How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy

Have you ever wondered why webmasters constantly bombard your inbox asking you to review their companies?

It’s because it works. Although blogger outreach is very time intensive, it can dramatically increase your sales.

Just think of it this way: 81% of the people online trust the information they read on blogs, and 61% of those people have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation. It gets even better: 63% of people are more likely to be influenced by a blog than a magazine to make a purchase.

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So, how do you get bloggers to cover your website without being spammy? To help you out, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the steps you need to take to achieve this goal:

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How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy

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Blogger outreach isn’t the fun part of online marketing, but it is effective. When I started to do blogger outreach for some of my guides, it made a huge difference in traffic. I received an extra 100,000 plus visitors.

When you are doing blogger outreach, keep in mind that it is easier to get bloggers to cover you if you mention them in your blog posts. Shooting someone an email, saying you referenced him or her in a post, is a good way to flatter that person. But do this only when it makes sense.

How else can you maximize your blogger outreach process?

PS: If you are looking for some blogger outreach inspiration, check out these case studies.

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  1. Alex Ivanovs :

    Great stuff, comes together with some of your previous articles.

  2. Brad Patterson :

    Great infographic.

    I’d be waiting for a push to get back to blogger outreach. VERY effective strategy for my former company from 2010-2012.

    Time to revamp that valuable approach to community development! Thanks Neil

  3. Akshay Hallur :

    Neil, excellent post with great infographic as always. Thank you for sharing. I expect some other blog posts like this. This is my first comment but I’ve been reading your blog since 2 months.
    Akshay Hallur.

  4. Fakharuddin :

    Thanks for the Great Stuff. Most important strategy, especially for new blogger.

  5. Jan Orsula :

    Hello Neil, I read somewhere that every day is created more than 10,000 new blogs. I quess that the most of them are business blogs.

    But when someone starting with internet marketing, it’s really hard to find the proper answers where and how to exactly start.

    Most people go to warrior forum as first step and I would say that that’s the worst choice…

    Almost every your post or infographic is more detailed than $9 courses from forums..

    Thanks for sharing this blog outreach strategy.. Definitely repost your infographic soon.

  6. Gurjit Singh Khehra :

    Great infographic Neil. I really didn’t know that bloggers have that much influence on customers. Thanks for this useful info. I will surely give it a try in future.

  7. Neeraj @ :

    Great infographic Neil.

    Thanks to share this kind of info with newbies like me

  8. Neil,

    As usual another great post from you.

    Yeah, blogging is a powerful medium and even I follow blogs to know the value of the service or product. Its the same with others as well.


  9. Paul Billygraham Reang :

    Hi Neil I am really impressed by your presentation. I always love your informative post.. Thanks for sharing another useful information..
    Best regards,

  10. Another great article Neil!

    I have been both the blogger and the person being influenced by the blogger and you are right on the mark.

    It is so important to network with others in your niche. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in trying to be the best that they forget that the internet has enough room for all the bloggers to succeed side by side. There is enough traffic for everyone, so make friends and connections. Share the traffic and the love!

  11. Neil, great suggestions (as always). I have read all of your articles regarding blog outreach and social media marketing, but I just want to add one more thing. Most guides are stating that you need to write custom requests from each blogger.and make relationships. Now with the super high authority bloggers, this is true. But people also need to keep in mind that becoming a brand is a marathon, not a race. Therefore, the Mom Blog Wire is a pitch wire that goes out to 2,000 mom bloggers with a pre-approved template. These bloggers are not top Alexa properties, but they make up quite a big community of readers and social media profiles. I co-founded this company, and we only charge $250 to send out a pitch. Do the math, and you realize that we have the fastest, most economically efficient blog outreach offering to the most receptive audience of bloggers. Just something to chew on…. 🙂

  12. Hi Neil,

    Now that I have read this post, it gives me more reason to develop my blog and deliver quality content that truly help my readers like what you have done here.

    This article should give hope to bloggers who are just starting out since they can become very influential people in their own ways.


  13. Doina Oncel :

    I love the Cool Cases examples particularly the Blogger Only Events. It pays to have bloggers see first hand what/how a business runs while giving them enough content to share with their networks.

    Yet another informative post! I always come to this site to get useful tips and they always work. Thank you Neil!

  14. Parmveer Singh :

    Very informative post…… You stamped what I believe ….. Thanks !!

  15. Nikhil Waghdhare :

    Hey Neil,
    Great Infographic. Blogging outreach is an important strategy for promotion of content. This infographic will help to understand this process.
    Thank you for sharing this… 🙂

  16. Ryan Biddulph :

    Hi Neil,

    Build relationships. Comment on posts and share them. This boosts your outreach campaign because most friends will hook you up 😉



  17. Neil’s journey continues through the narrow path between big G’s penalization criteria !!!!

  18. Dear Neil,

    Great article. Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated. Keep posting. :-). Your presentation is really impressive .


  19. Very great article Neil, i really love this article the way you delivered your experience in words and infographic post is awesome thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  20. Thanks Neil for sharing this infograph

  21. Kabel Nation :

    Hi, Neil it is such a wonderful info-graphic, one question Neil?

    Who is designing your info-graphic and how much they are charging per info-graphic.

