The Content Marketer’s Toolkit: 35 Tools You Can’t Blog Without


Don’t you wish there was an easier way to blog? From coming up with ideas to writing and promoting, there is a lot that goes into content marketing.

So, how can you facilitate the whole process?

You can use a number of tools that can help you generate ideas, make the writing process easier, and even market your content for you.

Are you a content marketer? I’m sure you’ll find these 35 tools handy for your blogging effort.

Here are 35 of them:

Tools for content discovery

Before you can start writing, you need to come up with ideas, ideally ones that will be popular.

  1. Quick Sprout – if you put in a competitor URL on the home page of Quick Sprout and then click on the “social media” tab, you will see a breakdown of the most popular content your competitor has written. This should help you generate some ideas.
  2. Buzzsumo – type in a word or a phrase, and Buzzsumo will show you the most popular posts around the web that contain that phrase.
  3. Portent – if you are struggling to come up with a cool idea or title, just type in a keyword on Portent, and it will generate catchy titles for you.
  4. Quora – this is a great place to look if you need some inspiration. People ask questions in every industry, and Quora will help you spot the hot ones.
  5. Google Trends – the last thing you want to do is blog on a topic that isn’t popular. Google Trends will point you in the right direction as it shows search volume for different keywords and phrases.
  6. Alltop – not every blog is worth following. Alltop ranks and organizes the top blogs around the web so you can see what others are writing about.
  7. Twitter – most people use Twitter for distribution, but I also use it to see what’s trending.
  8. Pulse – LinkedIn created a product that is like an RSS feed. It allows you to subscribe to specific topics and interests so that you know what is being discussed.
  9. Evernote – as a blogger, you’ll eventually have more ideas than time. With Evernote, you can keep track of all your ideas.
  10. Trello – the more organized you are, the smoother the content marketing process will be. Trello is a great place to organize all of your ideas.

Once you have figured out what to blog on, the next step is for you to start writing.

Tools for writing

If you use the tools below, you’ll find that not only will you write better but you’ll also be able to create content faster.

  1. Google Docs – instead of blogging in WordPress, consider writing your content first in Google Docs. It will help you spot grammar and spelling issues, plus you can collaborate with others when you need help.
  2. Wunderlist – if you want to write list-based posts, check out Wunderlist. It makes it easy for you to create lists on everything.
  3. Meme Generator – who said creating funny images is hard? With a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, you can start generating memes in minutes on Meme Generator.
  4. – infographics don’t have to be expensive. will help you create your own.
  5. – graphs and pie charts don’t have to be ugly anymore. You can now create pretty ones that generate social shares.
  6. Skitch – from screen captures to quick photo edits, Skitch is a simple photo editing tool. It may not have as many features as Photoshop, but it is much easier to use.
  7. Uberflip – sometimes you’ll want to create ebooks or PDFs on your blog. Uberflip is a simple tool that will allow you to do so, plus it gives you stats that show you how popular your content is.
  8. TinyMCE – if you prefer blogging within WordPress, this tool will ensure you are using correct grammar and spelling.
  9. Text Broker – ideally, you should be writing your own content, but if you don’t have the time, Text Broker can take care of the writing process for you.
  10. Problogger Job Board – similarly to finding help on Text Broker, you can find freelance writers on Problogger.
  11. Shareist – from capturing content around the web to embedding links and videos, Shareist helps with the whole content marketing cycle. It’s a platform made for small and medium businesses.
  12. Kapost – if you want a tool that does everything, Kapost is worth checking out. It’s worth using if you need help with scheduling and writing, but it can do much more than that.
  13. Editorial calendar – once you get the hang of blogging, you’ll want to use a content calendar to organize publishing of your posts. This will help you spot holes and figure out how often and when you should be blogging.

Now that you’ve nailed down the writing process, it’s time to focus on distribution.

Tools for distribution

Promoting your content doesn’t have to be hard. There are a lot of tools you can use to help you out.

