How I’ve Built 5 Multimillion-Dollar Software Companies

hiten shah

Over the years, my co-founder and I have created three software companies: KISSinsights, KISSmetrics, and Crazy Egg. All three companies generate well over a million dollars in revenue and continue to grow at a rapid pace.

In addition to building three software companies, we’ve also bought two: Hellobar and Stride. Hellobar is worth over a million dollars. Stride doesn’t generate any revenue, but we recently received an acquisition offer from a Fortune 500 company for over a million bucks.

When we first started creating software companies seven years ago, not much information was available about what we should do. So, we learned by making mistakes. Luckily, we were able to figure things out, and our businesses thrived.

How to build a multimillion-dollar software company

Why should you have to learn by trial and error like we did?

Why can’t someone just teach you everything you need know about creating and running a software company from the ground up?

Someone can. I happened to know that someone very well.

My co-founder, Hiten Shah, is going to teach you everything you need to know about creating and running a software business.

Here’s what you will learn from him:

  • The processes we used to build five multimillion-dollar software companies.
  • How to find affordable developers and designers, how to communicate with them, and how to get them to build you saleable software.
  • The steps you need to follow to acquire customers on a consistent basis.
  • A high churn rate can kill a software company. Hiten will teach you how to keep customers longer.
  • The difference between free, paid, and freemium models and how to determine which one is right for you.
  • How to buy and sell software companies.
  • How to scale your software so it doesn’t break.

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I love being a software entrepreneur because it’s fun and profitable. Being one will allow you to sell your company for a large multiple.

If you go on sites like Flippa, you can buy a web-based business for 1 times yearly revenue. Software companies, on the other hand, sell for 4 to 10 times yearly revenue. I know those numbers sound crazy, but it’s the main reason I’m in the software world.

Plus, the margins on some of these businesses are tremendous. For example, one of my software companies has more profit per employee than Apple. Sure, we are nowhere near the size of Apple, but we generate enough money so I don’t have to work ever again (assuming I don’t blow my money on material things).

Take it from me: if you want to learn about running a software business, Hiten is your best bet. He advises companies like WordPress and Buffer. He also helped Slideshare grow to a point that it was bought by LinkedIn for over $100 million. He did the same for, which was also bought for over $100 million.

So, are you ready to build a multimillion-dollar software company?


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  3. Nikhil Waghdhare :

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    This information is great. I only know about your four major companies. Great to hear that these companies are worth a million dollars. Keep Going. Kissmetrics soon becomes a billion Dollar in valuation.
    Best of luck…… 😉

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    Obviously subscribed up and ready to learn. I’m half way through the development of my first SaaS project and understand it’s going to be long, bumpy road but hopefully with success at the end of it.

    You both are a real inspiration and are where I’d love to be in several years time.

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    As I’ve come from a corporate software world after being there for more than 8 years, I consider an entrepreneurship in this field as a good option in some future.

    I guess, the stuff from Hiten will be interesting.


    By the way, I remember a phrase from ‘The lean start up’ book. It was said (not precisely as I recollect), that there are possibilities to built almost any software, the point is if it is needed much enough to become a success.

    • Michael, there really are endless possibilities and applications for software. Looking forward to hearing your feedback 🙂

  7. Thanks Neil!

    I’m all for the evolution by osmosis model. Looking forward to the great tips and you earned every bit of your success because you are a living example of paying it forward.

    Much respect and kudos to your generosity (as well as Hiten) to build such strong communities.

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  9. 5 multi million dollar companies..whoa. Quicksprout has always been my favorite place to get SEO information and so is kissmetrics. Surprisingly, I was not aware of another Gujju partner of yours 🙁

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    I have had a software company in Fiji for a number of years now (our customers are all over the world). I look forward to learning more from you and Hitesh.


  26. I have been following your blog and your CrazyEgg product for over 2 years now. Love the knowledge you share and tools you have created.

    I believe my current project would greatly interest you and you brilliant business sense.

    It is a service that could improve your CrazyEgg user’s experience while at the same time drastically drop the over head costs of your data warehouse.

    Many congrats on your success! I am not including my project name or website because I am only here to introduce myself, not self promote my actual product to your audience.

    • Blake, great to meet you. Glad we could connect. Let me know if you need help with anything 🙂

      Shoot me an email with your project details!

  27. Zaheer Mohiuddin :

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    Thanks for featuring him as I find it relevant and have subscribed!

    Question: How did you find HelloBar to purchase and what led yo you purchasing them? I’d be interested in a post on this!

    Thanks for all the great content btw. I’ve grown one of my side projects to 6-figure yearly revenue with your help!

    • Zaheer, I was using it for a long time and realized it provided excellent solutions. I will definitely put a post together on Hello Bar 🙂

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    • Vee, Keep in mind you need to spend time promoting that blog post too. I think it’s great you wrote such a long post, but remember that length isn’t the only thing that matters. Write quality blog posts consistently… and promote 😉

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