Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?


You’ve seen me respond to thousands of comments, but is it really worth it? To date, I’ve responded to 50,696 comments on Quick Sprout and a few thousand more across the web.

On average, it takes me just over a minute to read each comment and then respond to it. Sure, sometimes it only takes a few seconds, but in many cases, you ask complex questions, and my responses require more time.

Download this bite sized cheat sheet to get to know why you should respond to blog comments.

Here are the pros and cons of responding to comments:

Responding to comments increases your traffic

One of the biggest benefits of responding to comments is an increase in traffic. The more comments you have on each blog post, assuming they aren’t spam, the more text each page will have.

The more text you have on a page, the more long tail keywords you will rank for. This will help increase your overall search traffic.

In addition to more search traffic, you’ll notice that the number of repeat visits will go up as you continue to respond to more comments. When you respond thoughtfully, people look forward to your responses and come back to your site to read them.

When I look at my 3 marketing blogs, Quick Sprout, KISSmetrics, and Crazy Egg, I see that Quick Sprout has the highest percentage of returning visitors at 40.8%. KISSmetrics is at 34.1%, and Crazy Egg is at 18.7%. These last two blogs aren’t as active from a comment perspective because we don’t consistently respond to every comment.

Responding to comments increases sales

One thing I didn’t expect to find is that comments impact sales. At Quick Sprout, I help cover some of my costs by selling memberships to Quick Sprout University. What’s interesting is that most of the people who have bought the membership have commented on the blog.

A large portion of University members – 68.1% –  have commented on the blog before. Maybe these people are giving me money because they are thankful for my responses to their comments, or maybe they appreciate the free content I am publishing.

I don’t know the exact reason why commenters are more likely to purchase, but they are. For that reason, I should focus on encouraging more comments since the percentage of people who comment on the blog is less than 2%.

Responding to comments increases social shares

I surveyed two groups of users: people who commented on the blog and those who didn’t. I asked them one simple question: would you consider sharing Quick Sprout on Twitter or Facebook?

People who commented were 294% more willing to share a Quick Sprout post on the social web.

By responding to comments, you are encouraging more comments, which indirectly helps increase social shares, which should help you increase your social traffic. Not only will you get more search traffic and repeat visitors, but you will also get social media traffic.

Responding to comments allows you to control your traffic

Any time you comment, you can link to a page of your choice as there is a URL field in a comment box.

comment box

Every time I respond to a comment, I put in the URL box. As a quick test, I had my developer change all of the Home Page links (in my 50,696 responses) to my About Page.

The result was an increase in traffic by 5,137 visitors a month to my About Page. Sure, the traffic to my Home Page decreased, so I changed that URL back to it, but it shows that I am able to control where I send a portion of my traffic.

After a while, it adds up. In a span of a year, I can direct 61,644 visitors to a page of my choice. Commenting will help you direct traffic to the pages that matter.

Responding to comments takes time

I spend roughly 26 hours a month on responding to comments. It may not sound like a lot of time, but that is about half a workweek each month that goes towards commenting.

I’ve tried leaving shorter comments over the last few months, but I noticed that the average number of comments per post has declined by 39%. I have to go back to more thorough replies as the stats show that leaving well-thought-out responses produces a positive return on investment.

If you want to do well, you can’t do a mediocre job at responding to comments. You need to take the time and respond with something that people will want to read.


Overall, I would have to say responding to comments is worth it. It’s so valuable that not only should you be responding to comments on your blog, but you should also be responding to comments on industry-related blogs.

The results on Quick Sprout have been so great that I even started to respond to some of the comments on Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. I’ve only been doing it for a few months, so I haven’t seen any results yet, but I expect to see a positive impact within the next 12 months.

So, what do you think about responding to comments? Do you think it’s worth it based on the data I shared?


  1. Great article.

    Our business has to go through a compliance process before our comments are live, and before we can post any comments. Despite the 24-48 hour process, we aim always respond to user comments.

    It increases engagement and just seems like the right thing to do.

  2. Brandon Turner | BiggerPockets :

    Hey Neil,

    I’ve always been impressed with your ability to respond to comments. It’s something that has helped you stand out in this crowded niche and I’ve even told others about you because of it.

