Should You Repost Your Blog Content on Other Websites? A Data-Driven Answer

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You spend hours, if not days, writing a great blog post. The last thing you want is for it not to be seen, right?

So, what do you do to ensure it gets seen? You share it on your social media profiles, tell a few friends to promote it and then repost the exact same blog post on other sites like Medium and LinkedIn.

Find your blog content in 3 clicks or less across all the document apps you use.

The question is: should you be doing this? Will reposting your content hurt your SEO or drive you more traffic and sales?

Reposting can hurt your SEO if done wrong

At KISSmetrics, we let others repost our blog posts. We push out the exact same content on sites like and Search Engine Journal.


When we first started doing this, we saw an increase in referral traffic by around 9,492 visitors a month, and our search traffic stayed consistent. Then Google rolled out a Panda update, and this is what happened to our traffic:

traffic drop

We lost a whopping 225,418 visitors a month. More specifically, we lost 225,418 visitors from Google each month.

Eventually, we recovered from the penalty, but our search traffic still isn’t as high as it used to be.

What I learned is that reposting your content on sites more authoritative than yours, even if you publish it first on your blog and have them link back, can cause a duplicate content penalty.

We fixed this potential penalty problem by getting sites like to use a rel=canonical.

rel code

If you aren’t familiar with rel=canonical, look at the image above. It’s the source code from As you can see, it has a line of code that states:

<link rel=”canonicalhref=”” />

By using this code, is telling Google to give all credit for that page to KISSmetrics and not to index the page within Google’s search results.

So, if you are going to repost your content, make sure the sites you repost on use a rel=canonical.

What sites should you repost on?

As I mentioned above, you need to publish content only on sites that are willing to use a rel=canonical. Most big sites such as Medium or LinkedIn don’t give you full control.

That means when you republish your content on these sites, even if you link back to the original article, eventually you will get penalized. In this case, you have a few options:

  1. Rewrite the content – you can rewrite your blog post and then publish it on these sites so that the content isn’t duplicate.
  2. Talk to the site owner – there is no harm in asking the site owner or editor to add a rel=canonical. We did this with Entrepreneur Magazine, and they gladly added it to their site even though it required development work on their end.
  3. Post the content on the other site only – sometimes it’s best to publish your highest quality posts on other people’s sites and not yours. You will get branding, a link back to your site, and maybe some sales. In most cases, the big sites want exclusivity, so you won’t be able to repurpose this content on your blog or other people’s blogs.

From a practical standpoint, I aim for option #2 first. If that doesn’t work, I go for option #3 next… I rarely consider option #1.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that it is not all right to have duplicate content roaming around the web without a rel=canonical. In the short run, you may get more traffic, but eventually Google will penalize you.

Republish your content in different languages

In addition to letting authority sites republish my blog posts, I’ve tested republishing my content in different countries. I let foreign-language sites take content from Quick Sprout, translate it, and republish it.

I have been doing this for years, and so far I haven’t been hit by any Panda update. The majority of the reposts do not use a rel=canonical, but the most recent ones do.

I could be wrong, but from what I am experiencing on Quick Sprout, Google doesn’t seem to regard content in a different language as duplicate.

This could be because the content is translated by humans, not computers. Which means it won’t be an exact match to the original and thus will not be considered a duplicate.

I recommend that you let others translate your content and republish it on their sites. It will expose you to a whole new audience. Just make sure to ask the sites’ owners to use a rel=canonical in case Google changes its algorithm.

Don’t repost a portion of your blog post

Resposting the first paragraph of your blog post is fine, but when you start reposting a few paragraphs or more, you are asking for trouble.

There doesn’t seem to be a workaround for this. When we reposted our KISSmetrics’ content on, we got penalized even though we had more unique content on the original page than on

If we reposted the same content, how is it that ours was more unique? Our posts contained comments, while’s didn’t. Which means we had more unique – user-generated – content on our site than they did… but we still got hit by the penalty.

To see just how sophisticated Google’s algorithm is, look at the screenshot below. Google not only knows if your content is duplicate, but it also automatically notifies you if it determines that the user-generated content on your site is spam.

user generated spam

This is why you shouldn’t play games with Google, especially when it comes to duplicate content or spamming.


Reposting your content won’t help you generate much more traffic than you already have. I’ve tested this concept with authority sites that get over five million visitors a month. It’s very rare that they ever drive more than 1,000 visitors from a repost.

If you are planning on using this tactic, do it from a branding perspective. Any extra traffic it drives back to you should be considered a bonus. And when using it, make sure you use a rel=canonical.

Are you going to repost your blog content on other people’s websites?

P.S. If you want to get your content syndicated the right way click here.


  1. Interestingly enough, I saw one of your articles on the search engine journal and thought that I read it before. Turns out you were using canonical url.

    • Kyle, glad you caught that. I definitely always use rel canonical. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Neil, great post! What if the site reposting your article didn’t use rel=canonical but then you ask them to do so a few months later, would Google still penalize you? I guess what I’m asking is: should I go back to all the people that have ever reposted and ask them to use rel=canonical?

