How to Use Google Plus for Marketing

With over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily, Google Plus is a social network you can’t ignore. Sure, it isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can help impact your search engine rankings in a positive way.

A few simple ways you can leverage Google Plus are:

  1. Authorship – this is a great way to get your picture next to your listings in the search results.
  2. Relationship marketing – with Google hangouts, you can connect to and get to know your fans.
  3. Driving traffic – by building up your Google Plus profile, you can share content and news about your business. This is a simple way to drive more traffic to your business.

These are just the basics of how you can use Google Plus to your advantage. To expand on the idea, I’ve decided to create an infographic that lays out the steps you need to take to use Google’s social network for your marketing needs.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Whether you like or hate Google Plus, you have no choice but to leverage it. Why? Because Google owns it!

As the most popular site in the world, Google can really help boost your revenue. Having the top rankings can mean the difference between being in business and being out of business.

Because the search giant owns this social network, you’re better off using it due to the fact that it can impact how well your site does in the organic listings.

How else can you use Google Plus to market your business?

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  1. Lucy Barber :

    Very well broken down, Neil. Google + was the sleeping giant for a few years, but I think we all knew it would be huge.

    On thing I can’t sort out my feelings on, however, is the rightness of Google having a social network that boosts companies search engine results and thus companies feel looped into using it, not necessarily because they like it but because of the end marketing benefit. I guess it is better than Google not providing a tool like this which, with even just a post a day, will do wonders for how you rank on the most used site in the world. Oy vey–I digress.

    I wanted to share a resource I found the other day that was really helpful for me on crafting great posts for Google +. If you’re relatively new to it (like I am) it will benefit on formatting and things to to include. It’s available here:

    Thanks again, Neil

  2. Nitin Singh :

    Hey Neil
    Really a wonderful article, now i got some tips about Google plus, In past i always thought that google+ is just a waste of time, but now i got to know the benefits of google+. What are your thoughts on this when you started blogging? If you mind sharing 🙂
    Anyways thanks for sharing with us

    Nitin Singh

  3. :

    Great post Neil sir.

    This time you are on the most valuable points of online marketing.

    Thnks to share the awesome post

  4. neeraj @ :

    A great infographic neil.

    Google plus has become the most important way for online marketing

  5. I’ve been crushing it on G+ for the past few years now, lucky to be one of the first on that platform. I’ve created quite a few different brand pages. My most popular just reached 310K plus ones, 200K followers, averaging 3 million views a month.

    It’s one of the most engaged pages on G+.

    After the Facebook pages died, I focused all my efforts on G+. It has paid off big time.

    • Chozen, awesome! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Satish Torani :

      Hi Chozen,

      Congratulations on your success with Google+

      Would you mind if I ask you a few questions on how you are leveraging it. I haven’t really used it & would appreciate some help from your end.

      Thanks & regards

  6. Neil,

    One of the most valuable strategies we’ve used for google+ is engaging in Communities. As cool as hangouts are, there isn’t a huge audience for them unless you’re a famous google+ profile, and even then, it’s still super limited.

    Thanks for the great content.


  7. Michael Bely :

    Hey Neil,

    Here is a quite pessimistic view on Google Plus.

    Athough Google+ was a promising competitor in a social web sphere, it seems to be a failed product. But it still can be a platform that can be integrated in other Google’s products.

    It means that G+ is no longer considered to be Facebook’s competitor, but a player in a somewhat different field.

    Here is a follow-up article about the topic:

  8. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Great infographic Neil,

    This infographic contains lots of great info about google+ for marketers. Thank you for sharing this…:)

  9. Neil,

    You could not have posted this at a better time!!

    The Facebook police have blocked all links to my site, so I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning a bit in the social media pool …

    I really want to jump on board with Google+ and make it a #1 priority to fully engage this platform.

    A suggestion/request ….

    How about publishing a list pot with the top 10 or 20 tips/tricks/secrets to using Google+ to the best advantage?

    Thanks so much !!

