7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing (and How to Fix It)


Do you know why most blogs fail? No, it’s not because of lack of traffic. Even the ones that get a lot of traffic tend to fail.


There are 7 strategies every blog needs to follow to be successful. Granted, if your goal is to create a media property like Huffington Post and shove tons of ads in it, then you don’t really need to worry about these 7 strategies. You just need to focus on producing viral content like BuzzFeed does.

But if you want to convert visitors into customers, you need to make sure you are leveraging all of these strategies.

Download this cheat sheet of 7 reasons why your blog is failing and how to fix it.

Here are the 7 reasons why your blog is going to fail and what to do about it:

Reason #1: You aren’t collecting emails

Whether you believe me or not, RSS is dead. No one really uses feed readers like they used to.

The one thing that has stayed consistent over the life of the web, however, is that people still use email.

You may think email is dying, but it really isn’t. It will be around for a very long time because it is the backbone of communication for many people within companies.

If you don’t collect email addresses from your readers, you can’t get those readers to come back to your blog. The simplest way to do this is by offering a free ebook or a PDF with valuable content.

Collecting email addresses will allow you to do a blast every time you have a new post, which will help you increase your overall traffic in the long run. Plus, when you have something to sell, you can tell your visitors about it through email, which will lead to a much higher conversion rate than writing a blog post about your offer.

Reason #2: You don’t have a community

Don’t you hate it when no one comments on your blog? We all want comments, but very few of us actually get them.

Why aren’t you getting any comments? Chances are your content isn’t engaging enough. You may be writing great content, but that isn’t sufficient to create engagement.

If you can’t figure out how to get your community to engage with you, you can’t build a relationship with your readers. And if you can’t build a strong relationship, it is going to be hard for you to get your readers to buy anything from you.

Just think of it this way: would you rather buy something from someone you know or a random stranger? You would go for someone you know, right?

If you haven’t built a community, you should work on it. A simple way to boost your comment count is to follow the tips in this post.

Reason #3: You don’t have any personality

Every blog needs personality. If you are creating a news site, it isn’t as important, but even then, most of those types of sites have personalities. For example, a lot of the blog posts on TechCrunch are snarky and witty. And their readers expect that.

I learned this the hard way. Both KISSmetrics blog and Crazy Egg blog get hundreds of thousands of visitors, but those visitors don’t convert into customers nearly as well as Quick Sprout’s visitors do.

Why? Because there is no personality behind those blogs. It’s largely due to the fact that the content is written by multiple authors. Still, I could have edited each post and added some personality. So, there really is no excuse on my end.

Don’t be afraid to put your own personality into your writing. It will shine through and make your posts easier to read. If you have multiple authors, give them a set of guidelines that will help their personalities come through on your blog.

Reason #4: You are inconsistent

It’s not a sprint or a short race, it’s a marathon! Most bloggers crank out content for the first few months, and then they get lazy and slowly stop producing.

When they feel like it, they start blogging again. This just doesn’t work because your readers won’t know what to expect from you.

To make matters worse, the problem of inconsistency doesn’t stop there. It also applies to your content quality. Sure, you may have produced a good post or two, but you aren’t doing it consistently. Regularly producing good content is one of the key ingredients you need to have in order to create a successful blog.

Start studying and analyzing what your readers like. Produce more of that and less of the stuff they don’t care about.

No matter what, always be consistent with your publishing schedule.

Reason #5: You give everything away for free

It’s hard to convert visitors into buyers if you don’t train your visitors to buy. I know this firsthand because I used to give away everything for free. When I started selling to my readers, they wouldn’t buy from me. I even got emails telling me I should give away my paid stuff for free.

You don’t have to sell products or services to teach your readers to buy. You just have to train them not to expect everything for free.

A simple thing like using a content gate and asking for a tweet in order to read some of your most valuable content can help train your readers to give something in return.

Asking for an email address in exchange for an awesome PDF can help too. Teaching your readers to take action is an important step to boosting your conversion rates.

Reason #6: You see blogging as a hobby and not a job

When you are sick, do you blog? Chances are you don’t. Why? Because you view blogging as a hobby instead of a job.

Just last week, I had a fever of 103 F on Sunday and Monday. But guess what? I still sat down, wrote a blog post, and got it published. Why? Because I see blogging as a job. Sure, I love it, which I will get into in a bit, but, more importantly, I see it as a job.

