The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist: 40 Questions to Ask Yourself before Publishing Your Next Blog Post

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The beautiful part about content marketing is that it can bring you thousands of social shares, new email subscribers, and tons of comments, but only if your blog posts are masterpieces and you do content marketing right.

But content marketing has so many elements to it that it’s really easy to forget them, right?

To help you succeed, I’ve created a checklist. If you hit at least the majority of the items on the list below, your content will perform well.

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Here are the questions to ask yourself when crafting a headline:

  1. Would someone type my headline into Google? – If they would, then you are more likely to get more search traffic.
  2. Does my headline evoke curiosity? – Curiosity-evoking headlines tend to get more clicks.
  3. Is my headline short and to the point? – If your headline is longer than roughly 57 characters, it will get cut off on Google’s search results page.
  4. Is my headline clear? – Clarity is important. If people don’t know what they are clicking on, they will bounce right off your site.
  5. Am I using emotions? – If you can invoke a common desire within your headline, it will appeal to more people.
  6. Does my headline contain any popular keywords or phrases? – If it doesn’t, don’t expect to rank for any terms on Google.


Every blog post should contain an introduction. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when creating an introduction:

  1. Am I hooking my readers? – You can do this by asking a question within your introductory paragraph.
  2. It is concise? – You want to get into the body of your post as quickly as possible. Three paragraphs is typically long enough.
  3. Does it provide a detailed overview? – Once people read your introduction, they should know if the post is a good fit for them.
  4. Did I include a picture? – You should start your blog post with some sort of media. Whether it is a picture or a video, it should be something that entices people to click through.


When writing your blog post, make sure you ask yourself:

  1. Did I use subheadings? – They make it easier for your readers to read and skim your content.
  2. Are my paragraphs fewer than 5 lines? – Your paragraphs should never be more than 5 or 6 lines. Anything longer will make your content seem overwhelming to read.
  3. Am I creating a conversation? – You should be using the words “you” and “I” within your content. It will create the illusion of a conversation.
  4. Did I italicize my questions? – Italicize questions within your post. It will make your content seem more personalized.
  5. Am I telling a story? – Your readers will be bored unless you keep them hooked. There is no better way to do this than to tell a story.
  6. Am I using media to enhance my content? – From charts and images to video and audio, media will help personalize your post.
  7. Is my content concise? – If your content is filled with fluff, no one will want to read it.
  8. Am I trying to act smart? – Using fancy words and talking down to your readers is a great way to lose them.
  9. Did I tie in any current events? – Using Google and Yahoo news to identify trends will help you generate content that will bring in traffic.
  10. Which emotion am I appealing to? – Your content should appeal to certain emotions such as humor or anger. Pick one or a few of them, and use them throughout your content. The goal is to put your readers through an emotional roller coaster like soap operas do.
  11. Did I format my post correctly? – From bullets to block quotes, the formatting tools WordPress provides will make your content more digestible.
  12. Did I link out to anyone? – Link out to other websites when appropriate. This way, you can email those sites once you publish your post and ask them to share it on their social profiles.
  13. Did I mention any experts in my post? – Including other people’s quotes an opinions within your post, you will help your content gain more credibility. Plus, you can also ask those experts to share your content via the social web.
  14. Did I back up my claims? – You can’t make claims and expect not to be questioned. Using stats and data will help you create trust with your readers, and it will brand you as an expert.


When wrapping up your post, ask yourself:

  1. Did I end my post with a question? – This is a great way to help you generate more comments. Also, italicize the question.
  2. Was I able to summarize my post within 3 short paragraphs? – A summary should be short and to the point and provide the gist of your post to your readers.
  3. Is my summary shorter than 200 words? – If your summary is longer than 200 words, you are rambling. Ideally, it should be around 100 to 150 words.
  4. Did I leave things open? – Your post shouldn’t read like a final verdict on a subject. Instead, invite your readers to participate in a conversation about it.
  5. Does my conclusion encourage people to read my content? – Some people will scroll down to your conclusion before reading your content. If it is enticing, they will scroll back up to read the rest.


Before you publish your post, ask yourself:

  1. Am I publishing my post during the ideal time and day? – There is a science to content marketing. This chart will tell you when to publish your content.
  2. Should I publish the post on my site or someone else’s? – The best place to publish your awesome content is typically on someone else’s site. This blog post will explain why.
  3. Am I collecting emails? – You shouldn’t publish content unless you are collecting emails. Emails are the best way to get people to come back to your site.
  4. Do I have a lead magnet? – A lead magnet entices people to give you their email addresses. You can offer a free ebook or a PDF in exchange for an email.
  5. Do I have social sharing buttons throughout my post? – From using scrolling social plugins like Flare to placing click to tweet links within your post, encourage social sharing any way you can.
  6. Did I create a list of social profiles within my space? – Every time you publish a post, you should do outreach, asking people to share your content. I still do this even though I get hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.
  7. Am I using social media meta tags?If you aren’t, then your content won’t do as well as it could when shared on the major social networks.
  8. Did I mention my expert sources when sharing? – Including their user names in your tweets will increase the likelihood of them re-tweeting your content.
  9. Have I direct-messaged influencers on LinkedIn? – It’s a simple tactic that can help generate more shares. Read this blog post for template messages for LinkedIn.
  10. Have I re-purposed my content? – By turning your blog post into a PDF or a slide deck and sharing it on the web, you can get more traffic. Just submit these different versions of your content to sites like Slideshare, and you’ll see more traffic. Make sure you adjust the content, however, as you don’t want to be hit by a duplicate content penalty.
  11. Have I shared my content more than once? – You should be sharing your post at least 2, if not 3 times, on social channels like Twitter. Not all of your users will see your content the first time you tweet.