  1. Yoast – search engines are a great source of traffic. Yoast will optimize your blog for you so that you can maximize your rankings.
  2. Buffer – pushing out your content to all of the social sites can be a pain. But with Buffer, you can do so with just one click.
  3. Click to tweet – by making quotes and phrases within your content tweetable, you will get more social traffic. When I tested this out on Quick Sprout, I was able to generate 26% more tweets.
  4. Tweroid – your followers may not be online when you are tweeting. Tweroid will help you determine the optimal twitting time to get the most exposure.
  5. Slideshare – why not turn your content into a presentation? Submitting your content to Slideshare in a presentation format is a great way to get extra traffic and more branding.
  6. Outbrain – if you want to generate more traffic, Outbrain is a good source for cheap traffic. For a few cents a click, you can get more people reading your blog.
  7. Flare – social sharing buttons don’t have to be ugly. Flare lets you take control of the way your sharing buttons look, plus it tells you the number of clicks they get.
  8. GetResponse – email is the best way to generate traffic to your blog. Through GetResponse, you can start collecting emails on your blog and then do an email blast to your list every time you publish a new piece of content.
  9. Google Webmaster Tools – if you want to know where you rank in the search engine results, this is the only tool you need. You can then take the keywords that rank on page one, build some links to them, and increase your rankings.
  10. LinkedIn Groups – one of the simplest ways to get more traffic is to submit your content to LinkedIn groups. Join groups that have over 100,000 members and are in spaces related to yours. Submit your content, and watch your social traffic grow.
  11. Audience Bloom – these guys have an internal tool that helps companies get guest posts. They only charge you when their tool helps you land a guest post from relevant sites. It’s a great way to increase your referral traffic and gain new readers to your blog.
  12. Google Blog Search – through Google’s blog search, you can find relevant blogs within your industry. Once you find a handful of blogs, read their content, and start commenting, providing great information. This will help drive people back to your blog, which will increase your readership.


Content marketing isn’t rocket science. The tools I mentioned above will make it easier for you to generate ideas, write articles, and promote your content.

I’ve tested all of them, and they’ve helped me with the whole content marketing process. Best of all, they help me save hours each week, which allows me to either focus on other marketing initiatives or write more content.

So, what other content marketing tools do you feel are worth using?

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  1. Great list Neil. I already use a lot of these but I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    • Thanks so much! Bookmarked the page! 🙂

    • Luke and Chloe,
      Glad I could help. If you have any additional tools you know that help you, please share.

      • I like to use to sync my notebooks from Evernote to Gdocs.
        If I have outside/overseas collaborators, I sync Basecamp with Evernote and Gdocs too.
        It’s helpful because I like to see everything in my evernote when I’m not at my desk, Gdocs when I’m at my desk, and Basecamp just to round up the troops and make sure we’re all on the page.. errr.. on the same to-do! 😉

    • Christopher Pontine :

      Hey Guys,

      I’ve been using the Portent tool a ton and really enjoy it. Just incase you haven’t tried it make sure you try that out.


      Christopher Pontine

  2. Kosio Angelov :

    Amazing post, Neil!

    I would add to the list good old fashioned… email! A lot of marketers are afraid to do email outreach, although that is one of the best tactics to get the word out.

    To email, I would add Gmail Boomerang, Sidekick (by Hubspot) and Yesware.

  3. Hey Neil,

    If you are writing on WordPress, is a really smart tool to use.

    • lonut,
      Thanks for sharing. I just checked it out and it looks like an interesting tool. I know I always have the urge to share old content when it becomes relevant in some way or other.

  4. Whoa, all great suggestions…..can’t wait to comb through these later and learn and maybe earn then, huh!?

    Love the writing tips, but I love blogs personally that I can “see” the person behind the blog, like I feel like I know them, even if they are faking it!

    • Laura, glad I could help. It definitely is helpful when there is personalization behind anyone’s blogging efforts. You’ll also see an increase in engagement when you personalize the experience. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey Neil!
    That is powerful tools and I use them a lot for my job.
    Thanks for your great article. I’ll bookmark this list to use in the future.

  6. Raphael @ Fast Indexing Services :

    Hello Neil
    Thank you for this awesome post,This list will save me times and help stay productive.
    This post will go viral.
    I’ll share it.

  7. Thanks Neil for the useful tool list.

    By the way, I’ve noticed that some posts on are really kind of Klondike of bloggin and marketing tools collections.

    Although many people are obsessed with tools, there should be an understanding that tools do not do miracles usually 🙂 but they can be really good helpers.