When you treat blogging as a job, you don’t evaluate yourself based on how many positive comments you get or how much traffic you receive. You look at the metrics that are important. You look, for example, at what type of content is driving the most conversions. Or how you can consistently outperform your competition.

By taking blogging seriously, you’ll give it the priority it deserves.

Reason #7: You are not in love with your blog

I don’t mean this in a creepy way. If you don’t love what you are writing about and believe in, it will show within the quality of your content. To produce high quality content, you have to enjoy what you are writing about.

For example, when I started my first blog, Pronet Advertising, I would just write content that would generate traffic. I ended up losing my passion for blogging. I blogged because it helped generate income and it was a job, but I eventually ran out of steam because I didn’t enjoy the topic I was blogging about.

Now, when I put out crap such as my last infographic, it makes me furious, and it encourages me to write better content and step up my game.

No matter what you are blogging about, make sure you love it. If you combine your job with your passion, you’ll put in more hours, work hard, and be more likely to succeed.


If you find yourself being guilty of any of the above 7 reasons for failing at blogging, don’t stress about it. You can still recover and fix things. It might not be easy, and it might take a while, but it is possible.

Blogging can be a great channel for your business, and it can generate a lot of revenue for you. But in order for it to work, you have to follow all of the advice above. If you don’t, that’s fine. You can still blog, but just don’t expect to make much money from it.

So, why do you think most bloggers fail? 

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  1. I totally agree – especially with the hobby point. Now, just because blogging needs to be taken seriously, doesn’t mean it needs to suck!

    I think if you try to find interesting angles to write about, you’ll enjoy it more, and provide a lot more value to your audience.

  2. This is great.. I just have one question? What is minimum limit of words in any posts?

    • it should be minimum 300 words.

    • Abhishek, there are really no limits (unless your blog is only for link building ;) ).

      The point is to deliver the useful information that people will love and likely share.

      It also depends on whether you already have an audience.
      If you do, then you may even give short phrases of your wisdom, and your fans will share it like crazy.
      But if you don’t have an audience of fans, then creating both massive enough to be respected and at the sametime digestible posts of pure useful information should work fine.

      By the way, Neil presented some research where posts with about 2,000 words performed best from ranking point of view.

      Some other examples:
      Neil’s ultimate guides of tens of many thousands of words are also popular as hot pies, so it depends.
      Seth Godin’s short daily posts of several lines or even words also keep his fans raving.

      So find your own size :)

    • Abhishek, focus on quality and you’ll see that the actual number doesn’t matter as much :)

  3. I need to stop snoozing and start collecting emails already, thanks for the motivation to get me moving. My content has been doing better lately and I need to start collecting right now.

  4. Nice article Neil,

    I tried collect emails on my blog using Awber email Auto responder. After couple of months I found that email list handling cost is 10 times more than any possible outcome from it. Is there anything wrong am I doing?

  5. Oh boy, I fail at at least 3 of these points.
    There is a personality behind my blog but I’m probably not showing it enough. I’ll take your advise and ‘expose’ more of myself. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Great post. Engaging an audience for a company blog is a difficult task. Your links were very helpful as well. Thanks!

  7. I agree with all your points, especially what concerns community. Unfortunately I couldn’t create community around my blog, I always relied solely on Google traffic. But when Google punished me for too many incoming links, my traffic dropped significantly and now everything seems too depressing.

  8. Hey Patel,
    I understood some of these points earlier this year and changed the way I used to handle them. Now, I’m gradually seeing good results especially with building my list.

    Blogging to me is a business. That’s how I see it and it’s working as such, generating income ;)

  9. thanks for your advice

  10. Hi Neil

    I had been collecting emails using GetResponse and apart from the low sign up rate, I also get a very low open rate by my subscribers.

    So far, I am only seeing 20% open rate and sometimes at it’s best, it is 40%.

    I’m not sure what’s the industry open rate but it is sure sad to see the numbers that I am seeing now.

    What I can think of is to get more subscribers and would probably take the advice of giving free PDF as part of the freebies for email opt-in.

    • Definitely low… It’s either a) you’re boring or b) your headline sucks.

      Hope for the latter, easier to pivot.

      As for your signup rate, try using a pop-up! Go to sumome.com and install their plugin, real good stuff!

    • Alan, I think you are right in that sweet spot. Continue what you are doing and keep making great content and you’ll see things go on the up and up over time!

