How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

You already know that if you follow people on Twitter, a portion of those users will follow you back. But is that really the best way to get your first 100 Twitter followers?

It actually isn’t! From running contests and writing guest posts to reaching out to influencers, you can use at least 10 different tactics to grow your follower count.

To show you how you can use each of these tactics and the impact they will have on your account, I’ve created an infographic that details the tactics and ways to implement them.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

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Twitter isn’t just a numbers game. The higher quality followers you have, the more retweets and favorites you will get. This will help give you more visibility and increase your follower count.

Just be careful not to engage in the following practices to avoid losing followers:

  • Tweeting too many broadcasts that aren’t directed at anyone can reduce your follower count by 2.6x.
  • Too much negative sentiment can reduce your follower count by 1.8x.
  • Using useless hashtags can decrease your count by 1.2x.

So, what strategies do you use to grow your Twitter following?

P.S. If you need help growing your Twitter following go here.

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  1. Great infographic, I’m going to forward this on to a number of my clients.

    • Luke, glad you found it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about specific portions of the infographic. Would love to talk further on it.

      • Neil,
        Once you have share us your appreciation with the line, ‘Fake it, Till you make it’. So, what I want to say is that, this is very slow process for this competitive world, specially If you are on twitter.

        People read your article then follow you is not better than
        (in the case of twitter) thousands of people first follow you and then you turn them into genuine in bulk. In a week a person can get minimum of 5k followers so 25k in 5 weeks.

        Nice infographic, I always love your work 🙂

        Altamash Sid
        (personal branding advisor)

    • Hi great tutorial mate. But one thing, you know most people want the shortcut way.. so if anyone here’s really interested in taking that short path, it’s just a click away. I’ve written a little javascript code that scrolls down the page and follows everyone. As as we all know, if you follow someone, they follow back.

      So.. if interested, have a look at here. It shows how to mass follow users using nothing but javascript.

    • It was a nice article. Now I have many friends

  2. Christopher Pontine :

    Hey Neil,

    Great article. I recently reached out to an influencer myself thinking I would never hear back from them, and well, I was totally wrong. I feel this method is a great route to take for expanding your followers.


    Christopher Pontine

    • Christopher, Glad you took the initiative to talk to the influencer. At the end of the day they are real people who are willing to help and engage with you. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hey Neil , how are you ? I’m back here.

    Very happy after grabbing these useful tips to get my first 100 followers. Though my personal profile has a good number of quality followers but these quick tips will surely help me to grow followers of my 15 days old brand’s twitter profile.

    Really informative infographic and awesome piece of information. Thanks for sharing !
    Have a great day ahead !

    • Rahul, Glad I could help. I think these tips will definitely help get the ball rolling for you. If you need any help along the way please reach out to me. I look forward to seeing how you progress.

      Also, check out . It will definitely help !

      • Thank you Neil !

        I’m really happy that you wish to see me proceeding. Also grateful that you are ready to help me. The provided tool BuzzSumo is really awesome for analysis.

        Yea, the journey has started and will keep going ! However I’ll love learn from you. Looking forward to ping you soon.

        Thanks !

  4. Hey Neil

    Although I have already much more than 100 followers, I can learn a lot from you post. I usually do not reach out to get new followers. The one thing I do is only to refollow the people who follow me.

    • Bruno, that is a great strategy too. However, if you really want to scale your following you should focus on growing and not worrying if someone follows you back. At the end it’s all about engagement. If you engage with them they will be more inclined to follow you.

  5. I find that most social media networks have similar refollow percentages when you initiate the follow. I often wonder if these are positive in terms of brand growth or are they just additional ‘dead’ followers.

    • Kyle, I think ultimately you will get a mixed batch of followers. If you want quality followers you have to engage with quality users who are relevant within your niche.

  6. Thanks Neil for the interesting data.

    I’ve found that answering questions in twitter draws people’s attention, and if the answer is short and precise (as twitter format demands it), then people.

    Also, writing a short positive and to-the-point review about company’s or people’s services (or even about published article by them) in twitter may have quite good chances to be re-twitted by the company (or by the person) you are reviewing, and thus people will notice you.

    And where there is attention, then comes interest, and then people may follow you 🙂

    • Michael, all great points. I think what you wrote ultimately boils down to creating an environment where you are engaging with relevant people within your industry.

      In social media, like in life, you have to give to get. Thanks for the great feedback as always.

  7. Mary Lou Scott :

    Every post has so much value. Thank you! I am a dedicated follower – and I wish I had time to read everything!

  8. That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing,i will try to do follow your post!

  9. Great post Neil. I’ve found that adding images to our Tweets (usually using simple text based images created using Canva) has a positive impact on engagement.

    • David, it definitely does. Visual content will always get more shares and eyes than text based content. Let me know if you have any interesting stats on the subject — I would love to see them.

  10. Great infographic on how to expand twitter followers. I use a few tips mentioned here in but I got to learn a lot more from this infographic. Neil, thanks for sharing!

    • Nettsider, Which tips did you find most helpful. I would love to hear more feedback. Also, which niche are you targeting?