    • Michael, glad I could help. Good eye on catching the KISS post.

      You are spot on, tools only supplement great marketing plans. A lot of the heavy lifting has to be done by marketers. Tools can only go so far.

  8. Hi Neil,

    Nice to see so many great resources in one place . I’m guessing Wunderlist came in handy for this post?

    I already use many that you list – but you have introduced a few that I am not familiar with.

    Thanks for the introduction!

    • Neena, glad I could help you out with this post. I didnt use Wunderlist, I just went off my working memory of tools that have helped me in the past. If you have any additional tools you like to use, please share them with me

  9. Niraj Kashyap :

    WOW! The list covers everything that you need for content marketing. I was not aware this many tools are there for content marketing.

    I just think, how Neil managed to get this type of collection.

    By the way really great list

    Niraj Kashyap

    • Niraj, there are a lot of tools out there that accomplish a multitude of things. It’s all about finding the right marketing channel to supplement your efforts.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Nice list of tools Neil.

    Reddit is another good two-in-one tool which can be used for both Content Discovery and Content distribution, of course one needs to take care of issues like not spamming subreddits.

    For one of my ebooks and a blog post that was focused towards helping 5 – 6 yrs experienced software developers to get into the managerial ladder, here is what I did:

    For Content discovery – visited many software and career related sub-reddits to see what the users are talking about. This gave me many useful insights.

    For Content Distribution – after I was done with my blog post, I posted it as a comment to 3 different questions on this subreddit called /r/cscareerquestions and a few other subreddits. The response was great which eventually led to the sale of many copies of the e-book.

    For Paid Content Discovery – I also paid for some reddit ads on certain focused subreddits which also helped in getting new leads for my ebook and surprisingly these users converted more easily!

    • Debjit, thanks for the additional insights on Reddit. I will definitely have to write a post on the subject. I think it shouldn’t be overlooked and I am glad you mentioned it. The way you broke it down to discovery and distribution was helpful. Looking forward to hearing much more from you as you provide great insights.

  11. Personally I use some of the source in your article, and some of it I dont know untill I read this post.. 😀

    btw I dont know if this would help other, I learn a lot also from mozilla project at , really help a novice like me

    • Dayat, glad you found it helpful. I have not heard of that project but I just checked it out and it looks like they have an awesome training suite. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  12. Randy Kauffman :

    Wow, I can’t keep up. I have enrolled in your university, what a great deal that is. And just reading your blogs and trying to follow all the links and programs that I wasn’t aware of, is keeping me hopping. Thanks for the info!

  13. thanks neil ,

    Great list. i am working in OneNote and Evernote but some names in your list is new to me,


    • Diwaker, glad I could help out. Let me know what you think of the new tools you encounter. I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

  14. Nishant Bazzad :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this worthy content. I really need it. I am using most of them but still some of them are new to me, just bookmarked this page for future use until I give a test drive to rest of services.

  15. Thank you so much for this list! It is extremely helpful, and there are some tools that I’d never heard of before. I appreciate the time you put into compiling this for your readers.

    • Jessica, glad you found the list helpful. You should try out the tools you haven’t used yet and let me know how they work out for you. Looking forward to your feedback.

  16. hello Neil.

    Is there any free tools to create good quality videos & GIF Images ?

  17. Hi Neil,

    I found Portent and buzzsumo very useful for my business. It saves me hell lot of work loads!! And I am angry on you for publishing about this wonderful tools so delayed :), it might have saved a lot more time for many of Quicksprout readers.

    Kindly inform us if you find any tool worth trying.

    And thanks for helping me out!!!

    • Aathithyan,
      I have heard similar feedback from many other people. Portent and Buzzsumo provide great insights into content and key influencers. Sorry I couldn’t get this out earlier. Better late than never, right.

      If I come across any other tools I’ll let you know!

  18. Vatsala Shukla :

    Thank you Neil for the comprehensive toolkit. I’ve used many of these tools at different times and they make a big difference, especially when one is wondering what to write about despite having an editorial calendar.

    • Vatsala,
      Glad you find them helpful. It’s great to know that these tools are providing you value. I think tools really supplement editorial calendars. Let me know if you have any other tools you find helpful.

