Who Is More Active on Social Media? Men or Women?

Have you ever wondered who uses social media more often: men or women? It may not seem like an important stat, but if the majority of your customers are of one specific gender, it will affect which social sites you’ll need to target.

In order to save you time, I’ve analyzed all the popular social sites to see who uses them more frequently. This way you won’t waste your time marketing your business on a social site that isn’t used by your target audience.

Here’s what I learned.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Who is more active on social media Men or Women

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If you are looking to target women, you should focus your efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you are targeting men, focus your energy on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube.

Most of my revenue comes from men, and LinkedIn is my highest converting channel. I’ve also tried other social media channels. I tried Pinterest, for example, but I was unsuccessful at generating revenue from it.

What are your favorite social channels and why?

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  1. Great Infographic Neil! Very simple and educational.

    Knowing your audience is very important, but finding them is just as, if not more, important. If you can do that, 50% of your work is done, but then you have to cater the message to you audience and the platform you want to use for delivery.

    A few observations I made which would be interesting for B2C marketing:
    Women are better reached through games and image based content. So when creating content for women, think of using images, memes, and interactive content.

    As you mentioned Neil, videos are better catered to men, and I can think of a great campaign that did exactly that: The Old Spice manly man commercials!

    If interested, there are few tips here on how to cater your message based on audience and platform, you can find it here: http://blog.linkbird.com/en/content-marketing/storytelling-and-content-marketing-virality-7-strategies/

    Keep up the good work!

    • Karan, thanks for these great insights. It’s great that you backed everything up with examples. I definitely think you are on to something and I’ll have to check out that article. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

      • George Servin :

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        It has the power of 20 best search engines.

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  2. Hey Neil,

    It’s a great Info-Graphic 😉 By the way can you tell me the main reason for introducing info-graphic week after week? Will be glad to know it.

    For now, I am using Facebook for Promoting Affiliate marketing. I Target men mainly 🙂 I have never targeted women for doing so. Can you exactly tell me that Women are interested in purchasing affiliate products related to web hostings, SEO tools etc like men? I’ll be Glad to know your experience as a great Internet marketer.

    Thanks for Sharing
    ~Nitin Singh

    • Hi Nithin,

      Pretty sure Neil will answer you as well 🙂

      In the meantime, I wanted to share with you an older post by Neil on the topic of Infographics. https://www.quicksprout.com/2014/08/18/does-infographic-marketing-still-work-a-data-driven-answer/

      Check it out!

    • Try fitness and beauty products. Works wonders for both alliate commissions and brand orders, trust me! Check Neil’s Online Marketing Guide – it talks about a cloth store that used FB Ads to retarget visitors continuously and saw only more happy customers bringing in more profits!

      • Thanks Karan/Debjit,

        Waiting for Neil’s Reply 😉

        • Nitin/Debjit/Karan,

          Thanks for all these great insights .

          To answer your question I am basing everything off empirical data I have compiled over the years. I find that people really enjoy infographics which is why I try to promote at least one a week. In regards to your question on the infographic. I haven’t segmented or found any data to show what types of women, only that they are women.

          • hey Neil, Nitin

            But according to many servey, people using social media like facebook and twitter aren’t into buying anything, they consider the most of social media marketing as spam and don’t seem interested in social media affiliate marketing as the time they use social media their mind are more into their own enthusiasm of using it for chating with friends, uploading and commenting on friends photos.

            The only thing they take up an interest are in offers mostly women they having very much interest looking for and buying the things, they are getting in so much discount or offers.

            I don’t think there is any so much like survey needed over this things to understand the social media marketing, the psychological behaviour is enough to understand what will work.

            Neil I love the way you explain the points to your readers.

    • Great! Thanks for the advice!

  3. Akshit Wadhwa :

    Hey Neil, After Seeing this Infographic I Agree With you that Women are More Active then Men on Social Media But I Don’t Think so that Womens are More Active Because Many Women Bloggers have to Work on their Blog and Also have to See their Home.

