much time and thought you’ve put into writing this post despite your busy schedule and numerous commitments makes me think “Neil really is ‘the guy’ to follow. Thank you Neil for unselfishly sharing your inside secrets with newbie bloggers like me…

  84. Very informative guide, Neil! In the future I will make time to respond to most of the comments I receive on my blog posts.
    Thanks for the great read!

  85. Thanks Neil! This is a very good reminder. I have put this on top of my checklist.

    It’s a simple but efficient way to generate traffic 🙂

  86. I actually disagree about not leaving comments on your competitors pages but I guess I don’t view my competitors as enemies but rather fellow bloggers in the same space. As long as I am not promoting my own site, I see it as more of a way to support my fellow bloggers and the industry. Frankly, I welcome my “competitors” comments on my blog as they are well versed in the space and have usually have something valuable to contribute.

  87. An instructive post. People to really know who they want to reach and why or else, they’ll have no way to know what they’re trying to achieve. People need to hear this and have it drilled in their brains..
    Your words are worth their weight in gold.
    The advise is well thought out and easy to understand.
    I will be taking ac
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  88. Thank you for sharing these tips Neil. I have been writing a blog for nearly 2 years and I must say that though quite fulfilling, it’s been challenging growing traffic.

  89. Mustafa Gaziani :

    Hi Neil,

    This is one of the best tactic that you’ve shared with us. From today I’ll do more comments within my industry. Might be this technique will work for me as I’m expected.
    Thank you for sharing such a great post.

    I’ve learnt a lot from your blog. Whenever I visit here, I always find one or more interesting article for read.


  90. Hey Neil,
    You learn me new things…. Thanks

  91. isn’t this habit of writing long comments on blogs time consuming? meaning you have to read the post and then write a meaningful comment. In your case you read 249!… and that consumes a lot of productive hours for someone like me who does blogging in free time after office hours.

  92. Hi Neil,

    I’ve just started with my blog, and I am very new in this area. But I though adding your website into a comment blog was not that good because you change the balance between “follow” and “not follow” links, and having that amount of “not follow” links and not that much in “follow” wasn’t very good.

    Is that true? Should I try to get both links? and not just “not follow”?

    As always, your post are very interesting and help me to learnt a lot.


  93. Hey Nail,

    I got find this article is very helpful for me to incress my knowledge. I am learning and learning. Also i don’t care about no-follow and do-follow. But i like to share what is in my mind. By the way it helped me.


  94. Gagandeep Singh :

    Hi Neil,

    First of all kudos to a great piece of advice. I have been following your blog nearly from an year now.

    I would like to share my personal experience on blog commenting. I have been using this tactic of engagement nearly from 10 months on blogs as well as on social networks. But unfortunately the engagement rate had been low.

    I have been writing effective replies not the basic one but still the response had been moderate. I would like to share the fact that commenting is not enough unless your comment contains a source of attainment and you’re participating cohesively with your comments.

    In all the ideology of blog commenting is great that you shared.
    I would be pleased if you could advice me something more than commenting to engage users.

    Gagandeep Singh

  95. A great post as ever Neil. Making the time to do that work that voluminous and that concentrated is quite an effort. Often, we have to make the time in our working lives to do these things. I echo Sachin’s comments about consuming productive hours, but here’s hoping this can be a lesson on what can happen if you set aside the time to make these efforts.

  96. Thanks Neil, you motivated me to comment on your post. I have to find out what are the best places for me to comment. I’m in graphic design and have a site where I sell graphic design resources and photos. I have almost to zero traffic and am thinking about Facebook ads.

  97. You are right to say that as i also click on people after seeing the value they added by their comments on various website,, and this way we explore various people and the ideas they have implemented.. Making it a habit will be good for getting traffic from good resources. Really like your practical approaches…

  98. Mark Armstrong :

    I see you also know how to write sure-hook post titles. “How I Generate $25K With 249 Comments”– whoa!– I gotta read this!! : )

    I especially appreciated your findings about the ineffectiveness of “basic” comments (“Glad you found it helpful.”), ditto the ineffectiveness of commenting on “popular” blogs, which most people visit simply for entertainment.

    You really got the wheels turning for me here– thanks again.

  99. A great read.

    I always think the best approach is to invest quality energy into what you do, rather than focus on the quantity.

