7 Marketing Tactics That Increased My Growth by 679%


What’s the number one quality a good marketer needs to have? It’s not a specific skill such as being good at SEO or conversion optimizationA good marketer needs to be creative.

Why? Because all of the normal marketing tactics that everyone knows about are played out. And sadly, they are not as effective as they used to be.

Luckily for you, my creativity gets the best of me sometimes, which leads me to discover marketing strategies that can help you grow your business too.

Here are 7 that are worth leveraging:

Strategy #1: Reverse your funnel

Who says someone has to hit your homepage, then your product page, your cart page, and lastly your checkout page to buy your product?

Sure, that’s how most sites do it, but why can’t you switch some steps around?

I’ve tried this out with most of my businesses, and it works well. If you can get people to invest in your product before you ask them to complete the purchase, you are more likely to increase the sale.

Just put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They are likely to think:

I’ve already come this far and invested this much time, so I might as well complete the transaction.

With HelloBar, instead of having you to sign up for the product first, we let you put in your URL, install the product, and start using it.

Just look at our HelloBar homepage:


Once you enter a URL, we get you into the product before you even have to sign up.

hb app

By reversing the funnel and not requiring our customers to provide their emails and passwords to see our application, we were able to increase our signups by 52.11%.

Strategy #2: Evoke curiosity

Even if people give you their email addresses, it doesn’t mean they are engaged. If users are not engaged, they may not open your emails, complete the purchase, or continue to come back.

How do you make your visitors engaged so they stick around? You evoke their curiosity!

A good example of this is a test I’ve been running on NeilPatel.com. I let people type in their URLs in order to find out how they can increase their traffic.


That allows me to show them the number of errors they have:


In the last step, I collect leads, without showing the prospective customers what the errors are:


By evoking curiosity, I was able to increase the number of leads who followed up with me when someone from my team reached out to them. The increase was 63.5%.

Strategy #3: Don’t forget to follow up

Marketing isn’t just about driving people to a website. It covers a variety of steps ranging from getting someone to your website to writing persuasive copy and following up with your prospective customers to get the stragglers to buy. Marketing, in essence, takes the whole funnel into account.

One person who is great at following up is Timothy Sykes. When people apply to his millionaire challenge, in which he promises to teach them how to become millionaires through the stock market, he follows up with them with homework assignments.

tim sykes

By following up with his applicants, Timothy is building a relationship with them. Because he is continually educating them and giving them free advice, people end up loving him, which makes them more willing to give him money when he asks them for it.

His strategy of following up helped him increase his revenue by 84.7%.

Strategy #4: Quiz your visitors

Would you rather play a video game or visit some boring corporate website? Chances are you’ll want to play a video game.

Why not integrate the principles that make games fun and addicting into your website? A good way to do this is to create quizzes to engage your visitors and convert them into customers.

A great example of this is a tool by Crew that’s called How Much to Make an App? This interactive quiz is designed to increase the company’s revenue.

app cost

If you want to use quizzes to increase your lead generation efforts, consider limiting your quiz to five questions. For each question, limit the number of responses to four. Plus, add images when possible.

I’ve used this strategy frequently for my lead generation sites, and it typically helps increase the number of leads I collect by 281%.

Strategy #5: Make signing up easy

Do you have a Gmail account? If not, you probably have a Facebook or Twitter account, right?

These sites are so popular that your visitors are likely to have an account with one of them already.

So when people visit your website, why make them register? You can use Google, Facebook or Twitter authentication to allow people to register with your website. This way, they don’t have to type in an email and password. All they have to do is click a button.

We did this on KISSmetrics, and it made a world of difference. The last time we tested it, we were able to increase our conversion rate by 91.88%.


When you let your users log in through Facebook, Twitter or Google, test your calls to action. We found that the phrase “Log In” converted 20% better than the phrase “Sign Up”.

Strategy #6: Get personal

Dating sites taught me a very useful marketing strategy – to get personal with my visitors. Just think about dating ads: they are personalized to you. For example, when I am in Las Vegas, Nevada, and browse sites like AOL, I see ads that state:

Find true love in Las Vegas, Nevada!

