11 Essential Elements of a Perfect Blog Design (a Data Driven Answer)


Are you trying to create the perfect blog design? You know, one that encourages people to read your content and share it on the social web and, most importantly, gets high rankings in the search engines?

Luckily for you, I’ve worked with so many popular blogs – like Gawker Media and TechCrunch – that I not only know what works, but I also have data to back it up.

Want to make your blog design perfect? Download this printable cheat sheet to learn about 11 essential elements of a perfect blog design.

If you are trying to create a popular blog, here are the 11 essential elements you need within your blog design:

Element #1: Threaded comments

There are a lot of commenting systems out there. From Disqus to Facebook comments, the options are endless. But do you know what the best commenting system is?

Threaded comments.

“Why?” you may ask. Because threaded comments will typically increase the number of comments you receive per post by 16% to 33%. The more comments you receive, the more text you’ll have on each page. And the more text you have on each page, the more long tail keywords you will rank for.

Stick with threaded comments no matter what. Even if you have an active Facebook community, don’t use Facebook comments. Facebook owns that content, and it won’t help you get more search engine traffic.

Element #2: Snippets

Have you noticed that I don’t list the full post on the Quick Sprout’s blog homepage? I only show you a few paragraphs (a snippet), which prompts you to respond to the call to action “click to continue” to read the rest of the post.

You want to have snippets instead of full posts because of two main reasons:

  1. People have short attention spans – you have an attention span of 8 seconds, and so do your readers. By only showing them snippets, you allow your readers to choose from a number of posts. They will scroll until they find a post that piques their interest, and then they’ll read it.
  2. Duplicate content – if you place your full post on your homepage, you will create duplicate content, which will hurt your search rankings. This is another reason why you want to use snippets.

On your homepage, you can test the call-to-action text to find out which version maximizes the number of people clicking through and reading your post. I’ve tested the phrases:

  • Continue reading
  • Read more
  • Click to continue
  • Continue

The text “click to continue” outperformed the other variations by at least 10%. You should, of course, test this as what works on my blog may not work on yours.

Element #3: Scrolling social buttons

I’ve tested a lot of social buttons on Quick Sprout. I have had buttons at the beginning of the posts and at the end, and I have asked people to tweet about a post from within the blog post. The one design that continually outperforms the others is scrolling social buttons.

Plugins like Sharebar and Flare have increased my social traffic by 27%.

social media

When using a scrolling social plugin, make sure you limit the number of options to three. In other words, pick the three most popular social networks your readers are using. For me, it’s Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

If you add too many options, in my experience, it will decrease your social traffic.

Element #4: 11-point font size or larger

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post on how text size affects readability.

I did a test on 13 blogs, and I found that by increasing font size from 8 to 9, I was able to increase the time readers spend on site by 13 seconds. I saw another 8-second increase when I went to size 10. And I gained another 6 seconds by going to font size 11.

Granted, this only works if you are using a readable font type like Arial or Times. If your font type is hard to read, increasing the size won’t help much.

When in doubt, use a bigger font size.

Element #5: A sidebar on the right

Have you noticed that some blogs have their sidebars on the left? Or even worse, some have two sidebars? I’ve played around with different layout types, and I’ve found that the optimal layout is to have your content on the left side and one sidebar on the right side.

This way people can focus on reading your content, yet you’ll have the flexibility of promoting other things within your sidebar. Just make sure the main content area takes up at least 60% of your design. People come to blogs to read, so you don’t want to distract them with other elements.

If you want to place your sidebar on the left-hand side, you can. But what I’ve found is that it typically decreases the number of people who read your content by 15% to 25%.

Element #6: Your bio

Whether you have a corporate blog or a personal blog, you want to build a connection with your readers. Without that personal connection, people are less likely to comment or buy from you.

One way you can create a bond with your readers is by opening up. Within your sidebar, put a short bio of yourself, and then link it to your full bio.

If you have a corporate blog, put the bio of your founders or the team that manages the blog in the sidebar. Make sure you include a picture right above your bio. People need to see you in order to connect with you.

Element #7: Email subscription options

I’ve mentioned this before: collecting emails is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to grow your traffic. Your options vary from an opt-in at the top of your sidebar to a pop-up if you want to be more aggressive.


