Get Your MBA in Internet Marketing with These 12 Guides and 2 Courses


MBAs aren’t cheap. If you wanted to get one from a school like Harvard, you’ll need $95,100 per year.

If you wanted to get an equivalent degree in Internet marketing, do you know how much it would cost? If you guessed free, you’re right.

All you have to do is read the 12 guides below and follow the 2 courses I outlined in this post, and you’ll be off to your career in Internet marketing.

12 guides and 2 courses

Here’s what you need to read (in this order):

In addition to reading the 12 guides above, you’ll also want to gain some practical experience. Knowing about marketing isn’t enough. You’ll have to be able to implement your knowledge to grow traffic and increase sales.

To gain some experience, you’ll want to follow these 2 courses:

  • Double Your Traffic in 30 Days – this course will show you step by step how to take a site from zero to thousands of visitors a month.
  • Double Your Conversions in 30 Days – once you get those visitors to your site, you’ll need to start selling to them. This guide will show you what to do in order to convert your visitors into paying customers.


You don’t have to spend any money to get an education or a job in Internet marketing. Instead, you need to be able to execute.

The beautiful thing about the marketing industry is that people care only about results. If you can demonstrate that you are great at getting results, you’ll do well as a marketer.

So, what other guides, courses, or books are worth reading if you want to get a good education in Internet marketing?


  1. Thank you so much for the great help you offering here. You are really an icon of the web, and I really admire you. I’m still a begginer in online marketing and I learn a lot from you. Thank you so again!

    • Rachid, glad I could help 🙂
      Check out these guides and let me know which ones you like best. I would love to hear the feedback!

      • The list you provided Really useful to me, I’m a Big fan of you, Because You’re doing Well in SEO, Internet marketing.

      • I particularly liked the 3 Advanced Guides that I have read so far Neil (SEO, Content Marketing and Link Building). Most informative and really well presented. I’m looking forward to reading the others, thanks.

        The Link Building guide will be of special interest to people, given what has happened over the past few days with respect to bloggers who have relied on PBNs.

  2. I first landed on your website looking for a good SEO guide couple of months back. And now I have gone through 3 more marketing guides. Brilliant material that really gives $$$ marketing books a run for money!

    • Debjit,
      Thanks for the feedback. Which 3 did you go through? I would be curious to know. Would also like to hear what others you find helpful in the future 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply Neil, I have gone through Link building, Copywriting and Online Marketing guides and the Link Building guide helped me discover backlinko by brian which, according to me, is another great resource for search engine marketing. I am currently going through the mobile app marketing guide.

  3. Neil,

    I feel you should also give certificates after taking the exams!
    Then we would have MBA degree in Internet Marketing 🙂

    I’m serious!

    What say?

    • Andy, that is a great idea that I have mulled over in the past. Only issue being I would have to get accreditation as a school for them to be useful on a resume, etc… I think it can be done but holding off for now 🙂

      • Hey Neil – I’d love to help make this possible. You could easily organize you content into a LMS that tracks completion and gauges progress (,, and WPcourseware can help with this). I have a backgrounding online education (I developed the Millennial MBA at Azusa Pacific University) and agree with the commenters that you content is more valuable that what most of us learn in our MBA (I am speaking personally here).

        I’d love to return the value that you have given me over the years. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make QuickSprout U a certified program.

        • Shoot me an email 🙂

        • WHat a noble mind and soul Joshua! You are very nice to give back… Very rare. I have no idea what you are talkning about, but you sound very generous and genuine.

          I honestly stumbled on this website by chance… So far? Love it!! Neil you rock!! Thank you for all the advices!
          Neil & Joshua: you made my day with your generosity! This is what I call being Gentlemen!