    I’ve also questioned whether or not it’s worth it when it can be so time consuming, but I too have noticed it seems to help lift my brand.

    Furthermore, the social proof at the top of my blog that says the total number of comments includes mine, which means I can effectively double that number by responding to each message. A higher comment count at the top of the post encourage more reads, which encourages more comments, and so on. So I’ll keep doing it, despite the time suck! 🙂

    Keep hustling, Neil!

  3. Responding to comments has definitely helped us engage with our audience and address questions from our Youtube videos. Ultimately this led to strong growth in our audience. It’s definitely time consuming but worth it.
    I’ve had a question for you, Neil. What popup do you use that doesn’t refresh to a separate page? Or is it custom? Sorry for being off topic!

  4. Nick Bentley | Bentley Capital :


    The amount of comments you receive for an average blog post is great stuff. You’re traffic and engagement is impressive.

    I think some of the social proof of responding to that many comments helps improve your brand as well.



  5. Yup. It’s very good to talk with the blog author. It’s definitely building trust and respect. Except it’s a annoying when blogger only leaves one answer per comment and doesn’t come back to it, when there should be a discussion. Better not to have comments then at all.

  6. Philip Gledhill :

    Hello Neil
    Do you have any thoughts about using Google Plus instead of comments? I thought it was a good Idea when CopyBlogger made the switch. Now I’m not so sure.

  7. Marios Alexandrou :

    What do you think of the idea that most comments and also responses will just dilute the topic focus of the page (from an SEO perspective)? Particularly when responses stray from the main idea of the page and spawn off-topic threads?

    • Marios, I don’t agree. I think they only spawn new conversations and topics that are fruitful for engagement and learning.

  8. Elaine {EventsbyElaine} :

    This is perfect because this has been on my mind recently. I don’t get a lot of blog comments so I don’t always see the value in responding. But obviously I will need to change that approach and be more interactive. Thanks,

  9. Hey Neil,

    I’ve been always astonished how you manage to reply to all or almost all comments.

    At the same time I understand that the main role of your replies is to add value by your personal attention that you pay to your readers. That really means a lot for most of the readers, I believe.

    Reading (and replying to) comments can be a tedious task, but it can be an important source of feedback.

    Anyway, dealing with comments is a part of strategy. And the strategies can differ (e.g. CopyBlogger closed their comments entirely some time ago 🙂 )

    Thanks for your time.

    • Michael, as always thanks for your great insights. I think it’s vital to reply to every reader so you can gain valuable insights about them and yourself.

  10. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,

    Comments are also helpful to build relation with your audience. As you mention in this post, it also increases long-tail traffic, helps to increase sales and increase social shares. These are some few benefits of blog comments.
    There are many other benefits, great benefits also, which you have not mentioned in this post.
    But this post is great… 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this topic… 🙂

  11. Anna @ Backyard Chicken Lady :

    I think replying to comments is almost more important that the post itself. My readers who take the time to “interact” with me by leaving a comment, naturally expect me to reply…if I didn’t it certainly would not be an “interaction” now would it? I reply to every single comment for this reason, and because it would be rude to not acknowledge the person and their comment.

    Great post! I like the idea of testing by using a specific URL in your comment…I am going to give that a try, it will be interesting to see how many people click on it…and an opportunity to send them somewhere on my blog that they might otherwise have missed.

    • Anna, thanks for the feedback and sharing your personal experience. I look forward to hearing much more from you 🙂

  12. Hey Neil,

    great stuff as per usual – it’s always helpful to read your insights.

    Concerning blog commenters being more inclined to make a purchase, my guess is that the phenomenon is driven by the same old psychology that applies since we have first learned about customer engagement. People want to build up a personal relationship, and if you reach out to them with an individual answer, they will begin to trust you. It’s how I roll, and judging from what I see on the intarwebs, it’s true for most people out there. Moreover, answering comments drives retention and increases your chance to catch new leads with your awesome popups 😀

    • Andreas, great points! It’s all about the engagement and personal relationships you create with visitors 🙂

  13. You have always been good at responding blog comments and this is what I like about you most.

    And I have also started doing the similar on my own blog.

    Thanks for the great post, Neil :).

  14. I wanted to write you about a comment issue.

    I have commented on a few blogs of yours waiting for an answer, however I forget to check back and when I do, I forget on which blog and where I have posted the question.