These advertisers are using your geo-location data to insert the city you live in within their marketing messaging.

This makes the messaging personal, which increases the number of signups you get.

I do this on my website, and it converts exceptionally well:


I’ve also tested this on Timothy Sykes’ site, and he does well with it too.

If you use personalized messaging throughout your site, and not just your homepage, you’ll find your user engagement will increase.

By using this tactic, I was able to increase return visits by 68%.

Strategy #7: Optimize your email deliverability

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again: email marketing is one of my highest converting marketing channels. And it’s not just me. Other companies like Amazon, eBay, and Apple make a large portion of their revenue through email marketing.

But there is one big issue. It’s tough to get your emails into people’s inboxes. Spam filters and promotional tabs within Gmail prevent many people from seeing your emails.

How do you ensure that your emails get delivered? You should follow a lot of the basic tips marketers are talking about, and you should also sign up for a service called Return Path.

Return Path has a deal with a lot of providers, and they can ensure that your emails get delivered into people’s inboxes. It’s so effective that once I started using it, my email traffic increased by 38%. Now, that’s a lot of extra visitors.


If you want to grow your business, you need to try unorthodox marketing strategies. Doing what everyone else is doing is fine, but it won’t get you the results you are looking for.

The one thing I know for sure is that every business I’ve consulted with, or started myself, didn’t grow to the size it did by copying others. It was either through luck, which you can’t control, or through the use of creative solutions.

What other unorthodox marketing strategies do you know?


  1. Very interesting article – for me starting the funnel with landing page works the best – it is up to the point and answers user’s question much better than general home page (it is especially true for visitors coming form ads). But the idea of making user to invest time in your project is wonderful! Will certainly try it out

  2. Tim Felmingham :

    Another great one Neil. I love the reverse funnel!

    Will check out Return Path – thanks for the tip.


  3. Dude – Neil, you’re the master. I guess I’ll have to double back and figure out how to actually implement some of this in my own work. It always seems so easy – like…

    “Oh, I’ll just add geo-location. Simple.”

    My opt-in strategy is more of a threat than anything else I think. It’s working oh-so-not-much. Thanks for this. I’ll try to un-suck-ify my new site a bit today.

  4. Great guide Neil.

    I would like to share my personal experience with hellobar, actually not exactly hellobar but a plugin with same feature.

    When I first installed it I was really excited and thought that I would see spike in my subscription rate on my first day itself. But unfortunately I didn’t purged my maxcdn’s, cloudflares and w3total cache plugins cache and my bar was not live for first 18 hours or something. After the cache expired the bar was visible to almost all my readers and I did noticed increase in subscription rate but decrease in adsense revenue.

    After using heatmap I found that the “subscribe now” button received the highest click on my website. So overall if you are planning to increase your email subscribers list then hello bar or similar addons are perfect but if you are planning to test it on a busy or super busy blog whose income is directly linked to Adsense or similar service then I will suggest not to use it. You will surely see decrease in click rates.

    Well that’s my personal experience on a blog with 1200 or little bit more visitors.

  5. Bishal Biswas :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m in favor of all these 7 marketing tactics, that you’ve laid today. Perhaps, among it I loved the reverse funnel idea ideally and would give it a try for sure.

    Apart it, modifying Sign Up to Log in tactic that you’ve opt in KissMetrics is really outstanding.

    In all, these are great. Thanks 😀

    – Bishal Biswas

  6. Neil, helpful and practical as usual. What app do you recommend for quiz?

    • Sergey, I am not sure. You should do some research and get back to me 🙂

      • I’m sure the app for howmuchisyourapp? is specially coded. I’d love to have it on my site though.

        If you’re less ambitious, you can try Wufoo/Survey Monkey. They’re free, look nice, and are easy to set up and use.

    • I’ve used ProProfs.com for quizzes. Very easy and great customer service! http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/

    • Sergey, if you are using WordPress, I just tried a great plugin based on Neil’s post.

      It’s called SlickQuiz – it’s free and it’s pretty powerful. I just integrated it into a new niche site I started developing (you can see it live on http://michonnecostume.com if you want).

