How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

Have you ever wondered why some types of content generate lots of search traffic and others don’t?

I too was wondering about that, so I started to look for patterns and analyze competing blogs. What I found was interesting – so interesting that I decided to create an infographic to illustrate my findings.

If you want to generate more organic traffic from your content marketing efforts, follow the steps in the infographic below.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

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Content that gets lots of search traffic is typically optimized for long tail keywords, contains tons of backlinks, and is evergreen.

If you write content, focus on creating posts with exclusive data, provide resources such as my advanced guides, and offer a unique perspective. I can tell you firsthand it works. My unique guides generate a lot of search traffic.

What other strategies can you use to create content that generates lots of search traffic?

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  1. Hi Neil,

    Great infographic and good data supported arguments.

    I totally agree with you that value+backlinks+keyword opportunities: lead to high traffic. I think the weight of value and backlinks would be higher here though.

    The goal is to create the type of content that adds to the knowledge of the reader, or entertains them. In B2B, one great example is results of surveys shared freely.

    We did the same with a survey on content marketing in SEO. We created an infographic, a report and a slide share. These three became viral, there was a clear peak in traffic in the weeks and months following the launch.

    You can read more about it here:

    Thanks for sharing Neil. 🙂

    • Karan, Thanks for sharing your experience and validating some of the points I brought up in the infographic.

      I think the ultimate goal of B2B marketing is to be an informer. Asking and taking surveys is a great way to figure out what your audience wants to read.

      Thanks for sharing as well. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  2. Christopher Pontine :

    Yo Yo Neil,

    Really like this infographic. Pretty interesting on what the top 10 spots in Google scoop up actually. Personally I focus on the long tail keywords right up in my articles with a great probability of it being evergreen.

    Quick question on your thoughts. On some of my articles at the top above the fold I put when it was updated last. You think this is a smart idea? Or well, an option that is smart? Maybe not so much yours.

    Thanks & Happy Halloween,

    Christopher Pontine

    • Totally agree with you @Christopher and yeah yo yo neil.. 😀 @Neil doing great going great…. I could never stop myself loving your work neil literally! and this infographic proved you more and hope your every post keep proving you more and more!

      But think about the topic, I have asked you to give a post on Referral Marketing. 🙂

      Thanks 🙂
      Altamash Sid
      (from Altamash Sid & Brands)

    • Christopher, It’s definitely interesting data that I came across — mostly why I thought to share it haha. I think long tail keywords are the way to go.

      I think you shouldn’t have a problem with your technique. Sometimes people want some context and timing behind when something was posted.

      Happy Halloween to you too!

      • Christopher Pontine :

        Hey Neil,

        OK cool to know that. Figured its one avenue to take in order to make it very easy for all my readers to know the date it was updated.


  3. Another great one, Neil. Evergreen content really is the way to go. Lots of bloggers don’t understand the importance of updating content and keeping it nice and fresh.

    It’s unfortunate, because so many times I see fantastic articles getting buried in the archives of a site, most likely not receiving the amount of organic traffic that it really deserves.

    Hopefully this infographic will help inspire more bloggers to update aged posts!

    • Matt,
      They definitely do not. That is something I always have to remind people of when they ask me for content marketing advice.

      Thanks for the useful tips. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  4. Greg Strandberg :

    Personally, I think a big part of it is not relying on infographics so much.

    • Greg, interesting take on it. I think infographics drive a lot of organic traffic – a large segment of people love visual content.

      • Greg Strandberg :

        That’s one take on it. Mine is that you’ve stretched yourself too thin with your various other content marketing tasks, such as that Entrepreneur article this week.

  5. Randy Kauffman :

    Another Infographic for my library on you. Thanks!!

  6. Oloyede Jamiu :

    Hey Neil,

    Great Infographic as usual.

    I will share this.


  7. Nishant Bazzad :

    Another great and information rich infographics. Evergreen content is always one of my preferred way to attract organic traffic. Sometimes rewriting old posts can also drives lots of organic traffic.

  8. This is the secret juice we all have been wondering about. And secretly have known, through Neils quality blogs. And yet it seems to be simple: keywords, quality backlinks, evergreen and include data.

  9. I love it, Neil! You really have the niche in your hand, which is an awesome example to go by.

    Thanks for sharing so openly.

  10. Thanks Neil for the post.

    Personally, I also tend to love evergreen content more (like quicksprout’s thorough guides in many ways, or copyblogger’s ecosystem).

    However, news-like or posts on hot topics can also be very successful from traffic point of view (e.g. haffingtonpost). But it is a different strategy.

