The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

You already know that blogs are popular and that you should have one. But do you know what makes a great blog post?

Sure, you’ve heard of things like having great educational content, but there must be more to writing a winning blog post than that, right? There is. From your unique voice to the design of your blog or even the words you use within your post – many factors affect how well your blog post will do.

Want to create a powerful blog post? Click here to get to know about the 6 elements of a powerful blog post.

In order to show you how to create a powerful blog post, I’ve created an infographic that outlines what you need to do.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

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Following the steps in the infographic won’t be hard. Better yet, in the long run, implementing them will have a huge impact on your traffic.

If you are going to start with one step, start with your voice. It’s a very important component of your success as a blogger. It will take months to craft and perfect your voice that has all the right elements, from the writing style that encourages conversation to simple and accessible sentences that create a flow.

How else can you create a powerful blog post?

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  1. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,

    Awesome infographic. These six given elements really helpful to enhance blogging experience. These elements are must use in every blog to grab more user attraction… 😉

    Than you for sharing this awesome info..

  2. Great post! I’m going to be one of those 175k blogs started daily. Finishing up the redesign and will be starting it soon after.

  3. Michael Akinlabi :

    Simple infographic with a simple design. You practice all of the points outlined in the infographic. It shows you lead by example. Nice learning what’s working for you!


  4. In last 3-4 years I ran 3 different blogs seriously even though I was lacking my voice, actually I was always looking at the successful bloggers and that’s why somehow and somewhere I followed their voice and at last my blogs died after attracting some 30,000 visitors a month.

    One of them is still alive somewhere in dark but I don’t want to continue with that and that’s why created a new one and this time I’m very much concerned about my voice (you also mentioned that).

    Hope this time I would come out having my own writing & promotional style dedicated to that blog and around.

    • Robinsh, you should go back and do a content audit of all the sites to see what you can do to revamp them.

  5. Short and sweet. I like!

  6. Maximillian Heth :

    Hey Neil, your infographics always knock it out of the park for me personally, but I do have a couple of questions:

    Why aren’t the reference links in your infographic clickable? Or why didn’t you list them in the post so readers could check them out more easily?

    Thanks for all the awesome content!

    • Nice catch Maximillian! I was wondering about the same exact thing.

    • You can’t make links within infographics clickable. If you did, then when other people embed them the links won’t go with the graphic.

  7. Michael Bely :

    Hey Neil,

    Together with controversial posts I’d add as deep as possible communicating with the audience if the latter has questions.

    If there is an established community, then a rich communication is possible even without the author of the blog 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips Neil,

    Let’s also not forget about asking engaging questions.

    I usually end-up with tons of comments or shares when I sprinkle the post with a couple of engaging questions.

    This is especially true if the questions are tailored to the usual problems that your readers face. The more they are reminded of their problems, the better chances of engagement you’ll get.

    Jimmy R.
    Freelance Writer

  9. Enstine Muki :

    150k blogs created daily? Maybe in the nearest future, traditional websites will disappear from the Internet making way for blogs 😉

    I think point #3 is what many are still struggling to get. However, once you have it, there is going to be a huge difference 😉

  10. Do you think it is a good idea to make a video on the subject matter and embed that in your blog post or do you find that is overkill?

  11. Shiva Guru Balaji :

    Wow Great Info. I didn’t expect this much accurate details. A Blog in half a second ? Surprised.. Nice Post. Keep It Up..

  12. Anu Khanchandani :

    Hey Neil,

    Great post! I wait for your blog mail everyday. I was especially excited to read this one since it was about blogging.

    I have been thinking of setting up a blog but get lost for words when I start to write one. 🙂

    Any tips?


  13. Ishan Verma :

    150k Blogs… looks like soon we are going to have a social blog central.

  14. When you click the infographic, it changes to a wide display and removes the sidebar. How do you do this?

  15. Sam Adeyinka :

    Hey Neil patel,

    Another fabulous infographic from your end and this time around on crafting a perfect blog posts, one question a new recruit on my team asked me in a chat this afternoon.

    I’m sure applying this techniques with ones blog will sure bring a desired result. 🙂

    Thanks for the share, Neil and I have just enlisted this post on my Friday Roundup post. Hope to see you around?


  16. Reading this infograph I feel every other person we meet is a blogger.

  17. Fabulous infographic Neil. This is great content.

    Can you create a infographic for what kind of post goes viral. An infographic for viral post.