    So a system in place like forums where one gets a notification of a reply could help and definitely increase traffic too.

    I’m back to searching my question now 🙂

    Great work


    • Harry, great points! Some people like commenting some people like forums. It’s all about personal preference.

  15. Hi Neil, great post. I’ve also noticed that by blog commenting it also has helped me get ranked for my “Name” as a keyword when people are searching for me online. I tried this strategy also by putting my website as my Twitter URL and have also found my Twitter account ranking go up when people are searching for my name online. Have you seen similar results?

  16. It’s definitely worth it, you may not have to respond to every single comment posted but at least your audience know you do value their opinion

    • Janine, thanks for the support. I actually do respond to every comment. Although, I may have missed one or two here and there 😉

  17. Morris Layton :

    Hey Neil Thanks! the article is informative and Helpful

  18. At the beginning of my blogging career I did not respond to the comments. In the meantime I do and I see that people come back more often. It certainly takes time and I’m looking forward to see some increase in sales.

  19. This is the 1st blog post I read of yours. Good insights on blog commenting, I always wondered if it was worth the time.

  20. Sure it is worth it. I think if your visitors know you respond to their comments they’ll most likely leave them waiting for some help. It is good for both your SEO and your visitors.

    Commenting on other blogs is also a good idea because leaving valuable posts will increase others ineterest.

  21. Misal Yourdon :

    how about this quick spourt University review?

    Quicksprout University Review – I’ve Been Schooled & Scammed

    what is your response?

    • Now your website ranking will boost since you have used good traffic methods neil explained above and you used controversial too.

    • Neil Supporter :

      I’ve left a comment on that blog giving my view, but the comment hasn’t been published. Are they screening the comments for anyone supportive of Neil? I definitely am – Neil keep up the great work. Your contributions are certainly very appreciated by myself and I’m sure many others.

    • I refuse to comment on that site as some of his information isn’t accurate. Such as the money back policy and I don’t care to correct him.

      People are going to say what they want to say. If someone isn’t happy with the program, I always give their money back.

      • Neil Supporter :

        I commented because I don’t like seeing the names of people who make a genuine contribution being drug through the mud, without good reason. The comment hasn’t been published, however. Respectable of you to be able to not grant it any importance.

  22. Yes, thats true. Unlike other social media, blog builds strong community, here commenting is should be done and reply for the comments is must to do. Because in this only we can create that strong network.

    Its nice stats you have shown now curiously replying for my users comments and mail.

    Thank you Neil.

  23. Neil
    Yes responding to comments engages your audience to come back for more. It creates trust which is why your sales are on the rise. Your blog produces more feedback than any other blog I’ve ever visited and it’s because you share value each and every time. I only wish there was a way that I could automatically see your reply like how I get through Linkedin posts.

  24. I’ve been working on this a lot more lately; getting better at it too. This gives me a little more incentive to keep it up–thanks!

  25. Ravi Jayagopal :

    Hey Neil,

    Great stuff, as usual. Comment interaction is the #1 type of interactivity I recommend for most web sites, because one other alternative – Forums – can take too big a time investment, because of all the moderation and editing involved. It’s a lot easier with comments, because they’re focused on your topic, it’s easier to keep spam in check thanks to WordPress plugins, and it is instant gratification for both the site owner and the commenter you’re responding to.

    My company has even created a plugin that incentivizes commenting by offering “Credits” (or “Points”), because commenting is such an integral part of social proof – proof that the site owner is relevant, that the content is relevant, that people are actually reading it, that people actually care enough to comment on it.

    – Ravi Jayagopal

  26. Yes I definitely think that comments should be replied to. If someone takes the time to communicate I think it is right to respond.

    You can learn a lot from reading comments.


  27. Very few popular bloggers like yourself respond to comments because of the time and additional efforts it takes. I strongly believe you deserve the ROI you get from doing this.

    When commenting on other industry blogs, don’t you think one should be worried Google might confuse doing this for hunting for links?