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  8. Really this is much needed to know post for me. Very Informative.
    Thanks Neil.

    Hey I want to download your “the-definitive-guide-to-conversion-optimization” but there is no such option available.
    And why not you provide post as PDFs download functionality to this blog. It will allow people to download your amazing post to take it as reference.

    Thank You Bro!

  9. I think optimising the funnel is a really good idea.

    I have used your site several times, and now that I know your strategies I feel like really stupid because those strategies worked on me… hahaha

    well, thanks for the post Neil,

    I am learning a lot from you,

    – Adrian

  10. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,

    These are some great marketing tactics you have mention here. I like these strategies to implement on my blog.
    Thank you for sharing this great strategies with us…. 🙂

  11. I know why your blog is outstanding, why you are a niche blogger and why people love to see your new blog posts.

    It’s simple because you do care what you do to make your blog more powerful and helpful in nature and the ability to monitor and show off all the data that shows how do you do it.

  12. Priyank Dadhich :

    Amazing post again. Reverse your funnel is nice way increase your mailing list.


  13. Pablo Domingo Montesinos :

    Great article, Neil. Thank you very much for giving so much quality for free.

    I especially love Strategy #3. It is a great idea and I will do it soon!

    All the best, Pablo

  14. Farcas Gelu Danut :

    Unorthodox marketing strategies? Good ideea, tnx!
    I love this!

  15. Christopher Rose :

    Hey Neil,

    thought you should know that location thing on the homepage of neilpatel.com might work in the USA, but it doesn’t in Europe.

    I’ve gone to that URL from three locations in the UK, two in Spain and one in Belgium and each time it was out by 20-70 miles, which makes it give a bad impression. If you can’t even get my location right…

  16. Christopher Rose :

    Neil, Why do you think I liked it when it didn’t work?

    I’m confused…!

    • Christopher, can you please clarify the question?

      • Christophers comment is very clear to understand.

      • Christopher Rose :

        What I mean is that the thing you use that says something like “I want to make a business in Las Vegas successful” has massively misidentified my location more than six times in three different countries, so it doesn’t work very well outside of the USA…

  17. I’m interested in how this could be used in a service-based setting, like my clinic… I’m not as creative as I’d like to be, or just having a hard time wrapping my future actions around my current thoughts!

  18. Neil, just a question. the analysing errors part seems to be fake. every site gets 11 errors including your site. Its shady and everybody could easily recognize it.

  19. Naomi@business start ups :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the great info – I love learning the new stuff at QuickSprout!


  20. Al-Amin Kabir :

    Another Great article Neil. Can you please a more detailed guideline / advanced guideline on Optimizing Email Deliverability?

  21. Charles Curry :

    Neil do you have a tutorial or could you point me in the right direction to figure out how to setup the GEO autocomplete for the City Field? Thanks so much for all your great content, I saw you at T&C this year, always good stuff from you!

  22. Luciano Vietto :

    Very solid points Neil! Just tried hello bar and it really works? Do you have any tips for tools to create ramification/quizzes?

  23. Pedro @TravelwithPedro :

    Well, what can I say? I’ve gotta run and try some of these strategies myself.

    Thanks Neil!

  24. Making yourself stand out from the crowd is so hard. I like the try before you buy strategy.

    I love it when there is a “no credit card required” type trial. I am so much more likely to give the product or service a try.

    If I like it, I usually sign up.

    But if a cc is required, I often just pass on the trial altogether.

    Making it easy for potential customers is really important.

  25. Great article Neil, will try out these with my clients.

  26. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    The follow up makes or breaks your business. I swear, I’ve made more friends and generated more sales and have grown my audience just by being persistent. Asking here and there, day after day, in a nice way, works. Power tips dude.

    Of course ask people who are already interested. No cold calling, or time wasting as I call it. Example; I’m releasing my new eBook today, entitled “Blogging from Paradise.” It’s a fun read explaining how you can retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, just like I have.