  19. This is really helpful. Being a subscriber to your website, I had learned alot and trying to apply them on my website. This is boosting my daily visitor size. Hopefully, I will be able to get more with the learnings of this post. Thanks again!!

    • Ravi, glad I could help. Keep me updated on how the tools work out for you. Specifically, which ones you found most helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  20. BOOM!!

    Loved the list.. 🙂

  21. Akshay Hallur :

    Wow, Neil keep publishing posts like these. Take it seriously I wanna make your to publish resources and tools like the above post.

    Quicksprout tool is seriously good. It really gets me the number is one reason why my blog is not ranking!

    The one tool that I use everyday to overcome writersblock is BuzzSumo. It always gives me best ideas.

    The tool that I’ve never heard of is Portent. It’s cool. But TweakYourBiz title generator way more better.

    I’ve linked Kickass Productivity tools that I use, in place of my homepage URL. In that I’ve mentioned BuzzSumo first.

    Akshay Hallur.

    • Akshay, glad I could provide some value with this post. I definitely think you can publish similar posts if you just find tools that can help people out.

      Buzzsumo is a great tool for figuring out what content gets shared the most. You should definitely check out Portent.

      Thanks for the feedback. Please keep me updated on your progress 🙂

  22. Thanks Neil for sharing such good and useful stuff.Could you please tell me what are the method to get the keyword ranking in SERP and what backlink processes are really helpful?

    I am waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Sunita, there really isn’t an easy answer to that. My only suggestion is to create great content. The links that are incorporated in those content pieces should be contextual and provide value to your readers. There are a ton of tools to track links, but creating links is something you’ll have to do manually via unique content pieces.

  23. Hey Nice post. I would add EMV Headline Analyzer I find it pretty useful.

    • Towhid, thanks for the suggestion. I checked it out and it looks like a very helpful tool. It’s all about getting those headlines right!

  24. you are super creative Neil, thanks for the info you just shared, appreciative

    • Uzoma, thanks for the support. I think it’s all about thinking outside of the box to find tools that will help you do the same.

  25. Roberto Ortiz :

    GetResponse is the best!

  26. Great post again! I did want to let you know that when I went to use your web tool on:

    The tool would not work. I’m using the newest Safari and it may just be me but I wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work.


    • Rusty, let me look into it. It may be a browser issue, as you mentioned. If the problem persists please email me so we can figure out what is going on exactly.

  27. Excellent resource as always, Neil. One day I hope my little startup will be worthy of a mention here too! 🙂

    • Rob, glad you liked it.

      I am sure it will. What’s your URL?

      • The url is

        It’s a digital marketing automation platform, currently in private beta, which has all sorts of tools for automating tasks such as managing social networks, emailing with segmented lists, content curation, keyword research and more. If I ever stop adding features I may actually launch soon! 😉

  28. David Smethie :

    I would also add Google News as a great source of finding up to date information to blog about.

  29. Somehow you always manage to give tips that can’t be found anywhere else. Thanks Neil!

  30. Neil,

    Great tool listing! You listed GetResponse for e-mail distribution, e-mail collection & traffic generation. But you did not mention AWeber, which more internet marketers use. Both are considered excellent, but I wonder why you did not mention AWeber or why you may consider GetResponse better.

    • Jack, I mentioned GetResponse because I have found their functionality and UI is a lot easier to use. I also like some of the components they provide that are not present with A-Weber. With that being said, both are great tools.

  31. This is a great list Neil thanks. To the email software, I would like to add – it has excellent marketing automation capabilities and an excellent free plan (up to 2,500) contacts.

    • Mike, thanks for the addition. I just checked it out and it looks very helpful. I like how they have integrated CRM and Email Marketing. Looking forward to getting more tips from you.

  32. Thanks for the list. It sure gets the juices flowing again after a brain freeze.

    • James, glad you found it helpful. I wanted to provide something to all the readers that would keep them busy for a while 😉

      This list, I believe, is pretty comprehensive and will allow you to really scale your current efforts. Let me know how you like the tools.