  28. Awesome staff man…:) thanx

  29. Great points Neil! By commenting you create a more social experience on the website. As usual a great article!

  30. Hey Patel,
    I like this article, but please tell me what I should do, My site attracted so many spammers with very dirty comments, til I blocked comments completely,,,,,, but I can allow it again and see if I get the right traffic,

  31. Responding to comments builds trust, IMHO.

  32. Peter Christensen :

    Besides all the “measurable benefits” it also shows appreciation towards the writer of a given article to add comments or questions IMO. Furthermore, when commenting on others’ sites, people will remember you as someone who is sharing and providing value not only on your own domain. Win win. Great stuff, Neil – thanks for that 🙂

  33. Misal Yourdon :

    why are you not responding to my comment Neil?

    how about this quick spourt University review?

    Quicksprout University Review – I’ve Been Schooled & Scammed

    what is your response?

    also how about this ?

    Is QSU like Trump University?

  34. Daphne Gray-Grant :

    Over the last few years, I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of responding to all comments on my blog,

    But after following you for several months, and noticing that’s what you always did, I’ve recently locked in on the policy of responding to all comments.

    People really seem to like it, it’s a great way to engage with readers. And, like you, I’ve noticed that commenters often become buyers. Plus they give me great ideas for future posts. It’s a win-win proposition now that I think about it. Thanks for articulating the reasons why.

  35. Great coverage on the subject Neil. Thanks!

  36. Susan Harrison :

    Hello Neil thanks for yet another great article, I often go ino a wormhole when on your sites as there is so much good stuff .

    I often read articles claiming blog commenting is dead as a form of marketing and I always thought wtf???

    Commenting on blogs is the online equivalent of of networking at a business convention or meeting your customers face to face and getting to know them ,it also shows that you actually care about the experience they have with you .

    I get traffic now from comments I made a year or two ago and I have made sales and built relationships by simply chatting to people via blogs and forums.

  37. Responding to comments definitely increases repeat visitors. I say this as a reader – I have left websites many times when I saw that the posts had many comments and none of them had responses from the blogger. It seems rude, and is super annoying when something the blogger wrote needs clarification – especially in tutorial posts!

    The fact that you respond to comments is one of the things that made this site stand out to me. Do you have any tips for writing responses quickly? I sometimes spend 15-30 mins responding to one comment, because I stress about phrasing everything perfectly and make a million changes before I’m satisfied!

  38. Hello Neil,

    I work on many online platforms, both personal for business, and find it hard to keep on top of all comments.

    So how much time do you commit to answering comments on all your platforms every day? Or do you have ghost writers? (not that I’d expect you to admit to such 🙂

  39. Of course its worth it but it takes too much time 🙁

  40. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    Unless you’re really, really, world-renowned famous, or really, really, really rich, and have some serious business duties to attend to, like, that can be viewed as being bigger than responding to comments, responding to comments is the quickest way to grow a community.

    I built my current comment outreach campaign on your fundamentals. I respond to each comment on my blog. Right now that number is sitting around 500, and I’d say that I responded to 6,000 or the 7,000 comments I received on my old blog.

    Again, unless you’re doing $50,000 a day speaking engagements, or building a revolutionary product that requires all of your attention…if you run a blog, respond to everything.

    For me, my blog is the revolutionary product. I know of no one on earth who shares tips and personal insights about how to blog from paradise. I know many awesome internet lifestyle bloggers and more than a few awesome guys who teach you how to make money online.

    I chose Blogging from Paradise because the domain and niche were not seized. Since this has been my life experience, I cornered the specific niche, offering blogging tips, but to folks who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

    By responding to each comment more and more prospective island hoppers are turning. More travel bloggers who want to crack the code, and who want to travel indefinitely, are returning to my blog, and leaving comments.

    People trust bloggers who are live bodies, bloggers who listen, and care, and share their feedback.

    Why did Facebook REALLY take off? Mark Z had an awesome idea of course, but that same idea spawned ridiculous, dizzying amounts of content, through text posts, comments, link shares, video shares.

    Well, as you note, each comment we receive is content. When comments are valuable, in depth and on topic, you’re building a mini-content-creating-empire. Keep responding, and your readership, business and brand will grow, through your steadfast efforts.

    Thanks for sharing Neil.

    Tweeting in a bit.


  41. Really interesting post Neil. I’m always amazed at how many comments you seem to reply to and those stats are impressive.