        Thanks! 🙂

      • Neil firstly thanks for this post I was aking the same question to me probably because I am lazy person to write two different post for own blog and for others blog, If content is cool then It’s really hard to give them to any other blogs lol 😀 between It’s really helped me in getting some extra ideas.

        Altamash Sid
        (Personal Branding Advisor)

      • does adding the canonical url later recovered you from penalty and how long does it takes to recover from peanlty

      • I got the bit about dupliacate content. Also I have understood about conical tags. Your site is becoming my closest search engine around me.

        Was about to repost one of my pages as a blog post.( Seems I may be penalised)

        Thank you Neil.

    • I agree with you Neil, but other sites have other content too

    • Hello Neil Ji,
      I am not exactly sure if my question is relevant to your post or not.
      But I am writing with the hope that perhaps you may know an answer.

      Anyway, I was wondering If I am allowed to post the same blog post content but on different blog hosting platforms like blogpost, wordpress, etc. If yes how dies it affect my traffic.
      If not can I simply post the link of the original post?


      • Koen, you’ll run into duplicate content issues if you just copy and paste. You can repurpose and post with links but be careful when doing so.

  2. Reposting is all about reputation – but then, this is all the more important when you get started. Using good posts for branding is used all too little especially in startups (when you need it the most), and I wish I would have seen this earlier!

    • Joen, definitely. It’s all about maintaining your reputation and offering up great content, without getting hit by duplicate content penalties. Do it the right way and you’ll get a ton of exposure.

  3. If other users basically steal your content and link back to your site are you saying that in the longterm could actually hurt and not help your SEO despite the link back as well?

    • Cameron, that can happen and has happened in the past. It’s important to keep an eye out for people who may be stealing your content. Ultimately you want to avoid a penalty.

  4. Thanks for sharing the insight, Neil.

    I’m sorry to see that you had to learn this lesson the hard way, but it definitely helps all of us who read your blog!

    Based on your research, it’s evident that reposting content on other sites isn’t something that will grow your site to new heights, and seems to be more risk than reward (especially if the site owner isn’t willing to slap a canonical tag on the post).

    Ultimate lesson learned here? Post unique content! 🙂

    • Matt, thanks for the great feedback. I like to share my mistakes so that people don’t make the same ones. I think you summed up the ultimate lesson pretty well. Create unique/sticky content that is your own.

  5. Sameer Choubey :

    Hi Neil,

    This is one of the shortest article, I’ve ever read on your blog.

    I was thinking about this method, but I got to this page and dropped my idea. Thanks for this post on right time.


    • Sameer, I think it’s short but straight to the point. Remember at the end of the day it’s all about having quality and providing a unique perspective. Hopefully I accomplished that for you.

      • Sameer, I agree with Neil.
        Doesn’t matter to the length of the article.

        “Focus on the Quality not the Quantity” … 🙂

  6. Ron - CopyeWriting :

    I have a question.

    1. How much duplicate content you can have on your site and how much original content?

    2. For the authority sites, does it not affect their ranking? Google knows who is the original author from the publishing date, right?

    • Ron, that’s hard to quantify — the bottom line is you want as little duplicate content as possible.

      As for your second question. Authority sites can still get slapped, however, they can mitigate damage because they get so much natural traffic anyway.

  7. Question: IS sharing a link to your LikedIn profile the same as reposting or do you actually have to write the post on the LI platform?

  8. Oloyede Jamiu :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for writing about this.

    I have seen an article on and, then i was wondering what impact is it going to have on both sites, SEO wise?

    The articles are the same thing word for word.

    Thanks for clarifying things over here.

    • Oloyede, glad I could clarify. At first glance one would think there was an issue, however, I learned the hard way to make sure I use rel canonical.

      Thanks for sharing.

  9. David - SalesVideos :

    i was actually wondering about this very question the other day as I prepare to write some new articles. Thanks for the html code tip, as well as the idea of only posting articles on other established and reputable sites/blogs. Cheers Neil!

    • David, glad I could provide some timely tips. Let me know if you need any other help along the way. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  10. Brian Jackson :

    Hi Neil;

    I got the same problem last year.So i gave up reposting even a portion of the original article.But now i got it.

    Thank for this very valuable tip.


    • Brian, glad I could help. I think a lot of people who have been in the game for a while had to learn the hard way.

  11. I was really hesitant about all the advices on the net in regards to this issue. You have used real examples from your website and you are spending lots of attention to this issue. I will follow your advise. Thanks for sharing.

    • Diepak, I think you’ll find it helpful to know that I like to share my mistakes so others don’t make the same ones. Thanks for the feedback.

  12. Tanay Talesra :

    Neil, this happened to me many a times. My content was copied by websites which were bigger/older than me and had more backlinks. And what Google did was even more bad. Initially I was ranking on the first page at around 4-5 position but after these websites copied and published my content, they replaced my blog posts and I was nowhere in the Google SERPs. I am not an expert but I could not get why Google could not understand that they copied my content and published it later on. Can’t Google figure out which website published first? Thanks.

    • Tanay, unfortunately the algorithm is not perfect which is why these issues occur. I try to keep an eye out for backlinks and reach out to people and advise them on best practices when I encounter situations like the one you have. Try it out and let me know if it works.