  11. Well this was one hell of superrrb Analysis and a superb post on growing twitter followers.

  12. Hey Neil,

    Amazing stuff here. I would love to share this infographic in my blog. This will be really helpful for my readers to find their first 100 twitter followers.

    I must say “case studies” and “guest posting” are very effective way to increase twitter followers.

    Thanks for sharing this useful stuff. Have a nice weekend ahead!

    • Nisha, glad I could help. Go ahead and share away. I am always a firm believe that information should be shared freely.

      In regards to your points on case studies, they are 100% accurate. People ultimately want to know of strategies that work so they can replicate them.

  13. Great article and info graphics Neil. Twitter has been one of those tools that appears to be simple but I have found complicating to use for business. I look forward to putting some of the strategies in this article to good use for giving new life to my business. Thanks again!

    • Sales, I think if you follow some of the suggestions above you’ll find the whole process less daunting.

      With that being said you should really narrow down some top opinion and thought leaders in your niche. Keep me posted on your progress.

  14. Casey Dennison :

    I put together an expert roundup – including you – and it was shared by a handful of the bloggers that were featured. This resulted in 200 visitors to a brand new blog on the first day of launch, 500 visitors the next day and then the traffic slowly died down. I received around 100 Twitter followers as a result. This technique can also work extremely well.

    • Casey, That’s awesome. I have always found that roundups and tweet-ups work extremely well.

      I look forward to hearing some other tactics you have used to gain traction, keep me posted!

      • It’s really very complex in this active life to listen news on Television,
        thus I just use web for that reason, and take the hottest news.

  15. Hello Neil Sir,

    Luckily I’ve more than 1k follower on my twitter account so I guess this article is mainly dedicated to newbie users.Anyway I’ll surely recommend your post to some of my newbie friends and will let you know the results. 🙂


    • Debarpan, I think you are wrong in that regard. It’s not just for newbies. These tactics can be used to scale current followings as well.

      I myself still use a ton of these tactics.

  16. Nice infographic you have done Neil. Posting of Images in your tweet is help in attract viewers for looking insight of your post.

  17. Great insight

    • Faisal, glad you liked it. Do you have any feedback?

    • Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you really know
      what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also consult with my site =).
      We can have a link change agreement between us

  18. sangeetha menon :


    Great infographic and really insightful too. I have been doing the mistake of focusing on just one social media and obviously my twitter is not fully utilized .

    I will definitely try your tips and let you know my progress too. Thanks again.

    • Sangeetha, awesome! I look forward to hearing much more from you. I think you can definitely gain some traction and prominence in the social realm if you utilize the right tactics on twitter.

  19. Nice write-up Neil! Maybe you could do a how to get your first 100 facebook fans? 🙂

  20. Hi Neil,

    Nice infographic. Many thanks for sharing the secret to getting some valuable twitter follower. It will help me to get more follower because I will follow your instruction by Tweeting more in Weekend 🙂

    • Sumon, you should never forget the weekends. That is often the time that busy work-week people take time to catch up. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  21. Great post. Although there seems to be so many dissenting opinions whether guest blogging is worth it or not.

  22. It’s indeed hard to make genuine followers on Twitter.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  23. Thanks for the great tips! Nice infographic.

  24. Mich, I am sure you can. Keep me posted on your progress.

  25. Fatih, I would never suggest using bots.

  26. Nice tricks.. The point is we must provide the great content to make people follow us sincerely..

  27. Twitter is a ever-green market for marketers and people using to promote their brands. I have been using Twitter to grow my clients business.

  28. venkatesh khajjidoni :

    Informative post on getting twitter followers. what a wonderful infographic you have created for this post! Thank you very much.

  29. Al-Amin Kabir :

    Yet another great Info-graphic, Neil! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  30. Thanks a lot for this. I should use this approach to reach my 100 followers. I hope it will work out for me 🙂

  31. great article and great way to get maximum followers

  32. Awesome infographic, twitter is my main resource of sales atm so I needed this Neil. Thank you 🙂

  33. Great! It seems really helpful. I also have a twitter id but I don’t have so many followers, so thanks for sharing these.

  34. I’ve just bought 4000+ twitter followers for $5 here:

  35. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    A quick question. As a freelancer, should you have a business Twitter page, or will you get better results using a personal page?


  36. hey neil help me to get so many followers in twitter plsssss…?

  37. Very informative article on gaining followers, and more specifically; the proper way to do it.

  38. Hey Neil,

    Have you checked out It’s a great little tool to help you increase your followers and exposure on Twitter, what are your thoughts on it?

  39. Good information, and I will definitely put it to use – but would you mind expounding a little more on “Reach out to influencers?” Do you mean just by following and engaging, or are you referring to specifically requesting their help in creating engagement? (i.e. “would you please help spread the word about my page?”) – or perhaps something in between?

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    I am rdading this wonderful paragraph to increase my know-how.Gamsat question paper (

  41. Hanuman Chalisa :

    Interesting post. I like the way in which you are writing. My best way to increase followers is to create killer profile, bio, asking questions and mentioning other followers 🙂

  42. Yolande Machain :

    Start Following and engaging to their post.. Don’t forget to hit retweet and like. I got 3997 followers just by doing that. Woooohoooo!!!

  43. Jenny Roberts :

    Wow! Very useful, thank you for sharing!

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