  33. It looks really helpful. Thanks for all your effort and priceless share, Neil. I will probably sit down and make a writing plan tomorrow right next to this article.
    I would really like to see a detailed one which has as much informative as you made with this

    • Semih, glad I could help.
      When you mention writing plan, what do you have in mind?
      I would love to hear more about what you have planned so we can make sure you get the most out of all the tools I listed above!

  34. Manish Rauthan :

    Neil you are always presenting unexpected and full of research topic and really this post will definitely convert workflow from hard to soft.

    One of the best resource post in your blog. Million thanks for this post.

    Manish Rauthan

    • Manish, glad I could help. You mentioned that these tools will ease your workflow. What tools specifically do you think will accomplish that for you? Just curious.

      • Manish Rauthan :

        Neil, I apologies for late reply.

        I like quicksprout and Buzzsumo from your list. Well I am new in Blogging sector and not a good writer or researcher in this domain. But I have a good idea and suggestion for you.

        I have not read any article which write about Buzzsumo tricks for free guest users. I will write about this in my blog but I am too lazy.

        You can write if you like. Buzzsumo give 5 time ordering feature for Guest user and in these 5 times, User can access buzzsumo for 5 different ways and get more results. All free.

        I hope you got my point.


  35. Hi Neil Sir,

    That’s no doubt a great list.Thanks a lot.Truely helpful.


  36. Thank you for your content, especially with regards to promoting traffic content. Outbrain has been so helpful to me. It has done wonders for my site’s traffic. Additionally, I always make sure that every article is always optimized for SEO via Yoast.

    Andre Waldron

    • Andre, glad I could help.
      Outbrain really is a great tool and I have heard similar feedback from many other people. In regards to Yoast, I think its an industry standard that really makes SEO workflow easier. Thanks for the feedback.

  37. Incredible!!!!! Being a blogger, for me this post seems to be best from all of your posts. Really awesome. A huge thanks to you for such a pretty list.

    • Shubham, glad you found it helpful. Which tools did you find especially helpful. I am just curious to know.

      • Hello Neil,
        Thanks for the kind response. Many of the tools I have already used, But never used Portent and Buzzsumo before. Both are really very useful. Even I have just started using Portent for creating titles of my blog posts. Its great.
        Thanks again!!!

  38. This post is going to be on top of my bookmarks. Thanks Neil most of the tools are very new to me.

  39. Adarsh Sojitra :

    Really I found many tools which can make my blogging life somewhat easy. I never thought that there are tools in the market which can generate titles also….
    Thank you for this type of list of tools…..

    • Adarsh, glad I could help. These tools really do make blogging easier. There are a ton of tools on the market that help out with headlines. If you find any others please let me know.

  40. HI Niel.. I think this is the best post you have written so far.. cheers.. I will bookmark this now..

  41. Hello neil sir,
    Thanks for such a great list. as i am a new blogger so it will help me a lot. i doesn’t know many of these tools till now but now i will try most of them 🙂

  42. Rocket Ranking :

    What a splendid list of tools. Thanks for sharing this list or pure value! I’ll be sharing it on our Twitter account.


  43. Fab, bookmarked already

  44. Hey Neil,

    This is an awesome blog post! A lot of relevant information for content marketeers.


  45. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The Internet is a vast wilderness and its hard to find what you’re looking for.

    • Jennifer, glad I could help. I really wanted to make it easy for everyone to get what they need in one spot. Which tools do you think will be most helpful to you?

  46. Greg Strandberg :

    Gosh, I’ve been blogging more than 2 years and have close to 800 posts. I’ve never used any of those things.

    • Greg, sounds like you have your hands full for the next two years then haha. Let me know which tools you found most useful.

  47. This is one of those pages everyone should have bookmarked. It should also be shown to anyone new to internet marketing.

    • Michael, thanks for the support. I really worked hard to make a comprehensive list. Let me know which tools you liked best.

  48. Great least, I usually use Google trends, Quora for ideas.

  49. Hey Neil thanks for the list.Going to bookmark it.I totally appreciate the time you spend providing this great list to us.

  50. Prakash Yuvaraj :

    Hi Neil ,

    Great List , Already using 4-5 tools in this and thanks for introducing other useful tools. Bookmarked as soon as i read the post for future reference. Thanks Neil

    • Prakash, sounds like you are on the right track. You should check out some bookmarking tools as well. Have you tried flipboard?

