7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions (and How to Fix Them)

Landing pages are supposed to help boost your conversions, but in some cases, they kill them. When does that happen? If your landing pages have the wrong copy or distract your visitors, your conversion rate will drop.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To help you maximize your landing page conversion rate, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the flaws you need avoid and the specific steps you need to take in order to grow your revenue.

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7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions

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Creating a landing page doesn’t ensure you will generate more sales and leads. If you create dull headlines or place calls to action in the wrong place, you’ll notice a decrease in revenue.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about landing page optimization is that the most creative pages tend to convert the best. For example, with my personal site, I saw over a 30% increase in conversions when I started using geo-location within my copy. I saw another 18% increase in conversions when I removed the logo from the top of the landing page.

How else can you increase your landing page conversions?

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  1. Rob McNelis :

    Great info graphic. I’ve also found that using a 2 step opt in is huge. (Click join button then enter email)

    • Hi Rob, are you saying that you have seen more conversions from a 2 steps opt-in rather than from a 1 step opt-in?

      • I’ve experienced this. I had a simple one step opt-in on my web site that didn’t convert as well as a two step. It’s odd but true. It may not be true with every case, but with mine it was

    • Rob, good points!

  2. Laura @ Raise Your Garden :

    Creating one specific call to action is epic.

    I used to do media sales and learned quick that if you don’t ask for the sale outright, you’re probably not going to get it!

    Ask and you shall receive, right? Especially if the customer is diddling around.

    Right now, I’m more into trying to get Facebook likes and also learned that you have to ask people to like you’re page and they might do it (especially if you went to their wedding =)

    • Laura, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Very true Laura,

      There was a study done a while back where a guy went round asking people on the tube/metro if he could sit in their seat, even when there was an empty seat next to them. In most cases people simply said yes and moved to let the guy sit in their seat..

      The take away is that if you “ask” people generally “do” where as if you don’t ask you have humongously less chance of the getting the desired action.. As you say ask and you shall recieve.

      Great infographic, I will save it for future reference..

  3. Great infographic, What testimonail style works the best to create trust? with photographs, names , company name, url included?

  4. Akshay Hallur :

    Neil, great infographic as always.

    I like the way you stress the importance of Magnetic headlines often. Headlines are the surefire way to get more CTRs, thanks for the ping about catchy headlines.

    Right use of text formatting tags such as Bold , Italics, Underlines improve readability and increases conversion rate.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Dan Dollars :

    Hi Neil,

    Good piece.

    I am actually struggling with landing pages. I tend to pack all the info there and expect the user to understand why he/she has to sign up.

    Thanks for the advise.

    Regarding the geo-location part, is there a plugin you recommend for this.

    Thanks bro.

  6. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,

    Great Infographic. It contains well info about driving more conversion. Thank you for sharing this… 🙂

  7. Michael Bely :

    Thanks Neil for the good brief info.

    Besides, if a landing page is supposed to convert into sales, then more text than less can be in some cases better.

    It is like talking to a warm or cold client – he/she needs to be persuaded and talked into on one page which is long enough to do this task.

  8. Siddharth Khare :

    The infographic is precise and interesting. I also liked your infographic on growth hacking.

    Great work Neil. I hope you have countless more to share.

  9. One-size-fits-all rules seldom fit all. One example where a single call to action might not produce as much ROI as two would be a free offer along with a premium paid option. Guests are drawn to the page with a free offer, then prompted to select between the free or paid versions.

    Sure, maybe in the aggregate – in one study – “Landing pages with multiple calls to action get 266% fewer leads.” But what was this one product or were multiple products tested? Not all landing pages look for “leads” — many look for sales on the spot, so a study that counts leads on its face seems to be narrowly focused.

    Would AVG’s Free Anti-Virus produce more “leads” if a more prominent offer for the paid version were not included on the page for the free download? Would those “leads” who go straight to the free version generate more ROI than the ROI generated by buyers who convert immediately upon seeing the two choices? Does the offer for the paid version remind “leads” who take the free version that they might later want to switch to the paid version?

