How I Write 8 Blog Posts a Week While Running 2 Companies

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You’ll never succeed at content marketing if you can’t create content on a regular basis. In essence, you need to learn how to streamline your content creation.

The good news is it’s not that hard. I’ve figured out how to streamline my content creation process. It works so well that I write eight blog posts a week. I publish three times a week on Quick Sprout, and I guest-post five times a week.

Here’s how I streamline my content creation, and here’s how you can too:

Step #1: Generate a list of potential topics

The first step in my content creation process is to find topics I can write on. The easiest way for you to do this is to find blogs in your space and look to see with what type of content they have done well.

All you have to do is put in your competitor’s blog URL into the Quick Sprout Analyzer, and you’ll get a list of results that looks something like this:

blog ideas

I used Copyblogger as my competitor. If you look at the image above, you’ll see a list of all the blog posts on Copyblogger. The Quick Sprout tool organizes the list based on social shares, putting the most popular posts at the top.

One of Copyblogger’s most popular posts happens to be To find out the title of the post, I typed that URL into my browser. The full title of the post was “11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic].”

Because we have similar audiences, if I were to write a post on that same topic, it would probably do well. But you don’t want to copy people – you don’t want to be known as the blog that regurgitates the same old information.

Instead, you want to take this title and spin it. Assuming you have a marketing blog, here’s how you could potentially spin “11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]”:

  • 11 Essential Ingredients Every Landing Page Needs [Infographic]
  • 11 Essential Ingredients Every Landing Page Needs
  • 11 Essential Ingredients Every E-Commerce Site Needs
  • 11 Essential Ingredients Every SEO Campaign Needs

If you look at the four variations I created above, you’ll see that the first one is similar to the original title. I just changed the phrase “blog post” to “landing page.” But then I realized that creating an infographic would be time-consuming, so with the second variation, I removed the word “infographic” from the title.

As for the third and fourth variations, I replaced the phrase “blog post” with phrases “e-commerce site” and “SEO campaign.”

I could write on any of these title variations, and the post would do well. How do I know this? Because the original title from Copyblogger did exceptionally well, and Copyblogger and Quick Sprout have similar audiences. Sure, my post may not do as well, but it will do well enough.

You too can go through the same process of coming up with content ideas. All you have to do is find good titles other bloggers are using and replace a word or two to make them unique.

Time limit: You should spend no more than ten minutes on coming up with content ideas.

Step #2: Create an outline

Once you know what you are going to write on, create an outline. The outline should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Typically, when you are creating an outline, I recommend that you actually write your introduction and conclusion. As for the body, list the main points you want to cover in a bullet format.

The introduction shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs. It should tell your readers what they are going to learn as well as be persuasive enough to convince them to read the rest of the post.

For the body, you don’t have to do much other than make a few bullet points, describing the ideas you want to discuss. Your thoughts don’t even have to be complete sentences – you can worry about that in the next step. All you have to do in this step is list three or four main points you want to cover within your blog post.

When writing the conclusion, you should reiterate what your readers have learned in the post. In case they decide to skim your post, they’ll at least be able to grasp its contents by reading the conclusion.

Time limit: You should spend no more than twenty minutes on creating an outline. If it takes longer than that, you are picking topics that you are not very familiar with.

Step #3: Write

Now that you have your outline, it’s time for you to write your blog post. Luckily for you, the introduction and the conclusion are already written. You just have to fill in the body by going into more depth of what you are trying to cover.

When writing the post, keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep your posts under 1,500 words – sure, this may not be ideal from a search engine perspective, but your readers are more likely to read your content if you keep things short and to the point.
  • Create a conversation – use the words “you” and “I” within your post. This will help create a conversation and hook your readers.
  • Use data – opinions are great, but facts are better. Back up the points you are making with data if you want more traffic. When I use data within my posts, I tend to get more engagement. The post I hyperlinked in the previous sentence generated well over 200 comments.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – don’t try to use advanced words that no one understands. Keep your message simple. If a fifth-grader can understand it, you’ve done well. If you have to use images to convey your points, then do so.

When you are writing, don’t worry about fixing errors. You can always re-read your post and make changes later. Your goal for this step is to just write.

Time limit: You should spend no more than sixty minutes on finishing your post. The writing portion typically takes me forty-five minutes, and then I spend fifteen minutes re-reading and adjusting the post.

Step #4: Proofread, add a picture and schedule

Ideally, you shouldn’t be doing Step #4. You should be hiring someone else to do it for you. You can find people through Odesk, or you can hire Ahna, my editor.

I’ve found that it’s quicker to write a post in Google docs or Microsoft Word and have someone else correct it, post it to WordPress, and even add pictures.

Your time is valuable. You should stick with creating content in the most streamlined process. I used to post to WordPress and add pictures to each of my posts myself, but that process would take me twenty to thirty minutes. By hiring someone, you’ll save time.

When it comes to your publishing schedule, you should stick with Mondays and Thursdays. According to HubSpot, those are the ideal days, and mornings are the ideal times.

My favorite time to publish, based on Quick Sprout data, is 8 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Monday. Keep in mind, most of my readers are from the United States, specifically – the West Coast.

Time limit: You shouldn’t spend any time on this step. Hire someone to do Step #4.


It’s not that hard to streamline your content creation process. You just need to figure out how many times a week (or month) you want to publish content and stick with it.

Once you decide on the frequency of posting, make sure you create a few extra posts in addition to the required number. That way, if something doesn’t work out, you’ll have a few backup posts. Your readers will feel you are consistent even if you drop the ball with your content creation process.

How else can you streamline the content creation process?

P.S. If you don’t have time to streamline your content creation, you can always follow these steps and hire a writer. But I recommend that you try it out yourself before you hire someone.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Neil 🙂

  2. Lakshman Teja :

    Awesome post. I have been struggling to write content and Most of my time I waste on Choosing topics. I got a clear idea on what to do and what not to do after reading this post. Thanks a lot Neil

  3. Ciprian Gavriliu :

    Great post! I wanted to ask you these days about your writing process and how you deliver so much content without getting burned.

    One thing I’ve noticed in my case is that sometimes I can generate a lot of ideas and outlines. And sometimes I’m in the detail mode, and I like to polish things up.