    • Michael, definitely. I suggest using a strategy that is mixed. Where you utilize evergreen content to the fullest but still place a premium on hot topics.

  11. Vlad Vilenski :

    Hi Neil,

    The infographic is interesting, but as a long time reader of your blog, I am already familiar with the three components of a good traffic generating post (unique perspective, comprehensive guide, evergreen content).

    For me, the most interesting part of it was the first chart – “Google ranking CTR”. I actually thought the first result gets more than 32% of the clicks. Plus I assumed that #10 result would get more clicks than 8 and 9 because it’s placement makes it stand out from other results.

    Perhaps you could write a blog post with your opinion about the placements on the Google results page.

    For example, obviously being #1 is the best. But what if I am at #6. Should I fight for being #5 or instead concentrate efforts on other keywords that located on higher positions?


    • Vlad, great suggestion. As to your point about the three components of a good traffic generating post — I like to drive the point home because those really are some essential components.

      I’ll definitely try to get a post out on the subject moving forward. If you have any additional tips you’d like to share please do so.

  12. Great post, as always. I’ve considered changing my content strategy to include more evergreen content. It’s encouraging to see some data suggesting that might be a good move.

    • Aaron, I think ultimately evergreen content is going to provide the best results for you. Let me know how it works out.

  13. Hey, Neil

    This is really nice..and I too love infographics and I was expecting something like this and really this is nice..!! want to share it wit friends..!!

  14. Hello Neil,

    I also really wondered after read your post. I realize that content with exclusive data and comprehensive resources get highest organic traffic and unique perspective is second to get organic traffic,

    Is it right ?

    I am ready to follow all of you content marketing strategy. Many Thanks for share the most valuable infographic 🙂

    • Sumon, it goes without saying that unique content will always do best. It’s all about getting a unique perspective at the end of the day. People want fresh content and it’s essential that you provide it.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  15. Neil, as usual amazing content, really good infographic, you just don’t know how to miss.

  16. Vince Comfort :

    Thanks Neil, this is really helpful. I am going to concentrate more on long tail keywords. I believe that is what I was missing out on.

  17. It really is a great post. The most important facts about how to get traffic in just couple of pictures. We’ve been using this technique for the last couple of months and see our search traffic going up which reflex in sales.

    • Elena, glad you found it helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you. Keep me posted on your progress.

  18. Adegoke Ajayi :

    Nice infographic Neil, you are the Boss. Lol…But I can’t believe i beat you to this tho. You are right with this infographic.

    I first saw something like this on Brian Dean’s site while i was looking for a way to put the wow effect to my blog…read the article “viral marketing case study” like 10 times. So i was not surprised to see you reference backlinko at the end of the infographic.

    Then i followed exactly all he said in the article though on a smaller scale like a trial and believe me it worked like magic.

    If you don’t mind you can check out the result here .The lesson i learnt from that “Produce something EPIC and watch it go viral”

    Thanks for this info you’ve always being my man.
    Adegoke Ajayi

    • Adegoke, glad someone could validate all these points I have made in this infographic. It’s awesome that you are one step ahead of the game. I look forward to hearing much more from you. I checked out your link and you were right — it’s spot on with the strategy.

      • Adegoke Ajayi :

        Thanks Neil, I appreciate your reply and taking time to check out my link. Looking up to be a Bloggerpreneur like you.

  19. I must admit I do often get lazy when it comes to sourcing exclusive data, or coming up with unique post ideas – the main reason I get lazy though is because I feel like I don’t have time to come up with anything super original. I’m going to make this a goal from now on! Thanks heaps Neil! Love reading your posts (and I love your guides too! Especially the personal branding one!)

    • Kate, glad I could help. It’s hard to parse through data — but it’s always valuable. Let me know if you need help with anything at all.

  20. Great infographic Neil. Learn lot of new things from it. Surely I’ll follow your tips to increase organic traffic.

  21. Realistic infographics. For generating organic traffic, Its a practical way I also think.

  22. Hey Neil..

    Great infographics and as always Great information on viral traffic..Thanks for sharing..Until next time..:)

  23. Very nice resources

  24. Great post about How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic, thank you for sharing

  25. Bring lots of traffic is a difficult job. It requires a skill. It requires a lot of training. I have read article’s Brian Dian and tried to practice. Although it has not reached 100%. Because, it includes the value, back links and keyword selection. I will keep trying and hope to eventually be able to have the skills to bring a lot of traffic as you described. Thank you.