    • I experienced this as well. My content was good enough and was reposted on few hundreds high authority forums. All the repost has been made by users, and thats make the situation uncontrollable. The worst part is, they even hot linking to original images on my server. Too many requests causing my server to overload and crash. Yet, Google gave me NO credit of my original content. I hope Matt Cutts read this post.

  13. Great Post, Neil,

    A good complement to post about comments.

    Do you have a data driven answer about best practices for posting content to social media sites like facebook, twitter, google +, others?

    For instance how unique, how much and where to repost??


    • Jeff, I don’t currently have those numbers on me. I think that’s a great thing to post about in the future. I may have to do an infographic on those numbers.

  14. Great post Neil,
    I was looking for advice on rel=canonical the other day and here you wrote a very useful post.
    i am thinking to experiment with reposting but i also read your previous post in which you wrote about the penalty kissmetrics received due to duplicate content.

    • Abdul, glad I could help you out in a timely manner. It’s definitely tough getting slapped by penalties. Test out the reposting strategy and let me know how it works out.

  15. My website automatically publish news from other websites. Is that a bad idea? 🙂

    • Krasen, as long as it’s not word for word duping then it shouldn’t be.

      • Hi Neil,
        Thank you for the quick response!

        Actually, it is “word for word duping” 🙂

        These are the latest news about health – please check out this example. I’ve already asked the author to include rel=canonical in the options of this plugin…but it looks like latest version have bugs and the canonical tag is not applied. I have 15 000 news like these… Should I have to stop publishing the latest news?

        Thanks for your time!

  16. Thanks for the post, Neil.

    In all this republished (or even stolen) content story it’s sad that sites with original content get sometimes slapped by duplicate content penalty or are just over-ranked by a more authoritative sites with your content.

    • Michael, it definitely is a shame and tough. That’s why it’s important for the smaller sites to keep a vigilant eye out for things that may arise. I always check backlinks and run searches for specfic pieces of content.

  17. Teddy Afro Music :

    Just plain awesome. The title ALONE had me stop everything and drove m to read this. And YES i learned something NEW, all that i expected the article to be.

    Really thanks for this one,
    Teddy Afro

  18. Thanks for the post Neil. I totally agree with you about rel=canonical. At AtContent, we use “nofollow” as well. Thus, we avoid any SEO effects for both – original blogs and reposters.
    I’d recommend to use JS as well, which would allow you track your content across all sites.

    We founds that if the reposting done right (across several relevant resources), it can bring a lot of additional views for your content and traffic back to your blog. And, it certainly makes you more influential as a blogger.

    • Alexey, awesome! Thanks for sharing those helpful Tips. I think anything you can do to perform at your peak and get the most out of content works.

  19. Neil, I never knew that I can repost content. It’s great.

  20. Charles Kiyimba :

    Neil, thanks for this informative article. I used to submit my articles to about 5 online directories when I had just started blogging.

    Initially, I was submitting exactly what I had posted on my blog. Later, I started rewriting them to avoid having similar content spread on different sites. The trick seemed to work at first. But later, my site’s ranking on my major keywords dropped suddenly. Could it have been due to the scenario you have explained in your article? What do you have to say about submitting content to other sites?

    • Charles, I definitely think it may have been attributable to the way you were submitting content. At the end of the day you want to make sure you aren’t doing anything to ruin the quality of your content. Following the steps I outlined will help.

  21. Heather Mackey :

    Hi Neil, great article! Quick question – you say you rarely consider option #1 (rewriting). Why is that? I’m just wondering if in certain situations it makes sense to give a post a light rewrite. Thanks!

    • Heather, I think it’s more of a time constraint. People don’t always have the time to rewrite articles completely. Especially when the content on the original is so great.

  22. Great article,but makes we wonder about the WordPress ability to share new posts content to Tumblr, Facebook and similar linked sites. Would that result in a duplicate penalty too?

  23. Hi Neil,

    I thought That, Peoples publish content at other site but when he get a lot of times to that. However, Some of those may be repost and use rel=canonical to be save with duplicate content issue 🙂
    Nice Tricks

  24. Hey Neil, I would love to know how this works in reverse. For example, our CEO has recently written blog posts for different known sites and we just began (this week) reposting on our own blog. If attribution is given, is this still a major blunder? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Mark, as mentioned using the rel canonical will help you avoid any duplicate content issues. You should also always cite sources.

  25. Justin MacDonald :

    I will have to keep this in mind when looking to promote a great piece of content in the future. I was completely unaware that something so simple could attract a penalty from Google. Thanks for the post Neil!

  26. If I am quoting a sentence or two from other site will that have negative effects? Example, I am writing a list of quotes or sentences from other blogs? If so, what is the rgiht way of doing this without hurting someone’s site and my own?

    • Jerome, as mentioned in the post one or two lines (or even a paragraph) wont hurt you. Just make sure you are using proper practices and giving attribution when it’s due.