You’ll notice that by offering a free e-book or a course, you’ll get a good number of email subscribers. You will also see that if you ask only for people’s email addresses instead of their names and emails, you’ll get roughly 10% more opt-ins.

For the month of June, emails made up 28% of Quick Sprout’s overall traffic. That’s not too shabby. Those users also generate the majority of my comments and social shares.

No matter what, start collecting email addresses of your readers. That way you can notify them when you publish a new blog post.

Element #8: Most popular widget

Can you guess what the most-clicked area on the blog is? It’s actually not the content.

Within my sidebar is an area that showcases all of my guides, my most popular posts, and my current hits.

popularity contest

That’s the most popular clicked-through area on the blog. Not only does it help drive traffic to my most important posts, but it also helps with search engine rankings because of the way I cross-link.

You too can have this on your blog if you use the popularity contest plugin. You’ll have to get a developer to modify it so that you can have tabs similar to mine.

Element #9: Yoast SEO plugin

This is probably the simplest tweak you need to make to your blog. In the long run, you’ll notice that it will help your search engine traffic grow by leaps and bounds.

If you are running a WordPress blog, download and install the Yoast SEO plugin. If you are not running a WordPress blog, you’ll have to optimize your site for search engines manually by following the steps in this post.

Element #10: Keep your color scheme and design simple

Different colors have different meanings. Make sure you pick the colors for your blog carefully. They matter, and not just from a psychological standpoint. Some colors make it easy for your readers to read your content, while others don’t.

For example, red text on a black background isn’t as easy to read as black text on a white background.

Keep things simple by creating as much white space within your blog design as possible, and use black for your text color. There’s no need to make your design complex because at the end of the day people are coming to read your content. Your goal should be to make your content readable.

Element #11: Images

Have you noticed that I place an image at the beginning of every blog post? I didn’t always do that, but from testing, I found that it increases the number of people who click through from my blog homepage to a post.


Can you guess by how much? A whopping 37%. All from just one image. If the image you are using is appealing, you’ll see good results. If the image you use sucks, fewer people will click through.

I prefer using stock photography images. You can also use royalty-free images, but the quality of those images typically isn’t as high.


Designing a blog that can boost your traffic isn’t that hard. All you have to do is follow the steps above. If you do, you should see an increase in traffic.

If you don’t have time to make all of the adjustments above, start with installing a scrolling social plugin and threaded comments. Those two simple changes will increase your social media traffic and search traffic in the long run.

What other elements make up a perfect blog design?


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    • Kalyan, keep me posted on how it works out 🙂

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        Well ok maybe not an important question, but I like it . Its pretty cool

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  6. Rohit Palit :


    I think leveraging threaded comments to rank for more long term keywords is an amazing idea. I’ll have to try that out on one of my sites.

    Thanks for making my monday special with this awesome post! 😉


  7. Laura @ Raise Your Garden :

    I thought I was the only one who had the attention span of a puppy but apparently the whole snippet deal is huge! Thanks for the reminder.

    Threaded comments, did not know that. Hmmm. Thinking a lot about that right now.

    Font size. Agreed! I get more hits on blogs that have larger font sizes than the ones with small font sizes. Plus, I prefer to read a blog that is bigger because it’s easier on the eyes, so why wouldn’t other people???

  8. thanks for this. Are there any plugins for wordpress for making a bio for the side of a page?

    • Emma, there should be. I think it’s more of a design element though.

    • Emma,
      Try creating a page in WordPress and write your bio stuff there. I’m sure that Neil’s about page can serve as a good example 🙂


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    • Dustin, It doesn’t hurt. However, sometimes people are less inclined to give input because it’s linked to FB.

  15. Can you suggest an alternative to Popularity Contest?

    According to the Plugin page – “This plugin is no longer supported and is not recommended.”

  16. Todd Huotari :

    The Popularity Contest plugin is no longer supported. Do you use the unsupported version?

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  18. Thank you for the post Neil, as always very helpful. One I think is a good element is to enable following comments. Not many people check back if someone responded to their comment, so an optional email subscription to your comment is beneficial. (It’s the one thing I’m missing on your blog, hehe).

    I’d be happy even for one comment, but so far no one has commented on any of my blog posts. I’m seeing a good number of people reading my blog posts (for my standards, yay!) but no one has commented yet, so it makes me wonder whether my content is just boring that no one has anything to say or there is something else wrong, hehe.