    Anyway, my email subscribers will receive frequent nudges to buy the eBook because I know they’re sweet on my content, and my offering, and I know most of these folks would really enjoy the eBook. I made it affordable – one of my reviewers called it the “bargain and bargains!”, and she’s a hella successful blogger – and totally in alignment with my values, and blog, and brand.

    Following up in a creative way with folks who really dig what you have to offer takes out the fear of criticism which most people yield to….which influences them to never follow up…..which kills their marketing campaigns.

    The fact that you respond to so many comments here Neil, and that you address us by name, makes you special and shows that you care. That alone makes your growth increase at a meteoric rate, because you, and guys like Chris Brogan, are the the guys who really, really, really care about people who hire you, and who read your blog, or share it.

    You make such a greater impact than you can ever realize, and just by doing the seemingly tiny things you do each day, you’ve inspired me to push myself to be my best for others, and you’ve attracted a life long fan too.

    Thanks Neil, awesome piece as always.

    Of course I’ll tweet to my 29K followers and they’ll eat it up.


  27. I’ve never heard of Return Path. Thanks for the intro, Neil!

  28. Peter Mutiso :

    Hi Neil,

    Always something new to learn from you – getting personal has really helped my business grow – and got to try the first marketing tactic you shared

  29. Hi Neil very interesting, I like your strategies sign up with social media, evoke curiosity and remaining these are engaging and increase web traffic.

  30. Mervyn Smith :

    Nice one Neil. While reading the article I just realized that the reverse funnel concept you have for Hellobar is awesome because it actually got me signed up for one of my websites. I was happy with the features and in the end step I just signed up.


  31. Hi Niel,

    Enjoyed reading your article. Very informative. You really do know how to write attractively.

  32. Khurram Shahzad :

    very useful article Neil… 🙂 I am facing a problem with my marketing campaign I have a huge list of Email and when I send them email only a few open them. any suggestions to improve this ?

  33. Great Post Neil, Thanks for sharing these working tips. The Tweet Link Isn’t Working.

  34. Neil, your articles kick butt. You’re so good at putting things in easy to understand terms and provide ideas that are easily adaptable for whatever your business is. Love it!

  35. Thanks Mr.Neil Patel for posting a nice article. this post will help the all marketer.

  36. Hello Neil,

    I do see this strategy as a more or less like a trial affair. What makes me think this will work on my blog as well?

    But the question which keeps popping up in my head is this; if it has worked for the Neil man guru himself, what makes me different?
    I have heard of the Hellobar and I am going to try it out as well.

    PS: I found this shared on kingged.com

  37. Hi, Neil yet another great post ,your readers persona justified and you are targeting to elevate inbound marketing industry standards. A very good approach.


  38. Marius Fermi :

    Funnily enough the biggest problem I’ve been having is with landing pages. Whilst the many, many blogs describe the processes behind how to measure, track and change everything, the trial and error process takes forever.

    Safe to say landing pages only come out in specific situations and for certain audiences otherwise it ends up being a headache!

    Great article Neil, love the highlight on following up, being from a sales background it’s a pet hate of mine when lava hot leads are coming in and the sales team decides that they just don’t feel like following up – they don’t follow up EASY MONEY…

  39. oloyede jamiu :

    Hi Neil,

    This is another awesome marketing tactics you have released.

    I have seen this hello bar being used on sites some time ago but i actually dont know its hello bar.

    I will definitely try it out on one of my website to see how it goes.


    -Oloyede Jamiu

  40. Neil, i always appreciate your post. Have some doubt how to generate the link that show me while link:domain name

  41. Samantha Patel :

    Yes, this HelloBar helped me to increase my email subscribers list by atleast 120%

    Thanks for such an awesome thing Neil.

  42. Amritesh Suman :

    Interesting article,

    I receive leads for a website related to market research but much of them are not of quality. People come up with wrong phone number to receive a freee sample of the research. How to fix this issue as without having a telephonic conversation, it becomes difficult to convert the lead.

  43. Another very insightful post. Keep them coming.

  44. Marlo Rivera :

    I always this blog because i like reading interesting articles from Niel. the 7 marketing tactics are great and they have really caught my attention. This is a very interesting post you have here Niel thanks for sharing this one…

  45. Hey Neil,

    Amazing article as always.