    I think it helps to have a batch of prepackaged articles that you created in your inspiration moments. This way you can just sit down and write the details.

  4. Perhaps you forgot one very important thing and that is, you are Neil Patel. Smiley.

    Neil, I am also into SEO industry for quite a long time and very recently started my startup. Honestly speaking, I am very very poor writer and do not love this at all. But due to my startup needs it desperately, now I have hired couple of writers and getting articles from them. But the problem is that I have never been satisfied. Each time I sit and edit their writings with data and valued contents.

    You are absolutely right Neil, it takes a long time, each day. Apart from regular works it is really difficult to manage some real quality time to write something people will love to read and share.

    I am not in a position (in experience & knowledge) to even think of publishing contents like you. But surely I will be one day and definitely follow the rules you mentioned in this very handy article for people like us.

    Thanks Neil for writing for us and educating me several times.

    • Zarayna Pradyer :

      Thank you for being courageous enough to be honest.

      And because you have been honest in facing your present limitations, I think there is a very good chance that you will go on to great success even if it is one sure step after the other (in comparison to Neil who triumphantly leaps forward!)

      Practice makes perfect.

      Please accept my warm regards.

    • Soumya, good point. We all have to start somewhere small though 🙂

      • Hello Neil,

        You are absolutely right, we have to start somewhere. But the problem is that being into this field for around 6 years, I should have started this a long time back.


    • Rosella LaFevre :

      Hi Soumya,
      You say you have to edit your writers’ work and add in such things as data. Are you setting them up to make you happy? What I mean is, how much direction do you give a writer when you give them a blog post assignment? Especially until they get a firm idea what you want your posts to contain, you should be going through the first two steps that Neil outlines here. At least initially, you should be developing topics and giving writers outlines with data points you want included.

      I’m a freelance journalist and blogger. I’ve worked for publications and companies covering a wide range of topics. With certain topics I have a longer learning curve. I think you’ll be happier if you take more time up front establishing what you want the writer to do. Give each writer a little time (or a few posts) to get used to writing the way you want.

      Over time, it should take less work on your end to get well-written, informative posts.

      Feel free to email me if you want any help.

      • Hello Rosella,

        Yes you are right, I used to do the brainstorming part but due to very limited time I used to depend on few things on my writers. But initial topic ideas according to my business & target audience and rough guidelines are always provided by me only.

        Thanks for your suggestions Rosella.


  5. Antar Chakma :

    I’ve a little idea about how to create attractive content and I know that now a days to improve targeted traffic generation to a blog or website quality content is must. I’m quite sure I can write those in my native language, but the main problem is I can’t access myself to write in English fluently. That’s why despite having and getting good idea I can’t do that. However, this one is the best post ever. Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Antar, just keep at it. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Clelia Mattana :

      Same problem here.
      Only in my best dreams I could write a blog post in 45 minutes.

      When I write articles in Italian (my native language), I have no problems. One hour and I’m done. In English sometimes it takes me 2/3 days. In one occasion 5 days.

      Plus, as someone else already pointed out…
      You are simply Neil Patel! there aren’t many people out there who can do what you do! 🙂

      • Rosella LaFevre :

        Hi Clelia,
        If you can develop topics and outlines and hire a freelance writer to do the actual writing for you, that may be your best solution. Trust me, there are a lot of writers who need fair-paying work. If you want to ask me any questions about how you might find and hire someone to do the blogging for you, feel free to shoot me an email. (I’m a freelance writer and blogger and I’ve blogged for several clients, so I can give you advice from this side of that potential relationship.)


    • Rosella LaFevre :

      Hi Antar,
      I’d like to offer you the same advice I offered a few other people in this comments thread with similar concerns. Your best option would be to hire a writer if writing in English is that much of a struggle for you. There would be some learning curve as you develop a relationship with a blogger you can trust. You might, especially in the beginning, take care of the first two steps as outlined here by Neil. Develop the topics and draft outlines with any really important points and data, and hand those over to a writer who can turn it into easily understood content.

      Trust me, there are a lot of writers who need fair-paying work. If you want to ask me any questions about how you might find and hire someone to do the blogging for you, feel free to shoot me an email. (I’m a freelance writer and blogger and I’ve blogged for several clients, so I can give you advice from this side of that potential relationship.)


  6. Brian Jackson :

    Thanks Neil! I have never had trouble coming up with content ideas, since I blog what I do at work 🙂 But the rest of the tips you provided are very good and I am going to try and streamline my process more. I might reach out and see if I can get a proofreader. I do agree my time is valuable. Also I have horrible grammar 🙂 Keep up the great posts!

  7. I have had variable success with Odesk, personally. Two others I recommend are Zerys and the Content Authority, and People Per Hour.
    BTW, in no way affiliated with them, just passing along.

    • Carlton, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Rosella LaFevre :

      My best suggestions for hiring people to help with your blog:

      – If looking for someone to do simple uploading and scheduling, reach out to the journalism or English departments of your local colleges/universities. The deans/professors can forward your needs to tons of students who would gladly take on the work for minimum (or a little more than) minimum wage.
      – If you’re looking to work with a writer who can compose the posts instead (and additionally, brainstorm/outline posts), check out local publications. Freelance writers who contribute to local print publications and websites (those whose names don’t appear on the “masthead,” i.e. the column with names of Editors and Publishers) would probably love to hear from you about potential blogging business. This you’ll have to pay for, of course. (Don’t “offer” them a blogging job where you’re only willing to pay $10 for 800 words.)
      – You can also look at who contributes to sites such as, and Some of those writers are freelancers like Carol Tice, who blogs for business clients.

      I’ve had a profile on one of those freelancing jobs sites like Odesk and after one bad experience with someone who found me on there, I’m nervous to work with anyone through those sites.


  8. Lavoro estero :

    I write actually 3 post a week but i should improve. Thank you Neil for your help. Alessandro

    • Lavaro, glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Rosella LaFevre :

      You don’t necessarily need to blog more times per week, but work on the process by which you drive traffic to your posts. Stacia Pierce, a life and business coach with the site, blogs on her site once a week and contributes a few posts a month to places like Huffington Post. She shares her content multiple times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This all works because she provides valuable content.

  9. As always an excellent post on content creation. Especially like step 1!

    Thanks again Neil.

