How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Readers

Do you know what the hardest part about blogging is? It isn’t writing content or growing your traffic. So, what is it?

The hardest part about blogging is getting that initial traction…

Sure, you can get your first 100 readers by hitting up your friends and family, but it won’t be sustainable. What you need to do is get 1,000 qualified readers legitimately. Then, you’ll have a solid base that will be easy to grow further.

So, how do you get your first 1,000 readers? Well, all you have to do is follow the steps in the infographic below.

But before we get started…

I’ve made the infographic a bit too technical, so I thought I would break down a few of the learnings for you before you read the graphic:

  • Quick Win – posts with content that helps your readers accomplish something is considered a “quick win”. For example, this post breaks down how you can get 1,000 visitors to your blog… in essence, that’s the quick win for you.
  • Welcome gate – it is sort of an interstitial. Think of Groupon, in which you have to put in your name and email to see the content.
  • Qualaroo – it’s a survey tool and within you can collect emails instead of surveying your audience.
  • Squeeze page – it’s a page where you only have one goal… typically to collect an email. In which you are trying to get your visitors to enter in their email or leave.
  • Confirmation page – having double opt in decreases the number of emails you collect. If you want to use one, tell your subscribers to visit their inbox and click the confirmation link.
  • Comment check box – you can actually add a check box to your comment box to get more subscribers. Look for the subscribe to comments plugin.
  • Popup – by using Bounce Exchange or Opt In Monster you can create popups that collect emails.

Now lets dive into the infographic.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Get Your First 1000 Blog Readers

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Emails may not seem that important to you, but unless you are a news site, it’s hard to build a core audience without email marketing. By capturing emails, you’ll increase the number of people coming back to your site and sharing your content.

So, how else can you get your first 1,000 readers?

P.S. If you need help getting traffic to your blog go here.

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  1. Filip Ciolcan :

    Great infographic, Neil! I’ll put this to test this weekend.

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Hey Filip,

      Quick question for you. What email marketing software do you use? The reason I’m asking is I recently have started using aweber because of the fact it utilizes a pop up option for opt ins (pop over form).


      Christopher Pontine

      • Hey christopher,

        You can use hybrid connect plugin along with any email marketing service in WordPress. That is an awesome plugin to configure opt in forms, it’s best for me. You can take a look at my blog 😉

        ~Nitin Singh

        • Yes ofcourse, agree with your post neil, I really liked this post…
          This is really important to make the base of your new blog strong, and this is it!

          Altamash Sid

        • Christopher Pontine :

          Hey Nitin,

          Thanks for the info on this. Glad to hear you have been using it too.


          Christopher Pontine

      • Filip Ciolcan :

        Hi! I use MailChimp with their WordPress plugin. For pop-ups I will use Optin Monster probably 🙂

    • Filip, awesome! Let me know how it goes. Looking forward to your feedback.

    • Neil, this is great infographic.. after points 5 on however, i wasn’t exactly sure what those tips look like. some sample links would be helpful.

  2. Thanks for sharing Neil. Getting that initial traction is always difficult any many people seem to lose hope and give up before they really get the ball rolling.

  3. Steve Estimable :

    This is a great infographic Neil. I will definitely implement the welcome gate and turn your “about” page into a squeeze page.

    Thank You!

    • Steve, glad you found it helpful.

      Let me know how it all looks when you are done. I am curious to see how effective it is for you.

  4. It looks like Optin Monster is very effective (+65%)

  5. isaac Hammelburger :

    Great post. Brian Dean has another great technique of offering an accompanying pdf to his posts in exchange for your email address which is quite effective as well

    • Isaac, that technique always works. You get to the meat of what you want that way. Having an email will get you further than any other information!

  6. Randy Kauffman :

    I keep trying everything you say. I also signed up for your University. My visitors are up over 30% from last month.


  7. Nice infographic, but you didn’t really explain how to do any of these things specifically.

  8. Possibly the most confusing infographic I’ve ever seen you produce Neil, what happened man??

      • This is the most awesome, I have ever seen till now 😛 , cleared my doubts and now going to experiment it all.

        Thanks Neil, thank you very much 😉

    • Lewis/Drew/Nitin:
      It sounds like I am getting mixed reviews from everyone.

      Lewis & Drew: Can you help clarify what was confusing so I can improve on things moving forward?