  10. Jeffrey Smith :

    Spot on Neil (as usual) great stuff my man.

    It’s not to say if you can’t beat em’ join em’, but for anyone doing SEO, G+ authorship and reach alone is a great place to 1) extend your social signature 2) embrace authorship and the ability to syndicate across the g+ platform (which ranks in minutes instead of months) and 3) find like minded groups to network.

    Thanks for the infographic and stats and of course your time for creating this.

  11. Thank you. As usual, beautifully done!

  12. Ujjwal Kumar Sen :

    This is an amazing info-graphic, yes you are right, Google Plus can help you to drive lot of traffic.
    But you need to have more people have you in their circle.
    By the way great blog post.

  13. Neil,

    Thank you for this wonderful infographic. I have a Google+ page and authorship setup. The page is fully configured and regularly posted to, but I need to grow my follower base. I’m starting now asking people on Facebook and Twitter to follow my site on Google+.

    The Google+ Post banner ad seems like a powerful (and probably expensive) tool similar to Outbrain – you need at least 1,000 followers in your circles or you can’t even touch this.

    It does take a fair amount of time to fill out and fully config a Google+ page and make the necessary linkages. I spent about an hour today doing some tweaks just based on this infographic and I think it will be time well spent.

  14. Amazing piece of infographic Neil.

    Every blogger and business will get the benefit from this post.

    I am very much sure that will give a boost to every website traffic and ranking

  15. Some great and eye opening facts their Neil.

    It is true that Google is such a dominant player that you can’t really achieve much quickly without them. It is a shame (I think) that one player is so dominant in so many areas. On the other side if you crack the big player you’ve cracked.

    Thanks for a very informative infographic.

  16. This is a great infographic from you Neil. Yes you’re v

  17. This is a great infographic from you Neil. Yes you’re very true,no matter whether we love Google plus or not but we have to use it effectively to stand tall in internet.

  18. You gotta use it, can’t ignore Google when doing internet marketing.

  19. Fiona Taylor Gorringe :

    Fantastic infographic, love the simple design of it too, it lets the message come across better.

    I love your long form guides on driving more traffic to a blog, they have helped a great deal. I now have a secondary problem; I have a decent amount of traffic, but only have AdSense for monetization, which is really poor.

    Do you have any guides on what you can do to monetize a blog once you have the traffic? My blog doesn’t really have much of a niche, (it’s about web development in general) so deciding on what kind of content / ebooks etc to write is tricky…

  20. Hey Neil, I’m not sure what’s happened but the infographic is broken for me on mobile safari and chrome. Just thought I should mention it. Would love to see it.


  21. Sherman Smith :

    Hey Neil,

    Google plus is definitely not a site that no one should sleep on. Especially looking at the stats you presented in your infograph on it’s growth and usage. There are so many benefits to leverage Google plus and this is why I started using it more earlier this year! thanks for showcasing these stats!

  22. Adrijus Guscia :

    Would have preferred an article instead of infographic. Esp. because of the turn G+ post into Web Banner part. Did not know about that at all! Sounds like a good think to try..

  23. MIchael Kawula :

    Always great Data Neil.

    Love the graphs you include and the embed feature.

    When sharing the embed on a site with other content (my thoughts and a Video), does that hurt the page being that its content from someone else’s site?

    • Michael, glad I could help. You should ideally embed infographics the correct way to ensure you are passing along the right link juice and not running into any issues.

  24. Neetesh Goswami :

    Great infographics..its was always social marketing means facebook and twitter but you added one more thing to my list. Thanks a lot Neil…

  25. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. I’m still new to Google+ 🙂

  26. Great infographic! I’ve used G+ in the past but I didn’t know there was so much I could do with it. I guess the only qualm I had with it was the fact that it seemed people were ONLY using it for marketing.

  27. Abdul Ghani :

    Hey! Thanks for sharing such an awesome Infographic.Its very useful,I will try to implement these on my google plus account.

    Abdul Ghani.