  22. Carmela Belgado :

    Funny, but I had a customer today who asked about how to sell the WordPress PLR Videos package she bought, and of course the first thing that comes to mind is a store, but based on what you have been teaching here, Neil, I told her – and have begun to really understand myself – that the best long term strategy for selling any kind of product really is to work on developing an authority blog around a topic and start reaching out to not only her customers but also to other bloggers as well.

    Thanks for both your steady stream of advice through your blog and for the great infographics! 🙂

    • Carmela, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  23. Thanks Neil for such a wonderful infographic. I was really missing some points.

  24. That’s an awesome strategy.

  25. Great! Your articles are always informative. Networking with others is really a great way to increase your blog traffic as a blogger. Because when one blogger find about you not only him discovers you but his entire network. This really help as it blew the traffic of my blog @ Nice Neil.

  26. Thanks Neil, I’ve been an avid follower ever since, this is my first time to comment and I think its a great start to leave a comment here for me to start building and develop a great solid blog outreach.

    Again, thank you so much for your continuous help, ideas and support.

  27. Ahmed shawan :

    Almost all of the infographics are published on quicksprout blog is dynamic and case sensitive no doubts. I highly appreciate all of the quicksprout’s contents

    I frankly ask you Neil Patel sir, if i convert your infographic and make a descriptive content will it be copyrighted issue.

    Please do let me know…

  28. Great infographic Neil. Very nice bold colours and easy to follow information.


  29. Adeel Qamar :

    Thanks for the info graphics, really helpful information.

  30. Thank you Neil, so useful! We’re always being told to network but I’ve felt in the dark about steps to take once you have a great contact. This made things a lot more clear.

  31. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for another very useful Infographic. Blogger outreach or ‘building relationships’ is a challenging task, however, the rewards can be very fruitful.

    Thanks again for informative post.


  32. Harsh Wardhan Singh :

    Hi Neil,

    I think you and Brian Dean are the rare marketers who guarantees results if your strategies understood well and followed properly. Really each of your posts are so clear with the steps that it is not difficult to understand. In-fact your infographics too are fairly visible which is important. Thanks a gain for another informative post.

    Wanted to bring in your notice, an error in your infographic: Point number ‘3’ has been repeated. I mean instead of writing ‘4’ ‘3’ appears again.

    I am going to embed this infographic as well in my blog.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Harsh, thanks for the feedback and the heads up on the errors. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  33. Are you currently using Group High? What’s the benefits of using this?

  34. Ravi Chahar :

    Hi Neil,

    Such an informative post.
    For beginners it’s really challenging to boost up their blog. It’s only because lack of experience which is required at a great extent.
    For a blog a good strategy should be made.
    As you have explain to collaborate with other bloggers, making bonds help a lot. Scheduling the posts is also a major factor to focus.

    Thanks for sharing.


  35. Great post, great infographic. I’ve found that reaching out to other bloggers and creating a network of people that all help each other has been one of the biggest factors in my blog’s growth.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  36. Hey Neil, just an FYI that there are two #3s in the graphic. Both “Find Relevant Bloggers” and “Collaborate with Bloggers” are labeled as #3.

    Other than that, interesting graphic. Your infographics are often a nice high level complement to the more in-depth posts that you write.

  37. Kelsey@Brosix :

    Your article is a great piece of information! And the infographics makes things super easy to understand

  38. I really like the first section where you discuss the “need for bloggers.” It provides hard evidence that having a blog – with opionion pieces – can dramitically increase your authority and therefore – your sales.

  39. Peter Zmijewski - CEO at KeywordSpy :

    I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing such useful information in your blog. Great Job, Keep it up.

  40. Debadeep Biswas :

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    Good luck and keep posting..

  41. that’s a great infographic and post im avid reader of your site keep posting

  42. Tiket lorena karina :

    I read this post fully concerning the comparison of
    latest and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

  43. I just started a blog and this information is extremely useful. Thank you for providing all this information in an easy to read infographic.

    Can you offer any feedback as to how things may have changed since you wrote this article?


    • Glad it was of help for you Mike. I think everything still applies. If anything there are better tools and more people out there for you to work with 🙂

  44. There is something amazing about infographics.
    It’s such a time-saver.
    I can get the gist of what you might say in a blog post in a fraction of the time and it’s more fun. Please do more Neil!

  45. Anda cara dari telling semuanya dalam Artikel adalah
    benar bagus , setiap orang bisa mudah tahu itu , Terima kasih banyak.

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    hiburan a itu. Lihat canggih untuk lebih ditambahkan menyenangkan dari Anda!

    By the way , bagaimana bisa kita berkomunikasi?

  47. Hi Neil, Thankyou for make such a great Infographic. I am currently working on a mew blog. The strategy define by visuals is very simple and easy to understand.

    Thanks again

  48. Thank you for a clean and step by step explanation. I liked the way how your blog is set up and way more information than others I have seen in the past few days.

  49. I virtually loved analyzing your post, I found these recommendations very useful due to the fact that I personally have ventured out and created a weblog of my very own. Those hints specifically the ones with regard to being professional and deciding on the perfect area name sincerely helped and made me reconsider the precise choices I have a website for business support.

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