    In any marketing endeavor, “landing pages” and other collateral are best tailored to the specific requirements of the particular product, price and placement of the offer. With any research, conclusions that claim to inform all questions are seldom correct in all contexts.

  10. Beverly Bergman :

    Great info graphic! I always enjoy your info. Can you do more on geo-location, pros and cons, who is it it for, etc.? Thank you!

  11. Raghu@HappySchools :

    Neil – Another great infographic. I didn’t realize people like to see True Stats than rounded number.

    I have started noticing sing-up forms are displayed after clicking on a button in landing pages, than adding a sign-up form on the page. Have you tested that recently?

    • Raghu, I haven’t. Do you have any insights to share?

      • I think this is what’s happening : It makes people make a decision – Yes or No at that very second.

        Yes – Complete the sign-up form.
        No – Exit the form

        They have no other option. But,since they have committed to get that info (or download, etc) they are more likely to say Yes.

        I’m testing the conversion rate. Will update this once I have the data.

  12. We’ll always loves your infographics and all informative post on website marketing, I’m following you from last 1/2 year and reading all your post with very interest.

    Do you have any guide or post on Giveaway?

  13. Hi Neil,

    Great infographic and thank you for the tips. I especially found #3 helpful, because I’m balancing between what my site is about vs. its benefits. Thanks again.

    Keep inspiring,

  14. As usual very informative, useful and actionable content & tips Neil.
    Additionally, I would like to list 2 more points. Improper keyword/multiple-keyword targeting can also be an issue and landing page with creepy design and too much form fields can also lead to lower conversions.
    Thanks for sharing Neil.

  15. Have you ever considered changing your infographics so they appear on an ipad.

    All I ever get to see is a blank box!

  16. Lakshay Goel :

    The infographics is great but seems to be the same content repeated the third time by you. Hope that you publish some new content in the next post.

  17. Michael klasno :

    Neil, Thanks for another great lesson, I am amazed how much I learn just following your blog. I have added a link to your infographic from my recent blog post at http://net24bizdev.com/content-marketing/elements-of-the-perfect-landing-page/ i hope that is OK?

    Thank You Professor
    Michael Klasno

  18. Loving your tips on everything from email marketing, a recent post I just finished reading to this one on landing pages. We are in the process of completely over hauling our products, sales funnel, website…everything! Glad to have found you, we are learning a lot.

  19. 🙁 Design fail in your infographics turn off readers.

    Three big fails here:
    Grey type on black,
    Grey type on white.
    Text is too small to read.

    If I have to click to read the text, I am not going to do that. Didn’t you just post how larger font sizes increases readability and time on site?

  20. Hello Neil,

    Such a informative infographic, landing pages is one of the key factor to increase conversion of your website that’s all peoples should mind about landing Page.

    Kapil Heera

  21. Anther Great Landing Page Tips Neil , Great Info and reports with amazing Infographic design. I learn a lot from your site with every post you wrote. thank you Neil 🙂

  22. Great info. This is good stuff. However, one typo in the very last bubble under #7 – ‘ar’ should be ‘are.’

  23. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    Endorsements are gold. I’ve been so busy with my new blog I’ve neglected to make changes to my landing page – separate activity all together – but will do so this afternoon.

    It’s funny, but the tiniest of changes makes the biggest difference. An endorsement here, a dash of creativity there and you can boost your conversions by 50% or more. I like being creative and adding eye-popping travel images to my landing pages since they vibe with my brand.

    Too many folks add too much text, distracting visitors, or simply never ask for exactly what they want. Crazy. Be clear. Be forward. Be direct.

    As for information i dig asking for an email address. Maybe name to personalize things, but I do want subscribers to get my free, helpful giveaway more than anything. I’ll sometimes ask for names to personalize the experience but hands down of course, the email is the critical capture.