      • Thanks for adding the clarifying comments at the top of this post, Neil. I read the infographic earlier and was confused so came back later to decipher it. Your comments helped. I’ve been looking for a good opt-in plugin for awhile. Most of the ones I’ve tried have conflicted with other plugins on my site. I’ll take a look at these suggestions by you and some of your readers. Thanks for always delivering great ideas and solid research.

    • I would agree that this infographic needed a bit more explanation on each item. I understood what they all meant, but that’s b/c I read about apps and software all the time.

      Consider a line or two under each number for the noobs, since this post does seem to be aimed at noobs.

      P.S. We get that Nitin understood the blog, thanks bro.

  9. Hey Neil !

    Again a very useful piece from you. Exactly what I was looking for here and there. And finally grabbed it on QuickSprout.

    Won’t talk much today, have got lots of work to do. Simply, “Awesome infographic” – and many many thanks for sharing. You have hit on my head at right timing, in right way with right tools.

    So again…thank you very much !

    • Rahul, glad you found it helpful. When you have some time give me some more feedback. Would like to know what you liked specifically.

  10. 1) What? What is a “quick win post”? Example please. Don’t just throw something up with no explanation. Pat Flynn used “what” following strategy to increase his email subscribers? What is it please.

    5) How do you optimize confirmation page?

    Come on, be specific with your tips or they’re useless.

    Tighten up chief.


    • Johnny,
      I have made updates to the post because so many people were confused. Please have a look through it again and let me know if you have any questions. Sorry for the confusion.

  11. Excellent infographic Neil, well done and one I am sure to be referencing when working through the re-launch phase of my current site. Thanks!

  12. Nice and well explained infographic. The tips are good but I guess some are hard to implement while blogging. But must say you have done a good job on this one Neil.

  13. i do not understand any of these stuff. sigh. do i need to be an IT guru to drive traffic to my blog?

  14. How about Giveaways? According to Noah Kagan, they can be a great way to get traction.. Compared to paid advertising.

  15. Greg Strandberg :

    Lots of good ideas. Why aren’t I doing the email sign-up on my About Us?

  16. Shiva Guru Balaji :

    I was really wondering how to make loyal subscribers. This post gave a clear picture to get started. Thanks Niel..!!

  17. Great infographic Neil, Congratulation but is not complete. There is a big black bar at the fold of your infographic (about 10-20% of the infographic !)

    Thanks !

  18. Hey Neil,

    Great Post as Usual. May I request a more descriptive post on the same tips. To help beginners understand what exactly needs to be done.

    Thanks & Regards,

  19. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty :


    This is an excellent Infographic with effective points. Thank you so much


    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  20. I love Neil’s posts until they are infographics, then I generally find they don’t convey enough information to be useful. This seems like it could be a great article, but…

    The infographic says multiple times someone “used the following strategy” but then that strategy isn’t specified. Am I missing something?

    In other places like the green section the info is so vague as to be useless like “use a blog post teaser”. What the heck is that exactly?

    I’m not complaining to be a pain, it’s because I care and I like Neil’s posts a lot, but too often find the infographics frustrating. If you want to put a vague infographic out there to get attention great, but link it back to an article with details.

    • I gotta agree

    • Andrew Klimek :

      +1 and the stats don’t mean much anyhow, there’s too many variables. suffice it to say the strategy helped and use that space for some explanations.

      • Chris & Mark,
        Sorry if this infographic didn’t provide as many details and sounded confusing. I actually went back and updated the post. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you have any specific questions after that I’d be glad to answer.

  21. Great idea. anyone can build audience with help of this.

  22. Neil, I have to agree with the critical folk. this infographic looks useful at first sight but isn’t (for noobs certainly, but do pro’s find it useful?). only the first point, where Neil gives an example and explanation is useful in the way i’m accustomed to reading this blog. being constructive here.. on the whole I’m a great fan.

    • Frank, I have read through all the feedback and I am sorry if I dropped the ball. I went through and updated the post. Please have a look through and let me know what you think of it.

      If you have any specific questions let me know.

  23. Lots of potentially awesome info but agreed the infographic does not provide enough detail to provide real value. Neil – suggest a followup to this post with more detail on each section of the infographic. That would be a great response to everyone’s feedback. Steve

    • Steve, I have already taken the steps of updating this post. Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback. Sorry for the confusion.

  24. I disagree. The hard part isn’t gaining the traction, it is maintaining it. It is staying on top of the “what’s next” that comes with blogging. It is consistently entertaining and or educating your readers.