  4. Michael E. Schmidlen :


    Thanks for this GREAT demographic info, as always your information is both timely & relevant! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  5. Well, its pretty the case. I see my girlfriend more active on Facebook than me, she uses Instagram and Pinterest a way lot more than I do. Just found out even my sister is as active as her. So the answer is clear.

    PS – I saw your question on Facebook yesterday about this, had already guessed a related post is coming soon 🙂

  6. nice…. but mostly men user are creating there fake female account to promote business and for others activity. so we can not get correct information on it.

    Sonu Saini

  7. This is the first infographic that made me laugh outloud. I mean 8% of Internet users are men who use Pinterest. I love men who use Pinterest. Surprised the number is that high…..shouldn’t be considering my hubby is a Pinterest man…..along with being a hunting, fishing, sporting type of guy. Shhhhhh, don’t let him know I said that!

    No surprise that men are google plus guys and women Facebook, although I am surprised by how many men still are Facebook obsessed!!!!

    • Laura, this data was really eye opening for me as well. Glad you found it interesting. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  8. Oloyede Jamiu :

    Hey Neil,

    Another awesome infographic here today.

    I agree to the fact that women are more active on social media than men.

    Some of them have even gone to the extent of having more than one profile over there.

    So also are women updates more popular than men updates.

    Oloyede Jamiu

    • Oloyede, glad you liked the infographic. Not sure what you are trying to convey here, can you be more specific :)?

  9. That’s proven Women are more active in Social Media than Men. That’s very interesting to me 🙂

    PS: Most of the woman’s profile in Social Media really fake 😉

    • Palash, glad you found it interesting. This is the second comment about fake accounts I’ve read. I’ll have to do some of my own research.

  10. Interesting stats. It’s staggering to think that 71% of internet users use Facebook.

  11. Akshay Hallur :

    Great infographic Neil.
    No doubt that Facebook is the women dominated social networking site. As far as blogging is concerned many of the bloggers are men. So promoting blog posts on Facebook is not so effective as in Google +.

    Pinterest is women dominated platform, they more love images and infographics more. As far as my experience, Pinterest is cluttered with food and cooking photos.

    Fi you are promoting WordPress or blogging related content, then Google + and YouTube are of a great deal.

    Akshay Hallur.

    • Akshay, that’s a good summary of all the points. Thanks for your insights.

      I definitely think there is a demographic divide but there are always exceptions to the rule and stats.

  12. Randy Kauffman :

    Thanks for the infographic. You didn’t need to tell me about facebook. Whenever I look at mine, it’s women, women and more women. Posting over and over and over. It seems like that’s all they do.

  13. Interesting data, Neil.

    As regards Pinterest as a women social platform, it is not surprising. Girls like pictures 🙂

    But I was surprised to get to know that Pinterest did not have a messaging system. Only a couple of months ago they introduces this feature.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Michael, great points. I think Pinterest is really focusing on becoming more social which is why these new features are so important to their bottom line.

  14. You posted this infographic at just the right time for me. I am about to start an affiliate site targeting men shoes. Now I know the right Social network to promote it!

    Thanks a lot for the infographic Neil 🙂

  15. Another good one! Neil, thanks for sharing this infographic! Very informative and useful. Good job

  16. I have observed that on Facebook, Men are more likely to Like a post, and women are more likely to Share a post.

  17. Too put it short, woman waste more of their time then man 🙂

  18. Nice infographic! Though I do a short research on Social media, basically on facebook,. that Women gets more popularity then Men. I mean, If a Women make a post It may get 100 likes within 10 minutes but men always get low link and share them Women.

    But It was really unknown to me that the activity of Men is less then Women.

    • Sumon, That’s an interesting observation and something to look into. Women may be more interested in supporting each other? While, men may be more ego-centric. It’s definitely something I will look into.

  19. Thanks Neil. so i have to focus my efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  20. Hi Neil

    Awesome info-graphic sharing.


  21. As you mentioned the whole result of social media usage from men and women through infographic is amazing. The real fact of social media is to interact each people who willing to read and share such a useful information which indirectly improved your brand loyalty.

    • Ritesh, great points! It’s all about engagement and community building. Social media is a powerful tool when used right.