          Have a great day 😉

  4. I agree with Andy! I’m a student of your Traffic U. I believe we deserve a certificate 😉

    • Monnel, Let me look into the feasibility of it. I am not ruling it out 🙂

      • Neil,
        Maybe at first you could offer some type of “Certificate of Completion” – something that wouldn’t require accreditation… Although it wouldn’t carry the weight of a degree per se, I’m sure your students would be proud to showcase this achievement in their resumes, blogs, social media profiles, etc. It could be a great way to “level up” your brand, and would also build you some nice backlinks to boot!
        Think about it…

        • Excellent idea Marc! So far I’ve read the Copywriting and the Branding. I start a 90-day mastermind next month and my goal is to master internet marketing and to grow my email list (it’s nonexistent right now) I had all intention on pulling up your Double Your Traffic in 30 Days Course. I’m going to break all of this down to fit into my 90-day mastermind with it culminating with Double Your Traffic in 30 Days at the end. I’ll report back.

        • Marc, great suggestion. I will definitely put that into consideration when considering next steps. I think the point about links is an added benefit.

  5. Hey, I love this Neil! It just shows that education is not all about the university degree but how willing aspiring professionals are to find the right information, step out of the comfort zone and apply it.

    If you can’t afford university, don’t sweat it, there are other solutions.

    Thanks for this Neil

    • Robyn, you articulated that pretty well.
      It’s all about the hustle. I have seen people go to Ivy leagues that have great jobs, on the other side of the coin I have seen people without college degrees do extremely well. It’s honestly all about working hard.

  6. This couldn’t be more timely! Exactly what I was looking for! Neil, you’re the best!

  7. I’ve read half of these and they are the best guides I’ve read so far. It definitely made me a better marketer.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise Neil (and all other guest authors).

    the startup community needs more people like you!


    • Mohammad, thanks for the feedback. It means a lot when people get value from these guides. I look forward to hearing much more from you 🙂

  8. Md. Hamim Mondal :

    I already collect two courses one month ago. Now I’m going to access all 12 guides. Its really worth to visit your blog Neil. Every time I visit here I get something new.

    Thanks for this Neil.:)

    Md Hamim Mondal

  9. Perfect! Just what I needed. I came going to get the whole team to read it!

  10. Steve Estimable :

    This is great Neil it is exactly what I need right now. I will schedule time to read these one by one and opt-in to your paid course. Thank You!

  11. Thank you, thank you very much, thanks a million !! There are no words to thank you for this post, greetings

  12. Prof. Neil,

    It is you, my dear fellow, who should be awarded a certificate – for giving quality information above and beyond the call of duty.

    I know you are recognised and respected as an industry leader but please accept my grateful thanks for always delivering beyond expectations.

    Thank you.

  13. Holy smoke Neil! This is enough to keep me busy well into the new year. Thank you, sir, for a collection of amazing resources.

  14. Wonderful article.. must read for all…

  15. Well I better get to reading. Thanks for the resources. I always enjoy reading them.

  16. All these pdfs for free . Now i can start marketing for my small business myself for free. 🙂 thanks neil.

  17. Greg Strandberg :

    Thanks for putting this helpful page together!

  18. Frederik Jon Jacobsen :

    Awesome guide to learning about online marketing, you rock.
    I hope that you will eventually upload all the guides in PDF format.

  19. Word of advice. Don’t wait till your done reading to take action.

    Take action and learn what you need to learn based on each step you need to take. Learn as you go.

    Read these guides on your downtime because they truly are the best

    • Jonathan, glad you found these guides valuable. Internet marketing is all about action. You just need to get up and start working. The hustle is important.

  20. No big words to say…but just to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU very much for your unparalleled contribution to the online world. God bless you Neil.

  21. getting the mba degree from a school like Harvard is always one of my great dream and after reading your post title am amazed.Then I just went through your post and got how you’re providing it so easily….hahaha…quite funny according to your post title neil sir 😛

  22. Excellent Neil !! … What an excellent guide!!

    Thank you so much for this powerful resource!!


  23. Thank You For Outlining them all. Fortunately, I think I’ve gone through all the guides… except the courses. I bet you spend enough time in those guides… I still wonder how its free. (too good to be true). Thanks man.

  24. WHO else can possibly deliver such a stand-out and exhaustive guide on Internet Marketing? I am dazzled Neil.
    Thank you is not enough,
    Teddy Afro

  25. Hi Neil,

    Really good Guide, but want to ask a complicated question, Guy who is not able to speak (Stammer), how can they make career in Internet Marketing.

    I would be very happy if you could be able to solve it.