    • Joshua, that’s a good point.
      I was more so focusing on the first 1000 readers for people as a benchmark. After your each that point the game definitely changes dramatically.

  25. Thanks Neil. It’s amazing how much people are into infographics, my colleague said it’s very rich and on point. I would not have understood a thing if you didn’t provide the text above.

    The code to embed on my site should get me some attention from visitors right? I am new to all of these but I am very passionate about it. Your post have taught me so much in a very short time. I am glad I found you. Thank you so much.

    • Uche, they really are. I think it comes down to people preferring visual content over text content.

      However, you’d be surprised as to the number of people who do not prefer infographics. I think it’s hit or miss.

      The embed code will definitely get you some attention. Test it out.

  26. Hello Neil Sir,

    I am truly glad that I found this post. Simply LOVE the way you presented this post to us and explained things beautifully and as always served another great infographics for us.


  27. Hey Neil Sir

    very Informative Infographic i will love to share on my blog. you got really good point to get 1000 blog readers. I’m newbie so its hard to got returning visitors. i guess your strategy will perfectly work for me.
    thanks again for this awesome article.


  28. Maybe I’m the only one to rock the boat here, but this just feels like marketing without substance. The #1000 feels totally arbitrary.

    I undestand that infographics are great link/share bait and probably are a great way for this blog to grow, but I find it provides little actionable information. I’ll take 1 of your ultimate guides to 100 of these graphics any day. THOSE are some of the best pieces of content I’ve ever read.

    “posts with content that helps your readers accomplish something”

    I mean seriously, I think every blogger tries to do this with their writing.

    How many people are going to read this, go “this is awesome! so many ideas” and then do nothing because there’s not enough substance to create action? Or do smething but see no results, because opt in forms everywhere doesn’t automatically generate subscribers.

    Just my opinion, hopefully other people get more out of it. Still look forward to the next one.

    • AJ,
      Apologies. I looked through the post and everyone’s comments and made some updates. Please check them out and let me know what you think. At the end of the day I just to provide actionable content for people to work off of.

  29. This is pretty interesting.I ll implement them on my website.Thank you for such a nice post.

  30. Great inforgraphic. I’ll apply it in my business.
    Thanks for your effort!

  31. Thanks bro 🙂

    Great Article 🙂 Great Infographic 🙂

  32. Very helpful idea Neil.. now i like post and the infographic is so easy to understand.

  33. Wonderful infographic Neil, right now apply this Good strategies!
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Great infographics Neil so with the points given. One of the crucial moments in blogging is how to obtain readers. You have listed a lot of good things to consider. This is a helpful post. Thanks!

  35. Great post as always, specially the info-graphic is awesome!

  36. This is a great infographic Neil. I will definitely implement these into my new blog 🙂

  37. Really helpful Neil! I’m about to get my blog online in a few days and I am really going to need that initial push to set things in motion.

  38. Alex Stern :

    Thanks for the post, very explicit and understandable. I would like to ask a question though. it is ok to put an “exit intent pop up opt in” on a new site, when it is still receiving just a dozen of visit a day? it is worth it at this stage to start collecting emails?

  39. Hi, that is some real useful and cool infographics mate especially when email marketing is becoming the king of online business.thanks.

  40. Sil from Tripovo :

    Thank you so much for these amazing tips. We are starting out a new company and this will come in handy. I just have one question though, we are a travel agency (a new one on the market), how fast can we get these 1,000 blog readers? How many months, or days?

    • Sil, honestly that’s a tough question to answer as each market is different and there are no definitely timelines.

      I think if you do everything right the answer will become more apparent to you. Set reasonable goals and track them and the process will go by a lot smoother.

  41. Glad to hear that Hanla!

  42. I keep trying everything you say. I also signed up for your University. My visitors are up over 30% from last month.


  43. Great post. Brian Dean has another great technique of offering an accompanying pdf to his posts in exchange for your email address which is quite effective as well

  44. Great info! I am in a very early stage and things can get pretty confusing 🙂 So far I have already followed step #1 so I will now start with the others 🙂 Thanks a lot for this post

  45. Your post is always helpful and full of insights. Love these tips and especially your approach. Finding the right readers may be very difficult especially with the kind of competition you see today. This post will definitely help in building the reader base and grow the blog. For more such tips you can visit here. For more details

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