  28. Jaydip Parikh :

    Hey Neil,

    Awesome Insight, I had noticed Google Plus groups are also sending much traffic and plusone too.

  29. Brodie Schroeder :


    You read my mind! I have just started using Google+ this past week and I am seeing some great results.

    However, I noticed my authorship profile picture is not showing in search results but my links still say “By Brodie Schroeder and 68 have him in circles”. Any ideas?



  30. Marcelo Bacchi :

    Hi Neil,

    For sure, we cannot ignore the power of G+. I started using it in my business and I can see significant results in term of traffic. The use of # tags are great to target a specific audience. In addition, G+ profiles show a lot on search.

    For sure I use and I’ll be using G+ in the future. It cannot be ignored.

    Thank you so much for making this information available to us!

  31. shivkant baghel :

    I heard about your blog from one of my friend and your blog and you both are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information. I shall be thankfull to my friend.

  32. Thanks Neil for a great and clearly infographic … when i post a new article on my blog, i always share that post on my Google plus profile but never try to share it on Google community and drive. Thats really brilliant idea….

    And maybe i must doing a little research about how to find a potential community on google plus. For now i found some criteria such :

    1) Related and relevant with my blog content.
    2) Have an active community user.
    3) The community that need an solution which they can find it on my blog
    4) etc.

    Maybe you have another ideas for it ?

  33. Thanks Neil for a useful post. I am using Google+ from last one year, and I am still struggling with Google+. Some days ago I found “view ripples” option of a post. It is really helpful to find active users. Do you have any other ideas about “view ripples” option?

  34. rakesh kumar :

    This is wonderful infographics. I am little bit lazy to use google+ but after reading this whole infographics, i am sure to go after this. Thanks neil for this.

  35. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this infographic. I really liked the colors used in this infographic.

    I am using all the major social networking sites including Facebook, for me Google plus is most valuable social site today, my site gets most of the traffic from Google plus after the Google search, that mean at number 2nd.

    My post get shared, commented, 1+ and gets really great response that i hardly think or get from any other social sites whether it Facebook or any other site.

    I had recently written tow post on Google

    1-The Secret of Using Google Plus to Get More Followers and Drive More Traffic

    2- Top Tech Google Plus Communities to Share and Boost Your Pots

    The best thing about Google plus i think is, its Communities, which is really great and works just perfect to help boost your post on Google plus.


  36. I also think, that Google plus would be the number one social media site soon, because its far better than any other social media site, and one thing we don’t forget that Neil have Said, its Google’s and that’s why it couldn’t be ignore.

  37. Ryan, glad I could help 🙂

  38. Hi Neil, I think Google plus is the top level platform to engage people and for generating traffic. This post is really an eye opener. Keep up the good work.

  39. Hi Neil,

    You sold me on Google+. I even reactivated my account after 1 year and realized I have a few followers on there. Looking forward to authorship and letting my audience get a good look at me. Thanks for this infographic. Google search is HUGE!!

  40. For me Google+ is a platform that could give some boost to my site’s SEO. Marketing? I still don’t think it will be of much help unless you have a huge following which is very difficult to get compared to other social media sites.

    For small businesses it’s better to not spend too much time on Google+ and concentrate on other social media accounts where their target market spend time.

  41. That was awesome inforgraphic Neil 🙂 Is Google+ circles affects SERP’s? I have seen lot of bloggers with lakhs of circles but their articles doesn’t rank anywhere, any reason?

  42. Thanks, Wonderful advise. This does sound interesting. To be honest, I never liked Google+ but as you say the possibilities are endless. It also boosts the Search engine position and CTR, so its a good idea to leverage all the Google tools and G+ sits right at the center of that world. So, I would at least have some focus on G+.

    One question -I understand the complete Bird’s eye picture of using G+, but does G+ has the potential to drive traffic solely from the social network point of view like Facebook, twitter or even pintrest?