  10. Neil,

    Your guidance has helped me generate more traffic to my agency’s blog and get the the entire company to write. Content creation is becoming 2nd nature to myself and slowly my team. Thanks again!

  11. Chris Finnegan :

    Hey Neil,
    I’ve been wondering how some people produce so much quality content. Thanks for sharing this!

    I keep a document of blog post ideas and links to great posts as I’m reading on the web. I try to keep the lists organised into groups for possibly compiling into future ebooks.

    Your research idea using the QuickSprout Analyser sounds like a great idea, so I’ll be giving that a go!


  12. Hi Neil.

    I like the way you generate a new content idea by spinning someone else idea. Generating blog post idea has always been an issue to me while the writing is not a big issue as long as I know what I want to write. Nevertheless, a great post you have there!

  13. Wow! Thanks Neil! I was writing a blog post AS I got your email for this blog post.

    I’m glad I stopped and read it because it gave me the motivation to streamline my content marketing efforts!

    I have a full-time girl working for me, but I think I do need to hire an editor. The images & checking takes ample amounts of time..


  14. Raheel Farooq :

    The most difficult part for me is step 1. Let’s see if your guideline helps me too like Chris! 😉
    Anyways, it was a nice read. Thanks!

  15. James Salmons :

    Great article and exactly right. I completed my doctorate in a field that demanded a high output of written content. I was fortunate to learn a similar formula early on and it helped immensely.

    A great professor taught me the lesson by what he required for a major paper. He graded three steps equally: submit the title (subject), submit the outline, submit the final paper. Following this pattern not only gets the work done more easily, it produces better results.

    Thanks for reinforcing this practice for me and providing such powerful guidance to your readers.

  16. Hannah Martin :

    As usual a brilliantly useful blog. I write 7 blogs a week for my site, and find it very easy to come up with ideas and write them using a system very similar to yours.

    I always tell my clients that it’s SO easy to write great blogs when you know how – in future I’ll just email them a link to this article 🙂

  17. Rohit Palit :

    And here I struggle with writing 2 posts a week!

    Posting 3 posts/week in QuickSprout, and on other sites like SEJ and Entrepreneur is just incredible. I’m pretty darn sure there’s not a single white hat SEO and content marketer out there in all of Earth who’s better than you, Neil. 😉


  18. I’ve always wondered how you find time to produce your own content and comment on other content on this site, Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and the QS forums, on top of actually running two companies. I’ve seen you beat me to comments on my own posts in Crazy Egg and it confounds me. How do you do it?

  19. Yes, but the trouble lies in finding good writers. I welcome a good resource if you’ve got one.

    • Could use some too!

    • Hi Hudson – you can try They sort their writers based on industry, have a rating system and offer samples of their writing. Another one is

      However…I would recommend trying Neil’s system before you start outsourcing. A couple of weeks of using it and you probably won’t feel the need to outsource. Hope that helps.

      • Hello Edward, In-fact i was looking for hire some writers to cover my content needs, and i would like to say Thank You for your recommendations.

        I am going to test the sites and will see how these can help me.

  20. Siraj Wahid :

    Hey Neil,

    I know how hard it is to create insightful content and if you have other projects to deal with then it’s even harder to manage time for content creation

    I’m completely satisfied after reading this article as i follow almost every step except the analyzing part, i think i should start analyzing my competitors as this may help to figure out new ideas for content creation.


  21. Eight blog posts in a week, that’s really amazing. I only write 2-3 posts per week.
    You have shared some nice tips here. Thanks Neil for sharing your secrets.

  22. Ciao Neil!

    Thank you once more for the amazing content you share: it is incredibly helpful!

    Quick question – you write: “The easiest way for you to do this is to find blogs in your space and look to see with what type of content they have done well”.

    What’s the best tool/approach/tactic to go about this?


  23. Great post Neil! Very informative and helpful to see how you map things out.

  24. Zarayna Pradyer :

    Thank you very much, Neil – you clear the path forward for us.

    Thank you.

  25. Tarun Gehani :

    Hey Neil,

    Do you use the same process for your guest posts? I’d imagine it’s slightly different in the sense you’d need to account time and energy for outreach, correspondence, and follow-up.

    I’m sure if you don’t already have a blog post about this, it would be a great topic idea. I’d be interested to hear about your system.


  26. Awesome Post Neil.. I struggle with 4 posts a week for my niche blog.

  27. This is brilliant Neil. Thanks.

  28. Sterling Wolfe :

    I just started a blog on my site and this article will help. Currently I am curating content but I would like to mix it up with some original blog post.

  29. Jamaica Winship :

    Thank you, Neil! I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I saw you speak at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in January. Your Quick Sprout Analyzer tool is genius. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I’m in the process of launching a blog to go with my e-commerce site (shout out to Ryan’s Authority ROI course), and the steps you’ve outlined along with your tool will make my job so much easier.

  30. Gobinda Roy :

    Hi Neil,

    Fantastic post ! Actually I was thinking to ask you this question . How do you manage your time to publish such high quality article ? Now , I got your action plan .

    Definitely I will use this plan to publish more content for my websites .

    Thank a lot !


  31. Thanks for this post Neil. Though we “preach” content marketing to our clients, we struggle to do it for ourselves. This simple post makes me realize that we are complicating the process.


  32. Matt Ackerson :

    Hey Neil,

    Good post, it was short enough and to the point that I read it from start to finish 😉

    However, I think we should get clearer on WHY we want people to read our articles from start to finish?

    What’s the point? —

    > Does it have a direct effect on us growing our audience?
    > Does it help us better educate readers?
    > Does it help us build a better relationship?

    If we’re going to put ourselves at strategic disadvantage by keeping our articles brief (i.e. less residual traffic in SERPs), we should define the counter-balancing benefit.

    Let me know your thoughts…


    PS – This little bit of research is worth considering here. It concludes that there is no relationship between people reading content and people actually sharing it:

  33. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing your tips. Doing 3 personal posts and 5 guest post seems like a good ration of going about writing content.

    I’d also like to share a technique that I use to write REALLY FAST and effectively.

    This technique is all about asking questions. TONS OF THEM.

    Once you’ve written a title, and have determined what kind of message you want to convey to your readers, you’ll then outline by writing a lot of questions.