  27. Great article Neil,

    True, Reposting content may not have a great value in terms of direct traffic but direct traffic is not consistent anyway. Its going to fade sooner or later. But branding goes a long way, it is one of the most organic way to get traffic.
    Its like doing push ups, they may not burn many calories themselves but strengthen your muscles to increase your metabolism, which is much more beneficial in the long term to get what you desire.

    • Navneet, that’s a great analogy and definitely very true. It’s all about doing the small things to help out your bottom line in the end.

  28. Thanks for the article, Neil! We’ve recently launched our blog and are developing a strategy for publishing content on the likes of Medium, Forbes, etc. This was always a big question we had but haven’t been able to find a concise and clear answer.

    Thanks, as always, for the valuable (and timely) insights!

    • Alanna, glad I could help. I think if you look carefully through what I have written you’ll be able to solve some of your issues.

  29. Key is to get your content removed from other people who copy!

  30. sreela banerjee :

    Thank you for sharing your insights – this comes at a good moment.
    I was asking myself this question just the other day.

  31. Best Way to repost a blogpost is to take it by an other point of view!


    Site a: 10 Things you have to do after posting a blogpost
    Site b: 10 Things you should not do after posting a blogpost

    AND crosslink them each.

  32. Adegoke Ajayi :

    Sometimes it amaze me, how two minds can be in sync 🙂
    Just few days ago I was thinking about something similar to this. Reason being that I have seen some post which are straight duplicate of another and I was wondering if its ethical and allowed. With your explanation, now I have a better understanding.

    But Neil, does this apply to posting an article on one’s site to article directories (i mean posting same article on multiple article directories)?

    • Adegoke,
      It definitely is great how two minds can think of the same things. It’s good to be abel to distinguish between duplicate content and content that is repurposed correctly.

      It applies across all mediums.

  33. pashminu mansukhani :

    Will re-posting the URL also count as a SPAM?

  34. Amy Starr Allen :

    Does the penalty still apply if you are posting your own duplicate content on more than 1 blog that you own? If 1 links back to the other would that solve any penalty issues?

    Thanks so much for your feedback on this! 🙂

    • Amy, here is a resource that may help:

      • I have been monitoring this issue for years, reading all the posts. Followed the havoc the resulted from the Panda update. Matt Cutts in this video and in widely distributed discussions and writings has stated repeatedly that there is NO penalty for duplicate content. None. That message was broadcast about six months ago. This blog post reports finding that are the EXACT opposite of what Google’s official SEO spokesperson is saying, and what most A-list bloggers have repeated. So either Google/Matt Cutts or Neil Patel is spreading disinformation.

        Somebody is wrong and somebody is right. I would like to know who is going to eat crow on this one. If you are correct Neil, Google is lying. Really? You’re up there in the thin air, why not get a comment from Matt Cutts on this post?

        I don’t think we have the truth on this matter.

  35. Barbara Friedberg :

    Just posted my first article on linkedin and wanted to repost on my own site. From your article, it seems like it’s not a great idea! Could I use the rel=canonical tag if I repost the article on my own site to remove the risk of duplicate content penalty from google?

    • Neil Patel :

      Barbara — here is a link on the topic:

  36. Hi,
    I’ve a question about duplicate content from an other page on my own blog (the same).
    Is there any problem with this kind of duplication?

  37. Wonderful article! So…someone was asking me about some guest posts she did for another site, but she just sent her same content from her blog to their blog and they linked to her. I told her Google would see that as a no-no; what do you recommend she do? Email the blog owners of the ones who did the guest posting and ask them to take it down, do the canonical thing, or should she change the wording entirely and resend? It’s already on both sites and the other blogger told her it would be fine, but I don’t think so, especially not after reading this! Thoughts? Thanks!

  38. Thanks for the breakdown here Neil! Good to know but a bit bummed at the results! We’ve reproduced a couple pieces on our Medium account, which ended up performing even better than our native blog 🙁 – in one case, almost 100x more views!

    Would love to see the team at Medium give some options for this.

  39. Wow learned a lot. I post guest blogs on legitimate websites and then just report those links on my own personal blog. I had no idea this was bad news for my own personal blog. Thanks for this article!

  40. Hello, after reading this awesome paragraph i am also happy to share my knowledge here with friends.

  41. Dmitri Larionov :

    Great article. This has been a question in my mind for some time. Hopefully as people become aware of this issue sites like LinkedIn and Medium will add the rel = canonical tag to encourage people to post.

    It seems that the solution for Medium and LinkedIn (and other similar sites) is to create a unique intro to get people to click over to your personal site. Do you know of anyone who has executed this strategy successfully on a large scale?

    Thoughts? – I am trying this out with the medium article –

  42. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for writing this. It’s very helpful especially since there’s isn’t a lot of info on reposting your articles on other sites.

    My question is:
    I run a small but growing satire news site. I have posted many of these articles to another much larger site and get some referral traffic and backlinks. Since my articles are satire news, I don’t get a lot of traffic from search engines yet so do you think this is hurting my site rank? Social Media is the main source of my referrals.

    Thanks for the help!

  43. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this informative post. This cleared a lot of confusion for me in terms of canonical URLs.