  43. donna merrill :

    Hi Neil,

    Your infographic gives us a clear message of how powerful Google+ is for marketing. I’ve been on this platform since it started. Guess I was one of the first when they rolled out communities.

    I’ve made so many connections (that count) here on this platform than anywhere else.

    When it comes to marketing, I haven’t given it a shot yet on this platform, but this sure was helpful to me. I thank you!


  44. Syed Sayem Mustafa :


    Why which App we can place ads on Google +?
    I just talked to a Google representative and she said we do not allow ads on Google +?
    Can anyone guide me on this?

  45. I’ve been using Google plus for a long time and let me tell you that it helping me with my seo a lot.

  46. Hi Neil
    Thanks for sharing these flabbergasting facts and figures on rising popularity and unbelievable online advantages of Google plus.
    Its biggest benefit is that either people know its features or not but whoever uses it enjoy all its benefits soon after signing in Gmail account. Just a little setting is required and all the built-in features start working to promote his brand.

  47. Every business must have their G+ page, Why because Google owns it. Another great infographic Neal.. thanks…

  48. Rajesh Haldar :

    Frankly speaking Neil, I don’t like the Google + at all. I don’t find it as interactive as Facebook, so hardly once in a Quarter I do visit to G+, but the statistical data which you have shown me in your post is creating compulsion in my mind so that I become a bit more regular in G+. 😛

    And Yes, as always your infographic in this post too must have helped you to achieve the lowest bounce rate, because I myself have spent more than 20 mins on your page. Great piece of information and I liked it wholeheartedly. Thank you Neil. 🙂

  49. Sohan, thanks for the insights and feedback 🙂

  50. Ron Killian :

    Awesome Infographic Neil!

    It covered a number of things about G+ and related to it that I did not know, or even think about. I’ve been using the platform, but think I could do it a little better and get more from it. You got me thinking 🙂

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  59. Just Click and Share :

    A really useful post. I was missing the Google plus network for my website promotion. Now i can plan my social media promotion including google platform in better ways. Thank you so much

  60. I always ignored google+ but after reading your article it seems i’ve been wrong.

  61. Janetta Kuzia :

    Thanks for the great article. Gonna start using google plus in my promotions

  62. Arnold hickey :

    Hello i manage my business page on Google+ i daily post something on my page and share it with communities but in starting my page is showing in search result page but now its not showing anywhere. why this happen. ? please suggest me.

    • Anrold, can you provide some more details?

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        here is the link of my google map listing.

  63. I’m using Google+ more and more these days and I am encouraged by the results so far. Your information just strengthens my resolve to persist and continue to use this platform more effectively.

  64. Neil, nice info graphic sir. Is Google Plus still a viable platform these days? I mean, if all you did was focus on leveraging what Google Plus has to offer, would you be satisfied with the results? I feel like these days people try to use all the platforms and as a result suck at all of them 🙂

  65. Thanks for your informative and Great blog post about Google Plus for Marketing. It’s really helpful for newbies and professionals as well as. You are the leader of Digital Marketing field.

  66. Thanks for sharing this info Neil today i came to how important google+ is i though it is of waste but after reading this artilce my main target is google+

    thanks for sharing this post.

  67. It really a nice post. it is the best idea to use the google+ to circulate your business..

  68. Hi Neil. Really useful article. But it’s 2016. Is Google+ still necessary? There are several articles saying it is dead. But as long as Google is dominating, won’t Google+ still be resourceful?

    • I would still have it and be aware of what’s going on. It’s google, you never know what they’ll transition into

  69. Hey Neil
    Really an awesome article, In past i always thought that google+ is just a waste of time, but now i got to know the benefits of google+. Thanks for sharing with us


  70. Md Dalour Faruque Thalukdar :

    Your designed information about google plus marketing is excellent. It’s helpful.

  71. If you want to create Business page in Google and need to Support, Call Google Plus Help Toll Free Number 1-800-375-9851 for assistance.

  72. Christine Loy :

    Great post as usual!

    Thanks Neil~

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