  51. Jeremiah Boehner :

    You forgot about Mylikes! they are cheaper and faster than outbrain.

  52. Neil, these are excellent tools for serious marketers.
    Portent is wickedly useful for quick ideas, from which I’ve generated 100 topics.
    BuzzSumo will be my next move to check out competitions.

    Thank you for this precious resource.


  53. This is a great piece. Do you think bloglovin is a good blogging tool?

    And I was wondering – our website which has a blog which is feed from a bloglovin blog, is it better to have people come direct to the site to read the blog or go to the bloglovin blog and then hope they come to the site from a call to action?

    • SoundlySensible :

      Hi Charlene,
      I’m no Neil Patel, but he didn’t seem to have too much on Blog Lovin when my blog started popping up in their RSS feeder.

      If you look you can see that they post a frame around your content, Blog Lovin says that this frame doesn’t affect traffic coming to your site (and your ads) but it was a big enough issue that Tumblr blocked Blog Lovin’s feed.

      It’s always better to have people go directly to YOUR site, not someone elses site to read your content, but RSS readers can be a great way to distribute content. At a minimum, YOU MUST BE SURE TO USE PAGE BREAKS/JUMPS. That way blog lovin followers get a tease but have to click “read more” to finish your post.

      (You have to adjust your RSS feed settings as well to only allow content to be shared “until the page break” and this only affects future posts- Blog Lovin has everything you’ve already written unfortunately.)

      I removed the frames from Blog Lovin. Some of my followers may find it inconvenient that they can’t jump from my blog to the next one but oh well; I don’t spend all this time writing content to have Blog Lovin get credit for it and I want to MAKE SURE that traffic is actually coming to my site.

      My URL is but when I view my posts through blog lovin its on the blog lovin URL is my blog lovin RSS feed so you can see the difference when you remove the frames. Its a simple code that even I could handle putting in the HTML, e-mail me at if you want it.

      Goog Luck

  54. Great tips, thanks! I’m about to start my blog so these have come in very handy.

  55. Interesting very interesting and got lot of information, I am using before read this article but now more easy for me 🙂

  56. I’v recently ran across your site and you have tons of great information for website owners. Will be subscribing to keep updated with your posts.

    Great list of tools, btw had not heard of most.


  57. Thanks, Neil. I open every single one of your blogs because I know I’ll learn something new. Keep on educating us!

  58. Awesome and helpful too!

  59. Thanks Neil, for sharing these tools. Some of these tools are new for me. Thanks! again for updating us with new valuable tools.

  60. Very nice post about – The content marketers tolkit thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.

  61. Nice collection. Going to share with my followers on Facebook. Thanks!

  62. A great list Neil, most of them I didn’t know of and its always nice to get some refreshers on known tools.


  63. Great post!

  64. Josh Agusti :

    Terrific toolkit Neil! This is an amazing resource for content marketing! There are a few new tools here I can put under my belt. I have also started using DYNO Mapper ( to create visual sitemaps. DYNO Mapper will create both XML sitemaps for search engines and HTML sitemaps for website traffic. It is simple to use and includes Google Analytics integration, content audits, and other SEO analysis tools. Thank you!

  65. The latest tools are packed in packets. Many interesting tools you probably do not yet discovered.
    Very interesting article and many valuable comments.

  66. Hey Neil, another fantastic, useful and still very relevant list! Saved to Pocket 🙂 I actually just published a resource on content marketing tools
    I hope it’s helpful in some way.

  67. Bhupendra Sharma :

    Hi Neil,
    As always your post contains the information that actually helps. I am yet to use a few of the tools like Audience Bloom and Text Broker. After reading this post, I will certainly do that. However, I feel you could have included Evergreen Post Tweeter in this list. I have been using it for months and I believe it’s better than what many users may think of it. There are days when I don’t get enough time to login to blog’s Twitter handle, but Evergreen Post Tweeter takes care of everything for me. It keeps on posting at regular interval to keep my Twitter profile active. You can try it once and feel the magic. Let me know what do you think of it.

  68. :

    Ahaa, yang teliti dialog tentang ini pos sini di
    ini situs web, saya telah membaca semua itu, jadi
    saat ini saya juga mengomentari di tempat ini.

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