    I usually end up writing 10 – 15 open ended questions. Put myself in the readers shoes and write the questions that I feel the readers would like to ask. This ensures that what I’ll writing isn’t all fluff but are actually solving the reader’s problems.

    Once I’ve answered all of these questions, I usually have 1000+ word count. At this point, I’ll simply sort/arrange the paragraphs to make sure that the ideas are flowing smoothly.

    And of course. Polish and proof read the article.

    To everyone that reads this comment, I hope this helps. 🙂

    • Jimmy, thanks for the helpful tips. I am sure the readers will enjoy them 🙂

      • You’re welcome Neil.

        I’d also like to share an article that I wrote that details 12 actionable steps on how to become a better writer (especially if you’re a non-native English writer).

        I hope my contribution helps more writers one way or the other. 🙂

  34. Hi Neil, thank you for your post!

    If I concentrate only on my competitors in the same country as I live in, a lot of them (or rather most of them) don’t blog. Maybe I can be a step ahead and start blogging more regularly (I try to blog once a month, I know it’s not much but it’s a start) but finding topics that haven’t been done is a bit difficult. I have no problem writing the posts, it’s just the topic first. 🙂

    • Peter Kanayo :

      Dana you don’t need to always find new topic. Just make an old topic more awesome.

      This strategy is essentially good for list post. For example if the ultimate list on the internet on a particular topic is 10 ways – you can up the ante by publishing 20 ways

  35. Love your simple, no BS approach to creating content.

    I’m not much for writing, so using a system is of the utmost important to ensure that pen meets paper regularly.

    I really liek the idea of ssettign a time limit for each of the steps in the process as it would often prevent me from over-thinking something I wish to write and focus more on getting it done.

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely be incorporating some of this into my workflow.

  36. Manpreet Kaur :

    Thanks for these tips. they would certainly help and it’s good that you have mentioned the timeline with each step. Sometimes, we spend excess time on a step which doesn’t deserve that much time and attention.
    This post would help me manage better and write more. 🙂

  37. Adeel Qamar :

    Thanks Neil for sharing your posting tips with us. I have tried to schedule myself many times but never succeeded.

  38. Thanks for sharing the idea about writing content. Its very difficult finding times for writing contents. I will try this process from now.

    Thanks again.

  39. Thanks! Great advice!

  40. Great post… just what I needed today!

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  42. There are many terrific writers/bloggers available looking for work. One way to find us is on LinkedIn. You can find us through a keyword search or by joining groups where freelance writers, PR pros and marketers hang out. You might check out the three-part series on my blog about how to find, hire and work with the right writer for your business. (See below)

    It’s important to understand that you get what you pay for. You will not get great writing by going onto freelance sites and hiring people for just a few cents per word. Those of us who have bachelor’s and even master’s degrees as writers, along with many years of experience, do not come cheaply. We are professionals and expect to be paid as such. However, if you want premium content that represents your brand well and achieves your goals, it is worth the cost to hire professional writers to produce your blogs, white papers and website material. In the long run, you’ll save money and time.

    Check out these articles on my blog:
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  43. I tried using the free tool to see pages of comp website but was unable to locate how to pull it up-

    Anyone else have this issue?

  44. Thanks Neil, for this great post, the first part of this post is just awesome and sure it will help me other bloggers to get content ideas fast, i always get frustrated thinking about now what? what would be the next title and the topic of my post, but this post will definitely help me now.

    And, as you said, i have got many new content ideas for my blog.


  45. Hi Neil
    Your first tip provided the foundation to create blogs post with doing a little modification in others ideas. It is really awesome if we do it with honesty and without copying others stuff.
    You are right it is very easy to just note down the gist of the idea with a single sentence. But after a few days when you sit to write on that idea first you reject it because you don’t have secondary thoughts on it or you entirely change the basic point of the idea and create something different. That is why it is very right to create outlines of the post idea and then expand it whenever you need a new post.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful tutorial to write more and more contents without compromising on their quality.

  46. I follow similar steps to post in my blog but, I don’t consider the time limit that you mentioned.I also found 2/1 tips. Thanks Neil. It was helpful

  47. Explain how this makes anyone any money? I’m not being facetious, but curious…

    • Peter Kanayo :

      Dan, how it makes people money?

      Listed below are some ways.

      -create buy keywords in ur article
      this way people that are willing to to buy a product will be willing to get that product based on the info provided.

      -As for quicksprout, Neil offers a course- by providing useful content, people consider him an authority and can easily pay to subscribe to his course.

      – for writers writing articles on how you increase conversion through writing for clients people are bound to hire you.

      -for company owners showing people what your product can do you are certain to drive customers to your biz.

      So these are a few ways to earn money

  48. Ola!!
    Outro grande post.
    Não teria por onde ser diferente,o seu blog é um dos melhores blogs do nicho,sem duvida um divisor de aguas,passa muitas informações úteis a nível literalmente global.
    Continue fazendo o seu bom trabalho.abraços

  49. I’ve always wondered how you do it, Neil — and how I will manage to do it myself when I launch my blog. This is terrific information. Thanks for the great post!

  50. Another great post Neil. Learn lots of new things from it. Time management is one of the key factor to get success in blogging. Thanks for the share.

  51. One more thing I do. I use 1 day to collect 30 or similar number of post titles and later, I write the posts through out the month. And, always try to save 4/5 posts in advance in case I can’t work on those days for any reason.

  52. Great tips here, Neil.

    As a freelance writer, a big part of my business is ghostblogging for businesses. I use these tips myself when forming posts – or magazine articles for that matter.

    I do keep a running log of topics because they seem to crop up all the time. That way, you’re typically never at a loss for a post topic. I do really like the tip about using the Quick Sprout Analyzer! Smart, smart 🙂

    It IS possible to find good writers, who have the knowledge of your industry and can mimic the tone of the company. My advice is if you don’t have the time or inclination to follow the steps that Neil laid out, then find an independent freelance writer. You simply won’t get the same quality through the content mill writers.

  53. Really great input Neil. I think coming up with new ideas is the toughest part in the content writing business. Going to use your tool mentioned to see what our competitors are doing well with!

  54. Lewis LaLanne :

    This easily could be presented as, “The Lazy Person’s Way To Streamline Content Creation”.