    I have one question which you might be able to answer. I post affiliate product reviews on press release sites and rank them for their main KWs. One of these sites use canonical redirect script so it has various versions of the same press release, but only one URL gets indexed by Google that has canonical tag. Now one of my posts got deindexed by Google. As a user of that PR site, I have the ability to edit the main URL of that press release, so now after editing the URL, there is a new URL with the tag ‘rel = canonical’.

    The old URL which got penalized still shows the same content, but its no longer the one with the canonical tag. I was wondering if this new URL would be indexed by Google or this penalty would transfer from old URL to the new one?

    If you could share your knowledge on this topic, that would be great. I guess I am going to find out in a couple of days whether this new URL gets indexed by Google or not, since pages from this PR site get indexed really fast.


    • I am not 100% sure. When I tested this a few years ago the transfer was still penalized, but things could be different know. Also I only tested this once, so I don’t have a ton of data on it.

  44. Hi Neil,

    You said: “That means when you republish your content on these sites, even if you link back to the original article, eventually you will get penalized”

    In other words, if I republish one of my articles on other sites, is it me who will get penalized? They duplicate my content and I will be the one who will get penalized, not them?

    If so, then there will be a new easy way for competitors to do negative SEO. All they have to do is just republish our contents on whatever sites they could find and no need to bother to ask for rel=canonical.

  45. Hi Neil,

    I was under the impression that posting blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse didn’t hurt SEO as these are not crawled. Do you know if that is true? I post blog posts over there to help boost awareness of my brand. I also link the blog on the business profile page.

  46. Gustavo Escobar :

    Excellent post! thanks Neil, as always very usefull information. After reading this post I am going to have to go back to LinkedIn to fix a few things!!



  47. John Baumgartner :

    Man, there are so many hidden tricks and penalties. It makes starting your own website almost impossible unless you know someone in the biz. I feel like a mom and pop shop who has big corporations lobbying to undermine my success haha. Thanks for the info

  48. Hello Neil Sir its a very great post to learn sooo.. much, But i am confuse that you show Google analytic above of dated “May 2014” and but Panda rolled out in “Feb and April 2011”, then how Panda affect your blog so long time period, I want to know/clear that am i missing something?

    • There are many different versions of Panda. It can still get brand new sites. Even after an algorithm rolls out, you can get affected later down the road.

  49. Hi there I am relatively new to blogging and have been linking up on blog link up parties to share posts that I have written. Does this have the negative effect of reducing traffic to my own blog or is it and ok way to increase traffic?

  50. Hi good post, i already have a blog on blogspot for my company site, do you think it would be good idea to create a blog page on my company website, will it benefit more for seo

    • Guruprasad, I would definitely suggesting getting a WordPress site up and integrating it with your site — you can just add it to the nav bar. From a look and feel perspective you’ll see a lot more value created.

  51. It is well thought out and support is fantastic.
    Thanks Neil..

  52. Neil is there a guideline you follow? For example 80% needs to be original? We run and educational website and people want to re-post our articles. We are happy to rework them to ensure we don’t get penalized and to get our name out there. We just don’t know if we need to re-write them all together?

  53. Hello Neil
    Will re posting content on to web 2.0 networks with rel=”canonical” help improve in ranking of original site?

  54. Hello Mr. Neil Patel,

    My question is if i write a content for articles directory.. like hubpages and ezine articles or more. Can i post same content on different website at one time to get more traffic from sites.


    • I woulnd’t post the same content — you may run into duplicate content issues — make sure you are switching things up.

      • Thanks for Reply. I understand that it will count in Duplicate content issues. But why is count in Duplicate content issue. Because those who don’t read my article in Hubpages and he is read content on ezine articles, he didn’t hear about Hubpages. And sir, there are many articles direcotry listing website. then why google not closed those website because services are some but we can’t share our content on others website. only one content for one website.
        I think you understand what i want to say.

  55. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the lovely article but am seriously confused now.

    The other day i saw a video by Matt Cutts where he said, Duplicate does happen and Google doesn’t penalize a site for it. At the most, they just skip the post.

    Ofcourse we cannot even afford if it skips the post. So my question is, what’s the current situation? It Penalizes a blog or just skips the duplicate post from being indexed?

    Secondly, I’ve seen a lot of blogs using Tumblr and Digg sharing buttons. Would that too be counted as duplicate content?

    • They algorithm changes over time and it shouldn’t hurt you these days.

      Those social buttons don’t cause duplication issues.

  56. Is it really completely safe to do using the canonical tag?

  57. Great article, Neil! Your answer to Aquif on Jan 2 says,
    “the algorithm changes over time, and it shouldn’t hurt you these days.” Does that mean there is no longer a penalty for duplicate blog articles?

    • There is, just meaning if it didn’t affect you that bad before, it probably won’t. I would still avoid duplicate content in general

  58. thank for telling about reposting is needed in seo

  59. Hi Niel,

    Great post, thanks for putting this together,

    Do you think that backlinks back to your site still have the same value if the external posts have a canonical on them?

    Or does the canonical stop their page from being indexed therefore stopping the link from being found?