    Unless you’re recruiting folks through network marketing it’s best to leave the phone number out of it, or to at least make that information optional.

    Excellent Neil, another well-crafted post.

    Tweeting soon.


  24. Hi Neil,
    Great points that you made in your article.

    I have 1 question, in your conclusion you talk about geo targeting the content. I looked at your personal website and was noticed it was indeed targeted to my location, and was wondering how you did that.

    Is it a script?

    Thanks in advance,

  25. hi neil
    what is geo-location exactly?
    do you mean i adwords or in the bodycopy of your page. Is this code or isit simple stating the country/state/suburd etc in your bodycpy?

  26. Explaining all such complicated things through infographic is such an awesome idea neil.

    Those tips will surely gonna help me to increase my landing page conversation rates.


  27. Hey Neil, I just love the way you write.
    great work…
    Found 1 more article related to lead generation: http://goo.gl/1S0erY

  28. Alvin Chadwick :

    Thanks for this great advice, Neil! Time to work on my landing pages!

  29. Thanks Neil for sharing this helpful infographic.. (y)

  30. Hi Neil, great info-graphics, wudn’t have thought that way..keep sharing the priceless info 🙂


  31. Hi Neil, this infographic is really great and provides useful information and actions that can be taken immediately. Thanks for sharing.

    I just noted that there is a small spelling mistake…

    “Make sure terms and conditions ar in layman’s terms.” should be “Make sure terms and conditions are in layman’s terms.”

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Great stuff, we’ve just recently launched a landing page for an e-product but our conversion could do with improving, Ill try some of these out and report back. Thanks Neil!

  33. Mervyn Smith :

    Hi Neil,

    Awesome infographics. I really found this quite interesting and straight away forwarded this to my colleague who is working to make a landing page for our website.


  34. Kristie Lorette McCauley :

    I know the difference between a squeeze page and a landing page. I’m curious what your opinion is on using one instead of the other or do you suggest using both?

  35. Love this post, you always create such great infographics 😉

    So is the approch different for service based pages, vs product landing pages. We have a lot of clients that are service based, and would like to see how we could increase traffic using both their main site, and adwords.

  36. Hi Rob,
    Points seems to be really effective…….would like to ask you some tips for increasing conversion in a single page website.

  37. Great post as always Neil.

    I find it incredible how little attention is paid to conversion. I’ve found that, in the beginning, clients aren’t open to talking about it. They’d rather talk about traffic generation and throw more money after an ever declining conversion rate.

    I couldn’t agree more about the one call to action. It is a great way to test an offer and also great at conversion generally.

    Thanks for posting.

  38. Michelle Hummel :

    Hi, Neil. Thanks for the great infographic. It helped me to know what makes a perfect landing page. I most liked ‘Fix’ given at the end of each flaw in the infographic.

  39. Great infographic as always,

    The quality of your landing page is one of the single most important factors dictating whether you’re able to convert one-time readers into prospective customers. I think making a the landing page functional, clean, elegant. and also with a clear message helps to convert better.

  40. It’s not my first time to pay a quick visit this website, i am browsing this website dailly and get fastidious data from here everyday.

  41. I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I definitely love reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it

  42. I really loved this post. I will start following all these points to increase conversion rate. Thanks Neil Sir.

    • That’s great Ravi! I suggest you implement 1 strategy at a time so you can track and notice how each change affects the the conversions you’re tracking

  43. Souvik Mallick :

    Great Infographics Neil. The designer for this infographic has great sense of colours and perfectly combined it & present it in the infographics which made it so visually appealing.

    Optimization is one of my favorite topic. As an affiliate marketer myself, I keep on testing all the elements mentioned here along with some other elements. Sometimes i am really amazed with my results when a small change increases conversions to a great extent. I keep on testing even though my campaigns are profitable. Really enjoyed reading it.

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