  26. Neil, It is a very valuable infographic presented by you. If you want to get targeted users, then your content should be fresh, informative, readable and sharable. Content should be user friendly so they can easily know why, what and which types of services/products your website provided so they can share with others.

  27. thanks,

    great infographic with live examples.. really helpful..

  28. Great Work Neil,
    This infographic clears a lot of factors while creating content for getting targetted traffic.

  29. Contents that serve as a valuable resource will definitely drive traffic. Keywords help in the crawling of the search engines’ spider. The two can help each other in boosting your traffic and sales. Great article Neil. Thanks!

  30. This infographic definitely gives a new meaning to ‘evergreen’ topics. I used to avoid them for fear of not being ‘fresh enough’ But apparently, they’re useful when it comes to gaining backlinks. Thanks for the new insight, Neil.

  31. A great illustration.I must followed these tips to increase traffic on my blog
    Thank you

  32. Steve Estimable :

    Informative infographic! I used to call “evergreen content” to “timeless content” will use the proper term now!

    Thank You for this blog post!

  33. Great infographic and content like always. I’m trying to do all that stuff in my blog but I keep having problems with organic SEO and backlinks because the blog still very young (just 2-3 weeks), but I will keep doing this things in order to increase the organic results 🙂

    Thanks for all!

  34. We keep hearing that Content marketing is Dead, but this post proves it wrong. Fro longer term results, writing seo optimized content with great knowledge can bring some really long lasting traffic. I see that you follow it religiously Neil for all your blog posts.

  35. Great Infographic Neil ! Could you tell me which tool did you use to create this ?

  36. Hi Neil!

    I love this infographic. It’s nice and useful. I shared on Twitter.

    Thanks for your effort.

  37. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for helpful infographic. You cleared a lot of factors in your infographic. I am following your tips on my blog to drives organic traffic. Hope I will get result soon.

  38. Prajwal Karki :

    A well constructed post, and a very informative and well designed infographics.

  39. Victor Johnson :

    Haha, love how you’ve covered the creation of valuable content in this post which just so happens to contain a very nice, very clean infographic which is exactly that: valuable content that your visitors will love. Not only that, they just might share it due to its shareable nature. Another phrase which describes this infographic: link bait. Well done Neil, you are truly the man.

  40. thanks for giving this usefull information,,,,i must follow ur tips at my blog ,,,and nice infographic.

  41. Hey Neil you are just amazing. Your blog is a great inspiration for my blogging journey. I tried your guides with my blog and got amazing results.

  42. Buddy Neil,
    The quality of your post has degraded.

    Does this post has anything new finding?

  43. Daniel Moscovitch :

    Another phenomenal and no BS post Neil!

    We are currently rethinking the way our agency conducts our content marketing and will definitely use this as a blue print.


  44. Hi Neil,

    I always find your content to be invaluable. It’s great, in a few words!!!
    But I’m having problems viewing the infographics you use in your site. I have a very slow and unstable internet connection (I’m from Cuba), so it’s only at times that I’m able to load the full infog. I’m pretty sure many other people have this problem too, so this is a great opportunity for you to expand your content to more people: just do something about this. You could, for example, besides the infographics, provide a textual version of it. Trying this could make it into material for a whole new post: Increase your reach by giving textual versions of your infogs…

    [I haven’t been able to see this post’s infog yet :(]

    Be well… Martín

  45. great neil, very usefull articel you have post

  46. Very useful infographic!

  47. Hi Neil,

    Glad to read your really helpful post. From now to onward I am going to concentrate more on long tail keywords. I believe that is what I was missing out on.

  48. I read the whole article and i found it quite useful. A lots of positive points are mentioned. A lot more then thanks for sharing this article.

  49. Great pitch with infographic Neil, really that is great ideas that you have shared. They are perfectly pitched with enough content strategy insight into each topic to allow the ready to understand the subject and helpful for all users.

  50. Rajesh Mantri :

    Great article as always. I still believe that people should write outstanding content, outstanding content always attracts the crowd. Content marketing is still the most effective way of getting traffic.

    • Rajesh, glad you liked it. I think content that educates and informs will always do well — thanks for sharing!

  51. It’s still important and now
    value+backlinks+keyword, thank you.

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    Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this informative article together.
    I once again find myself personally spending way too
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  54. Digital marketing Noida :

    Evergreen contents like how to posts, DIY posts, list posts, tutorial posts, interview roundup posts work great and those are life time assets for any company website or blog because in long run those will attract more visitors and back-links to the site and eventually boost the SEO and ranking of the entire website.

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