    Thanks in advance

  60. Hi,
    Really helpful article. Wondering if we should use the coding on our site if we first published an article to a bigger site like Mind Body Green and then want to republish it to our own months later? Or does the code need to be on the bigger site not ours?

  61. Hiii Neil Patel

    Can i use another person content on my websites in different laguage please tell me.?

    • You’ll probably want to ask the person who wrote it if you can, just to be sure, and promise a link back to them as the source.

  62. Simon Herrmann :

    Hey Neil,

    Does this still apply in 2016? I have read many blog posts saying that most people misunderstand ‘duplicate content’. That Google is punishing spammers and not necessarily ‘honest bloggers’, meaning if you write a good piece of content, publish it yourself, but also get someone else to publish it, it’s actually good as you don’t intend to ‘trick’ google. What’s your thoughts?


    • Yes I believe it still applies in 2016 and will continue to be important moving forward. I think you can get away with doing that once in a while, but I wouldn’t use that as a strategy.

  63. Hi Neil,

    I came across this post today and it was like I found a gold mine. I was actually thinking to re-post in other sites and was excited about the idea, but very glad your post found me. But my question is “How do you know if a site uses rel=canonical. Is there any easy way or may be a tool to know this apart form contacting them to see if they use?


    • You can inspect their code through your browser to see if their blog posts have it, but usually asking them is just fine.

  64. I write many well researched articles and many people copy my articles and publish it exactly on other blogs and i am always scared of google mark my article as duplicate and penalize my website ! so what is my fault here ? is it fair that google penalty my website for publishing Good articles ?

  65. Jesse Westphal :

    Great post. I am running into this issue with a current client and will now have to talk to them about adding in the code when sending out content.


  66. Derek @ MoneyAhoy :

    How can I setup canonical links in WordPress? Another site is asking me to repost their blog post verbatim and I am afraid of getting hit by the google stick!

  67. Hi Neil I just want to know if I publish a original content on my blog website and republish some portion (2-3 paragraph) on different Web 2.0 platforms like wordpress, tumblr, medium, linkedin pulse, and put read more link to my original blog post, so is there any problem or will it create a problem for my website and rankings?

    • It might, I would avoid doing just that. Republishing content on web 2.0 won’t do much if anything at all.

  68. Do you think the Google algorithm has become sophisticated enough to recognize surrounding text and use that as a substitute for rel=canonical.

    For example: if republishing on LinkedIn, I write: “Here’s a link to the original article on” Will the Google algorithm know that the original is and not LinkedIn?

  69. Hey Neil, I mostly post my blog first on my website and after that other websites like blogger, wordpress. will it hurt my SEO? Should I do it continue or stop it.?

    • What do you mean you post on other sites like blogger, wordpress? Are you just re posting your content? That would do anything to grow your traffic. Take a look at this guide

  70. fahim sikdar :

    Valuable information. These are important tips that we should all keep in mind in order to protect our own system. Thanks for this explanation.

  71. Will I get penalized when bloggers copy my original content and publish it on their blog without linking back to my original content page.

    thanks for this great idea.

  72. Jane Phillips :

    Hi Neil,
    I am surprised that they have no idea about Blog2social plugin. Blog2social has all the functions and you don’t have to get any cron job done, there is no server side installation or setting required

    • Jane Phillips :

      Sorry what I meant was You can use Blog2social to post your blogs in cross-platform. It is one of the most used plugin and has also got an advantage that there is no server side installation required it requires just a simple activation.

      I think you should give it a try 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback on that

  73. Yes, it’s well written article.. and very impressive.. thanks for shring

  74. Very interesting read! I sure didn’t know that syndicated content can result in a penalty. Thanks for the tips – especially that rel=”canonical” tip. I know all sites won’t do this (and even go out of their way to develop this feature on their site like you’ve stated Entrepreneur did), but it’s definitely worth a try.

    I noticed this post was written a while back, so is this penalty still true today?

    Actually this type of penalty really doesn’t makes sense to me because content syndication has been around for years and is the very strategy that many news sites use to build their authority, audience and presence. So seems like Google is being biased here. I just don’t get it, but oh well thanks for the heads up!

  75. Matt Auckland :

    I found this post from a Google search on the topic.

    I decided to follow some of your advice, by creating a post on my blog with a different title and subtitle, for a music review I wrote on my Sumo Radio website.

    By creating a unique title, subtitle, and opening paragraph, and then quoting only a single paragraph of the original review, I’m opening to avoid any penalties.

    I also closed out the post with a wrap up line, and link to the original review.

    Even driving a little traffic, or creating some further brand awareness will all help towards promoting Sumo Radio, as I’m now writing music reviews regularly each week. And with over 200 tracks in rotation on the station, I have a lot of writing to do 🙂

    Thanks for the post Neil!

    • That’s pretty awesome Matt, it sounds like you have a lot of action going on. The good news is that in any moment, your content can be a hit, depending on how good it is

  76. Thanks for another insightful post, Neil.

    I’ve a shopping website and for its promotion I’m creating a post for Medium, which I also plan share on PPT, Video and PDF site, but with a different title.

    And they all gonna link back to one of the product category pages of my website. Am I engaging into spamming by doing so?