    Following the article i am checking out Return Path. If I understand correctly the Annual Fee is very high.

    Do you have any figures on how much it improves deliverability so that wen can do some ROI calculations?


  46. Nice tips, yet again. Trying new things keeps it different.

  47. Hi neil, thanks for your practical info. Very inspirational marketing solutions. I am excited to see how this will affect my business in the ndxt 3 months; and it is a new business as well.


  48. Prakhar Jain :

    Niel, i am a huge fan of your blog. I just wanted to ask if there is any plugin or something like that for GEOTAGGING cities.

    Like “Buy Car in Las Vegas” that would display on the website.

    I would be highly obliged if you helped me out.

  49. Justin Nerdrum :

    Hey Neil,

    This is some great stuff. I love the reverse funnel and it makes a lot of since to have your potential prospect engage in your product before closing a sale.

    Currently revamping a few thing, I think I will run a test on this and see how the results are with my business.

    Thanks again


  50. Amritesh Suman :


    I have mentioned one issue of a website in my previous comment. Could you suggest me few tips to resolve the issue?

  51. Marie Williams :

    Hi Neil,

    Great ideas. I plan on looking into Return Path, it sounds very useful.

    I love the idea of using quizzes and the app example is really neat.

    I also love graders like the one you have and also Hubspot’s marketing grader. These are fun, useful and great for lead generation.

    I couldn’t agree more about social registration, I normally won’t bother signing up with email anymore. I just look for the Facebook or Twitter login button for instant access. Great advice. I wish there were more sites out there that offered login using a Google account, but that seems to be less common.

    Thanks for the awesome ideas.

  52. Thanks Neil;

    Great article. I can see myself incorporating these tips in a project I am working on. Love the survey idea and think it will be a great tool.

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    David Baker

  53. Neil! Love this post. You provided some great tips about marketing. The lesson is think outside the box. I was certainly feeling that typical marketing was not what it used to be.
    I recently started using HelloBar and love it! Now that you explain the marketing there, yes, it worked perfectly with me.
    You’ve given me some new things to think about with online marketing.
    Thanks again!

  54. Thanks Neil for sharing out of box ideas with us,I do agree a series of Questionnaire or quiz can help alot to exchange,express series of suggestions,opinions for betterment of business or any campaigns

  55. Neil, what would be your idea for funnel reverse for e-commerce store with computer products?

    • That would be tough… maybe have someone create their ideal setup? Or create a quiz that figures out what a person really needs.

      Then from there sell people on the custom solution you are providing.

  56. Always your article is helpful for me. Please neil tel me the latest facebook and linkedin marketing strategy? I am waiting for your response.

    • James, there are a lot of strategies involved. Check this guide out: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-complete-guide-to-building-your-blog-audience-chapter-5/

  57. A great & Unique ideas is always increase business revenue and if you are not implement new ideas in your Business you probably out of competition. i always found new ideas and concepts in your blogs this is why i really love your blog.Thanks for sharing this great ideas

  58. Great article Neil! I was wondering what your thoughts about reverse funneling for a consulting agency would begin to look like?

    (In other words, how do you reverse funnel for a service that’s intangible and can’t be tested?)

  59. Thank Neil for these great tips. As always, you’re ahead of the curve, sharing tactics I have not seen anywhere else yet !
    I’d like to try 2, 6 and 7 very soon, I’ll give you some feedback on the implementation.
    Also I reinstalled Hellobar on one of my websites a week ago and I was really impressed by this direct access to the product. I could not resist installing it once I had created it. Brilliant !

  60. Hi Neil,
    a great and very useful article, as always. I’ll definitely try Return Path. Cheers, Angel

  61. Madelaine Flem :

    I am truly delighted to read this weblog posts which consists of tons of useful data, thanks for providing these kinds of information.

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    This article gave us a great idea to create a landing page as a starting funnel. Happy to share our work: https://perfectial.com/mobile-app-development-cost/

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