3 Content Creation Strategies That Will Help You Prosper

Did you know that 90% of the information your brain receives is visual? Or that blog posts with images tend to get 94% more views?

Using images isn’t the only strategy you can employ to get more traffic. Increasing your word count can help too. Blog posts that contain 3,000 to 10,000 words, on average, get 8,859 social shares.

To show you how you can gain more traffic through content creation, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down all the strategies you need to follow. From increasing readability to gaining more social shares, the steps in this infographic will help you increase your traffic.

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3 Content Creation Strategies That Will Help You Prosper

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If you don’t have the time to follow all the strategies in the infographic, at least try two main ones: list posts and infographic-related posts. These types of posts tend to get more social shares.

How else can you get more traffic through content marketing? What’s your favorite content strategy?

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  1. Great info graphic.

    I’ll link to it and share it on my social platforms ASAP.

  2. Some of those stats a pretty staggering but I guess the importance of videos and images really can’t be underestimated.

  3. Sachin Mathur :

    Yes, i am agree with you Neil mostly i used Point No.1 & 3 use bullet points & good quality images in my blog that everyone like according to my content. i am new in blogging read your all of your blog posts and designed a post content according to your guidelines.

    Thanks Neil for sharing Great Content that everyone loves, likes and share Keep it UP !!!!

  4. Nathan Hewitt :

    I love the way you present the information in your blog posts. The style is really attractive, and I got all the information I needed in just a few minutes.

    It’s giving me some real good incentive and ideas for my own website.

    Great content as usual.

    Thanks again Neil.

  5. About written content:

    “Keep content short, sweet and to the point”

    “write 3000-10000 word articles”

    Can you explain how you accomplish both of these, they seem contradictory? 🙂

    • Ramin,

      just have a lot of, no, A LOT OF useful content
      (just as a variant 🙂 )

    • Ramin,
      I think the main point to get out of that statement is to compartmentalize your post that it reads like a short book or guide. The easier it is to digest the more likely it is that you’ll keep people engaged 🙂

  6. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the infographics.

    I have a question concerning written content. An influencer in my industry would like me to share a whole chapter of one of his books in my website. Since this is a published book (you can find it on amazon and google books), I was wondering I could be penalized for duplicating content.

    Thanks for you help Neil.
    Have a great weekend,


    • Oswaldo,
      If the pages of the book are publicly available on Amazon and Google then you will run into those problems. However, if they aren’t there shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. Thanks Neil for the useful infographic.

    As regards content length, it is not always a good strategy to keep text short and to the point.

    For example, in motivational texts, the short version would be “Go and do it”, but people prefer a longer story 🙂

  8. Heather Cameron :

    Great graphic and content, shared, posted and most importantly I’ll be using it.

    Thanks for the time and energy that you put sharing your knowledge.

  9. Fredrick Edwin :

    I completely agree with you Neil, I have seen websites without images suffering and once images are on the website and available in search results, the website gains traffic. Good post!

  10. Neil,

    This is great and will be very helpful as we are developing a content strategy for our new site.

    Two questions.

    1) Where is the 46% figure from the first set of stats from? Would love a reference to cite.

    2) Can you expound on what the 61% of social media shared content is about “something interesting”? Who/what defines interesting?

    • 1. The URL sources are at the bottom of the infographic, that is where I get the data from.

      2. The person who ran that study determined what defines “interesting”. I’m not sure what the exact definition they used.

  11. Hey Neil,

    Thanks again for an awesome infographic, i am hoping for the best and will generate good content from now.


  12. Manish Agrawal :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for sharing informative infographic about of content creation strategies. i always try to find best article for own my blog.


  13. Neil,
    I love your infographics. They are like candy. I keep coming back for more. Brilliant strategy!

  14. Hi Neil,
    Really good post.The infographics are really awesome.I would to love to share your post on social media. Hope I can read some more articles of yours.

  15. priyanka desai :

    Hi Neil, ever since I came in to this blogging world (7 months back), I am an ardent reader of your posts. They are so simple and easy to understand! And you wont believe, a week back I landed up with my first job in a company whose Co-founder has interviewed you and it was your reference that helped me strike the deal (We both are your fans!). Thanks for crafting content that can be understood by new-comers and pro’s alike.