    • Mahesh, You can build out an online presence. You can also take classes to improve your speaking difficulties. Vice President Joe Biden grew up with a stutter and look at him now 🙂

  26. Today i realize that i am having a masters degree.Thank you neal.

  27. Neil,
    you are really awesome with your ideas and a high quality content writing ..

    Your solutions are always straight to the point as well as well- optimized & easily understandable ..

    Thanks you again for a great list of resources !!
    You Rock !

  28. Awesome my friend. Had to share. You should slow down. I can hardly get to work, because I am reading so much stuff on your site. I gotta say. I purchased and love your University. Thank you

  29. Neil, this is a great guide and thanks for sharing. I’m quite interested in your advanced guide to link building as I see you have shared some new ideas. Good job!

  30. Great stuff Neil. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Niel,

    I downloaded all of the PDF files in this blog post and currently consuming them all on my smart phone. Such a great share here!

  32. Neil,
    Great stuff. I am attending a residential CIM course on this shortly in order to gain accreditation, but no doubt your advice & great articles will be invaluable.

  33. Read few of your guides, they are absolutely great! I will make sure to check out other guides as well

  34. Hi Neil, really appreciate the mammoth amount of helpful information you’ve put together here. Any chance they can be put into downloadable PDF’s that we can print, read offline 🙂

    • Alice, glad I could help. I am not making them downloadable at this time but you’ll be the first to know if that changes 🙂

    • It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Hello Neil,

    It would have been great if you provide a certificate from an accredited educational board, a well known University or something.

    I value learning more than a piece of paper but as the society demands proof for what you learned/did someone who plan to work in the industry as a marketer/SEO specialist/soft. technician/soft. engineer/web developer will not find it worthwhile spending time on besides the satisfaction that they get from reading the amazing content you have. Unfortunately the society give importance to a degree than the education itself.

    I suggest you setup a diploma/degree after completing these courses. I came to the webpage seeing the title “Get Your MBA in Internet Marketing with These 12 Guides and 2 Courses”. I’m disappointed to realize that it was just one of your marketing technique.
    Thanks anyways for sharing the content!

    • Sam, it was not my intention to mislead anyone. I just wanted to show that these guides are just as useful as some MBA courses. You bring up a great point though. Society does place a huge onus on having a degree. I honestly learned everything I know about marketing outside of a University. Thanks for the feedback!

  36. Thank you so much Neil. You’re awesome.

    I just bought a notebook, to take note and every question with this guides.


  37. Neil, you have no regard for a mans free time, yikes!

    I can see you have my complete Fall schedule already set for me. I have been following you for a long while so I am sure I read a few of these when they were originally printed, but I will consider it a refresher course.

    The nice thing, now I am a boss so I can instruct my employees (all 2 of them) to also read them. That should make my small three person shop a force to be reckoned with in the local markets.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Michael, I try my best to provide people with the resources they need to really improve their ROI. I really look forward to hearing your team’s feedback on the guides. Let me know if you have any questions along the way 🙂

  38. Priscilla (Book Blogger) :

    I don’t know whether this counts as internet marketing… The WordPress team came up with several ebooks on how to grow your blog traffic, photography tips. Thanks a bunch for this post, Neil. Bookmarking it now! 😀

    • Priscilla, it definitely counts as internet marketing 🙂
      I put together guides on almost every subject within the realm of internet marketing. Looking forward to your feedback!

  39. Anna Johnson-Hill :

    This is an awesome aggregation of content!

    Thanks heaps!

  40. Mark Guldbrandsen :

    Great post, you should slap on a LinkedIn social button for this post also, would make sense 🙂

  41. Lol.. an MBA?

    Are they decent, possible even good guides? Sure. But Harvard MBA caliber? Neil needs to pull the choke on his copywriter. Or put down what he’s smoking.

    • It was just a comparison about costs, not to be taken so literally dude.

      • Lyn, you are spot on. I understand a Harvard MBA is something that is extremely valuable — the name alone is priceless. However, I wasn’t being literal. Just provided a cost effective way to acquire great resources 🙂

  42. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the useful resources. I want to add a few more for people interested in keep learning (as I´m currently doing):

    -Kissmetrics (
    -Sproutsocial (
    -Hubspot (

    Hope it helps!