    Thanks in advance

  18. Great Infographic Neil, Great Points 🙂

  19. Massimo Pittella :

    Ehi Neil, in one of your previous posts you wrote that controversial posts drive more traffic, ok, BUT that they also “produce more unsubscribers” and can hurt both the revenue and the brand. Now here you seem to be less discriminating about controversial posts. Have you changed your mind or… do you try to make it controversial by yourself? 🙂

  20. Clean layout, amazing images with amazing content can make the difference. Readers will love it and certainly share your blog with others. These points also contribute for solid SEO as well.

  21. Hi Neil,

    That’s a nice and clean infographic with some good points.

    Especially having your own voice is really important when writing a blog.

    Controversial articles seem to work really well too, i recently read an article about “killing the hamburger button” on one of your clients Techchrunch.

    I didn’t agree with that article, but safe to say, the article did really well.

  22. Hey Neil, Great Infographic.

    From Where You get such an amazing Idea for writing such a useful post every time.

  23. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    You covered all the basics, well done. I’d simply stress having your unique voice, through practice, practice and practice.

    Write daily. No need to publish posts daily but do write daily to improve your skills. I published 3400 posts to my old blog and a handful of 2500 word or longer posts to my new blog in only a few weeks because I’ve written almost every single day over the past 5 years.

    I found my voice by ironing out my delivery, through writing every single day just about, for years on end.

    Neil, one thing I love about your blog is that you use so much white space. It makes your content, ads, and everything, pop! I too use plenty of white space because contrast adds power to your posts. Most bloggers miss this point; instead of trying to add more, add less, to make the fewer elements stand out.

    Of course, those elements must be the most important elements. Perhaps your opt in form and ad linking to your business services page. My brand is all about blogging from paradise so I share my opt in form and about 20 or so travel pictures from where I’ve been all over the world. The pics jump out at you because of my free and liberal use of white space.

    Write, and go heavy on the white space to create powerful blog posts.

    Thanks Neil, helpful share here.

    I’ll tweet it shortly.


  24. Neil you’re awesome!

    You’re the only email I look forward to. I flag them all because I know there’s valuable information.

    You are the greatest keep up the good work!

  25. Jear Sederio :

    Hi Neil,

    Hi Neil,

    Great Infographic and I’ll definitely put your suggestions into practice :). I noticed you referenced my article “The Art of Writing Great Articles” in your April posting entitled “Latest Trends in Headline Creation and Their Success.” I’m honestly honored I received a reference from you because your the ONLY one that I consistently come back and read content from. I’m a newbie here in the blogsphere world, so thanks so much for my second Backlink (and my only one received naturally) LOL!

  26. Robert Broley :

    Great post as always Neil. I have recently added a blog to my website to hopefully give some advice and experience. I also agree with going against the grain. Try and be different I say.

  27. Taylor Gilmore :

    When I started blogging, I made the mistake of writing my blog posts in the impersonal tone I used for article writing. Now I’m trying to figure out how to let “me” into the posts I publish. It’s not as easy as it seems. 🙂 BTW – Love the infographic!

  28. Mervyn Smith :

    Hi Neil,

    Useful info there. I am more interested in the trackbacks underneath the post though. Are these your own websites linking back to your own content to make it rank higher ?

    • That is other sites linking back to your site or your own posts linking back to your own posts. This does help with rankings.

  29. Hello Neil,

    I did find this post of yours shared on and I have decided to add my voice to it as well.

    Did I get this right? Did you say articles with images get 94% more views. I totally do agree with you.

    When words are short, let the image do the rest of the talking. That is one thing I have forgotten ever since I read this quote somewhere.

  30. Really interesting to see this laid out as an infographic – I had no idea there were so many blogs out there! It would be interesting to know how many of them are actually updated on a regular basis though.

    Always think you’ve got to be a bit careful when going for a controversial topic though, especially in an industry like the one I work in. It can lead to people boycotting your product, or negative press in a wider sense. In some cases, not all publicity is good publicity!

  31. Hi Neil!

    Thanks for Infographic. Very straight to the point summary of the topic.

    I have a question for you: what is your advice for a blogger who lives in a non-english part of the world and would like to communicate on his native language, but wouldn’t like to neglect completely the potential English readers?


  32. Andrew M. Warner :

    Really great blog post, Neil. I really agree with the “have a unique voice” section. I think that’s really taken for granted by alot of bloggers and they fall into the “me too” syndrome and knowingly or unknowingly copies someone else’s voice.

    Really great points shared here today.

    Have a great week.

    – Andrew

  33. Jose Melendez :

    Good article and very informative. I hope to improve my blog.

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  36. Great info. I have problems with those short sentences though, because I have to get at least 300 words for my article to be “seen better” by google, so sometime I add text just to be there 🙁

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