    I LOVE IT!

    One thing I think will/was enticing about this piece is you laying out how much time should be spent on each step. I truly believe that if people will hold themselves accountable to those time limits, they will truly amaze themselves with how productive they become.

    Especially if they heed Step 4.

    Thank you Neil for consistently demonstrating one right way to do this whole content creation thing. 🙂

  55. :

    do you use any plug in for social media bar on the left?


  56. Content is a bore job for me, though writing epic content can turn your website upside down and may give you a great boost.

    Neil, how to deal with this bore part, any tips to stay motivated or should we simply hire a content writer, but I didn’t get the epic content from freelancers so far. they just give off-the self and average stuff.

    Thank you for the great tips, I always love your post, practical and to the point.

  57. Medy Sombolinggi :

    Great advice Neil, its all about being productive with your time and value it like money!

  58. Sonia Harris :

    Thank you Neil this post was so timely. I’ve been thinking about how I can create some kind of schedule with my blogging. It is very much stop and go. I have a full time job and so have to try to find the time around this. So thanks again – definitely a strategy I can employ.

  59. Arthur Charles Van Wyk :

    Neil this information is priceless. At the same time very encouraging. Thank you so much for writing this post. This is kinda where I want to position my business.. where we write and share useful and enriching information with clients and prospects.
    I will work my behind off to have a blog post live every Monday and Thursday.

  60. Ryan Biddulph :

    Keep that topics list handy Neil. I write topics out on notepads, online, etc, and I’ve published some 3400 blog posts using this approach.

    I also know why I want to be prolific despite running multiple online businesses and traveling all over the world. Writing these words from Fiji now; I truly enjoy being free, and expressing myself, and blogging gives me the medium to do so.

    Thanks much Neil awesome tips.

  61. I know you don’t have to, but what about those of us writing about unfamiliar information. I spend hours researching information then honing it down before I begin to write. Your ideas are good because you can write about what you know (which is just about everything), but many of us are not there.

  62. Debbie Leven :

    I’ve clicked to go into the website analyser tool and tried a few websites, including copyblogger, but posts aren’t listed. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  63. Ibrahim Pasha :

    Thanks for your email lately. I was stuck with this very step. I have a regular job as a Pharmacist in UAE and often stuck with planning the content. This is a good post to streamline my content along with time and energy.

    I am also taking help from your other posts to increase my blog engagement and lower down the bounce rate. Its good to be in your email list.

  64. Neil, I would appreciate your (or other readers’) feedback on this. You mention including data in your content. Would you recommend a resource or a method you use to find this data? I know a lot of it comes from QuickSprout and KissMetrics, but I’m sure you also use studies and research produced by others. Timeliness is crucial with most data-centered content and I’m looking for a way to get alerted about and access relevant studies when they first come out, as I’m not currently in a capacity to produce my own data. Thanks in advance for any tips!

    • Elena, glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Peter Kanayo :

      Elena you can you use Google alert. Just key in keyword of your industry and research. This way if you are looking for research data it would be delivered to your mail box.

      Other method is following leading industrial blogs in your niche.

      For example in the seo space we have searchengineland and a couple of others. You can either sign up or use feedly to get their latest feeds

  65. Rick Mulready :

    Great stuff here, Neil, as always. Thanks for writing.

  66. Excellent post Neil. I generally do not leave comments, but this one is brilliant.

  67. You have answered Million Dollar question, I used to think he is such a busy guy how could he write and manage time so effectively. The article is worth notable and one of the best and realistic article that you have written.

  68. Great tips, Neil. The most difficult part is to be consistent and keep the flow going. I usually find it hard to maintain the pace with my writing. I am certain that these tips will surely going to help me in streamlinig my content creation process.

  69. Thanks for sharing your ideas Neil. This very idea will help me produce more blog post every month while spending more time on other productive things. 😀

    Thumbs up!

  70. Cyril Sebastian :

    Nice post Neil. Am sure this would be a great help for me creating content. Appreciate you doing so many things in this time span as managing time is BIG task for me too. Would like to know how are you optimizing time in the best way keeping your life balanced in giving presence almost everywhere online. 🙂

  71. Discipline is underrated 🙂 I own a book and lifestyle blog and I’ve found some useful tips. Thanks a bunch, Neil!

  72. Navneet Singh :

    Hey! Neil

    The timings you mentioned in each step are too less for me at-least, as you are having more than 10+ years of experience and i am having in total of 4 years of experience. And i have just started with blogging 🙂

    But thanks! for setting the timing goal for us 🙂

  73. Brad Spencer :

    Love this process. I’m working on building out my “blog” that I’ve sort of had at one time or another but never really stuck to.

    Last year I realized a lot of this had to do with not creating a schedule and just writing “when I felt inspired.” (what a joke hahaha…I was kidding myself).

    One thing I’ve done to streamline the research phase is use the Similar Pages chrome extension (google it…not sure if you want me linking inside of a comment)

    I find articles titled “12 ways to get Huge Benefit at Insert Topic” or your 11 examples “example” that you used.

    It puts a little blue wavy icon in your address bar when you land on these pages then has a drop down box with other related content that Google’s deemed relevant.

    Pretty reliable source for great ideas when I’m “stumped.”

    I also have had a lot of luck styling my things the way Hubspot does…their content headline systems are disgustingly awesome for “writing prompts.”

    Gonna be adding your tool to my repetoire since that’s more reliable and “data driven” than my stuff.

    On a question front, how did you systemize your “write it in Google docs” and have Ahna format it in wordpress?

    I’d love to see that process in a blog post 🙂

    The “mechanics” of day-to-day blog/writing management is where I’ve struggled…consistency is always my main issue in the past so would love to hear more of the mechanics you use for that.

    • Brad, glad you liked the article. THanks for the great insights. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  74. Thanks Neil, I always wondered how you created such quality posts, so quickly, and so often.

    Very insightful.

  75. Neil this is really a great post!

    I’m in the process of scaling up the content production of my blog too.



  76. Neil, great ideas!
    I’m a blogger myself, it’s been 8 years now, and there always new things to do after reading your post.

    One question regarding this post, though:
    I tried the QuickSprout tools, but I can’t find the Page Levels result like what you’ve screenshot. Is it the Pro version?