  43. Neil, awesome, brilliant and expertly written by a combination of experts through your generosity.

    Thanks so much for offering this great a value for free.

    Do have a wonderful week

  44. Hi Neil,

    Considering your highly regarded authority as an internet marketer whose values and mission are what I term “authentic” I would have to agree that a Certificate would be an honour to have.

    However I don’t think you need to become “accredited” to offer an internal type of certificate that simply says someone has completed one of your courses (not simply worked through a resource or guide you’ve given away for free – and not because this info isn’t very valuable, but because how can you possibly know if this is even true).

    I have a reason for saying this other than to agree with the idea as a concept at least.

    Personally, I will soon be launching an online training academy to help other women develop their online presence after spending several years (& invested more than the cost of an MBA from Harvard!) to learn and be mentored to a level that feels authentic and authoritative for ME. This is not to say it needed to cost me so much in time and money but I felt there were already far too many out there with less than decent knowledge already cluttering up the learning arena with their bullshit courses and “7 Simple Steps To …..” What a crock most of it is & truly misleading to imply that learning one piece of a complicated puzzle will empower you beyond blah blah blah.

    Therefore I decided to be ALL IN. Do it well. Learn my craft. THEN simply the pathway for others but not mislead them into thinking it’s all going to be easy because learning new things, and many KINDS of new things, throughout the journey of creating a sustainable online brand and business.

    This, while you are also learning so much about yourself (the hidden journey that no one seems to mention but is often the biggest learning curve of all in the entrepreneur’s pathway to success) takes commitment, courage, vision, passion AND tenacity.

    Those, like myself, who’ve trained but are CONSTANTLY seeking new, worthwhile and authentic additions to their knowledge and skills, who are then using this to help others, I am sure would be grateful to have even a symbol of some kind to add to their website or emails to show we’ve completed training under your “wing”.

    This of course in turn PROMOTES YOU! I for one will be definitely being open about where my knowledge has come from, who my favourite knowledge partners have been & are currently.

    In the interest of being open, humble (and yet proud) of how much I’ve learned and from whom I will be listing ALL of the programs, mentors and knowledge partners I’ve worked with in order to gain my worth as someone my clients can trust as passionate, up to date and investing in ongoing training to bring back to them at their own level.

    I apologise for the lengthy post 🙂

    With Gratitude for your considerable contribution,

    Lyn Bowker
    Australia ????

    • Some auto-correct issues etc there but cannot edit so I hope you get it! The ???? after Australia especially – was an icon

      • Lyn, I am onboard with everything you are doing. I think there are a ton of obstacles for everyday people. Not everyone can afford an MBA, which is why it’s vital to really focus on finding free resources.
        I have always been a proponent of open and free information. I definitely look forward to your courses. Please share a link 🙂

  45. This post was delivered in perfect time.

    I had a short list of courses I wanted to take:

    Six Figure Funnel Formula
    Auto Responder Madness
    Product Launch Formula
    And a couple of AWAI courses (already finished flag 6 figure copywriting flagship program)

    Though I’m sure these are all good options, the financial investment is a bit of a barrier and would slow me down.

    The one course that I think you are missing from your list however is a “how to create a product” course. For those of us who don’t have any particular skill or employment history or passion that stand out as the obvious choice.

    • Chris, glad we could connect at the right time. Glad I could help. In regards to your product suggestion, I’ll definitely take that into consideration. Looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  46. Neil as always top quality stuff. At this moment, an accreditation is not what we’re looking for. Your endorsement and name on it would really hold a lot of weight.

    😀 – Keep it up!

  47. The way you covered all things which really needs to implement in the current scenario in digital marketing.

  48. Hi Neil,
    I am writing after a long time but reading you a lot and appreciate your knowledge and nature of sharing and helping. Definitely I will read all these guides and will tell you how much I gain.
    One thing I want to ask how much useful google adwords certification is for new marketers in respect to knowledge and career growth.
    Thanks in advance!