  11. Yes Neil,

    We need to fix these things if we want to become a successful. There is no other options or shortcuts for success… ;)

  12. “Reason #2: You don’t have a community” But if nobody write comments in your blog, how do you know your audience?

  13. Last two points are just awesome which are also there in conclusion

    Gaurav Khurana

  14. Hello, Neil

    These all seven points are just awesome, but I think first one and last one are just very useful for any blog, which I have learned from blogging rest others are also good but not for truly beginners.

    I think as as beginner bloggers- we should learn about SEO, Writing, Analyzing, Guest Posting, joining like Quora, Yahoo Ans could be much help for a hope to make very good money from blog.

    But, right now I really got help from your seeing blogging as a jobs not a hobby, I will definitely keep in mind seriously!

    By the way Awesome blog post.

  15. Hi Neil,
    Most bloggers dont invest in the design. They consider design as a secondary factor rather than the primary one.


  16. Awesome and very informative post. The implementation of these stratigies lead to sucess in blogging journey. Really convserion post. Great stuff.

  17. I really need to work on my blog. Mine is a new website with a low domain authority, and I was solely relying on search, to bring traffic to my blog. Was not collecting emails. It just didn’t hit me that I could use emails to bring readers back to my blog.

    I always get substantial value from your posts. Will start using emails to bring subscribers back. Thanks. :)

  18. As always – another great post Neil. Thank you for constantly putting out amazing content and for giving away such great guides. I really appreciate it!

  19. Hi neil, excellent article, give me your opinion as blogs using advertising, do you think that business model has no future or there is still opportunity for such business model.

  20. #8 – They fail at blogging because they copy (Because of fear?) instead of using their own expertise and voice.

    “The Madonna Syndrome” – In her younger years, Madonna would change hair and look — and all the girls would follow.

    Being too worried about success/failure causes many to look at what others (who appear to be successful) are doing.

    In fact, I expect there will be a few who will create a blog, use yellow website background, lime green navigation top bar with a small red top bar to emulate the Quicksprout blog.

    “Have hair like Madonna and a blog like Neil and everything will work out.” – They might think. :)

    #9 – Just possibly, a barrier to being successful with a blog happens even before the computer is opened. This relates to the human condition, fear, confidence, expertise and mission/purpose.

    Too bad you felt the last infographic was crap. Next month you will be older/wiser with one more gray hair. And THEN you will look back to this blog…. I wonder what you will say. :)

    Always appreciate your take.
    Don’t stop now.


  21. Awesome post, Neil. So true! I especially agree with the point about consistency and giving evrything away for free. The latter is one a LOT of bloggers fall into, giving away stuff for free because they love their audience but then when they come out with a product to sell.. nothing. They leash out and freak out!

    Great tips!

  22. Great post!

    If you are having trouble with consistancy (like me), check out the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress. It presents a calendar that allows you to drag and drop your posts to schedule when they will be published.

    This allows me to write a bunch of posts when I am on a roll and schedule them throughout the next few days or weeks so I look consistent.


  23. Sometimes I just sit up and look at myself in the mirror and this thought always tuns through my head; there is no doubt Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe can’t be like Neil Patel.

    I carefully did study the pattern of your post and in the way and manner it is being delivered and there is of course no doubt that we have something in common.

    Thanks a lot bro for those lovely insights you’ve shared with us. I do hope you have a look at my blog and tell me how you feel about it.
    Thanks once more!

  24. Hey Neil,

    We have multiple bloggers but need to step it up in terms of consistency.

    Curious, do you use ghost writers — or is it all you? :-)

    Is it a bad idea to get ghost writers and “edit” the final cut to make it sound more like you?

    I ask because our consistency is a real issue…



  25. We love your blogs, PS don’t stop it, they are priceless to us! The information you share and teach us cannot be found else where. Your email is one of the most emails in my email box, even I don’t have time to read at the moment, but I make sure I save it so I can read later. Thanks for your amazing work. Lucy

  26. I’m stucked at reason #5. Need to consider your suggestion Neil about the like gate. Thanks!

  27. Zach Cardais :

    Spot on, Neil.

    I think a lot of blogs fail because they have unrealistic expectations, specifically expecting “too much, too soon.”

    You have to go into it with the “marathon” mindset from the outset. If you expect to have a community of 1,000 subscribers after one month of weekly posts, you’ll become demotivated and quit.