    Replying to comments really shouldn’t be underestimated, and I for one am always more likely to become a loyal visitor to a site if the author takes the time to reply to my comments.

  42. Hi Neil,
    I am trying this method from the last few weeks of responding comments on other blogs and mine blog as well and I have analyzed that organic traffic of my blog started increasing. This resource also helped me to learn something new. Thanks for sharing this useful guide 🙂

  43. I always did this wrong, never responded to my visitor’s comment.. I think now I should go for it.. Thanks Neil. You always teach something new.

  44. I help to administer an “Innocence Project” Site, always responding to all comments whether negative or positive and try not to remain as objective as possible. This is not an easy task as quite often people views are very polarised by either a lack of understanding or more often misinformation. I was having a think as to whether spending the time responding was of any use, having read your article and many of the comments that have followed, have decided for the short term to continue.

  45. Ok, I may have a weird take, but I think comments are disrespectful to the owner of the blog.

    I run a fairly large site – maybe a little less traffic then this site – and I get quite a few comments each day. Most are asking for advice relating to the article for their specific situation.

    Here’s how I see it (and I know this comes off bad). I’ve already taken the time to write an in-depth article. 1500 words, images and formatting – all takes a few hours.

    I am trying to run a business and you expect me, for free, to take my time and answer your question in the comments? Do I go to your work, have you spend hours walking me through how to do something, and then ask you to help me personally for free?

    Again, that’s a little harsh, because I do want to help. But sometimes it can get overwhelming and I think the majority of people who leave comments expecting thorough answers are being selfish.

    Is this comment selfish? I think it’s not because I am not asking Neil nor expecting him to comment (and would prefer if he didn’t to save his time). If I, the reader, and other readers want to discuss in the comments, that’s great. But I shouldn’t be asking Neil for free advice. Dude’s busy 🙂

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from. What really gets me is that some of these people who demand these free consultations, charge others for the very same privilege and themselves fail to live up to the standards they very self-servingly hold others to. That being said, anytime you can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement, you should do so. If it’s increasing your bottom-line by greater leaps than it’s costing you, all the better.

  46. Oh yes, responding to blog comments pays off in the long run!

  47. Pashminu Mansukhani :

    Very good post! I loved reading this and all the points made by you are very much valid. When commenting is done is a proper and sincere manner, there are obvious advantages to both the parties involved; the blogger as well the one who posts the comments.

  48. Sure, Responding to comments will increase traffic but the thing is it also gains the customer/clients/viewers trust. It will give them more strenght. Nice post. Atleast know they know the importance of it. Always happy to read your post.:)

  49. Hello Neil,

    I have been following your posts and enjoyed everything I have read, especially the article where you mentioned how you write 8 blog posts weekly, while managing two companies. I tried applying your technique and it works fine. Though in some industries I am unfamiliar with really takes time.

    Going back to this post.

    I find responding to comments very important especially when you want to grow relationship with your readers. It will also make them want to read your next posts, too, knowing that they can get in touched with a human. (compared to some blog posts I have bumped into that there are dozens of replies – not spam – and did not even get a response form poster).

    Also, it is a great source of ideas, especially when there are questions from your readers, that you can use for another blog post.

  50. Hi Neil,

    This is my first time to comment on your website. As per my view yes, blog commenting is really helpful to increase web traffic. But as you have said earlier, we have to choose the right industry before we use comment any blog site. Really appreciate for sharing.
    Thanks Neil once again.

  51. I think responding to blog comments is a great thing to do (though I do realise that now and again, its easy to forget to do so especially if its on an older post), and am impressed that such a high traffic site like this one, actually does! A lot of tiny blogs I visit, never respond to any comment.

    I read once that not responding is like inviting people to a dinner party, and not talking to them. And if that is the case, maybe comments on such websites, should be disabled.

  52. Chirag Mishra :

    I read many posts of yours and I always found you useful and Yes, I have seen you are responding to almost every comment on your post. I know it is helpful for getting traffic but it is also a way to connect with your visitors and of course and of course they would feel great after seeing his or her name in response. Cheers!

  53. The great thing is you always share the stuff which you have experienced, that is very helpful and effective for all of us, other bloggers just read and learn somewhere and post it on their blog.