  49. HAAA Now I can say i m with two masters degree I did MCA and now into MBA but good posts….

  50. Hi Neil, have read some of the books from the above mentioned list. Great stuff!
    Now, my query is, shall I read the books sequentially as they’re mentioned in the blog post or would you suggest a sequence that I should be following.
    Much thanks! 🙂

    • Indrajeet, there really is no sequence. I would read things that are relatable for you. Focus on the end goals and your most immediate needs.

  51. Very useful page which really worth reading.Very good content.

  52. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for all this awesome stuff you shared. I have gone through the guides and I read your blogs on a daily basis.

    Will you write a guide on Affiliate Marketing or Video Marketing? I feel it would of great help to all of us.

  53. Woot! You are a STAR Neil.

  54. thanks for providing such internet marketing tips …very useful site you have…worth reading this.

  55. Nice collection of guides!!! I have recommended to my colleagues and fellow those are interested in internet marketing. I hope it would be helpful for them.

  56. Hi Niel

    I regularly read your blogs and you are making it bigtime along with Moz.

    Keep up the good work. Cheers

  57. Great list of awesome Guides, Neil!

    I’ve read your “The Advanced Guide to SEO” and I can say its really good. So good I featured in my blog post about the The Top 7 Guides to SEO –

    Both KISSmetrics and Quicksprout produce really good and informative content! Keep up the good!

    Thanks for making this post, even though you have the box on the side showing the Guides, All time and current hits.

  58. The amount of top quality content you’ve created over the last few years Neil is quite simply, unbelievable!

    You’ve helped us learn a lot about internet marketing, but also how to help others by sharing information!

    Many thanks,
    Josh, Rocket Ranking

  59. Hey Neil,

    Great compilation as always.

    is it possible to have these guides in PDF formats? e.g. the first is in PDF, but the second one cannot be downloaded.

    Thanks again,

  60. Cheers for putting these together. Having gotten into internet marketing not too long ago I really appreciate having somewhat of a one stop shop to double check things, and I’m sure others do too.

    Keep up the great work,

  61. That’s awesome, somethings don’t need a degree.

  62. I’m still waiting on your advanced guide for starting a SaaS business ;).

    What’s the #1 advice you would give to someone that wants to start his SaaS biz?

    Thank you.

    • Zofjap, I will definitely try to get something out soon. There are so many pieces of advice I would provide. I can’t just narrow it down to one? What do you need help with most?

  63. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    Thank you so much for this! I send this post to all. Is greatest post ever! 😉

  64. Neil,
    I am currently reading “Influence: science and practice” by Robert B. Cialdini very helpful. As marketers, we are helping people achieve their goals of growing their business online. However, we need the art of “influence” to help our clients modify their current habits to do what will work best for them.


    • Rob, sounds like a good read. I think it’s all about convincing people that you are willing to help them in an honest way.

  65. I know I’ve arrived a little late to this party (I tend to save fave emails for reading during a boredom break sometime in the future, so have just clicked on this newsletter link…)

    But I wanted to add my voice to the clamour for some kind of formal certificate that recognises completion of these mini-courses you offer here.

    Do it Neil. Do it! And you don’t need accreditation for completion of your courses for them to be of use to us in terms of landing future work or clients for our own businesses.

    There, that’s my opinion.

    Blimey, why so opinionated, Andrea? Well, because I can speak from hard experience…

    At present I work as a roving entrepreneur, doing SEO/Web Design/Graphic Design on the road as I travel the world. I’m writing this from Panama in Central America, my 13th country where I’ve landed whilst doing this work…

    Plus I’ve also worked in academia (both as a university lecturer and earlier, as a school teacher) where I created courses like these. Plus I spent a hideous decade in the cut-throat corporate world in London, Madrid and elsewhere.

    What I’ve learned is that people only care about your qualifications to the extent that they know you have something that is of PRACTICAL USE to their needs.

    IMPORTANT POINT!!! Most of the time they will put practical skills and knowledge waaaa-aay above any formal qualifications you may have.

    They’ll say, “Yeah, yeah, so you have a degree in Information Technology and Business and you speak perfect Spanish. But what can you do with it that will help ME? I don’t care about the degree. I want to know, can you draw up a proposal that will get me new clients in Latin America? Can you create a product that will close the deal?”

    I have LIVED this conversation over and over again since 1993.