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    • 1. Yes it will due to duplicate content.

      2. You should only use one SEO plugin and not 2.

      • Gordon White :

        Thanks for the feedback Neil. Just one last question. Could you please tell me which plugin you use to make the email signup form popup when someone’s about to leave your webpage. Thanks again!

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    Do you think, using the default commenting system is safe? Moreover, you have to note that Disqus comments are indexed by Google.

    Can you please advise me on this?

    • I think WordPress comments are safe as they continually work on security issues.

      As for Disqus comments, I found that the conversion from visitor isn’t as high as just normal WordPress commenting system.

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  32. Neil,

    Good afternoon. Some updates:

    Popularity Contest plugin is sunset and no longer supported…


    Flare as a WordPress plugin is also no longer supported. Flare is now a hosted app with Filament which you get by going to http://filament.io/flare. I’m currently using SimpleShare Buttons – I had been using Shareaholic, but the combination of slow load times and share buttons not working in some browsers prompted me to finally pull it off my site. I’m going to test Flare.

    Floating share buttons – hopefully both Sharebar and Flare will work on responsive designs. Typically with a left-oriented main column, I’ve found that floating sidebars break responsive features and obscure the content. I tried them one time and got negative feedback from my readers.

    12th item I’d add to the list – don’t load your sidebar with all kinds of junk. I simplified mine and cut my load time from nearly six seconds to around 3 – 3 1/2 just be cleaning the javacripts/iFrame garbage out of the sidebar.

    I’d go easy on plugins also – every plugin adds to the load time on any site.

    I’ve just now implemented “Click to Continue” on my page excerpts on the home page. I had to add a box to Thesis (my theme) to make it happen, but it’s done.

    I’m using Discus and think my comments are already threaded, but whatever you use they should be.

  33. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    Bravo. Thank goodness I’m following most of these elements on my current blog, and will adopt on my new blog….excellent stuff.

    I took a cue from your About Me page. I wrote a wikipedia-style, in-depth About page because before folks trust advice they check the source. All design ducks can be in a row but without a good, open, sharing About Me page you’re losing readers who can’t really get to know you.

    Talk about your life. Share successes and failures, your background, and allow people to get to know you. Of course, lead off with some benefit to your audience so keep their attention spans, but it is about sharing who you are so readers can connect with you on some level, gain inspiration from your story, or simply open up, and trust you.

    Sidebar. Check. Images. Check. Readers dig eye candy, and if you can add a few images to each post all the better. Since I have a heavy internet lifestyle element to my blog I’m happy to share pictures of myself chilling in Fiji, or gorgeous nature shots from here. It makes the post more real, more emotional, more inspiring, and our readers dig the feelings seeing images, elicits.

    Also, since we think in pictures, we’re doing some serious legwork by using images in our posts. People don’t have to read works and picture; we’re doing it for them with image use.

    Thanks Neil. You know I’m tweeting this 😉


  34. Sandra Pawula :

    Neil, Excellent and easy to implement suggestions.

    Which rolling social media plug in are you using right now? It looks different than the two you recommended. I like this one because it’s simple, elegant, more discreet.

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    • Sandra, I have a custom design on my site so I would just try to explore some options or have some create one for you 🙂

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    Great ideas, which goes without saying at this point.

    I love the idea of adding a bio to the sidebar and linking it to your about page where visitors can learn more about the person behind the blog, so to speak.

    I’ve been using Facebook comments for some of my website pages lately since I get more of them, but I didn’t realize the SEO benefits of threaded comments. Thanks for that tip!

    Also would never have thought to try scrolling social share buttons, that’s a useful nugget of info I will have to play around with that idea.

    Anyways, thanks again!

  38. G’day Neil:

    Thanks for yet another informative post. What caught my attention was the section on fonts and point size.

    I have been leaving my posts in the default setting.

    But now that we are encouraged to write around 2000 words per post, I find even my attention span wavering when reading my own work.

    There is a plugin, I think it’s Tiny MCE, that is supposed to help with this.

    Do I understand correctly that font size 11 is the ideal, in your opinion? I was thinking of going even larger, say, 14.

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    I’m curious about the sharing plugin that you are currently using. Is it a custom design?

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    This is indeed an epic post.

    Blog design has been one of the most important factor that your blog must have. As for me, your own uniquesness, creativity and style is marked by your blog’s design.