  22. Hello Neil Sir,

    As always another great infographic you provided here.As I mostly run tech niche blog and men are more enthusiastic in this matter so I do prefer linkedin for social media traffic just like you 🙂


  23. Nishant Bazzad :

    Amazing infographics Neil, This infographic blow my mind. Actually before this infographic I don’t know that women are also so active on other social profiles than Pinterest.

    • Nishant, glad you liked the infographic. Women are extremely active on almost all channels. Looking forward to hearing much more from you 🙂

  24. Randy M. Taylor :

    hey you are right NEIL PATE…i am female and i always use pinterest…i like to work on pinterest..

  25. George Servin :

    Hey neil, i created a tool, that allows users to search on best and top search engines.

    It has the power of 20 best search engines.

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  26. this is second time emm here to make you realize that how much i love your blogs.. you won’t realize this is the last lender source to me when i stuck in any problem 🙂

  27. The only social media I see women really active 24/7 is whatsapp. Okay, and BBM.

  28. Thanks for this analysis. I really needed this information and then got your mail. Feeling great 🙂

  29. Hi Neil,

    Nice infographic. Here, I am the first women replying to this post. I don’t about others. But, I use facebook more than my husband and other mail friends.

    Most of the women are freelancers. mom-bloggers and an online entrepreneur. They are spending most of the time on internet than men. As my point of view the women are most active on social media.

    Thanks for sharing this stats. Quite useful.

  30. Facebook is working on my end. I recently start advertise one of my fan page to increase likes, I’m surprised how cheap it is to acquire likes this way, I target US, UK, CA, GE, FR only. I like it!

  31. Hi Neil,
    I read your new posts via email subscription very often. They are all very great! Thanks a million for your dedication and contribution!
    Btw, I just wanna ask which tools do you use to create infographic? It’s not only informatic, it’s also very nice though 😀

  32. men are usually more visual, hence the more use of youtube videos. Facebook is female dominated as it seems like more of a connection to other people. Google plus seems like its more business and detailed oriented, that’s why more men use it.

  33. Rodger McGregor :

    Hi there,

    First off. Thanks for the post. You have a wonderful fact right. And I can’t think I never took it into account.

    And that’s the fact that you need to target demographics of markets exactly to the social media market. I have played with social media in the past, but never quite had any success. So I stayed with the good SEO.

    Maybe I’ll try again sometime and see if my luck has improved.

    Have a good day!

    • Rodger, glad you found it helpful. I tried to incorporate as much data as possible into this post. Looking forward to hearing much more from you 🙂

  34. Elina gilbert :

    Great.Your Research proved women are more active..great work neil.

  35. fantastic information neil…no one can thinks about this information that you have shared very well…

  36. Hi Neil

    Doubtfully I don’t think so this is a right ratio because there are hundred of fake female account on social sites likes facebook, twitter and Google+.
    SO it might be difficult to count the right and active users accounts. what you think?

    • Savita, you bring up a great point. However, there are a lot of legitimate accounts that seemingly dwarf the non-spam accounts.

  37. Pierre-Henry Moreau :

    Very interesting article, full of statistics. Personnally, I’m a man active on Linkedin, facebook, Twitter and present on Pinterest and Instagram.

    I wonder if there is a “glass ceiling” on social websites. I think that most of well-known writers and networkers are men but must of my active Linkedin network is composed of women. What do you think about it ?

    • Pierre — I think that my hold true in certain industries. Overall, I think women are just more active on social.

  38. I am very grateful for the tips! I use the Facebook Ads tool to define my audience

  39. nice…. but mostly men user are creating there fake female account to promote business and for others activity. so we can not get correct information on it.


    • I think there are a lot of those types of accounts Mauitk, so it’s not completely accurate, but think it’s close

  40. After Seeing this Infographic I Agree With you that Women are More Active then Men on Social Media But I Don’t Think so that Womens are More Active Because Many Women Bloggers have to Work on their Blog and Also have to See their Home.

    • I think the roles are changing quite a bit. No one can guess the future, but there will definitely be a big shifit.

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