    To stay focused in that marathon mindset, use some form of a planning tool like a simple editorial calendar with an emphasis on “simple”.

  28. I think one of the big reasons bloggers fail on the consistency front is because they don’t have a “research engine” for their blog.

    For example, my personal system for FB posting in groups and on my wall for lead generation could be spun around and used for blog topics.

    Here’s what I Do Personally (anyone please copy this because it’s awesome!)

    1. Sign up For Feedly
    2. Use some of their suggestions to “seed” your account (they’re about 50/50 on quality but they get your brain turning)
    3. Search in Google For (“Top 50 ____ Blogs” is my favorite on this front…i.e. Top 50 Productivity Blogs…could even put an * in place of 50 to get google to give you more results but keep it simple)
    4. Skim through these blog posts to get both the “vibe” of the content as well as if they look like they know what they’re doing (signs I look for include “popular” posts in sidebar, email optin forms, links to buy their stuff, etc)
    5. Go pick up the “Similar Pages” chrome extension (Google it…it’ll be one of top results…not sure if I’m allowed to link out to it directly)
    6. Click the Similar Pages tab in the address bar and start finding more content based off this.
    7. Add all relevant RSS feeds into Feedly and once you get about 10-15 high quality sites on a topic you’ll never hurt for topics and “mood” inspiration.

    I read a TON of stuff daily with feedly and process around 500-1000 articles (about 2/3 are business news but still a lot of marketing/blogging/productivity content) using this system.

    Best part is it’s all free.

    Big thing I’ve realized in the last year is the “less you think” about stuff that can be automated and more about stuff that actually requires creativity the happier and less tired you’ll be.

    Gotta give a shout out to Ari Meisel, who’s book Less Doing More Living helped me with some of the tech side of the above listing.

    His idea for IFTTT recipe that saves all my favorite stuff to Evernote for “prompts” if you will is MAJORLY helpful.

    Hope this helps Neil…your blogs are all in my Feedly after all :)

  29. I have started a blog http://www.smartkenyan.com and will love my blog and I intent to work on it fully. I really appreciate the posts you are making, you are really changing the world.

    My question is can one make it with a blogger or blogspot blog?

  30. Thanks again – a really great post.
    Except for one: I don’t expect a blog to be regular. I’ll get an e-mail, when there is a new post. that’s perfect for me and I don’t care if it is not every week period or else. It just don’t have to be weekly, daily, monthly and then 4 month nothing :-)
    The content has to be great – that’s the main point.
    How do you and other readers think about it?

  31. Hi Neil !
    I have read and understood each an every pointed stated out in this very post and I must say that some of us bloggers do all victim of one or more of them.

    I was say that knowledge is key and understanding is the power to act upon what you know.

    I also believe that some bloggers fail because they do not join the right community that would help them grow. Thanks Neil..

  32. This is an excellent piece, Neil and it’s motivating me to work harder and better on my blog. BTW, I don’t think your Youtube infographic is crap!


  33. Reason #4 and reason #6 are definitely the two biggest factor which cause a blog to fail. These two are inter-link. You treat your blog as a hobby, you don’t have the discipline to keep on putting efforts in growing your blog.

    I appreciate the reminder Neil and thanks for the post.

  34. You are right.. your blog doesn’t fail due to less traffic but it fails due to the reasons that you mentioned above.. Lack of Networking is one of the biggest reasons behind failure of your blog. Even when you do make a good community and you fail to learn to hold them forever..you are going to fail!
    And yep, this also include sharing content of other people, appreciating them.. what i have seen through my experience is that the only loyal commentors you have on your page are the fellow bloggers.. and you simply cannot afford to lose them.. so, building a network and holding it in a tight grip is very necessary.. unless you want to fail at blogging..

  35. Hi Neil,

    I have tried to do almost everything you have mentioned but haven’t generated much traffic/engagement as I was expecting except the first one. Now I have average 1000 daily unique visitors on my site.

    This is what I did,

    For #1: I’m collecting e-mails through subscription form and everyday an average 20 people are subscribing to the updates, but do not have any data of what should I send to these people because have multiple categories? I’m working on fixing this, if you have any suggestions, please share, I’m running wordpress.

    For #2: I installed a Question and Answer forum within inside the WordPress and put a Big call to action button throughout the website for people to “Ask a Question” but that didn’t worked.

    For #3: I haven’t tried it at all, will give it a try.