    I was a freelancer a while back, and my approach was to pick the job posts I would really love doing and had nice chances of getting just from my profile, and take my time to write a really good cover letter (and do a test sample if it’s possible, of course). Rather than applying to a lot of jobs in a fast way.

    This did mean I would invest a lot of time into writing cover letters and, it meant I wouldn’t still get most of them. But the ones I did get, I mostly got because of my cover, and I learned to be better at writing them as I went along.

    I loved the part of finding niche articles in niche places, rather than niche in general places. Haven’t thought about that.

    Thank you for the nice read. And click me:P

  100. very usefull tips neil, i will apply it on my site

  101. Awesome Neil, surely I’ll try to use some tips to convert my blog comment’s to some revenue. 🙂

  102. Interesting topic. But I never success with the blog comment. Can you give me the list of blogs for commenting to?

  103. Nanka Jenkinson :

    Your unique and childy style of writing makes me think in your awesome creativity and talent. Thanks.

  104. James MacGregor :

    Oh no, you’ve done it this time Neil. Now every self promoting numpty of the planet is going to try and leave witty and insightful comments on all your posts 🙂

  105. Thanks for the insight Neil. Just for clarification, should I be posting on the guest blogs that I write or on other people’s guest blogs?

    And the title for this blog post is in itself a great example of superb copywriting skills. I’m always inspired by your work

  106. Romona Foster :

    This is excellent Neil. Thanks for breaking down commenting on the different types of blogs. To be honest, I never thought of the Huffington Post as any different than an “industry blog”.

    Also, just curious did you test this on any blogs that syndicate like If so, what was the outcome?

  107. Thanks Neil , My basic comment 🙂

    The nolink feature is enabled by default on major blogging platforms such as WordPress & Blogger ?

    • Vicky, typically but you’d have to look into the settings.

    • Gail Gardner :

      The default setting on WordPress is that you can leave a link and the link is nofollowed. Some blogs enabled dofollow as I once did, but I no longer recommend blogs allow dofollow links because both the blog AND the commenter’s site may get penalized IF they comment a lot on dofollow-enabled blogs.

      For those who aren’t clear on this, there isn’t really any such thing as “dofollow” – it is actually the removal of the nofollow attribute that is the default in WordPress. I can’t speak to Blogger because almost all the serious bloggers I know use WP.

      Anyone can tell whether links are dofollow or nofollow by using the free Moz toolbar addon for Chrome and clicking on the icons for nofollow and/or dofollow to highlight each link.

  108. Even if they have nofollow links it do not matter so much, visitors wil stil see your website and search egnines to. ( and who say google dont count them maby they saying that but are they doing it olso?)
    Think by the way the most inportant thing is and what whas olso the start for commments. To make a conversation to say something, even if it is short like great post.
    I myself reading alot of blogs and like to comment on it , but not olways in so many words.
    Im reading a hole long post and thinking about what i have read ,than i make a short comment and see first of all that i need to wait til mijn coment is aprove and than even sometimes ( and alot on new blogs wher i post ) the coment is not even aprove.

  109. Joey Perera :

    Very helpful tips Neil and I really linked the points you have mentioned. Surely I will be doing 5 to 10 blog comments daily now.

  110. Hi Neil,

    There is a lot of real value in your blog post. In launching my company’s blog, I wrote a post about 6 ways to drive high-quality traffic to your website. I cited your thoughts in my own blog post and linked back to this page. If you have a moment, I’d love for you to check it out:

    Thank you for providing useful content for myself that I can pass along to my readers, too. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as I launch my own!

    • Katherine, glad you found it helpful. Thanks for sharing your post — I’ll definitely check it out.

  111. I read a lot of blogs and I never really gave a lot of thought to commenting, unless something stirred me strongly. It seems to make sense, if I have something of value to the extent that I write about it in a blog, I probably can find something of value to contribute to the community.

    Your work here has given me a lot of ideas and help; I appreciate all the effort you put into it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to put full time effort into my writing, but in the meantime your site will help me work in that direction.

  112. Hello again Neil,
    I just want to say thanks for sharing this 10 months ago.
    Since my entry last – I have received numerous visits by those visiting these post.
    I, myself, continue to leave entries where I can though most blogs and many forums are nofollow links. Why? Because even today before I wrote this I had numerous visits from blogs and forums past. 3 directly from this blog today.
    Of course as a internet consultant / professional I understand the concept first hand as you do. But for those that are new this practice does work, and for some faster than others. For others be patient and keep plugging and commenting.