  54. Benjamin Houy :

    Very nice article :).

    I always answer comments, and I love it. But there are few questions I have no answer to.

    How do you deal with irrelevant comments? Sometimes people start talking about a topic, and end up talking about something not directly related. How do you deal with these comments? I don’t want to deleted them, but at the same time, I am afraid they could hurt my SEO. Although they are interesting.

    Or sometimes people want to ask me questions and ask it in the comments below an article instead of sending an email.

    • Benjamin, I try to respond to every comment to the best of my ability. If it is off topic I generally ask them what they are driving at. I want to understand everyone’s POV.

  55. Responding to blog comments is always great as you need to provide answers to many comments which is good as a process of learning and also you get to know many things via the comments.

  56. Darrin Keller :

    Hi Neil, another great article! I wish I could be as disciplined about writing as you.

    Am I the only who finds it extremely difficult to scroll on your site? I normally use my scroll button on my mouse and it works for every site except yours. There is a significant delay. When I use the scroll bar on the right side of the page, it too has a significant delay.

    It is VERY annoying and if I’m dropping off, you probably have others who drop off.

    I use IE 9 🙁 because it’s a corporate mandate…and Windows 7.

  57. Anchit Shethia :

    My technology blog gets quite a comments and I don’t always have time to reply them. I kept an editor to respond to each one of them but couldn’t continue due to extra spendings. I have simply kept a auto-respond email to each one that comments.

  58. Great post Neil, curious though, do you have any stats on increases or decreases related to where the comment box is on page?

    This one for example is that the very END of the comments posted. I might presume that since you test everything, it was above the comments before (I cannot remember) but it performed better to increase comments when repositioned below?

    Or is this something you didn’t bother testing / tracking?

  59. I would say responding to comments – both on the blog and social media sites is very important. If we want engagement, we have to be engaged ourselves. One Facebook group I post in has a rule – respond to comments or your post is considered spam and you’ll be removed from the group.

    Even if the response is nothing more than putting a like or an upvote – you need to engage your commenters.

    For my particular site, 97% of the comments happen on Facebook and Twitter. Most people don’t comment on the site itself. Because I get much of my traffic via Facebook sharing and Tweeting, people’s natural tendency is to comment right on social media. It’s a double-edged swoard, because it means people are likely not opening the page that’s being shared.

    Also, to keep comment and sign-up spam away, I use CleanTalk. It’s $8 for a year. I don’t believe in CAPTCHAs or those silly games. I tried that. The onus should not be on the people visiting the site to keep it secure by punching in captchas and playing games.

  60. Misal Yourdin :

    Misal Yourdon
    August 20, 2014 at 9:15 AM

    how about this quick spourt University review?

    Quicksprout University Review – I’ve Been Schooled & Scammed

    what is your response?

  61. Jeannette Paladino :

    Neil — I admire and respect you for responding to your comments because you get so many. I always respond to comments, because, for starters, it’s the polite thing to do. Also, comments can generate conversations among the people commenting. It’s nice to help people engage on your site.

  62. Great article.

    I have noticed the same exact thing on my blog. is still in its infancy but I have a few comments on two posts. Those two posts bring in the largest amount of organic search traffic.

    If it takes you 1 minute each to reply to 50,696 comments. You have spent 35 24hr days replying to comments on Quick Sprout alone. A small price to pay 61,644 page views to the content of your choosing.

    How do you find the time to comment that much?

    • I work one too many hours. It’s my flaw in life, the one thing I am addicted to is work… I don’t know how not to work and relax.

  63. Muddasar Saiyad :

    Hi, Neil.

    I really liked reading this post. I believe that commenting on blog helps in creating rapport with your visitors. If looking, blogging is a two-way street. For example, You write a post and wish your visitors to read them. On the same way they will want you to read their response. Blog comment also helps in creating loyalty and network. Thanks for nice information.

  64. Neil I was not aware of too many benefits we can enjoy by replying to the incoming comments on our blog. I had different kind of views about publishing new comments after a certian period of time. Like once I had received 100 comments on a post, I would stop approving new comments on this post with the fear that page speed may go down.

    But now I have more reasons to reply to most of useful comments on my blog.