    For #4: I’m inconsistent because of the niche, if there is no update in the niche market I’m into what should I write about? But still the inconsistency is not that much I feel.

    For #5: I offer PDF on my blog and put a content locker there to offer PDF in exchange of share on FB, Twitter or G+ but I think that also didn’t worked, I’m not sure because I was not actually be able to track that. I removed the content locker and since then there have been at least 60 downloads everyday. Will give it another try with a better mechanism to track.

    For #6: It is really not my hobby, I treat it as a job and doing everything to earn money from it. I try to publish every small update in the niche and generate engagement but didn’t taste too much success so far, however some of the posts have generated more than 30-40 comments, I replied to the every single comment and try to help people but many posts have not generated even a single comment.

    For #7: This is actually something which is not that relevant to my blog/me. I’m not in deep love with the niche but I started to offer something that was either not available on the web or not accessible by the people. However I try to put every bit of information about the topic I’m writing. Will try to follow your guide.

    Neil, I’m a regular reader of your blog and want to offer something as engaging as you offer, I would request you to please have a look at my blog and share some personalized tips in reply. Please also share some tools, plugins (I’m using WordPress) I can use to increase the engagement and track social sharing.

    It was great to read the post.


    • 1. Send them an email every time you have a new post… it doesn’t matter what category your content is in.

      2. You don’t have enough traffic for a Q & A. Focus on blog comments instead.

      3. That’s good.

      4. Maybe general advice or something of that nature to be more consistent.

      5. Sounds good on this one.

      6. Give it more time… keep at it and over time results will get better.

      7. Keep at it and things will work.

      • Thanks Neil,

        It was just great to see someone like you giving personalized advise to each of its blog reader, I’ve just learned from this short communication that all the 7 things you have mentioned are of utmost importance.

        And, #3 personality is most important, you just can not interact with a business or blog :)

  36. Thank you for your post Nail! It’s true – It’s marathon :)

  37. Hi !!

    I wants to know more about “Reason #4: You are inconsistent” .

    Means how many times a blogger should crank out content in a week or month??
    And if it is for start up website then what should be the count ?

    Please help me for above points !


    • Vineet, you are spot on. Being consistent means showing the same level of work and enthusiasm day in and day out.

      • This may be very useful for most of the people and also its my personal experience of getting output when I have better energy level. But due to Human nature it is quite hard to be in exited state all the time.

        By the way, point are important and always valid. Congratulations Neil you have written another evergreen post.

  38. Hey Neil Bro,

    So you tell that Traffic doesn’t matter. But is it really tough to get conversions ?

  39. Hello Neil,

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    Every blogger irrespective if he/she is an experienced or a newbie want’s his blog to be fail-proof to a extent. One doesn’t want’s to see his blog failing after getting thousands of visits per day or like that.

    Blogging is all about learning and sharing it with others. This works best when you have got a good engaging community i.e. you need good amount of returning visitors too.

    Also, almost every point is linked up to mentality and attitude. If one consider blogging as a hobby, the seriousness factor goes down due to which every thing goes down as well.

    Thanks for the post,

  40. Hi Neil,

    Awesome post bro.. I need to stop snoozing and start collecting emails already, thanks for the motivation to get me moving. My content has been doing better lately and I need to start collecting right now. Also, almost every point is linked up to mentality and attitude. If one consider blogging as a hobby, the seriousness factor goes down due to which every thing goes down as well. Thanks for sharing bro. :)


  41. I don’t agree with #6 reason: when I’m sick, I don’t work. Health is more important than a job or a blog, in my opinion.

    I try to get 2 or 3 scheduled posts in my blog to avoid a gap in my editorial calendar.

  42. “Blogging can be a great channel for your business, and it can generate a lot of revenue for you”

    Being said that, Neil you don’t show any ads on your site except those smiling faces of Ben and Michael. Why you do that?

  43. Hi Neil, another great post! I really liked how you mentioned that you shouldn’t give everything away for Free because you are training your audience into expecting everything to be free. I do agree it’s very important to give high quality content, but you don’t have to give away the farm. Thanks for tips!

  44. What if everything seems ok from all these 7 points. I see a up and down in traffic volume every few months. I try to not use any bad seo practice and I am also paying much attention on quality and content. May be style is a problem, but quite honestly I dont really have a style. I just try to post articles that may be useful. Still get nightmares with traffic change. Probably time to look for an expert however I cant really afford Neil Patel :(

  45. Except that email parts none of them apply to me and my blog. Now I need to concentrate more on email collecting. Thanks for helping me to point this out through this article.