    • Dr. Robert — interesting points and insights. Sounds like you’ve honed in on some great traffic sources. Keep it up!

  113. Tfis is a good idea because I used it to get traffic from other blogs by commenting or posting as guest. It work efficient as you work on commenting.
    But your idea is great because you do a complete research on it.

    Happy Blogging Guys….

  114. Inspiring Loretta :

    Hey Neil,

    I want to comment on other peoples’ blogs for traffic, When i comment on other peoples’ blogs, Which is correct?

    1) Put the URL of my website in the “Website URL field” or “URL field”

    2) Leave the URL of my website in the “comment itself”

    Inspiring Loretta

  115. Josh MacDonald :

    So out of 249 comments, you made 1 sale of $25,000. You have to admin, you only made that sale because your name is Neil Patel, right?

  116. Neil,

    Thanks again for a phenomenal strategy and insights into how critical engagement is to turning visitors into leads. Love this post!

  117. Russell Delbridge :

    Hello Neil,

    I hope your as excited as I am about 2016! I can say that over the recent months you have become my go to authority on what to keep in the game and what to throw out. Thank you again for this arrow (blog commenting) in the quiver. I actually have not used this method in over 5 years. Its going back in the game, I think that really spending time on a thoughtful comment after carefully digesting the content.

  118. The article is awesome and old too. I wonder if I will ever get noticed by Neil. I hope he notices this comment as I am putting up a question that how can I find a platform/blog where I can expecting businesses who are in to manufacturing gets engaged. I have been in to on-line leads generation for past 3 years (almost) for manufacturing units. There haven’t been any specific manufacturing industry. I worked with e cigarette manufacturers, induction lighting manufacturers, deodorant can manufacturers, tile manufacturers. Therefore I would love to end up at any platform where I can expect a good amount of people from manufacturing area.

  119. Darren Perucci :

    Thanks for the great article. This is all new to me. Do you ever post to competitor blogs? I’d be curious to know why/why not? I’ve done some research on places to comment but a lot of them are competitor blogs so I’m not sure how to proceed. Help!



    • .yes, I have done guest posting on similar blogs

      you can read more about my guest posting stratigies here

  120. I am really amazed to see the popularity of this post, strategies shared 2 years back are still valuable and applicable in the current year. That’s the most interesting part of internet marketing.

    Neil, Can you also share similar strategies for introducing startups on blog comments or are these only useful for blogger.

    Thanks for providing such a meaningful post.

    • Let me know if this is helpful

  121. RVLNSV Prasad :

    Really very useful and helpful information for me. Thank you very much Neil.

  122. Cellular Israel :


    Thank you so much for sharing this. We just stumbled upon it now, and it seems very relevant to us – even in 2016! It’s amazing just how powerful blog commenting is! Keep up the incredible work. Very impressive post.

  123. Very informative article Neil sir. Thanks for sharing with us.

  124. Love this article! Perfect advice for 2016 🙂 I’m going to apply it to my blog and also my Shopify business that’s launching next week. Thanks, Neil!

  125. Kunal Sarkar :

    Hi Neil,

    Great post! Especially the Title is just AWESOME! I really liked the Idea of posting custom link while commenting so that we can actually track the traffic (if any! 😛 ).

    Thanks & Regards,

  126. Great post and very detailed explanation on how to get traffic thru comments.


  127. Anurag Kumar :

    Hello Neil Patel,

    It’s great to know that your generated a lead by actually having a conversation with the potential customers. Conversation is a great art. It does magic and turns things around. People like conversation and when you are talking to them even through blog comments changes are you will generate more leads in future too, because sometimes a potential customer decides to give a try, after trying everywhere.


  128. Niel, you mention in your Emailer thay you can leave up to two links in publication comment areas like Forbes. But neither this nor your article states or gives an example of that reminder to include at least one link. You have a reputable and very strong online name now – as well as unique. My assumption is that traffic does not happen from non-guest posts typically unless a link is actually included. Unless I’m really missing something which could be the case!

    • Depending on where I post, yes my name is reputable. But it wasn’t always that way, and as I grow bigger I get bigger results. You may do it and get a quarter, but I am showing you the different possibilities.

  129. I want to share you a very helpful forum on SEO.It will be very helpful for you to know manythings and discuss about SEO.
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  130. Yes neil i found your details on forbes and you mentioned blog comments are making revenue and gig so dos it need all the blog comment should be relevant to the industry or we can use it into various way ?