  16. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    I follow most tips so I guess I’m heading in the right direction.

    I like 2 aspects more than anything; posting eye candy and going really in depth.

    I feel sharing 2500 to 3000 to 3800 word posts to my blog helps me prosper because I’m offering so much value away for free. For sure, give away your best work for free, and darnit, clients, customers, and just plain cash will line up for you.

    Why? You’re over delivering. Not only that, you’re so darn busy creating content, epic videos, posting images, and doing all that good stuff that you’ve little time to think about money outcomes, or, to worry about making money through your post.

    Sure I set up income streams but 95% of my energy is spent creating value and making bonds with leaders. Naturally, I prosper because I prosper others, and my current 4 month stay in Fiji is some pretty solid proof of prospering.

    As for eye candy, people love it. My travel images and HD quality videos of Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and other tropical hot spots vibes with my readers. We think in pictures, so do the legwork for your readers, right?

    Dead on post again Neil, thanks so much for sharing.

    Tweeting in a bit.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  17. Neil,
    Great infographic as always! Very useful for any content creation. Thanks so much!


  18. Neil ,

    Well done . your infographic is wonderful as always. Thanks again neil for sharing such nice thing.

  19. Hi Neil

    Thanks for Sharing Information .

  20. Neil,

    Thanks for the awesome blog, I’ll surely follow these steps in my work.

  21. Get Content More shared is quite easy for me after reading this post, Thanks neil

  22. Your guides are great Neil, I love the metrics-based analysis but it’s hard to figure out what to DO with all the information.

    For instance, I have this 5,800 word list post. It has some images and video, useful resource links, and a scannable layout. I’ve done email outreach – shared it with about 80 bloggers. It’s got about 100 shares and a couple backlinks.

    How can I break through that plateau? It performed well, but didn’t take off. After the initial traffic spike, it feels like I may as well not have spend all that time writing it. Disappeared into the annals of internet history.

  23. Justin McGill :

    “61% of the shared content is about something interesting” – seems maybe that stat is a little subjective. Maybe it’s just worded a little strangely and is supposed to be 61% of people shared content THEY thought was interesting.” In that case the statistic seems a little low.

    The infographic is very solid though Neil – great stuff!

  24. I never post an article to my site without a picture (featured image).

    A compelling Pictures and video are key.

    Word count – for a news site, short is better. I try not to go more than 300 words. 800 is a long article for me now.

    The biggest problem is getting people to open the links – let alone now having them slog through thousands upon thousands of words on anything.

    With the exception of polls, surveys or market research – not much I do is conducive to infographics.

  25. Since all we know from very beginning that visual information get much attraction and much easy to understand than text content. Infographic has become one of the most successful medium to share your content popularity and sharing. This post contain all aspects regarding content promotion and sharing. Thanks Neil for such informative post.

  26. Pradip Debnath :

    I really love your blog posts and infographics. your articles really helped me a lot and this is also a master piece from you. Thanks Neil for sharing your experience with us and motivating us. 🙂

  27. do you use some software, or an APP in web , where you can create really awesome Infographics as your´s.

    thank you

  28. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing a great infographic.

    Good insights, I saw another cool article on this blog that may be helpful to people reading this article. Cause after reading this article, the first question that came up in my mind was. “Ok, but how to create a good Infographic” –


  29. Hi neil

    WOW, its cool and really loving it. Thanks to share.

  30. The kind of post you write really inspires me to work hard every single day it’s just motivating factor for me ! Neil you are amazing man you guys puts lots of effort in every single things be it infographic, content 🙂 that simply awesome!

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  32. I am truly delighted to read this weblog posts which consists of tons of useful
    data, thanks for providing these kinds of information.

  33. Gregg Parsygnat :

    Thanks for posting this.

  34. Thanks for sharing informative infographic about of content creation strategies. i always try to find best article for own my blog.


    • You’re welcome Milan! Content creation is critical important for your business so an infographic should help you remember the strategies easier.

  35. Some of those stats a pretty staggering but I guess the importance of videos and images really can’t be underestimated.

    • In my opinion Mautik, most people prefer to process information visually. It’s easier and a lot more can be communicated faster.

  36. Saurabh Singh :

    Hi ,

    Thanks for Sharing Very useful Articles .

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