    • Llman, glad you liked the article. Shoot me an email at

      • Hi Neil — I was going to comment on this, too — I couldn’t find “Page Level Results” on the Optimizer tool. I’m going to send you an email, too. Thanks.

      • I can’t seem to find it either. Article is only about a month old so I guess the tool hasnt changed since ?

  77. good morning sir your article is realy amazing,its good blog post with a never find these focus in any search options

  78. Chirag Mishra :

    I agree that consistency is the most important thing for blogging, but the problem is “how to find the topic” and I am happy that you’ve solved this, now I’ll take help from the quick sprout analyzer. And in this post you’re talking about the post’s title, so I must say that I really like the title of this post.

  79. Charlie Southwell (@charliesaidthat) :

    Love this. That last point might well help me get more of my writing out there!

  80. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing your secret. I was always amazed by your ability to do blogs so regularly. Now I know!

  81. Great advice! On our site, we have a grid of articles and we have contributers as well to make sure we are posting 2-3 articles a week. I normally set 2 days to come up with 4-5 articles for the month and then the rest of the month I rest. The other contributers do the same as we also have to produce a podcast so that takes up a helluva lot of time.

  82. Nice Information as usual neil. it will help me streamline my content creation..thats a big plus

  83. Thank you Neill,
    maybe it would be great to add some tip about ideas how to make a research (ideas) when you found out topic that would be your next blog about . Thanks!

  84. sourabh rana :

    Hello Neil,

    I am reading your blog since 2009 & learnt so much from your blog. Everybody is only selling their product & services at the end in every blog post. But, your all blog posts made only to help users & this post again proved this point.

    I follow you on Facebook as well 🙂

    Thanks for this tutorial.

    Sourabh Rana

  85. Sue Collier :

    Brilliant, thanks for this. I read lots of other people’s work then panic that I’m ‘using’ their content. This holds me back, so its great to hear what other people do.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  86. Joshua A. Johnson :

    Mr Neil,
    I must tell you that your post is quite personal to me as I have always wished to figure out how to be more consistent with my blog post at, to show you how much i have been affected for the past 2 months I have not posted and that is quite bad as i want to create some nice records. However with this post I would definitely see how to improve from my present state and sure watch you monitor my progress, as I await any further recommendation from your cave of experience. Kind regards.

  87. Neil I love reading your blog and it has added a lot of value to me in the past few months.

    I am still new with blogging. I just have a quick question. I wrote a blog post with a reference to a movie quote. The movie quote was also found on IMDb when when i did a “copyscape check”

    How do I use a content in my blog, say reference to a quote by a famous man or from a movie without violating copyright or having the chance of facing a penalty by google?

    • I don’t know when it comes to copyright stuff… I would consider contacting a lawyer as they would know best. 🙁

  88. Jason Nelson :

    Great tips, Neil. I thought I’d add Content Runner is a good source to find affordable, quality writers.

  89. Hi Neil, I think the difference between you and many other bloggers is, that blogging actually IS your job – because you earn money with your blog. You sell your products with your blog. But many bloggers don’t have a big outreach, not enough traffic and they are not so popular, so that even if they have products to sell, they won’t be able to blog for a living.

  90. I know how… you don’t have kids. 🙂

  91. hi neil,

    Great article . I am in IT field from almost ten year but i am new to SEO. So your article is very helpful for us. Thanks again neil.

  92. Brittany Berger :

    I think it’s important to point out that his method isn’t something that anyone can do right away. I’ve been blogging several times a week for years and it still takes me more than an hour to write a post, although I have probably cut my blogging time in half.

    But there are other people at my company who are newer to blogging, and it can sometimes take them a whole day at the office to get everything done.

    But it has been a goal of mine, especially recently, to be able to publish more on my personal blog without dedicating more hours of personal time to it.

  93. subhash chandra :

    One thing I noticed is even being “Neil Patel” he managed to respond to all the comments above.

    Pretty neat points you made here,Since few days I was thinking about writing blog post for my business blog but having hard time managing the schedule. Looking forward to attempt the ways you mentioned 🙂

  94. Thanks Neil,this is really a great post.

  95. Sarah Harris :

    You’re a machine Neil! While your tips are amazing, not all business owners are naturally gifted writers like yourself. If it’s too time intensive to create blog posts and adhere to a schedule on a weekly basis, it might not be the best use of your time. My company is a turnkey blog writing and management service and we literally take care of all of your blog writing and management needs.

  96. sherman smith :

    Hey Neil,

    The one thing that caught my eye in this post was the Quick Sprout Analyzer. This is ingenious to figure out what topics are competitor is writing about and knowing how many times it’s been shared. If it’s get that much shares and traffic, then this is a great indicator of what this can do for you. Other factors will apply, but going through your analyzer is a great start! Great share!

  97. I saved every blog I read here.. this is exactly the way I write my content.. The Source is knowledge Neil. Looking Forward To An Interview.

  98. Hi Neil,

    this is really a great way to find new blogging ideas. Thanks for it!

    In this article, you refer to the Quicksprout tool, but don’t mention that people should use the ‘social media’ analysys part of the tool. Might be good to add that in the article. Right now, some people may not find the list of urls with high social score within the tool.


  99. Hi Neil, excellent post! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  100. Awesome post Neil, extremely helpful to me in planning the content strategy and a calendar 🙂

  101. But Neil, according to me, it’s not really very important to write 8 blog posts every week. That’s a lot of work. What’s more important is to write only high quality posts when you write and do enough research to find what information people are actually looking for, but not really available online in high quality.

    I have experienced that it doesn’t matter how many times you update your blog ( from SEO perspective ). What actually matters is how many quality contents you have on your blog and how your market your blog. Your blog may even be updated once monthly. But it will not hurt your SEO ranking. Because I have seen really old articles to rank on Google 1st page. There are definitely many other contents online on the same topic. But they are not ranked.

    Of course, for a blogger who has enough time to spend on writing can do it. But for those who don’t have time can’t do it. Both of these kind of bloggers definitely want to rank on Google and get enough visitors. Hope they will understand my point of view.

    I would love to spend more time on marketing than spending long hours writing so many contents. What do you think Neil?