  77. My website content is copy form other sites but I confuse, My business is 20 yr old and I was only one on this root of business so how It possible I was copied the content from other sites.

    Please suggest me
    My copy content page is :

  78. Hello neil, Nicely written article. But I have a concern. If I write good articles and someone else exactly copy paste it on other websites. Will this affect my SEO. This would be unfair to me. And if not, how will google differentiate if someone from my own team posted it or someone else posted it on other website.

    Thank you in Advance 🙂

  79. Hmmm, wonderful. All you said is actually true. I have been using SEO Post Content Link plugin by WordPress and it is as you said it, i didn’t have to pay huge sum of money before i got huge numbers of people visiting my site, it’s simply awesome!

  80. Hi Neil, This post is awesome thank you for sharing these insights.

    I have run into this problem with our business. We wrote this blog post
    and then shared it with an authoritative site we wanted to give us inbound links and since then we went from just off page one for Bazilian Bikini to now page 4 ! NOT HAPPY.

    My question is simple since we haven’t shared much content with them or any other sites. If we just get them to delete their post of our content on their website will this solve the problem?

    • Not 100% sure if that’s the case Dave, there might be other factors.

      Is that authoritative site spammy? Did you do anything else since then?

  81. SEO Firepower Pasadena :

    I think anything worth spreading and capable of shares gives this an answer of yes!

    Great post though, definitely alot of new angles I hadnt thought about earlier


  82. Hello Neil, keep up the good work – really appreciate what you are doing here. I have a quick question about content syndication – Is it ok to the same article on multiple sites (but not on my own blog) with relevant 1-2 backlinks to my blog ? Will this cause any kind of issues ? Thanks again

  83. Have you tried republishing on Medium or LinkedIn yourself? Search Engine Journal mentioned you and Ryan Battles in an article about republishing content. Seems like you two have very different opinions/experiences. I’d like to know because I was thinking of republishing content on Medium and LinkedIn, but not at the risk of losing organic traffic!

  84. Hi Neil,

    From the gradual change in comments, it seems that these days having your content reposted elsewhere isn’t a big deal provided there is a “orginally posted at {site}” notice. Would you agree?

    If this is the case, would it not be an amazing way to get backlinks?

    Thanks for all your sharing!

    • As long as you have a link pointing back to your site you will be fine.

      • Thanks Neil.

        I recently saw a case where a company did ONE guest post and got 1200+ backlinks. The site where they did the guest post was a real estate portal and they syndicated their content out to all the agent’s web sites.

        The original site has gone 404 so it’s hard to tell how much impact the 1200 instant backlinks had (if any). Ahrefs gave them a high DA (58), but it’s hard to know what Google would have thought of all that replicated text.

        • Quality will always stick to the top. So I would concentrate on doing the legwork towards the right link over lots of them.

  85. Mujahid Godil :

    I have created a magazine on flipboard and I am sharing by blogs there. In that case will I be penalized or not? Have you ever reviewed flipboard for riposting.

  86. We don’t have ftp so how can we add rel=”canonical” to other website. So please suggest me

  87. Hi neil,

    First of all nice post and it’s quite clear but what if the rewriting doesn’t make much sense, for example i’m into fashion industry and have a fashion blog, But keywords and sentences remains quite similar even if you rewrite it, how to deal with this ?


  88. Malik Sharjeel :

    Thank you so much, neil. I am searching for this for a long time that can i repost on other blogs. Thanks to this post now i am satisfied. Thanks a lot

  89. Thank you Neil. I am confused and searching for this exact peace of answer. I wanted to re post my first blog post on Medium. But now I changed my mind. Thanks a lot.

  90. can i use one website content to other website. For example…i have a website with different i want to make a new website and i want to remove some services from my old site (content) and want to put (services and content)it in the new website..
    is it possible..

  91. Hey Neal,
    Thanks for a stupendous piece of content!
    Recently I run into this post by buffer –

    In point 6, about guest posting, they claim You can just change a small piece of content – an “intro”, left the ‘body’ the same : and be all good :/
    “you simply need to change around the story element of the post and keep the original body the same.”

    What do You think. Isn’t it a bit confusing?

    • I say truly unique content should be fresh. I try to see that each audience is worth the time to write something good for them.

  92. Tobial Ezequiel :

    I have some questions about multilanguage posts and keywords.
    As you say, google do not identify as a copy exact same article published in english and portuguese, for example.

    So, If I run a portuguese website that talk about “cachorro” and “cão” (this two words mean “dog”) and write some articles in english with the words and keywords #dog in medium and other websites with a shiny user card with my name and my website link. Will google associate translated keywords with my domain, so will google understand dog means cão and cachorro and redirect some searchs for me?

    If a english user living in USA search for dog poddle, theres a chance of my site appears, as i write about cão poodle?
    If a portuguese user living in Portugal search for dog, theres a chance of my site appears, as dog means cachorro in portuguese?

    I m looking for opportunities to be reconized by some keywords I deserve and are well disputable.