  65. Marina Yamamoto :

    Your research is so awesome and so helpful. You don’t just give your opinion, you have evidence. I find it interesting that readers click on your comment linked name on your own website that they are already on.

    I need to go back to some of my older articles and respond to more comments.

    What would you say the time frame etiquette is on leaving a reply? I’m sure the sooner the better. Would it be weird to reply to comments a month old?

  66. Great article, totally agree.

    Would love to see a post about getting comments. I took the advice of an expert to be the first to post on your my own content. Inviting people to comment, something in these lines:

    “Hello everybody, I’m the author of this post and would more than happy to respond to any questions”.

    Although, the average amount of comments that I’ve had on my content is 1-2. Traffic is definitely a big factor, but do you have tips related to content, wording, calls to action etc that are more engaging and more likely to prompt comments.

  67. I definitely believe in responding to comments on blogs. I look at it the same way I look at social media.

    1) It’s just polite and lets the person you’re responding to know you value their opinion.

    2) A lot of business, most of it in fact, is still done via relationships. Even in our digital world!

    Great article!

  68. Inspired from you, I started replying to every comment on every single platform. My fans love me a lot more and most of them now comment on all my posts. I also feel comfortable as not replying always felt rude.

    Thank You 🙂

  69. Atish Udayashankar :

    Great post Neil!:)

    Replying to anyone who takes the time to talk about an article is something which people should do more. It shows that you value the reader’s viewpoint or in general appreciate their feedback.

    An off topic question. So, after years of reading, this is my first comment:) But while trying to do so, I had to scroll past a long list of comments before I could reach the comments box.

    Don’t you think if the box was right after the article, and the comments came below, you would have more people commenting. Because, a) not everyone would search for it b) you can get more people to comment with an immediate CTA after the article.

    Just a few thoughts. Do keep the good work going. Will comment more often from now:)

    • Atish, glad you liked the article.
      That is pretty much how I have it set up now. The article ends and there is an opportunity comment. Correct me if I understand your question wrong.

  70. Your articles are always well researched like this one. Responding to comments is very important to build loyal readers.


  71. I think replying to comments is very important. The recent move by copyblogger to remove comments shows this… because they couldn’t respond to all so they stop comments altogether.

    Replying to anyone online shows that you care about them and let’s face it – that’s what marketing is all about!

    Well done for your epic responding work. Any tips on getting more comments?

    • Todd, glad you liked the article. Just keep creating quality content and you’ll see that engagement increases 🙂

  72. Jean-luc van Charante :


    First of all, thanks for the advice. For me the question is not if I should reply to comments, but which comments.

    Recently my blogposts have been getting some well writen comments which ask for advice on blogging or certain option my site has. I find it quite weird that they would ask me (I dont have that kind of fanbase yet), so I’m sending mails to the emailadresses they use to comment – asking them to verify their comment – and to my dissappointment, they bounce as soon as I press send.

    Wondering if you have any advise for starting bloggers who do want to react to blog comments but get spamcomments most of the time.

  73. Hi Neil,

    I’m impressed and inspired whenever I see a “big” blogger like yourself, Adrienne Smith, etc. take the time to respond to comments.

    It’s easy to preach “respond to your comments” when you’re receiving 5 or 6. When you’re receiving dozens, and you write frequently (either on one blog or across several), it’s a good bit harder!

    I don’t comment on your posts nearly as much as I should (because I read you all the time), but you should know many of us admire how you go about things.

    Bloggers such as yourself are why I take the time to respond to each of my blog’s comments. Yes, it’s become increasingly as the quantity has reached the 50s, 60s and 70s, but it’s worth it! For all the reasons you stated in this post and more, it’s worth it.

    Hope you have a great week, Neil.

    • Kevin, I think it’s vital to know what your readers are up to and how they are responding to your content. Thanks for the words of support 🙂

  74. Hi Neil

    Thanks for this wonderful post. These are really helpful for me. If you have any suggestion regarding Google+ post. Looking forward to hear you. Thanks again

  75. Responding to comments is indeed important because it builds up a conversation which helps you get repeated visitors on your blog.

    Other thing, when a regular blogger shares his comments on your blog and you don’ even care to reply, he/she might think that you don’t care your readers and probably he won’t be commenting next time on your blog but if you reply to his/her comment, he/she will be happy and come again and again to read and comment over your blog.