  102. Peter Kanayo :

    Ishan inserting a quote will not get you penalized by Google. What it takes is for you to make sure the quote is not more than one eight of your content.

    If you want to link to the quote you can simply add source to the add the end of the quote and hyperlink the quote with the link of the site.

    If the article is written by someone who is active on social you can send an email telling the person you liked to him or her. By so doing you could develop a relationship with the person.

    If the person loves your article, the person could share the article on social media. This effectively increases the outreach of your article.

  103. Peter Kanayo :

    Hudson finding good writers is not too of a big deal. The most important requirement is whether one has the resources.

    What it takes is for you to key in writers + bloggers in Google search and you will get a handle of bloggers who write for people. You could also key in your niche together with that writers and bloggers.

    That way you would have samples of blog post articles to go through and also to see if they are of top quality.

    Another thing you need to consider is the writing style of the person. Do you need a business styled blogger or do you need someone who can infuse story into an article.

    For me I love infusion stories into an article that way my readers don’t get damn bored.

    It’s also effective as it makes it easy for you to have repeat readers.

  104. Hey Neil,

    I have been following you for a while (I mean the Blog). And I absolutely love your blog. Everyday I make sure to open Neil Patel’s E-mail first thing I log in to my e-mail account.

    I have decided to model my own blog after you… In terms of quality I mean. The Concept and Design will of course be a reflection of my individuality.

    I am still a newbie, fresher, startup or rookie…..But Thanks to your blog, I am learning fast.

    I wanted to ask you two questions though….

    First : The e-mails that you send daily with link to your blog posts….are they sent manually or is it an automated process? If its automated..How to do it?

    Secondly: At the end of every post I see Trackbacks…..Whats that?

    And a Bonus Question 🙂 😉

    Is HTML important to build a good site…I mean whenever I run any site though your analyzer…I get a number of HTML errors/ warnings which I don’t understand. So would it be advisable to learn HTML….how important is the role of HTML in SEO ?

    I know I am being too….umm….demanding…asking so many questions in a comment… and I apologize for that.

    But I know that you will answer all of them…. Thanks a lot for that…. 🙂

    Looking forward to the answers and learning a lot more from you….

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nandkumar Kothawle

    • 1. Some of the emails are sent out automatically through Get Response, while most are sent out manually.

      2. Trackbacks is other blogs linking to your post.

      3. Yes HTML is good. If you are creating a blog you don’t need to learn HTML. WordPress will do it all for you.

  105. Peter Kanayo :

    Elena you can you use Google alert. Just key in keyword of your industry and research. This way if you are looking for research data it would be delivered to your mail box.

    Other method is following leading industrial blogs in your niche.

    For example in the seo space we have searchengineland and a couple of others. You can either sign up or use feedly to get their latest feeds

  106. Peter Kanayo :

    Khurram it all depends on the money you put on the table.

    If you need quality post more money is required have seen people who offer 5 dollars for content on fiverr then they cry of poor quality.

    If you need detailed research that produces tangible result you should be able to cough out 40 dollars per post.

  107. Sourav Ghosh :

    Thanks a lot Neil. This was something I was struggling with. That’s why I found your suggestions really helpful. Learning a lot from your resources. Can’t thank you enough.

    I have a question off the topic, hope you don’t mind. Is there any reason to keep the comment box at the bottom of all the comments?

  108. Thanks for sharing your tips with us Neil but it still seems like a time consuming process especially the research aspect. Often times I’ll have an idea for a blog post but it will require me to do my own testing. Do you have any tips on how to streamline those kind of posts?

    • Ethan, put together a content calendar and you’ll find that things are more easier to manage 🙂

  109. Thanks again Neil for amazing post 🙂

  110. Richard Silver :

    Neil – inspiring!
    Writing a post sounds so easy when I’m reading your article, but it takes me a little longer in practice. And I guess this can be generalized to most bloggers over the internet.

    How long did it take you to come up with your own system/strategy?
    I’ll definitely try it, thanks for the post!

  111. Hi Neil, thanks for the great post but, like a couple others on here I can’t figure out how to use the QuickSprout site analyzer to get the list of top content for my competitor’s site. That’s a key step in your list, so can you clarify where to find that part of the report?

  112. Hamza Sheikh :

    I am seriously going to test this way. I am done with my old routine of spending lots of time in researching and pushing my nerves to come up with attractive headlines and topics that can be discussed online with my community.

    Thanks Neil 🙂

  113. Dr.Spencer Jones :

    Simply wow content.

    I have seen quicksprout mentioned by a lot of bloggers, but today is when I finally stopped by to read. What a surprise. This post is so valuable, I am hoping to implement this strategy from next monday onwards.

    I’ve been having a hard time blogging regularly, even after publicizing a 90 day regular blogging challenge. I am on my 3rd month and I wish to stick to my schedule at least this month.

    A full blog post within 1.5 hours. If I can do it, it will be awesome.

    Neil, I’ll be reading more of your posts. Count me in your fanbase.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

    • Dr. Spencer, thanks for the kind words of support. I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  114. Woo! Mr.Neil this may be very hard to write 8 Blog with in 2 weeks. But I’ll follow your instructions.


  115. I’d agrEe except about the headline thingy… I’d go for something totally different, something that’d reflect my brand of writing or my style for that matter.

    Coming from an SEO writing background, I kinda follow the same method which results to 8-10 articles with 400 – 500 words in a day.


    • Rienzi, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • polarizer filter cpl maximal :

        I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m now
        not positive whether this publish is written through him as nobody else recognise
        such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible!

  116. sepatu pria :

    really neil ? you has post 8 articel a week? its awesome , i just could do 2post a week, by the way thanks for share neil, i will improve that i have.

  117. Alice Cooper :

    Wow…Such a fabulous writing suggestion. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this views. Thanks for sharing with us.

  118. Hi Neil.
    Thanks for the great advice.
    I am currently running the whole marketing and communications area of a company. Think social media, newsletters, content, on and offline events, PR, networking, internal communications, everything. Which means that i am responsible even for the step 4, and have to write sometimes about topics that i know nothing about. Currently i am making 2, 3 posts a week, but not in the depth that i would like to.
    Do you have any tips so i could make this process faster, easier and with better results?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Caroline, set up a content calendar and stick to it. I usually delegate 2-3 hours a day writing to get stuff done.