  46. Hi Neil,

    As I read through, I realized all those mistakes I did make in the past. No RSS feed, giving everything away for free, not keeping up with my email. I have been guilty as charged for these mistakes in the past.

    The one thing that kept me going was my passion. But that’s not enough! I did fix those mistakes a while back and now I’m rolling.

    I think the most important thing is consistency and passion. Of course you mentioned personality! No matter what, if we are ourselves, people will be attracted to us. Not everyone, but those who we will like to engage and work with.


  47. Hi Neil
    My blog has personality behind it. But it is the name of blog not the actual one. I am also commenting using this name because i have 3 blogs and uses multy personality(names of blogs). So it will be better for me to come up with my actual name ?

  48. Spot on Neil and as I was reading through this list and shaking my head yes, the ones that stood out to me the most were community and inconsistency.

    I can’t tell you how many people will argue with me that they don’t need to be consistent, they have a good following and they can post whenever they want. That might be the case and maybe they do have a very active list but looking at their blog I’m kinda not thinking that’s the case. I always hope I’m wrong but usually I’m not.

    Thanks for pointing these out. As always, great post.


  49. Neil,

    All of these points are excellent and I could definitely do with improving on most, if not all of them.

    I am so glad that you included the 5th point as the one big regret that I have is not offering a product sooner. I waited over 1 year to offer a product. Despite having offered countless free materials, I received an immediate response saying ‘So much for the free help’. It is important to give some free content but if you do not condition your followers to expect offers, they will not be prepared to buy i.e. you have conditioned them to believe that everything should be free.

  50. Hello Neil, All great tips here, now the one that really sticks out for me is the first one->> I have been saying I am going to get my opt in on my blog for some time now, yet it is not soemthing that is top on my list..

    I did have a list of almost 500 peole that I let go, Yeppers just last Jan I let my aweber go. I did a few tests and found that my list was just not ver responsive, so I said my Good Byes and never looked back.

    I am not sure if or when I will be ready to add that opt in to my blog but you sure did make me think about it..

    Thanks for all the tips. Chery :))

    P.S. I did land here today VIA Kingged

  51. Thanks Neil for your informative post. Lucy was right, we can’t find the information in your posts somewhere else and it’s amazing. I love reading your blog as it helps me a lot. Thanks again Neil. Hope you will produce more content for us.
    Best regards,

  52. Great post Neil, appreciate the time you took to write when you were down with fever. That’s passion and true love for blogging.


  53. Thank you Neil for the post.

    I feel so guilty of these reasons. I have to be consistent in my postings and updating my blog. Sometimes I think that it is just a blog, but then I realize that I should maximize it as I am paying for my hosting, I should earn using my blog not waste money.

  54. Hey Neil,

    There are many blogs available on the internet and only few blogger can achieve success. Bloggers who have a clear objective that what they are doing and what should be the result of their struggle are the only nominees who deserve success.

    Believe me, my blog was failing continuously, a simple decision changed my life completely. I started to treat blogging as a business. I started to expect money and respect from my blog and my blog fulfilled my desires to make money through blogging.

    -Siraj Wahid

  55. Thank you for shared a bunch of ideas. I’m planning to use email marketing for growing my blog traffic.

  56. Great tips and 7th one really resonates with my blogging journey. Thanks for the tips and the inner stories about your first blogging experience.

  57. It’s past 12am and I’m staying up just so I could read your post.

    You’re spot-on again, as always. Many of those things – lack of personality for one – really apply to me and I’m trying to change that!

    • Jason, let me know if you need any help along the way :)

      • Hi Neil,

        Just giving it another thought – if I can only afford time to write 2 articles a week, what would you recommend that I do? Maintain my own blog? Guest post for a quality site? Or both? (1-1 split).

        I have work in the day, spend 3 weekday nights on clients’ consulting work, and the rest of the time is free for writing. I’m also spending whatever little time is left into preparing a premium course (sounds a little stretched)

  58. Hi, Neil.
    For the past couple of days, If I were to pay for the information I have read on quicksprout, sincerely I would probably need a loan. From this post, I am guilty of not working actively towards increasing the number of my email subscribers, in fact, the subscribe box on my blog is just a tradition, but now I know better.

    Thanks for another wonderful post Neil.

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