    Nice post Niel!

    • Atish, great points. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing more from you. I’ll always respond 😉

      • Neil,

        Really very sorry for the misspelling of your name in my previous comment!

        I have a feedback for you. When you replied to my comment, I didn’t get any notification of the same in my email so how would a commenter know that his/her comment has been replied unless he/she keeps checking the blog.

        I think you should introduce the feature of ReplyMe plugin. What do you say?

  76. Hi Neil,

    Since this is my first visit on your blog, I will say a big ‘Hello’ to you. I came to know about this post of yours from Adrienne Smith’s latest article ‘Thankful Thursday’.

    You have covered so beautifully the essence of the topic and in such a short post. I have seen many bloggers writing words after words to make themselves coherent. As the case is, after going through a couple of paragraphs, our mind wonders and then it becomes difficult to concentrate on the rest of the post. But you my friend, have done a wonderful job.

    I am a firm believer that responding to comments is worth your every hour of back breaking labor. Infact, I love to reply to comments of my readers and bloggers. And why won’t it be worth everything? This is how we build relation with others and share ideas. If you like a particular post, then you share your views on it and the writer reverts back to you to continue the thought process. It is a wonderful experience for me. Nevertheless it helps to market ourselves more, attract traffic but what I love about is the fact it builds up a rapport. And building trust and friendship is the pillar of blogging. If your reader finds that the blogger is callous enough to not give reply, they might not be interested in your work after all. Therefore responding to blog comments is a must.

    Once again I will say thank you for sharing with us this marvelous post. Hope to see more work from you soon. Have a nice weekend.


  77. Hey Neil.

    Back again. I was here this morning commenting on your latest blog post, and here I am again via a recommendation made by my good friend Adrienne Smith. 🙂

    Totally agree that blog commenting is worth every second invested. Currently, blogger outreach is my #1 priority as part of my overall marketing strategy.

    Why? Because relationships with both our readers and other bloggers are worth more than gold, I’m sure you’ll agree?

    Love your blog btw


    • Kerry, I completely agree! It’s all about engagement and getting a conversation started. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  78. Hi

    I found your post from Adrienne’s blog, and it’s very interesting.

    I agree that comments help visibility. I had one post (on another blog) that I hadn’t put much attention into because I wasn’t really convinced of the validity of what I was saying (and pointed out that it was controversial).

    It got loads of comments (mostly actually agreeing) and ended up on page 1 of Google).

    So – yes – I am convinced of the value of comments.


  79. Luana Spinetti :

    I started as a personal blogger, Neil. 🙂

    And in the personal blogging world, ‘marketing’ equals finding similar blogs and start conversations via comments.

    That’s how blogger friendships are born– you write, I comment, you comment back, I enjoy it and perhaps I’ll even email you later.

    If I had to name my number #1 relationship building ‘tool’ online, that’s blog comments. 🙂

    Lovely post, Neil! As usual!

    ~ Luana S.

    P.S. I hope you received my email about Codemotion. If you haven’t, I’ll try again. Sometimes the server goes down.

    • Luana, you are spot on! It’s all about engagement. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • You’re welcome, Neil! 🙂

        I love your genuine approach to engagement, too. Too often we forget our human side in business. Happy to know there’s someone out there who doesn’t.

        ~ Luana S.

  80. Great post Neil – I know responding to comments is valuable but it does take a lot of time to do it right and I’ve struggled with the balance. It’s great to have some hard data to justify the time investment.

    All the best,

  81. There’s certainly a lot to know about this topic. I like all of the points you made.

  82. Trevor Gustaveson :

    Hey Neil! Huge fan, and I’m new to the world of SEO/online marketing. I love your philosophy on commenting back, and I like how you give concrete examples on why this benefits us. I’m wondering, do you think it is worth it to comment back to people on non-blog platforms, specifically comments on a facebook post?

  83. Hi

    I found your post very interesting.

    I agree that comments help visibility. I had one post (on another blog) that I hadn’t put much attention into because I wasn’t really convinced of the validity of what I was saying (and pointed out that it was controversial).

    It got loads of comments (mostly actually agreeing) and ended up on page 1 of Google).

    So – yes – I am convinced of the value of comments.


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