    I m using google trends and notice clearly google knows the exact translation of search terms

    Thank you

  93. Hi Heil,

    Firstly thanks for above idea, But repost idea is not good As per google update, Short post Article is a good option in compare of repost content.

    Thank you

  94. Hi Neil

    Thanks so much for this. If I share your article on LinkedIn and Twitter, is that alright? I’ve been sharing valuable articles for years now on subjects I thought were valuable for other people. I didn’t make any changes, just hit the ‘share’ button.

  95. I am running 2 different website related “films and entertainment”.But can I use same blog content on both sites as they are related to same industry?

  96. Just was thinking about reposting your articles on my blog with Caption as source /credit / originally posted on.

    In this case will my blog be not indexed even penalized?

  97. I am creating unique content on my own company blog and I was initially publishing the same content simultaneously on multiple other blogs which I had created on tumblr, wordpress, blogspot for additional backlinks. But looking at your post this doesn’t seem like a great idea. Do you think it will be better to publish the content only on my own blog? and then share it on different social media platforms from there itself?

  98. Hi,

    I’m trying to increase the number of impressions, clicks, and interactions on my company blog posts. I’m on the marketing team and am learning as I go, but at the very least I know from Google Analytics that my posts aren’t getting many views.

    Do you know if I’ll get penalized still by reposting on LinkedIn? I post the links to the company LinkedIn page, with short excerpts.

    I was considering doing the same thing across other platforms, and asking our business partners to advertise our blog posts with links. I’ve seen rel=”nofollow” on some sites – this should protect me from penalties right?

    Thanks so much!

  99. Neil:

    I am puzzled…

    1. How do you know your Panda spanking had anything to do with duplicate (syndicated) content specifically?

    2. Aren’t you a big advocate for ‘there’s no such a thing as duplicate content penalty’?

    By the way, from everything I know/read/research on the topic, I absolutely agree with you – duplicate content is a big part of the Internet and doesn’t get penalized in and of itself. Only malicious uses of it, which content syndication is not.

    Thanks, Neil.

  100. Great article Neil sir !
    But I have one dough , I have seen that many people are using content from my educational blog on quora as answers . They just copy and paste on quora .
    Will it hurt my SEO ?

  101. hi Neil, my question is relevant, actually my blog account is wordpress, weebly and blogspot, and my content is original. tell me at a time same content post in 3 sites.

  102. Hi Neil,

    Great article! I have been scratching my head over this question for a while (and still am for my particular situation). I have just launched a business that could benefit SEO wise from the blog content that my mother is producing on her blog. Not all of her content would be relevant for my business and she would like to keep her blog separate from my business, but is also keen to help with my SEO by sharing her content with me. The only problem is I don’t know whether she would be actually helping unless I get the technical details right. Ideally I would select the posts from her blog that I would like to re-publish on my own site, but if I use the rel=canonical tip you suggest, I wouldn’t benefit from any SEO. Is the only option here to rewrite all of the posts I want to republish, or is there a less time consuming way of achieving the same result? Thanks for your advice!

  103. Chavdar ILIEV - Superb Systems :

    Hi Neil,
    I think anything worth spreading and deserving shares gives a vote yes!

    Great post though, Thanks for your insights


  104. Hi Neil,

    You say that after the Penguin update you lost a lot visitors and say it’s because of duplicate content. Couldn’t it be that your website had other features that Penguin didn’t like, other than duplicate content?

  105. Vijeesh Vijay :

    Learned this the hard way after my re-posted articles on Linkedin pulse started outranking my original posts on my blog. I used to get a huge amount of traffic from Linkedin, but in the long term, it hurts your blog.

  106. Hey Neil,

    Very good information on repost content, but still I am not getting your point. Could you please explain me below the question?

    1. How many times I can post same content on other blog or article websites, Like wordpress, blog, EzineArticle etc..


  107. Hello Neil,

    I need support from you,

    In my blog many blog post has no traffic so is it possible that I can delete it and post it on other websites to generate quality backlinks. Is it affect to my current ranking or any duplicate content issue will raise in Google?

    • If you’re wanting to guest post, I recommend writing new content for those sites instead of simply deleting blog posts and moving them.

  108. Emily Fedorowycz :

    Really interesting that you rarely consider rewriting the content – found that really surprising actually! I thought that was more the done thing. But of course it makes sense to have less similar content floating around achieving the same thing – far better to have one solid article canonicalised. Thanks for the tip!

  109. Hey Neil,

    Great post, think you skipped a question!

    What about if he deletes the post from his blog and post on another blog?

    Any duplicate issues still?

  110. great post

  111. Hi Neil,

    Can you please help me to answer the question asked by TL – Does posting the same blog in multiple URL make sense..? Or should the content be always unique..?
    – blog means its not from our website. We have created a new blog using our content writer.

  112. How to use the rel=”canonical” on another website?

    Suppose I’m posting an entire article on my website blog. If I’m copy-pasting the same onto my Medium, I should post an anchor tag with the rel=”canonical” attribute, so that the traffic will be to my website blog and not to my Medium page?

    Thanks in advance!

  113. It seems like Linkedin not allow us to add canonical tag.
    So, how we can repost article on LinkedIn?

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