    It’s why I fundamentally disagree with Sam who says “Unfortunately the society give importance to a degree than the education itself.” And I totally agree with Lynn who speaks of the worth of these courses for people “who’ve trained but are CONSTANTLY seeking new, worthwhile and authentic additions to their knowledge and skills, who are then using this to help others.”

    Once you’re in the work office you’ll find that nobody cares about your actual degree. They want to know what practical skills and methods you have that they can use to MAKE MORE MONEY FOR THEM AND THE COMPANY.

    Personally, I don’t even mention my qualifications any more when I send out proposals to potential clients. And I haven’t used a CV/Resume in years. I just send my proposals with lots and lots of examples of practical ways I can help them get more clients knocking on their door, credit card in hand, with a few examples of how I’ve helped others in the past do just that. And, bingo!

    Nobody cares about your degree once they know you can make them money. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. And that’s what they’re paying you for after all. To make them more profitable – not to wave a bit of paper from some university under their noses.

    Neil himself is a prime example of this fact, starting out as a snot-nosed, geeky little kid with no qualifications, but with bags of confidence, a good eye for opportunities, and loads of good business sense. (No offence Neil, but I read your story. You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty spot-on summary…)

    So an unaccredited “Certificate of Completion” (Marc R’s idea) that documents how you’ve acquired practical skills that will raise their profit margin will be far more useful than a generic business degree that only leaves you skilled in writing reports that document how much the company’s profits are tanking.

    Finally, since you asked, I’m loving ‘The Definitive Guide to Conversion Optimization’, as it’s giving me loads of ideas for helping clients see the possibilities for sales growth once I’ve delivered their hot, new, fully-SEO’d website. It means more work for me!

    Thanks for all you’ve taught me Neil. You’re an absolute star!

    • Andrea, loved reading through this. While I do have a bachelors degree, which I value highly, I learned everything that is valuable to me outside of my formal education. Your sentiments are shared by countless people 🙂

  66. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing these killer resources.

    Even though I have been doing this for a few years already, I am sure that I will be able to find golden nuggets from these resources too.

    Haha you have potentially cause me to have more late night sleeps :p

    Thanks again for sharing 🙂


  67. supreeth bharadwaj :

    thanks neil
    it is really a helpful compile,thanks again it really helps a lot for newbies like me in blog-o-sphere i would love to share it with my friends too

  68. Neil,

    I’m stunned at the quality and quantity of these materials. Thank you for the time and effort that went into their creation and for making them accessible freely

  69. Eduardo Nezello :

    Hey Neil, big fan here, i would like to know how to proceed if your boss don’t agree to invest in content and only in low quality link building. I work exclusively for e-commerce.

  70. Srikant Himanshu :

    Is there any way to get pdf of all these 12 guides and 2 courses so i can read them in offline mode as well?

  71. Hi Neil,

    I just wanted to say thanks because I have learned so much from your blog and it seems that you actually want to help people increase their knowledge and you aren’t simply out there to make a buck off of us. Thank you for all your really awesome info! It’s much appreciated!

  72. Great resources Neil. Once you’ve read these guides and courses you will be well on your way to understanding online marketing. Practice makes perfect though so you need to put your new learnt knowledge into action for it to be effective.

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  77. Just finished going through the 12 guides. Thanks for the really great resources Neil. I can only imagine the effort invested to produce such gems. There’s nothing like it on the web.

    I loved the CRO, Growth Hacking and Content Marketing guides most. But I really loved the rest as well. Now to use the powers bestowed on me by this MBA for good 🙂

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    Great article Neil. I am a pretty big fan of yours. Your meticulously written in-depth articles are a joy to read. You really are an inspiration Neil. 🙂

    I’ll be really grateful if you can give me an advice on one thing Neil. I am a Computer Science Engineer, and I recently switched my career from software testing to content writing. Everything I’ve learnt so far is by reading your articles and Moz’s blog. I am planning to make my career in digital marketing. So should I get an MBA degree in Digital Marketing or will a certification course in Digital Marketing would suffice? What would you suggest.

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    pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to
    be wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions
    or hints? Cheers!

    • It’s okay if it takes you 10-15 minutes to get started, this will begin to improve more and more over time.

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