How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue

Can you guess what my favorite form of advertising is? It isn’t pay per click or banner ads. It’s actually remarketing.

“Why?” you may ask. Because remarketing is the easiest way to get people to come back to your site and complete the purchase.

To show you how you can effectively use remarketing, I’ve created an infographic that lays out the steps you need to follow.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue

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If you want to do well through remarketing, make sure your ads are creative. I’ve found that for service-oriented businesses, funny ads or query ads tend to perform the best. Here is an example of one that I used for Quick Sprout:

neil patel cool

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ll find that ads offering a discount tend to convert the best.

What do you think about remarketing?

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  1. Lewis - Marketing Bees :

    I think A LOT of people don’t fully understand the point of remarketing or even what it is even though most people experience remarketing on a DAILY basis. Go onto and an hour later, if you didn’t buy, they’re showing you everything you viewed on your last visit to tempt you to buy more.

    Not to take away from your post in any way Neil, but Noah Kagan has a great post on retargeting/remarketing:

    If you’re new to remarketing then it’s a MUST!

  2. Hey Neil,

    I agree with you. Remarketing is great and provides a long term of ROI. This info graphic you represent all great factors of Remarketing which are beneficial for us…:;)
    Thank you for sharing this great infographic with us….. 🙂

  3. Neil, could you please write an article on how to make a forum that you’ve just opened to expand and grow with popularity?

    Please Neil!

  4. Bastian Kroos :

    Great infographic Neil. I would love to read your opinion on how to carry out a redesign or change wordpress theme without affecting your SEO.

  5. Do you have any favorite tools/apps that you use for remarketing?

  6. Bishal Biswas :

    I’d be surely given it a try.

    And Perhaps,

    My Graphic Designing Skill might be useful in this.

    Ain’t it, Neil?

    Perhaps, thanks a lot for the share and yet the Infographic is too interesting.

    *Shared it to my followers too 😀
    – Bishal Biswas

  7. Hey Neil,

    I believe, remarketing is a really powerful way to attract clients.

    I think, this strategy is still in its premature phase of implementation as a world-wide practice. I guess, along with big data development remarketing will take much more important role in revenue generation (especially it regards such giants as Google, Amazon etc).

    Thanks for the post!

  8. Hey Neil,thanks for the Infographic

    Will You Mind recommending your Infographic designer to me?

  9. Hey Neil, I liked your whole info-graphic on Re-marketing, it’s helps me a lot to increase revenue of my clients and personally i liked your 7th tip on re-marketing. great work. Thanks.

  10. Maurizio Fumini :

    Hello Neil,
    I do not know if you has already talked about this, I noticed that you’re using a lot infographic on your posts, is a SEO choice or just a way to better represent a post? Google should not read the contents of the images, unless spiders have some kind OCR routine!

    • Maurizio, it’s just a personal choice based on the content I want readers to see 🙂

    • Maurizio, if Neil creates an infographic that is shared by a lot of blog readers, then it will be far more successful then writing a 1,000 word blog that less people are likely to read through. 🙂

  11. Great infographic.

    What subject/s would you suggest for an Abandoned Cart reminder email ?


  12. As a consumer, I like remarketing because it makes me feel that my business matters to the company. That’s the key and that’s what you want your customers to feel. Being sent an email with a link to your cart and maybe even a coupon (even if the coupon is always available) both serves as a reminder and shows your customers that you care about their business.

    Since remarketing can lead to increased business, do you know if it can also lead to increased shares? I would assume so because more people become customers and can actually recommend the products/services/whatever, but I’m just wondering if those customers are more likely to share or promote their experiences.

    • Yea, I think it can help with shares as well, but you would have to test and track the data to see if actually does.

  13. Great stuff! I like the bit at the end about how to remarket for services. I was starting to think this was mostly for product, but after reading that and going back through, I can see how I can use all of that too. 🙂

  14. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m totally new to this concept but it makes sense to me.

    Bring back interested customers, or folks who haven’t pulled the trigger. As noted in your IG, few pull the trigger on their first visit. Steadily build bonds with your readers and customers.

    In time, they’ll come to know, like and trust you, which is when the revenues begin to increase.

    I tell my readers to subscribe as a call to action with each of my blog posts. I wish to build that bond. I want to help, and to make an impact, and to become memorable.

    Capturing emails helps you market, again and again, through your blog and/or newsletter.

    Bring ’em back, over deliver, and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your revenue.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Neil.

    I’ll tweet in a bit.


  15. Hi Neil,

    Your infographics is awesome and the information is also useful. All top companies are now using this method and it is also successful

    Thanks for the post. Always Happy to read your post.

  16. Hey Neil, Great Post, Why your all post get more shares then Comments on your particular blog post? is there any secret?

  17. HI Neil could you write more articles about Back links, and how to build them naturally.

    Thanks a million.

  18. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    This is a very good info-graphic.


    I have a question, hopefully you will answer me.

    Are Pop ads good for blog for earning more revenue from ads.

  19. Wow thank so much Neil for spend your time writing this post.
    I’m currently using yahoo ads and i will apply all the tips that you mentioned on the infographic.

  20. I really love an idea about re-marketing actually. You gathered some important information that can easily help to re-marketing strategy.

    Its an easy way to increase revenue, thank you for share the goo read and nice info-graphic.

  21. Mustafa Gaziani :

    Hi Neil,
    Nice info-graphic with lot of valuable information. Its very good to read about re-marketing tips to increase revenue.

    I usually visit your blog to find these techniques and tips as this one is fantastic for increasing revenue.

    Keep it up 🙂

    Best Regards,

  22. Elisabetta Bruno :

    I saw an interesting way of remarketing some web hosting not long ago. I landed on the host’s service page through a newsletter which claimed they had discounts on their plans. So I clicked on them, put it all in my cart to see what it all amounted to and realised they were more expensive than another company.

    As I clicked to navigate away I get a pop-up saying they have a special offer showing me even higher discounts.

    So I thought it looked good, and since I used to be their costumer I logged in (left the cart) but this time I had very little discount.

    This actually backfired because they reinforced the opinion I had of them which made me change host in the first place: they yoyo their pricing and can’t trust that I’m going to pay the same the year after.

    • Elisabetta, I totally understand your predicament. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything when they throw you for a loop like that!

  23. Daniel Lofaso :

    Good post Neil. Remarketing is often the first thing I recommend to clients who want to spend some of the budget on ads. In my experience is one of the best companies to link up with.
    In addition to the tips you made regarding remarketing, I’d like to further emphasize the importance of the landing page as it relates to CRO and specifically emails for lead generation. Of course ecommerce sites will have varying landing pages but lead generation sites should create lead capture landing pages that relate to the retargeted product or service they are marketing.

  24. Ed Keay-Smith :

    Great post Neil!

    As the owner of (currently in development) I think Remarketing is still in its infancy as most of our marketing clients are not aware of what it is until we explain it to them.

    Then the lightbulb goes off in their head and they recall how they have been Remarketed to by other businesses and see the possibilities for its application in their own business.

    I think the future is very bright for Remarketing as we have only scratched the surface of what it is capable of.



  25. Manish Agrawal :

    Hey Neil,

    I know today re-marketing is very important in product website. but i have other question about re-marketing.. what difference re-marketing and Dynamic re-marketing.

    i am totally confused about this i have no idea how to find solution for this. i read some blog but i am not understating complete difference between.

    So can u please write new article about different remarketing and Dynamic remarketing.

    I hope you will post informative article as soon as


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