    Blog design plays a great role in your blog. It helps keep your readers read more of your content, it helps to make your content more shareable on social media, and it helps your blog to get high ranking in search engines.

    I must agree that these elements listed above are possessed by a perfect blog design.

    As what I’ve read, a perfect blog design must have threaded comments, snippets, scrolling social buttons, readable font size of text, and a sidebar on the right side of the webpage.

    Your biography is also important to build trust, online visibility, credibility and personal connection to your readers. A perfect blog design do also have email subscripition options, which is indeed valuable to gain much more traffic.

    Widgets, SEO plugin and the color scheme of your blog design also matters, and a must to consider. While images must not be forgotten in building the over-all look of a perfect blog design.

    I’ve indeed learned a lot. Thank you very much for this helpful, informative post! 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve found this post shared on Kingged.com, and leave this comment there.

    • Pauleen, thanks for the kind words of support and the great feedback. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  43. Jason Keeler :

    Neil, one other item that you do particularly well (that isn’t explicitly mentioned here) is ASKING for engagement with your blog posts (asking readers what their take is, what their experience has been, etc). Also, the follow up to those that took time to comment. Both drive engagement and both are critical elements IMO. Kudos on another fantastic post by the way!

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    • I came to this website like one of my uncles who was a Muslim went to a Church to gain a lady’s love and got converted eventually.
      Like many other people, I came to get a backlink but I was convinced to stay. Neil, you rock! Sometime I just wish I have such plugin that could borrow your SEO instinct. Would be glad if you can get me one. Thanks for your effort in making us better.
      N- Needed
      E- Early
      I- In
      L- Life.
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    • Lekan, thanks for the kind words of support!

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    The headline pulled me in and then I found some definite golden nuggets. Love nestled comments – keeps things organized.

    Snippets are definitely preferable, I agree, and never waste prime real estate by posting a full article… Agree attention span is short, so give them lots of tidbits to choose from…

    I used to use Digg Digg for scrolling social buttons, and the person speeding up my website said that it was a very ‘heavy’ plugin and caused many requests to be sent to the server and other types of plugins were better.

    I may have to re-check this and maybe find a way to speed up my site and still use a scrolling social sharing plugin.

    My dilemma is that I want to have all my counts transfer to the new plugin – any idea as to how to research one that will do this? (Certainly don’t want to have to test them all…)

    Will share this awesome post so others too can benefit.

    Thanks for all you do to help folks, Neil – your site is a treasure trove!

    – Carol Amato 🙂

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    • Carol, thanks for the great feedback and wonderful insights. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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    • Dilip, keep me posted!

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    • Try flare for the social sharing plugins.

      As for the ads, it has to be custom, I don’t know of a plugin that does it for you.

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    I was expecting (after you put data-driven) to see all the data, all the numbers behind these claims.

    How can we be sure that this IS the perfect blog design? We can’t. Unless we test it.

    Lesson here should be to test everything and back it up with data.

    If you can show us the data behind your suggestions, then we have great article. Until then, I’m sorry, but no amount of “Luckily for you, I’ve worked with so many popular blogs – like Gawker Media and TechCrunch – that I not only know what works, but I also have data to back it up.” will work, until we actually see it 🙂


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    a superb post again, this was what I was looking for, I have a quick question, I see you have scrolling social Widgets on the sidebar, but you have not included Linkined in the social widgets? is there any special Reason for this?

  61. I guess the devil is in the details. Would have never though of font size as an element to adjust. Great insight!

    Have you looked into any statistics or behaviors specific to mobile readers/subscribers? I’m starting to notice we’re getting a lot of mobile traffic to our site.

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    Another great share from you Neil. This was really helpful in creating/maintaining a blog and it indeed attracts user traffic. 🙂
    What is your opinion about theme of blog according to the industry?
    Also you have mentioned about adding images, a customized image(solely edited for the article) will provide more visits I guess. Please let me know your thoughts on this too.

    • A theme just needs to be simple… and focus on the content. That’s the key to a good theme.

      Yes, good pictures help with more traffic. Focus on finding great pictures.

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    Time to get back to work and rethink my design.

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    2] Can i use images on my content from causal Google image search ? Can this make an adverse effect on my blog ? OR I should make a custom graphics as per my needs by asking someone to design them for me on a Pay basis.