By asking yourself the above 40 questions, you’ll quickly find out if you are doing everything you need to ensure your content marketing success.

Don’t worry if you aren’t doing everything on the list… Just look at this post. I didn’t leverage every tactic. But the more you do leverage, the better off you will be.

So, what other questions should you ask yourself before publishing your next blog post?

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    • hi Neil – awesome post and checklist – thanks so much! Yes I think I’d add ‘did you read through Neil’s checklist before posting’! I liked the bit about ‘put your readers through an emotional roller coaster like a soap opera!’ great thought! 🙂

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  5. Great list! Extremely useful and fantastic to use as a reminder. Definitely bookmarking this one, Neil.

    I find that when I begin to write a blog/guest post, I always have a list in my head that I make sure I hit upon, but actually having a list on paper (or in this case, on the web), will only increase productivity and efficiency.

    When it comes to ending posts, I always try to lure the reader into leaving a comment, whether it be with a question (as you mentioned above) or by encouraging them to speak their mind about the specific topic that the post is about.

    Thanks again!

    • Matt,
      I typically create lists for everything that I do. It’s important so that you don’t miss anything. I think people often forget key things because they are so busy multi-tasking.

      Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  6. Isaac Hammelburger :

    Great post, I like how you put an extra emphasis on headlines, those drive me crazy. You should probably also mention about making sure your content has some internal linking to your other content.
    What are your thoughts on planning your blog posts, do you think its worth spending time planning it out before typing away?

    • Isaac, I typically plan everything I do — so a short answer is yes haha.

      I focus less on the internal links now and focus more on making sure everything is contextual. At the end of the day that’s what matters most.

  7. Michael Lyons :

    Great suggestions. I never thought to DM influencers on LinkedIn. Have you encountered them getting annoyed or potential loss of reputation by just cold-messaging these influencers without a previous relationship built?

    • Michael, definitely not. They all understand the hustle so more often than not they will respect me more if I have reached out to them.

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    • Tim, haha it looks like you’ll definitely have to add more to the wall. I like to make these lists to help people out.

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  12. Thanks, Neil, for the check list.

    I also find useful in many cases to list in the introduction the main points that are discussed/covered in the post.

    Something like
    “In this post you’ll get to know how to: …”

    • Michael, I definitely think that is a helpful tip. One that I have definitely used in the past. Thanks for the reminder.

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    • Navneet, glad I could help. I think that point really drives home the fact that you need to utilize and re-use all your content whenever possible.

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    The way i see this list: if someone does half the suggestions, he/she is half-way to beating 90% of so-called content marketers (i prefer, content pushers).

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    • Teddy, definitely. I think this is a pretty comprehensive list and doing half of these, like you mentioned, goes a long way.

  16. This is a great checklist. I am actually a copywriter but I am quickly learning writing content for your own brand is much harder than writing for other people. This checklist will come in handy!


    • Leigh, definitely true. It’s tough to really figure out how to position your brand through content marketing.

  17. That’s it… I’m just renaming Evernote to “Neil Patel Posts”. Because that’s what seems to mostly go in there.

  18. Thank you, Neil. I found the tips about creating the headline especially helpful. I often find myself writing (what I think) is a great post, and then losing steam when it comes time to put a title on it…NOT the best way to do things! So I appreciate your checklist. In fact, I am going to use it today!

    • Karen, I don’t think there necessarily is a “right” way. However, you should really focus on the points on my checklist and I think you will capture some really easy low hanging fruit.

  19. Great checklist, Neil!

    I think linking out to authority sites is actually also an underrated tactic in terms of SEO – as it can help if you are seen as a ‘content hub’ of reliable information and resources.

    It also makes for a better user experience if you can direct your audience to places where they can learn more about themes you touch on in your content.

    • Carl, thanks for the feedback. Glad that specific part resonated with you. I incorporated it into the post to really get SEO minded people thinking. I think at the end of the day the User Experience portion of a blog is vital.

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    • Donald, glad I could help. I think this list will definitely help you beef up the body and promotional aspects. If you have any specific questions please let me know.

  23. Neat! Just the kind of thing that fits into a busy schedule and can improve a post with very little time and effort. Thanks Neil 🙂

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    • Katie, glad I could help. At the end of the day I want to make it easy for people to replicate my overall process.

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    Hi Neil,

    #1 is my fave question.

    Do people find my headlines interesting? People click if you peak their interest.

    If folks are Googling your headlines you’re on the right track. Check search terms, then, simply work off of these phrases. I’d add some colorful adjectives and action verbs to the headlines folks Google for.

    As for content, it should either tell a story, or simply inspire the stuffing out of your readership. Bland posts are not allowed.

    Be inspired, act inspired, and keep writing, to improve the quality of your offering, and to market your content like a pro.

    Know why you’re growing your blog and business and you will follow these successful tips.

    Thanks Neil!

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    • Ryan, always a pleasure reading your additional tips. Thanks for the great tips. I think your point about bland tips really will resonate with readers.

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