  119. Neil,

    Thank you for your wisdom. I have been learning a lot these past few weeks. Time to apply what I’ve learned!


  120. Great tips! I especially like the time limits, that is probably a key to efficiency

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  127. Hi Neil, in other posts you suggest that a 2000+ post is better for terms of SEO. Why you don’t make them that long? Is it for time sake?

    Or is better to make 8 1300 words posts per week instead of 3-4 of 2000+ words?

    Right now I am posting 2000+ words posts 3 times per week on my site.

  128. Joshua P. Cornwell :

    Wow great post! For the year of 2015 I’m going to stream line majority my content. I now see how much more efficient and productive I will be if I do that.

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  130. This is really crazy, i still have a thought in mind how must you be managing it… very welll Explained Neil… Big Fan of u…

    Best Viinod

  131. Yee Summerour :

    Hi Neil,

    I discovered your blog recently and I am kind of stuck to it. I failed badly in one niche. I had no clue as to what I was doing. But there is a treasure trove of information and comprehensive guides which I know will definitely put me in a different league altogether.

    And its a great gesture from your side to post these guides for free.

    Having said this, let me come to curating content. How do we give credits to others’ content and will Google index it. Wont it be copying from others.And over that we are embedding from other sites.

    Thanks again!

    • Yee, I think most information should be free — Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  132. Matija Zajšek :

    Hey, thanks for post. I actually went to Google with this search query: how many posts write neil patel per day? and it turned this article out. So it’s 8 per week. I am definitely writing more than 8 per week regulary for threee years now on slovenian small furniture market. The problem is (if it is a problem) I spread them beetween many sites (on same cblocks 🙁 , and I am not getting best results with positions. Since some of pages are totally fresh. What do you think – should I continue this way? Specially beacuse slovenian market doesn’t turn any serious competition content regarding shares and likes.
    And…. I do spent more time on writing one. Love to show you my work – but afraid you will think of me as a spammer. Regards, Matija, Slovenia

  133. Tahseen B. Ahsan :

    Thanks Neil, I just started writing, and I’ve been itching my head off for topics to write on and what to write, this post of yours showed me the path to walk on. I’ve searched all over the internet for advices and yours the one one I’ve been looking for. After reading your blog, I now know how to organize and compile my blogs. Thanks..again.

  134. Helen Evans :

    I thought it’s impossible! How does one manage to find time for all that? I cannot figure out even 2 hours per day to write a nice interesting blog article! I envy your productivity)) Great!

    • Helen, thanks for the support– it’s all about putting pen to paper and writing 😉

      • Helen Evans :

        Huh, you’re right) sometimes i even think about finding a ghostwriter for some issues. What do you thing about that?

  135. I teach business writing at a top tier business school. In an effort to help them develop writing skills that will help those who will go on to create online content for personal or corporate business, I would like to require my students to write and post a weekly post or blog entry (and I will likely share your tips).

    May I ask two questions from a “what if you were teaching my business-writing class?” perspective:

    1. Where would you recommend students begin posting their writing? (e.g., should they set up a personal blog? (through blogspot?); or is their some place better they could post a short write up? (e.g., buzz feed)

    2. Would you recommend they write whatever topics they choose or that they write specifically business-value-add content?

    Thank you so much!

  136. I am just newbie to blogging and site-building and honestly savored your web-site. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog . You actually have wonderful writings. Appreciate it for revealing your blog site.
    Can you check my website and give me tips

  137. Patel- i am your regular follower and i want to be in your shoes but due to my busy schedule in office; i could not get chance to write too much. I started some affiliate programs but those were for time being. can you guide me how can control my mind in only one project not doing several at a time.

    • Param, Just focus on what you are best at and go from there. Once you figure out your niche the rest will follow. Let me know if you need any other help along the way.

  138. i will use this guide to writing contents to my blog, using this guide i can write content when ever i am out of ideas. analyzing the competitors titles and generating ideas for content ideas for our blogs can be done easily.

  139. Liam Chappells :

    Hey Neil,

    Another great post!

    What are your thoughts on creating the outline and bullet points yourself (as you mention above), but then outsourcing the actual writing?

    You could then edit it yourself to make sure the tone is correct before posting?

  140. Great Information on content creation.

    I love the #3 step Write

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity is the best solution for writing as well as in our life style.

    Thank you so much for Great article . 🙂 Love to read your idea’s . They helped me and motivate me to do something in my life.

    • Will you please Guide me to how to start a article writing ? I usually confuse when i write it.. I do hotchpotch .

      • Amit, have you read all the free guides located on the sidebar? There is ton of information that I’ve spent quite a long time putting together and believe could help you get going.

    • Amit, that’s wonderful to hear, thank you for sharing. I agree, simplicity isn’t only important with our writing, but it’s also something to consider for how we live our lives.

  141. Hi Neil,
    i write 1 post a week (very long post) and can’t imagine how to double it.
    I’m guessing to hire someone.
    In any case, thank you!

  142. i always write content for website from my writer on the behalf of question type. i want to ask that is it right way to write content for a website or a blog content .. see some example below on the behalf of product..
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  143. Excellent post about content creation. It is useful post. Thanks to share such topic. Keep it up !!!

  144. Elise Forsyth Mort :

    A very useful and extensive list of tips. As part of a company that focuses on digital marketing I most definitely approve of your advice! Thank you so much for sharing!

  145. Faisal Pervaiz :

    Amazing! I was also wondering, how come Neil can write a lot of contents – one day I am getting email regarding new Post on and after two days new post on Quicksprout 🙂

  146. Fantastic’s the brilliant idea to write posts without stress, thanks a lot Neil Patel for writing awesome post.


    Great post for newbie …thanks

  148. Hey, great but isn’t there any problem with quicksprout ?

    I wasn’t able to add any competitors 🙂

    I think that things have changed, maybe a good time for an update of that blog post ! 😀

    • Can you explain a little more then I can try and help?

      • I’m not able to add any competitors while clicking on your link “Quick Sprout Analyzer, and you’ll get a list of results that looks something like this:”

        I only see this :

        i hope it’s clear 😀

  149. Sophie Mitchell :

    Hi, has the tool changed? I can’t see list of blog post results when I enter my competitors URL

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