    3] How many articles should i display on Home page (I mean with the snippets)

    4] Is there any other important suggestion for new Bloggers, that he or she should consider ?


    • 1. Ideally 1 a week to start off with.
      2. Custom images work the best.
      3. 5
      4. Make sure your content is really good. That’s the key to doing well.

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    At the same time responsive web lay out is absolute. Isn’t it?

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    Thank You! 🙂

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    Thanks neil for such a nice post

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    Great post, thanks for sharing some helpful knowledge!

    I was curious as to why you’d recommend the Popularity Plugin since it now says “This plugin is no longer supported and not recommended”.

  76. Neil,
    Great post. Quick question though: On your first post you mentioned the recommended use of threaded comments. I’m currently using Disqus. Is this not ideal? Or should I say, should this not count as a threaded comment?

    The reason I went to Disqus (and away from the standard wordpress comments option) was because I kept getting spammed the crap out of by bots. Literally hundreds of bot comments per week/day.


    Thanks for your time

    • Logan, my suggestion would be to test out both options and see which one drives the most engagement 🙂

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    Thanks for this post related to blog design. Really helpful in designing the blog.

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    What sharebar are you currently using for your social icons?

  79. Nick - Goats On The Road :

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    Been reading your blog for some time and have found it very useful. Where were you when I was doing a site redesign in March?!

    I’m hiring the designer again to do some things and I’ll run some of this by him. Mostly looking at “more white space” and “larger fonts”.

    Thanks for that. I found that the pop-up subscribe increased my reader subscriptions by about 400%, but after doing a survey, most people claimed that the pop-up was the most annoying aspect of the site! What do you think? Please the readers I already have or keep getting new ones?

    • It’s your call… it really is a fine line and you have to figure out what works for you and your brand. 🙁

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    Great post, I love it! I have 2 questions:

    1. What do you think about author box with short bio below the posts? Do you believe it’s better to place it only on sidebar?

    2. What do you think about title and meta of posts below the featured image (or first image) of post?


    • The author box at the bottom of a post also works… both are great places.

      I found that title above the image works better than below.

  81. wilfred barretto :

    Niel, I have basically played with a lot of plugins (not Yoast yet) for my WordPress site, but none have given me good results. Very frustrating.

    Have you worked with Yoast SEO plugin with your clients ? Does it really do what it says in terms of increasing traffic, keyword search-ability reach etc ?

  82. Hi Neil,

    Quick question about tracking for the scrolling social buttons. Is there a good way to actually track clicks on those? We ended up getting rid of ours because we couldn’t track them very well, and we created our own buttons that we put above and below the post so we could add click tracking. If there’s a good way to actually track the usage of the scrolling buttons I’d like to try them again. The problem is, just because traffic from social channels increased while those scrolling buttons were being used doesn’t necessarily mean it was a direct result of those buttons. Without tracking directly on the buttons it’s tough to say what caused the increase.

    • I think Flare may track social button clicks. I’m not 100% sure on how to get it done, but I know it is possible. My dev did it with mine… but then again my buttons are also custom.

  83. Romina Kohei :

    Neil, great stuff! Awesome post with loads of great tips. I will start implementing them one at the time to see how they impact my traffic. Quick question, what commenting system would you recommend for threaded discussions?

    Thank you so much!


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    About #3, social buttons, I have been experimenting a lot here. Wanted to ask 2 things here:

    1. Like vs Share buttons? Which buttons work better? Doesn’t share require a higher degree of commitment then just simply liking?

    2. In your case when using only a single scrolling plugin like Flare, I’ve noticed there are no share buttons on mobile devices. Considering a good proportion of most blogs traffic is mobile these days, wouldn’t this be a bad move?

    • 1. I haven’t tested like versus share, so I wouldn’t know. 🙁

      2. It is, but for Quick Sprout very few readers are on mobile devices.

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  94. Neil – Is there any reason why you haven’t opted for Full Width design for your blog? Does it affect traffic/reader psychology?

    Great blog post BTW, I am going to pin the cheat sheet tab on my browser.

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    Hi Neil,
    Thanks a lot for this very insightful post. I’ve been working on my company blog for sometime now and one area I’ve been unsure of is whether or not to include a bio of myself on the blog and where. Thankfully element# 6 has helped clarify that.

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