  131. Lirik Pop Indo :

    I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been using?

    I’m experiencing some small security problems with my latest blog and I would like to find something more risk-free.
    Do you have any recommendations?

  132. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for your post, as we can’t be 100% sure that comments (back-links) won’t add authority or juice to a website, I know some blogs with over 400-500 comments earning a lot of authority and ranked higher.
    So, as you said, it worth commenting to posts to gain some leads or traffics, but I do also think that even if the “no-follow” don’t generally pass juices to a link, there is a small portion of consideration from google and the authority to be increased. Probably for branding reasons.

    • It may also lead to traffic visitors who could turn into leads and potentially clients for you. So aside from just branding, you could earn revenue

  133. Very useful post.Now I can drive some traffic to my blog by commenting.may you guide me how to get back links by commenting ?

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  137. Most of them know to comment on the related blogs to them. But when we see a blog with high PR and visitors, we can’t stop commenting. 😛

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  139. Saddam Hussain :

    Yep! I know how important it is to be in contact and make comments on other platforms and networks to build a relationship

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    content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

    Appreciate it

  143. Dear Neil,

    I am following your article from past years and found them very interesting. I have just started a website with facebook following of 5K, but not able to generate good traffic. Can you please help us out from this situation.

    Thanks in advance

  144. Thanks for sharing this blog!! I like this post because i read this information.

    UPI App –

  145. For a long time I neglected commenting on other blogs (or even replying to comments on my blog and guest blogs). But as soon as I realized I was leaving money on the table, I immediately took on commenting and was I surprised or what?! In no time, I gathered enough leads I nearly pulled down my hire page. Now, I always find a moment to share with readers within my niche, and business has been great 🙂 Thank you for pointing out blog commenting as an invaluable source of targeted traffic and an effective tool for branding. Cheers!

  146. Rajat Sharma :

    Sir you are the god of traffic and leads generation. Sir Neil Patel you are the Neil Arm Strong of Seo. You sense os spPek os heart touching. you are my role model just one question sir are you coming from Indian background. BECAUSE Patel is Indian last name

  147. :

    Very helpful blogging. Already I’ve visited several links you provided in your list. All the links are very effective. I’d like to see more such beautiful links from you by this posting.

  148. Jordon Comstock :

    Hey Neil,

    I am growing a Saas product in the dental industry and I love the concept of posting comments on other dental blogs to drive traffic. I am looking at some of the blogs in the industry ( that I currently guest post for and it seems like dentists don’t comment!!

    Is commenting a good strategy in this industry?

  149. Neil,

    Its really an informative post. I have heard about the blog comment but I thought it doesn’t help much more.

    With this post, it really helpful to get it learn this all the things.

    Do you have list of blogs that you are commenting over it. Basically I would like to know what scheme you are referring for the branding and making an online presence purpose.

    We are mobile app development company and want to get an leads and business who is looking to build an mobile app, website and ecommerce solutions.

    If we understand the which blogs we need to comment then it will be really a proven method to get result. I am not expecting skyrocket result kind of but would you like to get progress and learn something new day by day with the action made with this method.


    • Hi Mitul! The blogs that are relevant for my industry would be different from yours. I suggest searching something like “mobile app blogs,” “ecommerce blogs,” etc. You’ll find lots of options in the SERPs. Good luck!

  150. This is great advice. I have a question. When you were posting comments did you put your website’s name in the comments if there was no option to do so? Some websites list “website” along with name and email when you comment, but some don’t like here. So what was your strategy? Put nothing or for example, put it under your name in the comment like below?


  151. Prajakta Patil :

    Hey Neil,
    Again an impressive post. Commenting on our own guest-post is an effective strategy to increase the traffic, leads. This way readers know that you are communicating with them personally and they are not getting ignored. I will surely use this tactic and will see how my traffic, engagement getting affected. I don’t guest-post on any blog yet, but i will search for industry blog and start commenting following your rules. Thanks a lot for the right and effective direction.

    Prajakta Patil

  152. Great! I liked it very much.

  153. which commenting system i should use for my blogger

    • I’m not sure what the best commenting system is for Blogger because I don’t use it. I would ask around the community 🙂

  154. Arshiya InfoSolutions :

    Thanks for sharing the information. Keep posting

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